NOTE: the Way I judge Movies is by the way I feel about the Acting Quality, the Plot, the Moral of the Story, the DEPTH of the Story, the Believability of the Movie, and what kind of a ride it takes me on emotionally. I give more points for Movies that have good quality Sex Scenes, rather than just a bunch of stuff blowing up all over the place. Later on I will start to list most Recent Movies first, but for now I am just gonna start Throwing Movies on here that I see or that I think about regardless of when they were made. I have seen plenty of Movies through the years, so as I think of them I will put them on the Review list. I was going to put several different sub categories for each Section, but I figured why go through all that trouble. So I decided I am only going to List the Movies that are the BEST in each Category, except for the AMERICAN PROCESSED CHEESE Category I offer you as a WARNING of the Emergency Broadcast System. :)

I also don't mention Movies that Promote Christian Moral Concepts, because to me it supports the Christian Brain Washing mechanism which results in Oppression of the rest of the World because Christian Oppression creates LAWS that FORCE everyone to LIVE as Christians Believe. I Don't believe this is Right. So I do not Promote Movies that re-enforce Christian Brainwashing with their Morals.

If you want to understand the Difference, Read my Book!


Chocolate-Thai Action Movie/Drama Starring Jeeja Yanin, this is an Awesome Movie if you haven't seen it yet you need to. It is available at all Blockbuster Video Stores in the US.

Mercury Man-Thai Action Hero Movie, kinda like Spider Man, it's kinda cool.

Eagle Eye-This is a Pretty Awesome film, one of the things I liked the most about the Movie is it leaves you hanging wondering what the hell is going on until you are about half way through the movie. Suspense! I LOVE IT! More Action than you can imagine, and little twists you never seen in any other Movie. That's what I like something original for a Change. This one is worth the money to see it on the Big Screen, you won't be dissappointed. Trust me.

HANCOCK- Totally Awesome!

IRON MAN-Totally Awesome!

THE HULK(The New One)Totally Awesome!

BODYGUARD 1 & BODYGUARD 2 These are Thai Movies, Petchtai Wongkamlao is awesome in these movies, they are really good, and you should check them out. Lots of Action and Comedy combined.

Watch it NOW for FREE! Click Here!

SICK NURSES I recently Rented the Thai Movie Sick Nurses, it was Awesome! I liked the Sexy element in the Movie, I liked how Cute the Girls are, the Story was kinda cool, it reminded me a little of the Grudge, but this movie was WAY more Sexy than the Grudge. The Acting done my the Girls was AWESOME! I mean the Directors must have really Worked these Girls, cause it looks like their Arms are really Possessed, especially when Dollaros Dechapratumwon was Craming intestines into her mouth as hard as she could. It looked really believable. There is a lot of famous Thai Models in this Movie I liked seeing Dollaros Dechapratumwon, and Ase Wang, and the Two Cute Sisters were awesome too. All the Girls in this Movie were really awesome in their acting. This movie is not Cheesy at all, it is very well done. Good Work!

ART OF THE DEVIL IIIThis is a Thai Movie staring the Girl of my Dreams, Mamee, She also Starred in Art of the Devil II, both were really good. I bought Both of them cause my Girl is in them. :)


This Category is for Movies that Totally ROCK! And you just Gotta See em!

I am Going to Start Highlighting the Movies in BLUE that I recommend you Buy in BlueRay Disk.


YO-YO Girl Cop Aya Matsuura Teaches some good lessons in this Movie!

Cop Shop Babes-Chinese FEM POWER Martial Arts Action Movie

Lethal Angels-Chinese Fem Power Action Movie.

All the Resident Evil Movies!

Ultra Violet (Milla Jovovich at her Best)

Aeon Flux

Silver Hawk

SO CLOSE-(I Love you Shu Qi)

D.O.A. Devon Aoki, Holly Valance, Jamie Pressly, (Dragon Dynasty)

HONEY CUTIE-Starring Eriko Sato- I LOVE YOU!

KEKKO KAMEN(We Can't Forget Kekko Kamen! :) All Her Movies

Ninja Vixens: Web of Passion-Japanese Ninja Babes Movie, Sexy, Funny, Action packed. The quality of the Video is not that great, but it is sexy, and fun.

BANDIDAS- This Movie Stars Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, and Steve Zahn

SERENITY- This Movie was Awesome! This one is the Kind you should BUY! I liked the Sexy Babes, combined with a Really good Plot, the Script was Excellent! Good Story, it is something that grabs you and you can believe it. Good acting by everyone, this is a Prime example of what I want MORE of! That half Pilipina Babe Gina Torres Zoe, drove me Crazy in this Movie!


Cat Woman

Queen of the Damned- I Didn't like how they made all the Vampires Look Evil. Anyone who eats meat is a Vampire, remember that. There is not much difference between eating Meat and Drinking Blood.

Chai Lai (Thai Movie) I Love Bongkot Kongmali, and I think Mum Jokemok (Petchtai Wongkamlao) is cool too.

The D.E.B.S. -Devon Aoki BABY!

Barb Wire- But I really didn't like how they made such a fuss about calling her "Babe" like that's a degrading thing to call someone right? You can call ME babe anytime. I don't mind, and I'm a GUY! :)

Sin City -Devon Aoki BABY!

My Super Ex-Girlfriend




THE HULK Awesome

Body Guard 1& 2 Thai Movie with Mum Jokemok and I liked seeing Tony Jaa the most Awesome Thai Martial Artist in Thailand!. #2 I liked even BETTER than #1!

Transformers -AWESOME!

HANCOCK-AWESOME! Charlizes Theron is getting Better, and Better with age! I Don't know how she does it!

Fantasic Four

War of the Worlds

Independence Day

I Robot

Johnny Mnemonic

The Island

The Core

The Arrival

STEALTH Jessica Biel is SO AWESOME in this Movie!

Fifth Element(And all Bruce Willis Films)

Twelve Monkeys

Sixth Sense


All the Die Hard Movies

Mummy & The Mummy Returns

Men in Black 1&2

All the Harrison Ford Movies

Airforce One



Crimson Tide

Space Cowboys

Apollo 13

The Rock


Demolition Man

xXx (The Original with Vin Disel)

Spider Man(ALL OF THEM!)

All the Batman Movies

All the X Men Movies

Jet Li Unleashed and ALL Jet Li Movies


The One

The Day After Tomorrow

Blade Runner

The Bourne Identity

Chain Reaction

The Chronicles of Riddick

Close Encounters of the Third kind

The Crow

All Jackie Chan Movies

The Medallion

Georgous Starring Shu Qi and Jackie Chan, it was pretty awesome, I liked it cause it had two of my Favorite people in one Movie! :)

Universal Soldier, and All the Jean Claude Van Damn Movies

Time Cop


All the Steven Siegel Movies(Except his Newer Releases are getting a Bit Cheezy. He's geting Fat and Lazy and it looks like Cheap too. :) He is Hiring Actors that Can't Act, Script Writers that think like a Child, the Directing is Sloppy to say the least, and he is turning out major CHEESE! His Over confidence has destroyed him. He forgot the Lesson of Martial Arts that speaks of Remaining Humble. He is trapped in the World of Learning and Realization. Only by Humbling himself will he ever get better. I think of him as a Friend who has gotten Lost along the way somehow.)

The Matrix 1 & 2

All Star Wars Films

All the Terminator movies

Total Recall

True Lies

Mortal Kombat

Sahara I LOVE Penelope Cruz!

