The New Religion of Kali
(Revised Edition)

Quick Start

Most people use the Term "Foreword" for their beginning section, but I am going to call this "Quick Start" because that's what the Purpose is of this Section is for. I understand that have the people who Buy Books rarely read past the first few pages, then they toss the Book aside, and forget it. So I figure I have a couple pages to grab your Attention. If I have not done that after a couple of pages, then I have lost half of my Audience already. So I designed this first Section as kind of a quick overview of the most important points of this Book. For those who can actually READ an entire Book, I strongly suggest you go through this entire thing, there is a lot of good useful material in this Book, that I can not Possibly put in just a quick overview section, so it will be well worth the read, if you can take the time to do it.


What is The New Religion of Kali?
It is a Religion based on Compassion and Understanding, not Hatred and Contempt.
It is a Religion that Values LOVE as the Highest Value in Life.
It is a Religion that uses Sex as part of Religious Worship.
It is a Religion that Worships Women as Goddesses, uses Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism as part of our Religious Worship Rituals, to Symbolize Rituals of Human Sacrifice to the Supreme Goddess Kali, we Believe that the Supreme Goddess of the Universe is FEMALE not Male, and WILLING Human Suffering is Offered as a Gift and Display of Deep Devotion to Her, and also as a way to Show Sincere Gratitude to the Goddess Kali for Blessings we have received.

What is the Difference between The New Religion of Kali, and the Old Religion of Kali?

The Old Religion of Kali is classified as a "Hindu" teaching. The New Religion of Kali is not classified into any one Category, because we have the Freedom to Design our own Practices and Customize our own Praying Styles much in the way people in Witchcraft do. Yet the basic Philosophies held in The New Religion of Kali are a Combination of the Practices of the Old Religion of Kali combined with many basic concepts in Buddhism, and Witchcraft together.

The people who Practice The New Religion of Kali, hence have more FREEDOM than any other Religion in the World, because the Religious Practice is determined by the Values of the Individual, not by any one Religious denomination.

No one is ever FORCED or Coerced into doing anything in this Religion, and Freedom is held in a Higher regard than Oppression. Knowledge is held in a Higher regard than Ignorance. Facts are held in a Higher regard than Fairy Tales and Lies. Science and Psychology form the basic fundamental structure for this Teaching. Not Religious Fairy Tales. This Book is intended to Expound the one Religious TRUTH of the World, to help save the world from all the Lies and Deceptions of other Religions, to Expose the Fallacies of the other Religions which have worked to Create Chaos and Disorder, Wars, and Propagate Hatred for people and Societies around the World. This Book is known in the ancient Scriptures of Kali as "The Sword of Truth".

It is my sincere hope that the people of the World will adopt and spread these Teachings without limits and restrictions so that the world can at last live in peace and harmony. Because once all the Religions of Hatred and Contempt have been destroyed, and the minds of the people have at last been freed from their oppression. The people will finally see the TRUTH, and the Truth is Flawless, it does not Contradict Science, it Harmonizes with it. The Truth does not Propagate Hatred and Contempt, it Propagates Love, Compassion, and Understanding, and gives you a Simple easy to understand path to achieving the state of Enlightenment. When so many other Religions could not teach the people, in a way they could understand it.

The primary Function of this Book is to Teach you How to Have Hope, Courage, and Confidence, even in the face of adversity. To help Teach you how to better control your life, to be happier, and have a more harmonious relationship with others around you as well. The Function of this Book is to not "Promote" world peace, but completely ACHIEVE IT! Because the more people who adopt these teachings, the more peaceful and harmonious the world will become. It is a FACT, it is TRUTH I expound here, Not Lies, and Fairy Tales.

This Book is a Tool, a Reference, a Handbook of Life, more powerful than any Religious Scripture on the Planet. This Book is the very Essence of my Being in this World, it is the Sole Purpose of my Existence here. And as a testament of the TRUTH of this Teaching, I am willing to Sacrifice my Life to show you my sincere Commitment to you, and to the Great Goddess Kali. I feel how else can I make you Believe that what I am saying here is the TRUTH, it is the Words of Kali, than to Offer my life as a display of Devotion to Kali, to Prove to the World that these words have meaning. Then maybe the world can believe in me, and have hope for the Future.


The Great Goddess Kali is the Supreme Goddess of the Universe; she is the Goddess of Love, Compassion, and Understanding. The Goddess of Sex, and the Origin of all Life, and the Destiny of all beings. She is the Beginning and the End and the purpose for everything in between.

Love is the Highest Value.
Compassion and Understanding is the Highest Virtue.
Sex is NOT Evil, it is Worship to Kali.
The Object of Worship is the Most Beautiful Woman you know, or a Picture of Her.
We Pray by reciting Mantras, Masturbating or Having Sex, Practicing BDSM, or Meditating to Kali.
We Believe in Re-incarnation, as well as a dimension that is neither "Heaven or Hell" yet would be of our own Mind, an existence of our own creation rather than a limiting belief of Heaven or Hell which might promote Hatred and Contempt of others. If the Material world is a world of Logic and order, and the Spiritual Realm continues to defy all Logic and Order, then it would make more sense that there would be less limitations in the Spiritual realm than one might imagine.
We believe in Legalizing Willing Freelance Prostitution, without any pimps, or coercion of any kind.
We believe in Willing Human Sacrifice, and Offer Willing Human Suffering as a Gift of Love and Devotion to Kali, and to the Woman we Worship.
We use Magic in our Rituals to enhance our Moods, and Feelings in the Rituals.
We use Music in our Rituals to enhance our Moods and Feelings in the Rituals.
We use special lighting techniques, and dťcor to enhance the Rituals.
We believe in Good Health as part of our Religious Practice, Exercise, and keeping our Bodies looking good is a way of showing Honor and Respect to the Goddess Kali.
We believe in a Controlled form of "Free Love" with other people, as long as mutual respect is maintained in all Relationships, and no one is hurt emotionally.
Marriage is not necessary, but is Optional in this Religion.
Gays and Lesbians are Respected and Welcomed in this Religion.
Teen Sex is revered as something beautiful, not Evil, in this Religion.
Pornography is a way of Worshiping, Admiring, and Celebrating all the Beauty of Sex, that Kali has bestowed upon us. To Cherish Pornography is to Honor the Work of Kali.
We believe in Education and Valuing Knowledge as part of this Religious Practice.
We believe in Freedom of Choice, and protecting the Rights and Freedoms in all areas.
We believe in Inter-Racial Sex, as Recreational Sex, and Exploration, and Learning. We do not TOLERATE Racism anywhere.
We Promote Compassion and Understanding not Hatred and Contempt.
We choose to believe that we have some Control over our own Destiny.
We do not believe in the "Heaven and Hell" Concept, because those Ideas promote Hatred and Contempt of all others, and make people miserable in Life, waiting to die to go to Heaven.
The Meaning of Life is to Grow, pursue Happiness, and Reproduce, and to help make others happy as well.
We believe in protecting peoples right to Freedom of Choice in the Right to Die, and engage in Extreme Sports, Medical Assisted Suicide, and Religious Human Sacrifice.
We believe in a 4 year Government funded College Education Program. Just as it is a Law that most Children must attend School, we Believe in accelerating the Level of Education World Wide to make better People, with happier Lives.
We believe in Freedom and preserving Freedoms for EVERYONE, instead of Forcing our beliefs and oppressing the People.

We believe in the Rights of the Individual ABOVE the rights of the State.
We believe that Law Enforcement should act like Surrogate Parents to the People, not like Terrorists.
We believe in Optimum Development of a Person's mind and abilities as part of this Religion.
We believe in World Peace, not Holy Wars. However when faced with Religions such as Islam which refuse to COEXIST with others, and insist on following teachings which only teach to KILL others of different Religions, when faced with people who will Not allow US to Believe what we want to, or Practice the way WE want to, then at that time, we have no Choice but to defend ourselves against such Oppressive Religions, and the people who practice them.
We believe in Effective Communications, not Violence.
We believe that Life and it's Environment is one in the Same. So we believe in Saving the Environment.

The Goal of this Religion

The Goal of this Religion is to help you attain a level of Happiness, and help you create a set of Values in your life that will help you create a better life for yourself, and more Harmonious Relationships with those around you. To help you understand certain principals in life that are important, and help you attain at state of mind of complete understanding, most commonly referred to as the "State of Enlightenment".

Because attaining the State of Enlightenment is one of the most important things you can do in your life, and because it has been so difficult for people to understand how to achieve the state of Enlightenment, I am going to explain the Path to Enlightenment first. So those who cannot read an entire book, might still gain important value, by reading this far.

The Essence of achieving COMPLETE Understanding:
The State of Enlightenment is said to be the ability to Understand all things. This is not to mean that one in the State of Enlightenment knows everything. It is more of a WAY of Thinking, rather than an assumption of a certain amount of Knowledge.

This is a Goal of many Buddhists and Hindus and it is also a Goal for the people who Practice The New Religion of Kali as well. Because once you set your mind towards TRYING to Understand all things, you set yourself on what is called "The path to Enlightenment". This is what is meant in all the Buddhist Scriptures when they speak of the "Path to Enlightenment". It starts with Humbling oneself enough to accept that Understanding and Compassion is one of the Greatest virtues in Life. It is an Attitude that you must accept first in order to set yourself on the Correct Path. Because without the Right Attitude, you could never understand the VALUE of Compassion and Understanding in the first place, and you would be Lost in the four Lower Worlds just like everyone else in the World.

But once you strive to Understand all things, you set yourself on the Path to Enlightenment just through the effort of TRYING to Understand, you eventually achieve deeper and deeper levels of Understanding, the more you strive to Understand. This is what leads you to a State of mind called Enlightenment.

The opposite of Compassion and Understanding is Hatred and Contempt. This is a negative state of mind which is nurtured by Religions such as Christians and Muslims, which leads them to Hate all others because their scriptures do not lead them on a path of Compassion for others, or Understanding of others, instead, Christianity for example uses terms such as "Sin" or refers to people as "sinners" or "evil" to refer to anyone who goes against the ideas set forth in their Scriptures, which leads them to Hatred and Contempt, not Compassion and Understanding. This in turn makes many people delusional thinking they are righteous to Hate others because their Scriptures say they should. This makes people hate others to the Point where they literally fall into the Lower states of existence, and they become filled with rage and contempt for others to the point of wanting to Kill others to satisfy their Rage of Hatred and Contempt.

Now when a Government adopts ideologies that foster Hatred and Contempt the Society will reflect this Hatred and Contempt upon the people, such as when more than 9 Million people were Killed by the Christians in the United States in the 1800s because they THOUGHT the people were practicing a Religion that was not Christian. Later in more Modern times around 2005 it was reported by one of the Leading US American Justice Television Programs that more than ONE THIRD of the ENTIRE WORLD POPULATION, was ALREADY IMPRISONED IN US PRISONS. This is an example of what happens when Society Adopts Philosophies of Hatred and Contempt. Muslim Scriptures are just as bad as Christian Scriptures, because both Religions propagate Hatred and Contempt for all others, instead of Seeking to Understand and use Compassion. Muhammad Killed more than 700 people in his own Village, the Koran talks about Killing Non-Believers over and over again, and even says that a Person who practices Islam cannot even be FRIENDS with a Non-Believer. This is Total Hatred and Contempt towards all others. Religions such as this can in no way be considered "Peaceful" and the people who practice such Religions and follow such Evil examples as Muhammad, should always be Suspect. In other words, if you practice an Evil Religion you are Guilty by association. The FACT that you THINK Muhammad is an OK Guy to Follow, is WARPED! I have not killed anyone, so therefore you should Follow ME before you Follow Muhammad, because I am 700 times BETTER than he ever was.

This is why the entire Middle East has been plagued with Violence and Death, their world is not Heavenly because of their Beliefs, it becomes a living hell for their entire Society, and they fight "Holy Wars" in the name of these False Gods they created of Hatred and Contempt. And every- where in the World that Christians and Muslims have traveled they leave a trail of Death behind them. Trying to Force their beliefs on everyone in their Path, using every negative tactic they can think of, Fear, Guilt, Violence, Oppression, Terrorism, and Coercion. All Negative things, used to Propagate negative beliefs of Hatred and Contempt. There is nothing "Good" about these Religions at all. I am telling you this here to illustrate the difference between Religions that use Hatred and Contempt such as Christianity, and Muslim Religions, and Religions that strive to attain Enlightenment by using Compassion and Understanding, instead of Hatred and Contempt.

This is why it is important for us to TRY to attain Enlightenment in the First place. If we act lazy like we do not care about Compassion and Understanding, then our World quickly becomes Chaos, and the people begin to act insane, and delusional with hatred in their Hearts, because they loose all hope, and fall into the Lower Worlds and suffer from rage and hatred.

But when one strives to attain Enlightenment, and values Compassion and Understanding, you feel better, you think better, soon your life becomes better in every way. This is Proof of a Correct Teaching. If a Religion makes the people act insane, killing others for no reason, hating and treating others with Contempt, then you can tell the Religion is a false Religion.

Okay, now that I have explained WHY it is important that you try to attain Enlightenment, and strive to use Compassion and Understanding instead of Hatred and Contempt, now I will explain to you what it means to actually attain Enlightenment.

The Essence of Enlightenment:

Enlightenment is a deep path of Understanding, using Compassion as much as Possible. Now that sounds pretty easy, but for most people they can only go so far into the idea of Compassion and Understanding, then they stop. This is why striving to attain Enlightenment is a Continuous Process. It is not something you do for a little while they you are done. It is more like something you really have to think about a lot, everyday in almost every situation. Because to Truly Understand and have Compassion for everyone, and all things, takes quite a bit of Thought. And most people do not want to accept ALL Levels of Compassion and Understanding. For example; it is easy to have compassion and understanding for the average person who is not doing anything controversial or adverse in anyway. But let me give you some examples of what TRUE Compassion and Understanding would be like, and you can see more clearly what I am talking about.

In the World of Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism, there are some really good examples of how you can work to Understand everything. People who practice BDSM, are actually learning how to be more Compassionate with each other. What do I mean? The Masochist likes to teach the Domina how to Torture him, but he doesn't want to Domina to act too excited about it, at least not until she Chains him Down. The Domina on the other hand is most likely Sadistic, which many people think of as some form of "Evil" but the Masochist completely understands the VALUE of a Sadistic Woman. There is no doubt in the mind of the Masochist that Sadism is a Beautiful thing. This is because the Sexually Sadistic Woman has exactly what the Masochist needs to feel happy in life.

So the Masochist possesses UNDERSTANDING and COMPASSION for the Sadistic Domina. The Domina in turn might NEED the Sacrifice to fulfill her Sadistic Sexual desires as well, because without the Sacrifice, who would she be able to Whip and Torture? So the Sadistic Domina NEEDS the Masochistic Sacrifice, just as bad as the Sacrifice NEEDS the Domina. So in this Situation each has a certain level of Understanding and Compassion for how the other feels. Even though many people who do not Practice BDSM think of Sadistic people as "Evil" because they ENJOY hurting others, here in this example we can see how Sexual Sadism actually has a Positive Value for a BDSM Relationship. But only those who Strive to UNDERSTAND it, will understand the Value of it. Those who harbor hatred and contempt for those who practice BDSM will never attain any level of Understanding, and will most likely just discount the activities of BDSM people as "insane".

Which has been done by many Christian Psychologists in an effort to try to manipulate the minds of the people to follow what THEY believe is right, and deny everyone else their Right to Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Sexual Expression. This is what happens when people of Authority such as Doctors try to use Hatred and Contempt to control the information given to others in Books and Educational Materials they often interject their own Negative Hatred into the Reading Material for the Purpose of limiting everyone else's Freedoms by imposing their beliefs on everyone.

Another example of how deep Understanding can go is, to understand multiple partner Sexual Relations for example. Most people think of having Multiple Sexual Partners while you are together with a Mate, completely un-acceptable, and many relationships have broken up just for the THOUGHT of having Sex with another Mate. Yet if you were to Consider how the other Person feels, and strive to understand their needs, you might actually get to a point where you would even want to help them find another Sexual Partner just to give them a little happiness and excitement in their Lives, maybe as a reward for being so Loyal to you, as a Gift of your Understanding and Compassion for how THEY feel.

If you harbor beliefs based on Hatred and Contempt you would immediately use Jealousy and Hatred instead of trying to understand how the other person really feels, and you would in effect Destroy all Love within the Relationship because it violates your Beliefs of Hatred and Contempt, so you use Hatred and Contempt to judge the other person and Condemn them with loneliness, or in some cases some people have gotten so Jealous and Hateful they Killed or Injured their Lovers for thinking or acting like they want to have Sex with another Person. This is not using Compassion and Understanding, that's why they react with Rage and Hatred, because that is all they know.

I once had a Woman who Loved me so much, once she saw me Look at another Woman, and it happened to be one of her Friends, and a few days later, she Surprised me by bringing her home to me, and telling me that it was okay if I wanted to Make Love to this Girl I had been looking at a few days earlier. My Girlfriend made it completely clear to me, that she was not going to be upset, she just wanted to make me happy. I made Love to the Girl while my Girlfriend patiently waited in the Living room drinking coffee. When I finished making Love to the Girl she had brought home for me, I was filled with a feeling of AWE for my Girlfriend. I felt like I had the Greatest Girlfriend in the Whole World.

I felt so in Love with her that as soon as I came out of the Bedroom, we fell together Kissing and Hugging like we were teenage Lovers. Then we went out had a Very Romantic Dinner Together and came back home and I made Love to my Girlfriend all night long because I was so Thankful for what she did. Just the THOUGHT that she would do something That generous for me, was amazing to me! And at that time I agreed to return the favor whenever she wanted. This Taught me a Deeper Level of Compassion and Understanding than I had ever known before. This is a good example of just how deep Compassion and Understanding can go.

But there are lots of other elements of Life that are treated as some form of "Evil" by other Religions, yet if you take the time to really THINK about it, you can see how you can benefit by using Compassion and Understanding in every situation.

Pedophiles for example, are usually hated by many people in Society, but more than half of the people they call "Pedophiles" are actually interested in Teens rather than Children. And if you consider that most Girls begin Menstruation at or around age 12, this means that SOMEONE decided that Girls should begin reproducing at or around age 12. Someone with more intelligence than us decided this. So who are we to say they were Wrong? Christians and Muslims believe in trying to hide and prevent Sexual behavior from teens as if it is some form of "Evil", and what happens as a Result of Treating Sex with Hatred and Contempt, these Christians create young people who are completely ignorant about Sex, and wind up getting pregnant instead of understanding how to use Birth Control. Then if the teens want abortions the Christians jump up and down and treat THAT with Hatred and Contempt too, when if you think about it, if there was better educated young people who knew and understood exactly how to use Birth Control, and they ACCEPTED it, as a Righteous Practice, then there would be LESS need for abortions in the first place. But Christians are so stupid they can not even see how it is their own Hatred and Contempt that Breeds these Problems into being.

If they used Compassion and Understanding, and taught the Children all about Sex way before they started FEELING Sexual, then the Children and Teens would be fully educated and prepared to make adult decisions about their Sexuality, and this would decrease the number of unwanted Pregnancies in the first place. But when you use Hatred and Contempt, you use Censorship and try to hide the information away from the Children with "Parental Controls" then you breed ignorance and stupidity, and this only creates MORE Problems, that they continue to treat with MORE Hatred and Contempt, and the Cycle continues into Chaos.

Because this is the Path of Hatred and Contempt, it only leads you to Chaos and Disorder, Rage, and Death. This is why Christianity and Muslim Religions are the most Dangerous Religions on the planet. They make their followers Delusional, and they propagate hatred and contempt with every thought word and deed they make.

Another example of how deep you can follow Compassion and Understanding would be the Situation of a Prostitute for example. Christians call them "Evil" "Sinners" and they try to throw them in Jail with their Laws of Hatred and Contempt, because the work of a Prostitute is about Sex, and the Christians already treat Sex as some form of "Evil" so they treat Prostitutes as "Evil" as well. Think about the work of a Prostitute for a moment. A Prostitute cares for a lonely man who has no Love in his life. This is what she does. She Gives Love. Even though it might only be temporary, the act of Caring for another human being, and giving Love, is itself an act of Compassion and Understanding. But what do Christians try to do to these Compassionate Women? They try to arrest them, humiliate them, ridicule them, persecute them, and prosecute them with their Laws of Hatred and Contempt, until they can try to completely ruin these Women's lives.

That is the goal of the Christians to destroy others lives with their Hatred and Contempt. They are not "good" by any stretch of the imagination. Everything that Christians DO is based on Hatred and Contempt of all others. How can they possibly consider themselves to be "better" than everyone else?

So with just these few examples you can begin to see just how deep the Path to Enlightenment goes. It is not easy for many to accept such deep levels of Compassion and Understanding, especially those who have contact with Religions and Philosophies such as Christianity, and Muslim Religions, which are based on Hatred and Contempt. The more one listens to the preaching and messages of Hatred and Contempt from the Christians and Muslims, the more they can be Brain Washed into believing in their Lies, and Fairy Tales. But those who follow the Truth and stick to FACTS will soon begin to see the Lies and Deceptions of the Christians and the Muslims.

As long as you make it YOUR determination to seek out the State of Enlightenment as your own, as long as you strive to USE Compassion and Understanding, with every situation, and every decision you make in your Daily life, then you will set your self on a beautiful path, that gets better and better as each day passes. And in turn your life, and the lives of those around you will improve as well. Some times it takes a while to look around and realize just how far you have ascended above everyone else. But when you look back after about ten years of really striving to use Compassion and Understanding, you will notice great beautiful changes in your life. Everyone will have problems, so I am not saying your life will not have problems, but you will begin to notice the very circumstances that surround you, even in what you might consider to be the "Worst" of times, will still be better than most everyone else who is not striving to achieve a state of Enlightenment.

When I was first studying Buddhism long ago my teachers told me this very same thing, and I was so arrogant at that time I was thinking "Yeah, Yeah, right, sure" as if I really didn't believe what my teachers were telling me. But even though I really didn't believe what they said, I practiced exactly the way they told me to, I strived to THINK exactly the way they told me to, and eventually I began to understand what they were trying to teach me. Now I am trying to tell you the same things they told me long ago, and I know there will be many who think I have been smoking the incense or something, but I assure you that if you accept what I say, soon you will begin to understand what I say if you practice thinking with Compassion and Understanding, it WILL change your life! I Promise you!

Compassion and Understanding can help you even in simple ways as well as complex ways. For example, if you act Compassionate towards a Boss who acts like an Asshole, you might find he is Suffering either Emotionally or Physically which makes it hard for him to feel happy. Treating him with Kindness in the face of his Anger or Contempt of you, might make him change the way he feels about you, and in turn he might give you a raise or special treatment or maybe you might just find a way to get along, where if you Acted out of Hatred and Contempt, you might get fired from that Job instead of Changing the way he thinks about you.

The same can hold true for Personal Relationships as well. The more you use Compassion and Understanding with Friends and Family, the more Harmonious your Personal Relationships may become. So you can see that Compassion and Understanding is a very constructive way to think. Where as using Hatred and Contempt is a very DESTRUCTIVE way to think. This Proves that Compassion and Understanding IS the correct Path to Enlightenment.

What is Religion?

Religion is a system of beliefs that you view the world through like a big filter, which defines what your reality will be. Many people do not put much thought into this, or the decision they make to take up a particular belief, in many cases most people are influenced into believing in a certain religion due to pressure from their parents, or in some cases from pressure from their spouses or mates, in some cases people are Forced into a Particular Religion such as in the Spanish Take over of the Philippines which forced the Catholic Religion on the Filipinos in almost a Do or Die "Mission".

Sometimes many Churches try to create peer pressure by inviting a person to an event then out numbering them with believers which try to encourage them to return their church again and again until finally they go along with them long enough that they stop questioning themselves and give in to the peer pressure and they accept the Belief system as "their own" when in reality they have literally been Brain Washed into believing in a particular religion. Other times Churches associate common pleasurable emotions with the Religion, to form a mental association subconsciously which they USE to pull people into their churches again and again, examples of this are churches which offer food or sweet snacks, or act unusually friendly and crowd around the new comer to associate the feelings of "Belonging" with their church, sometimes the churches will further this effort by encouraging the newcomer to participate in church activities including standing up in front of everyone and proclaiming some attachment to the faith, even when inside they might not really feel any attachment to the religion at all.

This is a type of mental Peg which the churches use to make the person feel guilty if they try to pull away from the religion, they remind the person " hey remember when you stood up and told everybody your experience" as if to accuse the newcomer of lying. Once people are already practicing a religion they are usually discouraged against questioning the Religion, they are usually taught just to accept it without doubting it, doubting, or questioning is seen as a lack of faith, and is discouraged.

So what does all of this mean? It means that the majority of the population of this planet is being controlled by other people using Fear, Guilt, Coercion, Peer Pressure, and Mental Associations, to be trapped into Religions which try to control the individual by telling them what is right and what is wrong, and what to believe in, even if it contradicts what we know to be fact through science. Most people then think of these Religions as being harmless, yet when you consider that if a Religion such as Christianity can gain control of the majority of the people in a particular Country then by the power of the majority they can actually influence the LAWS of the Government to enforce the beliefs of their Religion, which denies the rest of the people the true right to Freedom of Religion. When the LAWS do not go their way some Christians have Bombed abortion Clinics to try to scare people into believing in their Religions. When Christianity was threatened in the past by other Religions, they resorted to scare tactics that brought on the Witch hunts and Witch Trials of long ago.

In Modern days they try to dominate public opinion through T.V. & Radio Programs on every other channel, and promoting common stereo types in schools such as Witches portrayed as evil beings with pointed hats and black cats, remnants from the era of the Witch Trials Brain Washing the children in the schools as a matter of tradition. Interjecting Christian Morals into Movies to try to Program, and Brain Wash the people into thinking the way THEY Believe. Using Talks shows such as Opra, and Dr. Phil to help Promote the Christian Brain Washing to all the House Wives in the Afternoons. Making them all BELIEVE that the Christian Laws are right. So they will accept them naturally in the Voting Booths. When what they are really Promoting is Oppression of This Country and the Rest of the World!

Controlling our Legal System by promoting the Belief that Evil exists, which is their justification for the Death penalty in prisons around the country. However if one was to consider the fact that there is no scientific PROOF that evil exists, then if we are to look at the possibility that Evil does in fact NOT exist, then there is no excuse for killing someone against their will, and we must then look responsibly toward understanding the cause of a criminal's mental illness, and focusing on reform and EQUAL re-integration back into society, instead of forever holding them in contempt and denying them jobs based on their past history, Damning them to death, as the Christian majority tends to do now, justifying their attitudes on the basis of the "convicts" being some kind of evil spirit which should be "cast out" of society.

This is some of the negative effects a Religion can have on society when it gains control of the majority of the people, and their minds. If someone goes against Christian Beliefs, they try to use Force by Bombing, or Threating, and using different Terroristic tactics, or they sometimes will STAGE Terrorist Disasters, in an effort to manipulate the minds of the people to think in accordance with what the Christians want them to think, using FEAR as a Tool of Mental Manipulation. They try to use the Legal system to their advantage by using the Police and the Courts and the TV News to try to Publicly Humiliate anyone who doesn't believe in the Christian concepts of what is "Right and Wrong" in THEIR minds.

One Prime Example of this is Pornography and Prostitution, and Anyone who engages in Promoting Teens as Models, not necessarily nude, but Modeling in any form, if it is done by a Teenager, is considered "Child Pornography". Pornography is the most intense ADMIRATION of the Beauty which the Devine Creation of the Human Body holds, to regard this beauty as some sort of "Evil", or regard the ADMIRATION of such beauty as Evil, is to say you are disgusted and ashamed of your own "Gods Work". And THAT would be a blatant contradiction of Christians own beliefs, and PROOF that we should not make LAWS based on Beliefs which Constantly Contradict themselves, AND as a Result only bring Hatred and Contempt on the People, not Happiness. This in turn only destroys the people's lives, and creates Chaos, not order.

Then they must strive to HIDE this Chaos and present a false image of order to keep people believing they are right. Mean while the Victims of Christian Hatred and Contempt are still suffering behind the scenes in Prisons around the Country. The families are still suffering from the loss of these people. You just don't see them anymore. Out of sight, out of mind, as far as the Christians are concerned.

Furthermore, Prostitution should not be considered an Evil act because a Man's Basic Needs are Sex, a Woman's Basic needs are Security, which is most often attained by the amount of Money one has, Therefore, Prostitution is only a fair exchange of values, an Honest Business. Many have argued that many of the Girls who get involved in Prostitution are from Poor or shattered families, or in some cases they are Forced into Prostitution by Organized Crime. Forcing anyone to do ANYTHING is wrong, but if Organized Crime is the Problem, then don't blame Prostitution for Organized Crime, focus on the Organized Crime, not the Prostitution.

As far as Peasant Girls being "Victims" of Prostitution, most of these girls enter into Prostitution as their last or in some cases "Only" Hope for survival, and in many cases it ends in the girl meeting a Wealthy man who marries her and they live happily ever after, only if the girl becomes involved in drugs to help her cope with the humiliation that the Christians constantly project towards her, does the Girl wind up having serious problems, but this is NOT as a result of working as a Prostitute, this is a direct result of how society has treated this Girl, by Arresting her and telling her time and again what a "Bad Girl" she is. This directly affects her self esteem, which leads to desiring Drugs to cope with this tension and Pressure, because the fact is, she feels she has to continue because she needs the money, and when everyone looks down on her all the time, THAT is what causes the Problems which force the Girls to do Drugs, not the Act of Sex, because Sex itself is a Pleasurable Act, and Should be considered Honorable, but it is the Christians and the Police who act as Christian Soldiers, who create the Negative atmosphere which bring so much hardship to the Prostitutes.

I recommend that all those who read this, from this moment on, tell the World we Love Prostitutes, and respect their Compassion and Understanding for mans earthly desires, and may these Girls hence forth be known to the world NOT as something disgraceful to the community, but as Goddesses who answer the Prayers of their subjects, and give themselves SO unselfishly to others as to be Honored and admired by any who sees them. Behold the Goddess!

Lastly Teen Modeling or even Teen Pornography should not be considered Evil as Long as the Girls are not Coerced or Forced into performing these acts. WHY? Because they are Beautiful, to deny that is pure ignorance and Stupidity. The Goddess Kali made these girls begin menstruation at or around the age of 12 years old, this means that KALI made the decision as to what age the Woman is to engage in Sexual activities, NOT MAN, to ignore this is to defy KALI, or insult KALI in saying YOU are more wise than the essence of the Universe!

But what do Christians do to those who admire and Cherish Kali's Work? They try to Humiliate them by putting their pictures on TV and telling everyone how "BAD" they are, they Arrest them, handcuff and Imprison them, to "show them" how wrong they are, and make the feel sorry for what they have done, to FORCE them to BELIEVE that admiring Kali's Work is wrong. They bring them before a Judge and MAKE them Beg for Forgiveness as if to solidify the Belief that they ARE doing something "Bad". When in reality all they have done is passionately ADMIRE Kali's Work.

And What about these Teen Models? Oh how they must have suffered as "Victims" What really happens? They are offered an opportunity to make money, and in turn they are Passionately ADORED for what they do, not once, but when they create Photos which are seen time and time again, each time they create HOPE and happiness in the hearts of all who witness and ADMIRE her beauty, and she is Revered as a Goddess. Behold the Goddess!

Christians Fear this type of worship greatly, and therefore they do everything in their power to suppress it and Prevent anyone else the Right to Practice what THEY believe is right and correct. To Worship and Admire the Beauty of a Teenage Girl is considered "Evil" by Christians, even when this Girl has been Brought of age by Kali herself! Christians Defy their own god, which is PROOF we should not base our LAWS on Christian Concepts which contradict themselves time and time again. Christians themselves have shown THEY do not even Believe that their own "God" is Righteous in the way "God" has decided to bring Girls of age Sexually around 12 years old, therefore if Christians have shown through their own actions that they themselves defy their own "God" as " Unjust" or "Wrong" then from this Moment on, we should no longer value what the Christians consider is "Right" or "wrong" because they are obviously deluded and confused individuals which do not possess the ability to make righteous decisions regarding the LAWS of our Societies.

Furthermore under the Protections of Freedom of Religion no person or persons hence forth and here to should be persecuted for willingly engaging in the Worship of what one determines to be a Goddess, or an Object of Worship, regardless of Age, as long as all parties involved are willing without force or coercion of any kind.

Due to the fact that WE the followers of The New Religion of Kali, believe that Our Goddess Kali, HERSELF determined the Age that a Woman should begin to engage in Sexual Activities, by making Women begin Menstruation and Starting the Mating Process at or around age 12, We hereby Believe that as long as all parties involved are willing, without force or coercion of any kind, that No person or Persons should be Persecuted or Prosecuted for engaging in the WORSHIP of what one determines to be a Goddess or an Object of Worship, to INCLUDE any or all Partial or Full Nudity if all parties involved agree to such terms. Under the Protections of Freedom of Religion, no outside authority should be allowed to determine what WE deem is Beautiful, as a Creation of Our Goddess, or a Representation of Our Goddess, this is to Include any display of Teen Nudity, if all parties involved agree to such terms without force or coercion of any kind.

In other words: If no one is getting Hurt, and everyone participating is willing, then all outside parties have NO Right to interfere with this Religious Practice.

In other cases Christians have misinterpreted their own scriptures to justify whole ARMIES of Hatred towards another race, such as the Klu Klux Klan, who believe that when Cain killed Able (in the Bible) he was forever marked, and it was known as "the mark of Cain", they equate this to the color of a person's skin, so any person who is not white they consider to possess the mark of Cain, and they justify hatred towards them on the basis that Cain was evil because he killed Able. Christianity throughout history has been PROVEN to be one of the most dangerous Religions ever to be practiced on this earth, Examples such as the Jones Town Massacre where followers of a particular Christian church were encouraged to drink beverages laced with poison that killed hundreds of people in the belief that they were going to join "God". Another Example is the Heavens Gate cult who were Christians who also believed that a comet signaled a time when they were to kill themselves to join a UFO which was supposedly behind the comet, which then would take them to join "God" in Heaven.

And let us not forget there were more than 9 Million people who were Unjustly Killed by the Christians during the Witch Trials of the 1800s in the US. Not to mention the Thousands of Native American Indians who were slaughtered by the Christians when they Stole the Land of the US away from the Native American Indians. The same way they did in the Philippines when they told the people there, "you either believe in Christianity or we will KILL YOU!" That is how the Christians are. That is how they have always been, and that is how they will always be.

And these are just a few examples of how Christianity has Killed thousands over the years, and tried to manipulate the masses of the people, and in effect control Governments around the world.

Religion itself is a little simpler to understand, it basically is a System of beliefs, and even if those beliefs are not true, they will affect how you think and act in your daily life. A Religion is kind of like a software program for your brain, more like an Operating System, and it will determine how you act, how you think, and what you think is right and wrong and good and bad. And what ever you Believe you will Perceive as your reality, which is why people of two different religions can BOTH experience miracles in their life, what actually makes some miracles happen is not some supernatural power, but the FAITH that such a power exists, can actually make amazing things happen which defy logic. But without Faith or Belief that something will happen, it will not. So in reality it is the FAITH or BELIEF in something that makes it happen, not necessarily a supernatural power.

Examples of this are people in Africa who believed they were going to die because a Voo Doo man cast a spell on them, actually did die, and when a group of scientists performed an autopsy on the bodies they found no logical cause of death. The fact that they BELIEVED they were going to die, they actually did die. There is a new Medical Science being studied now called Psycho cybernetics, which is the minds ability to Heal the body through the Belief that they can heal themselves. I myself have used this technique successfully on a badly burned hand of mine that I had third degree burns on my left hand from a hot oil spill I got during cooking, the hair follicles were burnt right off, and the doctor treating the wound said it would definitely scar, so I started working with this new Mind over body technique, and today there is no hair where the burn was, but there is no scar either and no visible marks left. This is another example of how what you Believe can effect what you perceive as reality.

Some people wake up "on the wrong side of the bed," Believing they are going to have a bad day, and in effect what actually happens is they HAVE a BAD day. That's another example. So from this we should examine very carefully exactly what DO WE BELIEVE? Because as we can see, Belief is a very powerful thing either good or bad, what you believe is what you will perceive as reality. So when you submit to a particular religion without thinking about it carefully, you subject yourself to all of the things YOUR RELIGION interprets for you as far as what is right and wrong, good and bad, or even how you view society as a whole. This is how important Religion is.

Revelations 1

Essence of Being- The World is a System filled with Chaos and Disorder, Rage Hatred, and Contempt, yet it is not this Chaos that is important, but what WE DO in the face of all this Chaos that actually Defines us. If we give way to following the Trends of Hatred and Contempt, and follow negativity like lost Sheep, we in the end only increase our misery. But if in the face of all this Negativity, in the face of all the Hatred, and Chaos, if we can collect our Minds enough to Focus on making OUR Lives mean something Good, if we can Do ONE thing everyday to help others. Then we have in essence Defined ourselves by these actions. And THIS is what it is all about. Life is like a big Test, in a Huge School, where we learn each and everyday what is important. And those who Pass the Test are the ones who learn how to face all of the Hatred and Chaos, and do what they can to Control the Chaos, instead of allowing it to Control YOU. THIS is the True definition of Success in Life. Overcoming the Chaos and embracing Love and Compassion. This will make your Life something you can be proud of.

Hope- Hope is the Belief that YOU CAN overcome your Obstacles, you loose hope when you feel like your Life is out of Control. This leads to Depression and Hopelessness, because you feel like there is nothing you can do about your Circumstances. You get HOPE from Believing, Believing in Yourself, that YOU CAN DO what you want to. No matter how bad things are, if you just Believe and have Faith in yourself, then you can have Hope. Sometimes people can not seem to have Faith in themselves, but they Can have faith in a Spiritual Entity as if they are Begging this Spiritual Entity to Save them. IF a Person believes strongly enough in this Spiritual Entity then they can also develop a sense of Hope by believing this Spiritual Entity will help them. And just by Believing it in it, this brings them a sense of Hope. Hope is an Emotional State of mind, but it is absolutely essential to healthy existence. If you live for too long without any Hope at all, you might go insane, or become delusional. In order to maintain a good healthy outlook on Life, you have to have Hope, or Believe that you can Achieve what you want. Believe that you CAN do what you want to. If you stop believing for whatever the reason, then you will set yourself on a path to Depression, Hopelessness, and Despair. This can actually lead someone to become so miserable that they consider Suicide because the misery is so great that it becomes unbearable.

You need to understand that HOPE is a Conscious way of Thinking, you have to CHOOSE to Believe, either in yourself or a Spiritual Entity to justify your reason to Hope. People use a Spiritual Entity when all logical explanations make them feel like there is no Logical way they can escape their Situation. Then Humans Naturally Create a Belief in a Spiritual Entity to ďSave ThemĒ. There is nothing wrong with Creating or Believing in a Spiritual Entity, because even if the Spiritual entity is not Real, if you believe that the Spiritual Entity IS Real, then you in effect Create a Reason to HOPE for the Future. This is a Good thing as long as this Spiritual Entity does not make you Justify Hating or Killing someone else against their Will. Then this Spiritual Entity is not serving a Righteous Purpose. Using Hate or Killing someone who is Willing to die for you, is a Righteous practice, but they MUST be Willing, or it isnít right.

So to Create a Sense of Hope in your Life you need to BELIEVE in Yourself. Give yourself all the Reasons in the World to Believe, and have Faith in yourself. Understand the things that tear down your Hope, and Rationalize them, while nurturing the Things that give you Hope in Life. The things that Tear down your Hopes, are Negative people who Hate, and Reject, and Disrespect you, for one reason or another, this tends to shake your Confidence in yourself, making you think less of yourself, or unsure of yourself. This leads you to question yourself, question your abilities, and make you unsure of whether you can do what you want, or sometimes people such as in prisons or even in you living environments, your bosses, will sometimes make you feel like you can not Control anything that happens to you. They will often talk in ways that make you feel down, disrespect you, then they add to this by giving you examples of your inferiority, then they add to this, by giving you examples of how your life is out of your control, or they will give you examples of how far out of reach your Goals are, to make you feel helpless, and out of Control. This leads to your Hopelessness, in which you ultimately give up, and then these people think they have won over you, and THEY NOW CONTROL YOU. Some Religious people do this like Christians and Muslims so they can turn around and Tell you what to believe so you will accept Believing like they do, then you will be like their little robot they control to do with your life what ever they want, and they will take as much money as they can from you in the Process.

You need to understand this Mind game that people play, because so many people do it even unconsciously and donít even realize it. You need to rationalize this when you recognize it, so you can BLOCK it from affecting your Life. Because if you listen to Negative people and friends, then they will ultimately destroy your life. If you realize you are around someone like this you need to get away from them as fast as you can. And as Far away as you can get. OR Make them Realize what they are saying and doing is WRONG, because it hurts you by psychologically torturing you until you finally loose all hope in life.

Sometimes even Loneliness can cause a person to loose hope simply because they begin to feel like no one Cares. If no one Cares, then they begin to feel like what is the Point in living. This breaks down their Beliefs in themselves just because of the way they are thinking. Thinking Negative Cycles downward in a Spiral making you Believe Negative things until you start to search and Collect supporting evidence which supports all of these negative beliefs until you are ready to commit Suicide because you kept thinking in negative ways eliminating all possibilities for hope as you go, blaming others instead of yourself, and doing everything you can to make yourself feel bad. In this way you become your own worst enemy, just by the way you are thinking. And it happens to all of us at one time or another in life. Many times we donít even realize it. But if you constantly focus your mind on the Positive, then you can sometimes avoid believing in Negative things until you spiral down like this. Just always try to focus on the Positive and if you find yourself thinking Negative, try to Change your way of Thinking. If you are Lonely then you need to invest in trying to spend some time with other people. If you have no friends, this does not necessarily mean you are a bad person, it just means you didnít spend very much time in Social Places. For Example, if you go to the same Night Club every weekend, eventually everyone there is going to get to know you. If you go to the Same place be it a Restaurant, Library, Coffee Shop, wherever, eventually everyone at that place is going to get to know you. Then somewhere along the way you might develop some friendships. You should go places that you can relate to, someplace with similar interests in mind. This will increase your chances of finding people with like minds.

Sometimes a Lack of a Job can make someone feel Hopeless. If you do not have a Job, there are often many reasons, some which may be out of your Control. But if you have enough time to sit and really THINK about what it is you REALLY want to do in Life, then you can find something that can Really Stir up your Passion in Life. And when you do THAT, something that you are really Passionate about, everyone will like what you are doing, simply because you are Passionate about it. This will make you create income because people show their Appreciation with Money. So the answer to this Problem is to Simply Harness your Passions in Life, and let them take you on the Ride of your Life! Just Doing SOMETHING to try to Succeed at something you are Passionate about will give you a certain level of Hope. But doing nothing, except feeling sorry for yourself, only adds to your Negative thinking and makes you Spiral downward into Depression where you accomplish nothing, and only blame others for your misfortune. To Change your Path, Change your Mind, Think Positive and DO SOMETHING, TAKE ACTION towards your Goals, and this will help you Believe in yourself again.

Now once you realize the CAUSE of loosing your Hope you can better Defend yourself against it, by rationalizing the things other people are saying, and doing to you, to make you feel hopeless. Then you can nurture YOUR sense of Hope, by reversing the process of Thinking to start giving yourself examples of all the reasons why you can Succeed and Do what you want to in Life.

Hang your Pictures of Success on your Walls, your Proudest Moments, your Certificates and Achievements, Chart your Progress each and every day by writing down your Goals and Working towards them each and everyday. Everyday make it a Ritual, wake up and Write down all the Things you can do today to get you Closer to those Goals you want most. Everyday. Then at the end of everyday, you can check off how much time you spent working on each goal. This will help you reinforce your sense of Hope, helping you BELIEVE in Yourself, because you can SEE that each day you ARE getting Closer to your Goals, so this will make you Believe even more Strongly in yourself.

Courage- Courage is also an Emotional State of Mind, but these emotions are also influenced by the way we THINK. Sometimes people lack the Courage to stand up and DO what it is they want to do Most in life. They think of all the Reasons they Canít do something, instead of all the reasons they SHOULD do it. They do not focus on the Happiness they will receive from accomplishing their Goals they only focus on the Helplessness they Feel, and Hopelessness they have created in their Minds. This makes a person weak in the mind, feeling helpless, lacking courage to even PLAN their Future, much less make any effort. Lack of Courage sometimes comes from all these Negative people around who like to Talk bad about anyone who feels GOOD about themselves. These people are drowning in their own misery so the only way they think they can feel better is to drag others around them down as well. Especially if they think that you are BETTER than they are, they will often say negative things about you, just to try to make you Loose faith in yourself and stop trying. They might say you are Conceded, Arrogant, Boastful, Stuck up, Hollywood, Plastic, anything they can possibly say to bring you down, and make you feel bad and shake your Confidence, they will say it. And most of the time it is your Closest ďFriendsĒ that do the most Damage, because you are ďFriendsĒ with them, this leads you to automatically Accept what they say as conditions of your Friendship, which makes it easier for your Friends to Psychologically Torture you into depression, than it is for your enemies to do so. Family members are also often Guilty of doing this kind of stuff. Parents who often Disrespect their Children, instead of supporting what they do they will make up all kinds of reasons why they cannot succeed at doing what they want. Until the Child Looses the Courage to even Try anymore.

Sometimes people are afraid to do what they really want, they donít believe they can actually succeed at what they want to do, or they just donít understand what they need to do to get started. Sometimes people are afraid to take action because of Legal Restrictions or Tax Laws, Business Licenses, all of this kind of stuff can sometimes seem scary to some people. Thatís why they are afraid to take the first step, they are afraid they cannot handle it. It takes Courage to make that first Step, you have to Dive into it without worrying about it, just DO IT! This is the Attitude you have to take. If you allow Fear to prevent you from doing what you Love, then you are a Prisoner of your own mind. We set our own limitations in life, if you believe it, then you can Achieve it. But you have to muster up the Courage to Try first. Think to yourself what is the Worst thing that can happen? Then you have a more realistic approach to what you want to do. This can help you Rationalize your Fears, and develop the Courage to get out and DO IT!

So to regain your Sense of Courage, you have to Rationalize and Understand that Thinking Negative is what Brings you down until you loose your Hope and your Courage to Try. Thinking Positive will give you back your Hope which in turn will give you back your Courage to try. So it all starts with Thinking Positive and Believing in yourself. Do not seek approval from others, because many times if others do not approve of what you are wanting to do, this can make you feel like you cannot accomplish your goals simply because it makes you believe that no one will like it, simply because the person you are seeking Approval from ignores you or rejects you. So the source of this Problem is seeking approval from these people in the first place. By just focusing on your Goals and forgetting about what everyone else thinks until you have finished what you are wanting to accomplish, you enter a kind of Meditation with your Goals, locking in your Focus and Concentration on them, so that no one can distract you, or sway you from them, no matter what they say. This kind of thinking will in itself give you a sense of Confidence, because you believe in yourself enough to reject failure completely. THIS is Confidence. As if nothing else matters but accomplishing your Goals. THIS is Courage. Like you are going to do it no matter what anyone else says- THATís the Attitude you want to keep in your Head. Like you donít care what anyone else thinks, because the minute you begin to care what others think, you give them the ability to Control your Thoughts and Emotions, which in turn gives them the ability to completely destroy you. So Focus on what YOU want, and to Hell with what everyone else Thinks. THATís COURAGE in the face of a World full of Chaos.

Confidence- Confidence is also an Emotional State of Mind, yet Confidence permeates your Physical Being as well. The mind and Body are one in the Same, so even when you donít feel Confident, if you move your Body as if you ARE Confident, then your Mind often will follow suit and you will begin to FEEL Confident, just because you are Acting Confident, and because you are Acting Confident, and Succeeding while Acting Confident this affects your Beliefs making your BELIEVE in yourself which gives you More Hope, More Courage to Try harder, and these Beliefs Re-affirm yourself making you FEEL Confident, just by ACTING Confident! So you can See how it becomes like a Cycle, first you think Positive, this gives you Hope, Hope Leads to Courage to Try, and this Leads to Confidence, and the Cycle will continue upwards until you finally Succeed at what you want to do. But it can all be torn down by Negative Thinking, and Negative people who try to make you BELIEVE in negative things. Remember this. Courage is the State of mind when you are So FOCUSED on what you are Doing that you are only thinking about Doing it the Very Best you can, and you are thinking about nothing else. Knowing and completely CONVINCED that you CAN DO IT. THIS is Confidence. Without ANY Doubt in your Mind, YOU CAN DO IT. This is Confidence, and it is absolutely necessary to be successful at anything. You not only have to Believe in yourself, you have to be absolutely CONVINCED that you can Do it, without a Doubt in your mind. THIS is the Attitude you want to strive for. Think Positive, this YOU CAN do it. Think of what you need to do to make it Perfect, and nothing else. Everything else is bullshit. Just Focus on your Goals and KNOW you can achieve them. Thatís it.

Motivation- Once you have Hope, you begin to feel good enough to Try, so you will feel the Courage to get up and do it. By Doing it, taking Action to make it Happen, you gain Confidence, because you can SEE you are doing it, you are GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, and no one is going to tell you any different. Once you have this level of Confidence, it will be almost impossible to just lay around and think about it. This will lead you to get Motivated, not only to DO IT, but to Do it with PASSION.

Passion- Passion is Power, it is like the Rocket Fuel that propels you to your Goals. It is the very essence of Success, without Passion you can never succeed. Those who Lack Passion often fail, simply because they have Lost the Passion for what they do. Passion is an emotional State of Mind, yet it transcends everything, material, spiritual, everything and everyone around you is affected by your Passion. Passion is one of the most Powerful things on this Earth. Passion is your WILL and Determination, but it is much more than that, Passion is when you give everything you got, as if you are literally giving your Soul. That is the Feeling of Passion. It is that Awesome feeling where you are giving everything you got, and you are not holding back at all. Where you are totally focused on Expressing yourself in this one thing you do. This is YOU. Thatís how it feels to be Passionate for something.

People Loose Passion for many stupid reasons, but because we are emotional beings, sometimes we donít think about rationalizing the cause of loosing our Passion. Sometimes we are hit so hard by the loss of our Passion it feels like something has Died inside us, and often times we donít even understand what happened. Passion is many times lost because we begin to believe that we cannot accomplish what we set out to accomplish. We in essence give up, and sometimes we donít even understand we have given up, we feel like it just happened. The Passion just somehow drifted away. Thatís how it feels. If you once felt Passionate about something but then the Passion Disappeared for some reason and you donít understand, I want to give it back to you now. You Lost your Passion, simply because you stopped Believing in yourself. When you stop believing in yourself your Passion seems to just evaporate without warning. This is why it is SO important that you stay away from Negative People, they can Literally Destroy your Life! Anything that can make you stop Believing in yourself can make you Loose your Passion and Focus.

Focus is also an important part of Passion. Sometimes just getting married can completely change your Focus in life, sometimes a Job can take all of your Focus away from you, and you will loose your Passion for your Goals. If you really WANT what you Want to happen, then you have to stay FOCUSED on your Goals. No Matter What! Thatís why Musicians are told to Practice everyday, so no matter what job they have, they will never loose Focus on their Goal to perfect playing that Instrument. If you get married and loose focus on your Goals, it can ruin who you ARE as a Person. For the Sake of a Family. This is something you have to deeply consider when you consider any serious relationships. People WILL affect you, and they can affect you either Positively or Negatively. You need to think about this in relation with how important YOUR Goals really are. Because if you do not Consider YOUR GOALS, then you are in essence not being True to Yourself. You are Betraying Yourself on the Stage of Life, in the face of a world full of Chaos, you become Lost. This is what happens when you Loose your Passion, you begin to question the meaning of your Life, you loose hope and spiral down until the Family you Created for the sacrifice of your dreams in turn becomes your worst nightmare, and destroys you.

Do you want to get it back? Do you want me to give you back your Passion, and make you feel like Life is worth Living again? Then Return to your Goals, Focus on them with all your Heart, even if you do not feel the passion, do it, and keep doing it, until the Passion Returns. Then you will understand. It is all a Process of Positive Thinking that will lead you to Yourself, who you are at the very Core of your Being. If you lose track of how important this is, you will feel lost the rest of your Life, until you return to yourself. Return to That which you feel defines you. Then you will be True to yourself. Many people become Lost, losing their Passion in life, Losing their Hopes and Dreams and Goals, and living in Hopelessness they seek only someone else to share their Suffering, as if finding someone else is going to make them happy. But it will not. The only thing that will truly make you Happy is to Return to yourself. If you believe that Your Life has Purpose, then you must do that which defines you. If you donít even know what that is yet, then take pleasure in the exploration of your Soul. Enjoy everything that life has to offer until you find something that makes you feel So Passionate that you cannot ignore it. This is your True Self.

Why Old Religions Don't Work

We have already discussed how important a religion is and how much it can affect one's life positively or negatively, but yet so many people just don't take the time to THINK about what it is they actually believe in. Now let us consider the fact that first most Religions which rule the majority of the population contradicts Known Scientific FACT, and there is no proof what so ever for much of the things which the Bible says even occurred. Secondly, many people follow religions, which are written by men over TWO THOUSAND years ago! As we evolve and grow and develop, we can see how inventions grow and change and get better throughout time, yet when it comes to Religion, which is SO IMPORTANT in determining how we think and act and live, and treat others, many people are using the mental tools of cave men, instead of utilizing the vast knowledge and resources that Medical and Psychological Science has provided us with from the years and years of study and research concerning many of the very things which the Old Religions have incorrectly tried to explain. That is the reason why many of the Old Religions Don't work, because they are not grounded in Scientific Fact, therefore they cannot truthfully apply to reality as a way to live our lives by.

Why we should consider New Religions

Many Christian Churches have tried to discourage people from considering New Religions by using tabloid T.V. shows to exploit any New Religions as "Cults" which are in some way or another bad for people, yet when you consider how many people are Controlled and Damned by Christian Society and killed by Christianity, no other cult in the world has done as much damage to people as Christianity has. Christians Brain wash Police and LAW Enforcement into thinking that "They are Righteous" when in fact in order to Imprison and Damn the people in their Society even when there is no "Evil" Present, they will Lie to get a Confession or help them to Convict someone, (yet they think they are Righteous), they set up Scams to Lure people to get involved in e-mailing Pornography, then they use all this against the person to try to Damn them with Guilty Feelings and Humiliation. Then these Law Enforcement personnel become Christian Soldiers FORCING Their Personal Beliefs onto others just like the ones who Bombed the Abortion Clinics, Just like the Republicans who Crashed Planes and Killed Hundreds, just to Force people to Believe, the Terrorists did it, so Bush could use the FEAR Tactics the Christians have always used, to gain public support for going to War with Iraq, just so he could invest in the Iraq pipeline and make MILLIONS off of Raising Gas Prices World wide!

The LAW Enforcement personnel become Domestic Terrorists, savagely waging War against the people in their own Neighborhoods, (and they think they are Righteous), they destroy the Lives of almost everyone the come in contact with, and they save almost no one, they create Police Records which are used to continually Damn individuals by discrimination in Job interviews, and Credit Reports, making every effort to "Cast out the Demons" in society with their Constant Hatred and Contempt, (and they think they are righteous).

The "Correctional Facilities" are not focused on Reform, they are focused on "Punishment" They do not address the CAUSE of the Problem, only the effect, and hence the Problems only grow as the population grows, they are constantly striving to build bigger and bigger Prisons, more and More Prisons, as if they are eagerly seeking their Demons to fill them. As a result, American Justice TV Program recently Reported that more than ONE THIRD of the ENTIRE WORLD POPULATION OF THE PLANET, IS ALREADY IMPRISONED IN US PRISONS!!! These people live their lives consumed with Hatred and Contempt of the People, (and they think they are righteous).

Just because they are part of the Christian Army Highly Financed with the state of the art in Surveillance equipment, and Personal Intrusion devices, all Legalized by the Christian Army we call Law Enforcement. They try to Brain Wash and Manipulate the minds of the People by Showing Cops shows of Dozens of Different Varieties to make people THINK they are right, yet if they really were right, they wouldn't have to put so much effort into TV programming to make people believe it. Little do they realize that if you WATCH those TV shows it actually shows them in the Act of Contempt with almost every action they take, they PROVE on NATIONAL TV, that they are full of Hatred and Contempt, just by the way they Think, Act, and Talk. Think about it like this, how would YOU feel if you saw a Cop knocking on YOUR door? Relaxed and at ease with warm fuzzy feelings, or would you be filled with Fear and Anxiety like what you might be feeling if you were faced with a Terrorist?

Think about this-
How many times have you seen a Cop out around town and Thought to yourself " Gee, what a nice Guy (or Girl) they are, just look how they are helping out that person." NOT! The only thing the Cops ever do every waking moment of their lives, is think about who they can find to throw in jail, that's it. They don't CARE about anyone, they are not creatures of Compassion and Understanding, they are Creatures Created by the Christians for one Purpose, to Damn the people with their Hatred and Contempt endlessly! At the very least, a Cop has the Life condition of a Dog that sticks his nose right in your Crotch when you are just walking down the road minding your own business.

If you try to be nice to a Cop and Help them, they call you a Snitch, and Play with your life and extort you just to make you help them even more. Or they will laugh and make jokes about you behind your back, just because you actually CARE about what might be going on around your Neighborhood. And they think they are righteous. It makes one think about life in solitude just to get some peace from these Hate Mongers.

But this is the effects of a Christian Based Society. All Hatred and Contempt, not Love and Compassion. This is why it is important that you understand the difference between a Religion that bases itself on Hatred and Contempt, such as Christianity, and a Religion such as Buddhism that bases itself on Compassion and Understanding.

Witch Craft which is a very honorable Religion due to its wide range of Freedom it gives its followers, is portrayed by Christians as something Evil, when in reality Witch Craft is a very Natural Religion with common roots in almost every major culture in the world. Although Witchcraft is one of the oldest Religions in the world, its followers have quietly evolved their beliefs using different terminology, after the Witch trials of long ago, people who practice Witch Craft have been very cautious about letting Christians know what their doing, and they have communicated their teachings using different terminology to disguise the origin of the ideas, for example what used to be called a "Spell" is now called "The Power of Positive thinking" this and many other old terms are being replaced with "New Age" Terms, Magic is now more commonly called "Will Power" and many more terms have changed as well. Under the New Terms, many people are willing to accept the ideas because they aren't associated with the "Evil" image that Christians have given the people who practice Witch Craft.

The point is people have been so Brain Washed by the Christians over the years they are afraid to even consider any other religion which is not under a Christian pretense. Another example of this is Buddhism which is a Beautiful Religion with many brilliant ideas to help people with their lives, yet most people would never ever consider studying Buddhism thanks to the "Evil from the east" image the Christians have portrayed Buddhism as, then a Genius named Deepak Chopra came along, and figured out a way to expound all of the Buddhist Concepts to the people so they could use them in their daily lives without even knowing it was Buddhist Concepts they were practicing. By delivering them in a "New Age" format in books and audio cassette programs.

New Religions can offer us better mental tools to deal with our problems, than Old religions can, new religions can give us a fresh perspective on life, and a healthier way to develop our society around us, because old religions use many outdated concepts and ideas, that do not apply to life as we live it today. For example many religions of the past do not condone sex before marriage, which in reality is pure ignorance, because you would actually be marrying someone you don't even know about sexually. I know because it happened to me when I used to be a believer of Christian ways, I married a woman without having sex with her first, and later we found out we like completely different things during sex, so much so, that we wound up getting a divorce only two weeks later.

This is just one example, here's another, Catholics don't believe in Birth Control which creates an incredible burden on the families because they keep producing children, that in many cases the people can not support, on a Large scale such a s in the Philippines where the country is mostly Catholic, it contributes to the whole country being impoverished because each individual family has more children than they can afford to feed and clothe. Secondly many Catholics do not use Birth Control because of their religion, yet they DO have Sex before marriage with many different partners which contributes to the rising AIDS epidemic in places like the Philippines.

Another example of how old Religions don't apply to modern society is their attitude towards Prostitutes for example, Prostitutes are Women of great Compassion who help a man by granting him a sexual fantasy, and in exchange for this she is paid for her services, this is an honest exchange of values, the Guy gets what he wants, the Girl gets what she wants, everybody's happy except the Christians who show hatred and contempt toward these Honorable Compassionate Women, by pressuring the Police to "Throw them in jail" "Get them off the streets" isn't this the most common reaction to prostitution by the Christians? Then what does this Christian Society do with them? They create a police record and employers discriminate against them for that police record, making it almost impossible for them to ever get any other kind of work ever again, and society continues to Damn them over and over again until they can't Damn them any worse than they already have, or until they die on the street some place.

This is the effects of a Christian based society, not Love and Compassion like they always talk about in their Churches in their fancy clothes, they are Hate mongers, who strive to Damn people to death. Well its time for a change, a New Religion, some thing that will spread Love and Compassion and Understanding for Everyone.

What The NEW Religion of KALI can do for You

KALI is a much different Religion than anything you have probably ever heard about. What it will do for you is allow you more Freedom than almost any other religion, most religions will not allow you to practice any other religion or worship any other God except THEIR god. KALI is everything in the Universe; therefore if you worship another God you are also worshiping KALI, so if you feel more comfortable practicing more than one Religion, with Kali you have the freedom to do so.

KALI is primarily focused towards Compassion and Understanding, instead of the Hatred and Contempt expressed by other Religions for people who might be a little different from them. We do not scorn the Convicted Criminals, or Prostitutes, or people who enjoy Pornography, or people into Bondage and Domination & anyone else who is Damned or Scorned by other faiths, are Welcomed by us, we respect and honor everyone equally, we strive to understand each individual and their values are important to us.

KALI is a religion which incorporates all of the BEST Philosophies and Religious Concepts developed in recent times to help individuals understand life a little better, and give them some good mental tools to help them solve their problems with.

KALI addresses peoples need to incorporate Sex with Religious practice, most Religions are ashamed of Sex, or try to hide it, Kali is the Goddess of Sex, she is Very Sexy and Very Beautiful, she possess us during Sex to enhance our experiences. In The New Religion of KALI, we strive to help our followers perfect their sexual experiences, by learning the best sex techniques, and bringing out every detail of their sexual fantasies, then taking action to make them reality. Can YOUR Religion do THAT?!!!

There are three ways to evaluate a Belief System to see if it is right for you or not,
1. Written Proof- This is usually the scriptures or book which outlines the details of the religion itself, now, it is very important that this written proof be verifiable or True or at the very least make sense according to what we already know about Science and Scientific Fact, because if you choose to base your LIFE and everything you BELIEVE on a book which is not even verifiable or true, or is littered with in consistencies or contradictions, or Starts sounding like it is some kind of fairy tale with no basis what so ever in reality, then you are dealing with a potentially dangerous belief system, and I would strongly suggest that you check out THIS religion instead.

2. Theoretical proof- Again does the theories expounded within the teachings make sense and can they be duplicated to bring about results in your daily life? If not, why do you waste your time on something that doesn't work?

3. Actual proof- This is the hard facts, the RESULTS that you personally experience from practicing a certain religion, if you are practicing a true teaching, then you should be able to produce some kind of positive result in your life from practicing your religion. Again, if your not getting POSITIVE RESULTS in your religion, then is doesn't work period. And you should try something that does work. Like This Religion.

Who is Kali?

Kali is formless and shapeless, yet she CAN assume any shape she desires, she is the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and all of the things in the Universe, but most often Kali assumes the body of a very beautiful Woman, most often while this Woman is engaged in Sexual Activities. This is why when we Pray to Kali we Pray to either a Real Woman, who is so Beautiful she represents the Awesome Beauty of Kali, or we Pray to a Picture of a Woman who is the Most Beautiful Woman we can find. Because Kali Changes form, she can Change from one Woman to another Woman, as quickly as inspired. She Commands all of the Good Forces, as well as all of the Bad Forces, Kali is Very Compassionate and Merciful, Yet she also Destroys Life as a way to bring about a new beginning, Therefore death in this Religion is not an end, but a new beginning, and Devotees of this Religion in the past have offered Human Sacrifices to The Goddess Kali, but the way they look at it is if you truly LOVE your Goddess, and you are really in your heart Dedicated to her, then you would WANT to be Sacrificed to her.

But today however most Sacrifices are only Symbolic, yet, many followers of Kali are now using Bondage and Domination as ways to act out a Symbolic Human Sacrifice. If the Right to Die Laws were changed and passed to Legalize the Right to Die, many followers would most likely willingly engage in Rituals of Human Sacrifice and Offer themselves to the Goddess Kali as the most beautiful way to end one's life on this earth when they are ready.

Ancient Scriptures describe The Goddess Kali in many ways, both as one of the Most beautiful Women in the World, and also as a Vicious Warrior, a She is one who Devours the Flesh, she has been described as being very much like what we call a Vampire, Lusting for Blood, and Having Fangs, Yet at the same time being someone you would Love with all your Heart, and she is Sexy and Seductive when she is viewed in human form, Definitely NOT a Woman you would fear, but one you would gladly die for. But she should not be confused with the idea of Vampires that ruthlessly feast on the blood of Humans. This is not the correct image of Kali, while Kali may enjoy the Blood of Humans, it is offered to her Willingly as a display of sincere devotion, and the act of drinking this blood is an act of Acceptance, Compassion and Understanding for how the Sacrifice feels.

The entire Ritual is a Bond between the Goddess and the Sacrifice; it is a Bond that defines the very essence of Love itself. This is how she is described. Yet you must keep in mind that we are also talking about the essence of the Universe itself displaying herself in Human form, if she was indeed the Commander of all the forces in the Universe, you can just imagine how beautiful she would have made herself look like to a Man, one whom she enjoys having Sex with, or to Women who also Love Women. Kali is not Sexually Biased, she is a Compassionate and Understanding Goddess that strives to fulfill the very essence of the feelings and emotions of "YES" or Sexual Acceptance for ALL people.

It was also described that Kali was Very Sexual, and Seductive, and Very Very Beautiful, which is why we do not consider Sex to be shameful or "Evil" in anyway in this Religion. And instead we encourage followers to engage in Sexual Activity as part of a Ceremony of Worship to the Goddess Kali. Kali is a Loving Goddess, with Great Compassion, but she does rein down Destruction upon the Earth from time to time, but with each thing that is destroyed there is a new beginning being born. In other words, Yes, Kali can rein down terror and Destruction, but to her, she is merely Harvesting a Field of Fruits in the same way a Farmer Mows down the Wheat Fields to get the grain. And Yes, according to Scriptures She Does enjoy Feasting on the Blood of a Human Sacrifice, but as bad as Human Sacrifice may sound to those who have not sought to understand up until now, I can tell you sincerely from My point of view as a Devotee to the Goddess Kali, I see Human Sacrifice to the Goddess Kali in MY mind , as something very Beautiful, I myself would not hesitate to offer my body in a Ritual of Human Sacrifice to the Goddess Kali, and someday I sincerely hope that I may be able to be Sacrificed to her, to me it would be the most Beautiful Death I could ever die.

Now let me Describe Kali As I feel her in my life, She is the Most beautiful Woman I have ever seen, She makes my heart flutter and my stomach fill with the feeling of Butterflies ten times as much as any woman I've ever seen before, she makes me short of breath with the feeling of Lust and Love at the same time flowing through me, She gives me an Overwhelming sense of Confidence whenever I find myself in the face of adversity, as if there is NO battle that I can not Win, because I feel her Possess me in the moment of Conflict.

In these situations I have become so Powerful at times its as if a Giant is standing right behind me, because many times my adversaries were Much larger than I yet they turned and left me without striking a blow. During Sex Kali is always there, sometimes I feel her inside the Woman I am making Love to, and I can tell because the Woman suddenly has a personality change come over her, and she becomes very good sexually, where moments before, she was acting as if it was just another night of sex.

And other times I can feel Kali just watching me make love, and enjoying the moment with us. Or sometimes I can almost feel her hands lightly caressing my back as I make love to a Woman. Or sometimes I can feel her magic tingle through my body and produce and incredible Orgasm for me.

When I first encountered the spirit of Kali I was deep in the heart of practicing Buddhism, a sect of Buddhism devoted to the Lotus Sutra, and I was a Devout Buddhist at that time. Yet Kali made me feel her, and even though I ignored her at first, she persisted to make herself known to me. This is what I think is meant when the Scriptures talk about Kali Resides in the Heart of the Lotus, and all the other talk of her association with the Lotus, is referring to the Lotus Sutra, and the people who Practice it. That is how I found her. Now I can feel Kali everywhere in everything, she is all around me, and she flows through me, she is part of me and I am part of her, and Kali is part of all of us and we are all part of her, but many people confuse her by thinking of her in terms of OTHER Gods, such as in Christianity, yet all of the forces of nature do not logically fit in correctly with the description of the Christian God. But the forces of Nature fit in perfectly when you compare them with the descriptions of Kali.

And when you compare other Gods to the forces of nature none of them even come close. Because none of the other religions of the world are willing to accept the "BAD" forces of nature, nor can they justify a God killing off hundreds of people in a disaster, but the Religion of Kali explains it perfectly. Although I don't expect you to automatically just believe that Kali- as the way I have described her is a reality, I didn't even believe it myself when I first encountered her, and even after I was fully aware of her existence I still refused to accept that what I was experiencing was real. So for the sake of those who wish to just deal with the straight and solid facts concerning Mysticism, Kali is a Term we use to describe the forces of Nature both Good and Bad, we imagine her as described above, and as described in the Mantras, and this image is a focal point for our Meditation and faith in the universe and the cosmos itself.

How to Pray to the Goddess Kali

First select a Picture of who you think is the most beautiful woman in the whole world, or you can use a Statue of Kalie, and enshrine it in a very beautiful box or Buttsudon, or hang it on the Wall in a very respectable Frame, and create an Altar a table with Your Ceremonial Knife on it, a glass of your favorite beverage, candles on each side of the table, and incense in the center, and if you can afford it a brass bell that you can find in Buddhist supply stores.

(Some people have problems using a Picture because it causes Jealousy if you have a Mate, or even people who enjoy Porn often like to change the picture, so a Picture can tend to get old after a while. So some people like to use a statue instead. This is fine, you can design your practice to suit you.)

Now in this Religion you have the freedom to design the way you pray to fit your own needs, but I will give you some suggestions throughout this book in case you have trouble selecting your own praying styles. Sometimes I don't use a Bell because it disturbs others around me, sometimes I don't want to let people know what I am doing, so I don't pray out loud, it is really up to you how you feel is most comfortable for you, that's what I am trying to tell you.

You can pray at any time during the day that is most comfortable for you, some people like to practice in the morning some people like to practice in the dark open air of the night. You can draw a circle around your praying area if you like, or you can practice in your bedroom sitting on the floor. Whatever is most comfortable for you. I have kneeled on the Floor, I have sat on the edge of my Bed, I have sat in a Chair. What is more important is your Passion and Focus.

