Who am I ?

My Name is Mark, or SUA (Tiger)

My Internet Handle is "the_webninja"

I am a GOOD Guy, not a Bad Guy.

Who I am depends on what you use to try to define me.
I am a White Male (Half German/Half English)
I was born in Dearborn Michigan USA April 16th 1962.
I am Single, Not Married, at this time.
I have no Children that I know of.
I have no Communicable Diseases, and I consider myself Mentally Stable.
I have never been Arrested or Charged with any Crimes.
I don't do drugs, I don't smoke, and I prefer to be around people who don't smoke.

I only drink once in a while, actually I find myself drinking less and less each year.

I am 5 feet 9 inches tall so I am probably just right for you. :)

I lived most of my Teenage years in Michigan, then I moved to Florida when I was 19 for a little while then I moved back to Michigan and joined the US Air Force.

Served 7 1/2 years in the US Air Force then I got out Honorably.

In the US Air Force I worked as first a Cook, then a Diet Tech, Store Room Clerk, then Dinning hall Supervisor, then a Flight Kitchen Supervisor, then in the Philippines I worked as a Front Desk Supervisor for a Hotel.

In the Air Force I spent time in Alabama, Guam, Philippines, Korea, Japan, and I traveled to almost all the little islands in the Pacific.

While Stationed in the Philippines, I was working in the Hotel when I spoke to the Commanding Officers in Charge of the 1st Gulf War as they stayed in My Hotel on their way to Iraq. During this time I gave them the ideas to drop notes to the Iraqi Soldiers before Bombing them, they used this idea, and I was indirectly responsible for saving Thousands of Lives on both sides with this one idea.

Then I lived 10 years in Hawaii.

While working at Sizzler's Restaurant in Hawaii, I did a little Stand up Comedy, and attracted the attention of many Writers and Directors and people in the Film industry in the US, during this time I gave away hundreds of ideas to them for them to use in Screen Plays and Movies. The results were many block buster movies. I never received a penny from any of it, but I did go to see all the Movies. :)

While in Hawaii in 1998 I wrote The New Religion of Kali, and Published it free for everyone on the Web. This also inspired Writers of many many movies.

While in Hawaii I designed one of the First Asian Model Websites featuring all the Asian Models from all over the World. It was called "Marks Cybercrib"

Then later I changed the name to "Asian Obsessions". During this time magazine people and Photographers in Thailand called me up and discussed with me who I thought was the Hottest Models in Thailand. This made me partially responsible for many of the Models becoming Famous in Thailand, because every one of the Girls I picked were used in the next months issue of the Magazine. Which lead to Movie Careers for many of the Girls.

In 2001 I moved to Florida and lived another year.

While in Florida the Christian Republicans harassed me and threatened me almost daily until I closed down my Website, which was the Catalyst for me becoming Politically Active.

I used to be a Democrat for 30 years, but I changed my point of View, after realizing that Democrats have no clue how to run a Country. Most Democrats do not LIVE in accordance with what they believe. They Preach one thing then DO something completely different.

Then I moved back to Michigan.

I started working running my Mom's Business which was selling Incense and Burning Oils, and Oil Burners and accessories.

In Michigan I recorded my First CD, and made my First Documentary Movie.

Then I moved to San Diego California where I am Currently a Front Desk Clerk for the Night Shift at a Hotel until I wait for something else to happen in my life. :)

I am currently working on a 400 page Book, and I need to do some Pics for the Book and I will be ready to Publish it. This one I am planning to make some money with. :)

I am also working on Recording my next CD which is probably going to be a lot different than my last CD. But a lot better I think. It will have a Variation of Dance and Keyboard music, as well as maybe one or two Heavy Metal style Rap Songs. :) Something I am experimenting with. :)

At My Core I am;
a Musician of Dance Music.

I Play Keyboards, Guitar, and I Sing, and I do all my own Digital Mixing and editing.

A Photographer of Women

A Writer, of Books, Screen Plays, and I am an Internet Journalist.