Mission Impossible I & II

The Mask of Zorro & Zorro 2 Both Awesome!

Red Scorpion, Bridge of Dragons, and all the Dolph Lungren Movies


Ong-Bak(Thai Movie) I think Mum Jokemok is cool. I like all his Movies.

War of the Worlds

Tomb Raider I & II

Into the Blue- Ashley Scott was pretty Awesome


Hell Boy 1 & 2



Enemy of the State

V for Vendetta- This is also very cool.

All Nicholas Cage Movies



Escape from LA

Judge Dred


The Lawn Mower man

All the Lethal Weapon Movies

Minority Report

The Mothman Prophecies

The Philedelphia Experiment 1 & 2

The Postman


All the Predator Movies

All the Robo Cop Movies

The Rocketeer


The Time Machine

Battlefield Earth-"Stupid Humans" :)


Space Truckers

Wild Wild West

Shoot Em Up

The Scorpion King I & II(I Actually thought II was Way more Sexy though.)

All the James Bond 007 Movies



Idiocracy -This Movie is Funny, but it makes some really good Points about how stupid some people think. I got the feeling this Movie was a Republican Propaganda movie because some of the points they tried to emphasize was Sex is something to be Controlled, or it is suppose to be "Stupid" to consider Sex as something Openly accepted. But I did watch the Movie several times, and the best point I liked was more people need to READ. :)


Bedazzled I LOVE this Movie!

Fifty First Dates

The Wedding Singer

Groundhog Day

Fat Albert

Joe Dirt

All Charlie Sheen Movies

Major Payne

The Golden Child- I LOVE Charlotte Lewis!

All Chris Tucker Movies


Dumb and Dumber

The Girl Next DoorStarring Sung Hee Li and Elisha Culthbert.

Happy Gilmore

Liar Liar

Major Payne

The Mask

Waiting- I LOVED this Movie cause I used to work in Restaurants for many years. If you have ever worked in a Restaurant, you GOTTA see this Movie! Half the shit they portray in this Movie REALLY HAPPENS! :) And that's what makes this Movie so funny, is that people who have worked in the industry, can really relate to a lot of the things in this Movie. I LOVE Vanessa Longies!!!


Tommy Boy

Mr Deeds

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Who's Your Daddy

Beverly Hills Ninja

Ask a Ninja- This one is REALLY Low Budget so don't expect too much, and don't take it too serious and you will probably like it.

Shanghai Kiss


THE SECRET-This Movie is AWESOME! This is a MUST SEE Movie! This Movie Sums up everything I have learned in more than 10 years of Studying Buddhism and Religion and Psychology. I would say not only should you watch this movie, but watch it again, and again, and again, until every detail of this movie is embedded in your mind. It is all true, and Real, and USABLE in your daily life.


I wanna give you my Idea of the PERFECT Horror Movie on the off chance that Someone from the Movie Industry actually READS this. I like Sexy Horror Movies, not because I get Turned on by watching Girls Running Scared with half their Clothes Ripped off. I like Sexy Horror Movies because it seems like there is no Limits for the imagination. You can have the Bad Guy Chain them up, or You can have the Girl get Brave and Kick the Shit out of the Bad Guy. There is no Limits. And usually in Scary Situations it is a Scientific Fact that Humans Instinctively want to have Sex, if they think they might die. (I guess that's because in the off chance that the Guy Dies, the Woman can still Reproduce) Anyway it makes for a good story and people can relate.

The Purpose of a Horror Movie is to Scare you and Mess with your Mind, and maybe Teach you something along the way. But I like my Horror Movies as Sexy as I can get em. The more Sexy they are, the more I Like em.

ART OF THE DEVIL II & III Starring my Dream Girl Napakprapa Narkprasit, she made two of these Movies and I bought both of them, and they Both are 5 Stars. I love her, and her movies, even though she plays the Bad Girl in this one. :)

Art of the Devil 1

The VICTIM-Starring one of my Favorite Girls in the Whole World (May)Pitchanart Sakaorn-(I bought this Movie just because you're in it babe!) I liked this Movie because it has a very original plot, and storyline where the Haunting Trancends the Movie Realm and the Haunting enters into the Realm of Real Life! The Directors and Producers start getting killed off and the actresses are haunted in Real life. It is kind of a unique twist I have never seen before, and I really liked it when I saw it. :)

6ixtynin9 This is a good Thai Movie, I liked it a lot. I Love Lalita Panyopas.

PULSE This is a Good Japanese Horror Movie.

THE EYE(Chinese Version) I liked it.

Vampire Effect This is a Really Awesome FUN horror Movie, featuring Jackie Chan. It looks like a Japanese/Chinese Movie that has Fun with the concept of Vampires. I liked it.

S21 The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine This is an Excellent Lesson in Politics, as well as Psychology, which illustrates just how simple Philosophies can get so Twisted around in Politics, that it becomes possible to create "Enemies" of your own People. The most Horrifying thing about this movie is not only is it based on a True Story that actually happened, it is a Documentary, and it Stars the people who actually DID IT! But that there really is no guarantee that something like this will not happen again. And that is the scariest thing of all. The More the Republicans and Banking Cartels get out of Control, the closer something like this comes to happening again.

The Signal (US Version)

AUDITION Japanese Thriller Directed by Takashi Miike.

Untraceable-really good, Suspenseful and Smart, kinda like Supergeek meets Saw. :)

The Perfect Witness- This one was pretty cool, because it asks you to try to understand the mind of a Serial Killer, which most people think of as unthinkable. Then the story leads you along as you unravel the mind of a Serial Killer then it has a little twist at the end. All things considered I liked the movie. The Plot and the Script was excellent, the Acting was Excellent, the Camera work was Excellent, and it will appeal to anyone in the Film Making Business because it toys with the idea of Morals in Film Making, such as how far is too far in getting a Story?

HOSTEL- I like this Movie, because it almost plays on a certain Fantasy I have where a Girl Seduces me into a Torture Scene. But this Movie actually is a Good Example of what PLAIN Sadism really is. This is a good way to help understand the Difference between Plain Sadistic Mentality and Sexual Sadistic Mentality. This Movie Defines Plain Sadism very clearly. So I will use this Movie as a Educational Tool to Teach my Dominas the difference between Plain Sadism, and Sexual Sadism. It is also good to use to Train someone how to Think in Plain Sadistic ways, (it is good only if you can Control your Emotions, then it is used as a Tool when the Domina might be too Sympathetic she can start to think using Plain Sadistic Thoughts, instead of Sexually Sadistic Thinking, which will give her strength to Torture her Lover without feeling sorry for them. It is extremely dangerous to teach someone who cannot control their emotions how to think in Plain Sadistic ways, because they could easily kill you and the task would seem as mundane as washing dishes or fixing a car. People who use Drugs should not be taught how to think in Plain Sadistic ways.)and it is good to condition a person to be able to handle Blood and Guts.(Such as a Cop)

This Movie is Different than the SAW type Movies, because Saw used Meaningful Reasons underlining the reasons for the events. This Movie the entire REASON for what is happening is Plain Sadistic Mentality. It also clearly shows why Plain Sadism is much more Dangerous than Sexual Sadism used in BDSM. Plain Sadistic people kill for no reason at all. And the more meaningless the Torture the more they enjoy it. Yet a Plain Sadistic Person does not feel Sexually Excited about Torturing someone, and they have no Morals, and you cannot reason with a Plain Sadistic Person. And THAT is the very essence of what makes this Movie Scary. Just slamming home the very definition of what Plain Sadism really is, will scare the living SHIT out of you! But like I said it is good as a Training Tool as how NOT to think, while conditioning a person to handle Gory Scenes such as a Cop might have to prepare for.