Face your Picture of the most beautiful woman in the world, or Statue, OR you can kneel in front of a Real Woman who you feel passionate about, and hold your hands in a praying position, you may do this in the nude if you like, or in clothing, or some people use a Black Silk Robe and they wear nothing under the robe to stimulate them both physically and spiritually, if you wear a robe it should always be worn so that the front is opened up to your stomach area to display a deep V or French cut, this is to stimulate you as well as any others who might be practicing with you, however, if you happen to have a room mate, who does not practice this religion, it would be best to be wearing clothes when you pray, because you don't want to freak them out ya know?

I personally just wear regular Clothes most of the time.

We try to present this Religion with dignity, and those who aren't familiar with it may talk to others and laugh and joke about you praying in the nude if they don't understand what you are doing, so it is best to display your self with what THEY consider to be dignified, if you care about what they think, if you really don't care what they think, then I guess it really doesn't matter how you look to them then does it?

After you get yourself ready the way you want to, sit in a praying style, and say " I Love you Kali- I Love you Kali- I Love you KaliÖ" over and over again, as you think of how grateful you are to the Goddess Kali. Chant "I Love you Kali" over and over again for at least 5 to 10 minutes, then stop and read your Mantra, either the one included in this book, or one which you created, then after you have read the Mantra, you may incorporate Sex or masturbation into your session of Worship. It is entirely up to you. However in this religion it is encouraged to incorporate Sex into your Religious Worship because KALI is a very Sexual Goddess, she enjoys being with us during Sex, Sex is the beginning of all things which makes the Act of Sex a Sacred act, not a shameful act.

It may take a long time for many people to HEAL from the constant ridicule that Christians have made about the Act of Sex, and their association to negative images about Sex, and Nudity, but in THIS religion, you can relax, and enjoy ALL the benefits of Life, that includes Sex. And sharing Sex with friends is an honorable practice in this religion, inviting friends over to witness a Sexual Ceremony is also a way to show them you really think they are special in your life, otherwise you would never invite them to such an event. Therefore if you are ever invited to attend a Sexual Ceremony you should make every effort to attend because it is considered a sacred practice. Prior to engaging in sex for Religious practice you may want to incorporate Dance as a pre-ceremonial tribute, music and dance are important in religious practice.

You may also choose to Conduct a Symbolic Ceremony of Ritual Human Sacrifice to the Goddess Kali, which is a very Honorable Very Intense form of Worship to the Goddess Kali, although its not for everyone, we do encourage you to try it, if you never have experienced the world of Bondage and Domination before, it is a Very Beautiful way to Worship the Goddess Kali, and it will Make your Lover who Dominates you feel special as well.

This is really my favorite way to Worship Kali, because it really is the most intense form of Worship known to Womankind. Because it encompasses the very essence of Acceptance, Compassion, Understanding, Devotion, and LOVE, all in one powerful Ritual. However it is very important that you include Sex, or Sexual Intercourse in BDSM Rituals to Worship and Honor the Goddess Kali. Because this is the element of LOVE that makes it something Special. It's so awesome, I am writing a whole other Book just about BDSM. Because it is so intense and Beautiful, I can write hundreds of Pages to try to explain it to you if you have never done it, but you still might not understand until you actually TRY IT.

Short and Sweet how do you do it? Well Strip the Willing Sacrifice naked, Chain them Down on an Alter or Table usually like an X, gag them, so they can not control the Ritual in any way. This is the act of complete surrender, so if you use Safe Words, then you loose the effect of complete and total surrender. Caress the Sacrifice to keep them horny the whole time, treat the Sacrifice with Love and Compassion while inflicting various methods of Pain on the Sacrifice until they can not handle the pain anymore. It is important that you inflict pain on the Sacrifice until you push them BEYOND their Limits, not just up to as much as they can stand, you must strive to push them BEYOND their limits of what they can comfortably stand. Because then you will create FEAR in their mind. This will add a new kind of Dynamics to their experience, which actually gets translated as Excitement.

So don't be afraid to create the fear, it is an essential part of the Ritual. And don't be too worried about it when the Sacrifice becomes afraid either, you have to allow the Sacrifice to experience the fear, or they will not experience any excitement either.

It is the fear that makes everything exciting and meaningful. If you unchain the Sacrifice as soon as it becomes afraid, they will feel like they whimped out, and you will feel dissatisfied sadistically as well. So think of the Ritual as you would a Roller Coaster Ride, once you are strapped in, you are in for a Ride, Period, there is no stopping you until you reach the agreed upon point that you and the Sacrifice talked about and set before hand, not during the Ritual.

It IS important that you talk everything over, and maybe even get an agreement IN WRITING before conducting a Ritual, or maybe a Video of the Mutual Agreement between both parties, this way there is complete understanding between you.

To control the Dynamics of the Experience you can control the Mind of the Sacrifice by Showing more Love and Compassion you can Calm the Sacrifice down. By acting Mean and inflicting pain, you create more fear which makes it more exciting for both you and the Sacrifice. In this way you can control the experience to go up and down like a Roller Coaster Ride. Taking the Sacrifice up to a state of Euphoria, then Crashing them down with Fear, then bringing them back up again by showing them Love and affection and petting their Head or Caressing their Body, then Whip the hell out of them to create fear again. This is how you do it.

So WHY is designing your own style of praying important, and how can it positively affect you? Designing your own style of praying, first of all makes you feel more comfortable, and makes you feel more passionate about the Goddess Kali, THAT is the most important thing in your praying, is the PASSION. Because it is the Passion you put into the practice that will activate your faith, and your faith will produce positive results in your life.

How far should you go? That really depends on the Level of Devotion of the Sacrifice. Some people are willing to be Killed, so there really IS no Limits. Now when I say "No Limits" this implies a certain level of Love and Trust. Some idiot wrote that I thought "No Limits" meant they could bust a person's arms and legs with a Baseball Bat. :) Yeah, like I said he's an Idiot. :)

Understanding the Psychology of Sacrifice, a Submissive often likes the FEELING of Surrendering with "No Limits" this is a FEELING experienced by the Submissive where they surrender completely, body, mind, and spirit, to the one who will Torture them, and to the Goddess Kali. This is a FEELING of Complete Surrender and Devotion. Now this also implies that they LOVE the person who will torture them, and usually if you Love someone you are not going to Bust up their Arms and Legs with a Baseball Bat. :) Just in case you're not sure. :)

But as an Example I always told my Dominas in Writing that I would forgive them, and would not file any Charges on them if they Broke a couple of my Ribs un-intentionally with a Bullwhip. This is an example of how Far I like to go.

I also made stipulations on Cruel and Unusual Techniques in writing, such as no breaking fingers, no poking pins in my eyes, or puncturing my eardrums, or sticking pins under my fingernails or no ripping fingernails or teeth out. So while I say "No Limits" what I am talking about is the way the Sacrifice FEELS, not a Literal Translation of Terms.

Others only expect a certain time limit or a limit on how much fear they are willing to experience. You should carefully plan the Ritual out before hand with the Sacrifice by masturbating the Sacrifice and recording what they say as they Fantasize and tell you what they want you to do. Ask them lots of detailed questions about how they want it so you will know. The Tape can also serve as Documentation that they wanted you to do this to them, in the event they decide they really could not handle what they asked you to do to them.

But most importantly make sure that you design the Ritual to be more about KALI, and not about Satisfying the needs of the Sacrifice. The Sacrifice is there to Suffer to offer Human Suffering as a Gift of Love and Devotion to you, and to the Goddess Kali, not to receive some kind of Sexual Gratification. Even though you WILL Sexually Stimulate the Sacrifice, through the entire Ritual, you are Sexually Stimulating the Sacrifice to Open up their Soul to Offer their Soul to Kali as well as their Suffering. The Sacrifice becomes like a Big Flower that Opens up and is Offered to the Goddess Kali. And that doesn't mean that if you offer the Soul of the Sacrifice that the Sacrifice is damned to some "hell" for doing so. It is a way of Bonding the Soul of the Sacrifice with the Goddess Kali, a way of Showing the Goddess Kali that you Love her and you are Devoted to her in Body and Soul. This is what it means. So the whole focus of the Ritual needs to be planned around Worshiping and Honoring the Goddess Kali. So you will want to perfect the Methods of Sexual Stimulation so that it will make it easier for you to open up the Soul of the Sacrifice to offer it to Kali.

That is, IF you intend the Ritual to be a Religious Ceremony. You as the Goddess who performs the Ritual of Sacrifice actually Worship and Honor Kali by inflicting Pain on the Sacrifice, and Offering up the Human Suffering of the Sacrifice in Combination with Spiritual Prayers to Kali at the same time you inflict the pain. The Ritual becomes and enchanting Spiritual Experience for both you and the Sacrifice, and you conclude the Ritual by having Sex with the Sacrifice while they are still Chained Down. This is important because it is the element that shows the Ritual is about LOVE not Hate. Many people refuse to engage in Sexual Intercourse with BDSM Activities, but if you are not engaging in Sexual Intercourse with the BDSM activities you are not showing any Love or Compassion. BDSM activities without Sex, are completely Sadistic, NOT Sexually Sadistic. The difference is Sexual Sadism is about Love and Compassion, it has meaning and purpose, while Plain Sadism is about Hatred and Contempt, it often has no meaning or purpose, and giving it meaning or purpose will often detract from the experience of a Plain Sadist. Plain Sadism is what most people consider "Evil".

And in the Rituals to Worship Kali, it is important to display Love and Compassion, not Hatred and Contempt. Because the Religion of Kali is about Love and Compassion, not Hatred and Contempt. Hatred and Contempt can be used as a Tool to create fear, but the Ritual must also include SEX and Love and Compassion, if you are going to Worship and Honor Kali using BDSM. That's the difference.

It is important that devoted Worshipers of Kali approach the Ritual of Sacrifice as if they are actually planning to Kill the Sacrifice. Because this helps to make the Ritual feel more Sacred and Special. If you are only role playing or pretending you will not feel as intense about the Ritual as if you are planning to actually Kill the Sacrifice. You do not have to actually kill the Sacrifice to experience the feelings of sincerity I am talking about. You only have to plan the Ritual and think of the Ritual as if you are planning to Kill the Sacrifice. Because if you think about it, if you are planning to actually kill the Sacrifice, you will make sure that everything is Perfect, everything is special. You would put more time and effort into every detail of the Ritual. You would carefully prepare the area you would plan to kill the Sacrifice so you would feel Comfortable about Killing the Sacrifice, you would do things to make it more Special if you knew the Sacrifice was actually going to die in the Ritual.

This kind of extra Planning and Care makes a big difference in the overall effect of the Ritual itself. All the feelings will be more intense especially if the Sacrifice is really not sure if you are going to kill them or not. If the Sacrifice sincerely Surrenders and willingly agrees to die in the Ritual, and leaves it up to YOU the Goddess performing the Ritual as if they will actually be killed or not. Then the Ritual gets really exciting for Both you and The Sacrifice, because you have included the Possibility of Death in the same way that extreme Sports such as Car Racing or Sky Diving have the Possibility of Death. This is what makes those sports more exciting. If you were to remove the Possibility of Death those Sports would become very boring very fast. This extra Planning, and the element of the Possibility of Death, helps to make the Ritual more Sacred and Exciting. This is called "Edge Playing" in the world of BDSM, but when you incorporate this into a Spiritual Ritual, it makes it more meaningful. Some people get confused about the Terminology of "Edge Playing" but it came from the idea of taking things to the very Edge of Death. This became known as "Edge Playing". Suffocation Techniques, Strangulation Techniques, Cutting Techniques, (See Chinese 1000 Cuts) and Whipping until the Sacrifice is unconscious, are all examples of "Edge Playing" in the proper context. It is the possibility of Death which makes these activities more exciting and meaningful.

Ritual Masturbation for the Male is performed by practicing to get the Male right to the very edge of ejaculation, then holding him right on the edge of an orgasm without allowing him to cum. Do this with the Male while he looks at the Pictures of a Woman who inspires him, or Looks at pictures on the Computer, or Looks at you as he Worships you as the Goddess Kali.

What is important with Ritual Masturbation worship for the Male, is that he practices to NOT Cum. By Practicing not to orgasm the male learns how to control his thoughts and emotions to better Satisfy the Female during sex. The goal here is to train the Male to Orgasm on Command, and not to orgasm unless he is given the command to orgasm. This is the REASON that Kali made men Masturbate almost everyday. But most men just quickly satisfy themselves without focusing on practicing on controlling their Thoughts and emotions that trigger an orgasm. So most men cannot properly satisfy a Woman, because they never practice to. You should make your man Practice Ritual Masturbation at least one hour everyday without orgasm. This is so that when you Conduct a BDSM Ritual with the Male, he will not Orgasm until you give him the Command to Orgasm. If you Hypnotize the Male before sex this also helps to control the Orgasm, so he will not Cum until you give the Command.

This will make you more in Control of the Ritual itself, so that the Ritual will not end prematurely because of the Male ejaculating too soon. Try to get the Male to practice Ritual Masturbation until he can perform Ritual Masturbation for one hour everyday for three days straight without orgasm. Then on the Fourth day you can conduct a really satisfying Ritual with him. What this does is it helps create more sperm, and more hormones inside the Male so when you conduct the Ritual after four days of Masturbation, without orgasm, the male will feel ten times more excited, the emotions will be ten times as intense for the male and his feelings of DESIRE for you will be much stronger, making it more enjoyable for you as well. This will help even males who normally resist being Whipped, will welcome the idea.

You can also practice with him by allowing him to make Love to you, and engage in Sexual Intercourse with you but do not allow him to orgasm or ejaculate. Make him hold it as he has Sexual Intercourse with you for one hour, then pull him out without letting him cum. Repeat this practice for 3 days before you allow him to Cum. This will help train him to satisfy the Female better, and control his emotions and thoughts to prevent premature ejaculation during a Ritual. These Practices help to Nurture Your Sexual Sadistic Emotions while training the Male to control his orgasm. You can also use Chastity Devices to ensure the Male cannot run into a Bathroom and Masturbate to ejaculation when you are not Looking. It is important that you make sure the Male does not ejaculate for 3 days before you conduct a Ritual to make the Ritual more meaningful for the Male and for you. It will make the Male more willing to open up and be properly Sacrificed, this is why you go through so much effort doing this.

You can also make the Male lick your Pussy everyday, without letting him Orgasm. So you get Sexually Satisfied everyday, but he will not. This will inspire your Sexually Sadistic Emotions which will be useful during a BDSM Ritual to honor Kali.

A male Sacrifice should also be made to practice being tied or Chained down for the Ritual, to prepare them. Sometimes the muscles and ligaments must be conditioned and stretched to get used to being chained down. So you can Chain the male down after Ritual masturbation for about an Hour everyday. Or you can Chain him down in Combination with the Ritual Masturbation. This would prepare him in two ways at the same time.

Always associate as many feelings of Love with the BDSM Ritual as Possible, you can do this by not telling the Sacrifice "I love you" except when you are inflicting Pain during a BDSM Rituals. This will associate feelings of Love with the Ritual, which will make it more meaningful. You can act nice and caring during the day to day activities too, but you want to Reward the Sacrifice for Surrendering during a Ritual, and the way you reward the Sacrifice is to be even MORE Loving during the Ritual of Sacrifice, than you normally are. This will make the Sacrifice feel better each time it surrenders. This helps to mentally and physically condition the Sacrifice for the Ritual.

A Female Sacrifice should engage in Ritual Masturbation at the exact time that the Ritual will be performed, every day before the Ritual, to prepare her Metabolic Clock to feel horny at that particular time every day so that when the Ritual is Performed she will naturally feel more Horny at the right time. Dominas and Goddesses should practice Ritual Masturbation while thinking and fantasizing about Whipping and Torturing a Human Sacrifice. This will help you enhance your Sexual Sadistic Emotions, this will help you get more excited during the BDSM Rituals. This is how you show your Faith and Commitment to Kali is by nurturing your Sexually Sadistic Emotions. They are beautiful, that's why you should nurture them and make them grow.

But through all of this, the most important thing about conducting a BDSM Ritual is to use Compassion and Understanding. You Nurture your Sexual Sadistic attitude because you CARE about how the Sacrifice feels during the Ritual. It is important that you enjoy the Ritual, enjoy making the Sacrifice suffer. To do that you must nurture your Sexually Sadistic Feelings as much as you can.

Ritual Masturbation for the Female is also performed by trying to CONTROL your Orgasm. Because Females many times have complained more about not being able to achieve orgasm with their Mates. This is primarily because of the way they THINK about their Mates. A Woman's Orgasm is more controlled by how they THINK, rather than what they SEE. Women are Sensual, Men are Visually stimulated. Women close their eyes and try to FEEL the moment. Men want to SEE you to get Horny. So understanding this Difference, in how Men and Women are Sexually Stimulated, you can get an understanding for how to help yourself Control your Orgasm. Women most often can Orgasm when masturbating yet some have problems achieving orgasm when making Love to their Mate.

This is because of the way they THINK. Everything Erotic comes from the Mind. The way you THINK directly affects how you feel, then affects your Physical body to respond to how you think and feel. But everything originates in the MIND. So knowing this, you can control the way you THINK to help better control your Orgasm. Once you gain complete control of your orgasm, it will enable you to understand how to increase thoughts that make you feel horny when you need them, and decrease these thoughts when you are not ready to Orgasm. By practicing thinking like this, you can actually have PLANNED Orgasms with your mate at the Same time. Making the Moment more special. This also will help you during the Rituals when you are performing so you can make yourself more Horny when you need to feel more passionate and inspired, and less horny when you are not quite ready to orgasm. For example, it would be a lot better if when you are performing a Ritual using the Knife to Tease the Sacrifice, if both you and the Sacrifice orgasmed at the same time. If you could not Control your Orgasm then you might orgasm BEFORE the Sacrifice, then you might feel less passionate about the Ritual after that. It would be much more passionate if both of you were able to control your Orgasms to Cum at the same time.

But this takes Practice, it will not happen so easily. So when you practice Masturbation, practice trying to control how you THINK. Take some time to think about what thoughts actually make you Cum. Keep notes every time you Masturbate right after you Cum, write down the exact thoughts you were thinking about when you Cummed. This will help you to know what trigger Thoughts will actually make you Cum. Write down your entire train of Thoughts like a story, so you can look at it closely and see how your thoughts worked up to a Point where they made you orgasm. If you find it difficult to write you can Record your Thoughts as you talk about them when you Masturbate yourself. Then listen to what you are talking about several times.

Then try to control the Thoughts the next time you Masturbate yourself. You work with this Technique many times until you gain the ability to Control the way you think and Feel. This will allow you to reach a point where you can bring yourself right to the very edge of an Orgasm, and hold yourself there for HOURS, giving you a kind of Natural High.

Once you practice holding yourself on the very edge of an Orgasm for hours at a time, you will be ready for some very Special Rituals. It will also help you to think better about a Relationship that might seem boring. You will know what you need to do to make it more exciting so you can Orgasm no matter how Boring you mate might be.

Certain Situations such as when your mate might not show very much Passion, or attention to you, these situations can directly affect your Orgasm. You WANT them to be more into the moment, but they are not. You can not Control how the other person thinks or feels, but you can control how YOU represent what they are doing or how you see what they are doing.

You literally can Change your mind around to make what they are doing seem erotic even though they feel nothing. I'll give you an example; a Vibrator is an object with no Feelings, you can use a vibrator to achieve an orgasm. Yet find it difficult to achieve an orgasm with a Human who has problems feeling Passionate about the Moment, because you Expect them to feel Passionate. It is these expectations that YOU have in your mind, that are actually turning you off. Once you remove all expectations of the other person, and expect NOTHING from them at all, anything they do becomes something positive, instead of negative. So if they touch you at all, they are doing something that can Turn you on. See what I mean? Even the fact that they are THERE at all, can turn you on. Because if you completely remove ALL expectations, then you would not even expect them to be there at all. The fact that they ARE there represents something Positive.

Most people only Pray to Kali using Meditation, or Chanting, some will only offer Incense, and Recite "I Love you Kali, I Love you Kali, I Love you Kali" Three times, and that is it. But what you should try to remember is there is no rules as to which way is right and which way is wrong with this practice. But the more effort and PASSION you put into your Practice, the more you will get out of it. And what I mean by "Get out of it" is things will begin to HAPPEN around you. You will notice more Things happening the more Sincere and Passionate you are about your Practice. What I mean is, things will happen such as you being able to get a Parking Spot in a place that is usually full. The Bus or Taxi will be right there, just when you need it. The Traffic lights might begin to change to green one right after another as you approach them. The TV might just happen to play a Movie or TV program that talks about how to solve the very Problem you have. Or the Radio might play the Song that makes all the difference in the World for that perfect moment. Or a friend might bring up a Subject you wanted to know about, without even asking them. Or you will find something you are Looking for with very little effort. Or you will feel yourself emotionally drawn to a particular location without understanding why, until after you get there you have a very profound experience than really affects you. This is because when you SINCERELY Chant, and Pray to the Goddess Kali you begin to put yourself in Harmony with the workings of the Universe that Kali controls. I don't know exactly how or why it works like this, I just know that it is directly proportional to the amount of PASSION and Sincerity you put into your Prayers. I am not sure if this Power originates from within us or if it is somehow putting ourselves in Sync with Kali. All I know is if you are very Sincere, and Passionate about Praying and Chanting to Kali, some really cool things begin to happen. This I know for sure.

You should not Chant to Kali with a Whinning Heart begging for things, because through my experience I have found that this doesn't work so well. I believe the reason why this kind of "Asking for things attitude" doesn't work is because the Workings of Kali operate kind of the same way a Parent would feel if a Child was whinning and Crying all the time. The Parent is not going to feel good about giving the Child every little thing they whine about. And the same holds true for the way Kali works too. If you pray to Kali with a heart of Gratitude, rather than asking her for things, you will receive much greater benefits than if you Pray as if you are Begging for something. Even in moments of extreme hardship you should Pray with a Heart of Gratitude rather than asking Kali to Solve your Problems. You should not Blame Kali for your situation, and think contemptuous thoughts either, because then you might be plagued with Bad Luck instead of Good Luck. The shit DOES happen, believe me, and you need all the help you can get, so you don't want to piss the Goddess off, that is not such a good idea.

Kali is a Female, remember that, you can't win an Argument with a Female it just doesn't work that way. So if you really want to have some good stuff happen, you need to focus Positively, and think of Thanking Kali for everything that is happening in your Life, and everything that Has Happened, and then she will help you to see and understand WHY everything is the way it is. In this respect it can make you believe in Destiny, yet, actually we Choose our Path, and Kali just helps us get there the best way she can.

Where others who do not Pray to Kali are just completely lost, drifting along like a boat on the sea of Troubled waters with no motor. So rather than think in terms of Destiny or No Destiny, it is more a combination of Choice and Kali's Devine Guidance, rather than totally undetermined Destiny. Just keep in mind that every single thing that happens in your life, Happens for a Reason, even if you are not sure what the Reason is, years later you will be able to look back and see how each and every thing that happened to you shaped your Life and moved you into a particular direction, sometimes even without you even knowing or understanding why.

So for this reason some times bad things have to happen in order for better things to happen along the way. Sometimes the most dramatic changes in your life will begin with something really bad happening, then your life will completely change course for the better, without you even understanding where you are going or why. Years later you can look back and it will all make sense.

Because sometimes really bad things force you to make a Decision that you might not otherwise make. For example, when My Father died of Cancer, I was really upset, when he began to die I was so upset emotionally I had to join the Military just to get myself in a Stable Environment so I could handle it. Because of my father Dying I began to Study Religion and search for the Spiritual Truth in Life. Had he not died such a Horrible Death, I would not have had such a seeking Mind for the Truth. Had I not Joined the Military I would have never been introduced to Buddhism at a time when I was seeking the Truth, which lead me to have an experience with Kali. Which lead me to write this Book, which in some ways for some people, helped to change their lives. And make the world more peaceful.

If my father had not died of Cancer, my entire path of Life may have gone in a Different direction. Because all through these years I was trying very hard to become a Rock Star, instead, I became a Religious Writer. I didn't even know how to type until 1998. Eight years AFTER I had got out of the Military, and 13 years after my father had died. And the whole Idea is something I never felt passionate about until I had my Supernatural Experience with Kali, that GAVE me the Passion to write for her. Before I had that experience I didn't even know who Kali was. So what I am trying to show you here is, things do happen to lead you down a certain Path in life, even when you do not understand where you are going. You still go there. So for this reason it is best to Pray and Chant to Kali with a Thankful heart because even if you do not understand where your life is headed, SHE DOES, believe me!


Chanting is saying something out loud over and over again, it has been medically proven to lower blood pressure when done as a form of meditation, and it can clear your mind of stress, and help you focus on your greatest potential. Many different Religions use chanting as a form of meditation, some use languages which the followers can not understand such as Sanskrit but if you use Language that you CAN understand, it will stir your passion because there is more MEANING connected with the action of chanting which will increase the emotions involved, which will in turn enhance the overall results of chanting altogether. In some cases I use a Language different from my native tongue because it feels better for me, for example I was born into an English speaking family, but I now speak several different languages, and sometimes I will chant reciting "I Love you Kali" in Japanese instead of English just because it rolls off my tongue easier, who knows maybe later I will recite it in Chinese or Korean just to keep life interesting.

Many other Religions use all different phrases and words to chant with, some use dedications, and the like, we use " I Love you Kali" in what ever language you choose, the reason we use I Love you Kali, is because the word "Love" produces the greatest most powerful emotions within you, and it is these emotions which will stir your passion for the Goddess Kali, as you chant "I Love you Kali" you are reciprocating the Love that Kali feels for you, and by chanting "I Love you Kali" over and over again, it will produce a far greater result in your life. You may also try saying "Aishiteru Kali" over and over again, its Japanese for "I Love you Kali" or "Mahal Kita Kali" Which is Tagalog (Filipino), or "Pom Rakkun Kali" Which is Thai, "Chan Rakkun Kali" (for Females) or you can use any Language you feel most comfortable with. I recommend Chanting for at least one hour a day if you can, to really FEEL the effects of chanting in your life. The more you Chant, the more stuff will happen in your life to guide you, such as things happening at just the right moment when you need them, or Songs on the Radio which answer questions in your mind, or people saying something which answers one of your questions, or people presenting you with an opportunity just when you need it, all of this occurs as a result of the effort you put in during chanting, which puts you in harmony with the forces of the universe which are the essence of Kali herself.

You will also notice yourself being happier in life in general, and negative influences will not affect you as much as they did before. This is the Magic of Kali, she will show you she does indeed exist through this practice, and you WILL FEEL her in your life, and you will see things happen around you, this should give you confidence that you are practicing a True Religion, for if it were a false Religion, these things would not occur, and you would receive little or no benefit from practicing them in this manner, however because this IS a True Religion, you will see things happen around you, because you are making an effort to put yourself in harmony with the workings of the Universe, and the Goddess Kali.

But many people choose to meditate in silence instead of Chanting, this is ok too, whatever you feel is most comfortable for YOU, that's what is important. But if you are going to Meditate in Silence you should still THINK "I Love you Kali" in your mind as you Meditate. There is no Time limit on how long you are suppose to Chant, some people only say it three times and they are done for the night. Others will Chant for a couple hours. The more you do chant SINCERELY the more good things will happen in your life. That's how it works.


Mantras are used in many different Religions, some are Poems others are stories of events, or excerpts from Scriptures, and most are written in Languages that you cannot understand. In This Religion we use Mantras you CAN understand, the function of OUR Mantras are to organize your thought patterns and emotions to work similar to that of positive affirmations, and when you recite the Mantras everyday or every night, night after night, or day after day, soon the affirmations will become embedded into your subconscious where it will help you achieve your goals. You may also Create your own Mantras, to enhance the Passion and personal relationship with the Goddess Kali. The following are Mantras written for you to use until you create your own, or if you like them, you may continue to use them. These Mantras have been carefully prepared to guide you through the correct Emotional and Physical states of mind to enhance you Spiritual Growth, and maintain a healthy Psychological state of mind as well.

I strongly suggest you try using this Mantra for a couple times before trying to create your own, so you can better understand how a Mantra works in your life.

The New Religion of KALI Mantra

Oh great Goddess KALI, I call out to thee, You KALI in the Image of the Very Beautiful Woman, the Most Beautiful Woman of this Earth, Goddess of the Universe, Mother of Nature, and of Life itself, Goddess of Sex, Sexuality, and Feminism, Supreme Seductress, Ruler of all Dominas, Lover of those who Love Life, Goddess of Love and Compassion, Bestower of Peace and Happiness, Possessor of all the Arts, Goddess whose Mercy is without Limit, Goddess of the Dark and of the Light, Destroyer of Evil, Thou Who Art Ever Youthful, Lover of the Lotus Flower, Delighted to be Seated within the Lotus, Abiding in the Center of the Lotus, Pleased and Intoxicated by the Scent of the Lotus, Destroying all Our Fears, You Kali, Who Lives in the Place of Sexual Desire, Oh Kali the Beautiful One, Beauty is Thy Ornament, Adorable Image of all Tenderness, Delicate and Tender-Bodied, Slender of Waist, Pleased with the Nectar of Purified Wine, Giver of Success to those Who Enjoy that Wine, Deity of those Who Worship with Wine, Glad to be Worshiped with purified Wine, Protecting those who perform Rituals with Wine, Joyous One, Destroyer of all Evil Thoughts, Destroyer of the Fear of Death, You Kali, Great Protector of the weak, Divine Lover of us all, Kali may thou be honored by Sacrifices, and Protect those who offer Sacrifices, Oh Great Goddess Kali, hear me as I call out to thee,

Thank you for the Beautiful life you have given me thus far,
Thank you for: The Learning experiences, the Love, the Music, the Arts, the Science, the Beauty of Nature which surrounds us,

Thank you for all the Abilities which I possess: Sight, Hearing, Speaking, the Touch of a gentle hand, the Smell of the Flowers, the taste of Sweet Fruit, the ability to enjoy the Sunset over the Ocean, and the view from a Mountain Top, to smell the fresh Mountain Air, or enjoy the beautiful Touch of Love from another person, just to be able to run down the Beach in the morning fresh air, or enjoy the company of an animal in the afternoon, all of these are such great blessings, to be able to do even one of them, is a gift of a life time, to be able to do more than one is definitely a blessing, to be able to do all of them is an utter miracle of life which I am thankful for.

Thank you for protecting me; there are so many Diseases running wild around the world today, so many different forms of sickness, there is a disease for every organ and every Muscle and piece of Tissue of the Body, there are many different kinds of Cancers, and Viruses, and so many ways for us to become ill and die, so as I live another day, I am protected by you, and I live for you, in Gratitude for your Protection from all the Diseases of the world which I could easily become afflicted with at any moment. Thank you KALI so much for your protection against illness, and I await your call for my body as your Sacrifice, at which time I shall willingly offer it in deep gratitude for your blessings and protection over the years of my life.

I Thank you for the Environment in which I live, though it may not be much, I am grateful to you, for there are many who have less than I do. And I realize that each place has special benefits which you offer us, and I am thankful for these blessings.

I Thank you Kali for allowing me to be born in this time, where I may enjoy the benefits of all the Modern Inventions of the people who came before me, and if ever there come a day when I should awake to find that all their work has been destroyed, I shall give thanks for having known what it was like to live in this time, and I shall do my best to rebuild everything.

Thank you Kali for all the Love I have experienced in this life time, from the people who first felt a moment of passion and love strong enough to Create me, to the person who cared for me in the beginning, and in my teens as well, to any Love which I have and will experience in the future, for this I thank you KALI with all my heart.

Thank you Kali for the Complexity of life, which makes living here so beautiful and endlessly interesting, to the point where we can spend our entire life time studying any one Subject and we can follow that subject until we have learned all there is to know about it, and then we can continue to discover and improvise on it infinitely, thank you Kali for this blessing which keeps life interesting.

Thank you Kali for all the different Races and Cultures in the Universe which allows us the ability to experience new and exciting people and learn about different view points about life, love, and ways to pursue happiness. Thank you Kali for allowing the people of different Races to be Sexually attracted to each other, and allowing us to experience the rush of excitement which comes from having Sex with another Race, I thank you Kali for allowing me to be born in this time where travel around the world is easy enough that it makes it easier for all the people of the world to love each other, and we can enjoy everything that each Culture has to offer.

I thank you Kali for the little things too, like my favorite beverages, and my favorite snacks.

Thank you Kali for the Music which stirs our passions in our hearts, and makes us feel good, and thank you for allowing me to be born in this time when Musical instruments and equipment is more advanced and can produce much better sounds, Thank you so much Kali, and Thank you Kali for allowing me the ability to play Music.

Thank you Kali for the Dancers who feel the rhythm of the music in them and move to the beat to Entertain and Excite us. And thank you Kali for allowing me the Ability to Dance.

Now oh great Goddess Kali may you soothe the raging fires of Torment within my Body and Soul, and bring me peace within my Mind, Body and Spirit, and let those around me feel peace as well, let us find more reasons to Make Love with each other, then we may find reasons to Hate one another. Oh Great Goddess Kali Please Fill our hearts with Compassion, and Love like we have never experienced with each other before. Let the Meaning of Love become clear to all the world around us as we show them through these experiences. Oh Great Goddess Kali, may you cast down your Magic upon me and bless me, let me feel an overwhelming happiness, to feel this Magic change my Mind, Body, and Spirit to a state of Happiness SO strong, it can over power ANY outside negative influences, and let me experience Total Bliss.

If there come a time, I find myself feeling Angry and Upset toward someone, May you possess my Mind, and remind me to feel Compassion toward them.

If there come a time, I find myself feeling Lonely, may you possess my Mind and lead me to someone who needs Love too.

If there come a time, I find myself overwhelmed by the challenges of life, May you possess my Mind, and remind me that life is a Learning experience.

If there come a time, I find myself in total despair, ready to give it all up, May you possess my Mind and show me all your Blessings in life.

If there come a time, where someone wrongs me, May you possess my mind and give me the Compassion to allow them another chance.

If there come a time, where someone steals from me, May you possess my Mind, and allow me the Compassion to offer them the item as a gift.

If there come a time, when I find my Love has left me for another, May you give me the Strength to rejoice for their happiness, and then Lead me to mine.

If there come a time, when the line between Good and Bad becomes unclear, May you possess my Mind, and show me the most Compassionate choice.

If there come a time, when it becomes difficult to Learn and Grow, May you possess my Mind and Teach me to Learn more. If there come a time, when I face Danger, May you possess my Mind, Body and Spirit, and make me Brave. If there come a time, when I feel Fear, May you Possess my Mind, and Give me Strength to overcome all fear, and succeed. If there come a time, when someone I Love Dies, May you possess My Mind, Body, and Soul, and help to ease my pain from the loss, and may you cherish my loved ones as much as I do. If there come a time, when through my Compassion, someone attacks me, May my Mind, Body, and Soul be YOURS, as you use it to display your Wrath upon them. Oh Great Goddess Kali, please Forgive Me for the mistakes I have made, and Allow Me to Forgive Myself and to Forgive Others.

I hereby Dedicate my Life to the Supreme Goddess Kali,
(The Goddess Performing the Ritual Offers the Body of the Sacrifice and refers to the Body she is Offering, the Sacrifice Reads this as offering their OWN Body as a Gift of Sacrifice.)

For you KALI,
I offer this Body as a Gift of Sacrifice,
Let no one prevent me from making this offering,
Let this offering display my Love to thee,

Let the Spirits from all ten directions gather in delight,
May they witness this offering, as it travels to the Light,
I Pray that you will accept this offering,
May this be a worthy Fruit for thee,
I Pray, may you be excited to take This Life,
Each day you permit me to live, I will live for You,
Each day that I live I prepare my body for you,
Each Fruit that I eat, is to make me healthy for you,
Each thing that I do, I do for you,
May you use my body, and possess my soul,
May you Drink this Blood,May you eat this Flesh,
May this excite you,

Let the Beautiful Women of the world represent you here on earth,
May you possess them during Sex,
May they guide us to a Sexual experience with you,
May you join us during Sex, and enhance the experience,
As we engage in Sex, we worship you,

Let the Dominas Enjoy delivering the wrath upon the Sacrifice,
May your magical powers stimulate each Submissive to the highest high,
and make them enjoy their surrender to you,
Let all witnesses to this Ritual become Sexually Aroused with Passion,
Through this we worship you KALI,

As we live each day to serve you,
May we feel the Beauty in Life,
May we think on the bright side,
May we enjoy the light of the Sun,
May those obscured with evil thoughts be healed,
May those with ailing bodies be brought good health,
May those who try to harm us Learn of your Wrath,
May you protect us, to save us, so we may serve you.

Oh great Goddess Kali, hear me call out to thee,
I pray that you will save the people of this world from their own ignorance,
and expound the Truth,
By the Power you bestow upon me,
Let this three fold world be all my Domain,
the living beings in it, all my children,
Oh Great Goddess Kali,
May you bestow on to me your Magic and help me Heal the minds of the people of this world,
and Let me show the World the Beauty of your existence,

Oh Great Goddess Kali,
I pray to thee,
Empower me, to over come all Obstacles,
Empower me, to know No limits,
Empower me, to Change Anything I wish,
Empower me, to Embrace, and Accept Change,
Empower me, to be In Control of my Life,
Empower me, to Feel Love in its Entirety,
Empower me, to be able to Love Myself,
Empower me, to be Healthy,
Empower me, to be one of the Wisest in the World,
Empower me, to be Prosperous in Life,
Empower me to be Beautiful,
Empower me, to be Strong in Body and of Will,
Empower me, to See in to the Minds of others,
Empower me, to See into the Future,
Empower me, to be Loved by All,
Empower me, to be Understood by All,
Empower me, to be Accepted by All,
Empower me, to Spread Happiness,
Empower me, to Reveal the Truth,
Empower me, to Bring Peace to the World,
Empower me, to Enjoy the Fruits of this Earth,

(Again here the Goddess Offers the Body and Soul of the Sacrifice, and the Sacrifice offers and commits their OWN Body and Soul to Kali.) And in Gratitude for this I shall offer you This Body and Soul,as my Gift to you, a Gift of Sacrifice, which you may take as you will,

Oh Great Goddess Kali, Empower me,
Oh Great Goddess Kali, Empower me,
Oh Great Goddess Kali, Empower me,

I Love you Kali,
I Love you Kali,
I Love you Kali,

(Now Pray Silently thinking the following as you pray)

Oh Great Goddess Kali,
I offer you my sincere Gratitude for all the Beautiful things I have experienced in life thus far,and all the Immeasurable Benefits I have received.

(During this time Think of all the Most Beautiful Things that have ever happened to you, how precious those moments were to you and how Thankful you are to have experienced them.)

(Now say the following out loud):
I Love you Kali,
I Love you Kali,
I Love you Kali,

(Pray Silently)

Oh Great Goddess Kali,
I offer you my sincere Deep Gratitude for your Protection from the negative elements of life.

(Now say the following out loud):
I Love you Kali,
I Love you Kali,
I Love you Kali,

(Pray Silently)

Oh Great Goddess Kali,
I Sincerely Pray for the Awakening of the Intelligence of all people,
for the Blossoming of Inter-Racial Love throughout the Universe,
for Compassion and Understanding to fill the Hearts of all people,
I Pray for the Success of the Human Revolution,
and for Ever Lasting World Peace.

(Now say the following out loud):
I Love you Kali,
I Love you Kali,
I Love you Kali,

(Now Pray Silently)

I Pray for my deceased relatives and for all those who have passed away,

(Now think of the names of each person as you ring the bell slowly for each one and offer any prayers you may have for them)

(After you have thought of all the names of your deceased relatives and friends, pray the following silently):
Think These Prayers Silently also:
"I pray for all the Goddesses of Past Present and Future who have Served you,
and offered the Sacrifices in the Rituals,
and Answered their Greatest Prayers,
Granted Their Deepest Wishes,
and Fulfilled the most Sincere Desires of the Sacrifice in Honoring you,
the Great Goddess Kali.
May they all be eternally Blessed and Protected by you."

(Then Pray Silently as Follows)

I Pray that you're all At Peace,
in a place where the only pain you feel,is the kind that's enjoyable,
Filled with Happiness, and Surrounded by Beauty,in every aspect of the word.

(Now say out loud):I Love you Kali,I Love you Kali,I Love you Kali,

(Now Pray Silently)

Oh Great Goddess Kali,
Lastly I Pray for your Impartial Benefits to spread throughout the world, and bring Peace and Happiness to All People and the Entire Universe.

(Ring the bell seven times)

(Now say out loud slowly)

I- Love - You- Kali,I- Love - You- Kali,I- Love - You - Kali,

(Conclude the Mantra with a Silent Prayer:
"Let no one Prevent us from making this Offering,
Let this Offering Display our Love to Thee,
May you Accept this Offering, and give us the Strength to deliver it on to you Great Goddess Kali."

Then Bow and Silently Think "I Love you Kali- I Love you Kali-I Love you Kali"

(This will Conclude the Mantra Recital)

Creating your own Mantra

You can create your own Mantras but first you should understand what you want to accomplish with the Mantras. A Mantra is something you say every day or every night, or some really devoted people recite a Mantra both Morning AND evening. If your going to recite something THAT often, you should design it to help you the more you say it, such as an affirmation might. Also you want to Organize your thoughts, and pay close attention to the ORDER of the emotions of each part of your Mantra to make sure you can set yourself up to feel Passionate about the right things at the right times and in the right order. And include some affirmations in your Mantra, that might help you over come a particular problem, if your having problems in a particular area of your Life. Always state your affirmations in Positive rather than the Negative, for example you want this to happen, NOT- I don't want this to happen. This is more desirable but its not an absolute rule. What you feel will help you the most is what is really best. I f you are one who is more motivated by Fear than by Goals you might find yourself always thinking about what you DON'T want to happen, instead of what you really WANT to happen. If you are one of these types of people, it might actually help you to state your Mantras in the Negative instead of the Positive. Only each individual can determine what will work best for themselves. I can only give you some suggestions and examples of what I THINK might work. There are many different kinds of Religious Mantras around the World, and each has proven to have some benefit in helping people. What makes a Mantra WORK, is not necessarily the words you use, but rather how you FEEL about those Words. Because it is the PASSION that will make things happen for you. So it doesn't matter what you recite, as long as you are Passionate about the meaning of the Words. This is what will make you feel better about doing it. Some people such as people in Witchcraft for example like to feel more passionate about words if they Rhyme.

Or are Poetic. Others are more Passionate about Stories such as Shakespeare. It doesn't matter really as long as the Message is Positive, and not Negative, because Reciting Negative things such as the Messages in Gangsta Rap songs for example, only influence people to Kill other people for stupid reasons, and propagate hatred and contempt. You want your Words to Mean Love and Compassion and Understanding when you write your Mantras, so that the results will be something Positive, not Negative.

Creating your own Mantra will make you feel more Passionate about what your doing, and if you feel more passionate about it, it might work better for you, and produce the results you desire.

Object of Worship

The Object of Worship in this Religion is the Image of the most beautiful Woman in the world, this can be a Picture, or it can be a real Woman, because Kali chose the Beautiful Women of the world to be the Physical Entities of the Supreme Goddess Kali. (Although I am very fond of the Statues of Kali as decorations, I just think a Picture or a real Woman will stir your passion much more than a Statue can.) When you use a picture of a Very Beautiful Woman to chant to, think of connecting with the Powers of the Universe, and Kali herself, this will set you in the correct mind set for praying to the Goddess Kali. Women are the chosen Physical entities of the Goddess Kali.

Proof of this, is the way in which Women have an Intuition and Maternal Instincts, as well as feelings of "just knowing" these are all Goddess like abilities which Kali bestowed upon the Women of the world to show the world she does indeed exist. And Kali also demonstrates Women as her envoys in the way that Women behave they Act more Goddess like than Men, and are not naturally Violent as Men are, Females also bring forth life onto this earth in almost all species of life, and Women are the ones who generally think about reproducing, Men usually engage in Sex for enjoyment, and they rarely give any thought to having children until after the fact. So in this Religion you may kneel in front of a Woman who stirs your passion and Seduces you, Even if you are a Woman yourself, we encourage you to open up your mind and your heart to feel passionate about another Woman, or if you already have a boyfriend, you may act as the Goddess and allow your boyfriend to kneel in front of you. Even if you are a Woman who does not have a personal relationship with the man you allow to Pray to you, this is very honorable.

When a Woman stands in front of someone who kneels and prays to her, the Goddess Kali will possess her body and mind, and the same holds true for a Domina who acts as the Goddess in a Symbolic Ritual of Human Sacrifice. This is how Women most often show their Devotion to the Goddess Kali, where as men are the ones who are the Sacrifices more often, however, there are no set RULES for this, a Woman may be a Sacrifice is she wishes, and allow a man to Dominate her, or she may allow another Woman to Dominate her if she wishes, and she may show her devotion to the Goddess Kali in this manner as well, which ever way feels most comfortable for YOU, that's what counts.

If you happen to be single, and you do not know of a beautiful woman who will allow you to pray to her, you may select a picture of the most beautiful woman YOU think is the Most Beautiful Woman in the whole world. And use that as your object of worship, enshrine it, and set up your Altar as described before. Some people might wonder why we don't worship Statues or Paintings of the Goddess Kali, the reason is, Kali wants us to feel Passion for her when we Pray to her, the best way for us to stir our passion for the Goddess Kali is by Praying to a Real Woman, or a Picture, which will excite you much more than a Painting or a Statue of the Goddess Kali. When you Pray to a Real Woman however, it should be made clear that you are also praying to the Woman as an Individual, say HER name out loud and tell Her you Love HER, then through her, you Pray to the Goddess Kali, a Real Woman is much more Scared than a Picture, and should be treated with much more Royalty than a Picture, and if the Sacrifice recites anything before the Ceremony it should be directed to The Goddess who Performs the Ceremony, And SHE will Pray for the Goddess Kali to Possess her Mind, Body, and Soul.

The reason that we Pray to a Real Woman, and then allow Her to Pray to Kali for us, is although the Real Woman IS our object of Worship, SHE must be the one to Invite Kali's Spirit into herself, BEFORE you can directly address the Real Woman as the Goddess Kali directly. And in some situations it is more appropriate for the Sacrifice to Worship the Goddess who will perform the ceremony INSTEAD of the Goddess Kali. Because this will intensify the emotions for both the Sacrifice and the Goddess performing the Ceremony, when the communication is kept between them. Then the Goddess Performing the Ceremony, may say a Prayer out loud to the Goddess Kali and ask that she accept this Sacrifice (even though it may be Symbolic) then in that case, the Goddess who's performing the ceremony acts as a Medium for everyone witnessing the Sacrifice. The Primary Function of the Object of Worship is to Produce PASSION for the Rituals or Prayers for Kali. Because it is the PASSION that actually creates the Magic from Kali, or makes Kali want to Bless you.

Because Kali can FEEL your Passion. She can Measure it, so the more you put into the Prayers and the Rituals, the more she can FEEL, hence the more she will Bless you with good shit happening in your life. So the reason why We use Pictures or a Real woman is because a person can feel much more passionate about a Picture or a Real Woman, than they can about a Statue. And it is the Passion that is important really. I use the Old Style Pictures of Kali as Good Luck Charms, I hang them on my Walls, I Put them under my Bed, I Put them inside my Luggage when I Travel, because we are still Praying to the Same Kali, but we want to create more Passion for her when we Pray, so we use different Techniques for creating this Passion, because that is what is most important is creating the Passion for the Rituals.

Some Women get upset when we talk about "Objectifying" a Woman. This is ridiculous. We are turning Women in to "Objects" that we Revere even Higher than our own LIFE! That is not an act of disrespect; it is an act of Honor, and great Respect. The only people who would get upset about what we do is those who Lack UNDERSTANDING. Which is an essential element of this Practice. Those who surround themselves with Hatred and Contempt only know Hatred and Contempt. Those who strive to Understand, and use Compassion, will attain Enlightenment.

Types of Altars

There are a few common types of Alters that we use in this Religion, one type as described before is the Buttsudon, where you enshrine your Picture inside a very beautiful box and you may add a light inside the box if you wish, and sit a small table in front of it. That is the most common type of Altar, however when you are conducting a Ritual of Sacrifice, the Altar can be a Bed, or a Table, or even a Cement floor as if you are going to chain the Sacrifice down on the floor inside a Death Star for example. Sometimes people make very nice marble or cement Altars to chain their Sacrifices down on, it enhances their experience. Sometimes in camp outs and hiking trips, the Beach and the Ocean can serve as an Altar, also a Mountain top can serve as and Altar, or anything which inspires your passion for the Goddess Kali.

Candles & Incense

Candles are almost a MUST in any praying and its no different in this Religion, Candles represents the element of FIRE, which is a very important element in the Spiritual realm, the Incense represent the element of Air, different kinds of incense are used for different things, Vanilla is used for Love, and there are dozens of different other Scents you can buy for different effects, however whether the Incense actually have an effect on the out come of your Prayers or Spells, depends purely on your Faith in such things. Otherwise its just sweet smelling Smoke, which actually could be a health hazard. But most people don't even worry about Incense Smoke, But there is a small risk of forming Blood Clots in the Lungs from long term exposure to repeated sessions with Incense Smoke. Smoke is not good for the Lungs in any form. However even though I know they aren't good for the Lungs I still feel the need to use them, it enhances my Praying experience so much I don't care. Just make sure you have enough ventilation and place the incense far away from anything that is Burnable. Also one word of Warning, many Dungeons and BDSM Temples are now equipping their Places with Oxygen Tanks. Make sure you have the Incense and Candles very far away from any Oxygen Tanks because they could explode or catch fire.

Juzu Beads

Juzu Beads are originally a Buddhists tools, used to help you focus your thoughts during Prayer, and using Juzu Beads makes you feel like they are something special, almost Magical in making a connection with the Spiritual Realm. Juzu Beads have been said to store the power of your Prayers and they will protect you when you carry them in your Purse or Pocket, it is suppose to protect you against bad things. But you don't have to carry or even use the Juzu Beads if you don't want to, but for me it gives me a little bit of a feeling of connection with the Spiritual world. The Catholics stole the idea of the Juzu Beads to create the Rosary for the same purpose as the Juzu Beads, the Juzu Beads are over 2000 years old, but their purpose is useful which is why they are worth keeping around.

The Bell

The Bell is usually brass and is as big as you can afford. The way you ring it is Slowly for each strike, the rhythm is a Slow paced rhythm with much thought in between each ring. The reason you ring the Bell this way is to increase the Spiritual Effect of ringing the Bell. The Bell is used to notify the Spirit world of the different parts of your Prayers. Some people drag the stick around the edge of the Bell around and around until the Bell starts to "Sing" from the resonance. If this is what helps you, then you can use this method to ring the Bell.

The Knife

The Knife is a Symbol of your Sincere Dedication to the Goddess Kali, the Knife is a Symbol of your willingness to Die for the Goddess Kali. While this might sound a little strange to some people, it is the only way you can truly show your Deep Dedication. In other words if you're willing to Die for the Goddess Kali, there is no doubt you are sincerely dedicated to her, however if you are holding back, unwilling to devote your whole mind body and soul to the Goddess Kali, and if you think it is unnecessary to be willing to Die for the Goddess Kali, then you are most definitely not giving her your all as far as your Faith, and you will not receive as much of a positive effect from your Prayers. Another example to explain further, if you Love someone there would be no question you would give your Life for them. But if you are not sure of your love, then you most definitely will not give your Life for them. In other words, the ultimate expression of Devotion is your willingness to Die for what you are devoted to. If you sincerely dedicate your life to the Goddess Kali, then you would be willing to Die for her. This is the symbolism behind the Knife.

You buy the Knife with the attitude that THIS is the Knife that you will be killed with. This is your very special Knife, it should not be your average Steak Knife, or a dime store Jack Knife. Most people buy the most expensive Knife they can afford, I spent $100.00 on My Knife, but I have seen a couple other girls who spent $300.00 on their knives. You should spend time polishing and sharpening your Knife, FEEL it, LOVE it, you can make a special box to store it in, some people make a framed box with a light and a glass cover to display the Knife as it hangs inside the box on the wall. What ever you do make sure you store your Knife in a place of Dignity not under the bed or stuffed in a drawer among a bunch of other junk. Do not act ashamed of your Knife and it's meaning, everything you do in regards to your Knife will have an affect on your Prayers. If your actions regarding the Symbol of your Dedication to the Goddess Kali is weak, or shameful, your whole life will be weak and shameful in proportion to how you treat the Symbol of your Dedication to the Goddess Kali.

This is why it is very important you care for your Knife like a Loved one. And Display it with pride when you show it to anyone. During a Ritual of Sacrifice the Knife is a Key element in the Ritual of Sacrifice, because just as the Knife Symbolizes the Sacrifices willingness to Die for the Goddess Kali, in the Ritual of Human Sacrifice the one who Holds the Knife is the Goddess who conducts the Ritual. In this respect the Knife also represents HER willingness to Kill the Sacrifice in the name of Love and Devotion for the Goddess Kali. So being that the Knife holds such a strong Symbol of Love and Devotion between the Sacrifice AND the Goddess, the Knife is also used as a Symbol of Love in this Religion just like a Wedding Ring is used in other Religions. So two people who Love each other might go shopping together for a very Special Ritual Knife for the Goddess to use in the Rituals.

A Goddess with Sincere faith should be very excited about shopping for a Knife, it is like saying the Sacrifice is devoting it's Life to you, when the Sacrifice buys you a Knife. It is the Greatest Symbol of Love and Devotion there is, because there is no Divorce once you kill the Sacrifice, it's dead.

Using Your Favorite Beverage

In most Rituals they use Wine as the beverage to enhance the Spiritual Ceremony, except in some Religions where they use Water or Holy Water. In Buddhism they offer a small Cup of Water to the Spirits and on New years and other special events they offer food both Cooked meals as well as special Snacks and Rice Cakes, and Rice Wine. In Witchcraft they most commonly use Wine as the Beverage to honor the Spirits with, and Christians use Wine in their Ceremonies to represent the Blood of Christ. Each of these examples is a little different in their meaning, and their usage of Wine or other beverages, but my main point is that it is a good practice and somewhat an instinctive practice to use Wine or other beverages in Spiritual Practice. I myself have experienced the effects of using Wine in my Practice with Witchcraft, and I found it Phenomenally beneficial to enhancing the mood as well as increasing the overall feeling of spiritually connecting with the powers that be.

In other words, when I used to practice Witchcraft I used to respectfully get wasted on Wine and Pray at the same time, and the experience was great! The results I experienced the next day were incredible! But I have also conducted Rituals using Coffee, Pepsi, and Snapple, and the effects proved just as beneficial as when I used wine, so I think it is important that you offer a Beverage which is most important to YOU, because it will stimulate your passion for that particular aspect of the Ritual, which in turn will increase your overall Faith in the Ceremony itself and you will actually experience greater results in your life due to your sincere faith. It sounds a little complicated at times, but EVERYTHING you do in this Religion affect your overall Faith, so use things YOU KNOW will enhance your Faith, and you will in turn Enhance your Spiritual Benefits in your daily life, or your Blessings. Some people can't handle all of this Freedom, so for those who can't make up their minds, just use Wine or a good tasting Wine Cooler.

One other important aspect of offering your favorite beverage is the Glass that you use to offer the beverage, should not be just anything out of the Kitchen, you should use a Glass which you purchased especially for the Rituals, and you don't use it for anything else. This Glass should be the most elegant Glass you can afford, so that when you offer a beverage in it, it looks like something a Goddess would drink from. However if you cannot afford a special Glass for the Ceremony, you should take special care in cleaning and drying the Glass so its spotless. This feeling of Elegance is very important in enhancing the how you feel when you offer the beverage to the Goddess Kali.

Music and its uses and effects

Music and Dance is the Key to Happiness. Music can stimulate your emotions and enhance your moods, and different style Music can produce different Spiritual Moods as well, for example Music from India has a very Spiritual Feeling to it, but then so does some types of Japanese String Music, I like to use Soft Mellow yet Moving Music like Enya when I first begin a Ritual, then as things Start to get really going with the BDSM I like to Move up into High Energy Dance Music, some people might prefer Rock-n-Roll for those parts, to each there own, but each kind of Music has a different feeling. So select Music that you know will make you feel very special and enhance your passion for the Goddess Kali. Some people like to use High Energy Dance Music in their Rituals, Some people use Love Songs, some people use Rock and Roll, Some Classical, some use Japanese String Music or Drum Music, Some use African Drum Music, or Congo Music, Some like Spanish Music, or American Indian Music, you can use what ever kind of Music that sets the mood right for you, and enhances the overall effect of your Ceremonies.

Another important thing to consider in your daily life as well as when you use Music in your Spiritual Rituals, is the MESSAGE in the Music. Instrumentals are not a problem, however Music with negative messages have a tendency to influence the way people THINK, and where the mind leads the body follows, therefore listening to Music that has a negative message would make you think negative thoughts which could influence your actions either Consciously or Subliminally, and affect your life negatively. And in the same way selecting Music with Positive messages can also enhance your thoughts and actions to improve your life. Now many people would consider this some sort of Censorship, but if what I have stated above is true, then selecting the BEST Music for your life is no different than selecting the Best Food to keep you healthy, and EVERYTHING in life MATTERS, and you have the power to enhance your life through selecting the Best Music, you can use this technique to improve your life, or ignore it and be negatively affected, the choice is solely up to you.

What I am trying to say is if for example you try to use Gangsta Rap music for your Ritual, that has negative messages in it and is talking about how B-A-D they are, how they want to shoot everyone, this is not going to be too romantic. And no matter how you act like you don't care about what they are singing about, it is going to feel like it just doesn't fit. And even if you are not listening to the Lyrics (That's what you call the words of the Songs for all you dumb shits who listen to gangsta rap and say the words don't matter) your Sub conscious mind WILL listen to the Words of the Songs and imprint negative thinking patterns in your mind. It is not Theory, it is FACT in the Science of Psychology. And most people who study Psychology know this.

This is why the little Girls who listened to Madonna, dressed like Madonna, then little boys who listened to the Yo MTV Gangsta Music (Like my Nephew) Dressed up like YO MTV Gangstas, bought guns and went looking to shoot someone, and went to jail, just like the YO MTV Gangstas were singing about. So the proof is in simple observation. Long ago they said "The Pied Piper leads the Little Lambs to Slaughter" and they wrote that many many years ago. Things have not changed all that much since then. In Psychology they say "where the Mind leads the body soon follows." "We become what we think about most." These are kind of unwritten Laws in Psychology, and everyone who studies Psychology knows this. The only ones, who don't want to accept it, are those who don't study anything at all, and THINK they still know everything.

I recommend using High Energy Dance music, Trance Music, and Euro-pop, Indie, Industrial, House, Pop, these kinds of Music usually talk about Love and Romance and actually cater to people who practice BDSM. So if you are looking for the right music for a Ritual, try looking in those directions.

Lighting Effects

Light is what we as Humans actually see, without light we cannot see anything. There are some people who believe that life is an illusion and everything we see is only Light, which means we have the Power to change this illusion we live in to anything we want it to be. We can change the Lighting around to enhance the mood of the Ceremony, Candles, and Fire from a Fire place or using a certain number of Candles will change exactly how much Light you want, or the color of the Walls and how much Light the Walls reflect will also have an affect on how the lighting will look, if you like to use lots of Candles you might want to cover the Walls with Black Curtains, such as Black Velvet Curtains, to absorb some of the Light from the Candles, if you don't want to use too many Candles you can paint your Walls High Gloss White which will reflect the Light more.

When I used to work midnights, I painted my Walls in my Bedroom midnight blue, to make it easy on my eyes when I was sleeping during the day, it also looked nice when lit up with Candles, I had a Blue crushed Velvet Bedspread, and the room was surrounded with highly polished Brass Figures, Candle Sticks, and Statues which really made everything else look good. The reason I am telling you this is so you can get a good understanding of how in one particular situation I used Light to play with my eyes to enhance the mood, as well as being more functional for getting a good sleep. You can use different colored lights to set different kinds of moods also, just remember the color of the Walls are going to act like the Volume control for any Lighting you use, White Walls is like full blast, and Black walls is like minimum. Some people use Red Lights, Some use Blue Lights, some use Blue or Red Flashing Lights some people use Yellow flashing Construction Lights, Some people use Strobe Lights, Some use purple or red Neon Lights to decorate their Room. Some people use only the Light of the Moon to enhance their Rituals. The point is that Lighting can enhance how you feel, and help to set the mood, so when you are planning a special Ceremony, always put a lot of thought into the Lighting.

I usually will cover the Walls with Black or Blue Velvet; this allows me to completely control the Lighting effects because the Black Velvet will soak up all the Light. This allows me to have lots of Candles in the Room and still keep the lighting kind of low. I like HUNDREDS of Candles in my Rituals for lighting. I don't usually light the place up like a Disco, but I know some people do. The areas I want to illuminate I light up by using Gold Foil Wrapping Paper. Or I will paint with Gold Paint. It accents very nicely with Candlelight. I use a Panic Strobe connected to a doorbell switch that I hold in my hand, you can also wire one up to the output of a Car alarm then just use the car alarm switch the same way.

This allows me to press the Button when I am freaking out and the Domina is whipping the shit out of me. This is NOT a signal for her to stop though; it is only so she can ENJOY the fact that she knows I am freaking out.

She makes me THINK that it is a Panic Button that will somehow serve a purpose, but the only real Purpose it serves is to Excite her and the Witnesses by letting them know when the Goddess has got me really freaking out. They kinda like that little extra excitement once in a while when they see the Red Strobes start flashing. Sometimes she will look to see when I STOP pressing the Button, so she can whip me harder until I press the button again. That's usually how things work. :)

You can also do other Lighting tricks like hook a Light bulb up to one side of the sacrifice by pushing contact pins into the skin, then on the other side of the body connect the power and watch the Sacrifice jump as you see the Light bulb light up. Don't forget to connect a Common Ground wire between the two Points to make the right Connection. That's a good show trick too. A Jacobs Ladder would create a Frankenstein effect for your Dungeon. They also have plenty of those Lightening Bolt Lamps now a days too. There are Lights that you can connect to a Stereo, that will pulsate to the beat. You can connect these same kind of Lights up to your Tens Unit, or just use a 200 Watt Stereo Output and wire it in Series with two Wires to touch the Sacrifice with, then you can visually SEE the Current Pulsating as it Zaps the Sacrifice. That's kinda cool too.

Special Effects

There are many other things you can use to enhance your Rituals, for example Fog can be produced by placing Dry Ice into a Pot of Boiling Hot Water which could sit on Hot Plates around the room. Or Strobe Lights, or Air Conditioning, or Electric Water Fountains for the Sound of a Bubbling Brook, or Electric Sound effects, or an Electric Lightening Bolt Generator, or a Jacob's Latter, or any other optical or audio special effects. These are just a few ideas to help you enhance your experience.

Making Offerings

Many Religions make Offerings, it is an instinctive practice, and it is very beneficial to offer food or drinks to the Goddess Kali. But some may be a bit confused about offering things to the Goddess Kali, because she doesn't really drink or eat any of the food, so why do we offer it? We make Offerings and in some cases Sacrifices to the Goddess Kali as a symbolic display of our Dedication, or Devotion. In other words we do not expect her to eat or drink the Offerings, or literally take the Sacrifices right off the face of the Earth, but rather we offer these things to the Goddess Kali as a Very Very Sincere Symbolic Gesture, kind of like a Kiss is a sincere Gesture when you give someone a Kiss, your not actually giving them anything except a Gesture of your Love, the same holds true for an Offering, either in the way of food or drink, or the same holds true for an Offering of Sacrifice. But a Sacrifice is a much Greater Gesture than offering food.

To Explain further, in War Soldiers Sacrifice their Lives and Die for the Love of their Country, and the Kill others in Mass Rages of Hate. During these times, sometimes a Prisoner of War in the Past was Killed in front of the rest of the Prisoners to Scare them into conforming. This is a Gesture of the Negative kind. A Negative Human Sacrifice surrounded by Hatred, Fear, Guilt, and Contempt. The opposite of this would be a Human Sacrifice who willingly offers their Body to be sacrificed to Honor the Goddess Kali. In THIS situation the Sacrifice would be WILLING to Die, and Surrounded by Love and Compassion, and Possibly followers who WANT to see the Sacrifice, and are filled with Love and Gratitude and the ACT of the Sacrifice Strengthens everyone's Faith who witnesses the Sacrifice, because to SEE someone give their Life to demonstrate their Faith and Love for the Goddess Kali, as well as the Goddess who Sacrifices them, this would fill the Followers hearts with a very Strong sense of Faith, and Give them Hope for the future.

This would be a Gesture a Human Sacrifice of the Positive kind.
Some States have the Death penalty where people gather in a Room surround the Prisoner with their feelings of Hatred and Contempt and they witness the Death of the Prisoner like has been done since the beginning of Civilization. This is a Human Sacrifice of the Negative Kind.

In some cases of Terminally ill people, the Family members have killed their Own relatives, out of Love and Compassion for them, because they were suffering so much, these Patients did not die alone, they died surrounded by the Love and Compassion of their family members. And in Most cases these Patients were willing to be Killed. This is a Human Sacrifice of the Positive Kind. And should be Legalized.

It seems the only kind of Human Sacrifice which Christian Society wants to make Legal is those which go along with their overall Beliefs of Hatred and Contempt of the People. Any Human Sacrifice which is conducted in the Positive, is outlawed by the Christians and Christian Law enforcement, because it threatens their Own Religious beliefs. And they are not willing to allow anyone else true Freedom of Religion, because even though one might THINK they are not Christian, Christians will FORCE them to LIVE like Christians under Christian Laws.

For now we of this Religion will only Conduct Symbolic Human Sacrifices, using Bondage and Domination, until the Laws of the Lands we live in are Changed to Allow Willing Religious Human Sacrifice as a beautiful way for someone to End their Life. Each individual is Responsible for his and her own Actions regarding this matter and everything else discussed in this book. If you choose to Conduct ANY Rituals of Human Sacrifice make sure you only use WILLING Sacrifices.

I understand the Psychology of Sexual Sadism, and I DO believe that Sexual Sadism has great Value and Purpose in Life. So Understanding this, I know that Truly Sexually Sadistic people will desire to Sacrifice someone who is not willing, just because the fact that the person doesn't want to be Sacrificed enhances the Thrill of their Sadistic Emotions. But I also believe that people need to Control their Emotions to a certain extent, and Use their Brain, instead of just following their Emotions. This is one time where the Sexually Sadistic Emotions must be Controlled, and use Intellectual Thought to understand what it right and what is Wrong. And Killing someone or Torturing someone against their Will is Wrong, because it Violates their Basic Human Rights, without their Consent.

I Believe in Freedom of Choice and if you take someone against their Will, this is a Form of Oppression, not Freedom. However if you pass Laws that protect a person's Right to WILLINGLY give their Life in a Religious Human Sacrifice, then you have given them Freedom of Choice, not Oppression.

And I Believe a person has the Right to decide if they want to Die in a Ritual of Human Sacrifice or not. I Believe very Strongly about this because I myself sincerely plan some how some way, to Offer my Life to the Goddess Kali in a Ritual Sacrifice where a Beautiful Woman would kill me with a Knife Stabbed in the exact center of My Chest.

The only exception to this rule would be when you Conduct a Ritual Sacrifice using an Animal which is only Conducted when a Young Goddess is Being Trained to become a Goddess, this is a Special Ceremony where a Goddess is Overcoming her Fear of Killing in Ritual Sacrifice, because it is important that a Goddess is not Afraid to Kill the Sacrifice to maintain the Purity of the Ritual, to maintain the Passion in the Ritual, otherwise when she Conducts a Ritual with a Human everyone would just think she is only ACTING if they knew in her heart she was actually afraid to Kill the Sacrifice. And in that case the whole Ceremony would seem Fake, unrealistic, and pretty much Meaningless. This is why Young Girls who are being Trained to Become Goddesses are allowed to Sacrifice Animals such as Chickens, or Pigs, Cattle, Ducks, Goats.

But whatever she Sacrifices is Then Barbecued and Eaten by everyone at the Ceremony, and the Meat is Cherished as "Holy Flesh" and if the Goddess Sacrifices Pigs, Goats, or Chickens then Everyone must be willing to eat them, otherwise they should not be Sacrificed at all. Most of the time we are Vegetarians, so considering this, we STILL eat far less meat than the rest of the Christian Society. The only difference is the Christian Society kills far more than we do, they Dress it up and change the names of the Flesh so they can forget what they are actually eating, then they devour the flesh and stuff their stomachs with Death all without any Reverence to the Animals they eat. They Eat without any Conscious Thought for the Animal. We in THIS Religion always say a Prayer for the Salvation of every Animal we Eat, we pray to the Animal and Apologize for Killing it, we thank it for dying for us, and for helping to nourish us and give us life, and faith. It is very difficult for some people to remain Vegetarians, so those in this Religion who choose to eat meat, should always remember to pray to the Animal they eat, to Pray for its Salvation and ask that it be born into a Better Life, and give thanks to the Animal because it died so that YOU may live.

Later in time, if we are finally represented in the Government of our Lands, and the Laws change to permit Death by Religious Human Sacrifice, in Rituals where a Human is Sacrificed the Meat of the Sacrifice will also be Barbecued with special Sauces and Spices and Eaten with great Reverence by the Worshipers, as the Rarest of meat, and most precious meat of this earth, the followers will enjoy this meat more than all others. And the worshipers will party and dance in celebration of the Sacrifice's Life, and Offering, and they will offer Prayers for the Sacrifice after it is Killed, before the Sacrifice is Killed they will tell the Sacrifice their Prayers to take to the Goddess Kali with them when the Sacrifice dies, the spirit will join Kali at this time the Spirit of the Sacrifice will tell Kali the Worshiper's special Prayers, in hopes Kali may grant them a Special request for a particular problem in their lives. Then the Worshiper will eat the Flesh of the Sacrifice, and Drink the Blood of the Sacrifice in hopes that it will make a a sincere connection with the Goddess Kali, and to show Her Love and Appreciation for the Sacrifice for Dying for her.

Flowers, Greens, and Fruit are also Offered to the Goddess, but these are Lower forms of Life, and a Live Sacrifice is much more Precious and Valuable, and a Live Human Sacrifice is the most Precious of all. So this is why if you Sacrifice a Live willing Human Sacrifice to Kali, you will receive the Greatest Blessings of all. Because you have in effect offered her the Greatest most Precious Fruit of this Earth.

And if you Eat the Meat of a Human Sacrifice it should be Valued as the most Precious Meat in the Entire World. The Thought of Eating Human Meat repulses many people, but it is a Scientific FACT that these emotions about eating Human Meat are Learned Emotions. In other words if someone were to cook you your favorite Meat Dish, and use Human Meat rather than the Meat you normally use, you would not even know the Difference.

