WHY is it that most people never heard of a Cure for Cancer? Because of the GREED of Certain people in the American Medical Association who covered up the Work of Royal Rife because he refused to give away his Patent Rights to the head of the American Medical Association. So because of Money, and Greed the American Medical Association let Millions of people DIE of Cancer that could have been Saved.

Any Lawyers who wish to make their Names Famous, may file a Major Law Suit against the American Medical Association, and Charge them with Negligence and Depraved indifference. For not adopting the Royal Rife Frequency Treatments.

Royal Rife PROVED that his Treatments worked against Cancer and actually Cured 14 Humans and he Conducted about 400 experiments where he Cured hundreds of Rats of Cancer as well as many other Terminal Diseases.

Royal Rife should be as revered to human kind as a Genius, yet most people do not even know who Royal Rife is.

This is because of the Evil Republican Government Officials, CIA, and American Medical Association who must use FEAR of Disease as a Tool to Motivate people to do what they want them to do. If the Royal Rife Technology was to get out to the Public, it could very well cure most of the diseases known to this earth. This would be completely devastating to the Medical Associations, and Medical Drug Companies who depend on the Diseases to give them Customers for their Businesses. And if you do your Research you would find that the Majority of Medical Associations are part of the Evil Republican Empire, who enslave, Kill and Imprison ALL FOR MONEY! The Medical Companies don't want to Cure you, they want to addict you to their Business, and keep you buying THEIR Drugs, while at the same time throwing Democrats in Jail for doing Drugs that aren't Republican Drugs.

The American Medical Association, the Drug Companies, and the Republicans who Oppress this Information are all EVIL PEOPLE!

There was a Video on Google revealing the Royal Rife Story,(You Can BUY the Video HERE!) and it exposed the Royal Rife Frequency Treatments for all the different Diseases.

I am thankful to announce that the World IS starting to wake up about this subject, and now there ARE many Doctors and Dentists who are actively experimenting with Royal Raymond Rife's ideas. Many of these Experiments are documented on YouTube.

Here are some Interesting Links you can check out:

GB4000 Rife Machine

You need to take action against the American Medical Association, the Drug Companies, and the Republicans, for all the Lives who have Died from Cancer since 1938 when Royal Rife discovered the Cure, and the American Medical Association covered it up.

Thanks to everyone who is doing Research on this Subject!

My Father died of Cancer, he was born in 1938 which was AFTER there was already a Cure available. That's why I am passionate about this Subject. I Studied Electronics enough to understand the FACTS behind this Treatment. Basically it POPS the Bacteria like popcorn in a Microwave. The Microwave generates Frequencies that excite the Molecules which cooks the Food. The same Principal is applied in the Royal Raymond Rife machines only using Different kinds of Frequencies. Dentists use Lazer light Frequencies, others use Cathode Ray tubes to deliver the Frequencies. Different Bacteria and Germs are killed by different Frequency waves generated at different levels.


Royal Rife Frequency kills Paramecium

Royal Rife Frequency kills Blepharisma Organism

Electromagnetic frequencies stun spirochete bacteria

Killing Parasite with Frequency

Thanks to everyone who works on this concept!