Sexual Sadism as the type most often used in BDSM is the type where the Domina actually gets HORNY as she Tortures her subject. What makes Sexual Sadism BETTER and Safer, than Plain Sadism, is a Person who is Sexually Sadistic usually feels Love for those they Torture, They appreciate the Suffering, and a Sexually Sadistic Person has a sense of Moral Judgment, where the more Meaningful the Torture (Such as for Religious Reasons or for Love) the more they enjoy it. A Plain Sadistic person cares NOTHING about the person they Torture, they do not get horny from torturing someone and they have no moral judgment, and the more meaningless the torture the more they like it, (which is why some people insist that BDSM is not about Sex, to try to make it feel more meaningless.) but even their satisfaction they experience is more a state of Contentment, than anything else. The whole emotional experience for a plain sadistic person is the same as working on a Car, or cleaning the house. They care NOTHING about the person they Torture. You are only an Object to the plain Sadistic person.

Those who rant and rave that BDSM is NOT about Sex, are the one's who are Plain Sadistic. Be very careful about hanging around a person who claims that BDSM is NOT about sex, because they are the type that could do the same kinds of things to you that you see in this Movie. Which is WHY this Movie is so Scary, because it COULD actually happen! I have heard rumors of places like this in Certain Asian Countries, although I have never actually Seen one. The fact that there actually ARE Plain Sadistic people in this World is what makes this movie so Scary. These types of people actually exist in this world, they are out there, just WAITING for the opportunity to do things like this. And THAT is what you have to worry about when you see this Movie.

The Scariest thing about this Movie, is that Plain Sadism is developed in the mind using ideas that are promoted in everyday life, such as Glamorizing Hatred, in the way YO MTV Gangstas are Glamorized today, the way School children use terms such as "That's so Gay" those are examples of Plain Sadistic Mentality where Hatred is Glamorized. These Plain Sadistic ideas are also Fostered in Frat Houses across the Country, Secret Societies such as the Skulls for example teach Plain Sadistic concepts to their members and promote this kind of thinking. Even the Bible and the Karan promotes Plain Sadistic thinking in regards to Gays, Women, Slaves, and anyone of a different Religion. So once you realize just how many Organizations are out there today promoting the Thought Processes of Plain Sadism, you will begin to realize that the Possibility of places like the Dungeon shown in this Movie can be more of a reality than you might not realize.

Even President Bush believes in Killing thousands of Americans to make more money off of Oil Deals, why do you think the Gas prices are three times as high as before? President Bush was trained by the Skulls Secret Society, this is what happens when people are conditioned to accept Plain Sadism as "Okay".

And that is what makes this Movie REALLY Scary.

VACANCY- I really Liked this Movie too, because it was believable. At first I thought it was just going to be a remake of Psycho, or something, but it is completely different. Watching this Movie will give you a good Reason to Study Martial Arts. :)

APOCOLYPTO-When I first saw this Movie in the Theaters, I went to see it because I actually Like Mel Gibson, I met once, I like the guy, so I went to see what he did. But I felt upset because I felt like he made a Movie that was trying to teach that Human Sacrifice is BAD, and then at the End it showed the Catholic Conquistadors who oppressed the WORLD coming to save the day as if the Natives were just running around killing themselves before THEY came along. That upset me because that is the same kind of mentality that the people who killed most of the Native Americans thought. The idea that Human Sacrifice is Bad, is Wrong. Do you think a Soldier should Die to Protect his Country? If you do, then you believe in Human Sacrifice. Human Sacrifice the way the Mayans and Republicans, and the Christians who Worship the Sacrifice of Christ, those types of Human Sacrifice ARE Wrong, but Human Sacrifice can be performed correctly and produce positive results. But in order to do that, you have to keep the Sacrifice Horny the whole time to open up it's Soul, to Sacrifice it's Soul and Bind it with the Supreme Powers of the Universe, AND the Sacrifice must be WILLING. Now another thing that upset me in this Movie is they take a Sacrifice that is obviously NOT Willing and they MOCK the idea of WILLING Human Sacrifice by saying at one point in the Movie that the Sacrifice IS willing. Which Disgusted me completely, because it was like Sacrilege to me. You take something which is Holy and Desecrate it for your own selfish gains. So it seemed like the Christians were trying to use this Movie as a Brain washing Tool, trying to completely distort the ideas of Human Sacrifice to imply that ALL Human Sacrifice is WRONG, and interject the notion that the Christians are the Heros at the end of the Movie which is totally Absurd if you look at how many people have been Killed in Christian Holy Wars around the world. No other Religion in the WORLD has Sacrificed more people against their Will than Christians!

MIMIC: SENTINEL- I Loved ALEXIS DZIENA in this Movie! I Couldn't take my Eyes off her! I think she made this Movie Interesting. I think she is TOTALLY AWESOME! I'm probably going to have to buy this Movie just so I can Pause it on the part where she is leaning over the Couch, she is SO Sexy! She makes me Crazy! :)

SILENT HILL- I LOVE THIS MOVIE! It is one of those Movies that are really Good on the Big Screen. I like the Plot, I like the way it messes with your head, and I like the way it gets back at the Christian Self Righteous attitude than many of the Christians have.

Diary of a Cannibal- This Movie was put out by Lionsgate films 2006, but it was kinda cheesy so you most likely won't find it at any of those Rental Places on the block. I Ordered it on line, because the main Theme is the same as my greatest sexual fantasy. So for that reason I was curious to see the Movie.

They say the Movie was inspired by an actual event that took place in 1984. I started having similar Fantasies around 1986, and there is also another case in Japan that mimics this story, so the idea is not uncommon. But few have actually been brave enough to make a Movie about a story like this. But I have to say after watching the Movie, even though it is kinda Cheesy, I still liked it, I guess mostly because it gave me hope thinking that if this guy actually got a Girl to Kill him, then maybe someday my Dreams might come true too. So I guess that's what I liked most about the Movie for me, it inspired Hope for me. When it seems almost impossible for me to hope for such an end most of the time.