So all these Repulsive thoughts and emotions that some people have about eating meat, is mostly all inside their head. Because the Christians have worked so hard to try to convince people around the World that they should not eat Human Meat, and the Christians talk about Demons and Devils and all these Fairy Tale Monsters to Scare you into believing what they say, but the Truth of the matter is, Human Meat can Nourish the Body just as easily as every other kind of Meat. And to hold Animals of Lower status than Humans as being MORE acceptable to Eat, is ridiculous. Because if Humans ARE actually more Precious than Animals, then the Meat of Humans should be regarded as being more precious as well. And the way I see it is, if I am going to Die, I want to Nourish many Beautiful Women with the Meat of my Body. Because if a Woman eats the Meat of my Body, I will in essence become part of her, and I will be with her always. So the ACT of eating the Meat of MY Body is a Gesture of Love on the Part of the Women who will eat me. In Catholic Rituals they give you a wafer and tell you it is the Body of Christ, as a Symbolic Gesture of the Same type of Love I just got through explaining.

So this is NOT a new Concept, and actually the idea has been around for Centuries.

But what I am doing here, is I am allowing anyone who Wants to be Sacrificed the Religious Freedom to stand up and say that this is YOUR Birthright to be Sacrificed if that is how you want to die. And no one should be able to prevent you from being Sacrificed if that is what you want. THAT would be Freedom. To prevent you from deciding how you want to die, would be Oppression. And Freedom is always Greater than Oppression.

If people are allowed to be Ritually Sacrificed and Killed and eaten by many Beautiful Women as a way for someone to Choose to end their Life. This would be beautiful because first of all it gives people a CHOICE. Which I feel is a Good thing. Being Killed in a Ritual Human Sacrifice the Person would be Surrounded by Love, and Compassion of a dozen Women or more, they would not die alone. This is a beautiful way to go, rather than dying alone some place by yourself where no one cares about you. If you Die in a Ritual of Human Sacrifice it will not be an accident, it will not be a tragedy like a disease that takes you away in agony and despair. In a Ritual of Human Sacrifice everything is carefully planned out, you would have a chance to say goodbye to everyone you Loved, which you don't get in an Accident. At the moment of Death the Sacrifice is brought to Orgasm, so the last moment of their Life is complete Euphoria, instead of Dying in an Old folks home alone, wheezing from respiratory failure messing in your diaper sacred to shit.

In a Ritual of Sacrifice it would be Planned and Designed to give you the Greatest experience of your entire Life before you are killed, and you would feel totally in Love at the Moment of your Death, not afraid, or Lonely, or in agony from some disease. So if you think about all of this Carefully you can begin to understand how Human Sacrifice really is the best way to go. At least in My opinion it is. And I am sincerely hoping that I can find the Woman of my Dreams who can understand all of this and Kill me the way I want to be Killed. That would be True Love to me.


You will want to maintain an image of Dignity in your Religious Practice, even though we do acknowledge the act of Sexual Intercourse as a form of Worship to the Goddess Kali, and many people do Pray to the Goddess while nude, and this is not disrespectful in anyway, but we should make sure that we do not shock our room mates or friends by unexpectedly being nude or having an Orgy when they drop by to visit or come Home with the Groceries. That is why we should hold our Orgies and special Sexual Ceremonies in places where others who are not in this Religion cannot access. This is not because we are worried about what they may or may not THINK, we keep our Special Sexual Ceremonies SACRED, and we will not allow them to be desecrated by outsiders, who do not share the Respect for Kali that we do, and hence they may misunderstand the meaning of the way we perform our Ceremonies.

Outsiders may attend a Sexual Ceremony, but only after they have been briefed on how they are expected to behave at such Ceremonies, and how important it is to the rest of the Worshipers that the Newcomer Respect what we do.

Dignity has something to do with our Moral State of mind, and in that sense, it is important to understand that HONESTY is the Highest of all Morals. Any Dishonest act will erode your World Negatively, it will destroy Relationships, Label YOU as untrustworthy, ruin your Credibility, and degrade your entire Life. Therefore you must cherish your Level of Honesty, because it is the measure by which all others will Judge you in this world.

But there are times when we will feel it is better to be dishonest, because being honest might ruin our lives. For example if a person involved in a Christian Relationship, if they fell in love with someone else, if they went home and told their spouse all about it, they would probably wind up getting thrown out of the house, slapped with a Divorce, and wind up paying alimony the rest of their lives. In this situation maybe it might be better to lie about it, than tell the Truth. But the more righteous act would be to make the commitment to Love, than committing to deception, if you feel you truly Love the other person ( as in the example), then the best thing do would be to go with them completely, not keep them hanging on a string while you decide what the hell you're going to do with your Life. LOVE IS Life, everything else is just the fringe benefits of LOVE.

To keep going in a relationship without Love, is in essence Living a Lie, which is far MORE Dishonest, than telling everyone the Truth and Packing up your stuff and moving on.

But I know many times we feel sorry for the one's we leave being, sometimes the fear of hurting them often times will prevent us from actually leaving. This is Natural, this is the "Glue" which Kali put in the world to keep us from jumping from one Relationship to the next, time after time with no conscious or feelings for the one's you leave behind. This is part of what makes us Civilized Beings, the Guilt and Fear associated with Love and Loss. This is what makes us really sit down and THINK about what we really want most. But these feelings of Guilt, and Fear, should not interfere with trying to maintain our Level of Honesty. Honesty IS the Most important. In THIS religion we would first of all Not get Married, (unless you seriously wanted to Commit) Secondly, if one of the people in a Relationship fell in love with another, we Would discuss it entirely with our Mate, and describe all the emotions involved, because in some cases, it works out so it really is not a problem at all, but a Blessing, if the couple can push aside the feelings of jealousy, there might be Threesomes, or swapping, or maybe their spouse has been eye balling someone else too, and they wouldn't mind a little freedom right about now. And sometimes things just don't work out the way we think they will, so the spouse in this case, might allow their mate the freedom to pursue this New Relationship until they can decide if it is something serious or not.

And sometimes some people really do not care that much about "The Relationship" they are more concerned with "the House" "The Job or Career" or "The Project" and as long as the Love affair doesn't interfere with what they are doing, they really don't care. So in this case being honest with this type of person may not upset them anyway. These are just a few examples of how using an Honest Approach can help you. But what about in more serious situations, such as being honest when you are a POW being held by the enemy, or in Spy situations, where the entire JOB is Deception and Dishonesty, for the purpose of the greater good. In those cases we must make a decision as to when it is best to be dishonest, and when it is not. Some Spies are Dishonest So much, they lose track of when it is right to maintain their normal Level of Honesty, so they completely lose all their moral standards, and they become ruthless in their ways.

This is the danger of that type of Job, Cops often go through the same kinds of things, they Lie to get a confession, they lie about how the confession was obtained, they lie to obtain evidence, all (they think) for the greater good. Then when it comes time to deal with normal everyday life, they can't function without being dishonest. They Drink and Drive, or they Speed, or break other kinds of Laws because they think it's ok. And their Job is basically destroying other people's lives for the sake of "Protecting" the one's they feel are righteous. When in fact almost EVERYONE is doing SOMETHING against the Law. Ok, so what does one do in these types of situations? You must in each and every situation, each and every DAY, THINK to yourself before you Act, ask yourself " is this really necessary?" "Do I really NEED to Lie or be dishonest to accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish?" If you really think it is necessary, after you have thought it through several times, then chances are it probably IS necessary to be dishonest in these situations.

But the rule should be : THINK BEFORE YOU ACT! Then only be dishonest if your Life depends on it, or the Lives of others depend on it.

Now for a word on Dress Codes, when dressing for a Ceremony Women should be dressed in Black Leather or Latex, or Silk, and should display her Cleavage as part of our tradition, because a Woman's Cleavage holds her Power of Seduction and Entrancement, and this will display to everyone an image of the Goddess Kali, and because the Beautiful Women of the world are the physical entities of the Goddess Kali, it is important that the Women Dress like they are a Goddess fit to Rule the world! That is where the Term Dressed to Kill came from, when a Woman dresses as described above showing her Chest and wearing black, she is Dressed to Kill, or conduct a Sacrifice, and dressing like this naturally makes a Man Lust for her enough to feel like he is Willing to DIE for her. Although some little old ladies might consider dressing like that Undignified, yet in this situation, where our Goddesses are planning to attend a special ceremony where they will be honored as Envoys to the Supreme Goddess Kali, dressing as described above is considered Very Dignified.

Also hair styles for Women should be Long and Beautiful, because long hair on a Woman increases the Seductive Power of a Woman, and makes her look more Feminine, and the Goddess Kali is the essence of Feminism. Some Women think that Feminism is doing whatever they want, cutting their hair short wearing whatever they want to, but this is not true Feminism, because Feminism is the art of being as FEMALE as you can possibly be, enhancing all the Beauty that a Female possess, if a Woman cuts her Hair short and wears clothing that Men wear, they are not becoming more Female, although they may be getting closer to losing their identity, they are not enhancing the way Men feel about them nor are they displaying Beauty to the world but cutting their Hair short and dressing like a Guy. So a Woman in this Religion should grow her Hair out long and keep it looking Beautiful, as way to display her Dedication to the Goddess Kali.

In fact most Sincerely Dedicated Women who practice this Religion, should care for their Appearance in a very Sacred manner, with all the Love and Care that they feel for the Goddess Kali, they should care for their hair, and the rest of their Bodies, and Breast Enhancements and Plastic surgery is acceptable to enhance a Woman's Appearance for the purpose of Seducing her followers be they Men or other Women. However Breast Enhancements are not really necessary most of the time. Because Kali makes Most Men Fixate on the very Center of the Chest of a Woman, not the Breasts. The Size of the Breasts usually don't matter to MOST men. However there are men who have Breast Fetishes. For these Men, the Size of the Breasts might make a Difference. I know myself I actually get turned off by Women with anything Larger than a C cup. So you can see that Breast Enhancements usually are related to what kind of Guy you are trying to turn on. Do you like to cater to a Guy with a Breast Fetish, or would you rather find someone who Loves you for who you really are? Those are the questions you need to think about. Looking Dignified also means No Tattoos, if you have them already, remove them if you can do so without scaring, but Women of This Religion Respect their bodies, for they are the Living Entities of the Supreme Goddess Kali.

To understand this further, a woman should think of her body as if it is Her most Prized Trophy, a Symbol to show all the world her Dedication to the Goddess Kali, she should care for it so intensely that she becomes so Awe inspiring that Women and Men who are not in this Religion are attracted to her, and want to know her, know more about her, learn her Beauty Secrets etc. Through this, a Woman in this Religion who attracts people from all corners of the world can teach them of this Religion, and this is why it is so important she looks so Beautiful, because she in fact, represents the Goddess Kali as a Living entity of Kali herself. Therefore she should Look like a Goddess! Not like a Common Mortal Human.

This is Not to suggest that if you have a Tattoo that we would not accept you in this Religion, we would, but as a Standard by which we teach the children of the world, Tattoos are Not Pretty, they are Not Necessary, and as an ACT, they deface the body which is your most Prized Possession, and that which you should do everything you can to Protect and Beautify, not deface. Many have argued this point with me and they stated that a Tattoo is something that says something about the Person, a kind of statement to the world around you. Other cultures have used Tattoos as a way to ward off "Evil Spirits" But then if you Believe in Evil in the First place, then Evil will exist if you wear a Tattoo or not, so this is pointless. And if you need a Tattoo to Define who you are, then you have not accomplished very much in the world, because most people should use their ACCOMPLISHMENTS to make a statement to the world about who you are, not a Tattoo.

I could understand a Tattoo as a Symbol of Love and Devotion for a Person, such as Tattooing a Person's Name on you, but then it implies they OWN you, and Kali Owns us first and foremost, and you should want to be HERS above any Mortal Human. And therefore strive to beautify yourself, not deface yourself with a Tattoo. The only Reasonable Use I can see for a Tattoo is maybe Tattooing your Medical Profile on your Wrist, such as Blood Type, Allergies, Chronic Conditions, so that if you ever were injured in an Accident, the Medical Rescue workers would have all the information they would need right away. But I really don't think that is all that necessary either.

So that means there really is no real reason that anyone should NEED or WANT a Tattoo. It doesn't look good, even if you THINK it does, and in a way it brands you as a Lower Class individual, because people who HAVE accomplished great things can see that if you need a Tattoo, you have NOT accomplish much or you would realize you don't need a Tattoo, and if you notice very few people of high status and education have Tattoos, and throughout history the people who have used Tattoos the most, have been people of Low status, Tribes Men, Mystics, Bikers, and Uneducated Drug Addicts, and no matter how you might think differently, these are the facts: Tattoos Don't look Pretty, not More Beautiful than Healthy Clean Skin, Tattoos don't really Help you in Life, and therefore they are NON-FUNCTIONAL, or Unnecessary, Immoral, and therefore should be avoided or removed if possible. But then again each individual must determine what is good or bad for themselves, if YOU think the Tattoo will help you, then Tattoo your Brains out, but don't expect the rest of Society to Like your Tattoo, because many will not, and they shouldn't be Forced to accept what YOU think is Cool.

So don't try to force the issue on society to try to start some kind of "Tattoo Trend" cause the one's who won't like it STILL will reject you no matter how many people you Tattoo, it won't make a difference in YOUR life. Put the Tattoo money into Buying a Book and Studying something New, "Tattoo your Brain" with Knowledge, then this will enable you to leave your Mark on Society in the Creations you make to help the world. From this perspective, you can see how meaningless Tattoos really are. Jewelry can serve you much better at complementing your Beauty, and you can always change your Jewelry, you can't change a Tattoo.

A Goddess's Body is also a Tool used for the purpose of Seducing Men and Women into submission so they may be Sacrificed, or to Seduce them for the purpose of Ritual Sex, that's why it is important that her Beauty is Nurtured to Perfection, to bring all who see her to their Knees in Awe of her. Even in the case of Women who Love Women, both Women should strive to be Beautiful, and nurture their Beauty to the fullest awe-inspiring level. The idea that one of the Women must dress and look like a Guy is absurd, and was brought about mostly due to the standards of ancient times when it was unacceptable for one Woman to Love another Woman, however, in THIS Religion and in these times, both Women should strive to enhance their Beauty and look as Feminine as possible, because in this Religion they do not have to hide and pretend that one is a Man, because we accept Women who Love Women, and in fact we honor them, because it has been Proven that even Men can be Sexually Aroused by watching two beautiful Women making Love together, and so we welcome Women who Love Women in this Religion, we only ask that you both Respect yourselves enough to enhance the Beauty of both of you, which will in turn enhance the Beauty of your Relationship in the eyes of others as well.

In fact we go one step further in this Religion, we Encourage Women to have Sex with other beautiful Women on a regular basis, because we believe it should be part of a Woman's Lifestyle to have Sex with her closest girlfriends as a Sincere way of showing they Care about each other in a Very Deep Very Real Sense, and then they can also have Sex and fall in Love with Men as well, but the Sex they have with each other as Women can be either their Primary Sexual outlet, or it can be just to bring them closer together as friends, taking care of each others Sexual needs until they both find the Man of their dreams. The point is Both Women should be Beautiful, because there is no Shame and no reason to hide this kind of a Relationship in this Religion. The reason we accept this kind of a Relationship is because it is a proven FACT that this type of Relationship (Women Loving Women) is a Beautiful thing in both the eyes of Men AND Women who enjoy Loving Women, that is why we encourage this type of relationship in this Religion, because it is good for both Men And Women, so it has been proven to be a good thing, not a bad thing. So neither woman should dress or look like a guy, both should be Beautiful.

As far as how a Woman should dress in public under regular circumstances, that is up to each individual to determine what She feels is right for her. Men should be dressed in clothing by their Goddesses, if she decides to dress them at all, a Goddess may bring her man to a Ceremony completely Naked if she feels like it. If a man plans to attend a Ceremony and he does not have a dedicated Goddess who possesses him, then he should wear a Suit and Tie, which will identify him to all the other Goddesses so they may select him as one of their Slaves if they like him. That is why the Tie was invented, to serve as a respectable Leash that a man can wear in public, and that's why Women do not wear Ties, because Women are Goddesses, Men are Slaves to the Women. When ever attending a dinner before a Ceremony in a Public Place our Religious apparel for the public to see us in should be Black Suits for the Men, and Black Leather, Latex, or Silk dresses for the Goddesses, and all the dresses will have a Deep V or French Low Cut Neckline, and No Bras or Panties or undergarments should be worn by the Goddesses. Our Behavior in Public should be High Classed, Elegant, and respectful to all others, not Loud or Obnoxious or Rude in anyway. The reason we Act Respectful is to Honor the Goddess Kali through our Actions, if we show others in public places how we respect ourselves and others for the sake of the Goddess Kali, it will radiate Respect for the Religion itself naturally.

Here are some examples of inappropriate behavior which could be considered Unacceptable and Disgraceful in Public, and this type of behavior should be controlled as much as possible so as to maintain a Positive Image for the rest of the followers of Kali.:
Annoying your Neighbors with Loud Music, or Shouting Drinking, or excessive amounts of Traffic of people going in and out of your House, (unless you live in a Country House where your neighbors are far enough away that they would not be disturbed by these things.)Domestic Arguments which are Loud enough that your neighbors can hear them, making frequent requests for "favors" of your Neighbors, borrowing things from your neighbors, borrowing Money from your neighbors, allowing your Animals or Children to disturb your neighbors, (they have a right to peace and quiet), parking in your neighbors parking spots, or blocking their driveway, (don't automatically assume it's ok),don't use party lines or share Phone lines with your neighbors, and don't ask your neighbors to let you tap into their Cable TV lines either, (it's not about how Cool your Neighbors might be, it's about doing what is right),don't fight or start arguments with your neighbors, and DON'T file Temporary Restraining Orders on your neighbors for any reason, unless they absolutely refuse to try to understand your point of view.

Instead you should work on your Communication skills, and interpersonal relations skills, talk things out, and talk, and talk, maybe make some peace offerings here and there, do everything possible to create a peaceful environment around you, because you have to LIVE with your neighbors, so you should in effect, treat them like family. There is an old saying which says "The Quality of our Lives, is Equal to the Quality of our Relationships with Others" therefore we should do everything we can to try to make friends instead of enemies, it IS important that people like us, for our Own Self Esteem, as well as for the Community as a whole, the more people like you, the better you will feel. Because at the end of our Lives, what will matter most, is the Relationships we have had with others, not the Nice Cars, or Nice Houses, or Billion Dollar Businesses, but the PEOPLE.

You must understand more than anything else, that the way you Affect the people around you MATTERS more than anything else in the world! You might think to your self that you are not in this world to please others, and this may be true to some extent, however you WILL be Defined by how you Act, and what you Say, and how you Treat Others. This is an important thing to remember- Always! So as Buddhists always say, we must strive to remain Pure in Thought, Word, and Deed. This is the Correct way to Live.

However there is a balance that we must maintain between Living to Please others, and Living to be ourselves or be true to ourselves. What I mean here is, in the past Christians and Muslims have used peer pressure and humiliation as tools of fear to manipulate people's minds to live in accordance with what Christians and Muslims think is Correct. This is an Oppressive tactic that tries to maintain control over how people act and behave, and actually can limit a person's Freedoms if they decide that something is indecent. So even though we must strive to remain pure in Thought, Word, and Deed, and Act in the best manner Possible, we should not allow what other people think of us to Control our behavior, because if you allow what other people think to Control how YOU feel, then they can use this against you to literally take complete control of your entire life.

My Cat will try to jump up on the Table and stay there just to see if I will let it, even though My Cat KNOWS it is doing something wrong, that is, it has been trained that it should not Jump up on the Table, yet it tries to see just how much it can get away with, just to see if I will swat it off the Table or not. Sometimes Neighbors will try to do the same kinds of Things, they might try to Use your Property without asking, they might even come over your house and do things you don't want them to do. They might disrespect you with Smoke, or Noise, or other things just to see how much you are willing to take. In cases like this, make it known to them what you expect of your neighbors. And if they violate your space in anyway, talk to them nicely about it first, then call the Police on them. But try to be nice with them first. Offer them a beer or cake or drinks then tell them what is on your mind. It will soften the up to you and keep them from getting defensive towards you. Communicate with them the best that you can.

But I don't think that Neighbors should have the Right to infringe on people's Sexual Liberties. I once had a Wife who was Filipina, and all the Neighbors around us were Illocano, and they would tease her because she Married an American. She told me about this, and I just told her not to worry about what they said. But she didn't listen to what I said, she worried too much about what they said, until her Girlfriends hooked her up with a Filipino guy, and she Left me for him because of what the Neighbors were saying about her being married to me. My Point here is, that if you worry too much about what other people think, it can control your life, and in many cases Ruin it.

Many people are not nice, they might do or say things to try to motivate you or manipulate you to do something that is not in your best interest. Once I knew this couple that was very happy, and many of their friends were jealous because this couple always seemed happy together. So the so called "Friends" of this couple conspired to break the couple up, by staging many elaborate schemes to manipulate the couple to the point of breaking up. They set up dates and tried to do everything they could to break the couple up. The Girl eventually fell for one of the Guys that her Friends kept pushing on her, and they finally broke up a relationship that lasted more than 6 years. Then the guy they used to go with the Girl, decided he really didn't love her, and the Couple wound up broke up and alone because of the things their so called "Friends" said and did to them. My point here is again, IF you allow others to Control you, THEY WILL.

And people Control others through emotions- FEAR, GUILT, HUMILIATION, RIDICULE, These are all methods of Psychological Torture that some people use all the time to play with people's lives and destroy them, just for Fun. Sometimes they don't even GAIN anything from it other than the Sadistic Satisfaction that they caused someone Misery and Suffering. Which brings up a quick point I wanted to make. There is a Difference between Sexual Sadism (which is Beautiful) and just plain Sadism (which is utterly disgusting). The Sadistic Mentality is taking enjoyment from other people's suffering. Many people do this all the time when they watch certain Comedy Programs where someone is getting Hurt. The Injury is Funny it makes people Laugh. THIS is a Sadistic Mentality. And as long as it is on TV it is not really hurting anyone. But the problem arises when certain people become Conditioned to Think the Sadism in all situations is Funny. Then you have a potentially dangerous individual on your hands. And people like this are Created by Laughing and Joking about Sadistic Things like people getting hurt.

The mind is Conditioned to think that it is okay to Hurt others for any reason. But you should understand the Difference between Constructive Sadism, and Destructive Sadism.

Constructive Sadism, is like Constructive Criticism, you hurt a person to actually HELP them or give them some kind of Benefit from it. Sexual Sadism is Constructive, because you are using Love and Compassion, and giving a Masochistic Sacrifice something it needs very badly. So this is a Beautiful thing.

Destructive Sadism, is hurting someone for the sheer Pleasure of Hurting them, with no Love or Sexual emotions attached at all. This kind of Mentality is wrong because it only Satisfies the Sadistic individual, and not anyone else. Many Republicans are Mentally Sadistic, because they care only about themselves, and forget about everyone else. They Start Wars and Kill Thousands of people to make Money for themselves. And they care nothing about anyone else. This is what happens when people of Sadistic Mentalities such as Republicans get into Office. Death and Destruction abound like a Demonic Rave party. So here you can See that Just plain Sadism is not a good thing at all, and it is Destructive, so it does not serve much of a Purpose in life. And should therefore NOT be condoned. All these Dominas who refuse to have Sexual Intercourse with their Clients, These are Destructive Sadistic Dominas with no interest in anyone else but themselves. And I strongly suggest that you do not support people like this.

They need help in Controlling there emotions and they need to learn Compassion and Understanding. If they had Compassion then they would understand the Physical NEED for Sex in Combination with the Psychological Need for the Domination. And forget about the Christian Morals of Anti-Sex which only Breeds Plain Destructive Christian Republican style Sadism which is disgusting and Loveless.

Then you have other people who are so worried about what everyone else is doing, they forget to look in the Mirror. These are the Nosey Neighbors of the world. The Cops, or Police, the Fanatical Christians and Muslims who think they are so much better than everyone else, they don't have to worry about themselves anymore they think they have to go out and "Save the world" by Forcing everyone into their Religion. Or the Police will arrest everyone, then go home and commit the same Crimes as everyone else does.

So the Point I am trying to make here is you have to understand the Balance between Acting in a Manner that appears to be Dignified to others, and acting in a Manner that Preserves your OWN ideas of What is right and what is wrong, without giving in to peer pressure or allowing others to Control how you think. Even TV Programs will try to interject certain Religious Messages or Moral standards they expect you to automatically accept. If you don't THINK about it, you might naturally accept the ideas without question, just because you might think "If it's on TV it must be right, Right?" Not Necessarily. Sometimes Christians and Muslims will pay Thousands or even Millions of Dollars to produce Movies and TV Programs to promote their ideas, hoping the people will just naturally accept them. Then in the next few months they will try to pass a Bill with the Same Ideas in it thinking everyone should be Brain Washed to accept it by now. Then they pass the Bill and EVERYONE is now Forced to Live as the Christians Believe.

Completely eliminating FREEDOM of Religion for everyone. And they USE the TV and Movies to Propagate their Hatred and Contempt for everyone. So be aware of this. You have to THINK, every minute of every day. Every time someone is speaking to you, you have to THINK about what they are saying. "What is the Message, Do I actually BELIEVE what they are saying?" Because if you do not Question things around you, they WILL Control you. And that also goes for what you consider is Decent. All the talk about "Parental Controls" on your TV, on the Internet, all that talk is Conditioning you to think that there is something really bad out there that is gonna get your Children. This is based on the Philosophy that "Sex is Evil " Which it is NOT EVIL! If Sex were evil the Human Race would cease to exist. Secondly it is based on the Belief that Pornography is "Damaging" to Children Psychologically. That is a bunch of shit too.

If that was the case then you would have Mass Psychos running around every Third World Country where people lived in One Room Houses with their Parents. But you don't see that. Nudity and Sex is viewed all the time in other Countries by Children, and it has been PROVEN BY SCIENCE NOT to create any Psychological Problems for the Children. So my point here is, you have all this talk about "Parental Controls" what exactly are they trying to Control? The level of Sex Education that young people get? So the Young people can grow up ignorant and stupid, and then have unwanted pregnancies so they can turn around and the Christians can bitch about how bad Abortion is? Unwanted Pregnancies are Created by Stupid ass Christians who think that Pornography is "Evil". Because everyone who enjoys Pornography also knows about things like Condoms. Sex is the Origin of Human Life. To denounce Sex, is to Denounce Kali, and if you Denounce Kali, then she will surely make YOU out to be the Fool.

Where you should Pray

It might sound funny, but many people have never given it any thought about all the places where you might be able to pray, and where some places might not be so good. The Primary place you should pray should be in the place where you Live, if you have Roommates, you might have to pray during the times when they are not Home, or in some situations the roommates or family situation might be so crowded that you might have to go someplace quiet like the Mountains, the Beach, or the Forest, in order to get away from everyone. But if you have a private room of your own, then you should make every effort to pray in your room. If you own your own House or you are the only one in the place where you live, you should set up your Altar in your Living Room, and you should Pray at least once a day, preferably in the morning before 12 noon, you should Chant at least one hour and recite the Mantra out loud. That is the ideal way to practice, but sometimes it's not always possible to have the ideal conditions where you live.

So when it is not possible to Pray and conduct your Rituals at Home, you can look for a place outside the House. Just make sure it is in a place where you will not be disturbed.

You can also Pray silently when it is not comfortable to Pray Out Loud, but you should Pray Out Loud when ever possible. You can Chant to the Goddess Kali silently while you work if you want to, or while on the way to Work, or during exercise, or while you are having Sex, all of these situations will enhance your daily life. You can Chant to a Sun Set, or a Sun Rise, you can Chant to ask Kali to give you Courage before a big event, a big date, or anything that you might need a little of Kali's Magic to help you out.

Passion Is Power!!!

You do not have to Chant or recite any Mantras when you don't feel like it, that's one of the beautiful things about this Religion; we give you Freedom to relax when you need to. The reason is if you relax when you don't feel like Chanting or Praying then you will have more Passion to Pray sincerely when you DO feel like Chanting and Praying. The main point is if you really don't feel like Chanting or Praying, then you would be just going through the motions without any Passion, and that would not bring you any Benefits or Blessings at all, instead it would only frustrate you and make you not want to practice anymore anyway if you start to feel obligated to Pray. This Religion gives you Freedom, so you can Pray when you want to, and relax when you want to, but the more often you DO Pray, the more you will receive Benefits and Blessings from the Goddess Kali, but the KEY ELEMENT you must have when you Chant and recite the Mantras is PASSION, because without Passion, you will have nothing, and you will receive nothing. Passion is power, it is the Power, which MOVES the Universe, and pleases the Goddess Kali, and makes her cast down her magic into your life.

The other day I went to a Restaurant, and I ordered a Waffle with Strawberries and Whipped Cream, ( Hey, life IS to enjoy right?), But the Waitress who prepared the Strawberries and Whipped Cream on top of My Waffle did not have any Passion in her heart for preparing my food, so she only put a very small amount of Strawberries on my Waffle, when I ordered DOUBLE Strawberries, and the Whipped Cream was Runny and Looked very bad not Pretty like I was used to getting it. I was disappointed, but I didn't complain. The Woman I was with asked me why do I think she made it like that? I replied that it's really all about Passion, the amount of Passion you put into something really does show, it is the Power of your Heart, it really Touches the people around you, or displays to others just how much you really don't care. With Passion your actions really DO speak Louder than words.

Another example is when I was in the Military I used to be in places where I would get extremely loney, far away from home, and in need of Love. I would go to see a Prostitute, but unlike everyone else, I would spend some of MY time and MY Money, just to Romance Her, to really let her understand just how much this was going to mean to me. I would tell her exactly how I was feeling, exactly how long it has been since my last relationship, just really let her get to Know how I Feel. Then I would spend some Time asking her to really Try to make this moment Special, not just for me, but for Both of Us, to make the Moment NOT just about satisfying ME, But for BOTH of us to Enjoy that Moment- For US. I would ask her to LOVE me, not just have Sex with me. And She did, every time I would see her, it was Special, I knew the environment she was in, and I knew I could not change it, I tried to take her away with me forever, but it just wasn't possible at the time, SHE knew the environment she was in, only too well, and she knew she couldn't change it, at least not then, so we Both USED our PASSION on each other, as much as we could, we would make the moments we shared a kind of "Time Out" in the World of Chaos in which we both lived, and Using PASSION we made some Very Precious Moments for Both of Us, Moments which I remember and Cherish like Gold Coins in a Box that make my Life Rich with Meaning. And it was all because of Passion. This is the difference that PASSION can make in each and everything you do, Especially whenever you are in contact with another Human being for any reason, be it at your Job, or just passing someone on the street, or talking with the Girl at the Checkout stand, every time you come in contact with someone they are measuring the amount of Passion you are putting out towards them, and they remember you for that, and if you project Carelessness, or Negative Passion, you are Remembered for that as well. So Try to keep this in Mind whenever you come in contact with anyone, remember, IT MATTERS!

Spells and Magic

In this Religion we use Spells and Magic to enhance our Rituals, and to bring about special things in our lives. However no one should ever try to cast any spells of harm onto anyone, because it would only hurt you in the end, and much more than the other person. This is a very important point, and should not be taken lightly, because this Religion is a True Religion, if you use this Magic to hurt someone, they will Suffer, but so will You, and much worse than them, so please, please don't even THINK about it. Instead it would be better to Chant to Kali for Understanding, and Chant to Kali to help the other person Understand you, but don't think of wanting anything bad to happen to the other person, because it will, and then you will experience three times as much suffering as they do. Many who read this will not believe it, and they will try to Harm someone, then they will Suffer also, and then they will know what I say is true. Please don't learn the hard way.

Write Poems and Spells to Cast Love upon others, especially the lonely, this is good work, cast Spells to help you Seduce the ones you Love. Another type of Spell, is called the Power of Positive thinking, when you really try to keep thinking Positive with great determination that "this IS going to happen the way I want it to," that is a type of Spell that you work for the benefit of your own life.

Will Power is the basic skill used by all people who practice Witchcraft, it starts by working on your own life, set a list of things small things like cleaning out your Closet, then your Garage, then some other tasks that you have been putting off, then focus on accomplishing some Educational studies you may have always wanted to do. The idea is step by step, day by day, you increase the Strength of your Will Power, the stronger you become with your Will Power, the stronger your Prayers, your PASSION, and your Spells will be. One example of how strong you might be able to become is this; many people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to pay Teachers in College to tell us to read a certain chapter in a Book, and do the assignment.

Imagine for a moment, how much you might be able to accomplish if instead of spending four or five hours watching T.V. every night, you were able to build up your Will Power to the point where you could read a Book about a subject you really wanted to learn about, maybe Computer Programming in a particular Language, or the Private Pilots Flight Manual, or College Chemistry or Biology, or Psychology, or maybe you could learn another Language for another country, or Electronics, or any other subject you really wanted to know. The point is with Strong Will Power it is possible to learn something without attending a formal College class, yet most people are so weak minded, they would never even consider such a thing, and they instead fall into the trap of surrendering to the commercialized business that schools have brainwashed people into believing they must attend in order to achieve anything in life.

Be warned of this as well as some Employers who also support this type of Brainwashing to Force people into Colleges in order to be eligible to work at these select places. However True Freedom comes with the Realization that WE have the Power to Learn without the Colleges, and therefore any Employer who requires a piece of paper to prove your level of Knowledge, should be scrutinized very closely before you even consider working with them, because if they go to this much trouble to support this type of Brainwashing of the Public, what other Tactics will they resort to, to control you AFTER you start working for them. Just remember, YOU have the power to be an Individual, and Protect your RIGHT to be Respected instead of allowing the System to Condemn you, or Control you, or Brainwash you, into a particular behavior. The Educational System/Employment System is just one small example of how your Will Power can Change EVERYTHING. You must Practice to become Strong of Will, and in your Magic.

Then instead of Employers treating their Employees like Slaves they will be forced to Respect each person as an Individual, and they will Realize the Power we ALL have over Them instead of allowing Them to have Power over us. But the first step is to take Control of your own Will Power and grow Strong within yourself. Then you can start to Change the World around you.

Another Exercise in Will Power is found in your Physical Exercise Routine, You must USE your Will Power to actually Lose Weight, Tone Muscle, and Achieve your Goals. Although in the future you may not have to work at it as hard if you use one of those Electric Muscle Stimulators, but then you would also NOT be exercising your Will Power, and THAT is the Point, Exercise your MIND And Your Body, by Working out, Taking Martial Arts Classes, Dance Lessons, Swim, Surf, Bike, Hike, Get Into Life, and then Life will get into YOU!

Good health is Religious Practice Eating right, Exercising, practicing Martial Arts, taking Vitamins, these are all things that we do in order to stay looking good and feeling good, and to make ourselves worthy fruits for the Goddess Kali, who Enjoys the Sacrifices offered to her. Some people might not understand this, but what it boils down to is this, we prepare ourselves as if we are wanting the Goddess Kali to accept our bodies as worthy offerings to her. If you were going to pick a fruit off of a tree, you would look for the finest fruit you could see. The same holds true for the way we think of our bodies, they are precious fruits of this earth, the MOST precious fruits of the whole earth, therefore we want Kali to be pleased with our bodies, because for one reason we represent her here on earth, and also because we want her to select us, to be with her, and because Kali only accepts the finest fruits of this earth, we work hard to keep ourselves healthy and looking good to prepare ourselves to be sacrificed to the Goddess Kali.

Now this is NOT to say that we discriminate against Fat people, but it is our Goal to strive towards Perfection to make ourselves the Best we can possibly be. Many Fat people have great personalities, this is true, and one should not judge someone simply by looks alone, this is also true, however when we are speaking in terms of strengthening one's own Will Power and Developing your Mind to make your Mind Strong, working on your Body is part of Exercising your Will Power, and Strengthening it. If you feel too Lazy or Tired to Work out, and do what you need to do to stay at a healthy weight, then you will be Weak in Will Power, and in effect Weak in Spirit as well. Staying in good Physical Shape has been Scientifically Proven to be Beneficial and Healthy, and if you can maintain a Strong Body, you will also possess a Strong Mind, and Strong Will Power, which will make you Strong Spiritually as well. This is the Point I am trying to make.

It is not to say that if for example you are ugly because of Birth Disfigurements, or Accidents, you are not Worthy of Kali, this is NOT what I am implying, the Essence of a Human Beings Life is Judged by their Actions Towards others, or their Thoughts, Words, and Deeds, if you act Miserable, people will think of you as Miserable and Complaintive and might nickname you "Grumpy". If you act Compassionate and Understanding all the time such as many Nurses, Doctors, and Prostitutes do all the time, then you might be known to the World as a "Goddess" People will Appreciate and Respect you, based on how you Think, Talk, and Act. More than how you Look. Because if you Look Outstandingly Beautiful, yet your Personality is Bitchy and Complaintive, You will probably get a lot of attention at first, but you will lose your friends very quickly, or you will attract Bitchy people around you and you might notice that when ever you get together with all of your friends all you really seem to do is sit around and Bitch and Complain about other people or things.

The Trick is to Realize what it is YOU really need to work on, some people look great, but their personality sucks, these people need to develop the Beauty within. Others might not look so good outside, but they have dynamite personalities, these people need to work on their Looks a little. Each individual has their own set of problems they need to work on to improve themselves to be the BEST they can possibly be, so Sit down and think about it, if you can't seem to get any Ideas, why not get about 3 other people who know you to tell you how THEY see you. You might get some clues from old Job References, why you Left certain Jobs, and what you can do to change these things. EVERYTHING in Life MATTERS!

Sex & Relationships

We incorporate Sex into our Religious Activities because Kali is a Very Sexual Goddess, she Loves Sex, and she is Very Seductive, she possess the Women during Sex so she may experience Sex with us, Kali is the Power which makes the Conception of a New Life possible. Which is why many people Pray to Kali to give them children. Kali is beautiful when it comes to Sex, we worship Kali by having Sex in her name, by conducting Rituals of Sexual Sacrifice, as a Symbolic Gesture to show our Dedication to the Goddess Kali, and we incorporate Bondage and Domination as a way of performing the Sacrifice to the Goddess Kali. Sex is not considered evil or shameful in anyway in this Religion, in fact Sex is Honorable, and having Sex in the company of friends is a Beautiful thing, so we invite our closest friends to share our Sexual Experiences with us, we perform Live Sex at our private Ceremonies in the Honor of Kali, we also have Orgies in the Honor of Kali. We have Sex with people who practice this Religion who we know might be lonely just to show we care for them, and Honor the Goddess Kali.

Masturbation is also an accepted practice and it is not shameful either, Masturbation during Prayer to the Goddess Kali is a very Good thing, just make sure you will not be disturbed during your Ritual Masturbation to the Goddess Kali. Sometimes Masturbation is performed in front of a Goddess of your choice to show your sincere Devotion to her. Sometimes a Goddess will Masturbate her Slaves and Submissive Women to show her Love for them. Intercourse is not always necessary in a Sexual Ritual to the Goddess Kali, because it is the PASSION which is offered to the Goddess performing the Ritual, or witnessing the Ritual that is also offered to the Goddess Kali as a form of Worship to the Goddess Kali. But Sex is an important part of all Rituals of Human Sacrifice.

Sex in this Religion does not have all the hang-ups that it had with the Christian Religions, Women try to Understand the Sexual needs of Men, and Men Respect what Women do for them, and they show it. So in this Religion it is common for a Woman who is just a friend of a man to give him Sex or fulfill one of his Sexual Fantasies just as a way of showing that she is a Real friend, and she Understands how he Feels, and she wants to care for him out of Compassion for his Feelings. However, it is VERY IMPORTANT that both people in a "Friend" type situation, TALK about and Define their relationship with each other OFTEN, because when you are having Sex with someone, it is very easy for one person or the other to quickly develop a "LOVE" for the other person, and then if the Relationship is not Quickly Re-defined, one or the other of these people could have certain unspoken expectations of the Relationship which in many cases would wind up Hurting one or the Other Emotionally.

We need to Guard and Prepare against these types of Problems, because we don't want to create an environment for ourselves, which will only lead to heartbreak in the end. So if you decide to engage in Sex with "Friends" without any real emotional attachment, then you must make it very clear to them that there is No Possibility of Emotional Attachment, otherwise they might think Actions speak louder than words, and when you have Sex with Someone they MIGHT get the Idea that you could Love them. If this is not True, you need to Say it, many times before and after Sex. Tell them "This is Not Love, This is Worship for Me Understand?" That might help them to put them in the right frame of mind, and Prevent Broken Hearts and Misunderstandings.

Women in this Religion may have Sex with many Men, and it is not shameful in anyway, Women in this Religion may keep many Men as Slaves for her to work for her and provide for her if she wishes, and she fulfills each one of their Fantasies to motivate them to work hard for her. This is Honorable, and is encouraged in this Religion. However, at no time should this kind of Lifestyle be FORCED on a Woman, either through Pimps or Organized Crime. That is NOT the way of KALI. A Woman must be Willing and Give her self of her Own Free will, otherwise it is Wrong and Unjust for ANYONE to Force ANYONE else to do ANYTHING against their Will. And If You as a Woman Truly Fall in Love with a Man, then you should Respect that Man's Emotions Towards you, if he Decides the Terms of Your Relationship are Exclusive Relations with just you and him, then you must be willing to Accept the Terms of that Relationship, otherwise you can't really say you Love him if you are not willing to accept the Terms of his Love.

Very few people can Love unconditionally, we should all strive to Love Unconditionally, but we are Emotional Beings, and these Emotions Create "Conditions" which we must meet to satisfy these Emotions. If these Conditions are not Met, then the Emotions will cease to Exist. The Trick here is to Communicate with each other, to really figure out what each person really needs to be happy, then ask yourself "can I DO this?" If the Answer is "NO" then you must break off the Relationship Clean, and Move on. Some People have certain Physical expectations in a Relationship such as some people really feel they NEED to be Chained Down and Whipped During Sex, this is a Real Physical Need of some people, and if in such a case the person involved in a Relationship with such a person does not want to Perform these kinds of things for this person, then the Relationship should be dissolved or re- defined, because you can't call it "LOVE" if you don't LOVE what the other person NEEDS. If you can't LOVE an individual for Who they really are, then you are only fooling yourself thinking things will work out or if you think things will be ok.

A Man may also live with more than one Goddess if they are willing to live with him, there are no restrictions Sexually with this Religion. The Only Restrictions you have is to ensure that you CARE for the Emotions of the People around you, because YOU are responsible for the Hearts you might Break. And in the Long Run They WILL Scar You Deeply. One More Thing If You Really Fall in Love with Someone, you should Respect their Emotions and in many cases that would mean you would not Love anyone else except them, if that is what they expect of you. When you commit to Love, you must accept the Terms of that Love, otherwise you can't really call it Love now can you?

Although there may be Laws against marrying more than one person, in this Religion, there is no such thing as Marriage because Marriage is a Christian concept, and is unfair to everyone involved. If Love can not keep two people together, then neither will a piece of paper or a bunch of Legal problems that come with Marriage. Many of us instinctively DESIRE a Long Term Relationship, but most of us really don't know how to find the "right one" to make it all come together the way we want it to. So most of us go from one relationship to the next almost blindly falling in and out of Love without focusing on the things about a relationship we know we need to be happy. What do I mean? Some Guys really think they NEED a Woman with Big Breasts, and if they don't get a Woman with Big Breasts, they will constantly fantasize about being with a Woman with Big Breasts until finally they realize they will never be happy without the Girl of their Dreams and they Break up with the one they are with.

Some Women really feel they NEED a Sensitive Understanding Man, and when they find themselves in a Relationship with a Man who is Emotionally Detached, or Business Minded, they feel UnLoved, Ignored, until finally they make a move to Break it off, or they argue and Bitch about it until it drives the Man away. Some Men have certain Sexual Fantasies that they absolutely MUST HAVE performed in their Relationships, and if they find themselves in a Relationship with a Woman who can not or WILL NOT Perform these Sexual Fantasies for the Man, he begins to feel Unloved, because the things HE feels are important, she just doesn't care about, so he goes off to find a Prostitute to Fulfill his Fantasies, or he might look for another Woman all together because the one he is with just can not or WILL NOT satisfy him.

Now, My Point is, instead of this Trial and Error approach to Love and Relationships, why don't we sit down for a minute and write down all the qualities we feel are most important for us to be happy in Relationship, and THEN go out looking for the person who fits the bill, or can fulfill the NEEDS? There are many Computer Dating Companies now who can help us match up what we feel is most important for our relationship with the right person to fulfill those needs. We can use Astrology to help us narrow down certain compatibilities that might enhance the Relationship on one aspect or another. But there is something very important I have learned about Astrology and using Personality Profiles to find the Right Person, and that is, each person has their own set of Negative Elements in their Personality, each person has their own set of hang-ups, and Flaws, and no matter how you try to find a Flawless individual, in most cases you only find a Person with a whole new set of problems and challenges.

What I have learned from Astrology is that there really are many different kinds of people in this world, and each one has SOMETHING to teach us, for example if you classify the Negative Behavior patterns for Each Astrological Sign, you will find that many people have no control over how they act, and the things they like and dislike, its as if their Personality is Pre-Programmed into them, and there is nothing they can do to change it. So other people will judge them on how they act and decide to like or dislike them based on what they learn about the person's behavior. But if you try to understand that from the perspective of Astrology, that we can not really Change who we are, then that leaves only one option left, we must ACCEPT EVERYONE FOR WHO THEY ARE! It sounds crazy, but we have no choice, we must accept the fact that certain people will be prone to Stealing, Cheating, Lying, and Obnoxious Behavior, because in THEIR minds they don't think its all that bad, in THEIR minds everyone else is just being too Hypercritical of them.

So I starting thinking WHY are things this way? Because to me, everything for the most part happens for a Reason, so Why is the Natural Order of the World designed with People who are Pre- Programmed for Obnoxious Behavior and other things most people have condemned such as Stealing and Lying? And the Answer I believe Kali gave me was because one of the most important lessons we are here to learn is Compassion and Understanding, and the only way to truly Exercise and Strengthen our Compassion and Understanding, is to USE IT, the only way to USE it, is if you have situations which challenge you to BE Compassionate and Understanding.

The only way that these situations can occur is if you have a whole bunch of people thrown together with completely different Pre-Programmed Values, which will create chaos and disorder all for the purpose of challenging our Compassion and Understanding. Because what happens when we make the Choice to Feel Compassion and Understanding instead of just Hating or Disliking the person for the way they are? What Happens? We begin to LEARN, we LEARN new things we never knew about the person before, and it opens other doors about Humanity as a Whole, because as I said before each individual has SOMETHING to teach us about Life, each person is a Walking Lesson of Life, so to Discard someone, Or Imprison them or Put them to Death for the way they are, will only make us encounter the SAME problems again and again in Society until we decide to take the Responsibility for Learning about these individuals to find out what it is we are suppose to learn from them. And this Learning will only come from Compassion and Understanding, not Hatred and Contempt.

Another thing we can do to improve our Relationships is if we can USE the Negative Personality traits we learn about ourselves through Astrology, although it may be almost impossible to actually CHANGE those Negative Personality traits, but by identifying which ones we most strongly possess, we can start to monitor our behavior Moment to Moment, and many times we can catch ourselves acting out our Negative Behavior Patterns as soon as they start, so rather than letting ourselves just Continue to Act Out Negatively, we can Stop or Catch ourselves if we just Think about it all the time. Aligning our mind correctly with each situation before we actually act or speak or think.

The Greatest Tool I ever found for Identifying my Negative Traits was when I intentionally developed a Sexual Relationship with a Woman of the Same exact Star Sign as Myself, because every day was like looking in the mirror, every thing that annoyed me about her I had to stop and think " Do I do that?" and most of the time to my astonishment I realized I acted just like She did.

This allowed me to curb my Negative Behavior Patterns, and actually modify my Personality for the Better, but it only happened because I had a Sincere Desire to Identify my Negative parts of my Personality, then work on each one until I could control it a little better.

So applying this to Our Relationships and our Problems with our Relationships we find that there is a Range of Choices we can make, we can choose to just have it our way or move on, or we can Learn what the other person values, try to figure out what the Lesson is they are carrying, or we can meet somewhere in between, understanding to a point, then making a decision from there, but keep in mind when ever you make a choice to Stop Learning and Start Hating, you have stopped Using Compassion and Understanding. One way that many Buddhists help to put themselves in the right State of Compassion, is they think about the possibility that the Reason they are experiencing a Negative Person or an Obnoxious Person in their lives, is because in their PAST Life, THEY THEMSELVES were the Offender, and so in THIS life They become the Victim so they may learn to Understand How Wrong Behaving Badly really is. Another example is that You don't want to Hate anyone, because if you Hate anyone for ANY REASON, then you will BECOME THEM in your next Life so you may Learn to Understand their point of View. The Fence Swings Both Ways Folks. So Be Cool.

Then as if that isn't enough, there is one more dimension to Relationships that I am aware of through the Blessings of Kali, this is each person, when communicating sends and receives information, and believe it or not each individual sends and receives information DIFFERENTLY! In other words the way that one person Talks and Listens is completely different then everyone else, and to some people the way you talk can create different emotional responses inside each person. To Some people WHAT you say, and the WAY you say it, may create positive Loving emotions, while if you say the exact same thing to another person you could wind up in a fight, or maybe make the person cry. So through this we can see that people can be matched up according to what types of Communications stimulate them the most.

Many types in natural selection we will find people of similar backgrounds are attracted to each other because they tend to think and communicate in ways that stimulate each other.

For example; Someone from New York has a Certain kind of Accent many times there are people who would not date someone with a New York Accent, simply because they find it annoying instead of stimulating. Many people from the U.S. Mainland might think the way the people talk in Hawaii sounds like they are Cave Men, and would have nothing to do with them simply because of the way they talk. Some people are annoyed at people who use cuss words every other word in a sentence, and are completely disgusted at them simply because of the WAY they talk. While many people think that someone with a French Accent, or an Australian Accent sounds sexy, and as soon as they hear them speak they start thinking about having Sex with them. Other people get turned on by Spanish Accents, I happen to get Turned on by Thai Accents, so here we can see this Dimension is important in our Relationship Compatibility issues. And in most cases this is something the person is not likely to change if you happen to find yourself in a Relationship with someone who has an Annoying Voice, its just best to break it off and look for another, maybe in the future we might figure out a way to Speed Learn a new Language and Accents and then at that time we might be able to fix these kinds of problems with relationships, but for now, all we can do is realize that these things DO play a factor in evaluating a Potential Mate, and can help us to find someone who has the qualities we like, while identifying things that annoy us so we can do what ever is necessary to help better our world around us. It would be nice if everyone could just accept each other's accents, but I know for many, that is just not gonna happen.

We in this Religion try to Enhance our Sexual Experiences as much as possible, so we read Sex books, and teach each other Sexual Techniques, and share our Fantasies with each other to get ideas from each other, to enhance our Experiences and Sexual Rituals to the Goddess Kali. Where most other Married couples might only have Sex once in a while, we in this Religion try to make sure our Sexual experiences occur as often as possible, and they are as intense as possible, in fact each person is nurtured to experience more and more intense Sexual experiences each time they participate in Sexual Rituals to the Goddess Kali. Sex is part of the Religious Practice, so there should be no reason for couples to go without having Sex.

We in this religion approach Sex with the understanding that Sex IS THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in the world in the eyes of Kali, all things in life begin with Sex, so Sex is considered a Sacred act, and because it is so Sacred, we put all of our focus on attaining the Ultimate Sexual experience, we believe that we fuse with the Goddess Kali through Sex, therefore we put all of our attention on making sure we pull out all of the Sexual Fantasies out of our followers, and share them with each other. Sexual Fantasies are cherished by all of us, we not only enjoy reading each others Sexual Fantasies, but we enjoy witnessing the Ritual performance of our Sexual Fantasies being fulfilled. Each Fantasy is nurtured as much as possible to pull as much out of each person as possible, it is recorded, on Audio and Video, and performed live in front of other worshipers so we all can enjoy it. That is how important Sex is in this Religion.

Age Limits for Sexual activities are solely based on the Individual's Personal Desire for such activities, this allows for a Healthy Natural Development, which positively re-enforces that Sex is something beautiful, not something shameful. However no Child or Teen should ever be Forced or Coerced into viewing or Participating in any Sexual Activity EVER! But there should be nothing wrong with allowing a Child who is curious about Sex to Learn about it or even surf Porn Sites if he or she finds it entertaining. If a Teenager decides of their Own free will that they are ready to engage in Sexual activity, then there should be no reason we should prevent them from the experience if that is what they so desire. The only thing we as Parents should do is TEACH the Children when they become interested, and do not approach nudity as something shameful, because this will confuse the Child especially during adolescence when their Mental Growth & development is depending so much on their Sexual and Social environment.

We should Nurture them with Compassion and Understanding, while allowing them the Freedom to explore what they wish to explore armed with the Knowledge of what is Important. Such as Compatibility issues regarding Age differences, but a Teen should not be Damned for Having Sex, and Any Adult who has Sex with a Willing Teen should also not be Damned or Imprisoned.

If there is any doubt, we should spend a little time sit down with them and have a little education session and then let THEM make their own decisions about their own bodies. But we should not have LAWS which Contradict Scientific Facts, and the FACT is, Teens begin Menstruation and Mating and Puberty at or around 12 years old. It is a Fact that Children become Curious about Sex around age 3-7. To deny them access to Pornography is absurd. Pictures are not going to hurt them, especially if they are willing and WANT to view them! If we act as if Sex is something Evil, if we Treat Nude Pictures as Something Evil or Taboo, if you hold your Teenage son or daughter in Contempt for having Sex, Dressing Sexy, or Wanting to have Sex, all of this will Negatively affect the Child's Mental and Emotional Growth and Development, and in some severe cases could lead to the Child growing up Mentally Disabled, or Sexually Confused, and even engaging in Raping and Killing as a Result of the Mental Frustrations and Confusion they experience during their Adolescent period of Growth and Development.

Therefore, according to what we Know from Scientific FACTS, there should be NO LAWS Governing or Restricting the use and sale of Pornography, and everyone should be guaranteed the Freedom of Choice in important matters such as these. Parents should be the ones who decide what is best for their children to an extent, but a far as the LAWS go, no one should be Damned or Imprisoned, or Publicly Humiliated because they admire the Naked Human body, or because they Loved another willing person. Again it would be Wrong to FORCE anyone to do anything, and it would be just as Wrong to FORCE people to behave any differently than THEY believe is RIGHT. And to Condemn them for Loving someone, or admiring the Beauty of the Naked Human Body is Even MORE Wrong!

Women in the past were thought of as dainty little fragile creatures who were suppose to be completely ignorant about Sex, until they got married, then the Husband was suppose to teach the Woman he married what he liked and she was expected to "Serve" his needs. With The New Religion of Kali, all of that kind of noise is considered HOGWASH! In The New Religion of Kali, Sex is Worship and Women are GODS! Therefore it is important that Girls Learn all about Sex before having Sex, this will eliminate many of the Problems with Teen Pregnancy and Abortions and Unwanted Children.

The only way these young Girls can actually Learn about Sex is if they are given Unrestricted Access to these kinds of Sexually Explicit Materials. It is much easier for Girls and Boys to learn about Sex in a Relaxed Environment such as in the Privacy of their own Bedrooms Surfing on the Internet for example. Not too many Girls are bold enough to walk into the Book Store and ask where the Sex books are, and even if they were to find them by themselves, chances are they won't want to go up to the counter and Pay for it, because they would feel too uncomfortable about what the Cashier might think of them, (Given all the Negative Press from the Christians about Sex) So if the Young Teens are able to learn about Sex from the Internet in a more Relaxed environment, it really is up to the Parents, to make sure that their RIGHT to view this kind of Material on the Internet is Protected. Because there are many Christian backed Government Officials who are trying to Control Internet Content, especially regarding Sexually Explicit materials.

So I urge Parents NOT to use Blocking Technology, and anytime you have the Power to Speak or Vote on the issue, you need to stand up and tell the World that Internet Pornography is not only Useful to Teens, it is imperative to their Future! Ignorance has been proven NOT to be Bliss in these circumstances.

So getting back to the Main point, Women in this Religion are taught, and expected to Study, and Learn as much about Sex as they Possibly can, it might even be honorable for a Teen who is really motivated in the future to work part time in a Sex Related Job such as a Phone Sex Service, and Internet Video Service, or become a Prostitute for the purpose of LEARNING everything they can about Sex, and what Men actually fantasize about, and what they really like.

In that way she could actually learn and explore things about her OWN Sexuality to really determine what things she HERSELF actually likes and dislikes about Sex, and then it would Help her to make a more informed intelligent decision, about what kind of Guy she really would Prefer to spend a long term relationship with. Instead of going through one bad relationship after another, trial and error, with all the negative emotions of the break ups, and heart break associated with each boyfriend she loses because she really wasn't sure what SHE herself was Looking for Sexually, and if she goes out into the world with Ignorance to guide her, then all she will face is problems and heartbreak.

However if (for example) she was to become a Prostitute for a while and Learn what She really enjoys Sexually, it would be possible for her to use THAT KNOWLEDGE she gains from that experience, to help her find a Match which will be more Sexually Compatible with her OWN desires, and hence make for a more harmonious relationship in the long run. Its hard to Learn about Sex, unless you do it, because there is a lot involved in a Sexual experience, there is the Mental aspect- because most of what we get turned on about is coming from inside of our MIND, how we THINK, Sex is just as much MENTAL as it is Physical, therefore it is important to Learn about How Men Think, and Understand how you as a Woman might be thinking, what Thoughts make you feel horny, and what Thoughts turn you off. And do Your Thoughts and the Man's thoughts you are with MATCH? If so, then you will have a very Passionate experience, if not, then it will be very difficult to experience any Passion without your Thoughts Matching to some extent.

There is also a part of our Subconscious that is more concerned about just working on finding a Mate to reproduce, this is what is happening when we feel compelled to have Sex with someone we really don't have much in common with, our Subconscious mind overrides reason for the sole purpose of perpetuating the Human Race. But even THIS is something, which will make us horny, and it comes from the SUBCONSCIOUS mind.

Sex is Physical in a few different ways also, first of course there is Touch, but each person responds to Touch in different areas of the Body DIFFERENTLY. Some people get ticklish when touched in certain areas, others get really Turned on if they are touched in the exact same areas. Some people have attached negative Mental Pegs to certain areas of their body, such as a girl who may have been Sexually Molested as a Child, she might have attached Negative Emotions to Sex and any part of Sex, but this can be changed if she thinks about LOVE while she has Sex instead of being Molested. This is something where the Mind and the Body closely Interact with each other in a certain TOUCH stimulus. But it helps to illustrate just how deep the Sexual experience is.

Its not just a bunch of "Humping" and Sweat, there are Millions of Touch receptors all over your Body, and these Touch Receptors are more close together in certain areas of your body such as your Mouth and your Genitals, so that is why if you touch these places it FEELS a whole lot different than any place else. And we attach Emotions to different kinds of Touch, just like we attach meaning to Pictures in our mind, so this is WHY it is so important to actually work with yourself, either through masturbation or by having Sex with someone else to LEARN what things really give YOU the greatest Pleasure. Then you can work on finding a Man who fits your Sexual Profile, And you will be more educated and have the KNOWLEDGE you need to go out and actually FIND Happiness.

In the Future, maybe after all the Christians have changed their beliefs, maybe all Girls will enter Service as Prostitutes for a year or so, to Learn about Sex, and then the world will be a more Loving and Understanding place, because More people will experience more Love, less Hatred and Contempt, and they will in the end be able through computer dating services to match up with someone who fits their Sexual Profile, and will lead them to Happiness.

But a small word of advice to any Girl who might consider entering the world of Prostitution, #1 use a Condom ALWAYS unless you have taken the guy to the Doctor yourself and listened to what the Doctor has to tell you about him. If you haven't done that, then PLEASE use a Condom ALWAYS! #2 Remember that You do not NEED a Pimp, it is much better for you to go out as a Free Agent, do your Business, and Hire a Man to handle any Problems you might have. Escort agencies which are run by Females are usually better than working with a Pimp, because in most cases you won't get slapped up and forced to hit the streets to make the Pimp money. Escort Services offer you a little protection against the weird guys who might try to take advantage of you. As well as plans to keep from getting arrested by the Christian Authorities.

As far as how you might start working as a Prostitute Yourself, first Look in Ads in the Phone Book under Security & Body Guard Services, ask to review their Staff, and select the Biggest Baddest Looking Guy you can Find, its good if he is Licensed to carry a Gun too. Then arrange with him to work out an On-Call Relationship, if you get into trouble he can come to help you out. Pay him when he is called, not on a Retainer type contract, that is more expensive. Work out a Pay-per-call deal with him.

Then Advertise in certain Newspapers as either a Model, or Dominatrix, or Massage Therapist, ( if you are going to do Massage, you will have to go get Certified in most places, it requires a Training School) Or you can Advertise as an Escort, everyone will pretty much know what you do if advertise yourself as an Escort. Then when you get a Customer make him pay in advance, make him sign a statement which says he is paying for you to go out with him to accompany him, and this agreement in no way guarantees or implies that you will have Sex with him, and that the Payment is for you to accompany the man, NOT to have Sex with him. However the agreement should also state that should you decide you would LIKE to engage in Sexual activity with the Client, you reserve the right to have Sex with who ever you please, and Money should not be considered as part of the Sexual Experience.

You Could Also Rent a House, call it a Motel, and Charge your Clients to Rent the ROOM, which would not be associated with any act of Sex. Any Act of Sex would be entirely YOUR Choice! That way the Police can not Arrest you for Charging a Man for Sex, because you are only charging him for the ROOM, not the Sex.

As long as you don't associate the Act of Sex with the Transfer of Money, then the Christian Police can't charge you with Prostitution.

Defining the Cosmos?

In this Religion we do not try to spend too much time trying to define the Cosmos or the Workings of Kali, because we feel SHE DEFINES US, we do not define her, we merely accept her and serve her. In some cases we might talk of Philosophies involving the Goddess Kali, yet this is primarily to allow others to get an understanding of the Religion itself and how it works, not necessarily of the actual workings of the Goddess Kali, because in reality we do not possess the ability to define Kali, she is too complex, too vast, it is like an Animal trying to balance our Check Book, or plan our Investments, they cannot, and we cannot define the immense nature of the workings of the Universe which make up the Goddess Kali.

We use tools of the Cosmos such as Astrology, and other things that have been proven to be effective, but these things in themselves are not complete definitions of Kali, only a small tiny tidbit of information which we have begun to understand about the vastness of Kali. There is far more about Kali that we do not know, than there are things we do know about her.

Education is Religious Practice

In this Religion we study and educate ourselves as part of our Religious practice, because Life is a learning experience, and Kali blesses those who accept this fact, with a better life. Education is also part of Human growth, and Kali wants us to grow strong, and become the best that we can be, so we strive to educate ourselves to be the best that we can be. Education is also a key element in enhancing our Sexual Experiences, and teaching each other new Sexual techniques that we have learned, as well as studying the latest Medical information to understand how to carry out Ritual Human Sacrifices with Bondage and Domination, with precision of a skilled Doctor, as well as being educated on the Psychological effects that are associated with a Ritual Bondage and Domination as Symbolic Human Sacrifice.

But We take Education as a Lifestyle more than a Momentary event in one's Life. Many people only think of Education in terms of going to a Formal School or College. We educate ourselves DAILY, by using the Will Power we Develop within ourselves we can Budget our Time more wisely to make time to apply ourselves to Study the subjects we are interested in. We use our Will Power to harness a new level of Academic Discipline, where we do not need a Teacher to tell us to study, we have the Passion to do what it takes to absorb the information on our own, and furthermore using this same level of extreme Passion and Will Power, we can Improvise on the knowledge we gain from books and other learning materials, and we can develop New Revolutionary Ideas to expand on the Knowledge we have already learned or in some cases develop new learning techniques to help us absorb information even MORE quickly, which increases the Level of our education dramatically.

Many people think down about themselves or they listen to too much negative talk from friends and relatives who tell them they can't do this for one reason or another, or they can't do that, for one reason or another, but if you look at where the great achievers of the past came from, you will see that many of the greatest inventions and Ideas of our World came from just average everyday people who Believed in themselves enough to dare to challenge the World with their New Ideas. Many of them were the Laughing stock of their friends and neighbors, the Wright Brothers Invented the Airplane, yet they were only Bicycle mechanics, and all the Negative people around them used to Laugh at them every time one of their Planes would Crash or wouldn't fly, these Negative people used to think the Wright Brothers were Crazy idiots, but the Truth is they were Geniuses! All because of their Attitude and Determination, to challenge the World, and go against the Flow of the Norm.

Albert Einstein was just a Math Wiz, but he wasn't a Physics Professor, yet his Contribution to the world, his Ideas, Revolutionized the World of Physics, and many people used to Laugh and joke at him, they called him Crazy, but the Truth is he was a Genius. Royal Rife was actually a Lab Technician, not a Doctor, but he discovered how to Cure many Diseases INCLUDING CANCER!

So it is clear from this that many times people often discover ideas that are not related to their present field of Work or Study. So don't limit your thinking, anyone can create and improvise on things or invent new Ideas, and don't listen to negative people, they really don't care about you anyway, so why listen to them. If they were Truly your friends then they would support you no matter what crazy Ideas you have. But this is how we advance our state of mind, to gain a heightened state of awareness, to constantly develop new ideas by distancing ourselves from the people who think they are "Normal".

By thinking in unconventional ways constantly, soon inventions and Ideas will start to flow from your mind so often that you will have trouble trying to decide which one you really want to spend time working on. One word about Inventions and Patients, and Copyrights, It is not a Good idea once you become a "Creator" to Sue People in Court over any Idea which might slip into someone else's hands. The reason is once we become Creators, we enter a higher state of existence than those types of people who have to steal other people's Ideas just to try to get rich of others work. And True Creators have no need to squabble over Copyrights or Patients, because they are too busy working on their next project focusing their energy on creating more. And True Creators have no fear of sharing their ideas and information with others, because the FLOW of Ideas that stream from their Minds are so strong, and so vast, that it is like standing on top of a Geyser or under a Water Fall, the Rush of Original Ideas never ends. So for someone to Steal an Idea from a Creator is like trying to get a cup of water from a Waterfall. It means Nothing to a True Creator.

It would therefore be much more Honorable to Share your Ideas unselfishly and not worry about Copyrights and Patients, and instead present ourselves in a more Dignified Confident manner than squabbling over Rights like Children fighting over a Toy. So All of this is part of our Attitude towards Education in this Religion. We Cultivate our Minds in every aspect, then USE them to better the World as much as we can. Because in the End what will really matter is the things you have accomplished with your life, not how much money you made doing it.

Other Metaphysical Concepts

We use a number of different Metaphysical Concepts, because this Religion allows you to design your own Belief System, you can incorporate any number of Beliefs into this practice, for example the Theory of Yin & Yang, as well as Tao, and Buddhism, or you can use some of the Concepts from Astrology, and Runes, or some of the Rituals listed in Books of Witchcraft, or some of the concepts from the self help books. You may pick out the good parts from each one of these things if you like and then throw away the stuff you don't like from each one. This is Part of Bruce Lee's Philosophy of Jeet Kun Do. "Use that which is useful and discard the rest."

Kali encompasses everything in the Universe therefore it doesn't really matter what you believe, you are still praying to the Goddess Kali. This is why you may practice more than one Religion in THIS religion, yet in any other Religion, they will tell you, that you cannot practice any other Religion except THEIR Religion.

Beware of people who try to trap you into one type of Belief System, in most cases they do it for THEIR benefit not yours. In THIS Religion we promote True FREEDOM to choose what YOU want to believe in. No other Religion can say that.

Holistic approach to Health Care

We condone Doctors who practice Holistic Medicine, because we believe in a form of Medicine that looks for treating the CAUSE of the illness, rather than supporting doctors who believe in only treating the PROBLEM. However we do NOT believe in substituting Prayer for Medical Treatment, but we do use Prayer to Enhance any Medical Treatment, we also use Vitamins and Herbs to Enhance any Preventive Treatments, and maintain our good Health. We support using Natural Herbs for Medicines instead of Drugs which are Synthetic due to the Rip offs by the Drug companies. But we do use Drugs when they are the best choice for the Treatment. We also use certain Medications during special ceremonies to enhance the experience for the Sacrifice, however we do not believe in drug abuse outside of the Sexual Ceremony, and any Medication used for Sexual Ceremonies should not be used on a regular basis it should only be used for very special occasions during special Fantasies only.

The New Religion of Kali supports Health Organizations, which puts the Priority of the Individual ABOVE the Cost Efficiency and or Profit Margins, Organizations such as the Red Cross should stand up and show the rest of the world how it's done. The Red Cross is one of the many Health related Organizations which sticks out in my mind as being properly Focused in their Goals towards Caring For people. I just wish there were more Organizations like them available to everyone in the World. And If the Civilian Sector of Society continues to Close Emergency Rooms, Hospitals, and Clinics, just because they are trying to Balance their Budgets, because they won't or can't pay the people enough to do the Job, Then I Believe the National Governments need to take Control of the Health care and Drug Companies, they should be more worried about Anti-Trust Suits against the Drug Companies, than the Computer Giants.

Create a Government Regulated Health program where each person pays into an Insurance plan say $50 a month, and if they ever become ill, or need medical attention they get it from a Government Funded Hospital such as is run by the Military. Staffing should be usually OVER STAFFED, not under, because Hospitals deal with Disasters and Adverse situations on a DAILY basis, it is their job to deal with all the Three or four Car pile ups, the Plane Crashes, the School Bus Accidents, they can not deal with major Disasters, if they are constantly under staffed. Therefore the Correct way to Staff a Hospital is so you have so many Doctors and Nurses standing around that on a NORMAL day a Patient who enters an Emergency Room would get seen IMMEDIATELY! Not 2 Hours after they get there! And they should not have to lay around in a room until the Doctors can " get around" to the patient, Hospitals are suppose to be Urgent Care Facilities, that means if a Hamburger Restaurant can Serve me faster than a Hospital SOMETHING IS FUK-D UP Yes? We need to get our Priorities Straight here people.

Again if the Civilian Community can not or WILL NOT serve the Public's Needs in an Effective Manner, then I Believe we should Vote for the Government to step in and Take TOTAL CONTROL of the Health industry. Not with Subsidies, or Grants, this is one problem you can't throw money at to fix it, its gonna take A LOT of People to get involved, and If the Government Takes Total Control they are better organized to maintain a higher level of accountability with less bullshit, because the Government is not as hell bent on Profit as the Civilian Community, and this IS in the Interest of Public Safety, which falls under the Jurisdiction of the Government. If anything threatens the well-being of the Public, the Federal Government CAN assume Control and Take over.

