My Top 100 List

I made this list because I wanted to highlight the Girls who really are Giving me Hope on a nightly basis. I wanted to make a List to give these Girls Special recognition.

This list specifically identifies the Girls who are really putting out as Models. What I mean is, if you are not on this list, it doesn't mean that you are not pretty, it means you are not Modelling Sexy enough to Produce the Juice. These Girls below are the TOP PERFORMERS in the Modelling World in My Opinion. So here I recognise them for what they have done to Turn me on.

This is my way of saying THANK YOU! for everything you have done.

(Listed in direct order of who has produced the most Juice in my Heart, I didn't put anyone on this list that I would not want to marry or develop a serious long-term relationship with. So if you are on this list at all, you should consider this a Major Compliment! )

Because of this I try to exclude Models who I know are Married, if you are Married it's Game Over. Many of these girls might BE Married and I just don't know it. This list will be updated almost Daily to keep the Models informed of Who is Top Babe of the World from day to day.(In my Humble Opinion)

I Rate these Models below based on how they make me FEEL when I look at their Pics. These Feelings can change from day to day, based on many things, if a Model ignores me, I might not feel as strongly about her when I see her Pics. But for example if a Model learns what turns me on, then in her next Photo shoot she is doing something which SHOWS me, she cares about how I feel (for example the way Mai Goto did) then I am more likely to get turned on, on a regular basis by those Pics, because the Model is really getting inside my head and playing with my Heart. Those Models will turn me on much more than a Model who did one really good pic, then doesn't do anything else.

I am in this world, the more a Model acts nice to me, e-mails me or says "Hi" to me, the more I feel passionate about her. This can affect their ratings on my List. So you see, it is not really about who is the "BEST" model, or who is making more Money or more Movies than the other girls, this list is about who is Turning ME on the most. And when I look at your Pics, in my Mind you are my Girl, in that moment, in my mind I experience a kind of Oneness with you. No matter where you are in the World at that Moment, in my mind you are with ME. Many Girls I have talked to, always tell me "It's just a Picture" but I think that is the biggest misconception.

For some guys, (such as myself) it's NOT just a Picture. It is a kind of Spiritual Connection with YOU the Model or Actress. It's like calling a Buddha Statue "just a Cement Sculpture".

So for ME your picture is a little more than just a Picture, it makes me feel like in a way I have shared something with you. You looked into the Camera and communicated a certain amount of Passion. I Look at your Picture and communicate My Passion for you. So in a way there IS a kind of Indirect Communication going on here. Maybe you didn't intend it, maybe you did. But the fact is, is that it means something, not only to ME, but to many people in the world. So by making this List it is in a way MY Effort to let all the Models I care about, KNOW that I care about them.

This is how I rate this List, by the number of times I experience this with these Girls, and they give me Hope to carry on another Day. In my Mind these Girls are my Goddesses, and I worship them. So this is how I rate each Girl, and this is WHY I rate each Girl to let them know, out of all the Girls in the World, these Girls below are My Top 100 Favorites, the one's who are inspiring the most Passion in my heart this Week. I guess you could say I Love them. That's why I do this. Because they are more special, than any other Girls in the World to me. This is why I do this.

This also helps me, learn a little more about myself, because when I keep Track of what kind of Girls are turning me on, on a daily basis, it can make me understand what qualities I seek in a Woman that will sincerely make me happy. For example by constantly updating this list I realised that I really like "Golden Girls", Girls who dye their hair blonde and get a nice tan or are Naturally golden brown.

Those Women who are in the Top 100 List are Women I feel I could marry and live Happily ever after with. Or Women I would Gladly die for. What ever you want.

I guess that is another way that I think about this list. If I was actually going to be Ritually Sacrificed, the Girls below are the ones I would want to attend the Ritual, the ones I would want to eat my Meat in celebration, and the ones I would want to have a Piece of Jewelry carved from my bones afterwards. These girls are special to me. So you can better understand just what this list means to me. This is like the VIP invitation list :)

I Hope that if any of these Girls below see their names on this List they might decide to contact me. Time is running out. The Rich may soon see Money means nothing anymore. Then what will you have left? What will Stardom be without your Riches?