I started using a Computer back in 1989 with the US Air force. In 1991 I started Buying Old Computers and trying to fix them. In 1996 I Graduated a Technical Course in Computer Repair, in 1996 my Internet Handle was "freejack" (After the Movie Freejack) then later "freejack_3" Then later "wirehead" (A nickname for someone who likes Electronics) then "wirehead_3"

When I was in the Air force because I was Practicing Martial Arts and Buddhism of the Lotus Sutra, some of my Co-workers gave me a nickname "the Ninja" which after I learned HTML4 and Web Design evolved into "The Webninja". The meaning of this Handle also evolved as I changed my Focus from Designing Websites to Internet Journalism, where I did a little more than Blogged. I literally helped Change the World by some of the things I wrote.

Many criticized my improper use of Capital letters, but in most of my On-line Blogging and writing, I have grown accustomed to using Caps as a way of Expressing Emotion, rather than follow proper English Grammar. Considering that many other Languages don’t even use Capital Letters, I saw English Capitalization as an irrelevant practice, and I found it more meaningful to use them to express emotion rather than the seemingly useless manner which is outlined in Proper English Grammar, and Rules of Capitalization. In this way I may be contributing to actually CHANGING the way people use English. Which I think is a good point. If a Rule doesn’t make any sense, then Why follow the Rule? If it makes more sense to use Capitals to express Emotion, then I believe that my Method of Writing is more relevant than what is taught in the English text books.

And THIS is another Definition of my handle “the_webninja” doing things that Change the World like a Ninja per se.

I am also called a “Ninja” or “the_webninja” because culturally I am Asian. I Eat Asian Foods, I Cook Asian Foods, I prefer Chopsticks over a fork, And most Thai Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant, and Chinese Restaurant Workers in almost every City I have lived in will recognize my face.

Most of my Closest Friends and Lovers throughout my entire life have been Asian, I have Practiced Asian Religions, and gone to Asian Temples, and Prayed and was Blessed by Asian Monks right along side of my Asian Friends and Lovers. I Practice Martial Arts, and study and appreciate other forms of Asian Martial Arts. I Watch and Buy Asian Movies, I buy and listen to Asian Music, I Study and Speak Thai, Tagalog, Japanese, and pretty soon I will study Mandarin, and Korean, and I know who all the Top Asian Models and Actors and Actresses are. And a few of them even know ME as well. And I have been Married to THREE Asian Women in my life so far. And usually when I am dreaming about Women most often it is of an Asian Woman.

Therefore I am not trying to be something I am not, I am more True to myself than most people in this world, and I am happy with who I am.

I do not Kill people, nor have I ever Killed anyone, that I can remember.

I do not Glamorize Violence, I practice Non-Violence as taught me by my Japanese Teachers.

I like to play with Computers a little.

Because of that, I Fix and Build my Own Computers, I had a Computer Business HOT ROD PCs, but I closed the Business down already. I also can do DJ, with the Computer, I Do my own Digital Music Recording and Editing, and Video Recording and Editing. (Oh Yeah, did I forget to mention that I designed THIS Website?) So I know my way around a Computer Pretty well.

I Practice Martial Arts of Arnis/Kali.

This is a continuous Practice for me, both for exercise and to keep my mind and body in harmony. I like it.

I LOVE Movies. I have helped many Writers of Movie Scripts come up with Ideas. I have inspired Ideas for so many movies I can't even Mention them all. So I am not even going to try. :)

You can read many of my Reviews on Netflix and Blockbuster, and on my Movie Reviews page.

I made one Documentary type Movie called The Frozen Zone, but if you want to see it you will have to wait until I can find a Host site for it. Google is removing all of it's Videos and YouTube will not Host Full length Movies. And My Movie is an hour Long.

I Did everything on that Movie, I did all the Camera Work, the Editing, the Planning, The Narration, the Music I played using my Yamaha Keyboards, My Guitars and I recorded it all on My Computer, and edited all the Sound Tracks as well.

I can Cook pretty Good being that I cooked Professionally in the US Air force for a while.

Now, I usually Cook Thai, Filipino, and Japanese Foods, and occasionally Mexican, and Italian Foods.