And as much as we all may fear Government Control of us in most cases, if the Government Takes Control of the ENTIRE Health Care Industry, that means we start getting the Drugs at Half Price, or less, We Have Fully Staffed Fully Trained Hospitals and Clinics, with Disaster Plans and Equipment all ready to go in the event of a Mass influx of Patients, and it would mean Better Care all the way around, Better, Faster, Cheaper, and it would give us all a lot more peace of mind about our country. President Clinton tried to make an effort to Revise the Health Care system, but he failed, because all he did when he forced Businesses to Provide health care for workers over 20 hours a week, was he changed the world alright, now instead of being able to work ONE job, many people are forced to work TWO or even THREE Jobs because many Businesses just decided to cut everyone's hours down from 40 hours a week to less than 20 hours a week just so they can get out of paying Health Insurance for their workers, so they cut down everyone's hours and hire more people and the employers loose nothing, but what about the people. Now we are reduced to Slave Labor with STILL no Health Benefits- Thanks Bill. (I Love Bill Clinton, I just wish there were Provisions in that Bill to Keep the Wiesely Business Owners from Screwing the People out of Heath Insurance.)

Two Places I really think the Federal Government should Completely Control are Public Schools and Health Care. Its time to Stop Fukking around and address the Problems,- Head on Damn it! Stop worrying about who you might piss off, and start worrying about the people you're suppose to be helping. Nuff Said.

Abortion is a Woman's Choice

We believe that Abortion is a Woman's Choice, this is because Kali herself will terminate a Pregnancy if the conditions surrounding it are not suitable for providing the Child with a safe healthy Environment in which to raise the Child. And a Woman can make the same type of decision based on her evaluation of the circumstances surrounding her life, or if she knows she is just not ready for it, and she cannot handle it, because we believe that Women are Goddesses they have the right to make the same decisions as Kali regarding Life and Death.

Now I know there are people out there who are ready to jump up and down and Scream and Yell about the Abortion Issue, but to all of them I say this, All these Fanatical Anti-Abortionists (Mainly Christians) March up and Down the Streets, Bomb Clinics, and Harass Everyone they can about Trying to FORCE their Beliefs on Everyone else, yet How many of them have actually Adopted an unwanted Child? I'd take a safe bet at saying none of them, or very few.

So you see they really only give a shit about trying to FORCE people into a BELIEF that it is wrong, all this crying and moaning about "The UnBorn Children" All seems to go away after the Children are Born, then they just think it's fine and dandy for the kids to grow up in an Orphanage or Foster Home or Several Foster Homes, and get all kinds of Mental Problems associated with improper Child Growth and Development, and maybe wind up as Serial Killers, that's ok right? I don't THINK so. It is Better to Fully Understand the Mating Process before engaging in Sex, this will help to Prevent abortions by Preventing the Pregnancy from occurring in the first place. This is why it is SO IMPORTANT that we Stop Whining about Pornography, and Teen Sex, and Let the Teens Learn what they Need to Know before they get into Sexual Situations and Make Poor Decisions, just because their Parents taught them "Pornography is Bad, and Sex is Bad, and Teen Sex is Bad, Sex on the Internet is Bad" and then when they fill their Lives Preaching about Ignorance, then they can't handle what happens as a result of preaching Ignorance, it creates Unwanted Children. Ok Morons?

We Do Not Tolerate Racism

We in this Religion we Dedicate our lives to promoting inter-racial Sex, and Love, Kali put all the different races on this earth to give us fun and excitement to enjoy from each other, the different races are the Spice of Life itself, and we Love all races around the world, and we Cherish each and every thing that each race has to offer us. We also do not Tolerate Racism, if we hear it, see it, we talk to who ever it comes from, and we make them KNOW that it is wrong. By at least Speaking Up and Telling them that WE know it is wrong, they think about what they are doing, and may think twice before doing it again. But if we say nothing, then they will continue to think that what they do is OK, and THAT would Definitely be Incorrect.

Some good Exercises in Racial Interaction, are not only going to some ethnic type Restaurants, but start trying to form a Circle of friends that INCLUDES someone from every Race. Stop thinking that you belong to a single background, and open up your Social Circles a little. I recommend Teachers work with Students to DANCE with different Races, Get them to Learn to Feel Closeness and a Light Sense of Intimacy with different Races. Also its hard for some of us to understand that some people who have come from other places, really just want to feel like they belong here, for example, I Love Asian Women, and I knew this one Chinese Girl who had a Very hard time coming to the U.S. and once she got here, she had a Harder time Learning English, and Adapting to the American Lifestyle, and then she had Problems with stupid Americans who treated her bad just because she was Chinese, and through all of this she still tried to keep an open mind and struggled to be "An American" Because she knew that this country gave her a better life, even though it wasn't easy, she still wanted to stay.

But the Trouble Continued to haunt her day after day, it was like it was always there, and no matter how she tried she couldn't get away from it. But she continued, and after Ten Years of Struggling to Feel Like an American, she was still being called "Chinese" No matter how she tried she could not feel like she belonged here. Even when people liked her she found they Liked her BECAUSE she was "Chinese". I felt this Girl's Pain when I met her, and it really blew me away. I wanted to say something or do something to make it all better, but what could I do? The problem was so big, and for me it was the first time I realized that even Liking Someone because of their Race is also a Form of Racism. And I know how I feel, and many other Americans that I know have an Obsession with Asians, it is SO Intense, it is Beyond Words, I believe this is a Natural Phenomena which Kali designed to help bring The East and the West to understand each other.

But we need to Communicate with each other more, because I know I can't stop my Obsession with Asians, I Love them so Much I have Learned 3 Different Asian Languages so far, and I plan to learn at least a couple more. And I have been told that if you Love someone even if it is because of their Race, Love is still a Good Thing. But after meeting this one Girl I learned we must be more Sensitive towards People because we really don't know how they feel inside, and what kind of Hardships they have gone through to get to where they are now. I plan to go to Thailand someday, and maybe I might decide to stay there and Live, if I do, I know I will be hated by some, discriminated against because I am an American, and if I live there for a Few years , I would most likely not like to be called a "Farang" the word they use for White Foreigners. When I Lived in Hawaii, I didn't like it when they Called me a "Haolie" I would have rather they called me an American, But "Haolie" is the word THEY use to describe White People, and Most often they say it with Hatred in their Voice or Ridicule. Japanese use the word " Gaijin" For White People, they say it means Foreigner, but they really only use it for White People. And many other Cultures do the same thing. I guess we all need to do a lot of work in our respective places about this.

Evil does not exist

The reason we do not believe in Evil is because there is no Scientific Proof that evil exists, and furthermore if we allow ourselves to believe in evil, we tend to assume a condemning attitude such as the Christians possess, which is how our Legal system became so screwed up to the point where they throw people in Jail with no intention of trying to correct or cure them of their illnesses, or reform them, and even those who do get released are damned for Life by hypercritical Employers who refuse to hire any X-Cons, and that is also how they try to justify the Death Penalty is by believing in Evil, otherwise there would be no excuse for killing someone instead of trying to Cure them of the Mental Illness which lead them to kill or commit the crimes which sentenced them to death.

Believing in Evil will only lead to Hatred and Contempt, NOT Compassion, although some people's actions defy explanation or Logic, and there may seem like there is no hope in curing some of these criminally insane individuals, the answers are found deep within Compassion and Understanding, each and every person in Life are here to Teach us something about Life, if we choose to ignore the lessons they bring us and ignore the opportunity to learn the causes of these illnesses, then we will continue to have to deal with these Problems in our lives until we decide to try to Understand instead of Hate.

But most Christians find it much easier to just kill people instead of taking the time and effort required to discover and learn what it is that causes these problems or how we might be able to cure a person with such severe mental problems.

We sometimes Use the Word "Evil" in trying to Communicate Ideas with others, because people who have been Saturated with Christian Ideas most of their lives would not be able to Understand a World without the Concept of "Evil". So in many cases we might use the word "Evil" but it is only to convey an idea that something is wrong, not that is actually possesses some Demonic Traits.

What about Ghosts, and Gobblins, and Unexplainable Wickedness? Ghosts are most likely Real, Demons, well if you believe in them, then you give them the Power to come into Reality, however if you choose NOT to believe in them, they are Powerless, and Hence just as good as Not Existing at all. So be careful what you decide to believe in. The Mind is an Amazing thing, but as long as we Are Concious WE control what we Believe in. Once we lose control of our Conscious mind, then we become insane, and when you are insane, Demons are most Definitely Real to you, and in some cases WE could be the Demon in our own minds, or Possessed by the Demon. But Objectively, from an outsider's view we would only be out of control of our Rational Minds. As for " other worlds" well I think we need to just stay focused on perfecting our Life and the Quality of our life in the Here and Now, and worry about the Other Worlds, when it becomes Necessary or when the time comes to learn of them.

There is one more dimension I would like to touch on regarding evil. During Sex it has been proven that the more Spiritual and Magical you try to make your Rituals, the more intense the Feeling is. In The New Religion of Kali we embrace all the Good AND the Bad things in life together as one entity, not two. In other words in all things there is an equal amount of good and bad. Focusing on the Good things, makes you feel Positive and creates Positive results. Focusing on the Bad things might make you feel bad as well. Now During Sex there is a part of our Psychology that likes to think about being Bad, or even "Evil" and the more we use things to make things seem "Evil" during Sex, the more it can arouse you Sexually.

I'll give you an example: When me and my Domina Perform a Ritual Together we do things to try to Welcome both the Good, and the Bad Spirits to Witness the Ritual. Because when you really think about it, Ultimate Compassion and Understanding, means accepting both the Good, and the Bad. When you perform a Ritual of Sacrifice you are bringing together the Representation of Good (which is the Sacrifice) and the Representation of Bad (which is the Sexually Sadistic Domina) and these two come together and form a very Loving Bond, through Understanding each others needs, and each really strives to satisfy the other. So to Satisfy a Sexually Sadistic Domina a Sacrifice should really try to Suffer as much as they can and act like they don't like it. This will fulfill the needs of the Sadistic Domina. A Domina who wants to understand and accept a Masochistic Sacrifice, will act Caring and Compassionate and keep the Sacrifice horny while at the Same time acting like a Bitch and whipping the hell out of the Sacrifice.

What I am trying to illustrate here is how two opposites attract, come together, and through their Understanding and Compassion represent LOVE in the most sincere way possible.

Now if you were to take the same level of Understanding and Compassion to the Spiritual Realm, you would not only Welcome all the Good Spirits to witness the Ritual, but you would invite the Bad Spirits too. We do this by Reciting a Prayer to Welcome all the Spirits of Good and Evil. Because that is the English name that all the Bad Spirits know themselves by. And when we Decorate the Dungeon or Ritual Space, we always include Symbols of what most people would consider "Evil" such as Death Stars, Devil Symbols, Wooden Carved Devil Masks, Snakes, something to represent or attract the Evil Spirits as well as the Good Spirits to make them feel welcome and part of the Ritual. Now you might be thinking "Why on earth would we do something like THAT?" Well this might seem a little shocking to some people but if I want My Domina to Whip and Torture me and REALLY Enjoy it, then I might want to summon up a little help to help her THINK and Feel things that would really Turn her on while she is Whipping and Torturing me.

What kind of Spirit do you think could do that? Maybe the Spirit of a Serial Killer? Who Knows. The Point I am trying to make here is when we do this kind of stuff, the Rituals seem to go REALLY REALLY Well. I mean UNBELIEVABLE! Think about it like this, if you were a "Damned Spirit of a Serial Killer" for example who their whole life they were misunderstood, then finally killed by the system, you would probably be pretty lonely hanging around in purgatory (or wherever Spirits of Serial Killers hang out, I don't really know), but if one day someone was to call on you to Help them Feel the way You feel, you might feel Loved and Appreciated and Understood, after a lifetime of being hated and misunderstood, do you think you would want to come join in on the Fun? I guarantee you that you would. So this is how it works.

By Showing Love, Compassion, and Understanding in all situations, you wind up appreciating all the Benefits of Life to the Fullest. And you can't do that by setting up Rules about what is Good, and What is Evil, because each element of life has it's purpose. Everything happens for a Reason. If you start making up Rules to Hate people with, and treat them with Contempt, soon you will be living just like the Christians and the Muslims who hate everyone, and wage WARS of Hatred on people because of it. But the more we try to Understand and Accept people and things around us, the more we will LEARN. The more we Learn, the more we can use what we Learn to our Advantage.

For example; everyone thinks of Serial Killers as some form of "Evil" but what if we were to Legalize the Right to die, then there WOULD be a certain number of people lining up to Be Killed. SOMEONE would have to do the Killing. Maybe that's why Serial Killers exist, but most people are just too stupid to use enough Compassion and Understanding to accept it. Everything has a Reason, and a Purpose, and just because you don't understand what that reason is, doesn't mean it isn't suppose to be here.

Heaven & Hell Exist only on Earth

First of all the concept of Heaven can not exist because each person's interpretation of it would be different, and by the time you included everything that everyone desired in Heaven it would be exactly the way it is on earth, which is a contradiction in terms, because the balance of nature makes it impossible for anyplace to be ONLY Good, that's why life has an equal amount of good and bad. Hell as described in Christian scriptures incorporates the belief of Evil, which I've already explained does not exist. However there is situations here on earth which would equate to a life condition of Hell, such as starving to death, being afflicted with a very bad disease which takes years to finally kill you, or many other things would be considered hell right here on earth.

It might be possible for us to go to a Place where all of our Desires are fulfilled, in our Own Little World so to speak, which could stem from our own Minds, or in some way WE would represent everything in our own little dream land as we interpret "Heaven" to be. In the same way we can Dream when we are asleep and Dream Really Good Dreams with all our Friends in them. The Earth is a Logical place with a Very Complex Order, I believe that the Spiritual Realm is Illogical; it defies all Logic and Order.

If the Theory of Yin and Yang is True, then this would make sense. In THIS case, anything would be possible. The Material World being Logical, the Spiritual World being Illogical, and therefore not bound by the rules of Logic and Order, where we Could actually go to a place of our own creation rather than a place created by a Religion. And because we really don't know for sure what happens when we die, I guess it leaves us Free to Believe whatever we want about Heaven and Hell, and while this might sound like a Contradiction in what I just mentioned in the Paragraph above, I am only stating all of the Possibilities, and then letting YOU make up YOUR own mind as to what to believe and what not to believe.

But I do not Believe that there is a Place of Fire and Brimstone waiting for all those who go against Christian or Muslim beliefs. This Propagates Hatred and Contempt not Compassion and Understanding, and that's not what we are about.

What most likely happens to "Bad" people is they are reborn into the Circumstances of their Victims. So they can experience exactly what it is like. That would be as close to hell as I believe would exist, because the ultimate goal and purpose of Life if you look very closely at it, is to LEARN. And to Learn to use Compassion and Understanding as much as Possible. So "Bad" people would be sent into a life to experience exactly what their Victims experienced as a way to Motivate them to Learn what is Right, and What is Wrong. It is not Fire and Brimstone, and endless suffering as most Scriptures Describe, there would be no Point to a place like that, especially if Kali created a Universe as Complex and full of Order as this, then you think she is going to make a "Hell" that is Pointless except to create Suffering? Only a Moron would believe a "God" would create something like that.

Destiny is impossible

Because if everything is already pre-determined and our destiny is already pre- planned, then no matter what we do in our life it wouldn't matter, and it is a fact that everything we do affects our future and what happens to us in the future, which is proof that Destiny does not exist. Not only that but believing in Destiny makes people feel pretty hopeless to think they are completely powerless to change their lives and their destiny. Therefore we believe that we have the power to change any part of our lives that we want to. This is a much healthier frame of mind to keep.

But there are elements of Destiny in more of a form of Kali's Guidance rather than a Directive. Once you determine what you want to do in your life, and you are really Sincere about it, Kali will do things to help you. She will make things happen around you to help you, like opportunities will come along just when you are looking for them, things will happen to help you.

And sometimes In Music, and in Life, I think I am going one direction, and Kali takes me in a totally different path. It is almost Magical when I look back on it. For example; when I was growing up I wanted to be a Rock Star, I practiced night and day for YEARS, and never got anywhere. Then I joined the military and learned a whole bunch of things, and to make a long story a little shorter certain things happened in very precise precession almost like someone PLANNED it to happen to teach me what I needed to know, so I would become the Person I am today. Everything that happened in my Life, happened for a Reason, even when my Father died of Cancer, which seems horrible, if he had not Died of Cancer, I would not have Joined the Military and all those Iraq Soldiers in the first Gulf War would not have got little notes Dropped to them, because THAT was My Idea, and Thousands of people may have died as a Result if my Father had not died of Cancer.

I would have never began Searching for the Truth, because I would have had no Reason to Question what I had been taught, and Kali would never have Shown me the Truth, if I had not sought it Sincerely. And you would not be reading these words, if my Father had not Died of Cancer. Do you see how so many things Chain React to form a kind of Destiny? But then you have to ask "How much of this did I have Control over?" And I kind of feel like I really didn't have much Control over any of it. This is MY Destiny to do this. I Feel it now with every fiber of my being, I Understand it all now, where as I didn't understand ANY of it when it was happening to me. Sure I DECIDED to Join the Military, because I didn't have anywhere else to go, my father was dying. And I Decided to Study Religion and Philosophy because nothing was making any Sense, and I wanted to understand WHY my Father Died like that. And a "Merciful God" just wasn't cutting it after I witnessed what my Father went through. I wanted to Understand, I wanted to know the TRUTH. So this is what lead me here.

Now do I believe in Destiny? I believe that some people can summon up Kali's Guidance through their Sincere Passion, and even if they don't understand what they are doing or where they are going Kali will guide them along the right path to find what it is they seek most. And the people who do not have a seeking mind or Passionate Spirit will find nothing, simply because they seek nothing. And that is what I believe is Real. That is what I believe is the TRUTH regarding Destiny.

Knowing what I know, from my past experience, I can see a certain form of Destiny at work, because no matter how I wanted a Career in Music, no matter what I did to try to make it happen, nothing transpired, no one cared, I never made a dime playing music even when I could pick the Guitar with My Teeth, people would rather buy Gangsta Rap made by people who could not even sing or play an instrument, that talked about Killing people for no reason or how "Bad" they were instead of taking an interest in what I was doing.

So this does show there is some kind of Destiny at work, and I am really not sure how much we can affect our own Destiny, if at all. But I do know that if we give up on any kind of Goals or Control of our own lives, then life becomes hopeless, and meaningless, and we begin to think about Suicide. So for this reason, I choose not to believe in Destiny, I choose to believe in Kali's Devine Guidance, but not Destiny which would imply I am completely powerless to have any control at all over my future. This would not help me as far as a Belief, so I choose not to believe in Destiny.

But I DO see my life being Guided along in a certain direction, sometimes when I am not even aware of it. I make Choices along the way, but making the Wrong Choice or trying to fight the current of my Path of this "Guidance" usually winds up setting me back, delaying my progress, or making me unhappy. If I sit down and take some time to really evaluate my True Path, in Harmony with Kali's Guidance, then the Choices I make make my life Better, I make Progress, many times the Choices are based on our own Values, and Dreams, but I have seen even when I make the Choices that THINK are the Best, I usually will find later, I am going in Circles if I make the Wrong Choice, which will lead me right back to the Same Choice I made before, then if I make a different Choice I make Progress.

What I am trying to say is through trial and error, we eventually find our Path, which is inevitably our Destiny. The more we Chant and Focus on Harmonizing with the Spirit of Kali, the more we can make the Right Choices, and spend less time running around in Circles. Many times I have found I THINK I know what I want, but later I realize that the Path I have traveled leads me right to where I really need to be, without even realizing I was going there.

So in this Respect, I suggest that instead of worrying about defining "Destiny" it is more important that you accept Kali's Guidance, and let her Lead you. Because what you might find is you might attain a greater level of Success than you ever dreamed possible, as long as you have faith in Kali. Keep your Dreams and Goals in your Heart, but when they don't work out, don't give up, but realize that there might be something greater happening than you understand at the Moment.

A good Example is Nuclear Science was discovered by accident, if you look at the history of Physics. Things like this happen to everyone, as long as you are listening to the Spirit of Kali, she can guide you in the best direction.

What happens when we die?

Well to be totally honest, we don't really know for sure, no one has ever died and come back to tell us what its all about. Now there has been a lot of popular opinions from people who experienced near death, and then been revived after being "Clinically Dead" but we have no proof that what these people claim is true. All we really do know for sure is what science and the laws in science tell us might be possible. Science tells us that energy can neither be destroyed nor created it only changes form, therefore when we die it is pretty safe to assume that our "Soul" or the energy which makes up our Spirit will live on, although there is a possibility that we could be reborn into a different life form, and Buddhists state that this is determined by our life condition and the causes we have created during our life time, the sum total of all the causes created during this life will determine what we become in our next life. Many people choose to believe in the Heaven or Hell concept, although it is Logically impossible for places like that to exist anyplace other than earth, the Spiritual Realm is not a logical place, it defies all logic and has no order, or so it has been theorized. Under these circumstances, it might be possible that each individual could perceive their own "Heaven" or "Hell" as it is interpreted by them, and each person's "Heaven" or "Hell" would be different according to their own perception of what is "good" and what is "bad".

The point is if it helps you to believe you will go to some Utopia in the clouds someplace after you die, then fine, you can believe in Heaven if you wish, just keep in mind, that it is in no way a justification for death. But there are many in this world who choose to end their lives because they feel they cannot handle the Emotional or Physical Suffering they endure here in this life. These people do not go to "Hell" as many Christians or Muslims might say they do, but actually I believe they are Welcomed by Kali for realizing how bad Hatred and Contempt really is.

In other words the people who commit Suicide are actually Blessed once they Die with Better Circumstances, because they were brave enough to Sacrifice themselves to show that Hatred and Contempt is wrong. If they end their Lives because of Physical Suffering, I believe they receive peace at last, because that is what they desire most when ending their Life. Those who end their Life because of emotional torment, receive Love from Kali, because that is what they desire most. And if they Sacrifice their Lives for the sake of their desires, then Kali looks at this as a very sincere gesture or statement about what they really want. So she Gives it to them.

There are many people who have experienced clinical death and many of them describe very similar events, so if we were to use those experiences as a model for what might be a possibility, it really wouldn't hurt, to imagine that this is what could happen to you. So lets just say that when you die, you leave your Physical body, you drift around awhile, then you go to a Huge Bright Light, which is The Goddess Kali, she will not judge you as other Philosophies might suggest,but she accepts you like a caring mother or a long lost Love reunited with you, she then will lead you to a place where all of your deceased relatives and friends will be waiting for you to welcome you to this new dimension. In this New dimension you will enjoy your most favorite pleasures, while you wait to go on to a New Life in a different set of circumstances, it could be in human form, or it may be in a different form, but WE will choose whatever form we will assume based on what kind of experience we want out of life, we also will have the opportunity to choose what TIME we are born in, because time is only relative to the earth, we may choose to be born in any time we want.

Life is a learning experience, that is its purpose, those of us who have learned enough, will be smart enough to know what kind of choices to make to learn more in our next lives, those who have not learned enough will make choices that will teach them the lessons they NEED to learn how to decide what it is that will bring them the greatest happiness in another Life. So therefore life and its learning experiences will continue after we die, and on through our next life, so our death is not an End, but more of a Graduation to the next Level, which will bring us new challenges and fresh set of circumstances in which to learn under. Therefore Death in This Religion is a Beautiful and Celebrated Event.

Those who have hated shall experience hatred towards them, so they may learn that hate is not a good thing. Unless however before they die they Learn that all the hatred they have projected toward others is wrong, in Learning and realizing their mistakes, and internalizing a commitment to themselves to change the way they think and behave, THIS is their Salvation. Learning and modifying our behavior is how we give ourselves Forgiveness, and Salvation, for retribution in our next lives.

In the same way, those who have Eaten the flesh of animals, might be born as an animal, and experience being slaughtered so they may understand that eating meat is wrong. Those who have stolen from others, if they have not accepted that it is wrong, will be stolen from, those who have killed will be killed, until they fully understand that it is wrong. So rather than a Heaven or Hell type of experience, our next lives will reflect both the positive and negative experiences which we still need to learn, not solely positive or exclusively negative, but balanced according to what we need to grow and develop.

There is not only One woman for every man, or "Soul mates" the reality is there are Millions and Millions of possible mates for each individual, and each possible mate will present new challenges and learning experiences, and each will have there own set of benefits as well.

Even our own Sex might change from one life to the next, to experience all of the things we projected towards the opposite sex during THIS life, which will teach us what is right and wrong with our behavior from one life to the next. Gay people might be the result of someone who just couldn't decide whether they wanted to be a man or a woman right up to the moment of conception and development in the womb, and it wasn't until AFTER they assumed a particular Biological shape and form, they finally make up their minds, which presents them with a unique set of learning experiences, and problems. So in this Religion we accept all Gay people with Love and Compassion, because we understand what your going through, and we do not wish to make your experience here in this world any more difficult than it already is. So welcome. And we support everyone's rights to decide how to live their lives, and everyone deserves the same rights and protections under the law regardless of who they love, or how they do it.

We also care for Animals because each one could be US in a next life, We believe that Animals DO have the ability to Think, and Reason, and Understand, they can learn and develop, maybe not at the same rate as a human, but they do have a right to experience a good life on this planet, the best life we can give them, the purpose of animals on this earth is NOT as a food source for us, the purpose of animals on this earth is to learn grow and reproduce, just as we do. Just because they are Animals does not entitle us to abuse or treat them with disrespect, or eat them.

Now I mentioned before earlier that we use Animals to Train Young Girls to Kill in a Ritual of Human Sacrifice. This is totally reflective of the Society we live in. What I mean is, as Long as the Society is going to Slaughter Millions of Animals everyday for food. Then to Kill an Animal in the Name of Kali in a Ritual is a Much more meaningful Death for the Animal, and the Animal will still be eaten, but with much more reverence than if someone was just buying a Hamburger or Pizza with meat on it. Sacrificing an Animal for the Sake of Training a Goddess to Kill is a very Sacred Ceremony, there is a lot of thought and preparation put into it. Even when the Animal is eaten we say a Prayer for it. So it is not like we are Hypocritical on the Animal Rights Issue. We believe in animal Rights, but animals that are normally killed for food anyway, would be much better off dying in a Religious Ritual, than just for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

If there comes a day when the Rest of Society stops Killing Animals for Food Completely, then we will stop using Animals to Train Goddesses to Kill. Until then it is important that the Young Goddesses Sacrifice small Animals like Chickens, Pigs, Goats, Deer, so they will not be afraid to Kill a Human Being in a Ritual of Human Sacrifice. How can we sincerely believe that a Girl is capable of Killing a Human Being if she cannot bring herself to Kill an Animal and Cut it up and Eat it? So for this reason we Sacrifice Small Animals for training Purposes. But we would not do outrageous things like Sacrifice the Neighbor's Cat or Dog. NO!-NO!-NO! Not Cool! If you absolutely feel like you must use a Cat or a Dog for a Ritual you can go to any Dog Pound and they could most likely help you out, they Kill bunches of Dogs and Cats everyday. But remember you have to eat whatever you kill, so if you are not going to want to eat it, then don't kill it.

The Meaning of Life

Many people have pondered the meaning of Life, and come up with their different conclusions, but in reality if you look closely at Life, the Meaning and purpose of Life is to Learn and Grow, and Reproduce. This is the purpose of Life, the reason we are here, to Learn, Grow, and Reproduce, our Goal is to become like Kali, as Goddess like as possible, to strive to be pure in Thought, Word, and Deed, to care for Life and its Environment, to give Thanks to the Goddess Kali, and to our Parents for giving us this life, to experience Love and all the Magic that Love and Sex holds, and to Pursue our Dreams, to Realize them, bring them into reality, and enjoy the Happiness that comes with doing this. Our Mission in Life is to help others as much as we possibly can, while helping ourselves as well, we strive and pride ourselves on our level of Compassion towards others and their needs. We strive towards Understanding even in the most difficult circumstances; we seek to Understand instead of Hate or treat others with Contempt.

Therefore we do not believe in War, unless it is absolutely necessary and there is no other way to prevent our lives from suffering Enslavement or Imprisonment or Political Domination, or Death. We do not believe in War to propagate our Religion or force others to believe as we do. We may be the result of an Alien Experiment, but the meaning of our Life would still be the same.

The Right to Die

We believe in an Individual's Right to decide How they will die, to Plan their Death, and have it carried out according to every detail which they have chosen. We will strive to pass Laws to make this Legal and maintain these Laws and protect a person's right to choose and design their death, whether it be because they suffer from a terminal illness, or if they choose to be Sacrificed in a Religious Ritual of Human Sacrifice to the Goddess Kali, we support a person's decision to decide how they wish to leave this world, and when.

As long as the Polititicans of this world see fit to Slaughter Thousands of People in Wars in Mass Rages of HATRED for another People, then we should have the Right to engage in Willing Religious Human Sacrifice. If all the Governments of the World Stop Slaughtering Innocent people in the Demonic Wars, then maybe we would consider not Offering up any more Human Sacrifices. But I find it much more Nobel to Die for what I Believe in, in a Ritual of Love and Devotion, than it would be to Kill Thousands in Wars of Hatred and Contempt.

Teen Sex

We believe that because Humans become Sexually Developed at the age of 12 years old, and are fully prepared for Sex and become attracted to each other Sexually at age 12, and Psychologically DESIRE Sex at age 12, we believe they have a Right to engage in Sex at age 12 with anyone they choose to, be it of the opposite sex or the same sex, or someone of a different age group, we believe that after a person reaches age 12, they have a right to decide what happens to their bodies, this is a decision which was defined by Kali, she made Boys and Girls reach puberty at or around age 12, to go against this decision for us, would be a disgrace to the Goddess Kali, or in other words We would be disgracing HER, because Kali decided to allow Humans to engage in Sex at age 12, to act as if She did not know what she was doing, would be like we were disgracing her decision.

Prior to age 12 however the parents are responsible to teach their children about sex, so they will be mentally prepared for it, and be capable of handling the responsibilities that come with Sex. However we do not believe Sex is Evil, therefore we do not try to prevent Children from learning about Sex at any age, but we do not engage in Sexual Activities with Children under the age of 12, and we do not encourage children under the age of 12 to engage in Sex, but they are welcome to learn about it and enjoy viewing nudity if they wish, or they may witness an act of Sex if they show an interest in it, but should never be forced to watch against their will.

In regards to "practical selection" teens will be taught to understand the problems associated with engaging in long term relationships with someone of a different age group, and how to deal with those problems if they decide to date someone older than their age group, but we do not try to determine what kind of person will make them happy, that is for THEM to decide, our job is to educate not discriminate.

In regards to the Laws, we should strive to change the Laws to protect the Rights and Freedoms of our Teens to decide what happens to their own bodies. This will include their Right to have Medical Procedures done without parental consent, such as Abortions or Female Circumcision or Preparation for Sex by having her Hymen cut by a Doctor to eliminate the pain and suffering she might experience on her first night of Sex.

In fact a Woman coming of age, (12 years old) is Celebrated with more enthusiasm than even a Birthday, because a Birthday comes every year, but a Woman will only reach the age of 12, once in a lifetime. So we throw huge parties for the Woman at age twelve where she will Sacrifice an Animal as a Symbol of her becoming a physical entity of the Goddess Kali, and becoming a Goddess Herself, then the animal will be carefully barbecued and eaten as a Sacred Delicacy, if it is a Large Party, other Goddesses who attend the party will also Sacrifice an Animal to ensure that everyone at the party can eat the Sacred Flesh in honor of the New Goddess coming of age.

Then the New Goddess may choose any man she wishes to have Sex with and she will Perform her first Sexual Experience in front of everyone at the party, and it will be a very serious, very Sacred Ceremonial Ritual of acceptance for the Woman, its a Symbol of the young Woman's Commitment to Serve the Goddess Kali as a living Entity of the Goddess Kali here on earth. On this night the New Goddess will have dozens of Sexy pictures taken of her in a variety of different posses, before she has sex to make her feel special, and to provide admirers with photos of the New Goddess as Souvenirs, Videos, or CD movies may be made of the Events of the night as well. Again, if it is unlawful to conduct such a Ritual we should make every effort to change the Laws to provide us with the Religious Freedoms we need to celebrate this event, in this manner in the areas in which we live before conducting such a Ritual. However if we are unable to get our Governments to grant us the freedoms we need to conduct these Rituals in this manner, then we must leave it up to each Individual to decide if it is worth the risk to carry out such Religious Rituals in the area they live, or not.

We cannot tell anyone to break a Law, nor can we tell you what is right and wrong for you. Only each individual can determine what is right or wrong for themselves, and we each must be responsible for our own actions.

Lastly no Woman should ever be forced to engage in any Ritual against her will, nor should she be persuaded to do anything she doesn't want to do. The entire ceremony is a Display of Faith for the Goddess Kali, and this faith must come from inside each individual, and it must never be forced. Boys reaching the age of 12 will also receive a special coming of age ceremony similar to that of the Girls, except the Boys will not Sacrifice an Animal, and will instead will be tied or chained up and cut very lightly in the center of his chest and the Goddess of his choice will drink his blood and whip and torture him before having Sexual intercourse with him. But the Parties are the same in size but there is more blood letting and drinking during a boys ceremony than in a girls. And once again no one is ever Forced to do anything in this Religion. Everything is a sincere display of faith to the Goddess Kali, or it is not done at all.

Mandatory Government Funded 4 year College Degree program

We advocate that because Education is part of worship to the Goddess Kali, that each person in this Religion strive to get the Government of their areas to support and implement a 4 year Mandatory Government Funded College Degree Program, for everyone except have a clause that would make young Professionals who are already engaged in some kind of a Career Plan, Exempt from this Law. Although we are advocating something by force which is not usually our style, This particular subject is for the benefit of everyone involved, both the Students, and the Governments which will experience a large rise in the number of Inventions, and innovations, which will in turn raise the level of the economy for each of the Governments who participate in this plan.

In situations where the Government is unwilling to assist in funding of the College Education, we must make every effort to throw Fund raisers and Parties and sell products to raise the funds to educate our Young people as much as we possibly can. If there comes a time when WE become more intelligent than our own Governments, we must make an effort to become a part of our Governmental Systems, and take charge of the issues relating to serving the benefit of all the people. However we do not believe in Rebellion or Overthrow of any government, unless that Government has previously attacked our Government of free elected officials. If our Government is Not made up of a Free Democratic System, (for example, if the CIA or NSA Manipulates the System to get officials elected) then we have every right to make every effort to try to change our system of Government to one that Provides and Protects our Freedoms.

Many might argue that we don't have a Right to Force people to get an Education, however it has been proven that Uneducated people make Stupid Decisions about Their Lives and the Lives of others to the point where they can become a Threat to public Safety purely because of their Ignorance. Which we as a Society, cannot afford to tolerate. That is why we are trying to raise the overall level of Intelligence throughout Society for the Benefit of Everyone. And we need YOUR support for this in order to make it happen.

Decent and Indecent Exposure

We do not consider Sex or Sexuality indecent, therefore our Standards of what is Decent are much different than other Religions. When we are out in Public we want to present the Image of "Elegance" combined with Extreme Sexuality. We are the Elite in the World of Dress and Fashion, as well as Bondage and Domination. We want to Push the look of Sexuality in Public to its very limits while displaying a look of Elegance at the same time. Examples of this are Very low cut Deep V Silk Black Dresses or Gowns, and Sheer see through Dresses with no underwear bras, or panties. Our objective is to Excite everyone who looks at us, while displaying Elegance at the same time.

A Man should be dressed by his Goddess, to present the desired effect that She wants for him, most often this might be a Nice Suit and Tie, or a Nice Suit and in place of the tie the Man will wear a very nice looking Collar with a Leash attached to it, and he may be lead around by his Goddess, in an Elegant Fashion as in the same manner as a Man would Escort a Woman around his arm, only Now the Woman is Escorting the Man using a leash.(When the City Ordinances Permit it, check with your Local City Ordinances, some places this is considered "Indecent")

Although we pride ourselves on presenting ourselves in an Elegant manner, we are very Careful NOT to confuse this with being Boastful, or Stuck up, We do not consider ourselves better than everyone else, but we make every effort to dress outrageously Elegant and Extremely Sexy at the same time. This is primarily to Present the Followers of this Religion from a Respectable view point, while illustrating our differences in the level of Sexuality which we hold. Most definitely our code of dress will turn heads, and make people point and whisper, little old ladies might even get up and leave, but we will be setting new standards for everyone to enjoy. The Goddesses may Wear Latex and Leather Outfits, which look outrageously Sexy, Deep V Teddies or Catsuits, or Gowns, They may even Carry Their Whips into the restaurant with them, but they should not use them in the restaurant. If a Goddess is going to wear something Tight like a Catsuit or Teddy, she might want to wear a Silk Cape, to help give her the Look of Elegance.

What I am talking about here Primarily is appropriate Dress for going out on the Town. We dress like this all the time in the Dungeon, but there is no reason we cannot walk around town like this and display to the World the Beauty of our Lifestyle. You see, many Christians and Muslims, want us to be ashamed of our Lifestyle, they want us to feel embarrassed about who we are. They want us to hide away in the Closet where no one will see us, just like they did to the Gay Community. But there is no reason we shouldn't be PROUD of who we are. To Flaunt what we have, which is our deep insight into Sex and Psychology.

Vanilla people or the average person doesn't understand, and sometimes when they don't understand they feel afraid, and when they are afraid they sometimes react with Hatred and Discrimination. But that does not change that we are a Part of this World. And I for one, am not going into the Closet for any Religious Fanatic who bases their Philosophy on Hatred and Contempt of all others.

So I encourage you to go out on the Town in full dress. I usually let my Domina Parade me around town with a Leash before a Ritual to let everyone know what we are doing. Some people ask if they can come and watch, others call the Police and try to get us arrested for "indecent behavior", but as long as the three spots on the Female are covered, (I believe in the Right for Women to dress in Sheer outfits, but sometimes Restaurants will freak if you go in one dressed in a Sheer outfit), and the male is wearing a Shirt, at least, usually no one can say anything about walking someone around with a Leash. Check your City Ordinances though, because often Christian Republicans will do everything they can to enforce their beliefs into Laws and prevent us from enjoying Freedom of Religion. So whenever you have the Chance show your Stuff and express yourself, whether it is at an Awards Show, a Ball, a Fashion Show, a Model Shoot, Express yourself as much as possible, and let the world know who you are.

Marriage and Long term Relationships

In this Religion we do not believe in Marriage, the reason is it is a Forced Institution, which limits an individuals Freedoms. In other words, we Believe that True Love does not mean Institutionalizing the one you love, but rather allowing them the freedom to have sex with who ever they want, while still maintaining a steady relationship with us. And if ever a time comes when one or the other of the individuals in the relationship decide they would rather move on to another relationship, they should be FREE to do so without all the Legal hassles and problems that is associated with Marriage. We believe that a piece of paper does not equate to Love, and if there is no more Love in the relationship, no piece of paper in the world will keep the two people together. In other words in this Religion if two people ARE living together you can be sure that it is because they LOVE each other, NOT because of some little piece of paper.

Furthermore if you truly Love something you will set it free, if it comes back to you its YOURS, if it doesn't, then it never was. In the same way, if you truly Love someone wouldn't it be more compassionate to allow them to have Sex with other people rather than trying to cage them up and keep them all to yourself? Even one step further would be to actually HELP your lover find another sexual partner and even brief the other sexual partner on what your lover likes so they can be more prepared to satisfy them. Another way would be to surprise your lover for example on their birthday, with another Sexual Partner as a Gift. This would be a very big act of Compassion.

Taking to opposite side of the coin, most relationships which dwell in marriage usually wind up constantly worrying about if their mate is having sex behind their backs because THEY KNOW that having sex with another person would be a pleasurable experience for their mate, yet rather than treat their mate with Compassion, they harbor constant Contempt for them trying to imprison them in their lives, when what actually happens is they wind up in divorce because of it anyway.

Proof of this is relationships in places such as the Philippines where divorce is illegal, and what usually happens is the couples just wind up leaving each other and going to live with another partner, never being allowed to marry them, even though they have children with them and live most of their lives with the other person.

And in another survey I did, I found that most people in the world rarely EVER just have only ONE sexual partner throughout their whole lives. Even most women I talked to that said they married as a Virgin, and had planned to stay with that one man their whole lives, usually wound up either having an affair, or getting a divorce altogether. The point is Marriage is a Christian Concept, it is unnatural, and unjustified as to WHY we should institutionalize the ones we Love. So that is why we in THIS religion do not believe in Marriage, however we do not try to prevent anyone in this religion from getting Married if that is what they choose to do.

The equivalent of a Marriage Ceremony in this Religion would be to Perform a Ritual Symbolic Human Sacrifice with the Man and then the man may perform the same Ritual on the Woman, both pledging to die for the other, when they are ready to part. In other words After the Man offers the Woman his body as a gift of Sacrifice the Woman Promises to Kill the Man, then the Woman offers her body as a Gift of Sacrifice to the Man and the Man Promises to kill the Woman. Just the Act of the Ritual itself engrains the commitment of total devotion to each other in their minds, which eliminates the need for any kind of marriage paper work.

I want to make it clear that, most people desire a Long Term Commitment in Relationships. It is a natural desire to want to have a strong emotional commitment in a relationship, especially when you start talking about making a family together. So I understand this desire for a Commitment, but in my Studies of Human Sexual Behavior, what we want and what actually happens are two different stories. No matter how you want the other person to be Loyal to you an Commit to you, the reality of the situation is you cannot control what the other person does, or Thinks about. And if Through their own natural will, they decide to think about or go with someone else, nothing in the world is going to change how they feel. In other Philosophies they tell you to "Resist Temptation" like that is the magic answer. But its not. The Reality of the situation is people need to have Sex with other people sometimes, even if it is just for Fun. It is a NEED, not a want.

Its like drinking Water, or Breathing Air, we NEED Sex with other people, and the more you try to deprive a person of having Sex with someone else, the more they will want it. Now it is possible for a Couple to live with only having Sex with each other. Many have done it through the years, some live extremely BORING Lives. But they do manage to do it. I am not saying it is Right or Wrong to live totally committed to one person your whole life, I am just trying to help you understand the TRUTH about Reality. And the TRUTH is we all want to have Sex with someone else once in a while. THAT is the TRUTH. Now if you think it is better to deny your Lover the Freedom to have sex with other people and keep them all to yourself, hoping they will agree to these terms for your entire life together, good luck, and I hope it doesn't break your heart when you find out they had Sex with someone else. Because you stand more than a 60% chance that it is going to happen at one time or another. Maybe you will be one of the Lucky ones who don't have to worry about things like this.

But you should at least understand what is going on inside the head of your Lover. And UNDERSTAND being the Key word here. Not Hating them for how they think and feel. I also want to mention that there IS a danger in having Sex with other people. The Danger is that what you really desire is not just Sex, but a whole other Relationship. Sometimes yearnings for Sex with other people are clues that you really are not too Satisfied with your Relationship at home. So if this is the Case, as soon as you start thinking about Sex with someone else, you should sit down and think about WHY you feel that Sex with someone else is going to help your situation. Analyze yourself about this, think through it all before you do anything. Do you really Love your Partner, or are you just trying to get away from them somehow.

I want to give you a couple examples here because this subject is very important and very dangerous, because it can ruin your life if you are not careful what you are doing.

One time a along time ago me and my Wife started hanging around one of her Girlfriends going shopping, cruising the beach, hanging out together, stuff like that. Well me and My Wife's Girlfriend started getting kinda close with each other. I looked it up to try to figure out what was happening here, and She was an Aquarius, and I am an Aries. So we were Compatible Astrologically. That's why we were starting to get close with each other. My Wife didn't care, she knew how I felt from day one, so she was not Shocked seeing me get along really well with her Girlfriend. I mean we weren't hugging and Kissing each other but we had the Occasional flirtatious shoulder rub once in a while. We both were giving off the Body language that we liked each other a lot. Finally one night while me and my Wife were talking Sexy, usually that is the moment for Complete and Total Confessions for me, because that is the only way I believe we can keep the Relationship completely honest. So she gets me all horny an asks me to talk to her, and I spill my guts about every possible fantasy I can come up with. Well one night I began to Fantasize about her Girlfriend. My Wife was not mad at me, she just kept working on me trying to get me to tell her more. So I asked her if she would consider making Love to Her Girlfriend's Boyfriend for one night and letting me make Love to her Girlfriend. She said she would have to meet with them and talk it over and see how they felt about it.

Well her Girlfriend Loved the idea! We couldn't keep her away from the house after she told her what I had said, she just about was ready to move in with us she was around so much. But the Boyfriend was a little reluctant, and my Wife didn't act all that excited about it either.

So one night while we were alone me and my Wife sat down and talked about it seriously, because we had not done anything yet, we were still just talking about it. But we were getting very close to actually doing something. When we talked it all out, My Wife and I were not at all worried about how it would affect OUR Relationship, because we both reassured each other that we Loved each other very much, and neither one of us wanted to break up.

So we both felt pretty Rock Solid about OUR relationship, but we started worrying about how it might affect THEIR Relationship, (Meaning My Wife's Girlfriend, and her Boyfriend.) because they didn't really have as strong of a Bond in their Relationship as me and My Wife did. AND they had one Child to worry about. So the question was, would this Threaten THEIR Family and break it up? And at the time me and My Wife decided that even though me and her Girlfriend really liked each other, the Risk of Breaking up their Family was too Great. So we decided it was not a good idea to get involved with any Sexual experiences with them, because they were not very Stable and her Boyfriend was Christian, and he was not very Understanding either. So we just let it go. Just the THOUGHT of the whole thing caused a couple arguments between them, and that was too much already. So this is an example of how you have to THINK about what you do before you do it. You have to sit down and talk everything out. Because if you don't you can screw up YOUR life and a few other people's lives in the Process. Now I want to give you a different example this time I want to tell you how I Lost a Woman by being Compassionate enough to allow her to have Sex with another Man.

First the guy started coming around our Business Bring my wife food, and gifts, and he owned a Jewelry shop so he would give her Jewelry to impress her. Soon she asked me about going with him. So I said "sure why not" confident that it was just for fun. The other guy was single, I figured what harm could it do? She went out with him once, Then she wanted to go again, and again, pretty soon she was telling me she didn't Love me anymore. She began to look at the New Relationship as something New and Exciting and she looked at our Relationship as being old and boring. So she kept wanting more of that feeling of excitement, and less of the old Boring home life. So what happened was, when she started asking this guy about getting serious he was like "What, NO! are you kidding? I just wanted to Fuck you. I thought you understood that."

But by this time she had already told me she didn't love me anymore, and she was planning to move in with him, but he was just interested in Screwing her, so she went back to live with her Mother until she met another guy, and went off to live with him. So the Moral of the Story is, if you are planning to engage in Sexual Relations with someone else, you have to Understand that Sexual Relations deal with EMOTIONS. If you cannot Control these Emotions, they will ruin your Life, or at the very least change it a whole lot. So you must talk everything out, with everyone involved, to make sure that everyone understands the situation completely, so everyone involved knows what to expect. Because the minute that one of you fails to understand you have a serious problem on your hands.

Think of it like this; there is a difference between SEX and LOVE. There is a Difference between Sexual Desire, and LOVE. Love means you like the Person enough to wake up in the morning next to them and smell their Dragon Breath and still give them a kiss. Sexual Desire is more like you just want to have sex with them so bad you can't stand it, and you are not even thinking about the next morning yet.

So when you think about being with someone, what are your thoughts? Are you thinking about waking up next to them or cooking them breakfast? Or are you thinking about Screwing their Brains out? If you are having thoughts that are DEEPER than Sex alone, then you need to re-think what it is you actually want, and make sure that everyone involved understands what you expect. The Sexual Organs are only skin with Thousands of Touch Receptors, there is nothing wrong with Stimulating them with another person. But this stimulation often incorporates Psychological needs into it to determine what does this touch actually MEAN? And when you allow this Sexual Touch to Mean Love, then you will desire a deeper Relationship with that person. If you think to yourself that this Sexual Contact is just for Fun, nothing else, then you are able to enjoy the experience without having any negative problems associated with it. I'll give you another example: I told you this story once already, but it has significance for this section, so I will tell you again. I date lots of Prostitutes, I LOVE Prostitutes because there is no bullshit with a Prostitute, each of us understands exactly what the deal is, and we are both there to try to make the experience the best we can possibly make it. At least that's how I feel about it.

Now the first thing I want to clear up is the basic image of a Prostitute. Usually if you watch American TV you see these old Raggedy ass Drug addict fat ass women walking the Streets of the US. Old tired ass looking women that make you say "YUK". And usually these kinds of Shows are put out by Christians who want you to think exactly like that. They want you to think that Prostitution is something disgusting and filthy. So they create images of the Filthiest Dirtiest Women they can find as examples of Prostitution, so most guys will develop the attitude that "oh I would never date a Prostitute man,Ö" Well I want to correct that image right here and now.

The Prostitutes I have gone out with were mostly Asian, and Latina, and they looked fine as hell! Nice slim bodies like a Super Model, and Cute clean faces, NOT Drug addicts like you see on US TV, these women were very well mannered and refined classy babes. If they were in the US, you would probably have to pay a Thousand Dollars for just one Hour with these Women! Anyways, when I date a Prostitute, I treat her very well, I blow as much money as I possibly can on her, I spend money until it HURTS! I Give her Hundred dollar Tips, I sit her down and Shampoo and Condition her Hair, and Blow Dry it out, then do her make up, and nails spend some serious Quality TIME with this Woman, just CARING for her, I might give her a Nice Massage then a Nice Bubble bath with Candle Light, and let her just relax before we have Sex, Then I spend some time just Romancing her with a little wine and Telling her how much she is going to mean to me, how long it has been since the last time I made Love, I tell her I don't have a girlfriend if I don't have a girlfriend so she knows that this moment is Special. Then when she Does me, it is almost a MAGICAL experience! Because let me tell you folks, you haven't been properly Loved until you make a Prostitute Horny- Believe me! It is well worth the Effort. I look as Prostitutes as Professionals just like Doctors. They have a specialty, which is very valuable once you Understand it. But Christians and Muslims have always tried to degrade Prostitutes and treat them with Hatred and Contempt because Christians and Muslims base their beliefs on Hatred and Contempt of everyone. That is how they are. Prostitutes are about LOVE and Compassion, Understanding, these are all GOOD things, not Bad things. A Prostitute can offer a Service that is more valuable to me than many Psychologists or Doctors, because a Prostitute will talk with me about my Problems in life, just like a Psychologist, and she can make me feel all better just like a Doctor.

This a very Valuable Profession, and I believe it is time that these women got the respect they deserve. Now my point in telling you this particular Story at this particular point is, this relates with having Sexual Experiences with other people. Look at the difference with each situation I gave above and you can begin to see and understand the dynamics of emotions involved in each experience, and how you can make the experience work right.

The Role of Science

In this Religion, we follow Science, it leads us into the future, if ever we find or discover something in Science which contradicts our Theories we will change our Scriptures to adapt to what we have found to be fact. We USE Science to Enhance our religious practice in every way possible. So rather than contradict Science as other Religions do, we Respect and Honor Scientists and use their findings to our advantage. We study Science and Psychology to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us, and use THAT as a foundation of our Beliefs as to what is right and what is wrong. But even though we USE Psychology, we also have an understanding of Politics and how Religious people try to write and interject their own Personal Beliefs into Psychology Books to make everything that THEY THINK is wrong, they will classify as "insane or abnormal behavior" in their Books, in an effort to try to gain control of public opinion, so they can pass Laws forcing everyone to adopt these beliefs into Law, making everyone Live as THEY believe, even though they did not use Scientific FACTS or Medical test results to verify their findings when they print the material in their Psychology Books.

This is why many Psychology Books have classified Christian Religious ideas such as "Gay and Lesbian" as being a form of Abnormal behavior, when in reality there is no proof of this, and certain REAL Scientists were so outraged at this discovery that they recently conducted REAL Research that proved that Bi-Sexual and Same Sexual Relations are actually quite Common not only in the world of Humans but also in the animal world as well. So you can see when Psychology books start talking about things you KNOW a lot of people are into such as BDSM for example as being "abnormal" then you know that these kind of things are pretty much bullshit.

A better more open Study of Sexual Psychology is found on the Internet, where people are more open about their TRUE Sexuality, and are willing to discuss intimate details about it. You can find that many people feel that their Sexuality is somewhat instinctive, not learned. This completely goes against many Psychology books, but like I said before if you are reading a book that you KNOW completely contradicts what we know to be Fact, then you know it is trying to feed you a line of Bullshit, plain and simple. Even if the Material offers test Results most Scientists understand that you have to take it with a grain of Salt, until those Test results can be duplicated under a completely different set of Circumstances, because many times people will Publish things just to sway public Opinion so they can pass Laws about it. Just like they try to do about Stem Cell research. There are a lot of people in this world who try to control what you think.

You have to look twice at things to make sure you keep your own Mind Clear and free of their bullshit. Because if you allow someone else to Control you or Control what you Think- THEY WILL!

When is the Use of Force Justified?

When the threat is a danger to public safety. Such as a crazy man running down the streets with a Gun shooting it all over the place. In this case the person must be subdued. In a situation where someone attacks our Government or uses Violence, then this case they must be subdued. Drugs are not considered an immediate Threat to public safety because no one is Forcing people to USE the Drugs, therefore use of Force in a Drug related situation is not justified. Only in cases where there is an immediate Threat to public safety is the use of Force justified.

However we DO believe in Military Actions to Defend our Country, the People in our Country, The Constitutional Principals of the U.S., as well as Military Actions to Benefit other Countries, or the World as a Whole. If someone "Hits" us first, we Firmly Believe in our Commitment to Support Our Troops, and "Stomp" the hell out of the Bad guys.

The use of Force is Justified when even internal political parties operate to undermine the Freedoms of the People, such as when the Bush administration Staged the 911 Attacks to create scare tactics to sway public opinion which would allow him to go to war with Iraq, so he could invest in the Iraq pipeline and use the US government and the US Military for his own Personal Gain, where he Raised gas prices and made Millions off the people of the world. In situations where Republicans try to take over the Government and deny the People their True Freedoms, we have a right to defend ourselves against their oppression.

How we view Death and Personal Loss

Many people view Death as something sad, they cry they feel bad, but for who? If the person who died is going on to a New and Better Life, then why should it be a sad event when someone dies? Instead shouldn't we be Joyous, celebrating the event? And when someone we Love leaves us for another, there is a natural feeling of Loss, we feel sad, but we have the ability to control our emotions, we can make a conscious decision to feel happy for them, not sad, we can feel happy for ourselves as well, because rather than focusing on the Loss of love, we can focus on the newly gained freedom for us to go out and find New love and New experiences even better than before. We view death as a graduation to the next level as explained previously, so we Celebrate Death, as a Beautiful thing, like a Graduation Ceremony of Life, a Going away Party to let the person know how much we care about them, but in a happy way, we show we are happy they are going on to the next level, not sad for our own selfish emotions, but happy for their future life. We ask them to bring our prayers to the Goddess Kali for us and ask her for special blessings we might need.

Many times the reason we feel Bad when a Person Dies is because deep inside we really don't know if they are going to be ok or not, we don't really understand death, we try to, but the reality is all we know about is Life, not Death, so this scares us, makes us afraid, we Cry from fear, as well as uncertainty, and if you talk to the people who have experienced Clinical Death, they say what they worried about the most was that their Loved ones needed to know that they were OK. So I see a common thread here which connects Life and Death, the Living Worry about the Dead, and the Dead just want the Living to know they are OK, so they Won't worry.

I think the Dead do not want to be forgotten, but I think they really don't want us worrying about them either. No one really WANTS to see someone sad or crying, so I think it would be safe to say that the dead really still care about our emotions, and they wouldn't want us to Cry, or be upset. Its a Natural Reaction I guess, but I think out of true respect for the dead, we need to focus on Celebrating their Life instead of Mourning their Death.

Saving the Society of the Damned

Prior to the rise of the Goddess in this world, Christian's have dominated many of our Governments, and in turn developed Societies which are prone to Damning an Individual throughout their whole lives in one way or another. In THIS Religion, we strive to UN DO the Damage, which Christian's have caused over the years by getting involved in our Government and Politics, and making sure OUR Voice is heard, and we are Represented in our Government, so that our Rights and Freedoms are protected not only for OUR sake, but for everyone, all Religions Equally. Our basic Philosophy in this regard is No Government or Religious Organization shall limit the Freedoms of the people, for any reason except to benefit the people (as we suggested with the mandatory 4 year degree program).

Limiting Religious Beliefs, and Creating Laws which Force others to Live in Accordance with a particular Religious belief, is not only Unconstitutional, it is Completely Unjustified, and should not, and Will not be tolerated. We shall make every attempt to Pass Laws Protecting the Rights and Freedoms of all people, not just the Christian's. No one Religion has the right to try to dominate a Governmental System, or try to Pass Laws, which enforce THEIR Religious beliefs over the Sexual, Civil, and Religious Rights and Freedoms of everyone.

We do not Believe in Hate

Many Christian Religions of the past have harbored Hatred and Contempt for one group of individuals or another, mainly because they disagreed with the Christian Beliefs, examples of such cases were Prostitutes were hated for selling Sex to Men in need of this Physical Love, The Klu Klux Klan who were also Christian's, hated anyone who wasn't white on the basis of their Religion, and still other Christian's Hated people who believed in abortion, and they Bombed abortion clinics and killed doctors who performed abortions as a way to try to Force the General public to accept their beliefs.

We do not act like this, we are people of Compassion, and Understanding, this is our greatest attribute to honor the Goddess Kali, we try to Act in a manner, which will bring respect and admiration upon her name. We do not disgrace her name by engaging in "Holy Wars" as other Religions do, the Goddess Kali shall cast her mighty Wrath down upon anyone who attacks us, Physically or Morally. We have no need to fight for Kali, she is the Destroyer, she is quite capable of dealing out punishment herself. She protects US, we have no need to Protect her. Kali is TRULY all-powerful, therefore we have no need to engage in Wars in her name.

Although we may or may not participate in Battles for our Countries sake, if we choose to do so, but we do not engage in War in the Name of Kali. However We do practice Kali Martial Arts, and this is for our own personal protection against people who live in Animalistic Worlds where they can not understand Logic and Reason, and can not comprehend our Compassion, if through all that they still attack us, like a raging wild dog which will not listen to reason, or accept a compromise, then we have no choice but to defend ourselves against attack from others. But we do not wage "Holy Wars" of any kind, because our Religion is a True Religion, it will prove itself, we have no need to prove it through violence or Force.

. We do not believe in Discrimination

The Christian's before us, had cults such as the Klu Klux Klan, which discriminated against anyone that was not White, we However accept and honor all races, in fact interracial Sex is a required practice whenever possible, we encourage our followers to experience as many different inter-racial sexual experiences as possible, to broaden their mind, and enhance their lives. We also do not discriminate against people because of Sexual preference, or where they come from, or Age, in fact we do not tolerate any form of discrimination, an by that I mean whenever we hear it we confront it head on, and make it known that discrimination is wrong. Then we will continue to work with that particular individual until we are satisfied that they have definitely changed their way of thinking. We do not try to force them to believe the way we do, but we strive to help them understand WHY Discrimination is wrong, and How badly it hurts people. Through this we hope to solve many of the problems with discrimination around the world.

The most common types of Discrimination I am seeing now a days is Age Discrimination, and Racial Discrimination, and even Educational Discrimination, where if you did not Graduate from a certain School you are looked at as not being Worthy of certain status. There is even Status Discrimination in places like Hollywood California and New York. And NONE of these forms of Discrimination are Righteous, and every single one of them needs to be challenged and overthrown. Anyone who knowingly subscribes to any of these forms of Discrimination needs some serious wall to wall Counseling.

How do we effectively defeat discrimination? First of all, we have to identify it. Because half of the people who use Discrimination are just following the crowd, they don't think for themselves, and most of them are just repeating what someone else has told them. So you have to challenge it when you see it, to make the person KNOW that the way they are thinking is wrong. And if you have the time, and you can do it without disrupting your work or school, you need to talk with the person, and explain to them not only that it is Wrong, but explain to them WHY it is Wrong. And repeat conversations with them after that, maybe follow up with a lunch including a member of the group they offended, to get them more familiar with the people they were trying to Hate.

Sometime people hate just because they do not understand. The more you understand people, then more you can relate with them, and CARE about them instead of Hating them. Sometimes Christians and Muslims will Hate Automatically because their Scriptures tell them to Hate people, or they imply that is okay to Hate certain groups of people. So this is why they Hate, because they were taught to Hate in their Religion of Hatred and Contempt. The only way to change this is to Prove that what they were taught is Wrong, prove the Scripture they quote to be a Lie, (Which they are), then they will be more ready to accept the TRUTH, which is Compassion and Understanding is greater than Hatred and Contempt.

Inter-Racial Sex is part of this Religion

Because we feel that inter-racial Sex is so important for the growth of the individual, we try to encourage travel to other Countries where followers can enjoy Sexual experiences and develop relationships with people of other cultures, and through this expand their mind and their thinking, and increase their compassion and understanding to Global proportions. We delight in inter-cultural experiences whether it be food, Sex, or Learning a different language, we welcome it into our Religion as part of our practice.

An example I will give you is; When a couple goes on Vacation to another Country, many times there are people around who want to have Sex with Tourists, because it is a no strings kind of Sex, and everyone is happy with it. So anywhere you travel to you will find people who want to have Sex. The Couple when they Travel might get separate Rooms, maybe even Separate Hotels. They might go out together but they look for other people to have Sex with. Then once each of them finds another Partner, they would spend the rest of their vacation with the other person, then Fly home together talking about their experiences. This is a much better way to spend a Vacation in another Country because each individual gets to completely immerse themselves in the Culture. Where as if the Couple stays together to experience the Country together, they will only experience the Country and the Culture from and Objective point of view rather than being completely immersed in the Culture with someone from that country. No matter where you go they have Male and Female Prostitutes, in the Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, Japan, each person can find what they are looking for and enjoy their experience a lot more than if you were going to experience the Country together as a Couple.

The New Role of Police Officers

In the future, with the fall of Christianity, will also go the Damning attitude that has been prevalent in Police work, and instead Police should be expected to assume a more Compassionate role, while they will still be responsible for subduing Criminals and processing them, they will be engaging in the communities as more of a Big Brother, which will offer advice and try to teach the young and misguided people the correct path, without arresting everyone they come in contact with. This is not a New idea, it has been around for a long time, however when Police are accustomed to thinking with a Damning attitude all the time, as they did in the Christian era, it was hard for then to switch their mentality back and forth all the time. Now we want to try to fully Bias the Police officers toward Compassion and Understanding, and throw the old Damning "get em off the streets" attitude out the window.

A Police officer who knows a person is involved in illegal activity will no longer wait around until he can gather e nough evidence to prosecute the individual, instead, he will take the time to go over and continually counsel the individual and help them curb their behavior so as not to continue the illegal conduct. In this way Law Enforcement will become more like Surrogate Parents, not Terrorists.

If you are a Law Enforcement Official, you might be asking yourself Why Me? You gotta think if not You Who? If the Parents don't give a shit, and the teachers don't give a shit, who is going to have to deal with all the Problems this person creates? YOU. So to make Your Job easier, and exercise your effective Communications Skills and Exercise your Knowledge in Sociology and Psychology, you need to work with these people, and treat them like Human Beings, not "Demons" you need to cast out of Society. The more you exercise Compassion and Understanding in your Job, the better it will be for your Karma believe me.

Compassion & Understanding

In this Religion Compassion & Understanding will always be the Greater Good. Regardless of how Ruthless or Bad the other person seems to be, we will always try to disconnect ourselves emotionally from the situation, and look for the most Compassionate way to deal with each and every situation. Whenever we have a problem we must seek to Understand it first, then look for the solution, it doesn't matter what kind of problem the other person has, be it Mental, Emotional, Physical, or some other problem dealing with a stimulus which we might have created, the first step should always be to try to Understand the other person, and what is the CAUSE of the problem, then we address the SOURCE of the problem, and use Compassion and Understanding with each and every situation. I mentioned a little bit about this at the very start of this book, because this one subject is THE most Important Subject in the Entire Book. Because Compassion and Understanding, can lead you on the Path to Enlightenment. It can completely Change your life, the more you use Compassion and Understanding.

It will do things for you even on a Spiritual Level, it will raise your Life Condition up to heights you never have known before. You will perceive life so much differently, with so much more Wisdom than you have before. It is utterly AMAZING the difference that Compassion and Understanding will make in Your Life, and for all those around you as well. Using Compassion and Understanding will improve your Relationships with others, it will help you in your Job or Business Relations, it will improve your basic communications skills automatically. You will begin to create Positive effects in your life in every single direction, and this becomes contagious, because you make someone else feel good by using Compassion and Understanding, and they will in turn make another Person feel good, then they will make another person feel good, and it Chain Reacts to the point where you become like a Sun Bursting with Positive Energy around you.

It sounds like a Dream, but it really does work that way. But it is not easy to Use Compassion and Understanding, it is very difficult, it is much easier to Hate someone or Hold them in Contempt than it is to try to Understand someone and treat them with Compassion and Understanding.

Because to actually USE Compassion and Understanding you have to Work on Accepting everyone else's faults, and forgiving them for EVERYTHING they do. Because anything else would be showing Hatred and Contempt, and that is not going to Change anything. It would only make things worse. So when your Friends Disrespect you, you will have to forgive them for their Ignorance, and teach them how to respect people. If someone betrays you, you will have to forgive them and teach them WHY it is wrong for them to betray your trust or betray you in some other way. You have to teach them the importance of Honesty and Trust. But try to understand and be Compassionate Towards them. If someone doesn't call you when they are suppose to, if they do not show up for appointments, if they do something they are not suppose to do, all of these things you have to use Compassion and Understanding.

Because the Mistake that Christians and Muslims made when they wrote their Scriptures was they have Hateful Concepts in their Scriptures such as "Sin" or "Jihad" which means Holy War, and these things justify Hatred and Contempt of all others in those Scriptures. This makes Christians Bomb Abortion Clinics, it makes Muslims Bomb everything for the sake of their Religion, it makes Christians Ruin the Lives of Millions of people such as in the Witch Trials of the 1800s in the US, or the Millions of people who have since that time been arrested and charged with Christian Based Crimes, such as their "Decency Laws" Their "Anti-Pornography Laws" and hundreds of other Laws and City Ordinances they try to Pass to Control the people and Force them to live as Christians and Muslims Believe. This is not Right, it is Oppression. It is not FREEDOM. It is Not Justice. It is complete Bias towards a Single Religious Belief. And that is Not Right. That is not Understanding, it is NOT Compassionate, it is Ruthless, and the worst part about it all, is they commit all these Evil acts based on a Book of Fairy Tales and Lies.

So what does following a Religion that bases itself on Hatred and Contempt of the people Lead to? In the Middle East Following the Muslim Religion for Centuries has Turned the Middle east into a Bloody War zone in almost every Country that practices Muslim Religion, there is no peace for the people because all they do is focus on Hating and holding people in Contempt. They hold Public Be headings in the Middle East to scare everyone into believing in Muslim Religion. They Bomb everywhere in the Middle East they kill people all the time like it is nothing to them, because they are all focused on Hatred, so they make their world into a Living Hell. They pray to their God Ala for Centuries still their Land is a Desert, they have no Food, their water is Contaminated, disease runs wild their entire country is poor, and yet they still believe in these fairy tale lies in their Scriptures like it is some how going to help them.

When the Muslims went to Mindanao Island in the Philippines what did they do? They went to the Philippines because their god Ala never fulfilled even ONE of their Prayers while they were in the Middle East so they decided to leave and go to the Philippines. Once they got there they Stole as much land as they could by killing as many of the Filipinos as they could and stealing all their farm animals and Land. Then they called it their "Muslim Community". When the Muslims went to Thailand the Muslims did the same thing, Killed people, Bombed places in the name of their God Ala, terrorized the people of Thailand then set up "Muslim Communities" When the Muslims went to Indonesia they Bombed Night Clubs and Discos and places where people were happy the Muslims brought their Hatred and Contempt down on the people. Everywhere the Muslims go they bring a Plague of Terror and Hatred. Even in the US, Muslims settle into Communities but they do not associate with the rest of the people, because they Hate anyone who is not Muslim. And if their God Ala would have granted their prayers then they would never have had to leave the Desert.

But because their God Ala is a LIE, they spread Terror everywhere they go. And the Christians are the same way. The When the Christians came to America they Killed Thousands, maybe even MILLIONS of Native American Indians, as they took over the Land and STOLE it from the Native American Indians treating the Native American Indians as if they were inferior and the Christians acting like they are better than everyone else, treating everyone with Hatred and Contempt. Then the Christians Turned their Hatred and Contempt on their own people! They killed more than 9 Million people unjustly during the Witch Trials of the 1800s just because they THOUGHT they were practicing a different Religion. When the Christians went to the Philippines they killed Thousands of Filipinos and told the rest "You either practice our Religion or we'll KILL YOU!" This is how Christians are, they show Hatred and Contempt in everything they do, because their Scriptures are written with Hatred and Contempt of all others.

So this is how they act. In modern times Christians try to Lobby to Pass Christian ideas into Law to Force the people to LIVE as Christians believe, then they throw as many people who do not live in accordance with Christian Ideas into Jail as they possibly can. They build bigger and bigger prisons, more and more Prisons as if they are eagerly seeking the "Demons" to fill them with. American Justice TV program recently reported that more than ONE THIRD of the ENTIRE WORLD POPULATION OF THIS PLANET IS ALREADY IMPRISONED IN US PRISONS. This is what the effects of a Religion that bases itself on Hatred and Contempt does to its people.

This is why we need to do everything we can to Completely Destroy Christianity, and Muslim Religions. Because it is the only way the world can live in Peace and Harmony. We can do this by exposing Christianity and Muslim Religions for what they really are, a Lie and a Fraud that kills millions of people. Christianity, and Muslim Religions should be OUTLAWED just based on their Scriptures which are totally against Hate Crimes Legislation. The Bible Violates people's rights and Freedoms. The Koran Violates people's rights and liberties in the same way, therefore both Religions should be Outlawed around the World because they infringe on people's Rights and Freedoms, and their Scriptures Inspire acts of Terrorism. PERIOD.

Cause & Effect

Cause & Effect is a Law of Life, it is used in Science, as well as many Religions, it is defined in religious terms by Karma, which is kind of like a continuous tape recording of all Thoughts, Words and Deeds, throughout your entire life. Every single action is recorded inside your Karma, and all the good and Bad things are recorded, and then everything comes back to you in the exact proportion that you dealt it out in the first place.

The idea is that through time we will learn from our negative actions when we experience them from the receiving end and because we have then learned it is wrong, we will not continue to do bad things to others, and will in effect purify our Karma making us better people. However I have learned from experience, that this is not how things always work, usually you will receive the Karmic Retribution FIRST, (accumulated from your previous life) then you will be given the opportunity to make a change in your life, to purge yourself of this "Bad Karma" once and for all, but most people don't even understand WHY bad things happen to them when they happen, and so they can not recognize when the opportunity to change their Karma actually comes along. Usually if you find asking "why me?" Hang on tight to that thought, because the next Big situation that comes along will give you the opportunity to change, just keep looking for how the Grief relates with the Good things you experience and you will begin to see the pattern, and over time you will recognize opportunities every single day to change your Karma forever. This is what is referred to by Buddhists as the "Cycle of Birth and Death" Life and Death keep going around and around until you have learned enough to rid yourself of all the Bad Karma, then you will Break the Cycle of Birth and Death, and go on to Bigger and better things in the afterlife.

