The Path to the TRUE YOU!

Essence of Being- The World is a System filled with Chaos and Disorder, Rage Hatred, and Contempt, yet it is not this Chaos that is important, but what WE DO in the face of all this Chaos that actually Defines us. If we give way to following the Trends of Hatred and Contempt, and follow negativity like lost Sheep, we in the end only increase our misery. But if in the face of all this Negativity, in the face of all the Hatred, and Chaos, if we can collect our Minds enough to Focus on making OUR Lives mean something Good, if we can Do ONE thing everyday to help others. Then we have in essence Defined ourselves by these actions. And THIS is what it is all about. Life is like a big Test, in a Huge School, where we learn each and everyday what is important. And those who Pass the Test are the ones who learn how to face all of the Hatred and Chaos, and do what they can to Control the Chaos, instead of allowing it to Control YOU. THIS is the True definition of Success in Life. Overcoming the Chaos and embracing Love and Compassion. This will make your Life something you can be proud of.

Hope- Hope is the Belief that YOU CAN overcome your Obstacles, you loose hope when you feel like your Life is out of Control. This leads to Depression and Hopelessness, because you feel like there is nothing you can do about your Circumstances. You get HOPE from Believing, Believing in Yourself, that YOU CAN DO what you want to. No matter how bad things are, if you just Believe and have Faith in yourself, then you can have Hope. Sometimes people cannot seem to have Faith in themselves, but they Can have faith in a Spiritual Entity as if they are Begging this Spiritual Entity to Save them. IF a Person believes strongly enough in this Spiritual Entity then they can also develop a sense of Hope by believing this Spiritual Entity will help them. And just by Believing it in it, this brings them a sense of Hope. Hope is an Emotional State of mind, but it is absolutely essential to healthy existence. If you live for too long without any Hope at all, you might go insane, or become delusional. In order to maintain a good healthy outlook on Life, you have to have Hope, or Believe that you can Achieve what you want. Believe that you CAN do what you want to. If you stop believing for whatever the reason, then you will set yourself on a path to Depression, Hopelessness, and Despair. This can actually lead someone to become so miserable that they consider Suicide because the misery is so great that it becomes unbearable.

You need to understand that HOPE is a Conscious way of Thinking, you have to CHOOSE to Believe, either in yourself or a Spiritual Entity to justify your reason to Hope. People use a Spiritual Entity when all logical explanations make them feel like there is no Logical way they can escape their Situation. Then Humans Naturally Create a "God" Idol, or Create a Belief in a Spiritual Entity to "Save Them". There is nothing wrong with Creating or Believing in a Spiritual Entity, because even if the Spiritual entity is not Real, if you believe that the Spiritual Entity IS Real, then you in effect, Create a Reason to HOPE for the Future. This is a Good thing as long as this Spiritual Entity does not make you Justify Hating or Killing someone else against their Will. Then in that case, this Spiritual Entity is not serving a Righteous Purpose. Using Hate or Killing someone who is Willing to die for you, is a Righteous practice, but they MUST be willing, or it isn't right.

So to Create a Sense of Hope in your Life you need to BELIEVE in Yourself. Give yourself all the Reasons in the World to Believe, and have Faith in yourself. Understand the things that tear down your Hope, and Rationalize them, while nurturing the Things that give you Hope in Life.

The things that Tear down your Hopes, are Negative people who Hate, and Reject, and Disrespect you, for one reason or another, this tends to shake your Confidence in yourself, making you think less of yourself, or unsure of yourself. This leads you to question yourself, question your abilities, and make you unsure of whether you can do what you want, or sometimes people such as in prisons or even in your living environments, your bosses, will sometimes make you feel like you cannot Control anything that happens to you. They will often talk in ways that make you feel down, disrespect you, then they add to this by giving you examples of your inferiority, then they add to this, by giving you examples of how your life is out of your control, or they will give you examples of how far out of reach your Goals are, to make you feel helpless, and out of Control. This leads to your Hopelessness, in which you ultimately give up, and then these people think they have won over you, and THEY NOW CONTROL YOU.

Some Religious people do this like Christians and Muslims so they can turn around and Tell you what to believe so you will accept Believing like they do, then you will be like their little robot they control to do with your life what ever they want, and they will take as much money as they can from you in the Process.

