If you do not understand WHY you are here, then this illustrates your lack of Focus in thought, and you are just clicking through the web without any forethought or focus. Let me help a little.

If you are here, you should be here, because you want to KNOW ME. Or you want to learn About me, and have some kind of Sincere Interest in Who I am, and what I can do for you.

The fact that you Clicked on the Link that directed you to this Page, shows that your Mind is Negatively Biased OR you are unsure of what you are doing or where you are going in life. This is not necessary "Evil" it is just a problem you need to focus on correcting. Because if you continually allow yourself to Think Negatively about everything, your world is going to spiral down into a Hellish existence of suffering. I am here to help, but the first thing you need to do is you must want to change. You must want to think Positively, you should be able to respect me, and consider what I say seriously.

The more you can control your Thoughts and emotions to Focus your Thoughts, the more you can Focus on your Goals, and Ambitions in Life, the more you can literally Control your Life and the More you can Learn. So stop making excuses such as "I have ADD or ADHD" or some other excuse. There is an old saying that says LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP. So before you Click on a Link READ. Then Click. Don't just click on the first thing you see. That is not Focusing. The Reason why I say this, is many of the Links on this site are designed just to see how well you are Focusing, what you might be focusing ON, or if you are Lying or not. And if you are not Focused or if you are thinking Negative, you are not going to get very far. So it is important to maintain Focus, know why you are here and What you want.

It is very difficult to help someone who doesn't even know what they want out of Life. This is why it is important to Focus. Everything you do in Life affects the rest of your Life, even simple things, the more you awaken and realise this, the more you will begin to understand the importance of Positive thinking and Positive Focus.

Those people who like to Hate everyone they come in contact with, should not proceed into this site, because you would only be wasting your time here. This site does not Condone Hatred, and Contempt, does not Tolerate Hatred and Contempt, those who are prone to ridiculing others, insulting others, and disrespecting others as a form of fun, should not enter this Site until you have learned that the way you think is Wrong. Once you have changed the way you think, to one of Understanding and Compassion, you may enter my Temple. My Temple is a place of Respect. It is a place to Focus your Thoughts on the Future. It is a Place for Answers.

It is NOT a Place for Hatred and Contempt.

If you are the Type that believes that Hating someone or looking down on them because of their Age, Race, or Lack of Money, Type of Clothes, Type of shoes, Interests in Life, Social Status, or any other Profile of Acceptance, Color, Street, Side of Town, Country, or other Non-Violent Religious Belief, Different than your Own, If you Hate for any of these Reasons, I strongly suggest that you re-evaluate your Belief System before entering this Site.

You must Renounce any and ALL Objectionable Beliefs upon entering this Site. And Accept a Mentality of Love, Compassion and Understanding. Hatred is Negative Mentality that is Designed to Destroy. Respect leads to Love, Disrespect leads to Hate. Those who Believe in using Hatred as something that is acceptable, Create Chaos and Disorder in their lives and in all the Lives around them. This is NOT acceptable in MY WORLD.

So the first thing you should do is Focus and Clear your Mind on what it is you want. If you want ME, then please Proceed, if you do not want ME, or anything I can do for you. Then why would you waste your time here?