Another way we can very the circumstances surrounding us, is by chanting "I- Love -you- Kali -I -Love -you- Kali- I- Love -you -Kali " Over and Over again we develop GOOD Karma, and can direct it toward a specific area of our lives depending on what we focus on in our mind. If we become afflicted with a case of Karmic Retribution, which is Bad Karma, resulting from an experience which we were originally responsible for, for example if we steal from someone, someone sometime will steal from us. If we hurt someone in some way, someone some time will hurt us. So when we are experiencing these negative forms of Karmic Retribution, we can Chant "I-Love-You-Kali" over and over again as we internalize that what we did before in our past life to deserve this Retribution was wrong and we have learned our lesson, then we think and meditate as we chant we ask the Goddess Kali for forgiveness. So our Chanting and Meditation can act as a kind of Regulator to bring about good Karma, or fend off Bad Karma, by Internalizing the acceptance of the guilt and asking for forgiveness, by realizing what we did before was wrong, we actually change our lives inside and out to help make ourselves better people.

You can also attack your Bad Karma in a more direct approach, by going out and helping people, donating your time to Volunteer organizations, or doing something special even for one person who really needs your help, is a way of ridding yourself of Bad Karma.

Another Method of Getting rid of Bad Karma, which is Very Powerful, and can be used for very serious problems, is Bondage and Domination. Where the Person who surrenders is referred to as a "Slave" be they Man or Woman, and the Person who Whips the Slave is referred to as "the Goddess" who is actually a Spiritual Representation of the Supreme Goddess Kali during these Rituals. The Goddess will Channel the Slaves Passsion and Devotion to the Goddess Kali acting as a sort of High Priestess to the Goddess Kali herself. A Goddess Rids herself of Bad Karma through Whipping and Torturing her Slaves, and the Slaves Rid their Bad Karma by Being Tortured by the Goddess. A Goddess sometimes will conduct a special ritual ceremony, for a particular problem she has, which involves going out and finding a lonely Man, and bringing him home and conducting a Ritual Ceremony with him, where her goal is to Sexually Stimulate him to the highest possible high with out allowing him to cum, then she will grant him a Sexual Fantasy of his choosing, and she will carry it out with great care and precision like a skilled surgeon.

In doing this she does it not for the man's benefit, but as a Sexual Ceremony to the Goddess Kali, a Ritual of Magic, which opens the Soul of the man for the sake of Kali's pleasure. In gratitude for this Kali will grant the Goddess a special prayer. She may Carry out a Ritual of Symbolic Human Sacrifice with one of the Followers for the same reasons if she wishes. For a Man to rid himself of bad Karma, he must endure pain to release the Bad Karma from his body and soul, he must suffer more pain than he can handle for as long as he can stand, and he must do it without reservations, willingly offering himself to the Goddess. The more sincere he is, the greater his blessings will be.

A Goddess may also rid herself of Bad Karma by being Whipped and Tortured if she likes, but that is her decision. Bleeding Ceremonies are also used as a way of ridding Bad Karma. Where a man or Woman is hung up suspended with arms overhead and they are cut lightly down the center of the chest with a Razor until it Bleeds real good. Sometimes some Goddesses who are trained at drawing Blood will stick a needle into the Sacrifices Vein and draw out a Glass full of Blood and drink it. These Ceremonies are usually done in the light of the moon, if possible, and usually outdoors like suspending them from the Branch of a Tree in the Moonlight. This is when it is most effective.

Shit Happens

Sometimes although there IS the Law of Cause & Effect, sometimes Shit Happens, and it has absolutely Nothing to do with Cause and Effect, sometimes people just make mistakes, something goes wrong, it may not be anyone's fault, Shit just happens, sometimes it happens to good people, sometimes it happens to people who don't deserve it, but it still happens. This is one variable we have to accept and be prepared to understand when it happens you'll know it is not necessarily a result of Karma, you'll be able to tell the difference in time.

Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism

We engage in the practice of Bondage and Domination, Sexual Sadism, and Masochism as a way to show our dedication to the Goddess, and release Bad Karma from our Soul. Many people instinctively are drawn to this practice because the Goddess leads them to seek this form of worship, because it is a very powerful way to touch the spirit of the Goddess, and feel her possess your soul. No one is ever forced into this practice, but we strongly encourage young women age 12 and older to begin Dominating and whipping- Men and Submissive Women. Even in these cases at such a young age the teens will not engage in Sexual intercourse unless they decide to of their own free will.

In such circumstances where a teen desires sexual intercourse we acknowledge their right to engage in Sexual activity after the age of 12, because this is the age that Kali herself has chosen to awaken their sexual urges, to ignore this would be to disgrace the will of KALI, and to try to stop teens from having sex after they have been awakened to these Sexual desires, is wrong Spiritually because it goes against the will of Kali, Physically because their hormones make them desire sex, Mentally because Sexual urges effect the well being of the mind especially during adolescence where the Psychological Development of these teens are directly connected to their sexual behavior during adolescence, and for the rest of their lives! Besides that, preventing teens from having sex against their will, will frustrate and confuse them mentally. This is not a healthy approach to their growth and happiness. Which although the Laws of the world may not agree with these Ideas, and we do not encourage anyone to break any Laws, at this time we can only state our Belief that- we believe that a person after the age of 12, has the right to decide whether to engage in Sex or not, because of the reasons stated above, and no one has the right to deny anyone of their desire to have sex with whom ever they want as long as both individuals consent to having sex with each other without force or coercion.

This is our Belief and we will strive to change the Laws of our lands to provide for our Freedom of Religion on this point. If a young boy shows interest in this Religion, they are taught to surrender to the girls and be tied down and whipped as early as 12 years old. If the young people refuse to take interest in this practice, we do not pressure them into it in any way because it may be harmful to their growth. Boys are raised up and taught to adore and worship girls even when they are young, so by the time they are 12 they already understand their role in Society as Slaves to Women. And Girls are taught to be strong and to dominate the Boys, by telling them to do tasks for them like tie their shoes or fetch them flowers, and the boys who do are rewarded with a kiss on the cheek from the girls. This is only an example, not a directive. Each family has the right to decide what is best for their own children.

I would like to get into a little more discussion about Bondage, Domination, Sexual Sadism, and Masochism, because I have come to the realization that there are many who do not know very much about this subject, and others are extremely misguided in what they DO know. I am in the process of Writing an entire Book on this Subject, to clarify many things, but I will try to include a very microscopic breakdown of the essential knowledge right here an now, because I understand there is a growing interest in this Practice, so I will try to help you out here a little.

WHY do we do it? - The most commonly asked Question. Because it Satisfies certain Sexual and Psychological Needs, and offers us certain Spiritual Values as well as Physical, Psychological, and Sexual Satisfaction. Basically it Feels good, it Feels REALLY good for those who Like it. If it didn't Feel Good, and give us Satisfaction, then we wouldn't do it. It's as simple as that really. Is practicing BDSM a Form of Mental Illness or Insanity or Abnormal Behavior? - NO! IT IS NOT INSANE OR ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR! Certain Psychologists who happened to be Christians by the way, thought it would be a good idea to try to convince people that everything the Christians didn't like was Crazy, so they wrote it in their Psychology Text Books that certain practices such as BDSM was "Abnormal Behavior" or "Insane" in an effort to try to prevent people from becoming interested in this Practice. It wasn't until the Internet began to Flourish that the PEOPLE began to teach the Psychologists exactly what is "Normal" and what is "Abnormal" because never before did we have access to so many people being so open about their Sexuality. This lead many Psychologists to take a Step back and realize that the Majority of what they had learned in College was total Bullshit based on Religious Opinions of what was Right or Wrong, "Normal" or "Abnormal", instead of basing their Teachings on FACTS.

Since the Internet opened up our eyes, to what we are actually doing in the bedroom, we have learned there are many different facets of BDSM, and many different Levels of interest. Also we have learned that a large majority of the people who are Lifestyle Practitioners in BDSM awakened to the Practices INSTINCTIVELY. Which means that it is not a Learned Practice, although it CAN BE Learned, and enjoyed in the same way as someone who discovers their urges instinctively. While the Thoughts and Emotions of a Serious "Edge Player" (that is someone who takes things to the edge of death) who is Sexually Sadistic, might be the same Thoughts and Emotions that a Sexually Sadistic Serial Killer might have, the Edge Player will not actually KILL the Sub or Sacrifice, they just think about it, and act like they might, but the Edge Player is in total control of their thoughts and emotions, which makes them "Sane".

A Sexually Sadistic Serial Killer, is NOT in Control of their thoughts and emotions, and therefore they are unable to Stop themselves from Killing the Person. It is their inability to Control their Thoughts and Emotions which makes them "Insane" not the Sexually Sadistic Thoughts and Emotions themselves. This is an example of what I was talking about earlier with Compassion and Understanding. Once you USE Compassion and Understanding on a daily basis, you begin to see things like you never could before, and you understand deeper ways of thinking. These Sexually Sadistic Thoughts and Emotions themselves are NOT considered "Evil" because these things have VALUE to a Masochistic Person. A Masochistic Person NEEDS a Sexually Sadistic Person to Fulfill their Needs, yet even in order to do that, the Sexually Sadistic Person needs to spend some time trying to understand how the Mind of the Masochistic person thinks,so each person can better Control their OWN Thoughts and Emotions in an effort to blend them together in a way to Satisfy each other. Because without Compassion and Understanding the Sexually Sadistic Person, and the Masochistic Person could never find each other attractive in any way.

Only through Understanding can they come together, and Make Love together. My point here being that because these Feelings and Thoughts and Emotions are Instinctive, Rational, and Controlled by each of these people, they cannot be Classified as "Insane", and the term "Abnormal" is really only someone's opinion from a Certain Perspective not an actual FACT.

What does it Feel like? - When I am Whipped I feel Wonderful as if there is no where else in the World I would rather be. I feel a sense of Complete and Total Satisfaction each time the Whip Cracks across my body. The Whip feels kinda cool like Ice, it stings, it shocks me for a moment, and wakes me up to realize what is happening to me, that moment when you cross the Shocking Realization between Fantasy and Reality. My Body responds to this, my Genitals begin to Tingle wildly, and I get Really Horny right after a couple Good Cracks from the Whip. I Feel so Horny I want to Cum, but it feels almost impossible to cum without any direct contact to the Sensitive Skin on my Penis. But if I have contact with that area at the same time I am being Whipped an Orgasm is really easy. My Body feels like it CRAVES the Pain from the Whip, it welcomes each Crack. It is kinda of like Soaking your Body in a Really Hot Shower, the Hot Water actually HURTS, but it feels SO GOOD at the Same time. It is exactly the same feeling when I am being Whipped.

Now I am a Masochistic "Edge Player" so I like my Domina or Goddess to give me all she's got. So there are a few other emotions that come into play if take it as far as I do. First of all I don't use Safe Words, or Signals to remove any element of Control on my Part so that the Domina or Goddess is in Complete and Total Control of the experience. This means I have only one Choice, to Willingly Completely Surrender and Accept Death, or not conduct the Ritual at all. I have never regretted being Chained down all the times I have been Chained down I have Never once Regretted doing it. I always have a feeling of Satisfaction when I am done, so you can't feel regretful and satisfied at the same time, it just doesn't work that way. But I experience a Complete sense of Euphoria from Surrendering to this degree, When I am whipped to the point where I cannot handle the Pain anymore, and the Goddess continues to Whip me even though I am Screaming and Struggling around, I begin to feel FEAR, and it increases the Longer she Whips me to a Point of utter Terror and Horrification. At this point when I finally reach the Point where I am completely Horrified, the Goddess will stop and Caress me Softly and Say Loving things to me, and Kiss me and Make me Horny again. (Because when you become Horrified you loose all feelings of arousal.) She will work with me until I become High again from being Horny, then she will begin to Whip me again until I become afraid again. This Creates an Emotional Roller Coaster Ride that combines with Sexual Stimulation, it feels pretty wild and exciting. But I do not recommend this kind of stuff for beginners. This is something you have to work up to. If you went and tried to do something like this the first time around it might cause you permanent psychological damage. But the Reason this kind of activity does NOT cause Psychological Damage in an Experienced Edge Player, is because just like in a Hospital, they sit down and talk everything through with you so you have a reasonable expectation of the Pain. We do the same things in BDSM, we talk A LOT about what we plan to do before we do it, so there are no Misunderstandings. This reasonable expectation of Pain, and the Compassionate Attitude of the Domina during the moments of FEAR prevent any long term Psychological Damage. But it can create a Sexual Addiction to this kind of Fear, which I don't find a Problem at all. I actually enjoy my Addiction to this kind of fear, and it actually has helped my Daily life to be more assertive and less afraid. Because now Fear makes me Horny, where before Fear would cause me to Hesitate, and not move forward or it would limit me. Now it just turns me on. But it brought a whole new dimension to Horror Movies, because now, Me and My Girlfriends use Horror Movies like Relaxing Foreplay.

How does it feel for the Sexually Sadistic Person?- It Turns them on and makes them feel Horny to Whip a Sub or Sacrifice. The more the Sub or Sacrifice does not Like the experience the more horny the Sexually Sadistic Person gets. But this is where Understanding and Compassion balance out the experience. The Sexually Sadistic Domina or Goddess will use Compassion and Understanding to give the Sub or Sacrifice a break between the Torture, so it flows up and down like a Roller Coaster Ride for both the Sub or Sacrifice AND the Domina or the Goddess as well. Both people attain a level of Satisfaction, by understanding each other's needs. What is the Difference between Sadistic, and Sexually Sadistic people?- A Sexually Sadistic Person gets Horny when they Hurt someone or they will masturbate themselves while thinking about hurting someone. Sexually Sadistic people have great VALUE in Life, they serve a Purpose, they balance out the Lives of Masochistic people who NEED someone to Hurt them. A Plain Sadistic Person does not get Horny when they Hurt people, they really don't CARE about anyone but themselves at all. They are completely self-centered, and care NOTHING about others. They do not use Compassion and Understanding AT ALL. They Hurt people with everything they SAY, and everything they DO. An Example of a Plain Sadistic person would be Someone who would kill hundreds of people to try to create another "Pearl Harbor" to influence the public opinion so he could go to War with Iraq and Kill Thousands more people, just so he could make a few million dollars investing in some Oil. THAT would be an example of a Plain Sadistic Person. Another example would be someone who lets Thousands of people stand around and Starve at a Stadium for weeks without doing anything to help them, then the first thing he thinks about is releasing the "Oil Reserves", and THEN thinks he didn't do anything wrong. THAT would be a Sadistic person. If there IS such a thing as "Evil" in this World, then a Plain Sadistic person would get pretty damn close to the definition. They definitely don't carry a whole lot of Positive VALUE in Life, that much is for sure.


I have been into the World of BDSM for more than 20 years now, I was getting horny Fantasizing about being Chained down an Whipped as early as 7 years old. I never fulfilled any of those Fantasies until I got about 22 years old, when an Extremely Beautiful Korean Girl in Guam gave me my First good Whipping. It was such a Passionate experience, that it launched me into the world of BDSM with all my Heart. Since then I have been Whipped Hundreds maybe even THOUSANDS of times, I'm not sure I lost Count. But I have learned a lot through the years, and one of the most important lessons I would like to share with you here, is a Lesson about Ethics in BDSM. What do I mean? I am talking about How you Treat the Submissive, or the Sacrifice, I am talking about your Communication skills in dealing with people. I am talking about using Psychology in a Positive way, instead of a negative way. When you understand that you are playing with a person's mind and emotions every moment that you are communicating with them, then you can better understand what to say, and how to say it, to get them to respond to you the way you want them to.

Let me get a little more Specific here. When a Domina first meets a Sub or a Sacrifice or Client, whatever the name you want to use to define the person you are going to torture, the Domina should not automatically assume how the Sub or Sacrifice is going to respond, because each person is completely different, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually, so if you automatically assume that if you treat someone like Shit because they come to you (The Domina) and They are the SUB. If you assume that because of the way you are defining the Relationship between both of you, that you are suppose to Treat the Sacrifice like shit, then you are making an incorrect assumption, because not everyone enjoys being treated like shit in the initial Meeting or Conversation. And if you disrespect someone or treat them like shit when you first meet them, then you may be turning the good people away, and all you wind up with for Clients is a bunch of Assholes, then you can't figure out why. Most people want to feel LIKED, and Appreciated. Even people who are Subs need LOVE, but the only way they can feel it is when they are experiencing pain. But it is not the Pain that creates the sensation of Love, it is the UNDERSTANDING that you show them at the moment you are Whipping them at equates to Love, not the pain. Many Dominas missed this lesson in Psychology, so they immediately assume they are suppose to Disrespect everyone they come in contact with as part of their Personality. This is wrong to Assume this. The Correct way to approach new Clients or Lovers who might be Subs, is to meet and greet people with equal Respect. Respect leads to Love, disrespect leads to hate. Maybe some of your Clients respond well to being disrespected, but others will think you are only some kind of Psycho with no Compassion or Understanding for how they feel. That is the only message you will be sending. Many BDSM Organizations have learned this simply by communicating with each other to find out how each person feels. These organizations are very smart in keeping the lines of Communication open between everyone so they can learn important lessons like this. This knowledge they gained from communicating with each other, lead many of them to adopt policies of meeting everyone on an even field, where everyone is respected equally. They called these meetings "Munches" this was a brilliant idea, I'm not sure who started the whole concept of Munches, but they should be recognized for their efforts in resolving a lot of misconceptions in the world of BDSM. Who ever came up with that Idea I salute you! Once the Sub and Domina meet on an even field, and communicate with each other to figure out exactly what it is that each of them expect from the other, THEN you have a better understanding to move forward with some kind of Plans and Arrangements. But if you are unwilling to take the time to master your Communications skills FIRST, then your Relationship is going nowhere. And if you are a Pro Domina your Business will also suffer as a result. So my point in all of this is to open up your mind to UNDERSTAND how the Sub thinks and Feels, and try to master your Communications skills FIRST, then you can use Psychology and Understanding the difference between Sadistic Psychology, and Masochistic Psychology to enhance your Rituals.

Oh one quick point I want to make about that. Usually the Domina is Sexually Sadistic, and the Sub or Sacrifice is Sexually and Psychologically Masochistic, and if you really study Psychology you will begin to realize that these two Mentalities are at a CONFLICT of Interest because neither one of these two types actually want the other to LIKE their experience. This is where the Problems arise. Because if the Domina acts too excited about Torturing the Sacrifice, the Masochistic Personality will get turned off. Because the Masochistic Personality actually likes to TEACH the Domina how to Torture him. This is where many Dominas go off track, because they immediately assume "The Sub is trying to Top from the Bottom" as many Dominas have whined and Complained about. But the Reality is the Sub likes to think they have to Teach you how to do it, because they like the idea that they actually have to try to Convince you to do something that you really don't want to do. This is the essence of what turns on a Masochis tic Personality.

Then once the Masochistic Person surrenders and allows themselves to be Chained Down, the Fear sets in, which Translates to Excitement. The way the Domina responds at this point can make a very dramatic difference in the entire experience. If the Domina treats the Sacrifice with Understanding and Compassion, and acts Loving as she inflicts Pain at the same time, then the Masochistic person will experience a sense of LOVE. However if the Domina acts like a Total Bitch, and Cusses and Swears and Whips the hell out of the Sub or Sacrifice, then the experience becomes very horrifying for the Sub or Sacrifice and they will NOT feel a sense of Love, because the Domina is not Treating them with any Love.

Another important point that I would like to make here in regards to the effects of Torture on an individual, which most Psychologists are just now beginning to learn about, is there is a drastic difference in what happens inside the mind, between Whipping and Torturing someone using LOVE and COMPASSION, and Whipping and Torturing someone using Hatred and Contempt. When you Torture someone using Love, there is an element of Trust that the Sacrifice or Sub relies on like a kind of Life line of Passion. This prevents any major Psychological Damage from occurring in the mind of the Sub or Sacrifice, because of the MEANING of the experience. Psychological Damage is created partly by extreme FEAR and the inability to do anything about it. This is what creates long term Trauma in the Mind of the Sacrifice or Sub. But even in Extreme BDSM Rituals when the Sub or Sacrifice understands and expects a certain level of FEAR, they are able to manage the MEANING of the Fear in their minds, so that it does not cause any Permanent Psychological Damage.

What I am trying to say here, is that in my experience, over the last 20 years of being Tortured to the extremes, I have found that as Long as the Domina shows Compassion and Understanding at the moment of Extreme Fear, then there are no Long Term Psychological effects because the Sacrifice understands and expects a certain level of FEAR just as you might expect when riding a Roller coaster Ride. And in Medical Science, they literally Torture people with Medical Procedures all the time, but it is the Compassion and Understanding of the Nurse which prevents and Long term Psychological Damage. Although, people who suffer Medical Torture have often fantasized about the Compassion of the Nurse many times after the Medical procedure. This Compassion translates into a Deep kind of Love, that prevents Psychological Damage but also gets imprinted into the mind as a Sexual Desire. It is like once you have experienced this kind of Compassion during a moment of Trauma, it becomes like a Drug, you want to experience again, because it feels so Good.

But I would like to Caution you on how you conduct your BDSM Rituals. It is a good idea for beginners to use Safe Words or Signals. These are either a Word that you say that will stop the Ritual or if you are Gagged a Signal with the Hands. It is not possible to dive deep into the Fear Roller Coaster Ride experience using Safe Words, but if you are a beginner just trying this for the first time, OR if you are just getting with someone New that you just met, sometimes it is important to develop a sense of Trust between you first before you go Deep. This also serves to help the Sacrifice understand their Limits a little better, and the Goddess will get some idea of where their limits are before you try to push the Sacrifice PAST their Limits. This is important because like I mentioned before, if there is no sense of Love or Trust between you, the experience will become very Horrifying Very Fast. And THIS can cause Permanent Psychological Damage if you continue after the Sacrifice has reached such a Horrifying State of mind.

This may result in the Sacrifice thinking that someone is after them all the time, becoming paranoid, it may result in the Sacrifice's desire to completely isolate themselves from the rest of the world. But the Federal US Government also has the same effects on some people. Especially Democrats. But the US Government uses Psychological Torture to accomplish these effects rather than actual Physical Torture. They will call the person's house and not say anything, or place bugs in their house then meet the person someplace and try to start a Conversation about something they were talking about in the privacy of their own home. Just to let the Person know they are being watched. Plain looking Vehicles with funny White License Plates will often cruise by you. They may have Government Agents talk to your Employers to have you fired for no reason. Time after time, and threaten your friends with Jail time if they talk to you to isolate you, (Most Employers are very intimidated by Government Agents) Things like this. But what I am trying to make you understand is the difference between Psychological Torture and Physical Torture and how it both can damage the Mind Permanently.

Or at least it seems Permanent to most people. You have to remember that the majority of what most Psychologists THINK, and have learned, is pretty much based on Opinions, NOT FACTS. Meaning it is NOT an exact Science. So even when a Psychologist suggests there is Permanent Damage, they really don't know enough about the Brain and the Mind to make a Statement like that, because THINK about how they Treat Mental Problems.

They Treat the Problem using Drugs to eliminate the Symptoms, they do not address the Cause of the Problem, only the Effect. WHY? Because Psychology is a Business, just like everything else, if the actually CURE YOU, then they are not making any money are they? With the exception of actual Brain Damage, the Mind can Change, the Biology of the Brain CAN Change. This can change how well you think. Cells in the Brain CAN Regenerate, if given the right Nutrition to enable this Regeneration. Things such as the development of Myelin the connective element in Memory Synapse can actually alter the clarity of one's thoughts. And the degree of one's Focus. The level of Oxygen and Blood flow into the Brain can affect how well you can think. Exercise will increase Blood Flow and Oxygen to the Brain. This can dramatically Change and empower an individual.

But the Government and Society is not really interested in "Empowering" people, they are only interested in CONTROLLING You. I have been experimenting with different Treatments and I have found that Exercise, especially Walking for 2 hours or Running for one hour, Fresh CLEAN water, Must be filtered and Purified, (Bottled Water is often tested as being the same quality as Tap Water.) Omega 3 fatty Acids, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, high protein diets, and a good vitamin dose, as well as directly THINKING about problem areas such as Social Life, and Goals, and Spirituality, and removing all elements of Disrespect from a person's life while doing things to heal the Mind DOES Show Positive results after a couple Months of repeated Treatment like this. It is important during this time to maintain Positive Environments, and remove yourself from Negative Work Environments especially if it makes you THINK Negative about yourself. If your Boss or Co-workers constantly disrespect you, leave that Job immediately! We should not reward people who use Hatred and Disrespect with our Loyalty to their Abuse. Only Love and Compassion deserves to be rewarded with our Loyalty, not Hatred and Contempt.

Now a Domina can use Hatred and Contempt to inspire Fear, if this is what the Sacrifice is expecting. However if the Sacrifice is not prepared for this, as in a Prison or interrogation style torture session, then the fact that the Victim of this Torture wants nothing to do with the experience of this kind, and can not stop it, THIS CAN create long term Psychological damage. So this is why it is very important to talk things over with the Sacrifice FIRST, and develop a certain level of Trust between you, just as a Medical Professional does before they inflict pain on a Patient. The expectation of a certain level of Trauma, can prevent Psychological Damage if the Patient or Sub is willing to Accept it before hand.

There are more people in this World who are experiencing Long Term Psychological effects just from Psychological Torture from so Called "Friends and Family" who are Socially Sadistic and accept Verbal and Psychological abuse as conditions of their Relationship. THIS has Traumatized more people in this world, than ANY BDSM experience ever will.

Hatred and Contempt is a TOOL you can use in the BDSM experience, but just as a Scalpel is a tool of precision, so are the Emotional Tools of Hatred and Contempt. And if you do not use Hatred and Contempt correctly, it can cause permanent damage to a person's mind.

Now in many of my Rituals I use this to Fluctuate the Emotions of the experience to go up and down like a Roller Coaster ride, which makes the Ritual More Meaningful for Both the Sacrifice and the Domina. Because when the Domina is allowed to Torture the Sacrifice to the point where they really are not enjoying the Experience, then the Domina can become Sexually Aroused Sadistically, because the Sub or Sacrifice is not enjoying the Experience, but the Sadistic Domina IS starting to enjoy the Experience. So by Fluctuating the Emotions back and Forth between Caring and Hating, the Sacrifice, the Experience can become more Satisfying for both people. This is more of a correct approach. I just wanted to put this out here; so many Dominas can understand how things work a little better.

Nurturing Men's Admiration

Kali is a Woman, she loves men and women, and to really love someone you must first understand them, and then give them what they need to be happy. Most women of today only try to attract a man by dressing up sexy then they catch him and after that they forget about doing what is necessary to keep their man happy, and so he looks for his happiness in the eyes of another woman and then he's gone. Women who truly love their man should try to get inside his mind first, and find out what it is he dreams of during sex, then she should perform ritual ceremonies where she will act out his fantasies and make them a reality for her man, granting him the blessings which only she can give him, then she will truly be a Goddess because she will have answered his prayers and blessed him with happiness. A mans basic needs are sexual fulfillment so as long as a woman grants her man his fantasies; he should remain loyal to her.

However many women think that just because they are married to a man that they no longer have to try to make him happy and they instead focus on problems of home life, and so their man begins to dream of finding a woman whom he can worship properly, and who will bestow upon him his greatest desires, and because the powers of Kali hear his thoughts and sufferings regarding this matter, she will eventually lead this man to a woman who will fulfill his deepest desires, because Kali truly wants all her people to be happy, then the woman who once had this man, cries because he's gone, yet what did she do to prevent him from leaving? Did she really try everything he wanted her to do? Or did she think that his fantasies were just not that important?

Realize this: Sex is the ultimate key to a mans heart, this is the advantage that Kali gives women over men, those women who refuse to accept this, and ignore a mans prayers to her for a sexual fantasy of one kind or another, will be punished by Kali for disgracing her, and that is why so many women suffer when their man leaves them for another woman. Men should be encouraged to adore women, the fact that a man feels passion from just looking at a woman's chest is a miracle in itself and this passion for a woman should be nurtured. Women should be thankful to the Goddess Kali for making men feel passion for a woman just by looking at her chest. So women should encourage men to enjoy looking at their chest, and wear clothing which displays their chest proudly, because it is a woman's chest which entrances a man and makes him surrender to the Goddess. Because a man's passion is so delicate, and special, Women should cherish a man's passion and encourage it as a part of this religious practice, a women's spiritual ritual is totally focused on cherishing the passion that she can stir up in a man's heart, this is how a woman should conduct a spiritual ritual to worship the Goddess Kali, is by cherishing the passion a man might feel for her, by really working on him, to make him crazy horny for her, and really taking as much time as you can to make him as crazy horny for you as possible, then take your time to make the whole ritual last as long as possible, Make him pray to you, make him endure pain from being whipped by you, make him bleed for you, tease him until it becomes torture, but make sure that to honor the Goddess Kali, you make him as horny as you can for as long as you can before you allow him to cum. Remember that a true Goddess should always have a compassionate heart, and really care about how the man you will sacrifice really feels, and to take him to the highest high sexually, then make it last so long it becomes torture, then you allow him to cum while fulfilling one of his greatest fantasies, this is the correct way for a true Goddess to worship the Goddess Kali.

The Idea is to stir up the man's passion then as a Goddess you should bathe in his passion and enjoy his admiration for you, as he worships you as his Goddess. Because Goddesses are so compassionate, they will conduct a sexual ritual with a man that is only a friend to her, because she knows how much it will mean to the man if she allows him to worship her and have sex with her. Sex in this religion is not something to deprive people of, it is a gift, a special gift that Kali has given to us, and only the Goddesses of this earth can bestow these treasures on a man, and they take every chance they can to fulfill a man's fantasies, because this will bring a Goddess many blessings from the Goddess Kali if she does this. A woman of this religion will not sit at home alone and worship, she will go out and find a man, even a stranger who she feels is worthy of her blessings, and she will bring him home and conduct a ceremonial ritual sacrifice with him, sexually teasing him like no other woman has ever done, and pull out his deepest fantasy, as you tease him, then you fulfill his fantasies and make the night the greatest night of his life! This is how a Goddess of this religion worships the Goddess Kali.

With real love- Love that a man can feel, not some idea about love, that people talk about as old religions of the past have done, but real love that will change the man's life and make him feel the Goddess Kali in his life as a real living Goddess! In a relationship, a Goddess should encourage a man to masturbate in front of her to show her his passion, this should not be a shameful act, a true Goddess has the kind of compassion where she would buy her man a Playboy's book of Lingerie' and bring it home for him and ask him to masturbate while he looks at it for her, and she would encourage him to tell her what he's thinking as he masturbates to the pictures, she might even record what he says so she can incorporate it into her performances for him.

A Goddess should really work with her man to bring out every detail of his fantasies, and really nurture his desire for her. For example if you as a Goddess find out that your man enjoys or gets excited by looking at your chest, (which most men do) wear deep v dresses or unbutton you shirt without a bra when he is around you just as a way of showing him you care about him, and don't worry about what anyone else who might see you might think, worry about making your man go crazy for you that's what you want. If you know that your man likes to tie you up, tell him you want him to tie you up while your at dinner or in the middle of dancing, so he can fantasize about it all the way home, then let him tie you up. If you find out your man likes one of your friends, talk to her and try to get her to dress up really sexy when she comes over so your man can get excited about her, then give him the chance to make love to her if she is willing to do it, not to encourage a relationship with your girlfriend, but to care for your man's sexual urges.

Understand that men are like dogs, they do like to hump anyone's leg that comes around, but it doesn't mean that they do not love you, a man can really want sex with your girlfriend, but in his heart really love you. Sex to a man is like recreational pleasure, a man can enjoy sex with many women but then when he is done he will want to be with the one he loves. This is just the true nature of a man, and it is important that if you are a Goddess you must try to understand this in a compassionate way. Think of it like as if you are the man's mother, you would allow him to run around with many different women then he would eventually come home to you. To love your man like his mother, is a deeper more understanding type of love, yet it does not mean that you are lacking the ability to captivate him sexually, you still have that power, its just that men need to have sex with many women, so if you accept this, you are on your way to truly loving your man. If you can not accept this, be prepared for many disappointments in your relationship, because almost every man in this world "cheats" on his main woman, which is another reason why we do not believe in Marriage in this religion, because in most cases it is biologically unpractical. One more point to consider is if you are unwilling to accept the fact that Men instinctively like to be with other Women, then How can you honestly say that you Truly Love your man?

Anyway back to the main point, if your man is interested in your girlfriend, try to work it out for him, if she will not make love to him find out how far you can get her to go, ask her if she will dress up sexy for him, then ask her if she would date him, ask her if she would let him masturbate in front of her, try to get him as satisfied as you can, this will actually increase his loyalty to You, because he will feel so appreciative toward you for doing this for him he will worship you with so much more sincerity. The point is really nurture the fantasies out of your man then make each one a reality, no matter how bazaar it may seem, your man is special to you, he relies on you his Goddess to fulfill his dreams, if you don't care enough about him to do it, eventually he will find someone who will. If you really don't like the kind of things he might be suggesting you do, think about it like this, if you Love him, understand how much this means to him, how much pleasure he will receive from this, and how much he will appreciate you for making these dreams come true, if you do not want to do these type of things that he likes, at least help him find a woman who Will satisfy his fantasies, and do not be mad at him for wanting to make his dreams come true, because its your job to make his dreams come true what ever they are, that's why he worships you. So if you can't or won't do the job, at least find him happiness by finding him someone who will, and encourage him to fantasize more and then make those dreams come true too. That is the right way to keep your Slaves happy.

Make it a Science trying to Pull the fantasies and dreams out of your Man's mind and heart, by teasing him and masturbating him, while you ask him to tell you his dreams. You should spend at least one hour every few days teasing and working on your man to pull the fantasies out of him, then spend the rest of the week trying to perfect making those dreams come true. That is the true secret to being a good Goddess, understanding the blessing of a man's passion for a Woman and how you can make that passion go completely crazy! Start with his mind, tell him you really want to make him horny, and then ask him what you can do for him to make him crazy for you.

Try to keep him excited for as long as you can before you allow him to cum, at least 2 hours, that will be a good first start. And be open minded, no matter what he asks try to make it real for him, if you notice he likes pain when he's horny, automatically chain him up and Whip him as soon as he gets horny, if you know he would enjoy chaining you up and whip ping you let him do it, if you know he likes the idea of you making Love with another Woman, do it, while he masturbates next to you, you might not like it, but open your mind and do it to fulfill his dreams, because he would die for you if you wanted him to, so doing something like that for him is not that bad, you will be sexually stimulated, only by a woman instead of a man, it should feel good as long as you relax and think about enjoying it instead of fighting the feelings.

You should actually try to think of your man as a sex toy, and play with his mind and body as much as you can to try to see how horny you can make him, each time you try to tease him and make him horny, think about your going to try to kill him just from teasing him to death, that's the kind of attitude that will drive your man crazy, spend a whole day or a whole night just teasing him without intercourse, talking sexy to him telling him everything he wants to hear, treat him like he is your prey, like you have him under your spell and he can not escape you no matter how he tries, then you should get excited just watching him almost suffer from being teased constantly.

Make it a science out of it, pack his balls in ice to produce more sperm so he will enjoy it more when he ejaculates, give him caffeine to stimulate him even more, use any known sexual stimulants and vitamins which might increase his sexual stimulation, use deprivation for a couple days, by covering yourself up for a few days, then dress up super sexy to make him crazy for you, try any other things you can think of to drive him crazy, like go away for a couple weeks to make him want you more then have one of his friends deliver him to a hotel room where you are waiting unannounced and surprise him wearing black leather and holding a whip. It is important to remember that when you nurture your man's fantasies out of him it is a spiritual connection to the Goddess Kali, so it is important, not only to him but to her as well.

Mechanics of Faith

What common thread holds all of humanity as far as Religion is concerned? It is the instinctive desire to look outward for a god or spiritual supernatural entity. Through the years men and women have created gods and then argued the relevance of such gods and debated the truth in every religion. Going against religions have been blamed as the cause of disasters & diseases and dozens of other misfortunes, but most of these have been proven to be purely the result of an individuals belief that such things are going to happen, in other words what you believe you perceive in your life which is why two people of different religions can both experience miracles.

There is a supernatural power outside ourselves, as well as within us-part of us and we are part of it, we know this because we have witnessed many supernatural events around the world, as well as in our own lives, people showing up just when we need them, receiving money or finding it when we are broke, euphoric sensations after meditation, prayers becoming reality in exact detail as our wishes, defying death against unbelievable odds, finding love in this world, and marveling at the awesome complexity and beauty of this world, all of this provides us with proof that there is a supernatural power existing in this world as well as within our own lives.

There are many different names for this power throughout the world, and many different religions try to define this power any way they can, yet because this power is far more complex than our own intelligence, it becomes impossible to define accurately. And because of this many religions are scattered with contradictions and fallacies.

We do not try to explain everything about this power, we only acknowledge its existence and extend our deepest gratitude to it, as well as devote our lives to its service. We look toward this power as we would our mother, our girlfriend, with unconditional love for her, and devotion so strong that we would gladly Sacrifice our own bodies for her. We call her Kali, for this name is closer to describing a power which can bestow upon us our greatest dreams yet demonstrate the power to destroy the earth regularly with tornadoes, typhoons, earthquakes, diseases, and her Wrath is not something we fear, it is something we rejoice, just as a bulldozer destroys all the plant life in its path to make way for a shopping mall, it is Kali's work to decide who should live or who she wants to die for her, and she must also balance nature so that humans do not overpopulate the earth so much that all other life withers away and dies.

Therefore Kali's destruction is viewed as a rebirth into a better life, with better circumstances, because according to the law of Physics energy is neither destroyed nor created, it only changes form, therefore there is life after death and we view it as reincarnation. However we do not justify suicide as a way to a new or better life, suicide is the result of mental illness, a bad mental state of mind, which is temporary, yet the effects of suicide are permanent.

A person commits suicide because they cannot handle the pressures and challenges of Human existence, and this is a sad thing, however, we believe that when a person commits suicide they still need to learn the lessons which were so challenging that they committed suicide, so in most cases they will be reborn into a life a little less challenging than before, yet still allows them the ability to learn at a pace they can handle. Buddhists believe that a person who re-enters life after suicide might be reborn as a dog or a cat, who because of their good behavior still deserve the life of a human, yet they cannot handle the responsibility of a human, so they become a pet of a human living in a human being's house and living with an environment as a human but with much less responsibilities.

This is one possible example but it does not quite explain the whole range of possibilities. Another example might be a retarded person who receives the acknowledgment of being a human being, yet has very little responsibility. Still another example would be a Doctor who commits suicide because of a complicated life filled with enormous debts, and responsibilities, might be reborn as a person who becomes a laborer with much less responsibility than he or she may have had in their past life.

Kali is the supreme Goddess of the Universe, she is all Life and she is responsible for all Death as well. She has chosen Beautiful Slim Attractive Women to represent her here on Earth as the Living entities of the Supreme Goddess Kali, and we should worship them just as if they are Kali in the flesh. It is wrong to eat meat unless absolutely necessary because all life has a right to live unless it surrenders those rights willingly. The only exception would be during the special rituals where a young Goddess is training to Sacrifice, at these times animals are Sacrificed and then barbecued and eaten in a special ceremony to celebrate the making of a new Goddess.

Now I don't want you to think this is a hard and fast rule. Because being a Vegetarian is not easy, and it takes commitment, and determination, and sometimes you might be in a situation where you have to honor a meal prepared by your Wife's Relatives for example, or be in another country where if you reject their offering of food it could be viewed as a grave insult. Or you might just want to experience the Culture of another Country. In these situations it might be better to just eat the meat and enjoy it quietly rather than stick hard and fast to a Vegetarian diet. But you have to evaluate your own commitment to the Diet, quitting eating meat is like quitting any other addiction, if you eat meat once, sometimes it is very hard to stop eating meat the next day. It is addicting in a way. So some choose to just stick to a hard and fast Policy on not eating meat because they know how hard it is to quit. And if they eat meat just once, it is like an Alcoholic having "Just one drink" yeah, right. :) So if you think you might not be able to control yourself tell people you are allergic to Meat. But you will be surprised how many people will intentionally stick meat into your food just to test you. Even people who say they are vegetarians will often get people stirring in a spec of meat into your Veggies just to try to giggle and laugh afterwards telling everyone they put meat into your food. It's stupid but it happens all the time. Or French Fries which are cooked in the same Fat Fryer, as the Fried Chicken, or a Slicer that sliced the Green Peppers right after they sliced the Ham without cleaning the Slicer. So the only way you really get pure Vegetarian food is at home most of the time, when you make it yourself. This you should be aware of.

What should we eat? Fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, grains, Breads, milk, cheeses, eggs, and of course Pizza! What should we do with our lives? Each one of us should first pursue happiness and fulfill our own dreams, then help all others around us to try to do the same fulfill their dreams. Those who do not dream a dream, are drowning in hopelessness or fear of failure, these people should be "saved" first. Life and its environment is one in the same, therefore we should care for and protect our environment just as if it were our own hand or foot. In other words, when the decision is: Scientific progress or Environmental protection, ask yourself how well can you walk forward with no feet? How well can you eat without any hands?

Woman is the physical manifestation of the supernatural powers, which surround us and flow through us, therefore they should be regarded as God or Goddesses to be correct. In order for a woman to acknowledge her position as a Goddess she must exercise and workout to keep herself looking attractive. In fact Kali has bestowed upon women an obligation to all the world to look and act and perform like a god should, to give the people around her hope, faith, and fulfill their sexual fantasies as if she is granting them a prayer they have long yearned to receive. Kali expects women to take care of them selves to the greatest possible extent for the purpose of stirring the people's emotions just from looking at her. Women represent the Goddess Kali, therefore they must look like a Goddess. Women should use the best hair care products, and makeup, and be on top of the fashions to tantalize the peoples senses when she walks by them, making them yearn to follow and serve her. A woman should push the dress codes to the very limits of sexuality, almost breaking the law by the way she dresses, and she should not care what others will think about how she dresses, she dresses to in trance her subjects period!!! Women should perfect the ways of Seduction, sexual rituals, dance, and perfect each one as if it is her mission in life Because this is the magic that Kali has bestowed upon women.

Meditation is proven as a beneficial practice both physically and mentally, therefore we will use meditation in this practice, to help us serve the Goddess Kali, It is up to the individual to determine which method of meditation they feel is most effective, some choose to focus on silence and the chakras, others wish to chant, others wish to meditate in silence while drifting to another place, while still others wish to focus on their prayers to the Goddess Kali as they meditate.

No method is right or wrong, because only each individual can determine what is right or wrong for themselves, therefore what ever method you choose to use which is most effective for you, that is the one you should use. This is probably one of the very few religions which offer the individual freedom to customize their prayer to fit their own personal style of living, and the reason we do this is because its not the style of meditation which creates the positive results, its the focus, the passion, and the faith that one puts into their practice, which actually makes the Goddess Kali hear your prayers and changes your world around to help you, that's why no matter what method you choose to use, put all of your heart and soul into it, this is what counts.

Bondage and Domination is another form of worship to the Goddess that we practice. The bonding or chaining down of a live human body is symbolic as a form of surrender to the Goddess, and the one being chained down is referred to as the Sacrifice, and the sacrifice should be prepared to die during this ceremony as a symbolic display of devotion to the Goddess. This does not mean that the sacrifice must be killed, it only means that in order for the sacrifice to completely surrender to the Goddess, the sacrifice must sincerely be prepared to die for the Goddess, This is done to bring forth a transformation in the individual conscious, a re-birth into a new existence, because after the ceremony it will be like the Sacrifice is starting a new life.

The fact of the matter is, the sacrifice should have no choice of whether to live or die, it is the decision of the Goddess to decide if the sacrifice should be killed or not. The only decision the sacrifice makes is to surrender to the Goddess or not, after that it becomes the decision of the Goddess if she feels that killing the sacrifice would excite her, then she will kill the sacrifice, if not the sacrifice must devote his or her life to serving the Goddess as her slave because she allowed the sacrifice to live.

This is a symbolic ceremony, yet it is conducted with the seriousness of death, because the Sacrifice literally surrenders to the Goddess as a matter of life or death. This ceremony is conducted as often as one wishes but most often this ceremony is conducted as a type of wedding vow, as well as an initiation ceremony into a particular worship group or coven. It also is performed at parties as a form of entertainment and this is considered honorable for everyone attending the party to witness such a ceremony, because it is a form of worship to the Goddess Kali. This is also a religion of compassion, so some times a woman might chain a man up and whip him, and sexually stimulate him just because she knows he is lonely and really needs to be whipped, she will not make him pay for this service, she does this out of sincere compassion for a friend, even though she may not feel romantically attracted to this man, she whips him to satisfy his need to worship the Goddess, and in return this woman will be blessed by Kali Ten fold, and the woman will gain spiritual magic which can only be obtained through this type of compassion for a worshiper.

Blood letting Ritual: The next form of worship is called "The Bleeding". Men are chained up suspended from the ceiling with arms chained up straight over the head, the body is stripped completely naked, the men are sexually aroused then a small cut is sliced down the center of the chest to allow the blood to flow out of the chest. This is called the "Bleeding Ceremony" and it is performed on men and some submissive women. It is used to allow men to bleed for the Goddess as a form of worship different from bondage and domination, in that the Bleeding is a gift to the Goddess, the Goddess collects the blood in a wine glass or large syringe, then the Goddess will drink the blood as she watches the man hang in front of her helpless as a display of devotion to her. All women of this religion can bleed their men at least once a month preferably on a full moon, and sometimes in the forest, if they want to. However some people may not want to perform this ceremony, and that's OK, no one should ever be forced into doing anything in this practice. This Ritual is completed by sexually stimulating the man or submissive woman until they orgasm.

Ritual in the Sun: Women of this practice should also stake their men or Submissive women, out under the sun by tying them to a tree or using dog tie downs, which look like large corkscrews, which screw into the ground then use chains to chain the Sacrifice down to the ground. The purpose is to sweat the Bad Karma out of the Sacrifice as it displays its devotion to the Goddess in the light of day. The Goddess must arouse the Sacrifice constantly for the entire time without allowing it to orgasm, until the Ritual is finished making the Sacrifice orgasm.

Praying to Kali-Men of this Religion can surrender to the Goddess and worship her through the physical manifestation of woman, by spending at least 10 minutes a day or night kneeling in front of their Goddess in prayer. Those men who are single may pray to a picture, which excites them. Do not take this lightly, the woman should stand dressed sexy and holding a whip, and holding her head up high as the man or submissive woman kneels before her.

Candles should be on both sides of the Goddess as the man or submissive woman kneels before the Goddess and prays to her out loud, he or she will ask her for a fantasy or will tell her about a problem in her life, then the Goddess may choose to caress his or her face or pet his or her head. Men or Women who are single may set up a Picture which represents the Goddess, and a small table with incense and candles and maybe a glass of wine or wine cooler, or your favorite soft drink. Place a knife on the table, this knife should not be a regular kitchen knife, it should be a double bladed long slim knife, the kind made for killing someone, not slicing up dinner. Place this knife out on the table as a symbol of your willingness to die for the Goddess, then you may chant " I love you Kali- I love you Kali- I love you Kali" over and over again as you focus on the picture of the Goddess. Some people prefer to sit in silence when they meditate to the Goddess, this is fine also, the key thing is to focus your passion toward the Goddess, pour your Heart out to her, and she will hear your prayers. Then the ceremony is completed by making the man or submissive woman who is praying to the Goddess orgasm by sexually stimulating them until they orgasm. Or by making love to them.

Freedom in this Religion

We who worship the Goddess Kali, are free to practice other religions at the same time we worship the goddess Kali, because Kali encompasses all life, all religions, therefore to worship another god is to worship Kali. And even though other religions may try to captivate the minds of the people with brainwashing ideas that say you cannot worship any other god except theirs, we who worship Kali are truly free, free to think and do what brings us the most happiness, if that means praying to more than one god, then pray to as many gods as you can think of, if that is what it takes to bring you happiness, then enjoy the freedom which this religion gives you. However beware of people who try to lead you into their religions, because first they will act like your friends, but soon they will be telling you what to believe, and then they will be telling you what to do and not do, what is right and what is wrong, instead of letting you decide for your self what to believe, and what is right or wrong for you as an individual.

A belief system is the window through how you view the world around you, if you narrow your beliefs down to certain things, then what you believe is what you will perceive, be it truth or ignorance.

Marriage in this religion is not necessary, Marriage is a forced Christian concept, if two people desire to stay together, they may do so without the say so of any church, without paying someone to tell them to live together forever, and no piece of paper will stop anyone from seeking another mate if they desire to do so, all it will do is create more legal problems cost more money to file for divorce, and pay lawyers, who are only in business to make money off your misfortune. If two people are truly in love, the relationship will last, and keep them together, however if the relationship is not strong enough to keep them together, then a piece of paper won't do it either.

The problem is so many people in society have been brainwashed by the Christians, forced into believing that humans are supposed to only have one mate for their whole life, yet even the people who try to commit to each other forever, only find later that one of them has "cheated" or had sex with another partner, so many doctors are starting to come to the conclusion that maybe humans are not suppose to only have one mate in a lifetime, few rarely do, so why fight the concept?, would it not be better to just accept each other as we are and understand that we all would really enjoy having sex with another partner once in a while? Is that really so bad? It doesn't mean that two people cannot share their lives together, and be happy, it means that they must accept the truth about how we all feel inside and face it head on, allowing each other the freedom to live out a few fantasies with another partner sometimes, and loving each other with a much deeper kind of love than Christian style love, instead of hiding how we feel, and living behind lies, we can love each other as our mothers do, with a more unconditional type of love understanding that we all need to be with someone else once in a while, and if for some reason we meet someone better and we decide we want to go with them, this religion allows us total freedom to follow our heart and pursue happiness wherever it leads. If this kind of freedom scares you because your afraid you might loose the one you love, then you are like a little boy who cages up a frog in a jar until it withers up and dies, because you don't want to loose it, when in the end you still lost it. This religion is about freedom, total freedom, if you love something set it free, if it comes back to you its yours, if it doesn't, it never was. This religion is fair for both people, because many people get married then stop trying to impress their mate, they become fat and ugly, start dressing sloppy, stop caring about romance, and pretty soon their mate is dreaming of someone else to light their fire. In this religion, both people will constantly have to keep trying to impress their mates because the minute they stop trying the other person is free to find someone else, so this constant competition will make the whole relationship much more romantic, and respectful by both people.

Family: Some of you may be asking "what about family?" The family structure does not change just because you see other people for sexual pleasure, and if someone decides to get a divorce it does not change the children's parents, the same holds true for the couples in this religion, the difference between a family in this religion and a family in a different religion, is if a woman sleeps with her man's best friend in this religion, it won't break up the family, in a Christian family the shit would hit the fan and the kids would loose one of their parents from the house in most cases. In this religion sex is very honorable to share with our best friends, as long as we relax and let go of any jealousy we may have, it can bring our friends closer together with us, and make them like one of our family, instead of an outsider that only visits periodically. The relationship between two people should be strong enough to understand the other persons needs and have enough love to really want to make them sexually fulfilled even if it means letting your mate sleep with your best friend every once in a while.

It might take some getting used to at first, but after you both get past the jealousy, (which by the way is a very evil emotion), you will find your relationship developing a much deeper bond between you and your mate, because now your relationship is based on truth, not bullshit, and lies, and hence will be able to withstand much more than a Christian style relationship, with marriage and legal problems galore.

Abortion is a distressing thing for any woman, however the body itself will cause a miscarriage if the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy are not stable. This illustrates that pregnancies are an incubation period which is not yet final until the baby is successfully born, even then nature requires conditions surrounding the infant to be nurturing in order for the infant to continue to develop and survive, if they are not suitable the child will die sparing the child a bad growth period in the future. In other words nature itself or the Goddess Kali has made sure that in order to successfully have a child and have it survive, you have to really really want the child to live, if the parents are even a little bit lazy about the care they give toward the child it will die, either by accident, or by the laws of nature which the Goddess Kali set forth to protect children from a bad life.

Therefore if a woman decides to abort a child to preserve her well being, or because she is not ready yet, she has not committed any evil act that nature would not do itself if the circumstances created enough Trauma on the pregnant mother. Therefore Abortion in this religion is not considered wrong, unless it is conducted many times just because the parents are too stupid to use birth control. Kali: This religion does not contradict science or what we learn about the universe because Kali encompasses everything in the universe, all that we know and all that which we have not yet discovered. Her physical manifestation is the body of a very beautiful woman, yet this is only to give us a focal point to direct our love towards her, because she is so vast and so complex that it may be thousands and thousands of years before we can fully comprehend the true essence of the Goddess Kali. All beautiful women are manifestations of the Goddess Kali, and each one should be treated as royalty because they represent the Goddess Kali, they too are Goddesses themselves.

Treatment of Men: Many people might think that this religion is too harsh on the men, chaining them up and whipping them as part of this religious practice, slicing them down their chests to make them bleed regularly, making the men worship the women, and on and onÖ., however, all of these things are necessary to truly display your devotion to the Goddess Kali. The Goddess Kali demands you bleed for her if you are a man, or submissive woman, some of you may instinctively feel this in your heart, others may resist the practice, but if you conduct these ceremonies you will feel her majesties magic touch your soul, then you will accept her into your heart.

Some people think of pain and suffering as a bad thing, in this religion you will learn that pain is not a bad thing, it is merely another dimension of reality which we can enjoy, and our suffering can be offered as a gift of Devotion for one to enjoy, allowing them the freedom to inflict pain on us without guilt, or allowing us to inflict pain on the one we love with out guilt, or without worry, to be free, really free to let our emotions run wild to experience the pleasure of hurting someone during sex, while we continually stimulate them sexually, this is a pleasurable ritual practice for both the Goddess (who usually inflicts the pain) and for the Sacrifice (who usually is the one being tortured during sex) This is a religious practice so it must be conducted to honor the Goddess Kali as a worship ceremony, and therefore it should be conducted as a sacred ritual, not to be taken lightly, although others may take pleasure in watching this ceremony, they must show respect for the Goddess Kali by treating this ceremony as a solemn event serious as death. Many other religions are ashamed to incorporate sex into their religious practices, but Kali gave us sex as her greatest treasure, it should be celebrated to honor her, not hidden away in private rooms alone.

We Control our own Destiny (To a Point):
We who worship the Goddess Kali have control over our own destiny unlike the "gods" of other religions (such as in Christianity) who it is said control all things in life, and even control our own lives, this is an insane concept, because if that were true, it would mean that no matter how hard we tried to better our lives, we would still have a predetermined destiny, making life in itself hopeless and fruitless, and in a belief such as that many people would simply give up trying at all, because they would believe they would still wind up in the same circumstances no matter what they did, so why try? In this religion, we have control of our own destiny, we decide what our futures will become, the Goddess Kali only watches over us as we make our own way in this world, she guides us toward that which can teach us, and help us reach our greatest desires, occasionally she may place an obstacle in front of us as a way to help us learn and grow, or as a way to exercise our skills, know-how, strength, and faith, yet she will never try to control us, Kali Loves us, therefore she wants us to be happy, and how could we be happy if our destiny was chosen for us? We decide how we shall live, where we shall live, what we shall do, what we will eat, and when the time comes if we are brave enough, we may also decide how we will die. We live to serve the Goddess Kali, yet we may decide exactly how we will serve her, and how devoted we will be towards her as well.

The Pied Piper Leads the little Lambs to Slaughter: Music is a very powerful influence in this religion; we use different types of music to enhance our rituals, and dances.

We are party people, and enjoy many different forms of music, however it is better to use music which conveys a positive message in the lyrics, and avoid music which speaks bad toward others, or speaks in boastful tones, while slamming everyone else, also try to avoid music which speaks of gang activity or shooting someone against their will, as in a "gang Bang" this type of music will posses a persons mind and lead them to commit acts of pure evil, and while evil in itself has a good place in certain situations such as sex, for example, as far as using evil as a life style, it is very dangerous to a persons well being, people of society do not understand how music controls the minds of the people, but people in witchcraft understand perfectly, the pied piper leads the little mice with his flute, and although the men and women who make the laws struggle night and day to dream up enough laws to stop this evil, they can not understand why so many people continue to break every single law they create. If they spent as much time purifying the music, as they do writing laws, they could change the world, instead they spend most of their time just trying to maintain order.

Many people would call this censorship, and claim it is an infringement of our rights, yet if we all agree that something such as "Gang Banging" should not be glamorized, then why should we want it broad casted on our radio stations, and on our Music T.V. channels. Many will argue that this is not true, yet there is a saying in Psychology which says, "where the Mind leads, the body soon follows" And another one which says " If you walk the walk and you talk the talk, pretty soon you'll be doing the deed." This illustrates the Closeness of the Mind Body Connection, and the relationship between thoughts words and deeds, and why we need to remain Pure in thought, word and Deed.

Now in Movies for example it is possible for us to acknowledge that this is just a form of entertainment if all we do is watch a Horror Movie, it doesn't mean we will run out an kill someone. But I bet you I would start getting some serious attention from the Police if I started walking around sporting a Jason Mask and carrying a knife all the time, wouldn't ya think?

But if You are Dressing like a Gang Banger, Talking like a Gang Banger, listening to Gang Banger Music and Driving down the road in a Getto Cruiser carrying a Gun, you can't argue Censorship OK? Let me tell ya how this works, I know cause I was a Musician myself. When I was Young I saw Ted Nugent In Concert and on Videos, I used to get front row seats to his Concerts, and then I would go home and try to play all of his songs, I grew My hair like Ted Nugent, and I used to think I was going to grow up and become a big rock star just like Ted was. I got damn good, but I never got famous. Then I saw a lot of little Girls Starting to dress up like Madonna later on just like I used to try to be Ted Nugent.

Later I saw kids Dressing like Gang bangers and talking like Convicts, and then My Nephew started acting like Puff Daddy and Trying to Sell Drugs. So don't try to tell ME there is no Relationship between what Kids Listen to, and what they DO with their lives, cause I KNOW better. So when selecting a music format for parties or gatherings keep in mind that music will influence your audience positively or negatively depending on the choice of music you select, so choose wisely, the future of our people depend on it.

Greed is the cause of many peoples sufferings, Relax and have faith that Kali will lead you to your treasure in time, However each individual must understand that they are responsible, for their own future, which is why education is so important, in this religion each individual is responsible for their own destiny, so although Kali looks over us like a parent, and may teach and guide us in many ways throughout our life, we are still ultimately responsible for our lives and everything we do with it. But along the way some people become greedy, they want more than they deserve, if you become greedy, you will suffer from desire, which cannot be fulfilled, until it eats away at you. The solution to ending this kind of suffering is to detach from earthly desires, and seek the love of Kali as your most valued treasure.

Everything changes nothing is constant, therefore embrace change as a welcome fresh breath of air, whether it be a change of job, a change of living quarters, a change in friends, a change in lovers, or a change in location, embrace it as a gift from the Goddess to help you learn and grow and reach your dreams.

Oneness of Mind and Body: One's mind and body must be working together, if you are thinking you want to exercise but your body is tired, you must make a schedule so that you can make your mind and body work as one, this is the way to achieve peace and harmony between your mental and physical states of being.

The Middle Way: The way to balance one's life out is to avoid extreme indulgence in desires of the body, such as excessive eating, excessive resting, and avoid the opposite extreme of torturing one's body and mind too much. In other words eat only what you need to stay healthy, and be whipped and tortured only as much as you really feel you need to be.

Free yourself from earthly desires: Kali wishes us to be free, this is why she teaches us to let go of all of our attachments to earthy desires, do not make your happiness depend on someone else, if you do, they could leave you or not behave in the manner you wish, and you would suffer as the result, however if you only rely on the Love of Kali for your happiness, then you will remain free from suffering. The same holds true for material things as well, let go of the need to have them in order to be happy, and you will become free from the suffering associated with the attachment to such things. This is not to suggest that we all throw all are prized possessions away and head for the nearest mountain, but if you find yourself worrying excessively about a certain thing or person, let it go, and you shall have peace in your heart. For example if you find you and your mate constantly arguing about a particular car payment, get rid of the car and buy a cheaper one, one you can afford without all the hassles. So m any people are tricked into believing that if they don't drive the nicest brand new car around, everyone will think they are not cool. This type of thinking is absurd! You make up who you are and the value you will have on society, not your car, or your clothes, or your fancy watch, or designer shoes or bags, YOU!

Basic Concepts of Life that we who worship Kali believe in: There are equal amounts of good and bad in all things in life, we constantly look for the good in all things while understanding the bad is ever present. Life and its environment are one in the same, one cannot survive without the other. Heaven and hell are not a place but rather a life condition, both exist right here on earth. One woman's good, is another woman's evil, therefore only each individual can decide what is right or wrong for themselves, although we have outlined some basic thoughts on what we think might be right or wrong in this scripture, in the end ultimately each individual must decide for themselves. WE do not contradict science, therefore we believe in evolution and we do not try to figure out all the Metaphorical answers in the universe, because the universe and everything in it is Kali, we love and accept Kali for what she is, we do not try to explain or define her, she is our Goddess, she defines us. We are part of Kali not separate from her, we are all of many bodies, but one in mind. However Women are blessed with receiving the honor of representing the Goddess Kali on this earth, that is why women are the ones who bring forth life on to this planet from their wombs, because Kali has blessed them and made them Goddesses for all of us to worship and adore.

The Law of Cause and Effect is inherent in life, if one creates bad karma in one's life, they may rid themselves of it if they wish, through surrendering to the Goddess Kali as an offering of sacrifice to her, and in a ceremonial ritual the sacrifice is whipped until bruised all over its body to the point where the sacrifice is near breaking down emotionally, then the sacrifice is sexually stimulated again until it is very horny and then the goddess will at that time pass judgment on the sacrifice as to whether it will be killed or whether she will enslave it for as long as she desires. This ritual is only symbolic, yet it is conducted as if the sacrifice will be killed, with the seriousness of death. You only get out of something what you put into it, therefore if you want to get more out of your sex life, instead of watching T.V. for three or four hours a night, spend four or five hours preparing for a sexual ceremony, and conducting it with all the passion in your heart, taking your time to do everything the best you can. Using things to tantalize all the senses, sight, sound, touch smell, taste, and incorporate all emotions love, fear, surrender, excitement, use all the dynamics you can think of, light touch, with feathers, silk, rabbits fur, then ice, oil, drip hot candle wax, whipping, stick pins, Scratching, Electro-shock, take the time to plan everything out to perfection, the selection of the music, the right kind of incense, and perfumes, oils ect.

Initiation Rituals Initiation Ceremony for a Man or a woman to join a particular worship group, the new worshiper must first understand the rules and ideas that we share, and be completely willing to accept these ideas as their own beliefs, and should be willing to live in accordance with these beliefs. The Most important of which is that the new worshiper must agree that Women are the physical manifestation of the Supreme Goddess Kali, and the new worshiper must be willing to get down on his or her knees and pray to the Goddess, by praying to a slim attractive young woman who represents the Goddess Kali in the flesh for your particular worship group, however each worship group may have dozens of goddesses in it, the most attractive out of all of them shall be appointed ruling Goddess for the Group. It is very important that age or seniority does not play a part in selecting the ruling goddess, the only factor that matters is her ability to attract and seduce the worshipers.

Women as young as 16 years old may serve as Ruling Goddess as long as the worshipers love her as the representative of the supreme Goddess Kali, and in rare circumstances a Women as young as 16 years old may serve as ruling Goddess as long as the worshipers love her as the representative of the supreme Goddess Kali, but only with her parents written consent. While many other faiths may look at this as disgusting, we give a higher respect to the laws of nature, than to the proposed ideas of the common people of the world, nature is created and controlled by the Goddess Kali, she has decided to begin the menstrual cycle of young women at around the age of 12 years old, which proves that this is the time Kali has chosen to begin the mating and worshiping of a young woman's life.

To ignore this, would be to disrespect the Goddess, and to refuse to accept the treasures that a young women may offer us, would contradict the whole reason that Kali made the young women begin their menstrual cycle, and mating instincts arouse during this age. Therefore rather than suppress the young women coming of age, we, as worshipers of Kali, celebrate it like a holiday, larger than a birthday, because a birthday comes around once a year, a woman matures to begin menstruation and mating only once in a lifetime. So as soon as a young Woman has completely finished her first menstrual cycle, a large party is thrown for her, where the whole congregation of worshipers will pray to her and the ruling Goddess will welcome her into the group as a young Goddess, after she goes through the initiation ceremony of being chained down on a table and surrenders her life to the Goddess Kali.. (Which would be the girls choice if she wanted to go through the initiation ceremony or not and at what age.) This is very important to respect the wishes of the Teens, and not try to Force any kind of "Tradition" on to them.

IF a Teen wishes to Celebrate this event at all, in many cases it would be with Her closes friends, and not her parents. However parents should support a girl who confronts her parents and comes right out and tells them she wants to celebrate this event. For example a Father might set aside a special Bank account to help fund this party when the girl tells her she is ready to celebrate it. Then he might reserve the Hotel room for his Daughter or Reserve the Grounds for the Party if she desires it to be out doors. The Mother might take her daughter to the Doctor prior to the Party to have her Hymen cut so she will not experience pain on the night of her Celebration. But some girls might not even choose to take faith in this Religion until much later in life, they might choose to completely disregard the Coming of Age Ceremony, and that is perfectly acceptable, nothing says that anyone should be forced into doing anything.

If a girl or a boy decides of their own, that they do not want to conduct any kind of celebration about their sexual coming of age, then no one should coerce them into it. Let them be free to make up their own minds. This is very important. And IF a Girl or Boy Decides of their Own Free Will, to have a Party to celebrate their coming of age, Let the Teen decide who will attend, in most cases they will be too shy about having their parents around them at this party, and this should be expected, and the parents should not feel rejected because of this, because PART of the coming of age Ceremony is actually celebrating her growth and maturity into a Woman, or if it is a Boy who has the party it will be about him becoming a Man, this usually means gaining a certain about of independence from the parents especially for this event. A Good example of a Coming of age party would be Spring Break in Florida. If you've ever been there then you know what I'm talking about. It's all about Sex, and being wild and having fun.

And a Girl or Boy may Celebrate their coming of age at ANY age that THEY feel comfortable with, it might be 12 years old for some it might be 19 years old for others. But the most important thing about the coming of age Ceremony is that when a person becomes ready for Sex, they feel like they would really like to experience it. It is very important that they DO get to experience Sex when they become ready for it, otherwise they become frustrated Sexually, and Psychologically, and during their growth and development in their teenage years it IS very important they feel ok with themselves, so experiencing Sex during these times is a way of reassuring themselves that they are ok, they are worthy of Love and acceptance. This is important in establishing a good mental foundation regarding how they feel about themselves, and Sex plays a Major role in all of this. So it is important that every Parent understands this, and accepts it. A Girl who is Coming of age will decide HOW she would like to Celebrate this event, because it IS HER party, so she should help plan it.

She does not have to be whipped if she does not want to, she does not have to Sacrifice a small animal if she doesn't want to, the most important thing she does in her party will be to celebrate her sexuality, to have Sex. This she will do if she decides to celebrate her coming of age. And it would be preferable if she would perform her first Sexual Experience in front of all of the people she invites to her Party. This party will be by invitation only, so she can select the people who will watch her perform her first sexual experience. And this can take place in a Hotel Room or a Night Club, depending on how she wants to Celebrate it. It can be held indoors or outdoors in a secluded field or jungle or on some deserted island somewhere if she likes. The choice is up to her.

Boys will have the same choices as well, but many times boys will not be as shy, so several Goddesses from a particular worship group may come around the Boy when he seems to be coming of age, and ask him if he would like to conduct a ritual ceremony of coming of age with them. If the boy says "YES" then arrangements can be made for the party. Sometimes Fathers may hire Prostitutes to perform as the Boy's Goddess in a Coming of age Ceremony. This is considered perfectly honorable in this Religion. Precautions should be made to check all people who will be having Sex for any Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Tests should be performed to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Health is important. No one should ever be pressured into worshiping the Goddess Kali, because Kali loves us and wants us to feel free, therefore if one chooses to worship the Goddess Kali, it must come from their heart and their soul. Once a new worshiper is ready to surrender to the Goddess, he or she may select a Goddess from the group that they wish to Sacrifice themselves to. Then the new worshiper is introduced to the Goddess that they chose to die for.

The new Sacrifice shall be stripped naked and lead to the front of the group with a collar around their neck as they crawl to the front on all fours like a dog, this is not to humiliate the new comer, but to display to all their sincere desire to surrender to the Goddess. Then the new worshiper is made to sit down on his or her knees in a praying position and hold their palms together as they are ready to pray to the Goddess. Then the new worshiper must call out loudly "Oh great Goddess Kali, I call out to thee, my whole life I have waited for this moment, now may you see I am a worthy fruit of this earth, may you take me, I hereby offer you my body and soul as a gift of Sacrifice, and if you allow me to live, I shall serve you from this moment on as your loyal slave, I love you Kali,-I love you Kali,- I love you Kali," And the group joins in chanting "I love you Kali" over and over again for about 5 minutes, then drums pound slowly boom boom boom boom over and over again very slowly, like giant footsteps ringing through the night, then from behind a large black silk curtain the Goddess that the new worshiper selected to die for, walks slowly toward the kneeling Sacrifice walking very very slowly as if she is stalking the Sacrifice, she walks slowly around it looking down at it, then as she circles around to face the Sacrifice, she reaches out to lightly caress the side of the praying Sacrifices face, then she reaches under its chin and holds the chin of the sacrifice up to look at her, and after she pauses for a moment of silence as she holds the sacrifices chin she says "why has throw summoned me?!!!" and the Sacrifice will say "I wish to offer you my body and soul as a gift of Sacrifice my love" Then the Goddess replies "Do you understand this is not a game, I will chain you up and torture you until you cannot take it any more!, and then I will stab you in the chest with a knife and kill you, do you understand that you will die by my hands if you offer me this gift?" And the Sacrifice shall reply "I do"

Then the Goddess responds by raising her hand over her head and snapping her fingers and she yells "Bring me the paper!" then she looks at the Sacrifice and says " very well, I accept your offering, I hereby sentence you to death by Ritual Sacrifice in the name of the Goddess Kali, one week from this night (or on the eve of the next full moon) you have one week to sell all your possessions and bring me all of your monetary wealth as part of your offering, be sure to bring all of your credit cards and personal valuables as they will be burned in the fire to display the sincerity of your offering, as I said before this is not a game, you will be killed one week from tonight by me, prepare to die my love, for the Goddess Kali."