You need to understand this Mind game that people play, because so many people do it even unconsciously and don't even realize it. You need to rationalize this when you recognize it, so you can BLOCK it from affecting your Life. Because if you listen to Negative people and friends, then they will ultimately destroy your life. If you realize you are around someone like this you need to get away from them as fast as you can. And as Far away as you can get. OR Make them Realize what they are saying and doing is WRONG, because it hurts you by psychologically torturing you until you finally loose all hope in life.

Sometimes even Loneliness can cause a person to loose hope simply because they begin to feel like no one Cares. If no one Cares, then they begin to feel like what is the Point in living? This breaks down their Beliefs in themselves just because of the way they are thinking. Thinking Negative, Cycles downward in a Spiral making you Believe Negative things until you start to search and Collect supporting evidence which supports all of these negative beliefs until you are ready to commit Suicide because you kept thinking in negative ways eliminating all possibilities for hope as you go, blaming others instead of yourself, and doing everything you can to make yourself feel bad. In this way you become your own worst enemy, just by the way you are thinking. And it happens to all of us at one time or another in life. Many times we don't even realize it. But if you constantly focus your mind on the Positive, then you can sometimes avoid believing in Negative things which make you spiral down like this.

Just always try to focus on the Positive, and if you find yourself thinking Negative, try to Change your way of Thinking. If you are Lonely then you need to invest in trying to spend some time with other people. If you have no friends, this does not necessarily mean you are a bad person, it just means you didn't spend very much time in Social Places. For Example; if you go to the same Night Club every weekend, eventually everyone there is going to get to know you. If you go to the Same place be it a Restaurant, Library, Coffee Shop, wherever, eventually everyone at that place is going to get to know you. Then somewhere along the way you might develop some friendships. You should go places that you can relate to, someplace with similar interests in mind. This will increase your chances of finding people with like minds.

Sometimes a Lack of a Job can make someone feel Hopeless. If you do not have a Job, there are often many reasons, some which may be out of your Control. But if you have enough time to sit and really THINK about what it is you REALLY want to do in Life, then you can find something that can Really Stir up your Passion in Life. And when you do THAT, something that you are really Passionate about, everyone will like what you are doing, simply because you are Passionate about it. This will make you create income because people show their Appreciation with Money. So the answer to this Problem is to Simply Harness your Passions in Life, and let them take you on the Ride of your Life! Just Doing SOMETHING to try to Succeed at something you are Passionate about, will give you a certain level of Hope. But doing nothing, except feeling sorry for yourself, only adds to your Negative thinking and makes you Spiral downward into Depression where you accomplish nothing, and only blame others for your misfortune. To Change your Path, Change your Mind, Think Positive and DO SOMETHING, TAKE ACTION towards your Goals, and this will help you Believe in yourself again.

Now once you realize the CAUSE of loosing your Hope you can better Defend yourself against it, by rationalizing the things other people are saying, and doing to you, to make you feel hopeless. Then you can nurture YOUR sense of Hope, by reversing the process of Thinking, to start giving yourself examples of all the reasons why you CAN Succeed and Do what you want to in Life.

Hang your Pictures of Success on your Walls, your Proudest Moments, your Certificates and Achievements, Chart your Progress each and every day by writing down your Goals and Working towards them each and everyday. Everyday make it a Ritual, wake up and Write down all the Things you can do today to get you Closer to those Goals you want most. Everyday. Then at the end of everyday, you can check off how much time you spent working on each goal. This will help you reinforce your sense of Hope, helping you BELIEVE in Yourself, because you can SEE that each day you ARE getting Closer to your Goals, so this will make you Believe even more Strongly in yourself.

Courage- Courage is also an Emotional State of Mind, but these emotions are also influenced by the way we THINK. Sometimes people lack the Courage to stand up and DO what it is they want to do Most in life. They think of all the Reasons they Can't do something, instead of all the reasons they SHOULD do it. They do not focus on the Happiness they will receive from accomplishing their Goals they only focus on the Helplessness they Feel, and Hopelessness they have created in their Minds. This makes a person weak in the mind, feeling helpless, lacking courage to even PLAN their Future, much less make any effort. Lack of Courage sometimes comes from all these Negative people around who like to Talk bad about anyone who feels GOOD about themselves. These people are drowning in their own misery so the only way they think they can feel better is to drag others around them down as well. Especially if they think that you are BETTER than they are, they will often say negative things about you, just to try to make you Loose faith in yourself and stop trying.

