YES really Turns me on! The Power of YES is Amazing, it means Acceptance, Understanding, and Willingness. YES is a very cool word, and attitude.

I like a Woman who is not only willing, but I like it when she can get into the same stuff I am into with enthusiasm and excitement. THAT is Cool!

I get into the VISUAL Effects quite a bit. I like Expensive Shinny Latex outfits on my Girls, and I like DEEP V Cut Outfits that show the Cleavage really nice. That Turns me on. I like Girls who can Model their Posture to Look Proud and Confident during a Ritual. I like a Woman to show me Compassion and Understanding as she Tortures me, that turns me on. Where she would Whip me like she Hates me but then Kiss my face and pet my head Softly. That is Cool.

Things that turn me on the most, is when a Woman is really GOOD at Psychology, when she knows I am a Masochist, she will pull my fantasies out of me, and make me tell her everything as she teases me, and she doesn't say a word because she knows that a Masochist likes to believe that the Domina really doesn't want to Torture him, so she will act kind of Shy Mild and maybe even a little meek, so he will feel like he has to almost Coach her to do what he wants. I like a Woman who will act like she is playing along letting me tell her exactly what I want as she teases me, but in the back of her mind she is Thinking about how much I am not going to like it when she is gonna be whipping me. She remains silent as she teases me, except for saying "Oh Yeah?" a few times acting like she is interested, but in the back of her mind she is feeling excited thinking about how much she is going to make me Scream. In this way she allows ME to get Horny by using Psychology to let me almost teach her how to Torture me, and at th e same time she exercises HER Thoughts to make HER feel more Sadistic, so when she actually does Whip me, then HER fun begins, and she can really feel Excited about the Ritual. THIS is what Turns me on!

Because then when the Ritual actually does begin, our Passions blend together almost like Music, and our Souls begin to Harmonize into a Trance that lasts all night long. THAT'S the way I like it.

I LOVE PASSION, That really Turns me on, the more Passionate you are about Torturing me, the more you are really getting into the Ritual itself, the more I will feel turned on about YOU.

I like Sincerity, I can sense it automatically, and I can measure it, I can feel it, and if you are faking it, I can tell. But if you are NOT Faking it, and you are REALLY into it, then it will really Turn me on!

The more I can see you are giving your ALL, putting everything you can into the Ritual, the more it will turn me on.

I like a Woman who has a mind that is Wild and Free, and is not jealous or afraid of anything. THAT Turns me on. For example a Woman who would surprise me with a Room full of Beautiful Sexy Girls to watch her Whip me, that would turn me on.

Or I like a Woman who would act like she is conducting a Ritual of Human Sacrifice like it is something very Spiritually Evil like some kind of Voo Doo Ritual, or Witchcraft Ceremony to honor the Evil Spirits of the Dead or something like that, or Devil Worship, like it is something so out of Control and wild it feels scary. THAT would turn me on. But you would have to be Serious about it. Not acting or Role Playing, you would have to really be INTO IT with all your heart and soul!

I like the feeling after I am Chained up, that things are out of control, as if you are insane, or doing something that will make me feel like I am in Trouble and I will feel afraid. The Fear translates into excitement for me. But then I like you to carefully use the Fear, and Excite me and make me Horny in almost a Perfect Balance that goes back and forth up and down like a Roller Coaster, moving from making me really Horny, to making me really afraid, then really passionately in love with you, playing with my Mind, body, and emotions, like you are an Artist, painting a Picture to entertain all who witnesses the event. That's what I like.

Understanding and Acceptance turns me on. I have been rejected and misunderstood by so many women in my life, that when someone finally Understands and Accepts me for who I really am, THAT Turns me on!

When I hear a Woman TELL me "Take off your Clothes!" in a Commanding Voice, it is like a Hypnotic Trigger word that immediately makes my Balls Tingle and My Dick gets hard in SECONDS!

I Like it when a Woman sees me getting horny for her, and she like TURNS ON THE CONFIDENCE, and Acts all Proud about turning me on, and when I can Look at her, and SEE that she is Enjoying USING her power of Seduction on me, THAT TURNS ME ON! For example when a Woman adjusts how she is Sitting to turn so her Chest is facing me more, and she Sits up straight and Pushes her Chest out and keeps her back straight, and Throws her hair back and Holds her head up high and Proud then moves it slowly around to Tilt her head to one side like she is half Modeling for me, and half Looking at me like I am her favorite Puppy dog. THAT TURNS ME ON!