Then the Goddess will turn and leave and the Sacrifice will be allowed to sign a death certificate to display the devotion to the Goddess, then another Goddess will be appointed to help the Sacrifice liquidate their assets. But the liquidation of assets should only be done for very devoted worshippers, and then only if they agree with the idea, again no one should ever be forced to do anything in this practice. If the Sacrifice owns property, it will be sold prior to this night unless the Goddess desires this property or material items herself, in which case she may ask the Sacrifice to rent a warehouse and place all of the items in a warehouse under her name, the Goddess may choose to return these items to the Sacrifice after the ceremony, along with any property which the Sacrifice signed over to her , but it will be her choice as to what she will do with these items and the Sacrifice itself.

So the Sacrifice will actually be preparing for this long before they offer themselves to the Goddess, the assisting Goddess will check records and background information to make sure the Sacrifice is not holding back anything, and if it is found that the Sacrifice is holding back, the Goddess will question the sincerity of the Sacrifice and ask if he or she really wants to do this, and if the Sacrifice agrees the ceremony will be postponed until the entire wealth of the Sacrifice has been offered to the Goddess along with the life of the person involved, so on the eve of the ceremony all of the Sacrifices possessions will be liquidated into cash and offered as a gift to the Goddess performing the ceremony. Unless the Goddess accepts the material possessions themselves as the offering, then the paper work, which offers the Goddess possession of the property, should be offered to the Goddess during the ceremony. The reason for this is that although the Sacrifice is only symbolic, it should be carried out as if the Sacrifice will actually be killed, this is the only way to truly surrender completely to the Goddess Kali demonstrating that worldly possessions mean nothing compared to the love offered to us by the Goddess Kali.

The attachments to material possessions only bring about suffering, therefore to actually obtain the love and happiness which Kali offers us we must relinquish all of our material possessions, at least at the time of the initiation into this religion.

After the Goddess has chained the Sacrifice up and teased and tortured the Sacrifice as much as she wants to, she will then decide whether she wants to put it to death or enslave the Sacrifice for awhile, the choice is purely hers to make. If she does not kill the Sacrifice then she will bring the Sacrifice home to enslave it at her dungeon, where she will keep it in chains or in a cage and feed it, and use it as she wishes. Many Goddesses will send their slaves to work for them to earn them money during the day, then when they return home to her dungeon at night she cages them up again or if they are good she will chain them out on a leash in the yard or in the living room, again the choice is hers to make because she spared the lives of these Sacrifices, so they must live by her rules, lest she kill them. The amount of time that a Goddess keeps a Slave is totally Dependant upon her desire. If the chemistry between a Slave and a Goddess is good, she may keep a slave forever until she kills him during a Ritual one-night maybe.

If the chemistry between a Slave and a Goddess is not so good, then the Goddess may choose to Sell her Slave to another Goddess, or rent him out as a Boy-Toy to other Goddesses, or she may decide to just set him free and be done with him. The choice is totally hers to make. However in defining the term "Slave" or implying "Slavery" a "Slave" in these situations may choose to leave at anytime so participation in these situations are always a voluntary act. No one is ever FORCED to do anything in this religion at anytime. But the Commitment that a Slave makes towards his Goddess is so strong in faith that he would actually be willing to die for her, of his own free will. So in light of that respect, while a Slave may choose to leave at any time, it is his faith to his Goddess which would make him WANT to endure whatever suffering she decides to impose on him.

If the Sacrifice is a woman she will be taught and trained to be a Goddess herself, although if the Sacrifice enjoys being a submissive woman she may be kept as a Slave or she may request of the Goddess to be whipped and tortured by a man if this pleases her after all if she is a Woman she deserves to have her wishes fulfilled because she possesses the potential to be a Goddess herself, so whatever she wants the Goddess who teaches her will usually satisfy her needs any way she can. Which leads to the role of the Goddess, being a representative of the Goddess Kali, is no picnic, even though they can become rich by assuming all the wealth of their Sacrifices, they also assume a very big responsibility in representing the Goddess Kali.

Each Goddess must care for the sexual needs of every one of her slaves, at least three times a week, and it is her responsibility to take her time with each slave spending as much as four hours on one slave to ritually tease it whip it and prepare it for Sacrifice for the future by practicing to stab it in the chest with a knife over and over again many times, and combine this with bathing the Sacrifices, Massaging them, Caressing them, spending hours to talk to each one to learn its fantasies so she can perform them, setting up the room for ceremonies, allowing her slaves to pray to her each day for at least one hour, setting up appointments to lend out some of her slaves to other Goddesses for sexual toys for parties or just a little fun on a Saturday night.

The Goddess must also spend time each day to answer worshipers mail and e-mail messages, and record special audio cassettes and videos for lonely worshipers to masturbate with. She also does some limited phone sex therapy for some of her most devoted worshipers. The Goddesses work is hard, she must have unlimited compassion, more than a nurse, or any other religious priests, because she is a physical manifestation of a Goddess, The Goddess Kali.. Her job is to perform Kali's work of love and compassion for all human kind on earth, and anywhere else in the universe as well.

A Goddess is not a money hungry woman trying to get rich off all of her worshipers, she is a Goddess who tends to the needs of the lonely, fulfills the sexual fantasies that common woman cannot or will not fulfill, these are the treasures a Goddess possesses, her magic is the most powerful on earth, she makes it an art out of fulfilling sexual fantasies for both men and women, it is her boundless compassion which she uses to save us from our sufferings in life, she is not in this for the money, many times she will take in a homeless man clean him, care for him help him to understand that she is God and if he worships her she will grant him his prayers, then she will fulfill his wildest dreams and for this the Goddess receives nothing from the man because he is poor, yet in some cases a Goddess has been able to work such magic on a man that she has been able to take in a homeless man and make into a worthy slave filling his heart with such strength with her love that he is motivated to go out and find work so that he could show his appreciation to his Goddess, or some have been so inspired they have started businesses in honor of their Goddess, or invented new inventions which changed the world around to help millions just to honor the love of their Goddess.

And in some cases the Goddesses themselves have received such magic from kali for performing these acts of compassion, that the Goddesses themselves create inventions which change the world, or They themselves start new businesses using the insight they have received from the Goddess Kali. This is how powerful the magic of a Goddess can be. A Goddess may keep as many slaves as she wishes, Each slave will have their own very large room, and she will furnish each room with the luxuries of life such as Computers, Stereos, TVs VCRs, Refrigerators, Air-conditioning, Telephone, Fax machine, and many times the Sacrifices own personal possessions which they originally offered to the Goddess will be returned to the Sacrifice and placed inside their room, They will live in kind of a communal house, with several Goddesses, and their slaves, each Goddess may keep as many slaves as she can care for, the more she keeps the greater her wealth becomes, and the slaves may occasionally request to be whipped and sacrificed by a different Goddess, and the Goddess that owns them will gladly bless the slave with such a gift of love from her, and for every fantasy that a Goddess performs for a worshiper without receiving anything for it, her magic is increased by the Goddess Kali.

Because of the Goddesses compassion to care for the sexual needs of the people, she becomes more powerful.. It is not easy to perform so much every day and every night sexually for so many people, but this is why she is a Goddess and not a common mortal woman, she is a spiritual entity, not a human being, a Goddess. if you can understand the compassion of a nurse when the nurse must empty bed pans, change sheets, bathe people who stink, if you can understand this kind of compassion, imagine then how much MORE the compassion of a Goddess must be. The nurse is only a common mortal, the Goddess is blessed by the Goddess Kali, she is here in this world to perform the magic of Kali on the people of this earth, to save them from their sufferings. The Goddess is like a special surgeon who can reach into a persons soul and caress their hearts that bleed from despair, and hopelessness, and with her magic, the Goddess can heal those wounds which cause the people so much pain and suffering, and lead them to a life of happiness.

While the Goddess does whip and torture her slaves, this is done to release bad karma trapped inside the soul, and the only way it can be released is through torture, that way instead of a person enduring unexpected hardships later in life due to karmic retribution, the Goddess whips the bad karma out of the people as a way of loving them so deeply she does not want them to suffer worse by unexpected karmic retribution, in other words the bad karma must come out into reality anyway, the Goddess makes it possible to get rid of the bad karma through worshiping her by suffering for the Goddesses pleasure, the Goddess takes great pleasure in torturing her slaves and Sacrifices, it sometimes sexually arouses the Goddess to hear her Sacrifice scream or moan, because she knows the suffering she hears is the worshipers devotion pouring out into the air in a scream. It is an art that the Goddess takes great pride in. She is an expert in the ways of torture.

Developing a Sexual Sadistic Passion

Probably the most important thing a Goddess develops is a passion to actually enjoy whipping her slaves. It should develop into a need to whip them rather than an obligation, the Goddess should become obsessed with whipping her slaves to the point where she starts trying to make her slaves orgasm just from the pain of her whip. The reason is, then the Goddess will become addicted to actually drawing out the bad karma of her slaves, which will ultimately be good for her and good for her slaves as well.

The Goddess will spend a great deal of her time really trying to draw out all the sexual passion of each one of her slaves, she works on her slaves like a bee sucking sweet nectar out of a flower, she takes her time, recording every detail of her slaves fantasies on cassette tape, practicing the moves to make each performance absolutely perfect to bring out every ounce of energy out of her slaves, the Goddess feeds off this passion which flows out of her slaves during sex, this energy gives the Goddess more power, more magic, so she works on them very slowly, very caringly, she really pulls all she can out of her slaves, and when she is finished with them, they usually pass out from complete exhaustion, nearly putting them in a coma at times. But this is how Serious her Ceremonies can be.

So she works on them very slowly, very caringly, she really pulls all the passion out of her slaves, and she knows she is caressing the soul of each slave as she performs her magic on the slave, the soul becomes her property, she owns it, she holds it in the palm of her hand and plays with it like a toy trying to pull every ounce of energy out of it, she enjoys the feeling that only a Spiritual Goddess can experience, knowing she holds the power of life and death over the slaves she keeps. Goddesses will sit and talk together recording their talks, to share the information they have gained from each slaves fantasies, especially if she has obtained outstanding results from a particular touch or technique which has successfully made the Sacrifice go crazy horny.

There are no secrets between Goddesses, they share all the information about each slave and every ceremony they conduct, they write down notes or use a small cassette recorder to record voice memos to study and remember every detail that makes a human body become more horny, it is their Science, Goddesses are experts in the field of sexual arousing a human body to its absolute highest state of horniness. Because they share their information together and document all of their success into books, audio cassettes, and Videos, they create even more income by selling these books, audio programs, and videos, to the common people, as well as to medical professionals who are interested in the physical effects of the human body. As well as Psychiatrists who may be interested in the sexual behavior patterns which produce such outstanding results.

So the Goddesses will gain even more money by producing these teachings for the outside world as they use this information to pull as much sexual energy out of the human body as they can without letting it orgasm, until the final moment of the sexual ceremony, when the Goddess will let the Sacrifice orgasm in a method which will bring the greatest satisfaction for the individual. This will empower the Goddess with so much magic from the Goddess Kali, as well as respect from the medical community, that the Goddess will truly become recognized throughout the world. Human Sacrifice.

Now for a discussion about Human Sacrifice. Human Sacrifice has been conducted in every culture throughout the world at one time or another, why? Because Kali made this an instinctive desire, to actually put a live human being to death in a Ritual Sacrifice, has been said to be wrong, evil, or insane. But if it is so wrong why has every single culture performed it? Because actually it is an instinctive practice, which should be conducted. When, is it actually wrong to kill a human being in a Ritual Sacrifice? When it is against the will of the Sacrifice. A Sacrifice should be willing to die for the Goddess as a reality, where the Sacrifice really will be killed.

That is one reason why all initiations into this religion must be willing to die for the Goddess Kali right from the start. Because if the Goddess conducting the ceremony becomes too excited and gets carried away and actually does kill the Sacrifice it will not be an accident, it will not be a bad thing, it will be a beautiful thing, the last thing the Sacrifice will see is the face of the Goddess, they will die with love right beside them, and the last thing they will do is orgasm, there are hundreds of ways to die far worse than this, this is the most beautiful way to die, for your Goddess Kali.. The Goddess will not always kill the Sacrifice, but it will always be her choice if she wants to kill the Sacrifice, no one will be allowed to prevent her from killing it.

Men instinctively feel the desire to die for a woman, this is because women are Goddesses, physical manifestations of the supreme Goddess Kali.. Goddesses will be taught and encouraged to kill from an early age, first they will Sacrifice small animals such as chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, then they will move up to pigs, dogs, monkeys, and cattle, and then finally Humans. Each time the Goddess Sacrifices an animal to the Goddess Kali, the woman will be sexually stimulated at the moment she kills the animal, so she will feel more ready to kill a Human during sex. This might sound crazy to many who read this, but try to understand that there are people in this world who want to be Sacrificed, who are really willing to die for the Goddess, and feel good about it, its much better than dying of some disease, or in a plane crash, or auto accident, or a drive by shooting, or in a war, millions of people have Sacrificed their lives willingly in wars which are mass rages of hate, a Ritual Sacrifice to the Goddess Kali is by a willing participant who wishes to die for their Goddess, in an act of passionate love for the Goddess and because we have total control over the circumstances surrounding the persons death, we can actually make their death one of the greatest moments of their whole life! With the room surrounded with flowers, candles, sweet smelling scents, people surround them who really appreciate them dying for the Goddess, so their death is not in vain. For people who believe in planning everything in their lives, they want the best death anyone could ever have, one where they will get a chance to say good-bye to every one before they die.

Humans are the most precious fruit of this earth, the most valuable thing on this planet, even Christians thought about sacrificing a young boy to god, as stated in the bible, why? Because it is instinctive to want to Sacrifice a Human or to be Sacrificed is all instinctive, rather than be afraid of the idea of Human Sacrifice, we should cherish it as one of the beautiful things in life, and the greatest way anyone could ever die. We who practice this religion believe in Human Sacrifice, as long as the Sacrifice is willing to be killed, we shall protect our Goddesses like the queen in a bee hive, taking every precaution to make sure that our Goddesses will not be prosecuted for Sacrificing any of her willing Sacrifices.

How to Sacrifice Someone
(Assuming the Sacrifice is WILLING and Laws would Permit it.)

Each Sacrifice should be chained down to a table like an X naked, and the room should be carefully prepared as if the Sacrifice really will be killed, decorated with flowers, black silk curtains that cover each wall, dry ice fog pots, hundreds of candles, we really try to make this night the greatest sexual experience of the Sacrifices life. Prior to the ceremony the Sacrifice will fill out a detailed survey to allow the Goddess to understand exactly what she can do to make the Sacrifice hornier than it ever has been before, that is the goal for her, to take the Sacrifice to the highest possible high sexually, then she will continue to sexually stimulate the Sacrifice as she begins to inflict pain on the Sacrifice to release the bad karma from the Sacrifice, so that in its next life it will have better circumstances. then after the Goddess has excited herself from watching the Sacrifice suffer for her, the Goddess will at that time decide if the Sacrifice is worthy to die for the Goddess Kali.

If the Goddess is excited enough and really feels the need to kill the Sacrifice she will pick up a knife which is specially made just for stabbing people, it is long and very slim looking with sharpened edges on both sides, the Goddess will wait until the Sacrifice is just starting to cum, and at that exact moment, just as the Sacrifice has finished orgasming, she will raise up the knife over her head with both hands and slam the knife into the center of the Sacrifices chest one time, as hard as she can, then as the Sacrifice gasps for air and coughs, the Goddess will try to calm the Sacrifice by saying "ssshhh just relax, OK? I love you so much babe, just relax, I'm here with you OK? just relax,. Die for me babe, die for me."

Then the Goddess will kiss the Sacrifice until it falls unconscious and dies. Then the Sacrifice is unchained and either burned on top a pile of wood or burned in an incinerator or the body is cut up and the meat is barbecued over a fire for all the worshipers to enjoy eating as a way of celebrating the gift the Sacrifice has offered to the Goddess Kali. And the group has a party as they eat the flesh of the Sacrifice cooked to perfection over a barbecue grill.. Many people are outraged at the thought of eating Human flesh, however the meat of a Human Sacrifice is holy, it has been blessed by the Goddess Kali, most meat of this earth which is hard to get or rare is considered a great Delicacy, or treasured when it is obtained, humans are the most valuable form of life on this earth, and the meat of a human should be considered as rare as diamonds or gold, and meat of a Sacrifice is ten times more valuable than the meat of a common human being, so it should be eaten with great pleasure and thankfulness.

Although we do not generally eat meat, unless it becomes too difficult to refrain from it, eating Human flesh is different in that it is wrong to eat meat from animals because the animals have not willingly given themselves to us to be killed, however the only time that animals are killed and eaten is when we are training a Goddess to Sacrifice animals for religious sacrifices, in that case even though the animal has not willingly given it self to be killed, animals kill each other every day, it is part of an animals life to be killed, however when an animal is killed in a Ritual of Sacrifice to the Goddess Kali, it may be reborn as a human because it has died for the Goddess, and in doing so, the meat of the animal is blessed by the Goddess Kali, and therefore Sacred to eat, and should be cherished.

Only the most sincere Human Sacrifices will ever be killed, if there is even the slightest doubt as to whether the Sacrifice is sincerely willing to die or not, then the Sacrifice will not be killed but the Ritual will be carried out to honor the Goddess anyway. The only time that a Human is ever Sacrificed is when the Sacrifice itself has requested several times to be killed, and its sincerity is obvious. In that case several meetings will be held by the ruling Goddess and the Sacrifice in private, to discuss the Sacrifices sincere desire to be killed. The Sacrifice will have the opportunity to change its mind several times before the actual night of the ceremony, and even up to the moment when the Sacrifice is about to be killed, if the Sacrifice shakes its head "no" then the Goddess performing the ceremony will not kill the Sacrifice. In order for the Sacrifice to actually be killed, it must truly want the Goddess to kill them and say so in writing several times, as well as on video tape.

Then once the date is set for the Sacrifice to actually be put to death, all worshipers are invited to attend, because even watching the Goddess kill someone is something that the worshipers want to see, and worshipers of the opposite sex are allowed to place their hands on the body of the Sacrifice and caress it for a few seconds as they pray to the Goddess Kali a special prayer which the Goddess may help them in their life when she receives this offering of Sacrifice, then the worshiper is allowed to kiss the Sacrifice if they wish, and say "die for me babe OK?"

Then they can pet the side of the Sacrifices face kiss it once more and then the next worshiper will do the same, until all the worshipers of the opposite sex have blessed the Sacrifice with their prayers, then if the Sacrifice requests, certain worshipers of the same sex may come forth place their hands on the Sacrifice and bless the Sacrifice and kiss it. Many people freak out when you talk about a person dying for religious reasons, but it must be understood that no one is ever forced to do anything in this religion, and all worshipers involved with this religion are in agreement with these ideas or they would not be here. We believe a person has the right to decide how they are to die just as they have the right to decide how they are to live. With over population being a growing problem, one of the solutions to this as well as drains on medical expenses for people who need more medical care when they grow old, is allowing a person the right to decide their own death, and carry it out, even if that me ans a Beautiful Woman is the one who kills them.

The way we see it is, Women give life on to this earth, and they should be the ones who have the right to end a person's life in Ritual Sacrifice, if the Sacrifice chooses to die for her, and if they do, the Woman who conducts the ritual, should be Honored, that a person is willing to actually die for them. So, killing them is not considered wrong, it is beautiful.. However because there are so many legal implications involved with this, we will for now, only practice Symbolic Sacrifice, using Bondage and Domination. However if a Certain Goddess and Sacrifice feels Sincerely Committed to carrying out an Actual Sacrifice, they are responsible for their own actions, and should take every precaution so they are protected from persecution from Authorities.

To prevent deaths resulting from mental problems, the Goddess will study Abnormal Psychology so she may be able to identify a person who may be unstable mentally, so the ritual of Sacrifice will not be used by people who might be suicidal, instead the Goddess will nurture this type of person with love and compassion, to show them all the reasons they should cherish life. This is NOT to suggest that a person who suffers mental illness is not or should not be Sacrificed, that is not the case, in fact a mentally unstable person should be considered for a ritual of Sacrifice with equal consideration as a sane person, the only difference is we should give a little extra care and consideration to someone who is mentally unstable.

Under No Circumstances should a Mental Disability prevent a person from carrying out his or her wishes, whether it be to live free as a homeless person on the street, or to die by the Ritual of Sacrifice. They should always reserve the dignity of the Freedom of Choice in all cases.

A person who correctly chooses a Ritual Sacrifice as the way of ending their life, does so after they have lived all their dreams, and sexual fantasies, and lived this life to the fullest, not to use Sacrifice as an easy way out of a miserable situation. The Goddess Kali desires the finest fruits of this earth, therefore a person who offers themselves as an offering of Sacrifice to the Goddess Kali, must be physically fit, mentally fit, and should Love life, and have a wealth of experiences to share with the worshipers prior to their being Sacrificed, so that the ritual of Sacrifice is like spending a portion of your life climbing a great mountain of experiences, learning, and growing, then reaching the peak of this mountain of life, where you acclaim that everything you have done in your life was for the Goddess Kali, and the moment of being Sacrificed is the ultimate climax of your life, this is the purpose of all your experiences leading up to this moment, like a great staircase to this moment.

Being Sacrificed should be an extremely exciting event in a person's life, not an end, but more like a graduation ceremony, where you will be re-incarnated into a better life where, you will live in circumstances which will teach you things you were unable to learn in this life or provide you with opportunities which you may not have received in this life, which will allow you to reach greater heights of achievement. People with terminal illnesses will be given special consideration, when they wish to be Sacrificed, once it is determined they sincerely desire to be killed in a Ritual Sacrifice, the Goddess may or may not choose to carry out a ceremony, based on the person's sincere faith in the Goddess Kali. If a person is to Die by the hands of Kali, in the Name of Kali, they should take Faith in Kali first. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to Live your Life by the Ideas of one "God" and then Die under the name of KALI.

Once again Sex is very important in this religion, when a human is going to be sacrificed, it should be taken to the highest high sexually before it is killed, or tortured, the way we do this is we study everything we can about sex, Sexual psychology, to in trance the mind, Sexual physiology, to understand what touches and where will stimulate the Sacrifice in the best manner, and we also understand that each individual is different, so different things will stimulate different people differently, that's why we also study each individuals personal tastes, and we record audio and video sessions then keep computer records of these records, and interviews so that we can truly bring each sacrifice to the highest possible high.

Pain and Bleeding is a necessary part of this religion. Many of us have felt an instinctive desire to feel pain during sex, this is because in order to actually show Kali you love her you must experience pain and bleed for her. This is also true for showing your love to the Goddess who is performing the sexual ceremony, if you only say you love someone it means nothing, because people can lie, they can be dishonest, think one thing, while they say something else, yet if someone surrenders their life to you as a display of their love for you, allows you to chain them up and whip them and cut their flesh so they bleed for you, stick pins in their flesh and apply electric shocks, all to prove their love to you, it is much easier to SEE the Love and Devotion when a person Sacrifices their body and soul to you. This is why we instinctively feel the desire to be chained up and whipped, and why after the experience we feel so good about it, we want it again and again, harder and harder.

Women should take great pleasure in chaining someone they Love up and whipping and torturing them, and cutting their flesh, this should excite the performing Goddess, as well as the Goddess Kali, Women should even try to Orgasm from watching their Sacrifices suffer for them, this would honor Kali greatly. The performing Goddess should think about killing the Sacrifice as she conducts the ceremony, because the more she thinks about killing the Sacrifice the more excited she will become, and the more enjoyment she will experience from making the Sacrifice suffer for her. Even if she does not actually kill the Sacrifice, just THINKING about killing it, will sexually arouse her, and make it more exciting.

Kali only takes the finest fruits of this earth. What that means is, Kali wants us to take care of ourselves, to make our appearances as beautiful as we can, so that we may honor the Goddess Kali.

Think of it this way, if you were going to pick a fruit off a tree, you would look for the best one, the nicest looking fruit, not the one that is half rotten, or the one that has worm wholes all over it, that is why we do not Tattoo our bodies, we do not Brand or Scar ourselves unnecessarily, (However we do accept people who Brand, Scar, and Tattoo themselves, because you still have the Freedom of choice, you have to do what you feel is important to you, otherwise you are not being true to yourself.

But the point we are making here is you SHOULD respect your Body and yourself, and therefore not deface it unnecessarily.)we do not dress in ragged clothes as if we are oppressed, we are the elite members of society, even if we are not wealthy we treat ourselves as if we are, we groom ourselves to the highest standards we can afford, we are models, dancers, movie stars, and even if we are in technical fields, or business, we look like we should be in movies, because we pride ourselves in serving the Goddess Kali, and we want her to accept us when we offer her our bodies in Sacrifice, we want to stimulate the Goddess or Slave that we perform with sexually to the highest degree, this will honor Kali.

If we were to Tattoo our bodies all over the place, and wear dirty ragged clothes this would disgrace Kali, because she wants us to look like the best fruits of this earth. That's why when we conduct blood letting ceremonies, our Goddesses are like careful surgeons who can cut the flesh just deep enough to bleed yet light enough so it will not scar permanently. They can pierce a nipple but it is only for the Sacrifice to experience the pain, afterwards the nipple is allowed to heal so it may be pierced again and again many times.

The use of Magic in this religion is highly recommended, Magic is a faith so strong that Kali feels it, and casts down supernatural experiences down upon the worshipers. To experience the Magic of Kali, the Sacrifice must sincerely be willing to die for her, even if the Goddess does not actually kill the Sacrifice, the magic will come from the Sacrifices heart, and its willingness to die for Kali.. Everything in the ceremony should be as if the Sacrifice really will be killed, the finest flowers should be placed around the room, the Sacrifice should be served their favorite food just before the ceremony, and then the Sacrifice should have a ceremonial "Last Dance" with the Goddess of choice or the Slave of choice. The worshipers should chant Kali-Kali-Kali-Kali-Kali-Kali-Kali. Over and over again as the Sacrifice is being chained up and teased sexually. Also drums can be pounded to enhance the feeling of magic in the air, and there should be a ring of fire around the Goddess and the Sacrifice if the ceremony is taking place in the outdoors, otherwise a ring of a hundred candles should be used as well as dry ice fog pots.

Magical sounding music should be played in between the drum pounding periods, if the ceremony is indoors, the finest velvet or silk curtains should surround the room, and brass or silver decorations should give the room an elegant feeling, everything should be made up as if you are expecting the Goddess Kali to walk right in the door to take the body of the Sacrifice herself. You may also plan a Ritual Outdoors, with the same type of enthusiasm. And make sure that you loudly announce to the Goddess Kali, the offering of the Sacrifice, and ask her to possess the soul of the performing Goddess. If the ceremony is indoors try to get the finest table to Sacrifice the body on, such as black marble. you may have a group which has a temple built to honor the Goddess Kali which is constantly set up to Sacrifice Human bodies, complete with a crematory and everything.

Can a Man sacrifice a Woman? Yes, but only at the request of the Woman Goddess, and the man should be collared and lead to the Woman who is being sacrificed by another Goddess, and the man will still be considered a Slave. However, because of the boundless Compassion of a Goddess, if a Goddess interviews a slave to find out what really turns him on sexually, and she learns that the slave not only enjoys being whipped by the Goddess, but might also enjoy Chaining the Goddess up and whipping her, She may have such a compassionate heart, that she will allow the slave to chain her up and Sacrifice HER in a Ritual Sacrifice, and whip and torture her as well.

Most religions except for Witchcraft, and some tribal religions, completely ignore the working of the universe in their religions, they close themselves up inside their little temples and focus on the god which they created, yet fail to realize the workings of the Goddess all around them, and they fail to recognize the Awesome Beauty of these things, which is actually a disgrace to the Goddess. Its as if someone presented them with a beautiful gift so awesome that just the sight of it could influence and change their life, and they just ignore it as if it was nothing to get excited about. That is why we respect and honor the practitioners of Witchcraft, and tribal religions, herbalist, astronomers who have dedicated their lives to studying the magnificent happenings of Kali, those who take the time to watch a sunset, or get up out of bed just to see a sun rise, or those who spend an entire day climbing a mountain to admire the panoramic view, those who lay on the ground on a clear night with a loved one just to look up at the stars, all of these people are respected because they honor Kali's gifts to us. That is why in this religion we take every opportunity to conduct ceremonies in accordance with the beauty of nature, most of these ceremonies are quiet meditation where we just sit and adore the beauty around us for about an hour maybe two hours, then afterwards we will conduct sexual ceremonies or orgies if the mood is right. if the mood is so serene and tranquil that the worshipers do not wish to disturb the feeling, then we will just quietly depart after the meditation session has finished.

Special ceremonies will be conducted on full moons, in the outdoors, especially in the forest, near the ocean, or on the top of mountains, the moon has traditionally been symbolized as the Love influence in our lives, this may have evolved because Making Love under a full moon is extremely sexy, the lighting that the moon radiates, is almost intrancing as it dances off of the skin of our lovers, and in another way we use the forces of nature is the blazing hot sun to tie a worshiper down and stake them out naked under it to allow the worshiper to display their dedication to the Goddess Kali as well as the Goddess who stakes them out.

The worshipers are then sexually stimulated as oil is caressed all over their bodies, usually coconut oil or coco butter, flowers and incense are placed on both sides of the body but far away enough so the Goddess can move around the body easily to work on it. After the body has been staked out and oiled down the mouth is gagged with a soft cloth tied very tight around the head, so that the worshiper cannot yell for help, then the body is left there to bake in the sun alone for about one hour maybe two, so they may truly feel their body is an offering to the Goddess Kali.. Then after an hour or so the Goddess will return to sexually stimulate the worshiper again, this time constantly for about one hour without allowing the worshiper to orgasm, by only stimulating the body just enough to keep them horny, yet not enough to allow them to orgasm. Also the Goddess will caress the body with more coco butter.

In many cases like this, pictures and videos are taken of the worshiper who is staked out, because this offering is to Honor Kali, therefore the act itself is Sacred and therefore is honored and respected so much that the pictures of such an event are given to anyone who wants them, as a way of showing our gratitude to the Goddess for all our blessings. The same holds true for ceremonies held on full moon nights, occasionally a worshiper is tied to a large wooden X instead of staked out on the ground, and then some worshipers prefer being chained down on a table, it is up to the worshiper how they want to offer their bodies to Kali, the Goddess assists them by conducting the ceremony.

We should be also aware that our religion because of its very nature attracts people who are mentally ill, these people feel drawn to us because they instinctively feel that Kali can cure them of their illness, yet in the mean time they may take advantage of the worshipers in many ways, at first maybe just using their living quarters to stay in without helping pay the bills, then they may indulge in the sexual aspect of this religion, without the sincere commitment to the Goddess Kali, then in some rare cases involving psychopaths, they may carry out the killing of a Sacrifice for their own pleasure, and not to honor the Goddess Kali. This would be tragic indeed, therefore it is the responsibility of all the worshipers to guard against inviting someone into your group who seems a little strange, wild eyed, tells stories of demons, is unkept or not neat and clean, if they seem particularly interested in the killing part about this faith they should be referred to a doctor for examination before they should b e trusted. Some groups have their own Psychiatrists and Medical Doctors that they consult about certain problems within the religious practice, we welcome Doctors to practice with us in this religion to help us prevent harm to our worshipers, yet they must not interfere with our desire to offer ourselves to the Goddess Kali in a Ritual of Sacrifice.

Having sex with a Goddess, should be considered a great blessing, Goddesses are very feminine, not burly dominant females, but Divine holy creatures, who by nature have been bestowed with the desire to end mans suffering of loneliness and grant him and all other females as well, sexual satisfaction because this is the way they serve the Goddess Kali, and in return the men shall give to the Goddesses all they can possibly afford, because the Goddess takes care of them, nurtures their fantasies out of them and makes them come true. But the true Goddess is not motivated by money, she will bestow her blessings on a poor man just as intensely as she does a rich man, because it is not how much money you have, its how deep you Love the Goddess that counts.

When the man can not give the Goddess money as a gift of his appreciation, he may give her material things if he wishes, but the Goddess will never demand such things from the man as a sort of "payment" for her services, because a Goddess is not a Prostitute (Alt hough a Prostitute MAY BE a Goddess,) or a Dominatrix for hire, (And Many Dominas ARE Goddesses,) a Goddess serves the supreme Goddess Kali, in order to even be able to have sex with a Goddess, you must worship Kali and be willing to die for the Goddess, A true Goddess does not necessarily need payment for the treasures and blessings she bestows upon the men, in some cases men will offer to work for her as her Slave, for appreciation for the happiness she brings them, but even this is not required and a Goddess never "asks" for payment for what she does, she does it whether she receives anything or not because she receives her blessings and magic directly from the supreme Goddess Kali, therefore she does not need any payment for what she does, in fact some Goddesses are insulted if a man asks her "how much will this cost?" her usual reply would be "Only your life, sacrificed in honor of me." And she will not smile or laugh about it when she says it. A Goddess should be properly introduced as Goddess _________ ____, to illustrate her devotion to Goddess Kali.

She will wear seductive clothing such as leather, PVC, or silk, black, and usually a deep V neckline to display her power of entrancement that her chest holds. When she is approached by a common man she will seduce him with her eyes, then invite him to sit beside her. If the man acts respectful toward her she will respect his desires and possibly fulfill them if she chooses to do so, however if the man acts boastful trying to impress her she may say something like "Sir, there is no need for you to justify your worth to me, I am not a common woman, I am a Goddess, just look into my eyes and speak the truth of your heart, unmasked in lies and corruption, tell my heart how you feel.." The Goddess will then reach over and unbutton the man's shirt and then she will pet his head like she is the one in control. Then the Goddess might say " look at my chest, focus on it, and allow the passion in your heart to burn like a raging fire for me, look deep into my eyes and tell me how you truly feel, and MAYBE I will take you home with me and allow you to get down on your knees and worship me." This is the kind of an encounter a person might have with a Goddess.

Lesbian affairs are encouraged in this religion, but there are a few guidelines the women should follow, 1. The Goddess must be a biological woman in order to be a True Goddess, not a man dressed up like a woman or a transvestite trying to be a woman, a real biological woman. The reason for this is not to slight gay rights in any way, but Kali is a Spiritual Entity, a GOD, She appointed biological women the responsibility of representing her in the physical form on this earth, therefore even though a man might want to pretend he is a Goddess and might believe in his heart he could be a Goddess, there is no way in this world that a man can match the brain waves, and the Spiritual Essence of a Real Woman, no matter how he tries, it cannot be done. However in Gay Relationships, if one man wishes to Pray to another man who is Dressed up like a Woman, they may do so if this is what turns them on, but a Man can never be consider a "Ruling Goddess" in any Coven, because only a Real Biological Woman can possess the Powers of Kali.

2. When two Women are going to be together and have sex together in this religion, both women should keep themselves looking outstandingly Beautiful, Stunning, both should wear their hair Long, and grow their fingernails long, and use eye makeup, lipstick and both should dress in sexy dresses or feminine outfits, because this displays a thing of Beauty when both Women are Beautiful, even men can appreciate the beauty of a lesbian relationship, and this beauty honors the Goddess Kali. When two beautiful women are making love together it is like a beautiful picture that the whole world wants to see. And this is how lesbian affairs should be viewed, as something beautiful, and we honor Women who Love Women into this religion. But they must understand that they do not have to pretend to be men, to try to hide their relationship to the world, Women who Love Women should pride themselves on looking just as beautiful as their partners, exercising, and keeping slim and fit, grow their hair long and fingernails long, and be proud of being a Woman who Loves Women. In this religion you do not have to hide or pretend to be a man. We don't accept Women who do not take care of their appearance, who dress and act like men, or get fat in order to try to look like a man, or cut their hair short to try to look like a man, all of this is not necessary in this religion, in this religion, you can be what you are, if you are a Woman who Loves Women, we Love you, we worship you, and we welcome you into this religion.

Gay men on the other hand might have a problem in this religion, because they will be forced to worship Woman, who they have no passion for, and only a biological Woman may be a Goddess, therefore, its not that we have anything against gay men, we do not, its just that Women possess the true spirit and power of the Goddess Kali, men are not capable of such power no matter how they want to be, only a biological Woman, can capture the true spirit of the Goddess Kali. (Sorry guys.) But a Man may Worship another Man that he Loves dressed up like a Woman if he so desires. One thing for sure though, this Religion offers Gay and Lesbian people more Rights and Freedoms than any other Religion. We offer more Understanding and Compassion for your Situation. So this Religion is about as good as it gets for Gay and Lesbian people.

How the ruling Goddess is selected: Every month, each Goddess will turn in a list of signatures, and names of the people who requested to be Sacrificed by them, each one of these people will be contacted by the appointing panel, ( a few of the worshipers who have the job of appointing the Ruling Goddess each month) and they will interview each person who was Sacrificed that month, and they will ask the Sacrifice to come in to do a personal interview with the panel if possible, where the Sacrifice will be asked to rate the goddess's performance on a couple different aspects, the most important being her ability to seduce her Sacrifice, and the next most important being her ability to use dynamics to stimulate the Sacrifice to the highest possible extent before allowing the Sacrifice to orgasm. The third and final aspect is her ability to satisfy her Sacrifice sexually. Then all of the Goddesses are called in to vote for who each one thinks should be the Ruling Goddess for the next month, and the Goddess who gets the most votes from the other Goddesses is compared with The Goddess who wins the highest praise from each one of her Sacrifices, and the Goddess who wins in both the Goddesses vote and the Sacrifices reviews is appointed "Ruling Goddess" and has the responsibility of leading the entire group for that month, and all the worshipers from all the covens in that area will worship the Ruling Goddess.

But all of the Goddesses are very friendly with each other, many of them have sex together to bond their friendship even if they prefer to have sex with men, some of the Goddesses will have sex with the other Goddesses to remain close to each other, and maintain a Loving relationship with each other. So when a Goddess is appointed "Ruling Goddess" she does not act like "she's the boss" or like she is the best or like she is better than all the rest, each one of the Goddesses are very humble, they are the most Compassionate Women in the world! She is a Living GOD! Not like religions of the past who worship statues of gods, a Ruling Goddess is a Physical Representation of the Goddess Kali herself. But a Ruling Goddess will never demand Money from the followers, or insist that we should go to War unless our lives or our freedom is at stake. At any time if a Ruling Goddess starts to make demands of the followers, the rest of the Goddesses in the Group or around the World may cast a Re-election to appoint another Goddess as Ruling Goddess for the New Religion of Kali in their Area where they worship.

This is how we will protect the followers of This Religion from certain Goddesses who might become abusive of the people's faith. The worshipper's faith of Kali should be cherished as a most Prized Possession, and Nurtured with care, and NEVER should we take advantage of the follower's faith. We should not try to gain Money from the followers, or Goddesses in Most all cases will RETURN all of the Material Possessions to the Sacrifice after all Rituals unless the Sacrifice agrees before AND after the fact that the Goddess can keep their Possessions as a gift of appreciation for conducting the Ceremony for them. Most Sacrifices WILL offer the Goddesses Something for conducting Rituals, but the Goddesses should never expect anything from the Sacrifice as a Method of "Payment for Services".

Goddesses should not think in these terms, instead all Goddesses should Conduct Rituals and Perform Ceremonies to Honor the Supreme Goddess KALI. That should be their whole and entire Focus of their Lives. To serve Kali and her Followers. In this Religion the Role of the Goddess is Higher than the Role of the Pope, because a Goddess embodies the Spirit of the Supreme Goddess Kali, a Pope is merely an interpreter of a Book written about their "God". A Goddess has Real Spiritual Powers, much more than the Fake Evangelists of the past, a Goddess makes Dreams come true, she gets involved in Charities, and Cares with sincerity, not as a Business, but as a MISSION of her Life. a Goddess Must Possess More Love, Honesty, Caring, and Compassion and Understanding than most of the people of the world. Just as the rulers of Countries have a very difficult time managing problems of the world, Goddesses must also Work very hard to help solve world problems, and personal problems with people. And it is very important that a Goddess understand that as the demand for her Love from the people of the world increases, it is important she does not treat an Individual's problems or desires with any Less respect than she would treat a Major Problem of the World. Because in Life, everything matters, everything holds an important key, and while if one focuses on the Size of a World problem in Comparison with an Individual's Personal problem, She might miss an important key which might be hidden inside the Life of one individual, which might solve the Major Problems of the world which she is so concerned about. In other words do not slight the Individual over the problems of the World, because inside the Lives of the Individual you will find the very Key to solving the Problems of the world. If you CARE for each individual as if they are your own child, then you will become wise, and you can find many answers to solve many of the problems in the world.

More on BDSM

Many people who are instinctively drawn towards Bondage and Domination, still bring with them the Christian concepts thinking that this type of behavior is evil, so they act demonic, or they act angry or mean toward each other, thinking that this is the correct way to perform Bondage and Domination, but they fail to gain the blessings of Kali, because they do not fully understand what powers have drawn them to Bondage and Domination, or why, so they act evil, because that is how the Christians have depicted Bondage and Domination. But the correct attitude to perform Bondage and Domination is one of Compassion toward the Sacrifice, while at the same time Understanding the reason Why the Sacrifice offers itself, is to worship the Goddess Kali, and because of this, the Goddess who whips the Sacrifice should get excited and enjoy whipping the Sacrifice, to the point where she becomes sexually aroused and might even orgasm from watching the Sacrifice suffer for her. Those who have met people in the world of Bondage and Domination, will notice that many of them act as if they know everything there is to know about it, as if they are The ruling authority on Bondage and Domination, yet how many of these "experts" have degrees in Sexual Psychology, or Medical Science? Hardly any at all.

So we of this religion do not acclaim that we are the experts of Bondage and Domination, although we do strive to become experts in the field of Bondage and Domination, that is one of our goals, yet even when we do achieve a high level of knowledge and experience, we still maintain a Humble and Compassionate attitude, towards all of the people of this earth, because Kali is part of all of us, and we are all part of Kali, so we do not use our knowledge to be boastful or lofty, we use our knowledge to teach others if we know the answers to their questions, otherwise we are "The Humble Students of life," (Remember that phrase it will help you) and when we teach we teach with a Humble Compassionate attitude, as if you were to show your best friend a very special trail through the forest to a grove of trees which had all the fruits of the earth in one place. This is the correct attitude to teach people.

Often many of our worshipers may come to the Goddess with questions about problems they may be having in life, the following will be some of the solutions to many common problems, which a Goddess may encounter. Questions and Answers

Q: What is the meaning of Life?
A: To Learn, Grow and Reproduce, to Remain Humble, Compassionate, and Understanding, to Remain pure in Thought, Word, and Deed, as we pursue Happiness, and Fulfill our Dreams, all those who accept this will live prosperous Lives, all those who refuse to accept this will live lives of Misery and Poverty, this is Proof that what I say is true.

Q: What happens when we die?
A: The Truth is, we don't really know for sure, Scientists have done many studies which included people who we're clinically dead for a short period of time, but all of these Studies are inconclusive, meaning we still don't know for sure. We speculate when we die the spirit leaves the body, and travels through a tunnel looking thing of darkness, where you will become one with a very bright light which we believe is the Goddess Kali, in the form of pure energy. After that we believe a person may be reborn if they choose to, or they may stay with the Goddess Kali for a time until they ready to take another form, and they may take a form of an animal if they feel that living the life of a Human was too challenging (such as when someone commits suicide) Although even someone who commits suicide might realize they made a big mistake afterwards and Kali might give them another chance at a Human existence.

Q: What is the Most Important Things in Life?
A: The most important things in life are NOT the things we have, like a nice Car, or a nice House, or a big Diamond Ring, and no matter how many times we hear that these things are not important, we will still crave them, this is Human Nature to Want it is also the state of Hunger, where we are never satisfied, always wanting more and more, and bigger and better. The only way to escape this state of mind and finally realize the Truth is to focus on the things that ARE Really important, these things are Education, which is one of the most important Things in life, but there are other Actions which are more important than Education, such as the Act of Loving someone else. This is the most important action, the next most important State of Mind is the one of Compassion, and Understanding, which is SO important in affecting our decisions we make each and every day, because the more we base our decisions on Compassion and Understanding, rather than greed or jealousy, or Hatred and Contempt, the more we can create GOOD CAUSES in our life which will carry over into determining what kind of life we will have into the future.

Q: Why is Education so important?
A: Because Life is about Learning, and the more we learn, the more we are pleasing the Goddess, because that is our whole reason for being here is to learn, also if we disregard this and just try to get by through life without an Education, then our life becomes filled with problems, some we create out of our own ignorance, others which come from just not thinking clearly, and then even the small problems will cause us such torment because we know we are not prepared to handle them, and this will increase the suffering we feel everyday of our lives. Education prepares us to handle all kinds of problems which WILL most definitely arise in our lives, so the more we learn the better we will feel about life as a whole, and the more important we will become to the people around us as well. There is a saying to remember that goes along with this, it says; "Life is hard, for Stupid people its harder" and "Stupid" in this sentence simply means Uneducated.

Q: But I can't afford to go to College, so how do I get an Education?
A: Education is a Lifestyle, not any particular school or College, it is an Attitude, each time someone you know is fixing something and you don't know how to fix it, what do YOU do, do you just stand around and wait until they have fixed the item? Or are you standing next to the person who is fixing the item, trying to learn as much as you can? How many times have you gone to a bookstore to buy a Technical Manual in the last year? Why not think of something you want to learn, go buy the book and learn about it! When it comes time to study for a test of any kind, do you feel nauseated, or excited because you know you will be learning something new? Its all in the Attitude. Attitude is Everything! Especially in regards to Education. Now with this religion Education is PART OF This Religion, so you should from now on, try to get excited about learning everything around you, you have to exercise your mind as well as your body, memorize something everyday, for example do you know all the elements in the Periodic Table of Elements? If Not Why Not? Do you know your Multiplication's up to 20, 30, or even one hundred!? How about Ohms Law? Or The Wheel of Fifths, and all the different Musical Intervals? What are the Frequencies in the FM Band? The Am Band? VHF? UHF? Microwave? What is ADSL, and how is it going to change our world? How many Languages can you speak? Have you ever read The Theory of relativity? It goes on and on and on, when you're stumped on a Math problem instead of thinking about how much of a drag Math is, try thinking about Math like its just a puzzle, then once you change your attitude, everything will become easier.

Q: But I really want to go to College, how do I find the Money so I can go?
A: There are hundreds of Government Grants, Loans, and Scholarships which you can find out about at your high school counselor's office, Book Stores now have Books about Government Loans and Grants that you can get, Search the Internet under Tuition Assistance, or College Loans, Every YEAR the US Government approves more and More College and Educational Loan Programs, Grants and Monies for Education, but they don't put much effort into informing the Public about these opportunities, its up to YOU to find out about them! Or check with the College you wish to attend, many times they will help you find the money, or in cases where they have a Student that really wants to attend, but they can't afford it they might hire you to work for the school doing something, and then you will have the money you need to make the Tuition, the bottom line is, where there's a will, there's a way. The question is how bad do you really want to go?

Q: How do I find Happiness in life?
A: Happiness can only be attained first by striving to feel peace in your heart, and have Compassion and Understanding for everyone around you, Love all things, large and small, then try to change the way you look at your own life, what in your life is really bothering you? And what ever it is, you need to either make peace with it, or get it out of your life completely. You can not hold others in Hatred and Contempt all the time and refuse to accept people and then expect to experience a state of Peace, it doesn't work that way, If you want to feel Peace you must chill out and turn the other cheek a little, as Sammy Hagar sung about in his song "You've got to Give to Live" from when he was with VanHalen. It's good advice. Basically what he said was " If you want Love, You've got to give a little, If You want Faith, you best Believe a little, If you want Peace turn the Cheek a little, You got to Give to Live." There are some things which are difficult to change right away, but once we realize that we have identified that thing we really want to change, that is half the battle, then all you have to do is work everyday little by little towards changing those things and making your life the way you really want it.

By doing this, you will be creating Lasting happiness. Spending your money sometimes on things that only bring you Temporary Happiness might actually keep you away from your Long Term Happiness, so every time you are about to spend money on something, or spend your time doing something, ask yourself "Is this going to bring me Closer TO my Goals, or will it push me Farther away FROM my Goals, and make me Suffer Longer?" That should help you determine which is the right choice.

And another thing, only YOU can determine what it is that will make you happy in life, no one else can, so if you are doing something because someone else wants you to, you are doing it for the wrong reasons, and that will not make you happy. If you are staying with someone because you think its the right thing to do, or you might be afraid of what everyone might say if you leave this person, you are Staying for all the wrong reasons. If you do not love someone, you will never be happy with them, and they will sooner or later sense this, and then THEY will not be happy either, so you will BOTH be living together miserably just because you might be afraid of what someone else might think or say. This is absurd, you must do things and act in a way which will bring YOU the most happiness regardless of what someone else might think or say. The reason I say this is because I know people who because they were so afraid of what other people around them might think if they were to separate from their spouses, they committed suicide because they thought it would be better to die with honor ( so they thought) than to live in a manner which was considered shameful by others. You see, this is what the Christian Religion has done to people in the past, made them believe that its better to DIE than leave someone who makes you miserable in pursuit of happiness. Please don't be influenced by Christian minded people, if they truly "Cared" about you they would want you to be happy no matter what. This is One of the reasons We in THIS Religion do not believe in Marriage- it Saves Lives.

Q: How do I deal with a Negative environment?
A: If your Work Place is Hostile, or if the people around you act mean or disrespectful constantly, YOU MUST LEAVE THEM BEHIND! It is SO important that you get away from them, and the reason I say this is because so many people will try to get you to endure or "Stick it out" in Negative environments, but they can have a very negative affect on your Mental state of mind. In other words working or living in a Negative Environment can actually make you go CRAZY! For real! It can make you utterly INSANE! So if you are in a Negative Environment, LEAVE NOW! You might be afraid of not being able to find another job, or find another place to live or whatever, but it will be ok, you might have to work TWO Jobs instead of only one for a little while, or you might have to do something different that you are not used to or suited for, but if the people are nicer, or if they respect you for what you are doing, then it would be much better to work in a place where they appreciate what you are doing, than to work in a Negative environment where all you experience is unhappiness, and discontent. All the money and the "power" in the world won't do you a bit of good if you wind up in a Mental Hospital because of it.

Q: What do I do when if I've Lost my Job?
A: Well, what do you want to do? Because that's really where it starts, what do you really want to do with your life? Write it down, and then stick to it like glue! Because THAT'S WHO YOU REALLY ARE! To do anything else would be a compromise of your Soul. And that is totally against THIS Religion. You must be True to YOURSELF First, then you can help everyone else around you much more than you ever could by doing something you hate to do. The reason why is its all in the PASSION. Passion is Power SO Immense it can move mountains, cross oceans (I'm talking about things which people have done with passion in their hearts to do it) Fly like a Bird, nothing is impossible when you have enough Passion to make it happen. So first decide what it is you really want to do, then go do it. OR if you need to learn how to do it first, then go buy a book, and start learning! Don't waste your time do it today! Take some time to think about what it is you really want to do, you have to make a plan, it's your life! IF you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. It's that simple. So it all boils down to 2 very important steps, first PLAN- Decide what it is you WANT to do with your Life, then 2nd, TAKE ACTION and go out and DO SOMETHING EVERYDAY to make it happen. It might take a little time, but eventually you will be in control of your life, doing what you want to do.

Q: What do I do if my boyfriend leaves me?
A: Get out that Sexy Black Dress with the Deep V neckline, and go find another one that will treat you right. It might sound harsh, but the reality is, guys are not like a machine, if they break you can't "fix" them, you just have to go get a new one, so they're kinda like Disposable once they don't do what they're suppose to just throw them away and get a new one. He might come back to you after he has tried to find another girl and possibly failed, but then he is still just keeping you around until he does find the girl who will take him, then he might leave you for good. So why play HIS game? Go out and find a New man that will treat you right, no one should have to put up with being treated poorly. There are plenty of guys who will treat you right, some girls think just because one guy leaves them that there is something wrong with them, that is NOT True, it is NOT necessarily YOUR FAULT, more than likely it is probably a compatibility problem, but whatever the reason, its over when you KNOW he's is looking for another Woman. If you're not sure well, that's another story, but if you are sure he has gone looking for another Woman, then forget it, for one reason or another, he needs someone else, just be thankful for the time you shared together, and try not to think about things that will make you feel bad, try to do things that will help you to forget, if you know a guy who you would have Sex with, go for it! Not as a form of revenge, as a form of Personal Satisfaction for yourself, but be sure and inform the Guy you are going to have Sex with that you just want him for one night of Temporary Pleasure, because you DON'T want to give him the wrong idea, and hurt his feelings later on, because a guy can become addicted the time you shared together.


I think the people who die hang around awhile until they are sure that the people they left behind are going to be ok, then I think they travel to the light to be with Kali. So if you experience something wild happening, do not be frightened, talk to the person, and tell them you are ok, and that you will be ok, they really and truly NEED to know this, this is the one thought that posses people that have died more than anything else. So if you truly Love them, this is the time when you must show it and set them free by telling them you will be ok, then they can go to the light. Then what you must do in order to carry on with YOUR life is you must try to face life without them. This might seem obvious, but some people refuse to face life after they have lost someone close it's as if they feel almost guilty for trying to carry on without them. Its ok, you will be alright, but you must face the fact that YOU will have to carry on without them. You will have a thousand thoughts a minute about their life with you, and there will be almost nothing you can do to stop these thoughts, but you must carry on anyway.

Think the thoughts and try to feel GOOD about them instead of feeling sad because they are gone feel HAPPY that you had the chance to know this person, feel how lucky you are to have experienced these things with this person, but understand that nothing bad happened to them, most people actually cry not because they are sad because they will not see them again, most people cry because the truth is they really don't know what is going to happen to the person they Love, where do they really go? Will THEY be ok? THAT is the real reason people cry yet few will ever admit it. And the Truth is we really don't know for sure, we don't know. But judging from what we do know, we can see that Kali IS a Loving Goddess, I mean look at the way the world is around us, Love really does Rule over hate in this world doesn't it? And the good really seems to out weigh the bad in most cases, so from this we can see, that in all fairness more than likely unless the person was truly a bad person who inflicted pain and suffering against people's will, then in most cases, the person will experience something good after they die, so do not be afraid for them, they really WILL BE OK. And now the time has come for YOU to design a new life for yourself without them, make a new beginning, do it for them it is makes you feel better, but do something really great to make them proud of you. Spend time with those who also Love this person, share past experiences with each other, not in sadness, but in celebration of the person's life, have a party for them to show your appreciation and respect for them, and be truly happy for the person who died, really feel that they are going on to a life that will be better, we might not know where or when, but feel confident that it will be better for them where they are going, they might be reincarnated in another country where they might become the ruler someday, or maybe they will invent something really great and be rich, we don't really know, but if they deserve it they will receive it. And you have to believe that.

Many times we meet people we feel like we know, like we are almost subconsciously SURE we know them, but we don't really know them, sometimes these people could be friends or relatives who have shared life with us in the past. Buddhists believe that Parents and Children are born over and over again in their lives, first one is the Parent the other is the Child, then in the next life the Child is born as the Parent and the Parent is the Child. I have found certain parallels in My OWN life, which suggest this could be true. I have seen similar circumstances repeat themselves over and over again throughout our Family Tree. Now some of this could be genetic, but not all of it. And I believe that the reason these Circumstances Repeat is to give us the opportunity to CHANGE the Karma involved in these Situations so they will NOT repeat in the next Generation. Understand that what goes on inside your FAMILY IS Important! Your Family IS Important! If you don't think so, pay close attention to all the problems you have in all of your Relationships and compare them with the Problems you have with your Family. You might notice a lot of Similarities. Pay attention.

Q: What do I do to find peace of mind?
A: Peace of mind is a State of mind, which we can control just by the way we think and act. In other words Think how would you be sitting if you felt complete peace of mind, then sit that way, then think how would you breathe if you felt completely peaceful, an at ease, then breathe that way, then Think how would you FEEL if you felt completely at peace with yourself, then make yourself Feel that way by concentrating on the Emotions that you equate to feeling peaceful. What is in your surroundings when you think of Peace? Maybe you can go there to a Peaceful place, and you will feel peace there.

Q: How can I improve my Memory?
A: Memory is directly affected by how we Think. There are two kinds of Memory Short Term, and Long Term, Short Term Memory lasts only a day or two, but Long Term Memory lasts years, but even long term memory will fade away if you do not use that knowledge, which is what we call information held inside our Long Term Memory. So how do we increase our knowledge? Or our Long Term Memory, or How do we take information from our Short Term Memory and keep it inside our Long Term Memory? Its simpler than you think, it done by thinking in terms of PICTURES instead of abstract concepts, and the more Emotion you can attach to remembering something the easier it is to learn it. For example I wanted to learn a particular language that I was having trouble learning, so I went to a place where it was possible to mix my Language studies with Sex, and Romance. Needless to say I learned very quickly! Because I attached the Emotions of Love, Sex, and Romance with studying the Language.

The main thing to remember is whenever you have something you want to learn develop a picture in your mind for whatever it is, and then use action and emotion to make a kind of story in your mind to remember it in association with the other things you want to learn. If you want to learn numbers, create a Picture for each number then create a story to hook everything together to help you remember the formula or License plate or Phone number. It Takes some prep time to memorize the pictures you associate with the numbers, but once you have a set of Pictures for each number you will use those same pictures for each time you try to remember numbers. For directions you can use Leaves for Left and Rats for Right turns, Use cement blocks for the number of Blocks, and try to get the person GIVING you directions to tell you some LANDMARKS which will instantly put pictures in your mind of what to look for. Such as a Gas Station, or a Bank, or a Store, all of these things already have pictures in your mind already, so you can use them to help you remember where to go.

Q: How can I save Money?
A: There are hundreds of ways you can save money, but it is going to take some adjustments in how you THINK first. For example most people are totally controlled by the Banks, and the Car Dealers, and the Fashion Industry, all of these people try to make us feel like we NEED a brand new car, or that $1500 dress, or a Credit card, so those people can make money off of us, and we literally wind up working for Our Landlords and The Banks, and we actually become Slaves to the Banks and Our Landlords because they get us into a position where it becomes impossible for us to ever get out of debt and make enough money for us to Own our own Home, or make enough money to Start our Own Business, and truly start living FREE from the debt we have lived with all our lives. So in other words most of us are forced into believing through the bombardment of advertisers that we are suppose to live our whole lives as Slaves struggling our whole lives just so that by the time we die we have at least bought a house, but we still wind up working just to pay the mortgage payments. And believe it or not there are actually people in this world who DO NOT work for a living and they make more money in one month, than you might make in a whole year! Who are these people? Landlords, Real Estate Bankers, Car Dealership Owners, Fashion people, and many others. So what can we do about it? Start living differently. Refuse to accept the Plastic image they present to us on TV as how we are suppose to live, and create for ourselves a future that is REAL FREEDOM, instead of Enslavement to the Rich. How? First take that New Car and Sell it for a little more than what you owe on it, and then Buy a Car that runs good, but might only cost you a thousand dollars, or two thousand dollars, or even a couple hundred dollars, as long as it gets you from point A to Point B, you can go and Buy a few cans of Spray Paint any color you want and spray it on a junker and make it look halfway decent. Consider the whole thing a learning experience, your gonna learn how to paint a Car. When you're all done you will have cheated the Car dealer out of enslaving you forever. Next instead of going to the Mall to buy that new Dress you have been looking at, remember the price of that new dress, and go check out what might be hanging at the nearest Swap Meet, or Second hand store, I know some girls who consider themselves Trend Setters who have started Trends by throwing together stuff they bought at second hand shops, and they don't feel the least bit bad about it because they know it means freedom, they have escaped the Fashion Industry's Wrath of control over them. Or What about Sitting down with a pad of paper and Drawing out some clothing designs and then hire some old lady with a Sewing Machine to help you make a few dresses. You might work your way into becoming a Famous Designer yourself, Then Money would no longer be a Problem to you. Or Next you don't have to actually cut up all your credit cards, but it might be a good idea to just throw them all into a safe deposit box at the bank, you might have to spend $25 bucks a month to keep them out of your sight for a while, but in the long run it will save you big money if you start using cash instead of always using your credit card and then paying the interest on whatever you purchase with it, which sometimes amounts to around 20% and that adds up especially if you're an impulse buyer. With the Internet running wild, the credit card companies are chuckling and rubbing their hands together as more and more companies refuse to do business on line any other way than credit card transactions.

For example on-line companies COULD allow users to use their Banks ATM cards to complete on-line transactions, but have you ever wondered why they don't? Because the credit card companies want to keep you enslaved to them, and who sells the credit cards and makes a quick buck? You friendly neighborhood BANK! Yes that's right the same people who insist you would rather spend your whole life to work to buy a house that they built in some project down the street where the houses are so close together you can SPIT to your next door neighbor's house. They think you are too stupid to actually dream of a house by the beach or a nice ranch house with horses or something like that, they want you to buy into their project house smashed together with 500 other houses all so they can turn a quick billion dollars off of YOUR LIFE! So what do you think about that? So to actually save money in this world, you are going to have to develop a new perspective on life where you can filter out all the garbage they bombard you with on TV all the time, and start to develop your OWN IDENTITY of who you really want to be, what is YOUR dream house, not what the bank down the street wants to sell you, but what do YOU want, where do you want to Live? This is the Lesson taught by the Band STYX in the song "Grand Illusion" (Who by the way was the First band I ever saw in Concert in Detroit Michigan.) Each of these decisions will affect your money situation, for example going to College in one State at one University might cost you $80,000 to get your degree, where there was a time when you could go live in Victorville California and as soon as you became a Resident you were eligible for a Free College Tuition at their local College! And one more thing to remember, every time you purchase something someone else designed and produced, you are actually buying THEIR dreams not yours. In other words, instead of buying that $1500 dress, why don't you go buy a second hand Sewing Machine and go buy some patterns, then learn how to make your OWN patterns, and design and sew YOUR OWN $1500 dress, THAT dress would be YOUR Dream dress, not someone else's. The same holds true for a Car, it is possible to hire a welder, and a mechanic and have them BUILD you YOUR Dream Car, you could actually Build a Car that would satisfy you as much as a $250,000 car and it might only cost you a few thousand dollars! But the Best part would be you would be driving YOUR Dream car, not some else's dream. Or have a Jeweler MAKE you YOUR Dream ring instead of just buying one in the window, the one in the window is someone else's dream, have the Jeweler make YOUR Dream ring. Once you unleash Your Creative Potential, and start thinking differently, you will begin to see the possibilities are endless. When you buy something you KNOW you are going to use all the time, such as Tooth paste, when ever possible try to purchase those kind of things in BULK buy it by the case from a wholesaler, or Co-op clean out a closet and use it as a store room for all your bulk purchases, can goods, and Dry goods, and Non-perishable items.

Go to Auction Sales! Even if you don't think you will need to buy anything there, just learn about it. Shop the Moving Sales, offer to buy the people completely out take everything, sort out what you can't use and sell the rest and make a profit off of it, you will wind up getting your house full of everything you could possibly want and a few things you really don't want, AND you will make a little money on the side. The key thing to remember is that if you want something, you have to go to someone who DOESN'T want the same thing YOU DO WANT. And many times they will almost GIVE it to you! Think about this for a minute, say you WANT to drive a new car, but you don't want to get ripped off on buying one right? Ok who are the rip off artists? Banks right? So here's how to beat them at their own game, you want a new car, go to all the Banks in your city, and tell them you're looking to buy one of their Re-possessed Vehicles cheap. When they give you an offer to buy a certain vehicle, remember Banks are rip off artists, so make sure you go get a Blue Book and look up what the Blue book value of the vehicle is, and then always pay about at least one or two thousand LESS than the blue book otherwise they might be ripping you off again! Also if you want a Car cheap, find out when and where the next Police or Government Auction is, and go there, make sure you get registered way before hand, and then you might find some really good deals. Another good way to buy a car is to just get the money out of the Bank grab your friendly Neighborhood Shade Tree Mechanic, and go cruising around and when you see a Car you like it doesn't matter where it is, if its at the grocery store, or where ever, find the Owner of the Car, and make him or her an offer on the car, then when they say YES, (after they get over the shock that you actually want to buy their car Right then and there) then give them a ride home sign all the paper work and you just bought a Car you can be Satisfied at YOUR PRICE! Try it, it works! Sometimes Car owners will give you the Car just to take over the payments if they are tired of making payments on the Car, then you can Really get a deal, WHY? Because they don't really want the Car, and YOU DO.

Q: How can I start my Own Business?
A: By taking everything you absolutely LOVE in life, and making some kind of Business out of it. For example if you Love Cats, open up a Cat Kennel to watch Cats for Owners who are on Vacation. If you Love Music, buy an instrument or learn to sing and record some songs, make a CD and try to sell it. Or if you don't really think you can go through all of that, but you still like Music a lot, why not Buy CDs Wholesale, and Sell them Retail for a profit, sooner or later you might make enough money you can open your own store. Until then just stock up a closet full of CDs and sell them through the News paper "Discount CDs call - ---------" Or if Dancing is your Passion, get together a group of Girls and put together a Dance Team, everyone really enjoys watching people Dance, and they will pay money to see it, so if you love it, do it, and someone will pay you for it. Ok, Say you are addicted to Sex (which by the way is NOT a problem!) and you really Love having Sex. You just don't want to go to jail for Prostitution.

You can make Videos of yourself having Sex with whomever you choose (as long as they look good) and people will buy the Videos, because people like to watch other people having Sex. This is the way the world works, if you put your whole heart and soul into something no matter how crazy it might be, if YOU love it, then others will Love it too, and you can use it to make money, and open a Business with it, YOUR OWN Business. If you like playing around on the Computer all the time, you could open up a Data Processing Company where you just type information into a Word program or Business program all day long. Or let's say you really like playing around on the Internet, you could open up an Internet Research Company which would search the Internet for Company Distributors who have the cheapest prices, or make International Contacts for other Companies and charge them for your Service. Whatever you can dream, you can do just about.

Q: What do I do if I am Terminally ill, and I am going to die?
A: Everyone is going to die sooner or later, the best thing you can do is make peace with yourself and all those around you before you die. Understand that your time here is valuable, and everything you did while you were here even the small things will carry on after you die, so your life will always be important. The thing to do now is reassure everyone around you that you love them, and you will be ok, and cherish the time you have left. If you can, do as much for others as you possibly can before you die, because that's what counts after you die. There is one more thing that you can do, and that is try to experiment with other treatments than is normally used for your problem, because at least you will be helping others to find a cure for your same problem by contributing to research the cause of the problem. It may help to believe you can live longer than expected, it has helped in many cases, it might also help you, the power of the mind is a very magnificent thing, it can do wonders.

Q: How do I improve my health?
A: The secret to good health is really no secret at all, it is basically just taking the time to think about all the things that are BAD for your health, and then staying away from them. For example; Eating Meat causes High Cholesterol which causes Heart Disease which causes Heart Attacks, so by becoming a Vegetarian you cut out all the problems associated with Meat, including the Moral Karma of Killing an animal against its will Everyday just to stuff your stomach. Eating too much Salt has been known to cause High blood pressure and even stroke. By eliminating excess salt from our diets we reduce the risk of those problems. We also know that when we Sweat it removes toxins from our bodies, so if we exercise everyday we will cleanse our bodies of these toxins and increase our over all health. We know that Laying around and allowing ourselves to get fat not only looks bad to others, it feels bad, and increases our chances of Heart attacks and other ailments, by Exercising and staying slim we will look good, feel good, and stay healthy. Read books about health and nutrition and learn what vitamins are in what foods, and how different foods affect the body, all of this information will help you in maintaining your health, and improving the quality of your life as a whole.

Q: How can I REALLY Lose weight?

A: The real Secret to Weight Loss is not in the products, which say they can help you, it is in YOUR ATTITUDE. In order to really lose weight, you must adopt the attitude that you are going to lose this weight NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES! Once you have this kind of fighting spirit inside you, there is no way the weight will stay around it will almost fall off you, but you must be PASSIONATE about losing the weight, you can not feel lazy about it, like going to the Gym once a week, and taking a Diet Pill, that will NOT work!!!! You must STOP DRINKING SODA, Drink Coffee, Water, or something with no calories in it. Then you must go on a Liquid Diet, eating Soup instead of Pizza or hamburgers, Lettuce Salads will also work because Lettuce has almost no calories, but do not use dressing! And stay away from Cheese and Milk! Or you can Drink Milk with Your Vitamins and Drink Shakes and Smoothies instead of Eating Foods which are High in Fat and Low in Vitamins. You must start changing your Life style though, you must change the way YOU THINK about food, because when you get fat it is actually a disease of the Mind rather than the body, you have lost control of the way you Think, and have allowed yourself you eat more than you need, this was a conscious action putting the food into your mouth, you thought about it, therefore the problem lies in your Mind not your body. You must change the way YOU THINK, you must think of food for exactly what it is, ENERGY to keep you alive, fuel to power your body, you must only eat what you NEED, and THEN you should always fill up with SUPER FUEL instead of Regular. Count the Calories of everything, KNOW exactly how many Calories you are eating, KNOW what is Protein, and What is Carbohydrates, Know when it would be better to eat Carbohydrates, and When you NEED Protein, and exactly how many Ounces you NEED. Because too much protein of the wrong kinds can also be more of a bad thing, and some forms of protein have actually been traced to causing Brain Tumors. The point is instead of just eating to please yourself emotionally, start eating with intelligence, and FUEL your body as well as your Mind. Think of all of this as a Learning experience.

Q: What do I do if everyone hates me?
A: First of all everyone doesn't hate you, although it might seem that way, you are just in the wrong environment. You create your own Social Structure, what I'm saying is YOU HAVE THE POWER, it is within YOUR CONTROL to design a group of friends and surround yourself with people you really enjoy. How can you do this? First you have to know yourself, you have to know what it is about these people around you now that you don't like, find out what it is that THEY don't like, try talking to them, many times weak people who hate others won't necessarily WANT to talk about it, but you might get lucky and break through some barriers and find out what their REAL problem is, and that could lead you on to new friend ships. Also try being nice to them even though they might not deserve it, buy them a soda, or their favorite drink, offer them something good to eat, make an effort to be friendly with them, and THEN if they turn you down and they are still mean to you, then you can start putting together a group of friends that you CAN relate to. First I recommend you buy or check out a book on Astrology and read who you are Compatible with. This will also determine what kind of people will be most open to you as a friend. Then after you have a list of all the birth dates of the Star Signs of the people you are most Compatible with, then look at the things which are most interesting to you, what ever they are go to the places where people who like these kind of things go. Meet people, ask them their names, and have your phone number and name already printed up so you can just pass it out to anyone that interests you, and invite them to call you anytime. Make yourself look good before you do this because people do care about appearance, and that will affect the kind of people you meet and how they react to you, so the answer might be to just stare into the mirror for a while before you go trying to meet someone new. If you have any facial problems, see what you can do to correct those problems, study about it until its solved, that is why we have these kind of problems is to learn from them, but you have to really WANT to learn from it. If you have a big Mole or something go to the doctor and have them cut it off- No JOKE! Anyway write down a list of the people you meet because you might see them again, and most people need to "bump into" you a few times before they will be receptive to you. But if you keep hanging around the same places as the people you want to be with, sooner or later they will start to accept you into there little group. And if you only want 1 of these kind of people in YOUR Group of friends, pick one and try to get to know them little better, and if they are astrologically compatible they will most likely like you eventually. Look at your actions also, you must develop a relationship based on Trust, and Honesty, if you are dishonest, or untrustworthy (meaning you lie or steal occasionally) it might be very difficult to find and KEEP friends, you must contribute to the friendship in a positive manner, give them something they want, whether it be paying for the movies once in a while, or paying for some other form of entertainment, but don't become a "User" this is someone who is always taking but never giving, this will quickly make people not like you. Also do not disrespect people, that means respect their families, respect their space, respect their belongings, if you are over their house behave, do not act as if everything they own is fair game, its NOT! You cannot borrow all of their clothing or make up just because you are friends with them. Respect their Lovers also, do not sleep with your friends Lovers UNLESS you have permission from your friend first, otherwise you can kiss your friendship goodbye.

