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What I will PAY you for

1. I will Pay the equivalent of $100 dollars to the person who introduces me to My Dreamgirl, (Any of the Girls on my TOP100 LIST If we fall in Love and live together for more than one year, Or I will pay someone who introduces me to a Woman I Marry or spend more than one year living in the same bedroom with, I will pay the person who introduces me to my dreamgirl one Hundred Dollars, on the Date we are Married, or exactly one year from the time we start living together in a Loving Relationship.

But I am really Looking for a Long Term Relationship- LOVE:
I am looking for a Girl between the ages of 16 and 36 with No Children, an Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, or Aquarius, preferably with Brown Skin, (But I also like White Skin Asian and Mexican Girls) preferably Asian, Thai, Philipina, or Japanese,(I Will accept any race or Mixed Race, but Culturally I am more Asian, which is why I prefer someone who understands me and eats the same kinds of foods I do.)

Preferably Buddhist, Wicca, or into Witchcraft, Voo Doo, and ESPECIALLY The Religion of Kali, I LOVE Girls who are into the Religion of KALI and also enjoys being a Domina in BDSM, yet has a very Honest, Compassionate and Understanding heart. This is what I am looking for in a Woman.

I DON'T Want: YO MTV Gangstas, or Girls who are into RAP. I Don't want Christians, I Don't want Republicans, I don't like Girls who like Jocks, or Athletes. (WHY? because most of them are Assholes, and if you like Assholes then you won't like ME cause I am NOT an Asshole.)

Things that Turn me on about a Woman:
If a Woman is into the Religion of Kali or has read the New Religion of Kali and Likes it, that is a major Turn on for me.
If a Woman likes to Play with Knives during Sex, THAT IS A MAJOR TURN ON FOR ME!
If a Woman is Sexually Sadistic, and Masturbates herself while thinking about Whipping and Torturing a man, THAT IS A MAJOR TURN ON FOR ME!
If a Woman LIKES to READ, That is a Major Turn on For me.
If a Woman likes to Workout and Exercise, and Looks GOOD, That is a Major Turn on for me.
If a Woman believes that Sex is a Spiritual Ritual of Love, THAT is a Major Turn on for me.
If a Woman Likes to Model, That is a Major Turn on for me.
If a Woman Likes to Dance, That is a Major Turn on for me.
If a Woman likes to Listen to Techno, or High Energy Dance Music, That is a Major Turn on for me.
If a Woman is a Music Artist or Actress, that is a Major Turn on for me, because it relates to things I like.
(I am a Musician/Recording Artist, and Photographer, and Writer)

If a Woman has Long Hair, that is a Major Turn on for me.
If a Woman is Strong focused and Intelligent, THAT is a Major turn on for me.

Things I WILL accept in a Woman:
I will accept Women who do Drugs, or Women who Drink, Socially, not falling down out of control everynight. Women who are Prostitutes, or Swingers, or Porn Stars, who want to leave that life behind for one Love, ME. I will accept Women who may have Herpes, Hepatitis, or TB, or Diseases that are not Sexually related, except Heart Disease, because you need to be active with me. If you have Chronic Pain related to any disease, then I can not accept that, because I want to have good quality sexual experiences. I can not accept Girls with bad Backs or can't walk and things like that. I can not accept Girls with HIV or AIDS, unless you are Serious about Killing me. That is the only way I would accept a Girl with HIV or AIDS, and then you would have to be YOUNG like 15 to 27, because you would have to look good enough to Die for. LITERALLY. But I would accept a Girl 15 to 27 who has AIDS or HIV if she was seriously willing to Kill me. (If you are really going to kill me, I am not going to worry about if you are "underage" or not. If you are not afraid to kill me, how can I be afraid of having Sex with you ya know?)

If you can FIND me a Girl who fits these specifications listed above, and if we fall in Love, I would give you $100.00 in the manner specified above.

2. The Second way you can make Money from me, is I would be willing to PAY YOU $100.00 for referring me to ANY Job that legally Pays me $50,000.00 a year salary or More, IF I am Hired for that Job, and work for more than 3 Months, I will Pay you $100.00 cash exactly 90 days after I accept the job, and receive my first payment from that Job. Salary must be Fixed, and not based on Commissions of any kind, and salary amount should be given to me IN WRITING before beginning the Job. Or Provide me with $2,000.00 or more cash advance if no Salary Statement is given to secure my trust.

3. The Third way that you can make Money from me is to help me get to Thailand to Live in Thailand. I will give $100.00 cash money to anyone who gives me Legal Reason to Live in Thailand, that is approved by the Thai Government, or Ministry of Foriegn Affairs, and allows me to Live Freely in Thailand for more than 2 years, on an extended Visa or Helps me to Immigrate to Thailand and become a Legal Citizen of Thailand. I will pay $100.00 on the Date that I receive my Long Term Visa or Immigration Card for Thailand, to the person who helps make it happen for me. For more information on what I can Do, check my Hire Me Page

I will Pay Girls who want to Model for me, or do some Videos with me, but the Amount is something we would have to Negotiate, based on your Look and Experience.

For More information please e-mail me at: the_webninja@yahoo.com

Thank You!