Mally's Photoshoot!

These are some examples of my Past Work, in Photography, presently I am shifting my Focus in Photography to fully bias myself as a FETISH Photographer, and leave all other kinds of Photography as just kind of a Hobby. I don't have much Fetish stuff posted yet, because I am still working on getting Models who are willing to Pose for me. Presently I live in a Christian Republican Dominated area, and they like to throw Photographers in Jail and Oppress them anyway they can, because Christian Republicans think that Photographers are all doing something "Evil". Which is why EVERYONE needs to Vote Democrat or Liberal, to Preserve FREEDOM for everyone. So I can do MY thing, and You can do Yours. That is Freedom, anything else is considered OPPRESSION.

If there are any Models out there who would like to Pose for me, Please e-mail me at:

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