I don't claim to know EVERYTHING, but I have been many places, and done many things in this World.

I have had the Respect of high Ranking Officers in the Military during the 1st Gulf War, they asked for my Advice, I have given Ideas to many many people in the Film and entertainment Industry in both the US and Thailand. I given away Ideas for many different inventions, and improvements in the World, and Presently I am turning my attention to solve the Problems of the US Government.

The reason I am able to come up with Solutions where others fail, is My education came from a completely different source than everyone else in the World. I didn't read the same Books as everyone else, whenever possible I learned through Kenetic experience, or Living it, DOING it, rather than reading about it. The books I read, many were from other countries, so I was not subjected to the Common brainwashing that is embedded in all the American Text Books. I was not FORCED to be Christian or Muslim as more than Half the world is. I was taught to think for myself. I was taught to make up my OWN mind about things, I was taught to THINK with innovation, rather than follow the crowd. I was taught to Challenge myself in the mind as well as the body. All of this has lead me to become more aware of certain things than others. To think more objectively, and rationally, and "Outside the Box". I grew up outside the box, my teachers lived outside the box. So this is why I might be able to Help you figure out a particular Problem where others could not.

You should not fear me or be shy about asking me something, because I am not going to get upset about any question. I am not like other people, I won't call you stupid, unless you are a Republican, then I might. :) But usually there is no stupid question unless you don't ask it.


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