Q: What do I do if someone steals from me?
A: Try to have Compassion on them, understand they steal because they are weak, they give into animalistic impulses which control their lives, you should if possible, offer them the item as a gift of your friendship, then offer to teach them why it is wrong for them to steal. This is a caring compassionate attitude, and will make YOU a Goddess! But do not let them take advantage of you by continuing to steal from you or use you for what you have, this is wrong, you must control the negative elements in your life, do not allow them to control YOU. In other words put your foot down, kick them out, make them pay for what they have done and make sure you do Receive the payment, they may try to soften you up after they do something, this is only part of their Scam, do not stand for it! You must take Action Against bad behavior or it will continue, just like a child who doesn't know any better, some adults have not learned some basic principals, so its up to us to play parents sometimes and teach these people what is Right.

Q: What do I do if I've been Raped?
A: Understand that nothing has meaning except for the meaning we give it. In Other words, Society has really made all the girls who have been Raped feel even worse by emphasizing how bad Rape is for our Society, in order to cut down on the Rape Cases, but in doing this, they have accented the pain and suffering that the Rape Victim goes through. Why do Men Rape Women? They do it because they are responding to an Animalistic Nature, which over rides morals for the purpose of Reproduction. This is something that Kali herself put into the world to make sure the Human race would not cease to exist. And while YES it is wrong for a Man to have Sex with a Woman against her will, if they did not kill you, then you should become stronger from this experience, use it to build yourself up, not tear yourself down.

Just keep in mind that Yes, it was not a nice thing for this man to do, and Yes, it probably made you very very scared, but the act of Sex itself is not normally a painful thing, and is usually used as a deep expression of Love. And this has already happened, you can't take it back or change what happened, but you CAN change the way YOU THINK ABOUT IT. Now I know this might be really hard for some, but try it, think of it this way, in order for the man to get an erection it had to mean that the Man liked you very much, and having Sex with you is an expression of Love, he was trying to tell you he Loved you the way Animals do it in the Woods. Try to understand this, understand that the man was very weak in his mind, so he was controlled by his Animalistic Desires, Yes he scared you very bad, but Sex was his intention, not killing you or scaring you, just Loving you, that's it.

Try to think of all the positive things which might have happened to you during the experience, and if the whole thing just infuriates you to no end, then USE your anger to learn Martial Arts, become a 5th degree black belt, or become a Female grand master of your favorite style, then you will have used this experience as a learning experience, and channeled your anger into something useful for your future, then maybe you can teach Women self defense which might prevent future Rapes. The point is, although there is a lot of Focus about the negative sides of Rape, try to look for all the Positive things which you can think about from it, keep thinking about all the positive things, and throw out all the negative things about it, because they will not help you. If you constantly stay focused on the Negative sides of being Raped you are Submitting to "Being a Victim" instead of a Survivor. Focusing on the Positive sides of this experience will help you learn and grow from it. And again this May have happened to you because in your past life YOU may have been a Man and YOU were the one who Raped someone else. We can never know for sure, but anything is possible.

Q: What do I do if I'm a Prostitute?
A: What do you want to do? You can do anything you want, but one thing you should know, being a Prostitute is NOT Evil, you are providing an Honorable Service to Men who need Love and are willing to Pay for it. This is an Act of Compassion, and no matter what anyone else says about it, the act of Giving Sex for Money is not a Bad thing, and you should not be ashamed of it, you are just as respectable as a Doctor who eases someone's pain, or a Nurse who cares for people. Only the things, which surround the Business of Prostitution, are plagued with problems, Drugs, Mental problems because of the shame that the Christians project on to the Business, Abuse from the Pimps, Slavery from Mobsters, and Gang people, but the Act which YOU do is Pure Compassion for another person. That is why if you can escape your Pimp or Mob Masters, go, go anywhere, you can still do the same thing by yourself if you want to make money that way, but do it for yourself not for any Pimp, or Mob boss, be a Free Agent, and you CAN Make it if you run, they make you THINK you can't make it, but you can survive, and you WILL if you try. Just believe in yourself, and know that Society Does Love you. If you need protection Trust in a Military man or Woman as you would The Goddess Kali, because He or She Offers their Lives to Protect the People in this Country. So they will Protect you against all enemies both Foreign AND Domestic. And there isn't any Yo mack Daddy, Punk Gang Banger, or Mob Boss that can stand up to the Strength and Power of a US Military Soldier. Believe me. (Don't Trust a Cop cause they aren't committed to helping anyone, Cops are only committed to destroying people's lives, not helping people.)

Q: At what age should I start having Sex?
A: Any age you want, you are responsible for your own body, you have every right to decide at what age you feel ready for Sex, don't let anyone tell you any differently. The only thing I might suggest is that you use birth control until you are sure you want to have a baby, because that's a whole nother ball game. But no one can tell anyone else, when they can and can not have Sex, not even your parents have that right unless you wish to give it to them. And don't let your Boyfriend pressure you into having Sex until you feel comfortable about it. You might consider going to the Doctor and having them cut your hymen so it won't hurt on your first night of Sex, and you can make it more beautiful instead of traumatic and painful. It shouldn't cost that much, you can go talk to them about it.

Q: Are Drugs really Bad for you?
A: It really depends on what kind of drugs you are talking about, and what you are using them for. Many Drugs when they are prescribed by a Doctor can save your life, in that case the Drugs are good, but to use Drugs on a Daily basis, that is not good, and the more drugs you use the worse it gets. The problem with Drugs is they make you feel satisfied with life just the way it is, so you don't feel the need to want anything or to try hard to do anything with your life, this makes people into Bums who do nothing all day except drugs and party, and although many people might think that's a cool life style, and it a fun way to live, you're really going no where in life if you use drugs everyday, and to say you use them only once in a while is just fooling yourself. Drugs kill brain cells, they destroy your memory so you can't learn anything good, and you wind up either Dead, Insane, or very very poor because the only Jobs you might get are junk Jobs because you won't have any Job skills for good jobs. So in that situation does drugs sound good? Not Really. But I do think in certain rare occasions drugs do enhance a Sexual Experience, but they should only be used one time in say a Year or so in very Special Rituals and that's it. And you should KNOW the Chemical ingredients of what you're taking, Certain Drugs are poisonous and can kill you, this is definitely NOT something good under ANY circumstances.

Q: What do I do if I already have a Criminal Record?
A: You have to understand that the Christian Authorities have already marked you as Damned, they actually plan to have you back in prison as soon as they can, and they will make every effort to try to keep you locked up this time. I am not telling you this to scare you, I am telling you this because its true, that's what the "three strikes" Laws are all about, "throwing the key away" on you. And that's how this Christian Society is, they Damn people until death, because they think they are better than everyone else, and a Human life is something they can just throw away without a conscious. So because you now are aware of this, you must do everything you can to keep them from throwing you back in jail. First step is to move far far away, so none of the Police will recognize you as a "Bad guy". Then try to Start a New Life, free of any Drugs, or illegal activity, especially even remotely related to what you were arrested for the last time around. You must create a New Image for yourself in this New place, so the first thing you need to do is volunteer for some charity work, to build up your reputation in a positive way. Get involved with city projects, the Jaycees, the Red Cross, Ask people what you can do for them, look for things you can do to spruce up you new found home, plant flowers, plant trees, Mow Lawns, you have to re-gain Society's Trust, and the only way they will believe you is if they can See for themselves you are really Trying to change your ways. You Must try even harder than the average guy who just works a regular job and goes home every night because you screwed up, so even though you already did your Jail time, Society is still looking at you like you might try something again, you have to SHOW THEM THROUGH YOUR ACTIONS that you are a NEW MAN, or Woman.

Then over a few years people will learn to trust you again. If you are having trouble finding a Job, you really have to reach out to people, you might have to offer to do some real shit jobs, just to show people you can be trusted again, then later you can get a good job again. You might also think about starting your own Business as soon as possible, but be very careful to Pay your Taxes, and Be honest in your Business Dealings, don't do anything illegal. (This advice is offered to you only as an Option, YOU Ultimately must be responsible for your own actions in everything you do, and I can not advise you to break the Law under any circumstances, if you DO decide to break the Law, you alone are responsible for your own actions.) In some extreme cases you might have to Move to another place, Change your Name, Try to alter everything in your Life, make NO Contact with anyone from your past EVER not even once! Do not set up Telephone accounts in Your name, Live in Other people's houses, under Their names not yours, maybe work in Jobs where you are paid in Cash, Do not set up bank accounts in your name, and do not answer the phone, and do not answer the door. Do not e-mail any details about your life, and NEVER use your Social Security Number for anything. Don't sign up for any kind of Discount cards or clubs at any stores or on the Internet. If you Use the Internet, use someone else's name to set up your account, and make sure no one else knows you know them. Or use the Public Library. Either that or Move to another Country. That might be easier. Here in the US they treat Criminals from other countries, better than they do from our own Country! A criminal from another Country is often granted immunity and allowed to start a New Life, taking American Jobs and living Free, while an X-Convict in THIS Country has to Live in Constant fear of harassment Threats from Law Enforcement for the rest of their lives. It doesn't really seem fair now does it?

Q: How can I afford to buy my own House?
A: First you have to have a Job or a source of income, then what I suggest first of all it try to invest that money in something that you can double your money, either buying and selling something legal, or investing it in some kind of Service oriented business that will make you more money. Then after you have increased your income as much as you can, then start looking for people who do not want their house, people selling a house someone died in, people selling foreclosed properties, look for a Run down old beat up house, and find the owner and then ask them if they would like to sell the property to you. Have the Owner finance the property to you, and you can just make the payments directly to the Owner of the property. Then you can hire some people to fix the house up, and you will have a nice little house. Just make sure you are making enough money to be able to afford to pay the property taxes. And Know how much the property taxes are before you buy, cause sometimes the Property taxes are way over rated.

Q: How can I budget my Money better?
A: Well first make sure you have all your bills paid, and DO NOT Credit anything! Then start throwing a certain amount in the bank every payday and don't touch that money no matter what! And then the rest you can go do whatever with. But if you want to know places you can cut down your spending, you can start by eating out less often, prepare meals at home, if you find yourself drinking a lot of drinks you buy from the local store, do something to reduce the number of drinks you buy from the store. For example, I used to buy a lot of Sports drinks at the store, I would buy them on the way to work or on the way to school, I would buy them after I had a good run, they were kind of my little "treat" for a hard days work. Well I started adding up how much of my paycheck was going for these drinks, and I was SHOCKED! So I decided to buy the powdered Sports drinks in the biggest Can I could find, and I started mixing up My own Sports drinks and putting them in empty plastic soda bottles and throwing them in the Freezer so they would be super cold each time I wanted one. I saved about $3 a day by doing this, which added up to about $90 a month! Which added up to about a THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR! I used to get my Hair cut once a Month, just a little trim, but it used to cost me about $20 a month, then one day I decided to try to learn to cut my OWN hair, I must admit the first couple of times were a little worrisome but I soon learned to do it better than any hair stylist ever did, simply because who was going to Care about how my hair looked more than me? Not too many people right? So that's why My hair cuts looked way better than the ones I was paying for, AND I Started saving about $240 dollars a year on Hair cuts! If you are a little over weight, that means you have the ability to eat less, and therefore spend less money on food, just take it day by day, instead going for that $5 lunch everyday, try a Mixing up Your Own Vitamin Shakes at home. It would cost alot Less. If you do that for a whole month you would save a Whopping $150 a Month!

And if you have a Cell Phone, if you are not using it for Business, Get rid of it, cut it off and you'll probably save another $100 a month in Phone charges. How far do you live from work? Can you move closer so you don't have to waste money on gas? Can you ride a Bike to work? These are all things you can consider to manage your money better. If you live close to a Pay phone you could even cut off your home phone and just use a pager, but you wouldn't be able to go on line, so I don't know if I could actually do that one. How about your household and bathroom supplies, what BRAND NAMES do you buy? Do you know that most stores now package the exact same things as the famous brand names in their own packages at a lot cheaper prices, how often do you actually buy these cheaper priced packages of products? It could save you a fortune! But the real control from this situation has to come from your mind, you have to THINK about how you are spending your money, write it down if you can't remember, and keep track of it, study what your doing wrong, and make the changes, think of this as a learning experience.

Q: How can I become more Beautiful?
A: You have to start believing YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, many people spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery an come out of it STILL thinking they are ugly. You have to Love yourself, no matter what you look like it's you. You have to love yourself before anyone else can love you. But there are some things you can do to help yourself a little. 1. Dress Sexy, I mean outrageously Sexy, no matter what anyone else says about it, it looks good, if they say anything bad about you dressing Sexy its only because they are jealous. Examples are Black Silk dresses with Deep V necklines, Halter Tops, Tube Tops, Black Leather, Silk with no bra underneath, skintight silk pants with no panties. And Weight is definitely a Factor so get Slim!

2.Keep up with what clothes are in style, and what the Guys like, ask them what looks good, you might even ask one of the guys to go shopping with you, believe it or not some guys really would like to dress up a girl, Calvin Cline is a Guy. Also it wouldn't hurt to smile a little, sometimes we get so depressed and lonely we forget that all it takes is a smile to get someone's attention. And a "Hi" might not hurt either. Why not ask some other people's opinions of what you should do, the people around you who look at you everyday can give you a lot more clues as to what to fix up, but remember this one little thing, DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR!!! Unless you are a Man.

Q: What do I do if the Government is Harassing me?
A: First thing you do is try to put as much space between THEM and You as you can. Secondly if they know where you are, but they have not arrested you, then their Motives are to Psychologically Torture you, to turn you into a Paranoid Hermit so they can Control you. In each case you have to determine what their Motives are, if you know they are looking to Kill or Arrest you, then you must obviously take things a little more serious. Think about what is it that THEY are Afraid of? And USE THAT against them. If they like to use Fear to Motivate you, then you use Fear to Combat them. Usually Government Types work on very structured Protocol, once you understand what this Protocol is, then it is very easy to control the Government Types in the same manner they try to Control You. Always try to Think in unconventional ways. For example if they are Buzzing your House with a Military Aircraft, you could Shoot the Air Craft with a Paint Ball gun so they would have to explain why they were flying so low in the first place.

Engage in Counter Surveillance as much as Possible, collect lists of Names of Agents, flight Plans, times of coming and going, license numbers, Buy Bug Detectors, Frequency Scanners, Frequency Counters, Infrared sensors, Try to Purchase or Steal (if your life is in danger) Radio Communications Equipment, GPS Tracking Devices, Radar, usually this stuff can be acquired by setting up an ambush for those who are following you and stealing all their High Tech Shit. Search for all the devices they are using on YOU, using Bug Detectors and Tracking devices, then remove those devices and plant them on the Enemy, and use their own Weapons against them.

It used to be that the best defense against Government Harassment was to exploit them in the Press. But now in the US the Republicans have gained complete control over the Press, so the Press in the US is no longer Free. So this makes it harder, but try to let as many people know what is happening to you as possible, especially if what they are doing is wrong. This is probably your best defense, is just to let as many people as you know, know what is happening. But sometimes they will just kill everyone you tell, which is why you have to use some form of Mass Communications like a Radio Broadcast or Internet, or TV or Newspaper to inform what is happening, then it becomes harder and harder for the Government types to "Control the Situation". Once the situation gets out of their Control to a certain point, then they usually will try to focus their efforts on Propaganda Wars, rather than killing individuals. Then they usually try to start a War and Kill thousands instead of just a few. But that's how they are.

Whenever you are fighting Government types you have to use their weaknesses against them. You have to understand how they THINK. They Think Sadistically, their idea is to apply MORE Force than they think is necessary to "Subdue" you. This implies a Direction, a known Direction. You KNOW from this that the Direction is they will come towards YOU. Because that is their nature to FORCE. So USE That, to set Traps for them. If you know they are playing on things you say to torment you or try to ruin your credibility, start talking about stuff you know will make them look like idiots if they try to use it against you. I mean you intentionally talk about things that are completely off track in an effort to make them react to what you say, so when they react they look like fools. Sadistic types really hate that shit. This will make them come at you even harder, THEN you use that against them too, by setting up a really carefully planned Trap for them because you already KNOW they are coming, so just prepare for it.

So what are Feds most Afraid of? Being Exposed. They are actually cowards who stalk innocent civilians of their own Country, and think of themselves as "Righteous". So if you Set a Camera Trap for example where you will catch them on Film doing what they don't want everyone to know they are doing, THEN you got em. If you know their Secrets, and you Broadcast them out to everyone, so everyone knows, you embarrass the hell out of them, and THAT is the thing they fear the most. So USE IT! Put em on Stage with the Bright Lights. Let everyone see them for who they really are. They think of themselves as "Cloak and Dagger" Spies that are super Smart and Righteous and Patriotic, so show the people what they really are, Cowards who hide in the dark like Roaches, and Terrorize their own People, for stupid reasons, and Show how ignorant they are and make them KNOW how Stupid they are by what they do, and show how UN-Patriotic they are because they completely disregard the fundamental concept of Patriotism which is the Freedoms of the Constitution! Once you expose them for all of this, they will act like Roaches when you turn the Lights on, they run and Hide like the Sadistic Cowards they are. Then hopefully you can live in peace once again. For more Ideas on this Subject Rent the Movies "Shooter" and "Enemy of the State"

More Concepts

What you believe is what you will perceive in life, in other words life is kind of like an illusion, and what ever we think life is, is what our reality becomes. So if we believe that some one has casted a bad spell on us and we will die, then in many cases it may very well come true. This was proven in many voodoo tribes in Africa where medical doctors examined different tribes, and people who apparently died due to voodoo spells, and what they found was, the Power of faith alone killed these people, just because they sincerely believed they were going to die they actually did die. This is also proven when you consider how people in two different religions, can both experience miracles in their life, this is because it is the power of faith alone which brings these miracles into being. In other words if you believe in something strong enough you can make it real. This is how the people who practice witch craft can cast spells of love over people to give them more loving relationships, because both people actually believe in the spell, which works similarly to the way Christians make people vow to a contract of marriage, but the minute one of the people stops believing in this contract as actually having the authority to bind them together, then that person realizes his or her real freedom, and will have an affair.

The power of belief is one of the most dangerous, and most useful tools of the mind that we have. The problem is that most people in this world do not know how to use such a powerful tool of the mind, so many of them are lead around like blind sheep, by the people who try to use this power of belief on the people as a way of controlling them, controlling the way they think, the way they act, and in many cases the religious leaders such as in Christian religions will use such a power to oppress people from doing things they most naturally want to do, and then they will make them give the religious leader money for taking away their freedoms. This creates thousands of "problems" around the world, by parents who try to force these beliefs on to their children who are much freer thinkers than their parents, and many times because the parents really Believe that what they have been taught is right, they will use fear to motivate their children to believe in the same things, such as threats of grounding or kicking them out if they do not submit to the parents beliefs. And Christians used fear in this same way, during the Witch Trials it is estimated that over Nine Million people were put to death by Christians spreading fear as a tool to trick the common people into submitting to Christian religion, in the Philippines, and many other third world countries during the Spanish empire, Christians killed the natives who refused to practice Christianity, which is why those places are still Catholic today, because the tool of fear was taught to all of the parents to force their children into believing in Christianity, or they would disown them, kick them out of the house, ground them, or beat them into submission. This is why we in This religion absolutely refuse to force anyone into this religion, because this religion is based on Freedom, and Truth, not lies, fear, guilt, and deceit as many other religions are. But the important point that you understand is that there are several ways that people are controlled by the mind, and we must look out for our worshipers to reveal the truth to them whenever we see them falling under the control of someone who may try to harm them or take away their freedoms. The most common ways to control a persons mind is 1. As we mentioned before changing their belief patterns to make them believe in something which could harm them or take away their freedoms in order to control them. Usually religious leaders do this so they can support themselves like a business, taking money from the people and selling them lies, which even contradict science, and still the people believe. This is how dangerous belief in false religions can be. 2. They will use fear to motivate the people to believe in what they say "or you'll go to hell!" they often preach, threatening the people with doom if they do not believe what they say.

If you do not believe in this religion, you will still live your life the same as you always have, you just will not have as many tools to use to solve your problems, you may not understand the powers of your mind, and how to use them, you may not feel the Love of the Goddess, but you will not go to hell if you do not believe in this religion, Because in truth, Heaven and Hell exist right here on earth, to starve to death would be hell, to make love to a Goddess would be heaven, but we will not scare you into believing in this religion, because this religion is about freedom, if you chose not to believe in this religion its OK, really. We only offer this religion to you as an option, you can believe in this if you wish, if not that's OK too, or if you wish you may take the things you like about this religion, and create your own religion, and throw out the things you do not agree with. This is how much freedom you have with us. And with the Love of Kali.


Another way that religions try to control your mind is by making you feel guilty, "your a sinner!" they will say, giving you a feeling of guilt, and then telling you that only "GOD" can save you. Which is suppose to motivate you to pray to their god, (the one that contradicts everything we know about life already.) In this religion we offer people who feel like they have Bad Karma a way in which to rid themselves of this bad karma, a form of Bondage and Domination, which many people already use as sexual pleasure anyway, in other words, instead of forcing you to pray for your sins, we offer you a way to justify a practice which many Christians have considered evil. Yet we recognize an individual's right to sexual freedom, and to conduct such rituals as they see fit, we guarantee this right under the right to Freedom of Religion. This religion. Those who chose not to be whipped do not have to be whipped, but those who feel the need to be whipped, now have legal and moral justification for such behavior under this religion.

It should be noted that many police and government officials also try to use fear to intimidate the people into a particular behavior, and controlling their belief systems, "you can't do that, it's against the Law!!!" Did you ever stop to question the Laws we have today and the origin of such Laws? Such as the Laws against Prostitution? The age limit on when a person can legally have Sex? The drinking age limit? Certain Drug laws which forbid drugs such as Marijuana as clinically prescribed medication to terminally ill or people with glaucoma? Or the laws which prohibit Live Sex Performances inside night clubs? And many many more, where did these ideas become Evil? Could it be that the forced Christian religion has now taken a firm hold on our government? "In GOD we Trust" "One nation under GOD" is this really a nation of Freedom, or is it becoming a nation of Christian Oppression of our Civil, Sexual, and Religious Freedoms?

This is an example of how dangerous religions can be, one day they are killing people to force them to believe, the next day they are running the country. And this idea of forcing the people, and scaring the people into a belief is spreading all over like the plague, Police are now throwing people in jail for such minor things as sleeping on the street, and they do not release them, they keep them in jail on the grounds of insanity. And all the person did was try to catch some sleep. So much more emphasis is placed on locking the people up and keeping them in jail, instead of really making a sincere effort to cultivate the Good in these people, and teach them what they did wrong, then release them with a fair chance to succeed in life instead, even when they are released they don't have a chance, because no one will hire them, and half of them have nowhere to go. So they grow tired from walking around they lay down under a tree in the park, and they are arrested and taken back to jail, for sleeping.

In this religion we recognize the Positive Potential in each human being, even if they have made a mistake in the past, a person can learn from their mistakes, and can grow from them to become a better person, but only if they believe they have a chance, in today's society, founded in Christian hate and Contempt, a person who makes a mistake is "Damned" cast out, like a "demon from hell" there is no humanistic compassion in Christian religions, if there truly was, there would be no such thing as homeless people. And if Christians were truly compassionate people once they heard of a Homeless man being thrown in jail for sleeping on the street there would be public outrage, instead everyone keeps quiet inside their little houses in fear that maybe THEY will be the next to be hauled to jail. This is the danger of Christian religion once it spreads into government. Our religion honors the Beauty and wonder of the world, each Individual is a precious fruit of this earth, which should be cultivated to become something great and wonderful, to provide this world with all the blessings that a human mind can bestow upon this earth.

Yet the human mind is a very fragile thing, it can be destroyed by so many outside influences, which can affect its belief systems, and ruin everything Kali has created for us. A Quote to put your mind in proper perspective, this is something that Kali might say to us; "I offer you this life of wondrous beautiful treasures, so many that you are not even aware, and all I ask in return is that you appreciate this gift with every step that you take on this earth, with every breath of this air that you breathe, and respect all that is around you, for that is me, and I am in you, we are one, and for this Love that I offer you, all I ask, is that you Love me too." " Now this threefold world is all my domain, the living beings in it are all my children, yet this world has many cares and troubles from which I alone can save them" This is the spirit of a Goddess in this world. Now that we have explored the power of Faith, and Belief, and how strong it can be, and the effect it can have on society in the long run, let us look at some beliefs which are more positive, and you may choose to believe or not to believe in each one of them.

There are equal amounts of good and bad in all things, we may choose to look at the good side or the bad side of either one of them, we normally chose to think positive for this creates a brighter outlook on the world around us, which will have a direct affect on how you will believe things will go in your life, and will have a big effect on your future. Believing you will recover from an illness often will help you recover, believing you are beautiful will often help you feel beautiful if you are sincere enough about it. If you believe that good things will happen to you often they will happen just the way you expect them to. This is the art of Witchcraft in a positive light.

People who use Witchcraft sincerely, usually become successful, because they believe strongly that what they want they will get, and they usually do get it. This has been deemed "the power of positive thinking" to mask the title of Witchcraft, after nine million people were killed by the Christians you can see why many witches started re-naming a lot of their practices.

But it is becoming more and more popular as people begin to open up their minds to search for the truth. So try it out by thinking of something you really want to change in your life, and as you chant "I love you Kali- I love you Kali- I love you Kali" over and over again as you focus on a picture of a Beautiful Woman, or kneel in front of a real woman or a Goddess. Place candles and incense on both sides of the picture or the Goddess, then chant "I love you Kali" over and over again as you focus on the thing that you would like to change. Do not think with a whining kind of heart, think of how much you love the Goddess, and think of her granting your wishes with her power. What this does is, it focuses the power of your beliefs into one area of your life, the energy that you create from the feeling of love for the Goddess, is returned to work on your problem, because as you love the Goddess, she returns this love by granting your prayers in your life.

Occasionally it may take many many times of sitting and chanting "I Love you Kali" for an hour or two for a week , or a month sometimes it takes a few months, but when you have built up your faith to the point of changing your world around, then you will notice something magical happen and through one way or another your problem will disappear. Or you may come to realize that this problem or situation is not a problem at all but a blessing to help you grow in your life. A couple of rules to follow though, do not wish anything bad to happen to someone else, you always want to wish everyone the best, even if they did something wrong to you, like a landlord, or employer, always wish them the best, then if they continue to hurt you, let Kali handle them, she is very skilled at dealing out punishment.

Check yourself:
sometimes the beliefs that we have about our past, or about certain people are not the true reality. In other words, sometimes we think someone doesn't like us or they are stuck up, or something, and after we get to know them we find out that what we actually believed about them was not true at all, but to us it was true, until we learned more about them. Also sometimes we believe that a boss might be playing favorites with someone else or people might be talking behind our backs about things, and then we come to find out later that it is just not true. So check yourself, before you create assumptions about others or past experiences which you think, might have affected your relationships. Another example is you might see a boyfriend talking with another woman and you could think he is lying to you when you ask him if he's having an affair, you could start to break up with him and then come to find out he was only giving this girl directions to a certain room.

Or you might see your man driving down the road with another girl and think he is seeing her sexually, when he is only giving her a ride home because her car broke down.

Believing in the impossible, can make anything possible. There are many cases in history where people have said it was impossible to do something, only to find out later that not only could it be done, but everyone could do it, if they had the will power and the sincere desire. Some prime examples are running a 4 minute mile, landing on the moon, breaking the speed of sound, skiing, flying, sailing around the world, coming back to life after dying, being able to control your own destiny, and hundreds of other things. So it is important to note that even though we may believe it is impossible, if we convince ourselves that it is possible, we have the ability to make the impossible possible. Understand that anything that anyone else can do, we can learn how to do, no matter how incredible it may seem, with practice and study and concentration we can do it.

We have the ability to change the way we think about things, which can actually change our behavior so we can live more in control of our lives. An example of this is a person who wants to diet, yet can't stop eating cake and dough-nuts, ice-cream, and pizza, can change the way they think about these things, by closing their eyes and imagining the junk food as a black & white very dull picture in their mind, and then they can visually shrink it down so its a very small black and white picture, then maybe they can add a little action into the picture where they scrunch it up in their hands and then throw it on the ground and jump up and down on it, and in their mind after they have thought this though, they can imagine eating healthy foods, vividly imagine the healthy foods, what kind they are, what they look like, what color, maybe even remember how they smell, make this picture a large big screen movie theater sized, full color with stereo surround-a- sound!

Experience this movie as if you are in it eating these foods, not watching it, then you see yourself in full color looking outstandingly beautiful on the beach and everyone is checking you out, and you fall in love with the most attractive person on the beach. Good movie huh? By thinking like this you can control your diet patterns, by toning down the negative influences, and enhancing the positive influences. You can use the same techniques to control smoking urges, drinking excessively, urges to spend money impulsively, or to motivate you to exercise.

You can motivate yourself by imagining strong spirited music playing in your head, to help you over come a difficult challenge, or to prepare you for when your about to conduct a ceremony, or give a speech, imagining super-music playing in your head, gives you the confidence to charge on through to success.


Some people because they have been motivated by fear from the Christians for so many years continue to be motivated by fear even after they are away from the Christian religion. Examples of this are people who will not do what they should until the Police comes knocking on their door, or will not do their homework until the teacher threatens them with expulsion, or wait until the bill collectors are calling them every day before they make a payment. These people are motivated by fear, in this case, if you think you might be one of those people, you can control you own mind by creating a frightening picture of what you don't want, and make it zoom toward you getting larger and larger. This will create the motivation you might need to pay your bills on time get your work done on time, and reach your goals faster than you might have done them if you do not use these techniques.

Creative Visualization- Another technique for changing your behavior is to lay back in a quiet room and imagine yourself drifting out side your body, you see yourself doing something that you think is very difficult such as exercising, or doing a certain task that you have been putting off, cleaning up the house, doing the laundry, washing the car, whatever, you visualize yourself doing this task, and your other self is doing the task easily with no problem at all, because your other self can see the finished results of the work and keeps going until the task is done. Imagine your other self turns to you now and shows you how easily it is to do this task, now imagine you pull the other you toward your real self and pull it inside you and feel the excitement that your other self was feeling as you pull it inside you. Now you should be able to complete this task without any problem at all.

Make a list now of all the good things you want to make happen in your life, as well as appreciate some of the things that are already going well in your life. Passion is power, it is strength, it gives you the ability to follow through and reach your goals. It is important that Goddesses have a passion in their heart for conducting a ritual Sacrifice, this passion is felt by the Sacrifice, so it is very important that a Goddess uses all of her Passion when she sacrifices a human body. However the same fire of passion can be channeled toward a certain goal that you wish to accomplish, by focusing on the passion that you have for the goal, you can actually give yourself the strength and the power to complete the goal.

Life is a Stage- When the astronauts walked on the moon, all of them experienced a profound understanding of the interdependencies of all life on each other, we call this "life and its environment is one in the same" "WE are all part of Kali, and Kali is all part of us." But what the astronauts learned from that experience is how to look at things as a whole, such as all life on earth, without separation. This is how we must view our own lives, as a whole from start to finish and imagine what we will do with our time here. Imagine all of your small goals, and then think of all of your major interests in life and think of how they all fit together into one big picture, a mission for your life, something that will have a larger effect on the world around you. Many Goddesses become sincerely committed to serving the Goddess Kali, and spreading their love and compassion to as many people as they can.

This is one kind of mission, another example would be to understand the lives of great achievers like Einstein, The Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, or consider the life of Bill Gates, who revolutionized the world by creating the Windows software program and DOS and many other software programs which made Desk Top Computers easy for everyone to use, which helped change the world by providing such Computer aided design programs to designers and engineers all over the world. His mission was very great, some peoples mission is to become great athletes, or clothing designers, or teachers.

Think for a while what your life mission might be? Many people believe they could never be paid for doing what they love, and spend their whole life slaving away in a miserable existence. Some people have forgotten what it is they love, but the biggest reason most people are a slave to the grind of miserable labor, is they just don't know how to go from where they are in life to doing what they love.

Following your Heart: Know your passion, what excites you, what motivates you to do something, who are your favorite heroes, or role models, who would you like to be most like? Take a moment and just relax and close your eyes and visualize these people in your mind.

Goal Setting- Next, think about all the goals and desires that you have now, think of your most important goals or interests that you have, pick anywhere from 2 to 5 different goals to think about for awhile. One at a time, think of each goal, deeply focus on this goal and imagine it being accomplished, it is your goal, your life, then ask yourself " What is it about this goal that is special to me, why do I love this goal?" Now do each one of these goals the same way and write down the Values that you think are important about achieving each one of these goals, why are they important to you? Then after you have collected all of your Values on a sheet of paper, look at all of them and see what they all have in common. When you can finally see what all of these goals have in common, you will be closer to identifying your overall mission in life.

It should be a higher value that all the other values fit into. Take as much time as you need to think about this because this is about your life, your future. Sense the importance of this mission from within you. Think about why your mission is important to you, and write it down so you will always be sure you understand why you are doing what you are doing in your life.

Determining the True You- Think for a moment what would you do if there was no money or time, if you had all the time and money in the world, what would you do, many people say that all the world is a stage, so what part do you want to play?

ACTION-The one key difference between the people who become really successful, and the people who do not, is[[[[[[action]]]]]] the people who become successful take action every day toward there overall goals. The man or woman who consistently lives taking action toward their goals, is the one's who succeed in life. Attitudes also play an important part in succeeding in life.

The formula for success is; 1. Know what you really want. 2. Why you want it, what will it do for you? 3. Take action, consistently every day, do something to get a little closer to your goals. 4. Sensory acuity is the ability to understand where your going, and you make adjustments to determine if you are getting closer to, or further from your goals, and you use this with almost every decision you make, will it take me closer to, or further from my goal. The quality of your life is the quality of your communication with your self and others. It is very important that you talk to yourself in the most respectful way. If you do not respect your self internally, you will feel miserable inside. External success comes from learning how to communicate effectively with others.

Use Role Models to get yourself to where you want to go in life. If you duplicate a persons physiology, you will experience the same emotions they will. An example of this is if you sing a happy song, you will feel happy if you sing a sad song you will feel sad. So you can do the same thing by duplicating someone who does something really good, and learn exactly how they do it. Duplicate their beliefs, and how they feel about it.

Passion is power, passion is what gives you the power to push you through to success.

Beliefs will affect whether you will succeed or fail in life, if you believe you can do it you will.

PLAN- It is important that you map out a plan of how your going to get where you want to go.

Health and Well Being

You must have energy to work toward your goals. Most people spend their whole week looking forward to only two days, (the weekend) Wouldn't it be better to make everyday a Celebration to a better life? And to do that you have to take care of yourself, your mind and body, exercise, eat right, take vitamins, get enough sleep, so that you will have the energy to accomplish more. So many people get caught in the trap of making a living instead of designing a life! The mind and the body are one, therefore it is important that you care for both the mind and the body equally.

Communications-We all want the sense of being united with others, so it is important that we master our communication with other people. The greatest success is being successful in our own hearts, this comes from the bonding relationships we form with others.

Hardships =Learning experiences- When we encounter hardships in our lives, these are not hardships or problems, but they are blessings from the Goddess Kali, who is giving us the opportunity to learn something or strengthen ourselves and grow.

Learning to master your state of mind, is a valuable tool in controlling your life. For example if you feel a certain emotion so strong, such as sadness or depression, your body will usually follow a certain physical pattern, if you mock that physical pattern you will also feel sad or depressed, even if you were feeling happy, just as in the example previously about singing a sad song. The point is we can control our state of mind if we take the time to really think about it.

An example of this is when a young man gets so upset he wants to get into a fight with someone, if he knows how to use these techniques, he will realize he has the power to control his emotions, and change his state of mind, by looking at the person who upset him as a teacher teaching him what not to do to others, then instead of wanting to punch the guy in the face he may reach out his hand and shake the other guys hand and say thank you.

A better example is when you realize how to change other peoples state of mind as well, if someone is upset with you, when you don't deserve it, in many cases its because of how they view you in their life, the solution to this problem is to change how they represent you in their mind. If you know why they are upset, and you really are not at fault, show them you are not the hateful type of person they make you out to be, put your arm around them and tell them you really do not wish to make them upset, and ask them what you can do to help them. If they hold you in contempt for something, ask them to look at things from your point of view. Many times this alone will change their mood and prevent any further problems. However in some cases the last thing in the world they want you to do is put their arm around them, so stand next to them shoulder to shoulder and speak to them in tones that you would speak to your best friend and tell them how you feel with out holding them in contempt.

Tell them you understand how they feel, this eases the tension. The way you talk to yourself will create a positive or negative state of mind based on whether you are talking to yourself in a positive or negative way. This is something you can control. If you are working in a high stress situation, you have the ability to take a deep breath, and slow yourself down internally with your mind, while your body is still running at top speed, just by thinking about it, and instead of adding to a bad situation by snapping at someone due to the stress, you will be in total control of your state of mind. Sometimes when people don't get enough sleep, or something bad is happening in their lives, they become cranky at everyone around them. This is because they don't know how to effectively manage their state of mind. We can make a conscious decision to be happy, this is the power of self-control.

Changing your Perceptions

The way we represent different things in our life, will have a big effect on how we feel towards these things. For example, if a loved one is late arriving home from work, how you feel about it is directly related to how you represent why they are late. If you visualize the reason why they are late is because they could have gotten in a car accident, you may greet them with great caring and concern when they arrive home. However if you think the reason why they are late is because they might be playing around with someone else, when they arrive home you might treat them so mean that they might want to go play around with someone else. How you think about different things affects how you feel. And we have control over how we think, therefore we can influence the way we feel, thereby influencing our state of mind.

There are Ten Worlds or Life Conditions in which we live in they are as follows:

1. Hell- A state of extreme suffering, dominated by the impulse to destroy oneself and everything else.

2. Hunger- a state in which one is utterly controlled by desires for fame, wealth, power, or whatever, and is never truly satisfied.

3. Animality- a state governed by instinct, in which one has no sense of reason or morality. One in this condition takes advantage of those weaker than himself, but grovels before those who are stronger. These first three states are called the three evil paths.

4. Anger- A state dominated by a selfish ego. One in this state feels compelled to be superior to others in all things. The three evil paths plus Anger are called the four lower worlds.

5. Humanity- a state in which one can control her instinctive desires with reason, exercise judgment, observe morality and ethics and maintain tranquil human relationships.

6. Learning- a state in which one seeks the truth through the teachings of others.

7. Realization- a state in which one seeks the truth through her own direct perception of phenomena. Learning and realization are called the two vehicles. People in these states realize the impermanence of all things and pursue some lasting truth.

8. Priestess- a compassionate state in which one finds her meaning in life by relieving the sufferings of others, and desires no personal enlightenment separated from others happiness.

9. Goddess- a state of oneness with the ultimate truth, characterized by such virtues as true self, absolute freedom, boundless wisdom, and infinite compassion.

10. Heaven-A state of pure rapture, where all desires are fulfilled, where all the senses are positively stimulated, where your whole being is fused as one with the spirit of the Goddess Kali, a state where you are completely overwhelmed by the power and the strength of her Love for you, and you are totally satisfied, and fear nothing. This is the highest state of consciousness. This is what we experience when we are engaged in having Sex and the Goddess Kali has possessed our Souls during Sex, and we have become one with her.

To achieve a high level of success in everything you do, as you are about to do something, imagine a time when you did something really well, then you focus on how you felt when you did something really well, how confident you were, then when you match that state of mind, you will do everything better. For example, if you want to bowl a bowling ball down the lane good, just remember a time when you bowled well before and focus on how you felt, how you moved, what you were thinking when you bowled good, and you will bowl good again. If you have never done what your trying to do, learn what the best do and think, and then model them, and try to perfect how they believe, and what they think and feel, and you will match their state of mind. By controlling our state of mind, we can better control our actions and the reactions which people have from being around us and therefore it is possible to completely change the world by starting with ourselves and by changing ourselves we can change our environment and then the world.

This scripture is a combination of many different belief systems, which have proven to be beneficial to a human beings growth and development, as well as sexual satisfaction. You may use any of these in your daily life, or pick certain things you like to practice with and leave the rest, the choice is yours, this is the freedom of Kali.

Intro To Human Sacrifice

When I first started to write this book, I wanted to write a manual to help Teach a Woman how to Sacrifice ME. I really wasn't interested in whether or not anyone else in the world really wanted to be Sacrificed or not, I only knew that I had made up MY MIND, that I wanted to be Sacrificed, this is how I decided I wanted to Die. I had seen my father die a horrible long agonizing death with Cancer which took two YEARS for him to finally die, and then My Grandfather withered away slowly in an Old Folks home, alone and feeling unwanted every last day of his life. I see others die senseless untimely deaths in Auto Accidents, Airplane Crashes, Murders, and the countless Diseases which plague every piece of blood and tissue in the Human Body. I started to think about the Issue of Human Sacrifice and all the Emotional and Mental Hang-ups, which have been associated with it throughout the years.

The first thing that came to my mind was Military Soldiers, here we are taught that for someone to Sacrifice their own life in the raging Hate of War is completely acceptable, not ONLY is it accepted, but it is actually REQUIRED BY LAW in many Countries. So here in THIS case Human Sacrifice for the sake of One's Country, is considered "Honorable" even though the underlining motivation behind this kind of Sacrifice is Pure Hatred and Contempt of another people. To die for what one believes in should be acceptable, but to FORCE someone to Die for any reason especially in War should NOT be acceptable. The Idea that most Countries TRY to instill in the minds of their people is that Loyalty to Country is something everyone SHOULD believe in, and be willing to Die for. Then in the next breath the Government officials around the world pass Trade agreements which for example move all US Factories to Third World Countries and the people of the US are reduced to Services oriented society.

So in effect our Leaders who preach "Loyalty to Country" actually betray their own principals, which they preach about. So re-evaluating the concept of Human Sacrifice for the raging condition of War, I would have to say, it only makes sense in the gravest of circumstances, and even THEN the only people who should do it, is those who Volunteer and BELIEVE in Human Sacrifice of this kind. Then I thought about How many Prisons around the World use the "Death Penalty" to justify their Hatred and Contempt of an Individual. In this case people engage in Human Sacrifice again motivated by Hatred and Contempt, not Compassion and Understanding, and this "Punishment" is an accepted practice by Societies around the world. But if you were to look at how irresponsible Killing someone is against their will, because they did something we don't quite Understand. If we kill them, we can never really learn the lessons we need to learn from these people to take the necessary actions to try to PREVENT abnormal or Dangerous Behavior from occurring in others.

But when someone is Killed against their will in the Death Penalty, then nothing is learned, and the problem only perpetuates again and again throughout time, and they need bigger and bigger prisons, more and more Police, never really addressing the SOURCE of the problem, only the effects of the problem. The only real way to solve ANY problem is by trying to identify the SOURCE or the Cause of the Problem. Therefore to Kill someone in the Death Penalty is not Justified in anyway. It is only pure ignorance. Then I thought about "Assisted Suicide" where a patient who is terminally ill, is assisted by a Doctor to end their Life because they no longer can endure the pain, or suffering.

This I think should be Legalized in all places around the World, because I believe that every person has a RIGHT to determine how they should Live and how they should Die. This should be considered our basic Birth RIGHTS. To deny someone the Right to decide how they wish to die is not right at all. The governments have no business trying to tell someone what is best for them, especially in the subject of Life and Death. FREEDOM is the Ultimate Right, if you choose to deny someone the right to end their own life the way they want to, you are not supporting FREEDOM, you are supporting Oppression of the People. If someone CHOOSES of their OWN FREE WILL to end their life, no one should try to Prevent them from carrying out their wishes. There is nothing wrong with consulting the individual to make SURE that this is really what they WANT.

But no one should ever try to PREVENT someone from ending their own life unless they are trying to do it out of depression, or some other Temporary Mental Illness, then in THOSE cases we should consult with the individual intensely to make sure they are not making a mistake. Then I thought about "Do Not Resuscitate" agreements in some Hospitals, where if a Patient is Terminally ill Doctors make an agreement with the Patient which if the patient starts to Die, the Doctors will not try to bring them back to life. This is a good thing, I am glad to see this kind of Understanding and Compassion in practice. But I think this is because Doctors work in an environment of Compassion and Understanding, which is WHY their level of thinking is a little more Evolved than the general public might be.

So this type of Human Sacrifice is very acceptable and should remain that way. Then we come to the type of Human Sacrifice that I am interested in, which is RELIGIOUS Human Sacrifice. Many Religions in the past practiced Human Sacrifice, I believe this is because Human Sacrifice is an INSTINCTIVE behavior. It is not a Learned behavior. This is why almost every Religion on the planet talks about Human Sacrifice in one way or another the THOUGHT and Behavior of Human Sacrifice basically is defined as Devotion, Love, Commitment, and Worship. All of these are very good things, not bad things. For example, Military Soldiers are expected to die for their Country to show their Love and Devotion to Country, Buddhist Scriptures often spoke of how people would Burn their hands as a display of devotion to their Masters, or cut off one finger as a display of devotion, or Tear Pieces of Flesh from their arms as a display of devotion or even Sacrifice themselves to show their Devotion.

In Christianity the Bible talks about how Jesus KNEW he was going to be Sacrificed and he went in to town anyway, to be Sacrificed for the "Sins" of the people, (so it was said, although actually there is no evidence to prove Jesus even existed. ). Then there is also a section in the Bible where "God" supposedly asked a Man to Sacrifice his only son AGAINST HIS WILL, as an act of Faith to "God".

In Witch Craft Human Sacrifice was talked about long ago, but not so much now. The Mayan people Sacrificed Humans, as well as many Island people around the World, sometimes people were thrown into Volcanoes to "appease the Gods". So as we can see Human Sacrifice has been in our minds a long time, not only now. But Societies have tried very hard to CONTROL this belief, because it scares many people because they believe that IF Human Sacrifice is permitted in Society, then soon many people will be Sacrificing Humans against their will.

But what most people don't really understand is Many Human Sacrifices of the Past were WILLING Human Sacrifices, they were not FORCED to Give their Lives. Because Willing Human Sacrifice is viewed as an act of Faith, Love, Devotion, not Murder. So with this in Mind the first Point I want to stress is #1 Human Sacrifice SHOULD be an Acceptable Practice IF the Sacrifice is WILLING. To FORCE ANYONE to do ANYTHING would definitely be wrong, but as long as everyone involved is WILLING, then No one should ever try to Prevent a Person from being Sacrificed. Now then we have people who refuse to accept Human Sacrifice because they are worried that IF we accept Human Sacrifice, then we will become indirectly responsible for the Deaths of Thousands maybe even Millions of people on down the line. But if you carefully consider that these people who would be Sacrificed would be WILLING Human Sacrifices, then that would mean they actually WANT to be Killed.

So conducting a Ritual Human Sacrifice on someone who really WANTS to be killed would actually be an act of great Compassion and Understanding, not Violence, Hatred or Contempt, as you see in War or in the Prison Death Penalties around the world. So Human Sacrifice for Religious reasons WOULD BE JUSTIFIED, and SHOULD be Accepted, and Legalized around the world! There IS one more point to consider for those who still oppose Human Sacrifice for Religious reasons, and THAT is, the increasing level of Population which almost Doubles or even Triples in many Countries around the world every YEAR! The Rising Costs of Health Care, and Insurance costs, if you consider all of this, If you allow Human Sacrifice as a Legal option to people, it would actually help to stabilize the Governments Problems around the world. There would be less elderly to care for, Less Social Security to worry about, Less Retirement plans, Less Medical Expenses, and Less Funeral Expenses if you Legalize the Ceremony of Sacrifice itself.

The Population Problems would reduce, and it could serve as a GOOD form of Population Control. This is something that people would do ONLY IF they were WILLING.

So no one would ever be Sacrificed Against their will, so we are not proposing a form of Genocide or FORCED mass murder such as Hitler did in World War 2, this would be a completely Voluntary thing, no one would ever be FORCED to do anything against their will. The only changes I am recommending is that the Governments Provide us More FREEDOM to carry out WILLING Religious Human Sacrifice if a person CHOOSES to die this way. That's all. I have already established that Governments already accept the Idea that one should be willing to Die for what they believe in, this is what the Governments Preach to their Soldiers everyday. The only difference is they should understand that we ALL might want to choose to Die for what we believe in. This Principal should not only apply just to the Military, and Police. There is nothing wrong with Dying for what you Believe in, I just think that the Governments around the world should recognize this fact, and Legalize Religious Human Sacrifice. That's My Point.

Now there are some people who would argue that Human Sacrifice is Immoral. For those people I ask you, How do you know? How do we know that we Humans who posses the level of intelligence high enough to make complex decisions about the world around us, HOW DO YOU KNOW that we were not meant to evolve to a point where we would REALIZE that Human Sacrifice is not only a Practical Choice, a Logical Choice, and Intelligent Choice (Considering all the other ways a person could die), but an Honorable Choice to Die for what one believes in. So how do you KNOW that we were not meant to realize this Concept as Just and Honorable in time? You don't, you can't use any of the Religious Context such as the Bible, because like I have already described the Bible condones Human Sacrifice as I illustrated before. So do MOST of the Religions around the World in one way or another, so you cannot use any kind of Religious Material to prevent Human Sacrifice from being accepted.

If you look at Governments and Law, I have already illustrated how Governments believe in Human Sacrifice in War, and in the Death Penalty, both of which are Motivated by Hatred and Contempt, so if the Government Idealism ACCEPT Human Sacrifice under Motivations of Hatred and Contempt, then WHY would they not accept Human Sacrifice under Motivations of Compassion and Understanding?

So if you think about this, I strongly urge everyone to support WILLING Religious Human Sacrifice. I want to clarify one point however, in some Muslim groups they condone Religious Human Sacrifice while at the same time using this idea to kill innocent people in terrorist attacks. THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT WAY TO SACRIFICE ONE'S SELF!!! No one should ever be Killed against their will, especially innocent victims of terrorist attacks. And I also do not condone "Holy Wars" either.

People who believe in such things are just plain Morons, that's it. So with that part out of the way, I will spend the rest of my time discussing WHY I want to be Sacrificed, or from MY perspective as a Prospective Human Sacrifice. And HOW to Conduct a Religious Human Sacrifice. I would like to take this time to state that I do not recommend that anyone break any Laws of the Lands where you Live, but instead this information is written to help those who have already changed the Laws in the areas where they live to Provide for Willing Religious Human Sacrifice Legally. And I sincerely hope that this book will serve to help the Woman or Women who will commit themselves to Sacrificing ME in a Ritual of Willing Religious Human Sacrifice. I Pray Night and Day that you will Understand and Accept me for who I am, come forth, and carry out My wishes. Thank you.

Whenever someone commits Suicide this is the most Nagging Question on their minds, so I will try to answer WHY I would like to be Sacrificed. I will Try to put them in order of Priority most important being first, down to the least important.

1. I NEED to be Sacrificed to the Goddess Kali, the Supreme Goddess of the Universe, the one I devote My Life to. To Sacrifice Myself to her would to me be the most Sincere act of Love and Devotion I could do, it would not only prove MY sincere Faith, Love and Devotion to Kali, but in so doing this it might help to inspire others to take faith in Kali as well.

2. I NEED to be Sacrificed for the Sake of all the Beautiful Women in the World, I pray that through My Offering of Sacrifice the Goddess Kali will bless the Women of the World with the Strength and Power to completely Dominate the World as Man has done for Centuries before. This will give My Sacrifice more Meaning and give overall Importance to My Life as a Whole.

3. I NEED to be Sacrificed to the Goddess who falls in Love with me, not to dream about settling down with me and growing old, but the Goddess who truly Loves and Understands me for who I really am, and Accepts me as Her personal Sacrifice. The one who KNOWS in her heart that to Love me, she MUST Sacrifice me. For this Woman I will Give my Life, to show her My Love and Devotion for her, as well as the Goddess Kali.

4. I NEED to be Sacrificed to reciprocate the Compassion and Understanding that My Goddess will have in order to Sacrifice me, and I want to do this to Give HER the Experience of a Life time, a one in a Million Chance to Kill someone in a Ritual Human Sacrifice. To FEEL the Excitement and the Thrill of it all, and Enjoy every Minute of it. I do it for HER.

5. I NEED to be Sacrificed to make the Child we create together Special, to make our Relationship Special, something she will Never Forget, and Always remember with Love. Many relationships become boring, the couple lose interest, they get divorced, they loose the Love and Passion. The Relationship between My Goddess and Me will last forever, because at the Peak of our Love, in the Hottest moment of our Passion together She will Sacrifice me, which will forever Preserve our Emotions in Time, never Spoiling, or growing old, our Memories will always be Fresh in our Minds, whenever she thinks of me it will be with Love in her heart. And if I can Leave this world with just one person remembering me with that much Passion, then it must be a good thing. Because even the closest relatives are usually forgotten, but a Love as strong as ours will go on Forever!

6. I NEED to be Sacrificed to make My Goddess Special, because the Woman who Sacrifices me will forever be remembered as the Woman who devoted her Life to the Goddess Kali, and by Sacrificing ME, she will be responsible for the Salvation of all the Women in the World as one of the Reasons I Give My Life is to Honor all the Beautiful Women in the World, for all they have done, for all they will do in the future, they are truly Goddesses. And I will gladly give My Life in their Honor.

7. I NEED to be Sacrificed to make the Ceremony Special, to give the Followers of Kali Faith, and Hope, to witness a Human Sacrifice is a very Dramatic thing which they will never forget, and this memory will inspire their Faith, and help them to carry on in difficult times in their lives. Because once they witness MY suffering and My devotion to Kali, maybe they will see that they can try a little harder to achieve their dreams as well. To Attend a Ritual of Human Sacrifice would be an Exciting thing. For this reason I give my life, to Excite the Followers of Kali in a Ritual of Love and Devotion to Kali.

8. I NEED to be Sacrificed because I really FEEL like I AM truly suppose to be Sacrificed, as if it is My Destiny, I have Secretly Dreamed of being Sacrificed all my Life since Puberty, it really is the only thing I have ever really wanted in Life. All My life I have felt extremely misunderstood Sexually because no Woman could Understand or Accept that I really wanted to be Sacrificed. So I want to be Sacrificed so that for a very short time, finally I will feel Loved, Understood, and Accepted by a Woman I Love. At the Moment I am Sacrificed I will feel such intense Love, that no matter how much it hurts me it will be worth it. That's how I feel about it. I feel like I absolutely NEED to be Sacrificed. It's not a Want for me it is a NEED! To do this would bring me Complete Satisfaction.

9. I NEED to be Sacrificed for the Thrill of it. I want to feel all the Excitement, which I know I will feel, all the Love, the Satisfaction, the Acceptance, and Understanding, the Compassion, all of the whirlwind of Exciting Emotions which I will feel and produce for others in the Ritual of Human Sacrifice.

10. I NEED to be Sacrificed to Give My Goddess and the Followers a Chance to Taste Human Blood, and Eat Human Meat, the Rarest Most Precious Meat in all the World, this I will give to them, and Let them enjoy My Flesh with Pleasure as they Cook it over a Barbecue Grill with Sauces and Spices to perfection. I Want to be Sacrificed to give them this Rare opportunity in Life.

11. I NEED to be Sacrificed because out of all the different ways to Die, I think that Dying by being Sacrificed is the Most Beautiful way that Anyone could ever Die. In THIS way, My Life will have Meaning, and I will be Remembered, My Death will have meaning, and I will be remembered because of this, I will be surrounded by Love at the Moment of My Death, instead of waiting for Loved ones to Gather at a Funeral later when they would never really know if I know they cared or not. THIS way all who truly Love me can be Prepared to tell me before I Die. Making everyone feel better about My death. I will not be alone when I die, I will be Loved and Cherished right up to the very end. I will not go unexpectedly as most people do, I will be prepared, My Loved ones will be prepared, and everything will be better because of this. I will not Die from unfortunate Accident or Disease, so there will be no ill feelings in connection with My death, My Death will be all about LOVE, and DEVOTION, Compassion, and Understanding, it truly will be the most Beautiful way I could ever Die. This is why I Truly NEED to be Sacrificed.

12. I NEED to be Sacrificed because after I am dead, My Bones will be Fashioned into Jewelry, and Keepsakes, and I will be Remembered with great reverence. Many people are just forgotten. That is why I NEED to be Sacrificed to be Remembered with Love.

How to Conduct a Ritual Human Sacrifice

Ok being that I have already covered WHY someone like Myself might want to be Sacrificed, I am assuming from this point on that You already Understand WHY I need to be Sacrificed, so now I will turn our focus towards HOW to Sacrifice someone. Once again, I do NOT recommend that anyone break any Laws of the Lands they live in, I can only say I hope you will all strive to change the Laws to permit Religious Human Sacrifice for the Reasons I have already stated above. I DO however wish that everyone Respect My rights to Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion regarding this subject, and allow me to discuss in detail how a person should carry out a Ritual Human Sacrifice. The reason I am writing this primarily is because one of the things that I NEED in order to be Sacrificed is UNDERSTANDING, and Compassion. The only way anyone can really Understand any of this, is if they read about it, and THINK about it.

I sincerely hope that Through the process of Rationalization that I will have many beautiful Women who might be willing to Sacrifice me. That is My greatest hope, and My Dearest Dream. That is why I write this now. Please try to Understand this, Thank you. Before you begin to plan a Ritual of Human Sacrifice, it is important that you fully Understand WHY you are going to do it. So Look over the reasons I have given above many times, at least once or even two or three times a day, read through the reasons WHY out loud, until you have them so embedded in your Mind, that you will not question yourself about it when you begin the Ritual. Because when you Sacrifice someone there are many Key things you need to have to do it RIGHT. Remember these Key things, because all of them are equally important to getting it RIGHT. Below is a List of the Key things you need to Remember when you prepare yourself to Conduct a Ritual Human Sacrifice.


You have to Understand WHAT you are going to do, and WHY you are going to do it. If you do not spend the time to memorize the reasons WHY you are going to do this, then when it comes time to actually kill the Sacrifice, you might start to question yourself and doubt yourself if this is really the right thing to do or not. You don't want that to happen, you want to make SURE you know what you are doing is RIGHT before you even start doing it, so you will have CONFIDENCE to do everything you need to do without ANY Doubt in your Mind. If you do not have enough Compassion for the Sacrifice to Understand why the Sacrifice Needs to be Killed by you, then you will not have enough understanding to do it, you will doubt yourself, and you will not be able to carry out the Ritual Properly. If you don't Understand WHAT you are suppose to do, if you don't pay attention or study the notes about Human Sacrifice, then you will not be able to do it WELL.

Even if you have the Confidence to kill the Sacrifice, if you do not Understand WHAT you are suppose to do in the Ceremony or Rituals, then you might not Understand how to do the things which will stimulate the Sacrifice properly, and you will seem like you don't know what you are doing to everyone. In a Ritual as Serious as Human Sacrifice, you need to study the notes a little to make SURE you get everything RIGHT. After all the Sacrifice is willing to DIE for you, I think it might be worth a little time on your part to make sure you do everything RIGHT. Yes?


This is one of the most important things you will need to have, because even if you know what to do, you know how to do it, and you understand why you are doing everything, if you do not really have a PASSION to Hurt the Sacrifice, if you do not have a PASSION to Kill the Sacrifice, then you will probably not really want to do it when the time comes. PASSION is Powerful, it SHOWS people really how much you really Care. If the Sacrifice is Laying in front of you, and you are Acting like you really don't care, then the whole Ritual will seem like it is for nothing. PASSION is the Life Blood of the Ritual Sacrifice. If you are not really Passionate about doing this- THEN DON'T DO IT AT ALL! The Sacrifice is letting you Kill it because they believe you Love them. If you don't really Love the Sacrifice, then don't just go through the motions and pretend. I was married several times, and two of My previous wives offered to Kill me in a Ritual Sacrifice.

But neither one of them really Loved me, and I could tell, so I would not let them Sacrifice me. Truth and Honesty has never been so important as during a Ritual Human Sacrifice, because this is going to be the greatest moment of the Sacrifice's life. To try to do it without any PASSION would be a very sad thing indeed. If just the THOUGHT of Killing someone in a Ritual Human Sacrifice turns you on, then you HAVE PASSION for this, and you will be fine. But if when you think about Killing someone you feel doubtful, or question yourself. Then you do NOT have enough PASSION to Kill the Sacrifice, and you need to get your Head and Your Heart straight about what you Believe BEFORE you try to Sacrifice anyone. PASSION is the one thing that the Sacrifice NEEDS MOST during the Ritual, the Sacrifice Feeds off your PASSION, so you not only have to have PASSION to do this, you should let your PASSION run WILD! After all, what do you need to hold back for? You are already planning to kill someone, what else do you have to worry about? So this time Love like you have never Loved anyone else before in your whole life! Really work at trying to bring out all your Passion, just let it run wild and free, with no cares and no limitations this time, you are planning to kill someone in this ritual, so get excited about it, make it all worth while for the Sacrifice ok?

PASSION is not only understanding how to do everything, it is thinking about it like an ART, telling yourself you are not only going to get into this, you are going to be ARTISTIC with it! PASSION is the Power and the Drive, which leads to Creativity, and Originality, it makes things Special in everything in Life. PASSION is not just doing something, it means doing it with Style, and not just trying your best, but taking the time to MAKE SURE you do something REALLY Great, REALLY different, REALLY giving it everything you got! That's PASSION. Think to yourself "If this person is really gonna Die for me, then I'm gonna make SURE that I give them something WORTH dying for!" THAT'S PASSION!

So Please, take the time, study , memorize these things, gain a really good understanding of what you are going to do, WHY you are going to do it, HOW you are going to do it, PRACTICE these things, and then think about what you can do to make it a little better, what can you ADD to the experience to make it WORTH dying for? THAT'S PASSION.

3. CONFIDENCE- this is important because CONFIDENCE is a REAL TURN ON, it makes the Sacrifice really FEEL like you Care about what you are doing, being Confident looks like you are in Command, you are in Control, and you know what is going on, and you are NOT shy about it. You are there, and you are there to DELIVER! You are not there to play games. So CONFIDENCE is very important, confidence will make you look serious about what you are doing, like you are an expert Doctor of Human Sacrifice, THAT is the Attitude you should have. Have the CONFIDENCE that you KNOW what to do, and you Know it WELL, and you are NOT afraid to do it at all! This will excite the Sacrifice tremendously, the more confident you seem, the more sure of yourself you seem, then more horny the Sacrifice will become, because the Sacrifice is all about Surrender, YOU are the Domina, the Commander, the Expert, the Ruler, The Goddess.

The Sacrifice actually looks up to you during the entire Ritual, the Sacrifice WORSHIPS you as the Goddess. If there is one time in your life when you need to be sure of yourself, and move with Confidence, Talk with Strong Confidence, like you OWN everything, and everyone, THIS Ritual is the time. You are the Commander of the Universe when you Conduct this Ritual, so you need to have all the CONFIDENCE you can get. So you should never have to think " what am I suppose to do next?" YOU SHOULD KNOW! Be THAT Confident! Memorize Everything you need to do by Studying, Practicing and Rehearsing, and TALK with the Sacrifice about the Ritual, make the Sacrifice really horny caressing its genitals, then just TALK about it, the Sacrifice will LOVE to tell you what they like during the Ritual, so just spend HOURS just teasing the Sacrifice and Talking things over with them. This would be good for both of you. Use a Tape Recorder to Record what the Sacrifice says so you can rewind it later and take notes and memorize the things the Sacrifice likes during the Ritual. This will give you the CONFIDENCE you need to do it RIGHT.


This is important because when you are going to Conduct a Ritual Human Sacrifice, there is a lot of things you need to do, you have to do a lot of Preparation work, Study, Practice, Rehearsals, then when it actually comes time to Conduct the Final Ritual where you will actually Kill the Sacrifice you have to spend a few hours Relaxing the Sacrifice, and Teasing and Caressing the Sacrifice, then the Worshipers may want to Touch and Caress the Sacrifice, then you have Prayers from the followers to do, then you have Ceremonial Chants and Prayers to do before you even get around to Chaining down the Sacrifice, then the real work begins, you have to apply oils and powders, and caress the Sacrifice again and again, then stick pins in the Sacrifice, Burn, Shock, and drip Candle wax on the Sacrifice, then Whip the Sacrifice and tease them with a Knife before you finally Kill it, THEN you have to Saw up the Body and Cut the Meat from the Bone and Cook all the Meat (Unless you appoint one of the followers to do it for you, which you should).

So what I am trying to tell you is all of this will seem to get very tiring very quickly, and at least until you actually Kill the Sacrifice you will have to be pouring out ALL THE PASSION in your Heart, while you do this. So you will need to make sure before the night of the Ritual Sacrifice that you are Rested up, and Ready for all of this. Exercise and Run, and do things like you are training for a athletic competition, so that you will feel full of energy when you get ready to Conduct the Sacrifice. Take Vitamins to help give you energy on the night of the Ritual. Do everything you can to make sure you are ready, because this night is going to be the most important night of your life and the life of the Sacrifice. Remember that. You Have to have the Endurance to handle all the work you will have to do to make it all happen.

APPRECIATION- You should FEEL like you understand Human Sacrifice so well, that you feel the Religious Connection, or you have a deep appreciation for WHY the Sacrifice wants to be Killed by you. By Understanding the Religious Appreciation of the Ritual Sacrifice you will feel much Stronger about wanting to Kill the Sacrifice, you should feel so strong about Killing the Sacrifice that you almost can't stop thinking about it. Really Really WANT to Kill the Sacrifice, don't be shy or afraid, because once you understand all the reasons WHY the Sacrifice MUST be Killed, you should feel Excited about Killing the Sacrifice. The Sacrifice WANTS you to feel excited about Killing it, if you are shy, doubtful, or afraid, this serves no purpose in the Ritual of Human Sacrifice, you should feel Excited about it!

This is a once in a life time chance to Kill someone and have it be ok! Even Beautiful!! You should masturbate yourself a few times while you think about Killing the Sacrifice so you can develop a real PASSION and FEEL Excited about Killing the Sacrifice, Feel Excited about Whipping and Hurting the Sacrifice! This is GOOD. Don't hold back these emotions, or fight them from coming out, let your Passions run wild, FEEL GOOD about it! Once you get the Appreciation for it, you will start to really feel excited about it, more excited than anything you have ever done in your life before! It should Turn you on and Turn you OUT, make you Feel Strong and Powerful, and soon you should feel like you just can't wait to do it! That is good. But remember to try to take your time, cherish every moment you spend with the Sacrifice, so you will feel Good after you have Killed the Sacrifice because you took the time to Love the Sacrifice before you Killed it.


You have to develop a Deep Sincere Commitment to Actually follow through and Kill the Sacrifice. It's like a Promise you make to yourself - think to yourself "No matter what happens, I'm gonna KILL the Sacrifice!" Then keep telling yourself this over and over again. You have all the reasons in your head WHY the Sacrifice MUST be Killed, so, just keep reciting all the Reasons WHY you MUST Kill it. Be Committed to KILLING the Sacrifice, in your Heart and in your Mind. Make up your Mind that you are gonna KILL the Sacrifice no matter what happens! That is how you should feel about it.

So now that you already understand a few of the things you will need to possess to carry out the Ritual of Human Sacrifice, now I will go over a few of the thoughts which will help inspire these Values in you, help to bring you a deeper Appreciation and Understanding for the Ritual of Human Sacrifice. In order to really appreciate Human Sacrifice you first must understand just how precious Human Life really is. Because by understanding how valuable a Human Life really is, then you can understand how precious the Ritual of Human Sacrifice is as well.

First we must think how precious ALL life in the Universe is, try to imagine the origin of Life and its Evolution. Millions and Millions of years of Evolution to bring us to this point in time. Imagine the life of an insect, take an Ant for example, try watching an Ant work for about an Hour, see how it moves about, and lives, Now watch a different Bug to appreciate IT'S life. Imagine that YOU are an Insect, think about what your life might be like. You can also try watching the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet to learn to Appreciate other forms of Life. Go to the Zoo for a Day, stand for a moment at each animals cage and really LOOK into their eyes, try to imagine how they are feeling, and what their life might be like not only in the Zoo but in the wild as well. Think about their Fears if they were in the jungle, what would chase them? How would they Live? Now watch Fish for a while, until you can see the personalities in the Fish, and see how they are all different. Now try to understand how lucky you a re to be born into Human form, how precious Human Life Really is, because Human Sacrifice is NOT about degrading Human Life, it is understanding just how precious Human Life is, and then Understanding how serious an Offering of Human Sacrifice really is.

Think for a moment about the Goddess Kali, and understand how grateful we should be to her for this Life. Think about how Beautiful Human beings are and how much Potential each one of us has for Creating Music, and Art, Inventing things, Exploring and expanding Scientific Knowledge, for Helping people, and being Compassionate, our level of knowledge understanding, logic and reason surpass all other life on the planet. Now Understand that TRUE SACRIFICES are not MADE they are Born as Sacrifices. A Sacrifice can FEEL they are suppose to be Sacrificed as soon as their Sexuality begins to develop. This is NOT a Learned behavior, it is instinctive. A TRUE Sacrifice will feel like the only thing they really want in Life is to be Sacrificed. This is not something that comes about as a result of depression, or suicidal tendencies, it comes about out of pure Love and appreciation for the Goddess Kali, and understanding the value of all life on earth.

When Sacrifices become Sexually awakened they begin to feel like they MUST be Tied down or Chained Down during Sex, nothing else will make them happy. A True Human Sacrifice KNOWS they are suppose to be Sacrificed deep inside their Heart, because they know it is the only thing they really want in life. A Sacrifice is ALWAYS WILLING NEVER FORCED into being Sacrificed. A true Sacrifice will not struggle when they are being chained down, a true Sacrifice will lay there Relaxed as you chain them down, they will be preparing to die for you, Hoping secretly inside their hearts that you will lose control of your emotions and Kill them during Sex, because they really feel that this is their Mission, their Purpose in life, this is their greatest moment, their finest hour, this is what a Sacrifice has waited for their whole LIFE!