They might say you are Conceded, Arrogant, Boastful, Stuck up, Hollywood, Plastic, anything they can possibly say to bring you down, and make you feel bad and shake your Confidence, they will say it. And most of the time it is your Closest "Friends" that do the most Damage, because you are "Friends" with them, this leads you to automatically Accept what they say as conditions of your Friendship, which makes it easier for your Friends to Psychologically Torture you into depression, than it is for your enemies to do so. Family members are also often Guilty of doing this kind of stuff. Parents who often Disrespect their Children, instead of supporting what they do they will make up all kinds of reasons why they cannot succeed at doing what they want. Until the Child Looses the Courage to even Try anymore.

Sometimes people are afraid to do what they really want, they don't believe they can actually succeed at what they want to do, or they just don't understand what they need to do to get started. Sometimes people are afraid to take action because of Legal Restrictions or Tax Laws, Business Licenses, all of this kind of stuff can sometimes seem scary to some people. That's why they are afraid to take the first step, they are afraid they cannot handle it. It takes Courage to make that first Step, you have to Dive into it without worrying about it, just DO IT! This is the Attitude you have to take. If you allow Fear to prevent you from doing what you Love, then you are a Prisoner of your own mind. We set our own limitations in life, if you believe it, then you can Achieve it. But you have to muster up the Courage to Try first. Think to yourself what is the Worst thing that can happen? Then you have a more realistic approach to what you want to do. This can help you Rationalize your Fears, and develop the Courage to get out and DO IT!

So to regain your Sense of Courage, you have to Rationalize and Understand that Thinking Negative is what Brings you down until you loose your Hope and your Courage to Try. Thinking Positive will give you back your Hope which in turn will give you back your Courage to try.

So it all starts with Thinking Positive and Believing in yourself. Do not seek approval from others, because many times if others do not approve of what you are wanting to do, this can make you feel like you cannot accomplish your goals simply because it makes you believe that no one will like it, simply because the person you are seeking Approval from ignores you or rejects you. So the source of this Problem is seeking approval from these people in the first place. By just focusing on your Goals and forgetting about what everyone else thinks until you have finished what you are wanting to accomplish, you enter a kind of Meditation with your Goals, locking in your Focus and Concentration on them, so that no one can distract you, or sway you from them, no matter what they say. This kind of thinking will in itself give you a sense of Confidence, because you believe in yourself enough to reject failure completely. THIS is Confidence. As if nothing else matters but accomplishing your Goals. THIS is Courage. Like you are going to do it no matter what anyone else says- THAT's the Attitude you want to keep in your Head. Like you don't care what anyone else thinks, because the minute you begin to care what others think, you give them the ability to Control your Thoughts and Emotions, which in turn gives them the ability to completely destroy you. So Focus on what YOU want, and to Hell with what everyone else Thinks. THAT's COURAGE in the face of a World full of Chaos.

Confidence- Confidence is also an Emotional State of Mind, yet Confidence permeates your Physical Being as well. The mind and Body are one in the Same, so even when you don't feel Confident, if you move your Body as if you ARE Confident, then your Mind often will follow suit and you will begin to FEEL Confident, just because you are Acting Confident, and because you are Acting Confident, and Succeeding while Acting Confident this affects your Beliefs making your BELIEVE in yourself which gives you More Hope, More Courage to Try harder, and these Beliefs Re-affirm yourself making you FEEL Confident, just by ACTING Confident! So you can See how it becomes like a Cycle, first you think Positive, this gives you Hope, Hope Leads to Courage to Try, and this Leads to Confidence, and the Cycle will continue upwards until you finally Succeed at what you want to do. But it can all be torn down by Negative Thinking, and Negative people who try to make you BELIEVE in negative things. Remember this. Courage is the State of mind when you are So FOCUSED on what you are Doing that you are only thinking about Doing it the Very Best you can, and you are thinking about nothing else. Knowing and completely CONVINCED that you CAN DO IT. THIS is Confidence. Without ANY Doubt in your Mind, YOU CAN DO IT. This is Confidence, and it is absolutely necessary to be successful at anything. You not only have to Believe in yourself, you have to be absolutely CONVINCED that you can Do it, without a Doubt in your mind. THIS is the Attitude you want to strive for. Think Positive, this YOU CAN do it. Think of what you need to do to make it Perfect, and nothing else. Everything else is bullshit. Just Focus on your Goals and KNOW you can achieve them. That's it.