What I didn't like about the Movie was first of all the Credits in the beginning of the Movie make the Intro Boring as hell! So right off the bat they bore you to death with intro Credits. Then the second thing I really didn't like was interviews with the Mother of the Guy and Narrations with the Father of the Girl, none of which seemed to add any relevance at all to the Movie or the Theme, the Motives or anything. The whole Mother and Father bits in this Movie felt just so out of Place it became almost annoying. I also didn't like the Remorse factor shown by the Girl after she Killed the Guy. Maybe she was remorseful in real life, I can see how that could happen, but from MY perspective, if a Girl Killed ME for Love, I would want her to feel GOOD about what she did, not Spacing out in a Daze and feeling upset like she did something Wrong. I would want her to feel Proud of herself, that she was strong enough to actually do it, and feel happy, and good, kinda maybe like a Hunter would feel after killing a Deer, and cooking it an eating it. Like it was an Accomplishment to be Proud of, not something to freak out about. If you kill someone for LOVE, this is much better than Killing in a Rage of Hate such as in a War, so I just don't think the Girl should have feel bad about it after wards. Maybe in real life she did. I know the case in Japan the Girl walked the Streets in a Daze Covered in Blood. So I can understand it if the Girl actually did freak out. But to me, it just doesn't fit in with the theme of the Movie. If you are going to do something, you should first of all know what you are Doing, and be sure about it enough to know how you are going to react after wards. So to me, I would have thought the girl would have mentally prepared herself to understand that she should feel GOOD about what she did not Bad. And I feel that goes for the same for anyone who Kills for LOVE instead of Hate, whether we are Talking about Dr Kavorkian, or a Soldier Killing a Buddy who asked him to, because he didn't want to live Crippled or Dickless, or Someone who Kills a Willing Religious Sacrifice. I don't think people who Kill for Love should ever feel Bad about what they have done. So that is another point in this Movie that I really didn't like. I actually am Planning to make a Movie similar to this Movie, because it has always been MY Greatest Sexual Fantasy, so who better to make a Movie like this, than someone who actually WANTS to be Sacrificed. It would be much more accurate than any Writer who simply copies the Story from an Objective point of view. There are LOTS of Details that this Movie left out, that I will happily address in MY Movie. But one of the most important details I want to get right is I want a Major Film Company to work with me on MY Movie. Because the last thing I want to do is make some Cheesy flick like this one is. But I actually LIKE this Movie, like I said before even though it is Cheesy as hell, because it bases itself on the same theme as my Greatest Sexual Fantasy, so how can I NOT Like it?

I really Liked Jillian Swanson, but I think there is a lot of things I would have had her do differently if I was the Director. But at least they picked a Beautiful Girl for the Starring Role in this Movie. I think really that is the only thing that saved this movie from complete disaster. Is that Jillian Swanson is a BABE! And just looking at her is entertainment enough, regardless of how crappy the writers and directors might be.

Insatiable-This a really good Vampire Movie, probably one of my Favorites. What I like about this Movie is it is very well done, it is not cheesy like many Horror movies can be. This one is cool. Charlotte Ayanna, stars as a Sexy Vampire Girl, and she is REALLY Beautiful! The Cover of the DVD really does not do her justice. She looks much more beautiful than the Cover of the DVD shows. The key thing that I think made this Movie really good is Sean Patrick Flannery can really ACT. Sometimes in many Horror Movies you get people who can't really Act all that well. But this movie has good Actors and Actresses, a really good story line that is not so much Scary as it is a Funny kind of Love Story. But it is a Cool movie worth watching. My favorite thing about this movie is the Vampire Girl is not Killed like in Most Christian style Vampire Movies.

Embrace of the Vampire- I Loved seeing all the Girls in this Movie, Alyssa Milano, Charlotte Lewis, Jennifer Tilly, and the Girl in the beginning of the Movie was pretty awesome as well. I liked the movie, but I think I would have done it a little better if I was doing the Directing. This movie is Sexy, but it only Toys with Fantasy, and the Vampire guy was not really all that Likeable, and in the end they just let him die off. If I was doing this Movie I would have had Alyssa Milano Chained Down on an Altar of Sacrifice or Something, hell she was already Naked and Spread out, all you would have had to do was put some Chains on her and Stretch her out good, I think it would have added a LOT to the Movie. But that's the difference between ME, and the Guys who made this Movie. They are afraid to do what I WILL DO. :)

Way too many Crosses and Churches in this Movie for my taste. But seeing Alyssa Milano Naked is pretty nice. I give her a Full Salute for her part. :) I don't know I just got the feeling that this was some Frat Boy's idea of a Vampire Movie. But it must have been one of those Rich Frat Boys who could afford all these nice Babes. But in the end, there really wasn't much substance in the Movie, and the Frat Boy gets the Girl in the end. (What did you expect from a Frat Boy Movie?)

It's definetly not the Greatest Vampire Movie ever made, but they paid Alyssa Milano to get Naked, so I guess that's a good enough reason to watch it.


GHOST RIDER- This Movie is kinda Cool, not really Scary at all, the kids will probably LOVE IT! Think Spider Man On Fire riding a Motorcycle. :)

Devil in the Flesh 1 &2Nice and Sexy just the way I like it!

DARK SECRETS I liked this Movie.

Ghost in the Machine

GHOST OF MAE NAK- This is a Thai Movie, Starring Aum (Another one of MY Girls)




Resident Evil 1 & 2

JASON X - This Movie is COOL and SEXY! :)

Prince of Darkness

Suspect Zero

Scream 1 & 2

ALL THE SAW MOVIES!- If you have never seen any of the Saw Movies, the most outstanding Characteristic of the SAW Movies is they are Intelligently Written. The Writer of the SAW Movies is a Fucking Genius! If you like your Movies with some level of Intelligence then the SAW Movies are for YOU! The Smarter you are, the more you can enjoy a Saw Movie, they have incredible Depth to them, which usually is overlooked by most, but if you are a student of Psychology it will blow you away! That's what I like most about the Saw Movies.

I know what you Did-If only they could have ripped up the Girls Shirts alittle more, it would have been PERFECT! I think it's time we did a few Movies like this where the Girls get their Shirts Ripped OFF! Not just Ripped up. :)

I Still Know What you Did- BETTER! :)

Friday the 13th Movies- Jason RULES! (That should be the name of the NEXT one!)

Nightmare on Elm Street Movies- This Plays on the Idea that "it's Just a Dream!" No it's not, Not anymore!

Cannibal Ferox- I have to talk about this Movie because it was Banned in 31 Countries, on most Web sites the Retail Price for this Movie is around $40.00 so I found it on Ebay and still paid $25.00 for it! It is not as Gross as Saw III. This movie was like one of the First Gorror Movies ever made. It Broke all the Rules of Movie making which immediately made it a Timeless Classic. It has Torture scenes in it that are pretty Gruesome, but compared to Today's movies, it is kind of like a Saw Movie. The thing that really shook everyone up about this movie back when they made it which was in the 70s, was it shows a Woman being Hung Up with Hooks through her Breasts, and in the Movie she Dies kind of Quickly from this, but I was thinking to myself (Knowing what I know from BDSM) "There's no way she would have died that Quick from those Wounds" Pass out yeah maybe, Died, no way. Unless it was from Shock. The other Shocking thing about this Movie is the Possibility that something like this could actually be True. If you have ever spent any time in Countries like Brazil or The Philippines you know that they DO Put Monkeys under Tables with a Hole in it an Cut off the Top of it's head and Eat the Brains like they did to the Human Guy in this Movie. So it toys with the possibility that this Could have actually been Real. Everything in this movie LOOKS real. You wonder how they did it if it is NOT real. Would I recommend you see this? Hmmm, I think it would be good for Women who are trying to get Tough to become a Domina, to get used to being Emotionally Strong. And as a Horror Movie it is halfway decent. I think they SHOULD Play this one on HBO or Starz Network. But they probably won't. So if you want to see it you will probably have to Buy it like I did.

The Wickeds- This one was OKAY, it is a really Low Budget film, but it is not really that Cheesy Surprisingly enough.

VENOM- I liked this Movie, it's a Little Sexy, a Little Scary, and a little kind of Spiritual- OOoooo to it ya know? It's a good mix. I liked the plot, I liked the bad guy, he was really believable scary, unlike many other Monster Types who look fake, this one really looked Scary. The Babes in this Movie were Awesome, it looks like they were trying to make another Scream Type Movie, and after I watched this Movie about 4 times, I realized I actually Like this Movie MORE than Scream, because it has a more Serious Feel to it, and I like that. If only they would have Ripped up the Girls Shirts a little and shown a little more Cleavage it might have topped out the Rating Scale a little more. Because other than that, this movie had what it takes for a good horror movie. It was entertaining, I'll probably watch it again tonight. This Movie is the kind you BUY!