Sexually, I usually like being Chained down like an X naked on a Table or Horizontal X and I like be Tortured and whipped in a Slow Ritual fashion usually lasting from 3 to 5 hours or more if you are interested. That's my thing, with Sex. I rarely ever fantasize about making Love, I usually only Fantasize about being Chained down and Whipped, or sometimes if I am really horny I will fantasize about being killed by a Women while I am Chained down after she whips me and tortures me for a few hours first. I enjoy Sexual intercourse, but I usually don't fantasize about Sexual intercourse hardly ever at all. As soon as I get horny my mind is picturing images of Women in Latex outfits holding Whips. Not getting in to bed to make love. I Don't watch Porn Movies ever, well, occasionally when they are on HBO if I am flipping through the Channels and I see one on I like, I might watch for a Minute or two. But I never get all excited and Masturbate to Porn movies like some other guys do. I watch porn movies mostly out o f Curiosity to try to understand what it is that other people think is Erotic. That would be why I would watch a Porn movie. But I DO get turned on my Japanese Porn movies, and I don't mean American made movies with Asians in them. I made TRUE Land of the Rising Sun Japanese Made Porn Movies. THOSE I like. Because I have to tell you folks, in the world of Porn the US Sucks! The US doesn't even come CLOSE to the amount of Passion and Planning that the Japanese put into their Movies. I can actually watch a Japanese Porn Movie and feel just as entertained as I do when I watch an American Action Movie. Japanese make REALLY GOOD Porn movies. But I think it has a lot to do with the way the Japanese look at Porn compared to the way the Americans look at Porn. Japanese are not as Disrespectful to their Porn Stars and Producers. Sex is not something Evil in Japan, it is something Beautiful. So when they went to start making Porn Movies, they use Great Talented Performers, who can Act, and they have a meaningful Plot i n each movie. So Japanese Porn is like watching an American Action Movie with a Really Powerful Love Scene. That's what Japanese Porn is like. American Porn, two people walk into a room say some cheesy lines and start humping. It's not like that in Japanese Porn. Japanese Porn is much Nicer, Much More Planned, and Better Scripted, Better Actors and Actresses, and they take a lot more pride in their Product in Japan than American Porn Producers do. So I look at American porn industry as a bunch of amateurs. One of the only Porn Movies I actually BOUGHT was Blood and Ecstasy. A Japanese Porn Movie that is similar to my greatest Fantasy. So that right there will give you a better idea of what I am talking about. I also remember I really liked the movie Zero Woman. That movie really rocked!

Actually I don't normally watch Movies to get horny, but I have enjoyed watching really Sexy Horror Movies just before conducting a Ritual. This seems to Relax me and put me in the Mood. If a Woman is Teasing me and we are Kissing and Hugging while Watching a really Sexy Horror Movie, it does seem to set the Mood a little. I can get Really Excited when I am doing a Fetish Photo Shoot of a Woman Dressed up like a Domina, sometimes I get the Shakes so much I have to use a Cable to Trigger the Shutter on the camera cause I am shaking so much with Excitement. Everyone gets turned on by something different. This is just what gets me.

Sometimes really Young Girls about 16 to 20 can really Turn me on, if they act like they know what to do. I don't like Girls that act all Innocent and Shy, I like Really Young Girls who act like Raving Cigarette Smoking Experienced Prostitutes! For example if I am in a Relationship with a Woman, and she wants to give me a Really GREAT Birthday present, she could act like she is Going to do a Ritual with me Chain me down, and after she chains me down, she would open the door and in would walk a really Young Sexy Girl all Dressed up in a Sexy Latex Deep V outfit, ready to Whip the Shit out of me! And just as the Girl walks in the Room my Girlfriend might say "Happy Birthday Babe". THAT would Turn me on!

One of the Horniest Moments of my entire life was when a Girl I had just met, sat me down at a Table of all Girls, they started playing Cards and she unzipped my Pants and started Rubbing me in front of her Girlfriends and Showing me off to them like I was her New Car, and they didn't act all weird about it, they acted like it was cool, and they just kept playing cards and looking over at me every once in a while. Then as I sat across the table from the other girls they un buttoned their shirts all the way down to show they didn't have any bra on, and then they asked me "Do you like that better?" what was I going to say NO? Of course I liked it! I was surrounded by a Table full of Girls all trying as hard as they could to tease the hell out of me. Again that time I was shaking almost continuously. As she was whispering in my ear "Don't cum okay" Then after about 4 hours of continuous masturbation from her, she took be into her Bedroom and Made love to me for Two hours straight! Yes that was a Good night!

I Like more than one Woman in Sexual Experiences, even if at the end I am only making love with One of them, I feel better having more than one Woman participating in the Rituals even if the other woman is just watching. And the more Woman are watching me the more Horny I get from it. I absolutely LOVE IT!

One of my fantasies is to Perform a Ritual where I am Chained down and Whipped on Stage at a Night Club on Ladies night in front of a Crowd of Women. I guess I could have been a Male Stripper because of this, but I really don't feel horny about the idea of Dancing in front of a bunch of Women, I like the idea of Experiencing something very intimate with them. As if they are PART of the experience, not separate from it. When I am suffering more pain than I can Handle and I am breaking down emotionally, the experience becomes something very intimate, it feels as if when the Women witness something like this, they actually share a piece of me, that is special, and in a way that Bonds my soul with theirs on some level. As if they were ever to see me again after that, they would not feel like they were a Stranger to me, they would feel like they know me on some level intimately. And THAT'S what I want. I want to Give that part of me to as many Women as I can. That's how I feel. So I guess in some ways in this resp ect I am more like how a Porn star feels. Even though I really don't watch Porn Movies, I have things inside me, that could make me enjoy Performing as a Porn Star. But I look to Women as my Audience, not Men. I want Women to Witness my Sacrifice, not men.

Sometimes I fantasize that I would meet a Domina who would open a Training School for Young Teenage Girls and she would hold Classes on how to Whip and Torture a Man, and use me as her Sacrifice to help teach these young Teenage Girls how to Whip a man. In this way my desires to have many young beautiful women witness my suffering, AND my fetish for Young Teenage Girls is combined and fulfilled at the same time.

That would be My idea of Heaven. If there would ever be a Heaven for me, that would be it! That pretty much Pin Points the Core of what makes me Horny right there.

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