I Can fix things around the house for you, I can attend to your needs more than most men might be able to. I can come up with some great ideas to help your Life and make you Laugh.

I am looking for a Woman who can accept me as I am. We always see it in the Movies the guy has nothing and some where along the way the Girl Falls in love with him and they ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. I hold Hope that this is possible for a Woman to accept me as I am, without judging me based on Material Values.

Religiously I am Basically Buddhist, I believe in Basic Buddhist Concepts, and I have studied many different forms of Buddhism, and I have a High regard for people who Practice Buddhism.

I was Born on April 16th,

Also the same Day as Shu Qi, the famous Chinese Actress and Model.
(Who I really Love and admire.)

Shakyamuni Buddha was also An ARIES.

AND LADY GAGA-Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986- ARIES)(Who I also really Love and admire.)
(I wanna be Lady Gaga's Dog) :)

So I have a High Regard for anyone who is an Aries, because I know how an Aries Thinks and Feels. If an Aries decides to, they CAN understand ME, and I can Understand them. Which is the greatest Key to forming a healthy Relationship with someone. By Understanding Them.

I studied Astrology for a while, and I was able to verify it as a FACT in Certain areas. Such as Personality Profiling. I conducted many many experiments in Sociology, keeping notes and records of so many behavioral characteristics, until I was actually able to PROVE that Patterns in Astrological Behavior are REAL and Verifiable. This lead me to adopt Astrology as part of my Beliefs.

I Created my Own Religion.(The New Religion of Kali) Think about how strong of a mind I would have to have in order to do that. I studied ALL the Religions of the World not just one. My Parents didn't FORCE me to be Christian, and after Studying Christianity I realized it is a Religion based on Hatred and Contempt of all others. Christians KILL in Holy Wars, they base their religion on a Book of Lies, that Degrades Women, Gays, Lesbians, Blacks, and everyone else who is not Christian. Christians think of Sex as some kind of Evil, and there is so much Hatred and Negativity in the Bible, that I have learned it is one of the Most Dangerous Religions ever to be practiced on the Face of this Earth. If you don't understand why, then you have not opened your mind up to LEARN the TRUTH. Because the Truth is not a Fairy Tale that tries to make you Delusional, Hating everyone around you, like Christianity does.

There IS a Difference between what is RIGHT and What is Wrong, and Christianity is NOT RIGHTEOUS in ANY way.

Yeah, I can get worked up about Religion and Philosophy, and Politics, but usually I don't talk about that stuff much, I prefer to write about it, more than talk about it. At this point I am feeling like I get SO worked up about it that it is becoming a Distraction to my Creativity. So I am trying to not think about that stuff so much anymore. I need to focus more on Producing Positive things for this world, than complaining about the Negative things.

I feel most Loved by ARIES and Sagittarius Girls, being in Love with a ARIES Girl is Like MAGIC! And Sagittarius Girls, I really hope that some day I will meet a Sagittarius or Aries Girl who can accept me for Who I am, and do the things she needs to do to make me Happy, and I will do what I can for her. But I have had really good Relationships with Sagittarius (Married a Sag once) and Libra (Married a Libra Once) as well. I also have a real affection for Aquarius Girls, (was Engaged to an Aquarius once) and if you are a Super model such as Fernanda Tavares I would go for a Virgo Girl also, but you gotta be a Super Model or Movie Star or Music Artist if you are a Virgo. (Married a Virgo once, she destroyed my life. :)
I am slightly compatible with Capricorn Girls, but Capricorns have some real negative sides to them sometimes, so I would have to get to know you first before I go for the Capricorn girls. But I do know a few Models I could Consider who are Capricorn, Carolyna Adorhain, Coco Lee, Natalise, Symation, and a few others. I have also been in Relationships with Gemini, and Libra, and Leo girls. So either one of those signs would work as well.

My Greatest Desire is for True Love.

For me that means the Girl would have to Believe in The Goddess Kali, and Love me for who I am. I have Married Women who believed differently before, but it makes me feel like they think I am crazy for believing in Kali. So how can you say it is Love if in the back of your mind you are thinking I am Crazy for what I believe? To TRULY Love me, you would Love the Way I Believe, you would Love the way I think, and accept me for it. THAT would be Love.