The Boogeyman- This Movie is pretty cool, the Monster is Computer Animated, which makes it look cool, like how you might actually imagine a Monster like this to look. It is original in that it plays with the Idea that What you believe you will perceive as Reality, which is one of MY Fundamental beliefs, so I kinda liked this Movie, cause it wasn't your average Cheesy Horror movie, this one has some depth to it.

ZOMBIE STRIPPERS- If you like Strippers, and you like Horror movies, you will LOVE this Movie. This is more of an Erotic Movie than a Horror Movie, but I like the Sexy Horror Movie Style, I would like to see a lot more like this. This is an Excellent Bachelor Party Movie! Girls probably won't like this one too much unless you happen to be a Stripper or a Lesbian. (We all Love Strippers and Lesbians ya know) :) This movie is Cheese Free! Excellent Acting, Directing, everyone did a good job in this Movie. It was better than I expected. I liked the Beginning Stripping Scenes the Most, the fact that they weren't just quick flashes of Stripping Scenes you actually get to watch a lot of the Girls Strip for a while. I like that. The rest of the Movie is just as entertaining. Good Work, and Thanks. :)

SKELETON KEY- I liked this Movie, because it deals with the Voo Doo Religion in Louisiana, which I find fascinating. The thing that I liked was it was about Human Sacrifice. But it didn't use the theme of Human Sacrifice to make the Christians look good. I think that actual Voo Doo Human Sacrifice is a Good Thing IF the Sacrifice is WILLING, and they Sexually Stimulate the Sacrifice during the Ritual. So I don't think that the Voo Doo Religion is Evil, and the idea that they used Voo Doo Religion to Look like Something evil made me think "Typical Christians" as I watched the Movie. But I still kind of Liked the Movie, I think one of the things I liked the best was that in most Movies about Someone being Sacrificed someone is always trying to Save them, but in this Movie the Girl actually gets Sacrificed. So it is kind of a Twist to the usually damsel in distress type of concept. I guess I liked that they were more Original. The Acting is really good in this Movie, I liked that too. I just didn't feel as upset about this Movie as I did with Apocalypto for example. Even though they were trying to Show how Evil Voo Doo an Human Sacrifice is, Yes UNWILLING Human Sacrifice IS BAD. But the Voo Doo Religion is actually a Cool Religion. It is really interesting if you study it. I guess I liked the fact that they even Mentioned the Voo Doo Religion, I guess that's why I liked this Movie. Maybe it will make some people curious enough to study it.

Beneath Still Water- This one was okay, kinda Sexy, low budget, but entertaining.

Dead Silence- It was okay. I had an idea for a Dummy Movie a while back, this kinda toys with it. This is a good Pizza and Beer Movie.

TURISTAS- THIS ONE IS AWESOME! At first I thought they were trying to copy off the Idea of HOSTEL, but this is a little different. But a long the same lines as HOSTEL. I really liked this Movie because it has all the necessary elements of what I consider a GOOD Horror Movie. It is Sexy, Suspenseful, Thrilling, Exciting, Realistic, and Believable. I liked the Sexy Babes in this movie a lot. I liked seeing Brazil. I Especially liked the idea that at the end of the Movie they showed the kindness of the People of Brazil, to show that not everyone in Brazil is like the bad guys they show in this Movie. It is important to remember not to Judge Brazil by what you see in this Movie. I Love Brazil, and I Love the people of Brazil. So do not think bad of Brazil from the ideas portrayed in this movie. Even though the ideas are very believable, you have to keep in mind that not everyone is like the Bad guys in this Movie. So do not think that you will have a Bad experience such as this if you visit Brazil. But it is a good Lesson for Tourists to THINK about what they are doing and who you Trust. Because Trusting the wrong person can get you killed even here in the US. Look at President Bush and how many Thousands of people have been killed because many Trusted HIM. There is a Prime example for you right there.

CAPTIVITY-This one is "O-K-A-Y" but it was not as great as I expected. Elisha Culthbert is pretty awesome to see, she is Sexy and it keeps the Movie from getting too Boring, but don't expect this movie to be all that great. It's okay for a night of Pizza and Beer, but it's not a block buster or anything.

All the Hellraiser Movies


Eyes Wide Shut




Lord of War


Last Life in the Universe This is a Japanese/Thai Movie that I absolutely LOVE! It was Awesome example of how you don't need a lot of Explosions just to make a really good Movie. It has the same Magic as Napoleon Dynamite had. If you liked that Movie you will Love this one.

WHY WE FIGHT Very enlightening Movie!


88 Minutes

DiCaprio-Shakespeare Movie (Thanks Guys, I DO Appreciate you making this one for me.)

The American President

Falling Down

Heaven and Earth -(The one with Tommy Lee Jones in it.)

Napoleon Dynamite

Enemy Mine This one is an Oldie but a goodie

CRASH- This is one of the BEST Dramas I have seen in a Long Time. So Deep it will Twist your Mind out of Shape! THAT's the way I Like it!-I Especially LOVED seeing Jennifer Esposito.

The Movie Hero- I liked this movie for a lot of reasons, first of all how can you NOT like Jeremy Sisto? He was just SO Cool in this movie, I have seen him in a dozen movies since this one, but this one was one of his best I think. This Movie has a LOT of good Morals to the Story. It reaches right into your Life and Grabs you and shakes you a little. It might seem a little corny at first but if you sit through the movie you will actually learn a lot. I really enjoyed this movie, it made me feel like I wanted to hang out with Jeremy for a while. :)

Marquis De Sade- This Movie I think is more or less a Propaganda Tool used by the Christian Republicans to try to Outlaw Pornography. You see the Christians have always pointed to the Story of Marquis De Sade as their Justification to outlaw Pornography, implying that Pornography makes people go Crazy. Which to all those who are Sexually Obsessed is known to be an outrageous lie. There is NO WAY that Nudity or Sex, which is a Natural Human thing in life directly connected to the very origin of Human Existence, could possibly be Evil or cause a person to go insane. To imply such a thing is complete ignorance and stupidity, and I firmly believe that anyone who believes that Sex is evil should Cut off their Genitals to live in Complete accordance with their Beliefs. Otherwise you are a Hypocrite, and the only thing you are trying to do is Oppress the world with your Bullshit, and cause others suffering for your own Satisfaction. That being said, I think the story itself is interesting, I Loved the Performance of the Actors and Actresses in this Movie, and I laughed my ass off at the complete absurdity of many of the scenes. I think if viewed from the correct perspective this Movie actually gives you all sides of the Story, it shows you all the lessons you need to learn, it shows you how Evil the Christians are for Oppressing people who enjoy Sex, and Pornography, it shows how the Imprisonment and Torture imposed on by the Christians is far worse than any suspected "Evil" which a Pornographer may have done. It also shows how many of the Christian Psychologists are just as Sadistically Twisted as some of the most outrageous Sexually Obsessed individuals. And it makes you consider which is actually more Righteous. It makes you THINK, which I think is a GOOD thing. In the end the One who is the Oppressor becomes the one who is considered insane and imprisoned. Which illustrates the Laws of Cause and Effect in life. So the Story itself is not evil, only the perception of the Story which can be misunderstood by many Christians. I think people should watch this Movie, just so you understand who Marquis De Sade was, and how he Suffered at the hands of the Christians, and how he persevered through it all, writing like it was his only mission in life. So in this aspect of it, it also becomes a shining example for ALL writers to follow. It shows Marquis De Sade, as not just one of the First Pornographers in the World, but also as an example for ALL Writers to follow in how to overcome unspeakable obstacles in Writing. Talk about Writer's Block, this guy went through HELL just to write, and persevered through it all, just for the sake of Writing! That is a Story all it's own really. In this way, I felt like this movie really showed Honor and Respect to Marquis De Sade, and that was the part I liked the Most about it. No matter how insane the World around you gets, by this example it teaches us to maintain our dignity by remaining True to ourselves no matter what the cost. And that is the Glory of Marquis De Sade. A man after my own heart for sure. :)