Motivation- Once you have Hope, you begin to feel good enough to Try, so you will feel the Courage to get up and do it. By Doing it, taking Action to make it Happen, you gain Confidence, because you can SEE you are doing it, you are GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, and no one is going to tell you any different. Once you have this level of Confidence, it will be almost impossible to just lay around and think about it. This will lead you to get Motivated, not only to DO IT, but to Do it with PASSION.

Passion is Power, it is like the Rocket Fuel that propels you to your Goals. It is the very essence of Success, without Passion you can never succeed. Those who Lack Passion often fail, simply because they have Lost the Passion for what they do. Passion is an emotional State of Mind, yet it transcends everything, material, spiritual, everything and everyone around you is affected by your Passion. Passion is one of the most Powerful things on this Earth. Passion is your WILL and Determination, but it is much more than that, Passion is when you give everything you got, as if you are literally giving your Soul. That is the Feeling of Passion. It is that Awesome feeling where you are giving everything you got, and you are not holding back at all. Where you are totally focused on Expressing yourself in this one thing you do. This is YOU. That's how it feels to be Passionate for something.

People Loose Passion for many stupid reasons, but because we are emotional beings, sometimes we don't think about rationalizing the cause of loosing our Passion. Sometimes we are hit so hard by the loss of our Passion it feels like something has Died inside us, and often times we don't even understand what happened. Passion is many times lost because we begin to believe that we cannot accomplish what we set out to accomplish. We in essence give up, and sometimes we don't even understand we have given up, we feel like it just happened. The Passion just somehow drifted away. That's how it feels. If you once felt Passionate about something but then the Passion Disappeared for some reason and you don't understand, I want to give it back to you now. You Lost your Passion, simply because you stopped Believing in yourself. When you stop believing in yourself your Passion seems to just evaporate without warning. This is why it is SO important that you stay away from Negative People, they can Literally Destroy your Life! Anything that can make you stop Believing in yourself can make you Loose your Passion and Focus.

Focus is also an important part of Passion. Sometimes just getting married can completely change your Focus in life, sometimes a Job can take all of your Focus away from you, and you will loose your Passion for your Goals. If you really WANT what you Want to happen, then you have to stay FOCUSED on your Goals. No Matter What! That's why Musicians are told to Practice everyday, so no matter what job they have, they will never loose Focus on their Goal to perfect playing that Instrument. If you get married and loose focus on your Goals, it can ruin who you ARE as a Person. For the Sake of a Family. This is something you have to deeply consider when you consider any serious relationships. People WILL affect you, and they can affect you either Positively or Negatively. You need to think about this in relation with how important YOUR Goals really are. Because if you do not Consider YOUR GOALS, then you are in essence not being True to Yourself. You are Betraying Yourself on the Stage of Life, in the face of a world full of Chaos, you become Lost. This is what happens when you Loose your Passion, you begin to question the meaning of your Life, you loose hope and spiral down until the Family you Created for the sacrifice of your dreams in turn becomes your worst nightmare, and destroys you.

Do you want to get it back? Do you want me to give you back your Passion, and make you feel like Life is worth Living again? Then Return to your Goals, Focus on them with all your Heart, even if you do not feel the passion, do it, and keep doing it, until the Passion Returns. Then you will understand. It is all a Process of Positive Thinking that will lead you to Yourself, who you are at the very Core of your Being. If you lose track of how important this is, you will feel lost the rest of your Life, until you return to yourself. Return to That which you feel defines you. Then you will be True to yourself. Many people become Lost, losing their Passion in life, Losing their Hopes and Dreams and Goals, and living in Hopelessness they seek only someone else to share their Suffering, as if finding someone else is going to make them happy. But it will not. The only thing that will truly make you Happy is to Return to yourself. If you believe that Your Life has Purpose, then you must do that which defines you. If you don't even know what that is yet, then take pleasure in the exploration of your Soul. Enjoy everything that life has to offer until you find something that makes you feel So Passionate that you cannot ignore it. This is your True Self.



Also Watch the Movie "The Secret" this will put you on the Correct Path, and help improve your life immediately.

Also watch the Movie "Bedazzled" it's really funny, and even though there is some Christian related talk in there, the main points of the movie is to focus on what is important for your life.