If the World evolves into Chaos you might find it more reasonable to accept ME a Solider, Warrior, Survivor, instead of the Candy Ass Hoytie Toytie, brand name assholes you been hangin with up until now. Cause they aren't gonna have a clue what to do when the shit comes down. With ME, you will be Safe, you will survive.

Would you consider a man like me when the World evolves into a Place where LOVE becomes more important than Money? I hope you would.

(I'm currently in San Diego CA.)

I would also like to mention that I am presently Single and Available, I have no one in my life right now. These Girls Below give me HOPE to carry on through another day. For that reason I consider these Girls Below the most Important people in the Whole World to me. That means something I think. That's why I made this page. I Look at Pictures of these girls almost every night. That makes these Women below more special to me, and anyone else in the world. I really just wanted them to know I am thinking about them, so if they are Lonely and need someone, Come and get me ladies, would be happy with ANY of these Girls. And the First one who Accepts me and gets together with me, I will shut down my Website. How's THAT for a Deal huh?

UPDATED AS OF 03-19-2014



(Or More Imporantly WHO I would want to Spend the Last days of my Life with.)


1. Napakprapha Narkprasitte

2. Noriko Hamada

3. Cherry Chen

4. AJ Sachi (Pilipina Model)

5. Mihoko Sunouchi

6. Saori Ono
7. Mika Motosugi
8. Jun Kusanagi
9. Chi at Rue 99
10. Alley Bagget
11. Aika Miura
12. Jessica Fang
13. Sora Aoi
14. Tantika
15. Fang Wanwalee (Thai Model)
16. Fumika Suzuki
17. Xtrip nantrip
18. Mai Goto
19. Ami Mizutani
20. Mistress Angelina (Philippines)
21. Sana Yoshizaki
22. May Pantila
23. Pornapa Farungruang
24. Ziyi Zhang
25. Sana Yoshizaki
26. Ami Ayukawa
27. Kimberly Kato
28. Lalita Ruttakon
29. Jessica Alba
30. Christiana Celeste
31. Sinjai Plengpanich
32. Aui Baasar
33. Keahe (Hawaiian Model)
34. Madoko Kanazawa
35. Kim Loan
36. China Chow
37. Claudia Coco
38. Sirine Takama
39. Kiko Wu
40. Sai Tai Tiger
41. Hiromi Nagasaku
42. Bongkot Kongmali
43. Christy Chung
44. Christin Inoue
45. Pookie Rujasara
46. Mistress Kyoko
47. Anna Song
48. Mistress Sayako
49. Mistress Runa
50. Suwanjanee Chaimusik
51. Wan Chaluk
52. Weawta Nimrieng
53. Tomomikuri Bayashi
54. Pum Dollaros Dechapratumwon
55. Pangphet (Thai Model)
56. Cj Gibson
57. Kaori Ohara
58. Hiroko Satoh
59. Sirine Takama
60. Julia Malova
61. Lee Soo Chong
62. Lisa Wan
63. Ai Kawasaki
64. Yumi Kurusu
65. Shiyuko Iwasaki
66. Sayaka Hijiri
67. Mako Kinoshita
68. Fuern Farida (Thai Model)
69. Gamalaa Gamonwat
70. Kim Smith
71. Francine Dee
72. Adriana Lima
73. Nanami Yusa
74. Teri Hatcher
75. Tara (From
76. Kay Silvilay
77. Aurelie Claudel
78. Sherry Ann Williams
79. Daniela Crudu
80. Erika Christensen
81. Saira Mohan
82. Keahe Lindsay
83. Alessandra Ambrosio
84. Fernanda Tavares
85. Melanie Sykes
86. Keeley Hazell
87. Rachel Reynolds
88. Natcha Mala
89. Elize (US Music Artist)
90. Merina Vo
91. Josie Maran
92. Daniela Gil
93. Cash Casia
94. Lexa Doig
95. Mealeva Tam
96. Bree Turner
97. Sofia Zamolo
98. Samantha Torres
99. Rossella Brescia
100. Tess Mattisson

Thank you for all you do to give me another day of Hope to carry on.

The ORDER of the Names Listed is not as important as the fact that I thought enough about you to LIST you on this List. THAT's What is important. The one who is actually Number ONE is the One who Contacts ME! That's who is Number One!

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My Top 100 List!

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