SKULLS- This Movie exposes the TRUTH behind the Skulls Secret Society, and how they Foster ideas of Hatred and Contempt as something Righteous, how they are taught to Oppress and Kill people for their own self Righteous gains. For this reason I think everyone should first see this Movie, then do whatever you can to destroy all the Secret Societies and the Foundations who support them, because they are the Spawn of True Evil.

911 Loose Change- You need to watch this Movie, it exposes the TRUTH behind the 911 attacks. This movie provides all the Documented evidence any Lawyer would need to take this Case to Trial,(FACTS not Theories!) but as yet, NONE have had the Balls to try. None have shown they are truly patriotic except the ones who made this Movie. Those are the only True Patriots in this Country so far.

Who Killed the Electric Car?- This Movie shows evidence of who is responsible for forcing Americans and the rest of the World to pay for Gas at three times the price of what it was before. It shows the Republicans tearing down the Solar Panels off the White House roof, it Shows President Bush Vetoing the Clean Air Act for California. It shows a lot of eye opening FACTS that will Blow your Mind once you see it.

Zeitgiest (Click on the Title if you want to watch the Video!) It is AWESOME! It teaches how the System Works and Why it is going to Hell, then offers a Solution to all the World's Problems.

Fahrenheit 911- An Excellent Documentary about just how fuked up the Bush Family really is, from the very beginning. Shows Bush having Rocks thrown at his Limo as he takes office after Stealing the Election, and much more. Shows the Bush family partying with Osama Bin Laden's Father, and more! Shows the Beginning of the Iraq Pipeline deals and George W. Bush insider Trading Deals and MORE! You Gotta See this Movie!

Wal-Mart High Cost/Low Prices-This Movie shows how Republicans use networks of Republicans in other Countries such as China to literally get away with Legalized Slavery, running Sweat Shops using Republicans in China to enslave the Chinese people to work 7 days a week, and live in very poor living conditions so you can buys stuff cheap at Wal-Mart. It shows how every single member of the Waldon Family has about 18 Million Dollars in their Bank accounts from enslaving the Chinese people. If you Love Chinese People don't shop at Wal-Marts. If you Love the US, don't vote for Republicans, don't work for Republicans, and don't pay Rent to Republicans, because the Goal of the Republican is to enslave and imprison and control everyone, everywhere in the entire WORLD for their own Selfish gains. That is the way they were taught, that is the way they are. The Republicans are Pure Evil! They prove it with everything they do. See this Movie so you can understand!


It's really hard to find Movie people (In the US) who want to Produce GOOD Quality Erotic Films. So I highly Recommend you Check out your Local Japanese Video Store for Erotic Entertainment. NOBODY Beats the Japanese Film Industry in Producing HIGH QUALITY Erotic Entertainment! Check em out, you'll see what I mean.

(R)Means it Fukin ROCKS Man! (Unless it doesn't have NUDITY, then (R) means Rip-off! What kind of a Movie is going to go for the Rating and then Not have any Nudity? When you do that I am wondering "What are they THINKING about?!" It's like (R) as in Republican, they like the Blood and Guts of the Gulf War, then jump up and down about Pornography? You gotta wonder about people like that ya know? Gotta watch them Republicans, they're Fuked up in the Heads.) X Means EXTREMELY HOT! Fuk the Republicans! Let Em beat off to Cartoons!

The Machine Girl Japanese Sexy Action Movie

Beautiful Hunter Japanese Movie kind of a Sexy Drama. I liked it.

The Glamous Life of Sachiko Hanai I liked this Movie because it Stars Emi Kuroka. It is Funny and Sexy.


Beautiful Prey-Japanese Sexy Movie about BDSM-Nice!

Virtual Girl I liked this one, it's Low budget, but it was sexy enough to keep me entertained.

Water Lillies

Wild Things 3 Diamonds in the Rough Is one of my Favorite Movies, because is it Non-Stop Teen Cuties, that are just TOTALLY AWESOME! This Movie is one of the Best American made Erotic Films I have ever Seen. I usually consider most American Porn Films as the Work of Amatures. But Wild Things 3 is really Quality Work. It's not Low Fat Cheese, this one is CHEESE FREE! I LOVE IT! All the Actresses are really Awesome, no Cheesy lines, the Plot, the Dialog all work very well, and the Scenes are just TOTALLY AWESOME! I would have adjusted the Camera Angles on most of the Scenes, cause half the time you can't hardly see anything. But I think they did that in Fear of the Republican Bullshit in the Film industry. (Keep thinking like that, and the Japanese will Hold the Title for Quality Erotic Films for Centuries to come.) Sandra McCoy Really Rocks Me!

Wild Things 2 & 1 Both Good

Poison Ivy 1,2, &3 -New Seduction- I really liked this Movie, the Girl is Sexy as Hell, and this Movie WORKS MAN!

Galactic Odessy- This was Awesome.

Species, all of them!

TAMARA- (MY DREAM GIRL!:) I'm gonna use this Movie to Train my Girls how to walk and talk. :) This Movie helps them understand the Difference between what looks Sexy and what isn't. Excellent Training Video!

SHOUJYO:An Adolescence- THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME! The Writer of this Movie is a Genius! I really didn't get that until the very end of the movie. But this movie takes you on a Roller coaster ride of Emotions and Moral intrigue. It is almost Poetic that the main Character in this Movie is a Cop. I don't want to tell you anything about the movie, because I am afraid I would spoil it for you. Just watch it, and you'll see what I mean.

GUARDIAN of the Realm- (About 30% Cheese Factor, but get some Pizza and Beer, and you'll be okay. :)The things I really liked the Most about this Movie is the Sexy Demon Goddess, she was awesome, the Angel Girl Gets Sacrificed, she doesn't get saved like the common damsel in distress movies you see everyday. So that gives it more of a real feel to it, not as predictable as most movies. I Loved the Sexiness of this Movie, that's what made it more interesting for me. The Actors and Actresses were halfway decent too. I gave it Points for Originality, and Sexiness, and the fact that they didn't adhere to the "Norm" when making the movie. I liked that a lot. When someone is bold enough to do the unexpected, I appreciate it. It's a Low Budget film, and the Actors and Actresses are not Academy Award Winners, but they showed what could be done with a Low Budget film, and even though they didn't have perfect acting skills they still put together a very entertaining piece of work. The Trick here was they used things to keep it interesting, to take your mind off their Acting Ability. So in my opinion I think they did a really good job.