I used to think I could get with a Woman and we could just respect each other's right to believe in whatever each of us wanted to believe, but then again, what happened was we eventually reached a point where in the back of her mind she was thinking I was crazy for believing "God" is a Woman, and everything else I outlined in My Book "The New Religion of Kali". So while I DO respect the rights of everyone else to believe in whatever they wish to believe in, when we are talking about True Love, or two people joining together as ONE, then I think it is important that they are on the same page Spiritually or believe in the same things. Otherwise it is as if you are just Pretending to Love me for some other Motive other than Love. Be it Security or whatever, it is not True Love if you do not share the same fundamental beliefs I think.

I don't party too much or hang out at the Bars

I LOVE to go to the Movies, and I will drive out of the way to go to the Nicest Movie Theater such as the VIP Theater in Bangkok.

I Love High Energy Dance Music, some of my Favorites are the Benassi Brothers, Katreeya English, Tata Young, I like to go to the Dance Clubs, Xzyte in Pattaya is one of my Favorites, The Club Manager for the Glow Club in Bkk, is one of my On-line Friends, but I don't go to those places every night.

My Favorite Thai Foods are Pad Thai, Geng Massaman, and Rice Cakes, or Luk Chub.

My Favorite American Food is Pizza and Fried Clams, but now a days it is very hard to even FIND a Restaurant that knows how to COOK Fried Clams, and I can't eat Pizza anymore because it makes me Fat. I usually cook a lot of Veggie Food at home now, Occasionally I will go out for Shrimp Tacos or Lobster and I like Raw Oysters if they are really Fresh, (with XX Amber Beer :)

My Favorite Drinks are Coffee, I don't drink sweet drinks like soda any more because it makes me Fat too much. I Drink Natural Mexican Spring Water or Soda Water Mineral Water. I drink so much coffee when I am in Thailand a couple of the Girls called me "Coffee Man" :)

I take Vitamins and I drink Protein Shakes with Amino Acids in them. (But I do it because I have to, not because I like them. ) :)

I work out about 3 to 5 times a week but it is not really something I enjoy doing, I just do it, it has become part of life already, I try not to think about it too much, I just do it.

I truly feel like My Home is in Thailand, and I am just waiting to try to get there everyday I am in the US. I am just waiting to go home to Thailand. That's how I feel. As soon as I step foot out of the Airport in Thailand I feel that Refreshing Warm air hit me and I am like "Ahhh Yes, I am home!"

My Heart is Truly in Thailand. I have Traveled the world in the US Military, and I never felt more at home anywhere in the world as I do when I am in Thailand. It feels like something deep in my soul is satisfied when I am in Thailand. I feel like it is where I am suppose to be, I am not sure why, but I have felt this way ever since I first set foot in Thailand. And it is an experience I could never ignore or forget for the rest of my Life.

While in Thailand I asked a Thai Girl to name me a Thai name, because I wanted a Thai name. She named me SUA (Tiger) because my Chinese Astrological Sign is Tiger, and she said "You look like a SUA" :) So I became "SUA" and that is what I started to use as my Stage name in Music after that.

(It's kinda hard trying to teach the Americans how to say it though, they usually wind up calling me Floor Mat :)

I am about LOVE, not Money. I could be just as happy with a Sailboat and sailing to a Deserted Tropical Island and living the rest of our Life making a Little Farm.

That's the Real ME. Just so you know. I'm Island Stylin ya know?:)

If you can't relate to that, then you might want to think twice. Cause my dream is petting baby Tigers watchin the Sun Set on an Island beach in Thailand. That's what I'm thinkin about. What are YOU thinkin about?

If you wanna get a piece of this Dream E-mail me now!

Or Call me Now! Take some ACTION with me now!

Let's make some Dreams come true and end the loneliness.

Well I hope I have said enough here to inspire you to want to get to know me a little better. If so;

You can e-mail me at:the_webninja@yahoo.com

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