So as you Chain a Sacrifice up and you can see they are willingly offering themselves to you, as you lock the Chains down tight you should appreciate the fact that they are willing to Die for you, and let this make you Excited and Horny, because that is what the Sacrifice really wants, they want to you feel Excited about Sacrificing them. Appreciate that what you have laying in front of you really IS a Human Sacrifice, and they really WANT to be Killed by you. Don't be afraid when you see this, relax and get excited about it. The Sacrifice doesn't want you to be afraid to hurt them, the Sacrifice is THERE because they WANT you to ENJOY Hurting them, that is their Purpose in LIFE!

All True Sacrifices should be Killed in a Ritual Human Sacrifice because that is what they WANT more than anything else in the whole world. To spare a True Sacrifice and NOT Kill it, you are FORCING the Sacrifice to live a Life it really does not want to live, a Sacrifice's only purpose in life is to TEST the LOVE and the Understanding of Humans here on Earth, to see if they can understand that the Goddess Kali, the Creator of the Universe, is worthy of such a precious offering as a Human Sacrifice. A Sacrifice TESTS the FAITH of the people to see if they truly believe in the Goddess Kali, and if they Believe she is worthy of Human Sacrifices. By Killing a Human Sacrifice, you show your deepest Love and Understanding, and Appreciation for the Sacrifice and the Goddess Kali.

Followers and Worshipers who participate in a Ritual of Human Sacrifice may continue to express their Love and Devotion to the Sacrifice and the Goddess Kali, by drinking the blood of the Sacrifice and Cooking and eating the flesh of the Sacrifice as the Rarest Delicacy. Devotees may also use the Bones of the Sacrifice to make Religious Jewelry Polishing and Carving the Bones into Necklaces, and Chokers, Bracelets, and Key Chains, and they can use the Hair of the Sacrifice to make Special Ceremonial Brushes to Brush the Genitals during Sex, the fact that the hair of a Sacrifice Brushes over the Genitals adds a Touch of Magic to the Sexual Experience.

The Reason they do this is because a Sacrifice is actually a Devine Spirit born into Human Form by Kali to Test the Faith and Understanding of the Humans here on Earth. To Wear the remains or to Cherish the Remains of a Human Sacrifice is not only Good Luck, but it is a Display of Faith for the Goddess Kali and it serves to Remind the Followers of the Special Gift the Sacrifice Made on their Behalf. It helps the Followers to feel as if they have a Personal Connection with the Spirit World, a little something to help them feel like someone is watching over them in the Spirit world, the Sacrifice becomes their Guardian Angel when they wear the Bones of the Sacrifice around their Neck. To remember anyone who dies is a good thing, but to remember the Sacrifice with such reverence is a very good thing. Any Sacrifice would be proud to be remembered in this way.

Some Male Sacrifices are given the opportunity to Make Love and have Sexual Intercourse with many Beautiful Young Women before they are Killed, the Women bare the Child of the Sacrifice as an Act of Devotion to Kali and to show their sincere appreciation to the Sacrifice, and it helps to Guarantee them that the Sacrifice will definitely watch over them and the Child of the Sacrifice after the Sacrifice rejoins Kali in the Spirit World. The Child they bare for the Sacrifice becomes known as a "Holy Child of Kali" in this way their Pregnancy is not an average pregnancy, it becomes something very special in their Lives and helps them to remember the Sacrifice, and gives Honor and Reverence to the Memory of the Sacrifice. It also is a way for the Followers to repay their debt of Gratitude to the Sacrifice for Dying for their Salvation. By Baring the Child of the Sacrifice, the Women feel better about carrying on the Genes of the Sacrifice as a favor to the Sacrifice. And By Giving Birth to a Holy Child from the Sacrifice they insure that The Genes of the Women and the Genes of the Sacrifice are bound together for all eternity, making a SURE Spiritual connection with the Sacrifice forever.

Female Sacrifices donate their Eggs to any Man who wants them before they are Sacrificed and Killed. The week before the female Sacrifice is Killed she is given the opportunity to have Sexual Intercourse with all the Males she Donates her Eggs to, as a way of Thanking them for Carrying on her genes, and creating a Holy Child with her eggs. The Eggs and Sperm are combined then Impregnated into another Woman maybe a follower, to carry the Holy Child and give Birth for the Female Sacrifice.

To put things in proper perspective, understanding how precious Human Life is, then understand that the Life of a Human Sacrifice is one of the most precious forms of life on this planet. Because a Doctor saves lives, a Scientist makes life better for everyone, a Human Sacrifice devotes its life to giving people hope and faith, so they can have the strength to carry on in very hard times in life.

Understand that a Sacrifice is actually a Spirit sent to Test our Faith, our Love and our Understanding. If we fail to understand and accept the Human Sacrifice, then we fail the Test and we receive NO BLESSINGS from Kali. However if we Sacrifice and Kill willing Human Sacrifices who ASK to be killed, then we will pass the Test and receive Many Many Blessings from the Goddess Kali. A True Sacrifice is a Holy Angel of Kali, a Sacrifice offers it's life WILLINGLY because it WANTS to save the people of the World, and give them hope. We need to Accept their Love for us and Honor them by Killing them in a Ritual Human Sacrifice. To deny them their greatest desire, would help no one.

When we understand Human Sacrifice we will start to realize how beautiful and precious it really is. So when we find a Human Sacrifice who offers themselves to us, we should Understand they NEED to feel Loved and Appreciated for who they are. Not treated like they are crazy, as many people have done to them in the past. A Sacrifice needs Love very badly, a Sacrifice WANTS to feel Accepted and Understood, so when you find a Human Sacrifice treat them with as much Love and Compassion as you can, Talk to them to make them feel loved, tell them you will help them to be Sacrificed, or tell them you want to Kill them. Telling a Sacrifice you want to Kill them is like saying "I Love you" Multiplied by 100 times! YES is one of the most Powerful things a Sacrifice can hear, when you say "YES I will Kill you" It will make a Sacrifice so horny. Cherish a Sacrifice as you would a little Baby, to show how precious they are to us. Tell a Sacrifice you appreciate them letting you Sacrifice it.

Tell the Sacrifice your Special Prayers to tell Kali for you when the Spirit of the Sacrifice rejoins Kali. Ask the Sacrifice to watch over you when it rejoins Kali in the Spirit world. Ask the Sacrifice what part of their Body will they offer you to eat after you Kill them. Tell the Sacrifice how much you really want to Taste their meat, and how much you think about killing them everyday. This is like Love Talk to the Sacrifice. This will make the Sacrifice feel Loved and Appreciated.

Special things which the Sacrifice will LOVE to hear you say is:
"Where do you want me to Stab you?"
This not only shows you care about doing it, but that you want to make sure you do it right. This will really make the Sacrifice horny. Tell the Sacrifice you Love conducting the Rituals; tell them you can't stop thinking about how much you want to Kill them. Caress the Genitals with them laying Naked on the Floor in front of you as you say these things, this will make them feel Loved and Appreciated. This will put a Sacrifice in the mood because they will start to feel like they really will be getting Sacrificed soon. Pet the head of the Sacrifice, run your fingers through their hair, Kiss them long and slow, because all of this matters. When you show Love to the Sacrifice you Honor the Goddess Kali DIRECTLY. When you Kiss a Sacrifice, you Kiss the Goddess Kali, when you Touch a Sacrifice you Touch the Body of the Goddess Kali, Caress the Body of the Sacrifice to show your Devotion to the Goddess Kali.

Sexually Stimulate the Sacrifice, Chain it up and administer pain while you take care to keep the Sacrifice Horny, and this will inspire Kali to Bless you for Special Prayers, because it shows Kali you HAVE the Compassion and Understanding Necessary to Understand how Special and Important this Sacrifice is, it shows you Understand the PURPOSE and MEANING of this Sacrifice. So every time you take the time to Plan, Prepare, Practice, and Perform a Ritual, and when you take the Time and Care to make sure the Sacrifice is Horny when you are Whipping it, then Kali sees this, and Kali will feel your Love and Devotion for her, and in turn she will bless you.

Beginning the Rituals
Sacrifices are Spirits sent by the Goddess Kali, to help us Worship the Goddess Kali in a most Intense way. We should USE a Sacrifice at Special Ritual Worship Sessions; a Sacrifice helps to make the whole Ritual Special and more Sincere. A Sacrifice can be used at many Followers' Special Rituals for Special Prayers to the Goddess Kali before the Sacrifice will finally be Killed in the Final Ritual. But Sacrifices usually will be a part of many things, they will have Intercourse with Women who want to Bare their Child before they are Killed, they will be Chained up and Whipped at Special Rituals for Follower's Special Ceremonies, they may have Sex with a Female follower just because she wants the Personal connection with the Sacrifice before it is Killed.

A Sacrifice is simply used to help the Worshippers Pray to Kali in a Most Sincere way. To Conduct a Ritual with a Human Sacrifice for Special Ceremonial Purposes (Not to Kill it) First it is important to do this Honorably so make arrangements with the Goddess who keeps the Sacrifice, (many times Sacrifices enjoy living as Slaves to the Goddess who Keeps them) So talk to the Goddess who Keeps the Sacrifice, and make arrangements through her to have her deliver the Sacrifice to the place where the Ceremony will be held. Then have someone the Sacrifice likes begin to stimulate the Sacrifice Sexually. Then Strip the Sacrifice of any Clothing they might be wearing, and put a Collar and Leash on the Sacrifice as well as Leather Wrist and Ankle Cuffs. Then take your time, because at this point the Sacrifice already KNOWS where they are going, and should be Horny as hell waiting to go there, so if you actually Slow down you are in effect TEASING the Sacrifice, which is a good thing.

Lay the Sacrifice down on a Fur rug on a Stage in front of the Followers, this can be done at a Night Club or someone's house, or even at a Warehouse far away from the City, it really doesn't matter. The Followers should begin to Chant, "I Love you Kali- I Love you Kali- I Love you Kali" over and over again in harmony as the Sacrifice is Teased and Sexually Stimulated. Use the Following things to Tease the Sacrifice in any Order you Like and you can be Creative and Original if you like too:


1. Caress the Body and Genitals with ICE -VERY SLOWLY
2. Caress the Body and Genitals with a Feather Duster VERY SLOWLY
3. Caress the Body and Genitals with a Rabbit Fur Glove VERY SLOWLY
4. Caress the Body and Genitals with Black Silk Gloves VERY SLOWLY
5. Shave all the Hair off the Body of the Sacrifice, (If it hasn't been done yet)
6. Rub Hot Oil all over the Body and Genitals using Rubber Gloves VERY SLOWLY
7. Rub Baby Powder all over the Body and Genitals VERY SLOWLY
8. Use Art Paint Brushes of Different Sizes to Paint the Body with Eatable Paints
9. Use Food Products like Chocolate Syrup, or Straw Berry Syrup to Caress the Body
10. Lick the Body Clean VERY SLOWLY
11. Caress the Palms of the Hands VERY SLOWLY in Circles then Suck the Fingers one at a time
12. Caress the Forehead and Face VERY SLOWLY spend some time
13. Caress the Arms and the Legs and even the Feet
14. Wash the feet very good then Suck on the Toes SLOWLY
15. Kiss the Neck SLOWLY spend some time
16. Roll the Body over and Kiss the back of the Neck and Down the Spine
17. Wash the whole Body down with Shampoo and Conditioner and a Sponge, then Blow Dry
18. Wash the Butt hole really well, use Soap, Hydrogen Peroxide, and a Little Alcohol
19. Lick around the Butt Hole and Between the Legs VERY SLOWLY
20. Lick up the inside of the Thighs, but do not Touch the Genitals (YET)
21. Lick the Genitals, but not enough to cause an Orgasm ( the Idea is TO TEASE)
22. Hypnotize the Sacrifice and Tell them they are going to Feel very Horny
23. Talk to the Sacrifice and Tell them "YES" you will be Sacrificing them
24. Brush the Hair of the Sacrifice Long and Slow
25. Caress the Arms and Stretch them out like you are Chaining them down as you Talk
26. Caress the Chest of the Sacrifice VERY SLOWLY
27. Caress the Nipples in Circles VERY LIGHTLY and talk about Piercing them
28. Using the tip of one finger take your time and Caress the Tongue of the Sacrifice with Syrup
29. Push Ice up into the Butt hole and leave it there
30. Rub the Body down with Warm Tingle Hot Oil
31. Massage the Body with an Electric Massager
32. Walk up and down the Back of the Sacrifice carefully
33. Shower the Sacrifice with Love and Caring words- "I Love you-You're so Beautiful"
34. Take your time, like you have all the time in the world- this feels like Love

The Offering

After you have Spent some serious time TEASING the Sacrifice it will be Ready for the Altar. Attach a Leash to the Collar of the Sacrifice and Lead it to the Altar.

Tell the Sacrifice to "Lay Down!" in a Commanding Voice, but not mean, make it sound Serious like you are not playing around, but NOT like you would tell a Dog to lay down. The reason you say this is, it makes the Sacrifice feel like YOU are in Control, You are the Commander, and this will turn the Sacrifice on even more. After the Sacrifice lays down on the Altar Table, First Caress the Genitals again because it is important to keep the Sacrifice Horny the whole time, so touch the Genitals of the Sacrifice in Between Everything you Do, Perform a Task, then Touch the Genitals and Caress them, if you Crack the Whip across the Body, then Reach down and Touch the Genitals and Caress them, and Alternate between Performing, and Caressing the Genitals. Because you want to keep the Sacrifice as Horny as you can during the Whole Ritual, because this Opens up the Soul of the Sacrifice, it shows how Serious you are about the Ritual, and it helps to Communicate your Prayers to the Goddess Kali more Directly. Because keeping the Sacrifice Horny is like a Gauge of Sincerity to the Goddess, the Goddess Kali LIVES in the Place of Sexual Desire, so it is Important to Hold the Sacrifice at the Very Peak of Sexual Desire at the Same time you Conduct the Ritual to Honor the Goddess Kali. The more time and Effort you Spend Keeping the Sacrifice Horny while you conduct the Ritual, the more the Goddess Kali will Feel Your Prayers, and Bless you in Return. This is how it works, so remember this point.

Sexual Stimulation is the KEY Element which forms a Connection between YOU and the Goddess Kali, this is why it is So Important to Keep the Sacrifice Horny, and it is also Important that you Masturbate Yourself as much as you can during the Ritual as well, so you can form a Good Emotional Bond with the Sacrifice and in turn, effectively communicate your Prayers through the Spirit of the Sacrifice to the Goddess Kali.

Now that you Understand this, Caress the Genitals of the Sacrifice first when you Lay the Sacrifice out on the Altar to get the Sacrifice Horny again. Then once the Sacrifice is Horny again, Caress the Arms of the Sacrifice Very Slowly as you Stretch the Arms out like you are going to Chain them Down, but just Caress them for a Moment, and Stare into the Eyes of the Sacrifice Lovingly maybe Tilt your head to the side a little like you are saying "Awe isn't this nice" with your Mind. Think of how Precious the Sacrifice is as you Caress the Arms gently then attach the Chains to the Leather Wrist Cuffs with a Pad lock and then Pull the Chains down TIGHT, as TIGHT as you Can, because when the Sacrifice feels their body being Stretched they will feel Loved, they will feel like you are not playing games with them, like you are Serious. This is Good, so Pull the Chains down tight, then Lock the Chains Down with a Pad Lock, do the Same thing to the Other Arm, then Lock it down too.

Then Throw the Keys away without looking where they fly, this is important because it Thrills the Sacrifice, it makes the Sacrifice feel like your Emotions are Running Wild, like you are Out of Control, Like you don't care about if you can find the Keys later, the only thing you care about it getting into the Ritual. The More you Focus on the Ritual, the more horny the Sacrifice will get. So when you throw the Keys across the Room without Looking, you are showing you have an intense focus on the Ritual. This makes the Sacrifice Horny. After you throw the Keys away, don't smile like it's a joke, BE SERIOUS, we are Talking about a Ritual of Life and Death, of Spiritual Sacrifice, there is nothing funny about this, it is VERY SERIOUS, so BE SERIOUS. The More Serious you are, the more Sacred the Ritual becomes.

Now Chain down the Legs by Pulling Down on the Legs first to help stretch the Body of the Sacrifice out good, then Attach the Chains to the Leather Ankle Cuffs with Pad Locks and Pull the Chains Down as hard as you can to help Stretch the Body before you Lock the Chains down tight with Pad Locks. Then Throw the Keys away again without looking where they fly.

Then Crawl up between the Legs of the Sacrifice Very Slowly like you are a Tiger, Stare deep into the Eyes of the Sacrifice like you Really want to Kill it. Feel the Emotions of Really Wanting to Kill the Sacrifice (Even if this Ceremony is just a Prayer Ceremony, carry it out as if you will be Killing the Sacrifice, just the only difference will be, when the Sacrifice Orgasms you will NOT Stab it, if this is only a Prayer Ceremony, but you will still Poke it Lightly in the Center of the Sacrifice's Chest with the Knife.) Then reach out with one hand and Lightly Rake your Fingernails down the Chest of the Sacrifice VERY VERY SLOWLY as you Suck Air through your Gritted Snarling Teeth, but your expression is not one of Anger, it is of Pure PASSION, You have an Attitude like You are really going to Kill the Sacrifice with a PASSION! Like YOU are really READY for this! Like you LOVE THIS! THAT is how your expression should look.

The idea is to make the Sacrifice really FEEL like something Serious is about to Happen, like we are not Playing Games, if the Sacrifice feels like they really Might be Killed, it will make them horny. Then Snarl like a Tiger and act like you are going to Lean down and Bite the Genitals of the Sacrifice, open your mouth with your Teeth showing SLOWLY like you are ready to Bite as you keep your Eyes Staring up at the Eyes of the Sacrifice, and Just as you Reach the Genitals with your Teeth, You put your Tongue out and SLOWLY Lick up the Genitals of the Sacrifice one time, then you Continue to Crawl up Over the Sacrifice SLOWLY, (You Move in SLOW MOTION all the Time because it will Enhance the Feeling of Intensity) You want to Act Like YOU are Possessed with the Spirit of the Goddess Kali, So you Move in Slow Motion, you do not Act like yourself, you act Like you are the Commander of the Universe, Like a God, or Goddess, really FEEL this way, don't just ACT like it.

If you begin to feel Tingles running through your Body, and you Feel very different, do not be afraid, this IS the Spirit of Kali entering your Body, enjoy it, and Welcome it. To help Excite you even more, as you Conduct the Ritual THINK to yours elf "I BELIEVE in Human Sacrifice,-I Believe this is Beautiful,-The Sacrifice WANTS to be KILLED!" Keep Thinking this over and over in your Mind as you Conduct the Ritual, then you can Whisper into the Sacrifice's Ear as you Sit on top of it's Genitals and Rub up and Down, whisper "I Believe in Human Sacrifice" Then Kiss the Sacrifice Long and Slow, this is the same as telling the Sacrifice you Love and Understand it, and you Accept it. To the Sacrifice these Words feel like someone said "I love you" multiplied by 100 times. This makes the Sacrifice FEEL Loved and Appreciated for who they are.

Rub on the Genitals of the Sacrifice to keep them horny as you Sit up Straight and Tall, keep your Back straight, your Chest Pushed out, hold your Head up high, keep your Chin up, look down at the Sacrifice without moving your Chin down to Look at it. Look Up at the Sky with your Eyes Closed and hold your head all the way back then hold your arms out to the Sky with your Palms facing up and Shout out with a Proud announcing Voice " Oh Great Goddess Kali Hear me as I call out to Thee, BEHOLD THE SACRIFICE!" Then Say in a Calmer Voice as you Rub on the Genitals of the Sacrifice Slowly you say in a Voice like you are Praying "Oh Great Goddess Kali, I welcome you into My Body, and Soul, Come,. Experience this Moment with us, and Guide us,Ö allow us to Worship you in this Most Divine way" Then you Sit in Silence for a Moment with You Head held all the Way Back and your Eyes closed your Arms out to your Side but Loosely touching the Table with your Palms still facing up.

You Very Slowly open your Eyes and Act like you are a Different person, FEEL like you are a Different Person, Move in SLOW MOTION all the Time, Act Like you Are the Commander of the Universe, You OWN EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE! Breath Like you are the Most Powerful Being in the Universe, Like No One is Above you, not any Law, not any Rule, Not ANYONE. YOU are now the Center of the Entire Universe, everything Moves and Exists only FOR YOU. You ARE ULTIMATE POWER and DOMINATION. Look Down at the Sacrifice without lowering your Head, Sit Proud and Tall upon the Genitals of the Sacrifice, your Body Rubs very Lightly over the Skin of the Genitals not pressing your Weight down on the Genitals, but using your Knees to Support the Weight of your Body, as you Move Lightly Forward and Backwards over the Skin of the Genitals of the Sacrifice to Tease it, and Connect with it. Slowly Caress your own Body as your Hold your Head back and close your Eyes as if to Enjoy the Moment. Then Lean down and with the Voice of a God whisper into the Ear of the Sacrifice "You Are MINE!" Think of the Sacrifice like you would an Apple, or a Banana, the purpose of the fruit is to be eaten, the Human Sacrifice is the most precious fruit of this Earth, the Purpose of the Human Sacrifice is to Suffer for the Sake of Kali, and be Killed to Honor the Goddess. Think about this.

Symbolic Rituals

During much of the Ritual of Sacrifice, there will be some time devoted to carrying out other Symbolic Rituals, to enhance the over all Experience for everyone. One of these Rituals will be Paying Homage to the Goddess who will Kill the Sacrifice or the Head of Ceremonies. Right after the Goddess has Chained Down the Sacrifice and the Goddess has Offered the Body of the Sacrifice to the Supreme Goddess Kali, then the Goddess may give all the Followers of the opposite Sex of the Sacrifice the opportunity to Meet with Sacrifice briefly, each follower who is the Opposite Sex of the Sacrifice (Unless the Sacrifice is a Lesbian in that case all the Followers of the same sex may come up) approaches the Altar where the Sacrifice is Chained down, and they may Sit on Top of the Sacrifice and Rub over the Genitals of the Sacrifice and Kiss the Sacrifice (This is all done BEFORE the Goddess Gags and Tapes the Mouth of the Sacrifice) Each Follower will ask the Sacrifice to deliver a Special Prayer to the Goddess Kali once the Spirit of the Sacrifice rejoins the Goddess Kali after the Sacrifice has been Killed. Each Follower is allowed to spend a few minutes with the Sacrifice, saying a Prayer to the Sacrifice for it to take to Kali with it when it dies. This is done to help the Followers form a Connection with the Sacrifice before it is Killed, so AFTER the Sacrifice has been Killed they will feel more strongly about keeping pieces of Bones and Hair to make into Jewelry to help them keep in close contact with the Spirit of the Sacrifice, and help them remember the Sacrifice.

Prior to the night of the Final Ritual of Sacrifice a Follower may submit a special Request to the Goddess to spend a whole night with the Sacrifice for the same reasons. And in some cases Females may have intercourse with Male Sacrifices to try to impregnate themselves with the sperm of the Sacrifice, so they might bare a Holy Child from the Sacrifice and Bind the Genes of the Female and the Sacrifice together forever in time, there by insuring the Spirit of the Sacrifice will watch over her after it rejoins the Goddess Kali. During the Ritual however after each Follower has spent a little time with the Sacrifice the next follower will spend some time with the Sacrifice.

They may Caress it, Kiss it, Caress it's Genitals, even give it oral sex if they wish to display their devotion or appreciation to the Sacrifice. But the Sacrifice is not allowed to Orgasm until the final moment of the Ritual. Just before it is Killed. Each Follower will ask the Sacrifice to die for them. Then they Kiss the Sacrifice and move on. The Next Ritual which is Practiced is showing devotion and appreciation to the Goddess who is performing the Ceremony. During this Ritual all the Followers gather around in a Circle and they form a Line, which leads in a Circle around the area and then up to the Front of the Goddess. Once the Follower reaches the front of the Goddess the Follower will kneel down in front of the Goddess and Ask the Goddess to Kill the Sacrifice for them. Then they will thank the Goddess and move around to the end of the Circle again. During this Time Each Follower will carry a Candle in their hands to show their Sincerity to the Ceremony itself.

Then the Followers will place all the candles on the Ground behind them creating a large Circle of Candles around the Area. Then the followers will close in on the Altar Table as they walk slowly around in a Circle, they hold one hand over the Body of the Sacrifice Touching the Body of the Sacrifice, and their other hand up to the Sky to the Goddess Kali. The Sacrifice will feel many hands Caressing it all at the same time. Then the followers Stop and Change directions and go around in a Circle the opposite direction, switching their hands doing the same thing again. One hand on the Sacrifice the other in the air as they slowly walk around in a Circle. This is to Unify all the Spirits who have gathered to witness the Ceremony and Show that this Ceremony is about Love, not Hate, that all the Followers are Unified in their Beliefs regarding this Ceremony and this is kind of a Prayer to Prevent anyone from disrupting the Ceremony. It is also allowing the Follwers to say "Goodbye" to the Sacrifice all at once in a Unified way almost like a Dance performance.

To Thank the Sacrifice for Dying for their Salvation. Then after all the Followers have Circled around a few times, they Break and return to the outside of the Circle and Stand with a Candle in their Hands. The Candle should be held just at their Waist level, using both hands. This is so the Light will light up their Chest and Face and no Block it from the view of the Sacrifice if it should want to look at them. As the Goddess Begins to Conduct the Ritual and performs things on the Sacrifice such as Dripping Hot Candle Wax, or Scratching, or Whipping the Sacrifice, there will be some Followers who beat on Drums, one person a Female will act as an announcer to Narrate the Ceremony for all the Followers as Music is played Softly in the Background to enhance the moment. The followers will slowly dance like they are Modeling for the Sacrifice, trying to get the attention of the Sacrifice as it is being Sacrificed. This is to try to keep the Sacrifice horny by providing VISUAL stimulation and if the Sacrifice looks at a Follower during the ceremony it is seen as a sign of Good Luck.

As the Sacrifice starts to endure more and more Pain, the Followers will strip off their Clothes and Rub Oil over their bodies to enhance the Lighting and the Mood, As the Sacrifice is Being Whipped the Females go Toppless and Rub themselves with Oil or they wear Black Bikinis (If the Sacrifice is Male ),Candles are placed all around each Dancer to light up their Bodies as they Dance for the Sacrifice. Each Dancer will have a Camera on them to record their Performances, as a memory they can Cherish for all time. Each Dancer will have their Cameras Hooked up to the Internet so Each Dancer will not only be Performing for the Sacrifice, but also for their own Private on-line Audience. Internet Viewers will pay to access the Site then the Viewer can Switch from one camera to the Next as they wish.

After the Sacrifice is Killed, people are encouraged to have Sex on Beds and Tables which will be Located all around the Outside of the Circle, and others may watch as a Form of Entertainment. Bondage and Domination Equipment will be available so Followers may express themselves as they wish. After the Sacrifice is Killed the Ceremony will Evolve into a DJ Dance Party, with Open Sexual Performances to Honor the Goddess Kali.

All Profits from the Ceremony of Sacrifice will be given to the Goddess who Kills the Sacrifice to help her Fly away and Raise the Child she will bare for the Sacrifice. Followers will Give Money to the Goddess when they Pray to her to Kill the Sacrifice. Other people may Pay to Witness the Ceremony, and these Proceeds will also be given to the Goddess who Kills the Sacrifice, but any Witnesses must remain Outside the Circle, in a Restricted Area, Maybe Blocked off by Fence or Bullet Proof Plexiglas Like they use in Hockey Arenas. This is to keep any Non-Believers from disrupting the Ceremony itself.

Pictures of the Goddess, and Pictures of the Sacrifice, and Pictures of the Dancers will be sold to help raise money for the Goddess to Fly away and help support her to raise the Holy Child of Kali. The Ceremony will become one of the most precious memories of all the Followers.

Once everything is finished, the Sacrifice has been Killed, Cooked and Eaten, the Bones Saved and Bundled to fashion into Jewelry, and the Party is over, Everyone will Say a Prayer to the Goddess Kali Just as they are Leaving the Area near the Entrance and Exit there will be a Small Altar to say a Final Prayer before each person Leaves, and there will be a Donation Box for them to make any final Donations if they care to. Each person will be given some kind of Memory of the event, either a Picture, a T-shirt, a Piece of Hair from the Sacrifice or a Bone, something to remember the event. Because things like this rarely happen, and each person should cherish an event like this as a Once in a Lifetime Chance to even Witness an Event like this. To actually Participate in such an Event would be and even greater experience! So if you are ever asked to Participate in such an event, you should consider it a Tremendous Honor, and make every effort to attend. You will receive many benefits from such an experience, as well as some memories of a lifetime.

Continue the Ritual Tie a Gauze Gag Around the Head of the Sacrifice, and Over the Mouth using a Knot in the Gauze to keep the Sacrifice from being able to Talk. Then Use a Piece of Black Cloth Tape That you Previously prepared by Punching Air Holes in it using a Paper Hole Punch, place the Black Cloth Tape over the Mouth of the Sacrifice, so it can't Scream or Talk. If you want to you can Further enhance the feeling of Dominance over the Sacrifice by Pulling a Stocking Mask Over the Head of the Sacrifice, but make sure the Eyes have very Wide Holes because you WANT the Sacrifice to See you, because you WANT to Sexually Stimulate the Sacrifice using the Sense of Sight. After you have the Stocking Mask over the Head of the Sacrifice you can Wrap Black Duct Tape Around and Around the Head of the Sacrifice again and again very Tight, wrapping up the whole Head in Duct Tape except for the Eyes, Nose and Mouth, and try to go around the Ears so the Sacrifice can Hear you Whisper things in its Ears.

You Could also tape a Hose into the Mouth of the Sacrifice (but do not shove it down the throat) and you could slowly feed Oxygen into the mouth of the Sacrifice, or a Special Gas to make it More Horny as you Sacrifice it. At this point it would also be a good idea to Inject the Sacrifice with any Drugs you want to Use to Help the Sacrifice get more Horny during the Ritual. You can Put Head Phones on the Sacrifice and Turn on Music, or Use a Wireless Microphone so you could Whisper things into the Ears of the Sacrifice without having to Lean down. Maybe Put the Head Phones on the Sacrifice BEFORE you Tape up the Head. And put Oxygen Nose Tubes in the Nose of the Sacrifice connected to an Oxygen Tank before you Tape up the Head of the Sacrifice. But Keep t he Mouth Airway open, do not Tape up the Mouth unless you use Tape with Air holes in it. And might want to Wrap Lace around the Head instead of Tape, it is up to you. Then Tie a Cord around the Balls if the Sacrifice is a Male, if the Sacrifice is a Female you might want to attach clamps to the Lips of the Vagina.

Kiss the Sacrifice Long and Slow, then stand up and walk around it like you are admiring your prey you are about to kill and eat. Really get into this attitude, walk in Slow Motion, FEEL POWERFUL, you are The Goddess! FEEL IT!

Look at the Sacrifice while holding your head up high, your Chin up and keep your Back straight and your Chest Pushed out Move with Power, walk like you have all the time in the World, and you are taking as much time as you want. When ever you want to Think about what to do next, don't say "What am I gonna do next?" Just remain Silent, and Walk very SLOWLY around the Sacrifice admiring the Sacrifice, with a Serious Look of Passion, like you are Pondering what to do with it. This will make the Sacrifice Feel YOU are in Control, remember, the Sacrifice WANTS to Surrender to you, the more you act like you are Powerful and in Control, the More the Sacrifice will Surrender to you. This will feel like LOVE to the Sacrifice. It is as Natural as the Sun and the Rain, so just Flow with the Feelings.

Pick up some Alcohol and Rub it all over the Body of the Sacrifice, as you Look at the Sacrifice while holding your head up high. Use a Stick with a Sponge on the end of it to Rub the Alcohol on the Body of the Sacrifice. The reason is, the Altar Table is Usually Low, about at the Knees of the Goddess, this is to make the Sacrifice feel the Goddess is Much more Powerful than they are, The Goddess Walks around the Table High above the Sacrifice, The Stick helps the Goddess Reach the Body of the Sacrifice while Holding her Body Straight and High, with her Chest Pushed Out Walking Proud around the Sacrifice, and Adds a Feeling of Dominance over the Sacrifice, this is good both for the Goddess and the Sacrifice as well. The Stick with the Sponge should be Black and Look like a Magic Wand, with a Sponge Pad Attached to one end. Some Brands of Mops maybe Painted Black and used for this. Rub the Alcohol over the Body of the Sacrifice as You Walk around the Sacrifice Very Slowly, making sure you cover the whole Body with Alcohol, the Chest, Stomach, Legs, Arms, Neck, Hands, Feet. Then use another Stick to Caress the Genitals of the Sacrifice to Keep it Horny.

Many times you might not want to include ALL the things listed here in one Ceremony, because it might be too much for one Body to handle, (Not to mention a lot of Work for YOU) But I want to Mention THIS Technique of SCRATCHING because it is used very often in Asia, and I have seen Sessions where all they had to use was Scratching and Whipping and the Sacrifice was almost Broke already. So what I am Trying to say is Scratching is a Very Powerful Technique, so use it when you can. There are several ways to use Scratching, the Technique I saw used in Asia a lot was when the Goddess used Special Brass Needles which attached to the ends of Her fingers, much like the Look of Thai Dancers.

Dance in a Mysterious Fashion to Tease the Sacrifice then Lightly Rake the Nails down the Chest of the Sacrifice in long Very Slow Drags using both hands to pull down at the same time slowly. Then Repeat this many times as you sit on top of the Genitals and Lightly Rub forward and Backward over the Genitals of the Sacrifice, as you Rake your Nails down the Arms, Chest and Stomach of the Sacrifice, then get up and Rake down the Legs slowly all the way to the Feet, then do it again and again. Then Increase then Strength of the DIG on your Nails so you can see Scratch Marks as you Drag the Nails Down the Body of the Sacrifice. Repeat a few times then DIG your Nails in Even Harder until you can see little Lines of Blood as you Drag down the Body of the Sacrifice. The Sacrifice will be in HEAVEN at this point I Promise you! You have to be very careful about touching the Genitals when you do this technique because it has been know to be SO EXCITING for the Sacrifice that they can actually Orgasm from this type of Pain almost immediately! That must be why it is so popular in Asia. Then you can use a Q-Tip Soaked with Alcohol to increase the Suffering a little if you like. Be careful NOT to get any Alcohol on the Genitals, because it will burn like hell!

The Red Candles of Love
Then Pick up Two Long Red Candles Like Dinner Candles, and Drip Hot Candle Wax on the Body of the Sacrifice while standing up Straight and Tall Over the Sacrifice and walking around the Table very Slowly like you have all the time in the World. Drip the Candle Wax first on the Chest of the Sacrifice, then as you walk around Drip the Hot Wax on the Stomach, then the Legs near the Genitals, then the Feet, then Up the Legs again, on the Stomach again, then the Chest again, then on the Arms, then the palms of the hands, then on the Neck , then back down the Body Again, on the Chest, the Stomach, the Genitals, the Legs, the feet, then back up the Legs and Up the Body to the Palms of the hands again. Keep Walking around the Sacrifice as you Drip the Wax on the Body, Keep your Head held up high and Proud as you walk around, and take your time, walk like you have all the time in the world, don't rush, POWER means you are not in a Hurry, Control means YOU RULE the Time, no one else, so Take your Time, Move in Slow Motion.

Do this like you REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!
As you Drip hot Candle Wax all over the Body of the Sacrifice, Think about the PAIN that the Sacrifice is Feeling. Have an Announcer speak over a PA System to Narrate the Ceremony as YOU Conduct it, and as you Drip the Candle Wax on the Body of the Sacrifice, have the Narrator say to The Followers "Now the Sacrifice is Suffering for Us, let us all Enjoy Watching the Sacrifice Suffer for us, and FEEL Excited about it's PAIN for THIS is LOVE"

After you have dripped all the Candle Wax on the Body of the Sacrifice, or when you have burned down the Candles so they are almost gone, or When the Body of the Sacrifice is Completely Covered with Wax, THEN Crawl up Over the Sacrifice Like a Tiger again and Scratch the Wax off with your Fingernails. Using Long Slow Drags, Pull Down the Body of the Sacrifice with your Fingernails Raking the Wax off the Body of the Sacrifice as you do. You might have to DIG HARD into the Skin of the Sacrifice to pull the Wax off the Skin, and Go SLOW there is no rush. The Announcer could say " Now as the Goddess Scratches the Wax off the Body of the Sacrifice the Sacrifice is Feeling Pain, and this is Love."

Wash the Wax Off
Once you have Completely removed all the Wax off the Body of the Sacrifice, Wash the Body Down with Soap and Hot Water then Conditioner. You Can Rinse the Body off using a Garden Hose with a High Pressure Spray Nossle if you wish, try to pipe it through the hot water supply so it will still feel good to the Sacrifice. Or you can Hook a Hose up to a Shower Head to Spray the Body down if you like. Or you can just Caringly and Lovingly use a Sponge. Showing Love to the Sacrifice is Nice. Caring for the Sacrifice is Nice.

Blood Letting
Next Sit down on top of the Sacrifice Lightly Rubbing over the Genitals of the Sacrifice again, You Open up a Small Black Brief Case and in it is a wide assortment of Xacto Knives, Scalpels, and Sharp Pointed tools. And you say to the Sacrifice "Are you Ready to Have a little Fun?"

Then you say "I AM" And you take out a Knife and you lightly Drag it up and down the Center of the Chest of the Sacrifice, not cutting it, just TEASING the Sacrifice as you lightly rub up and Down over the Genitals of the Sacrifice. You Drag the Knife very very slowly and very Lightly barely touching the skin of the Sacrifice. You Do this to make the Sacrifice anticipate what you might do next, you try to make the Sacrifice imagine the Pain they are about to feel. While this might sound Cruel to some people, in the Mind of the Sacrifice, this is Highly Erotic, the Sacrifice Yerns for the Pain, they do not Dread it or Fear it, they NEED it! So when you do this, you are TEASING the Sacrifice like holding a Piece of Candy in front of it that it wants very badly.

(Note: I have seen some people get all hyper about my implying the use of Xacto Knives, because they are all hypercritical about "proper Medical Technique" and everything. Excuse ME, I have been stabbed and poked with Barbed Wire, Rusty Fence, Rusty Nails, Fish Hooks, Ice Picks, Cut with Tin Cans, Scrap Sheet Metal, Ice Skates, Paper, and an assortment of other items, and I'm not dead yet. :) So if you want to get Technical about Cutting Techniques by all means read a Technical Medical Book okay? I am not suggesting that any of you USE any of the above mentioned items, and I DO recommend using Proper Sterilization Techniques. )

This is how the Sacrifice really feels about it. Lightly Draw Your Name over the Skin of the Sacrifice right over it's Heart. The Announcer now whispering like a Golf Game Announcer before a play says "All Over Asia they have used the method of Torture called A Thousand Cuts, on their Sacrifices for Centuries, the Goddess will now Demonstrate this technique for us" Then You Hold the Knife Straight Down and lightly and quickly poke the knife into the skin of the Sacrifice as You keep your head and Chin held up High your Back Straight and your Chest Pushed out. And You Moan with enthusiasm "Mmmmm" Then you Look down at the Sacrifice without Lower your Head and you Cut a small Cut in the Skin of the Chest of the Sacrifice, as the Sacrifice Bleeds you Gasp in Excitement and Slowly Lean down and Lick the Blood from the Cut and Act like it Tastes SO GOOD you Say "mmmmm YES" Then you Cut the Sacrifice again and Slowly Lean down to Lick up the Blood and You get even More excited you say "Ohhh Yeah!" in a Whisper.

Then You Cut the Sacrifice again and Lena down and Lick up the Blood and Kiss the Wound and Try to Suck the Blood from the Wound. Then you Sit up and say "ohhhh BABE!" The you Cut the Sacrifice once More and Lick up the Blood and Say "Ohhhh I want to Kill you So Bad babe!" Then you Pick up the Special Knife of Love which is the Knife used to Kill the Sacrifice and you Drag it up and Down the Center of the Sacrifice's Chest like you are Planning to Kill it, you act like you are Wildly out of Control with PASSION, and You Can't Stop yourself, you are in a Trance like State, completely CONSUMED with PASSION, and you Practice Aiming the Knife at the Exact Center of the Sacrifice's Chest, you carefully Poke the Knife into the Chest of the Sacrifice holding it there for a Minute as you Lightly Rub up and Down on the Genitals of the Sacrifice, with your Head held high, then you Raise the Knife up over your head with both hands like you are going to Kill the Sacrifice, then you say " Ahhhh, not yet My Love, you must Suffer for me first."

Then you put the Knife down and take some Pins out of the Little Black Brief Case, and you take the pins and Push them into the Chest Muscles of the Sacrifice as you Lightly Rub up and Down on the Genitals of the Sacrifice as you Sit on top of the Sacrifice sitting up Straight and Tall with your Head held High and Proud. Push the Pins halfway down into the Muscle, then leave it there and get another Pin and do it again. The announcer says " Now the Goddess is Demonstrating the Techniques of Acupuncture, let us Rejoice in the Suffer of the Sacrifice for this is LOVE." You Push about 200 Pins into the Body of the Sacrifice and the Thigh Muscles of the Sacrifice, then you Stand up and Walk around just Staring at the Sacrifice, and You Say "You are So Beautiful" Then you Wave your hand and Snap your Fingers over your head, and a Photographer rushes over and Snaps Pictures of the Sacrifice with all the Pins in it.

This Shows how You should Consider the Entire Ritual like a Work of Art, Each Cut, Each Burn, Each Pin, Every Whip Mark, should be carefully Placed Like you are Painting the Body of the Sacrifice, then taking Pictures of it as you go to keep Track of your Progress. As the Photographer Snaps Photos of the Sacrifice you can Smoke a Marijuana Cigarette if you like to enhance your Mood a little, Or have a Drink of Alcohol, or Both.

Then Slowly Pull out all the Pins and Caress the Genitals of the Sacrifice again. Take a little time to make sure the Sacrifice it very horny again. Tell the Sacrifice "I Love you SO Much" and other Loving Words. Then Stand up and Pick up an Electric Shock wand or Cattle Prod, and Walk around and lightly touch the shocker at different places on the Body of the Sacrifice, and if the Sacrifice Jerks or Struggles You say "Ohh Yeah babe that's good" Then the next time the Sacrifice struggles you Masturbate yourself with one hand and say " Ohhhh YEAH Babe, You're doin Good." Then continue Shocking the Sacrifice all over its Body as you walk around the Table Very Slowly. Then say " Ohhh Yeah, I LOVE THIS, I could do this all night!" Shocking doesn't leave any Bruises, or Marks so you can Take your time, and shock the Sacrifice for about a half hour if you like. But make sure you stop and Caress the Genitals of the Sacrifice every couple of Zaps or Shocks because it IS important to keep the Sacrifice horny during the whole Ritual.

Massage the Arms & Legs
By Now the Arms of the Sacrifice are probably Starting to Go Numb from lack of Circulation, so Massage the arms of the Sacrifice for a While by using your Hands to pull down the arms of the Sacrifice, then Push the Blood through the arms by pushing your hands up the arms of the Sacrifice Slowly Move the Hands of the Sacrifice and Massage the Hands to help Circulate the Blood through the hands but do not unchain the Sacrifice.

Then Pick up a Whip and Tease the Sacrifice by Lightly Dragging the Whip across the Body very very slowly, then walk around the Table Cracking the Whip by your side and Drag the Whip across the Sacrifice again. Repeat this many many times to Tease the Sacrifice, Tease the Sacrifice for about 5 to 10 minutes, then start Cracking the Whip Across the Body of the Sacrifice to make Bruises. Paint the Bruises Artistically, Try to make the Bruises in a Pattern, or like one Bruise every few inches or centimeters apart. But Whip ALL OVER the Body, for example Whip the Chest, then the Legs, then the Stomach, then the Thighs, then the Arms, then the Chest again, then The Feet, then the Stomach, then the Thighs again, alternate all over the Body, don't just whip in one spot of the body. And Do not Whip the Face.

Whip the Sacrifice using several different Techniques, first use the Over hand technique, then swing your arm around like you would use the Back Hand in the Tennis Racket and come down over the Sacrifice, this is called the Back Hand Technique. Then Swing your Arm around over your head like you are drawing a Circle in the sky and Come down over the Sacrifice. This is called the Over Head Technique. There is also A Figure Eight Technique, this is where you Whip Once with a Back Hand Technique, then Swing around and Whip with a Over Hand Technique, then repeat it again. You can also use several different kinds of Whips, Horse Hair Whips, Wire Whips, Floggers, Bull Whips, actually you should Talk with the Sacrifice before the Ritual to find out which Type of Whips the Sacrifice likes to be Whipped with. It is important to try to Whip the Sacrifice with its favorite kind of Whip, because a Sacrifice feels the Whip is something very Special in their life, it is the thing that makes them feel Love, so they want to be Whipped with just the right kind of Whip to make it feel a Certain way. Different Whips will feel Different to the Sacrifice, for example a Wire Whip will sting very Sharp and maybe even Cut the Skin, A Strap will feel like a dull Pounding feeling, a Bull Whip feels almost like a Stick, a Flogger feels like many Whips hitting all at the same time. A Riding Crop is a more stinging feeling but not as sharp as the wire Whip. Each Sacrifice prefers a certain type of Whip and it is important to try to satisfy the needs of the Sacrifice at the same time you are fulfilling the Follower's needs to worship using the Sacrifice.

Your Focus when you Whip the Sacrifice is to Bruise the Sacrifice, to make the Sacrifice Suffer until it can not stand the pain any more. However if you are conducting a Ritual just for fun, or for the Followers to Worship, then you might NOT want to go all the way to the "Breaking Point"in the cases when you are just going to use the Sacrifice just for Worship just Whip the Sacrifice until it almost reaches the Breaking Point then Stop. When you are Seriously planning to KILL the Sacrifice, then you don't want to Break the Sacrifice because you need to make the Sacrifice Orgasm just before you kill it, and if you Break the Sacrifice it will take a long time for the Sacrifice calm down before they will get horny again. Too Long, and it might disrupt the whole Ceremony. When you are going to Kill the Sacrifice the most important thing is to make the Sacrifice horny then KEEP them horny right up until you are ready to Kill them. Then Make the Sacrifice Orgasm and just after the Sacrifice Orgasms you Stab it exactly into the Center of their Chest as hard as you can to Kill them.

If you are Performing a Ritual of Acceptance, this is a Ritual where a New found Goddess and a New Found Sacrifice first come together. At this time their Love is New, they need to PROVE their Love. The Goddess wants to Show the Sacrifice that she really does indeed Love and Accept the Sacrifice for who they really are. So she will conduct an Acceptance Ceremony where she will Whip the Sacrifice with the Total Focus of Breaking them with the Whip to PROVE Her Love for the Sacrifice, and let the Sacrifice really FEEL this Love. So during the Acceptance Ceremonies the Sacrifice will be Whipped until it is Broken. This is the Point you are trying to get to, what is called the "Breaking Point" this is when the Sacrifice is Struggling and Trying to Scream, or maybe getting mad at you. Once you Get the Sacrifice to this Point, do not stop right away, you want to try to HOLD the Sacrifice at this Point without actually Breaking it.

The important thing to remember is the Sacrifice WANTS to get to this point, even though it hurts the Sacrifice a lot, the Sacrifice Dreams about being in this Moment, so try to slow down and make it last. When the Sacrifice Starts to go Crazy, Slow down, Caress its Genitals with Ice or Lick its Genitals, Caress its head and tell it You Love it many times.

Then after the Sacrifice has Calmed down a little, go back to Whipping it again. If you stop, then the Sacrifice will not respect you, because the Sacrifice will not really believe that you really Love the Sacrifice, because if you really Loved the Sacrifice, the you would understand this point in the Ritual, and you would not Stop right away, you should try to HOLD the Sacrifice in the State of Suffering while you try to keep them Horny. This is the Ultimate Point in the Ritual. This is the Defining Moment of the Ritual, so take your time when you get to this point. To Help you Understand the Phases of Whipping a little more, I will explain exactly how a Sacrifice Feels at each point in the Whipping Part of the Ritual. Remember these Phases because they are important so you know what you are doing at each moment in the Whipping part of the Ritual.

PHASE 1- You Drag the Whip Across the Body to Tease the Sacrifice. The Sacrifice is feeling Horny, and eagerly is awaiting the Pain from the Whip.

PHASE 2 - You Begin to Whip the Sacrifice slowly, the Sacrifice feels Refreshed to Finally feel the pain of the Whip across its Body, you might even See a look of Relief on the face of the Sacrifice when it starts to feel the pain of the Whip. The Sacrifice Relaxes and Prepares to accept the Pain that is coming.

PHASE 3 - You Really start to Whip the Sacrifice HARD now because you are starting to Like it, you want to see BRUISES on the Sacrifice. The Sacrifice is feeling Satisfied at this Moment, this is exactly what the Sacrifice WANTS. The Sacrifice isn't Struggling or Moaning, and seems completely happy.

PHASE 4 - You Whip the Sacrifice as Hard as you can, to make sure you can make real nice BRUISES on the Sacrifice. The Sacrifice is Starting to Struggle a little and Jerk each time you Whip it. The Sacrifice is Suffering now, the Sacrifice knows what you are doing and why, the Sacrifice accepts the Pain, but it is getting to the point where the Sacrifice cannot stand the pain anymore and can help but to Struggle and Jerk around when you Whip it. But as much as it hurts, the Sacrifice is still enjoying this moment. Because to the Sacrifice this means You Love them, the way the Sacrifice thinks about it, is that IF you really didn't Love them, then you wouldn't be making sure they suffer this much. But when you make a Sacrifice suffer this much, then they Feel Loved. At this point the Sacrifice is really trying hard to stand the pain because they know you are enjoying it and the Sacrifice really WANTS you to enjoy it and get Excited about it.

PHASE 5- You Continue to Whip the Sacrifice as Hard as you Can, there are many Bruises all over the Body of the Sacrifice, the Sacrifice is not Laying Still anymore, the Sacrifice Struggles Wildly, and Jerks every time you Whip it. The Sacrifice in This Phase looses control, but this is an important point for the Sacrifice, they WANT to reach this Point because only the person who really really Loves them would even Understand this point. This is how a Sacrifice determines TRUE LOVE. If you take the Sacrifice to this Point then they will really believe you Love them.

If you do not take the Sacrifice to this Point, then they will never Believe you really love them, no matter how many years you stay with them, if you never take the Sacrifice to this point, then they will never fall in Love with you- NEVER. So this point is a Defining Moment in the Ritual, but the Sacrifice is Loosing Control, the Sacrifice is Struggling Wildly, maybe acting Mad at you, trying to Cuss at you, but this is Natural for this Phase, do not think that after you unchain the Sacrifice that they will be Mad at you, they will not, because even at this Point in the Ritual the Sacrifice KNOWS they lay down WILINGLY to be Sacrificed.

The Truth is The Sacrifice NEEDS this, they can't do this to themselves, no way, they NEED YOU to Whip them so much they go Crazy like this, actually at this Moment, even though the Sacrifice might seem Mad at you, there is a Part of them deep inside that is hoping you don't stop, because they actually Love it! It is kind of Like a Roller Coaster Ride in an Amusement park, when the Roller coaster goes flying down the Tracks in a nosedive the people all Scream with Fear!

But they all Paid to Ride it, and many of them will return to ride it again, but then they will Scream again the next time it Plunges down the Tracks. This is the Same way with This PHASE of the Whipping. To the Sacrifice THIS moment is the Most Thrilling Moment of the whole night! So DON'T STOP! Even though the Sacrifice might be getting Mad at you, DON'T STOP! This is Important. Slow down and Try to Hold the Sacrifice in this Moment for as Long as you can.

The Thing that you SHOULD do during this time is SHOW CARING while you continue to Whip the Sacrifice, BE COMPASSIONATE, act like you are a Nurse who is Hurting someone who really needs to be Hurt, but you still LOVE that person and really Care about that person, but you are not going to stop Hurting them, because they really NEED to be hurt. This is How a Sacrifice really feels. They won't be Mad at you when you are finished Whipping them , they KNOW what you are doing and WHY, they just can not Physically handle the Pain that's all.

But just because they cannot handle it, doesn't mean you should STOP. The Sacrifice really really NEEDS you to keep Whipping them even after they get to this Point, so Do NOT Stop. Just pet the head of the Sacrifice Kiss the Head of the Sacrifice, Untie the Cord around the Balls of the Male Sacrifice, Undo the Clamps from the Lips of the Vagina of the Female Sacrifices, but Do not stop whipping them.

Take a minute and hold the Hand of the Sacrifice, get right in front of the Face of the Sacrifice and Tell them how much you Love them, but DON'T stop whipping them. Because THIS MOMENT is what it is all for to the Sacrifice they NEED this Moment, this is what they have dreamt about every night for so many years. So don't disappoint them, take them to the very LIMT of Sexual Satisfaction. Break them if you must, but don't disappoint them. It would be better to go all the Way and Break the Sacrifice, then it would to whimp out and stop at this point. The Sacrifice would rather be Broke with a Whip like you are breaking a wild horse, than to stop whipping it and ruin all the excitement of the moment. For you to Stop now, would be like Riding a Roller Coaster Ride Getting to the point where you are just about ready to go over the hill and stop and tell everyone the ride is over. That's how the Sacrifice feels about it at this moment. So please Understand this, because understanding THIS PHASE, will mean LOVE to the Sacrifice.

PHASE 6- The Breaking Point. This is the point where the Sacrifice can't take any more pain and completely gives up and Starts to CRY. It is very hard to get the Sacrifice to this point, and if you Break the Sacrifice don't worry they will not be mad at you later when you unchain them. The Sacrifice actually DREAMS of being Broken, it is their most precious secret. They usually ask for it but rarely is a person strong enough to understand or Love them enough to actually take them to this Point. So most Sacrifices rarely ever get to this point and spend their whole Lifetime just DREAMING about it. If you actually BREAK a Sacrifice and you make them CRY. They will Love you more than you could ever Dream possible. Because you Passed the First TEST the Sacrifice was put here on Earth to Test you for.

The Second Test is to Kill the Sacrifice. But once you Break the Sacrifice, then the Sacrifice will finally Believe you really Love them. That is how a Sacrifice really feels. Once you Break the Sacrifice and they start to CRY, quickly unchain them, and Comfort them, sit them up, and Hold them in your Arms and Hug them and Rock them Gently until they feel ok again, BUT DO NOT SAY YOU'RE SORRY! Because this would show you are not sincere in your efforts. And if you are not sincere about what you are doing, then WHY DO IT? Then Lay them back down and Caress their Genitals and Make Love to Them for at least a couple Hours. After the first Orgasm, take your time rubbing their body down with Pain Cream and Oil to Help the Skin, maybe some Ice on the Body, wrap them in Silk, and Comfort them. But understand that a Sacrifice does not feel BAD about what you did to them, they feel GOOD, they might be hurting, but they feel GOOD inside, they feel LOVED and Satisfied. So DO NOT act like you did something wrong, do not feel Guilty about what you did, feel PROUD about it. Feel the same way you would feel if you gave them a very special Gift, and they gave YOU a very special gift, because THAT is exactly what happened.

So THAT is how you should act and feel towards each other. Things to say to the Sacrifice after you have broken it and made love to it would be "Thank You So Much for letting me Do this to you, I really enjoyed it, and I hope we can do it again soon." Or say " You were really great, I really appreciate all the suffering you offered to me, I really Love you for this" Or say "You were Awesome tonight, maybe next time I'll Kill you" Then Smile and Then Kiss the Sacrifice. DO NOT say "I'm Sorry" DO NOT FEEL SORRY! FEEL PROUD, GLAD, In Love.

The Final Ritual

Obviously the word FINAL means this is IT! So what we are talking about now is Actually KILLING the Sacrifice. This Section is very important to Memorize because you can only do it once, so you had better get it right the first time! The most important things you need to remember when you Kill a Sacrifice is #1 each Sacrifice has a Special Spot where they want to feel the Knife Stab into their Chest. It is important you KNOW where that spot is. So ASK the Sacrifice during every Practice Ritual, and during the Regular Ceremonies when you are Acting like you are going to Kill the Sacrifice with the Knife and Aiming to Stab the Sacrifice with the Knife, make sure you are memorizing the Exact Spot where the Sacrifice really wants to be Stabbed. #2 the second most important thing is that you make sure the Sacrifice Orgasms right before you Stab it. Let the Sacrifice FINISH its Orgasm before you Stab it with the Knife.

This is important because this is the Last and Final Act of the Sacrifice's Life, to embody the Spirit of Kali, Kali Lives in the Place of Sexual Desire, this is why the entire Ceremony is Focused on Keeping the Sacrifice horny, and to properly END the Ritual, you allow the Sacrifice the Most Sacred Final Act which would be to Orgasm. THEN you Kill it to Honor The Goddess Kali. To Kill the Sacrifice, Sit on top of the Sacrifice's Genitals, OR If the Sacrifice is Female and She requests to be Killed by a Male, then the Male may have Sexual Intercourse with the Female during the last Moment of her life, However it is more important that the Sacrifice Orgasm than it is the one who is Killing the Sacrifice. So let the Sacrifice Describe HOW they would like to be stimulated so they can Orgasm before they are Killed. A Heart beat Monitor can be wired to the Back of the Sacrifice then the Signal can be fed into an Amplifier or PA System, so you can Loudly Hear the Heart Beat of the Sacrifice and tell when it has Orgasmed and when it has Died. This may help to Excite any Witnesses or Followers as well.

To Kill the Sacrifice Sit on top of it and Lightly Rub over its Genitals lightly as you Move forward and backwards, Sit up Straight, with your Back Straight, Your Chest Pushed out, your Head held High, and your chin up, Look down at the Sacrifice without lowering your Chin or head to look at it. WATCH the Sacrifice, Tell it to Breath Deep, this will increase the Blood Flow and Circulation, and Make them more Horny faster, which will help them Orgasm quicker.

WATCH their Breathing usually during Orgasm you will feel the Abdominal Muscles and the Leg Muscles Tense up and the Breathing becomes Quick and Shallow, and sometimes during orgasm the Breathing completely STOPS for the length of the Orgasm, so WATCH for these things, and FEEL the Abdominal Muscles under you, WATCH the STOMACH, it tenses up during Orgasm, and you usually see a Natural Abdominal Thrust reaction in Males during Orgasm, where they automatically Tense up and Push and Hold their Abdomen in a tensed up Position. If you take one hand and touch the tip of your Fingers up under the Balls you will feel the Muscle under the Balls contract during an orgasm, and you will feel it relax when finished. Sometimes the Sacrifice will Moan to let you Know they are Orgasming. Once you See the Sacrifice Orgasm, WAIT! Wait until they Finish their Orgasm, you can Raise the Knife over your Head with Both Hands as you wait for them to Finish so you are ready, then as soon as they have Finished Pound the Knife down into the Exact Center of their Chest as Hard as You can, because you will have to Split through the Breast Bone. (You stab the Center of the Chest instead of in the Heart because this will make the Sacrifice Die Slower, drowning on it's own Blood. This will give you time to Kiss it until it dies, giving the Sacrifice the Sweetest kind of Goodbye you can.)Blood May Squirt Up All Over you, then it may not, it depends on what the Knife hits when you stab the Chest. If the Blood Does Squirt all over you Enjoy it, Rub it all around Your Chest, because if the Sacrifice sees you enjoying this, they will feel good in their Last Moments of Life. Then Lean down and Kiss the Sacrifice Long and Slow until you can hear the Heart Beat has Stopped, Or you can tell the Sacrifice is dead. The Sacrifice might be trying to cough, and might choke on their Blood, this is because the lungs are filling up with blood. So you might get a mouth full of Blood, try to just swallow it and maybe try breathing some air into their Lungs as kind of a Mouth to Mouth, as you kiss them, this might make it last a little longer so you can enjoy it more.

Then Slowly pull away and FEEL GOOD about what you have done, don't feel bad about it. This is something the Sacrifice WANTED very badly, this is a very Special Gift that you have given the Sacrifice, the Power to Determine HOW THEY WANTED TO DIE. YOU Gave them their most Precious Gift of their entire Life! You have nothing to Feel Bad about. What you did was one of the Greatest acts of Compassion and Love the World will ever know. You did it for LOVE, You did it Out of Compassion, you did it to Honor the Goddess Kali, and You did it for the Salvation of All the Beautiful Women in the World. As well as many other good reasons. So FEEL PROUD of what you did. Drink the Blood of the Sacrifice mixed with Alcohol, then Offer some to all the Followers who attended the Ritual, and Play Music, and Dance. Wipe the Blood off your Body or Paint something on your Body with the Blood of the Sacrifice to show your Love for it. Then Proudly wear it all during the Celebration part of the Ritual. You Did GOOD remember that.

All the Followers should Present the Goddess with Gifts for Sacrificing the Sacrifice after she has completed the Ritual and Killed the Sacrifice. And Each follower should tell the Goddess "Thank you" for she did it in part for Them, and Their Salvation, Their Hope, Their Faith, so for this the followers should show their appreciation to the Goddess.

The Celebration

During the Celebration part of the Ritual, the Followers will Dance around to Good Music, Drink Alcoholic Drinks Mixed with the Blood of the Sacrifice, and Eat the Barbecued Meat of the Sacrificed Seasoned just right with Barbecue Sauce and Special Seasonings and Spices. And Pizza made with the Meat of the Sacrifice on it as well. Sex will be completely Permitted, Girls may Dance Topless, or Naked if they Like on Special Tables which Surround the Area all around the Circle, There will be Beds all Around so people may Have Sex and Followers can Watch as a Form of Entertainment, there will be Bondage and Domination equipment so Followers may express themselves Sexually anyway they like, and the rest May Enjoy it as a Form of Entertainment. There will be Massage Girls waiting for those who came to the Party Single, and All Kinds of Escorts too. The Party will have many Disco Lights, and a Great Sound System, Dancers Performing to the Music in Sexy Black Latex Outfits, and Covered in Oil so their Skin Glistens in the Lights. Mild Drugs will be permitted as long as they are not Critically Harmful or Dangerous.

Processing the Body

After the Sacrifice has been Killed, Start a Large Fire in a Pit to Cremate any Remains you do not want to keep. Also get the Barbecue Grills going to cook the Meat of the Sacrifice as you cut it off the Bone. Cut any Hair, which you want to Save and Remove the Teeth if you wish to make Jewelry with the Teeth. If someone wishes to keep the Skull they may Process the Skull using Acid to dissolve the Tissue inside and around the Skull. Cover the Head with a Cloth Bag with drawstrings, Draw the Strings up tight around the Neck. Then Using a Saw, Saw off the Head. Once the Head is detached from the Body, you can either Put the Head in an Acid Bath to remove the Tissue from the Head to preserve the Skull, Or you can just throw the Skull Bag and all into the Fire to Cremate it into Ashes. Save the Hair for making Brushes, and Key Chains and Necklaces, Save the Bones for making Necklaces and Key Chains, and Jewelry.

Then Saw the Hands off the Arms where they are still Chained to the Table. Or Carefully Cut the Bones apart using a Boning Knife. The Bones of the hands make good necklaces, so save them. Then Saw the Arms into Sections and then Cut the Meat off the Bones. The Hair should have been shaved or removed before the Ceremony begun. Place the Meat directly onto the Barbecue Grill and Let the Cook take care of it right away so it can be Fresh when Served. Then Cut the Legs into Sections the Same way and Remove the Meat from the Legs and Butt.

Cut the Torso down the Middle and Remove the Guts from inside. Sort out anything you want to save and throw the rest into the fire to be cremated. Some organs maybe Donated to Local Hospitals. Place any Organs you wish to Donate into Zip Lock Bags and Place them on ICE. A Hospital Attendant might assist in gathering the Organs and Cornea, and other donatable parts. Then Cut the Chest Muscles Off the Torso, and Place them on the Grill, Saw the Ribs into Sections and Let them Soak in Barbecue Sauce for a While then Wrap them in Foil and Cook them on Low Heat for about Two Hours or More, then Remove the Foil and Coat with another Coating of Barbecue Sauce and Just Cook the Sauce on the Out side and Serve. The Ribs will be Tender and Juicy and fall apart, and Be Delicious. You can Also Bake them on a Broiling Rack on Low Heat at about 250 Degrees all night Long and get the same effect. It works better if you cover them to help Steam them at Low heat slowly. Save the Bones to Make Necklaces and Jewelry.

Cooking Tips

I already covered how to Do the Ribs, so I'll just give you some quick tips on Sauces and Spices. You can always look through any Cook Book and get a few more Ideas. When Cooking Human Meat you have to Consider the Flavor. Human Meat is said to Taste pretty close to Pork, so use the Same kinds of Seasonings you would for Pork. There are a Couple different ways to Barbecue the Meat. American Style Barbecue Sauce has a Heavy Tomato Base, usually some Honey, and Brown Sugar, I do not Recommend Garlic on Human Meat because it would Probably taste Funky. Garlic Tastes good with BEEF but I don't think it would taste good with Human Meat. Use Salt but not too much, Sugar actually tastes Better than salt on Meat. If you are using a Sweet Barbecue Sauce, then Salt really defeats the Purpose. If you try to mix the flavors of Salt and Sugar together it will taste a little Funky. So make up your Mind what kind of Flavor you want to Shoot for. Brown sugar tastes good, you can Steam some Meat in a Pot or Roast it like Machaca or Lechon. Soy Sauce tastes pretty good with meat. So does Lemon Pepper Sauce.

If you like it Spicy HOT, then Sweet would Probably accent the Hot Much Better than Salt. For Sweeter Meat Use Honey, Mixed with Tomato Sauce, Maybe some smoke Flavor, and if you can Squeeze Some Onion Juice into your Sauce, or put some onion Powder in it, it will taste better. For Island Style Barbecue Flavor use Soy Sauce with just a Little Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Salt and Pepper, and a Little red pepper spice. Seasoned Salt helps this mixture a little too but don't over do it on the Seasoned Salt, it will wind up tasting Funky. A little Liquid Smoke Flavor could help a little too. For a Little more Thai Style Flavor, you could add a Touch of Curry Powder, Coconut Milk, Onions, Sugar to the meat, and a few more Shakes of Hot Sauce. For Chinese Flavoring Just Add Some Sweet and Sour Sauce to the Meat, and a Little Ginger Spice.

REMEMBER EACH INDIVIDUAL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS! I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU BREAK ANY LAWS IN YOUR AREA, Instead it would be better to become Politically Active to try to Change the Laws to Provide you with the FREEDOMS you Desire.

This Book was written by Mark David Evans (SUA) it was first started in October of 1997 and it continues to be revised and perfected each year in order to bring its followers the best most up to date information we can get. This book is Free of charge to anyone who wants it, You may Copy or Reproduce any portion of this material, as much as you wish, the overall objective in writing and producing this book, is to help change the World for the better. So the more people who learn about these things, the better the world will be. I believe this book to be filled with Facts and Known Truths about Life, Love, and ways to pursue Happiness, and because these things ARE True, we cannot hold any Copy Rights or Patients on the Truth, we can only Copyright the Formats in which these Truths are presented, but you can not Copyright the Truth itself. So Please feel free to Copy and Distribute this Material any way you like.

If you have any questions or comments on the material presented here, may E-mail:

I also would like to recommend you check out the following books and audio programs. These books and programs contain important information, which helped me to attain the level of knowledge I used to write this book. There are many other books I used, but these Books and Audio Programs offer such drastic thinking from the normal methods, I believe they started my mind to expand to a point where I could understand things I never would have been able to, had I not went Through this material. Please check them out:

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by Dr. John Gray
Anthony Robbins Unlimited Power & Personal Power Cassette course
Neo-tech and Zon Discovery by Dr. Frank R. Wallace
Mega Memory by Kevin Trudeau
NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming by Connirae and Steve Andreas
The Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracy
The Dictionary of Buddhist Terms
The Major Writings of Nichiren Diashonin
Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland
Love Magic by Marina Medici
Sexual Astrology by Martine (Dell Publishing)
Sex Signs by Judith Bennett

I Dedicate this Book to all the Dominas of Past Present and Future, who have Answered our Greatest Prayers, Granted us our most precious Wishes, and Fulfilled our Deepest Desires, may they ALL be eternally blessed and protected.

I Dedicate this Book to all the Women who have Devoted their Lives to Fulfilling the Sexual Desires of others.

I Dedicate this Book to all the Women who have GIVEN themselves so unselfishly to others.

I Dedicate this Book to all the Actresses, Models, and Dancers, who entertain and excite us, Lead us, and give us hope for the future.

I would like to Thanks all the Girls on my Most Wanted List, because These are the Girls who inspired me to Write this Book.

I would like to Thank the Following Magazines, because these are magazines that printed Pictures that inspired me to Write this Book:
DDI Magazine -
Marquee Magazine
Playboy's book of Lingerie
Oriental Sunday
Swimwear Magazine
Yolk Magazine
LIPS- Thailand
IMAGE- Thailand
FORMEN - Thailand
FHM- Thailand
All the Japanese Picture Books and Magazines
Maxim Magazine
FHM Magazine
Stuff Magazine
Colin Kao's Island Classics Calendars- Hawaii
Girls of the Hawaiian Islands Calendars- Hawaii
Women of the Hawaiian Islands Calendars- Hawaii
Calendars from the Calendar Company in Hawaii
Girls of USC Calendars -California
W Magazine
Elle Magazine

Obviously if you have read all the way to this point, you must be half way intelligent, and halfway interested in what I'm saying. So now I will say that I am Looking for the Woman who will be willing to Sacrifice me. I have Searched for many many years in many different Countries looking on foot. Now I hope to use the Internet to help me organize my efforts to help me Locate My Dream Girl. She Must be Beautiful, age 17 to 36, Slim, have Long hair, at least to her Shoulders, I really don't like Women with Big Huge Breasts, I like Women with Breasts about the size of an Orange or Grapefruit cut in half. That is about Perfect for me. I like Women of all kinds, but I Especially find myself Excited about Girls from Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Burma, Laos, and Middle Eastern Girls like Yasmine Guhari. And US Girls who have understanding Hearts. I like Girls who are Brown, they Excite me, but I like Asian Girls who are White too. The Longer your hair is the Better. The most important thing is Your Passion to LOVE me and Sacrifice me in the name of LOVE, and be willing to bear my Child as proof of this Love. That's what is Important.

I am 5 foot 10 inches tall, a Women that height or a Little shorter would be nice. Below is a List of Girls who I would Willingly Die for, if your Name is on this List E-mail me, and we can work things out if you like. Using the List below you can get and idea of what kind of Girls are "My Type" if you know a Girl who might be willing to Sacrifice me, let me know or Let her read this then have her E-mail me. I am a Rational Person, not a Psycho. So there is no need to Fear me. I am probably one of the Nicest Guys you will ever meet. I am not Arrogant, I am peaceful, and am reasonably intelligent; I'm Clean, Organized, and Passionate. I'm not obsessive, possessive, and I'm not a Stalker. I have no interest in killing anyone else I am only interested in being Killed.

If you are Considering e-mailing me to discuss getting to know me, if you are interested in Sacrificing me, do not be afraid. We can approach this at your own pace, you can name the times and places if and when we plan to meet anywhere. I will promise to do everything I can to protect you, the last thing I want is to have you get in any trouble after it is all over.

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