Blood and Ecstasy (Japanese Movie) This Film is a Japanese Erotic Film, it was so intense, after I rented it the First Time I Bought it right on the Spot! That's how much I liked it. And I don't buy Videos that often. So when I tell you that, you should KNOW that this one is GOOD. It is a Movie about a Woman who is into Bondage and Domination but she Kills her Subs with the Knife during the Sessions. Then when the Investigator discovers the Woman is the one Murdering her men, he can't bring himself to arrest her, because he is kind of Turned on by her. Then HE winds up getting killed. The Story is Compelling that's the Best words I can use to describe it. My eyes were Glued to the Screen the Whole Movie. And the best thing I like about it, is it actually is a Very Entertaining Drama, it is not like American Cheese Movies. You have to see it to understand. This Movie uses Quality Actors and Actresses from Japan's Film industry, There is absolutely NO CHEESE in this Movie!

Zero Woman (Japanese Movies, I like all the Zero Woman Movies.)

WILD ORCHID - What I liked most about this Movie is it addresses many of the Christian Ideas about Sex Head on, and Point Blank asks you to Question them. This is Good, because it makes you Think "Is this Wrong or Not?" and then through the Movie the Main Character Leads his Love down a path of Enlightenment to teach her one by one the Lessons of Life he wants her to know, and tests her along the Way to make sure she is getting it. I Loved this movie because it is so Subtle that you really have to stay Focused on what is going on, or you are going to miss a good point. Each Scene teaches you something important about life. I really liked that. But like I said before what I liked most about this Movie is it addresses many of the things I think the Christians are getting all wrong. But it also helps each individual make up their own Minds. That's what I like about it, it doesn't come right out and say you are going to burn in hell if you don't think like this, it says THINK ABOUT THIS for a minute. Just THINK about it. So I Strongly Recommend you watch this Movie, but try not to watch it Drunk, you might miss something.

Whips and Chains (Bruce Seven)- I liked this Movie, but Bruce Seven really can't act. So it makes everything a touch Boring. Not only that but he isn't all that Photogenic if you know what I mean. I am starting to Review all the BDSM Movies now, cause I realized I am never gonna see this stuff on HBO or anywhere else, so if I don't buy it, I will never know it exists. So I am slowly starting to make my way through this Stuff and this was the First BDSM Film I Reviewed. But Comparing it to every other Movie in the World I have seen, it Lacks Plot and Character, and has about 50% Cheese Factor going on, but I did like the Girls in this Movie, the fact that they Suffered so that others could enjoy this Film, actually makes me admire them for what they did. Knowing what I know about this Film would I have bought it anyway? Ummm, Maybe. Bruce Seven seems like a real Butt Man, and I am not too into Butts. So if you are really into Butts you will probably like this Movie more than me. But Actually All and All, considering everything, after watching this movie a couple times I have to say I LIKE IT> I Admit it, even though I could do without seeing Bruce Seven in the Scenes, I still Liked it! ALOT. I think the Dialog was terrible, but what turns me on about this Movie is the Suffering is Willing, and it is REAL. And after a lot of Consideration, I can not ignore that. Seeing these Girls Suffer for the sheer Pleasure of the Viewer just inspired the hell out of me. In the same way I worry about Jackie Chan Breaking his bones doing his own Stunts, I also value the Suffering of these Women in this Film. Would I recommend it? I would have to say YES, Absolutely! I would say Buy this Film just to support the Women who made it possible. If they are willing to Suffer like this, then I am going to buy the Film. That's how I felt about this Movie after watching it a couple times. I just can't ignore it. I especially liked the scene where they Stretched the Girl out really Tight- that one really got me! It was like the Grand Finale of the Whole Video! If you think that Videos like this are Disgusting, then YOU should REALLY buy a lot of Videos like this, just so you can gain some level of understanding. Because what these Videos actually teach you is that BDSM is about LOVE not Hate. And if you don't understand that point, then you definitely need to start buying Videos like this.

Death Dancers- This one is a little old, (1993) but it's not really that bad. The ending is a little Cheesy, I think the Writers needed to rework the Script but they just got lazy. If you can see your way past all the Daydreams and Nightmares that everyone keeps having in this Movie, it is not all that bad. It's just littered with alot of irrelevant shit, that's all. But the Camera work is not too bad. Except the lighting is shitty in a couple scenes and they shot through a dirty window in one scene. (Can't believe they couldn't afford some Window Cleaner.)But the Acting is actually halfway decent. (For a Porn movie.)I would have done a lot of things different if I was the Director. But it was a Learning experience for me to pay attention to details.


This Category is for Movies that Slept through the Box Offices But they Still TOTALLY ROCK!


The Professional

Pitch Black

Romancing the Stone

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

CyberWars(Very Deep Concepts-Good Work people!)

Nightwatch(Excellent bunch of Actors and Actresses- Good Movie, except I didn't like how it re-enforced the Christian Concept that Prostitutes are some kind of "Evil Bimbos" that might frame you for Murder. That didn't sit well with me.)

Strange Days(I LOVE Angela Bassett!)


My Wife is a Gangster 1 & 2 (Korean Movies)AMERICAN VERSION IS SUPER CHEESE!

Money Talks(My Name is MARK from Michigan. Chris Tucker is awesome!)


These are B Movies that Really Kick Ass.

Wild Things 1,2 & 3 (Especially 3!) Sandra McCoy! OH BABY!



Lethal Target(CC Costigan really Rocks my World!)

Naked Weapon

The Girl Next Door I Love you Sung Hi Lee!(But you know that Already)

The Grudge(Japanese Version)

Dark Water(Japanese Version)

Vlad- I Really Liked this Movie for a Couple Reasons, 1 it is FULL of Really Good Actors and Actresses. It has Hot Love Scenes! And I really liked the work of Billy Zane in this Movie. Billy Zane, and Monica Davideseu, really made this Movie entertaining to watch. I liked the Story, how it reflected a lot of the TRUTH behind the Vampire Story and Showed Vlad for the Hero he actually was. Even though in the end the Movie gave way to Supporting the Christian Ideals of Hatred and Contempt for all others not Christian, I liked the fact that this movie was one of the Most Fair Vampire Movies I have seen in a long time.

Bram Stoker's Dracula- I liked this Story, because it is more Sympathetic to the actual Story of Vlad Dracula. It makes it Understandable what it might have felt like to be Dracula. The Christians actually made the Story of Dracula out to be a Monster because anything that is not Christian is considered "Evil" by the Christians. So it is no wonder why the American Film industry has followed in Supporting the ideas that the Enemies of Christians are Monsters. When in Reality it was the Christians who Traveled the World Killing people, in Europe, Spain, all Latin Countries, Philippines, Then they came to America and Killed all the Native American Indians, then down to Mexico to Force their Beliefs on them too. Then on to Asia to engage in Christian Brain Washing Missions around the World. Promoting ideas of Hatred and Contempt of all others. Yet Vlad was the Monster right? I don't think so. I see Christians as the Monsters of the World, not Vlad or his Soldiers who supported him (which are made out to be Vampires by the Christians.)


Wild Side


This category is America's Most Cheesiest Movies I have ever Seen! Watch at your Own Risk! I guess they are better than Playing Solitaire, but not much.

And BELIEVE ME! If they are on this List Below, I am WARNING YOU- THEY TOTALLY SUCK! Okay? You Have been Warned!

Recently I have been moving from being just a Critic to becoming a Professional Screenwriter, and in the Process I had to focus on what exactly is it that makes a Movie Cheesy? Because the goal is to NOT make a Cheesy Movie right? Okay so because of this I want to more Clearly Define what it is that makes a Cheesy Movie.

1. A Bad Script, people think that Screenwriting is "Easy" so they just jump on their Computer and start banging out what they THINK a Screenplay should be, and they haven't thought it out well enough, so what you end up with is lines that are so Childish and stupid that they become completely unbelievable. Hence the The Cheese Factor.

2. Film Makers who can't tell the difference between a Cheesy Writer, and a Good one. This means they are willing to put all kinds of time and effort in to a Script that isn't worthy in the first place, simply because they can't tell the difference between a Good Script and a Bad Script.

3. Bad Equipment. Low Budget Film Makers often think that it's "Good Enough" and even some Professional Film Companies will often try to cut costs by using cheaper equipment. And it shows. One of the biggest mistakes I am seeing is using the Microphone that is built into the Camera instead of using a Boom Mic or Wireless mic. Major Mistake! You can't make a Silk Purse out of a Sow's ear. If you are using a Cheap ass Mic, there is no way you are going to be able to take the limited Frequency Response of a Built in Condenser Mic and Create Frequencies that it didn't pick up in the First Place. And the viewer can tell the difference! That Cheap little Condenser Mic sounds like a paper Cup. And the farther away you are from your Subject the less base response you are getting, hence the Cheese Factor increases. An Example of OVER MODULATION of the Audio would be to take a Look at a Soap Opera such as General Hospital of the older days. If you were to set up any of the Movies I have below with one TV and then Set up a Episode of General Hospital on the Other TV right next to it, you would see what I mean about the Audio. General Hospital and many of the older Soap Operas used to Over Modulate the Audio just a little. They used the Highest Quality Mics, and got right up in their Face with them. But making a Movie look more realistic you have to back off just a touch to keep it Real. Examples of Perfection in Soap Operas are Law and Order done by Dick Wolfe, or the X-Files. That is Perfection!

4. Many beginning Film Makers forget that there is a kind of Law of Relativity between Actors and Actresses, and the Director. If you are using an inexperienced bunch of Actors and Actresses, then the Director has to work the living SHIT out them to get it right. Otherwise if you think that one or two takes is "Good Enough" then you are producing the Cheese Factor in your mind before you even call "Action". If you are working with experienced Actors and Actresses, they can literally MAKE your Movie for you. Because the more experienced the Talent is, the less hard the Director has to work to get the shot. That is the Law of Relativity in Film Making between the Actors and Actresses and the Director. Failure to understand this Concept Produces massive amounts of Cheese.

5. Bad Directors. I have seen movies that I thought were great but they were very poorly done. I mean the Director made the Movie as if his Brain was not even engaged. The Director is suppose to Help figure out how to set up the Shot, set up the Background, the Lighting, the Camera Angles, and work with the Actors and Actresses to make sure they are putting passion into every take. They have to time the Pauses and work with the scenes to create Drama. Many Directors simply don't have a clue about what they are doing. Or they care less about the details than they are suppose to. I have seen a great deal of Directors that for example can't even understand how a Pause properly placed can add to the Dramatic Effect! This just blows my mind! To me it's like giving a Child a Driver's license before they learn how to Drive! :)

6. Not Framing the Shot Properly. I am amazed when I see Low Budget Films where the Camera Man is not getting the Shot right. All you have to do is pay attention to one really GOOD movie and you should be able to get the idea. And if the Shot isn't right, then someone needs to slap the Director upside the head and give them a Starbucks or something. Don't just let the shot slide if you see it sucks. We are ALL going to have to watch this Shit, not just you. Remember that. So if it sucks and you know it Sucks, don't let it slide, do it again.

I sincerely hope I have done my part here to help Reduce the Cheese Factor in Film Making.

A SCANNER DARKLY- This Movie was so drab and boring I couldn't even finish watching it. If you have an Insomnia problem, pop this baby in the DVD player and you will be Snoring in minutes! I kept waiting for some momentary element of excitement, but NOTHING! Imagine your Neighbors are Drug addicts, now imagine spending an entire DAY with them! That is exactly what you get with this Movie. Barely any evidence of any Plot at all, meaningless chatter throughout the entire movie which is animated, and it looks like they Animated it from film using a Computer which annoyed me even MORE, because the thought kept pounding through my Head like a Migraine- "WHY DID THEY DO THIS?!" best words to describe this Movie are "utterly STUPID!". And THAT's Putting it Mildly. This one is going to be remembered as the WORST movie Keeanu Reeves has ever done.

Demon Lover


On the Doll

Rachel's Attic

I Spit on your Corpse

Swimming Pool


Macumba Sexual

Experiment In Torture

House of Blood



Hell Behind the Bars

House of the Damned


Witchcraft (All of them Suck! You'd think after making enough of them they might learn how to do it RIGHT, but NOPE.)

Andre the Butcher

Evil Breed

Evil in the Bayou

I will Dance on your Grave

Barely LegalThis Movie is a Cheesy Re-make of "The Girl Next Door" movie. But this one doesn't even come CLOSE to the Quality that was present in "The Girl Next Door". The Girls in this Movie are extremely Sexy, but they Flash them on the Screen so fast it is more like Subliminal Messages rather than actual Sexy Film Making. So if you like a dose of Subliminal Messages that might make you wish you saw a Sexy film, you can take a chance at watching this one. Tom Arnold is the only thing that even keeps me from turning it off. He has a couple good lines in this Movie. Aside from that, I wouldn't even bother watching it again.

The Art of Dying Not only is this Movie Cheesy, but it Promotes the Christian Republican idea that all Photographers and Film Makers are Murders or Rapists, which I do not agree with. And the Cop is actually the GOOD guy in this Movie (yeah right, like THAT could happen!)The only thing I actually LIKED about this Movie was the Love Scenes with Kathleen Kinmont She is Such a Goddess! I found myself just tolerating the Cheese in this movie waiting for another Love Scene with her in it. :)

Galaxy Hunter

(But out of Respect for the Actresses who CAN Act, in Galaxy Hunter, I will mention their Names, but the Rest of the Actors and Actresses in Galaxy Hunter Sucked so bad it made all the Good Actresses look bad. But These Actresses are actually pretty Decent Actresses; Rhoda Jordan, Michelle Betts, and Alain Benatar. Everyone else in that Movie SUCKED, except for the Extras who were Strippers, they were cool. The lines in Galaxy Hunter are so Cheesy it makes you want to Vomit! So most of the Cheesiness of this Movie orginated from the Writers.)

PIRATES (Porn Movie) Some of the Scenes actually are halfway decent Porn, but most of the Camera angles are all wrong. The Scenes are all really Quick, with poor Camera Angles, Terrible dialog, All the Guys in this Movie Can't Act, and the only Girl I really Liked was the Latina or Filipina girl who did a Lesbian Scene so you couldn't even SEE her very much. (Her Head was between a White Girls Legs.) All the other Girls were pretty much Bimbos. If you like Bimbo Porn with Guys who can't act, you'll Love this Movie. The plot was not half bad, I could have made this Movie Work with a little more Sexy Bondage Scenes, and Longer Love Scenes with Better Camera Angles, More oil, More Candles, and an investment in some Quality Actors and Actresses, it might have actually been a Movie I would watch more than once. But after seeing it the way it is, I won't waste my time again, not even if it shows up on HBO.

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