It is good that you are a LEO Girl.

What I Love about Leo Girls is they make me Feel LOVED. A Leo Girl always needs to feel Loved, and I like to do that. I like to hold you, and run my fingers through your hair, and tell you how beautiful you are. I LIKE a Woman who lets me do that. And when I do that, I feel Love too, because I am giving Love to you. I will always want to be around you. I will always want to be your friend. I am a Photographer, so I will naturally want to take Pictures of you all the time, and Leo Girls Love that.

Why do I want you so much?
Because You are Passionate, You are Loving, You are Caring, You are Warm and Considerate when you want to be. When I am with a Leo Girl, I fall so Madly in Love with a Leo Girl that I would begin to Worry about Losing You because I loved you so much. A Relationship with me would be extremely PASSIONATE, and Romantic, it would be the very essence of Love itself.


The only thing that I worry about with a Leo Girl is sometimes a Leo girl tends to disrespect me, and Leo Girls have the tendency to run around with other Guys even when they are in a Relationship, a Leo Woman is rarely ever completely Loyal to her Mate. And the only other problem I have ever had with Leo Girls is sometimes they have a tendency to act like BDSM is immoral. I can not deal with that kind of Mentality. However if you are a Leo Domina, then I see no problems forming a serious Relationship with you. You would be everything I want in a Woman. I have also recently come to the conclusion that Leo Girls are really heavy into the Drama act. They CREATE Drama out of nothing. If a Leo Girl likes you then they can be the greatest thing that ever happened to you (or so you might think) but if a Leo Girl doesn't like you for whatever the reason, they can be the most Back Stabbing, betraying, untrustworthy, trouble making people you ever met. They LOVE to fight and cause a Scene in a Relationship. And usually a Leo is at the Center of attention in most Domestic Disturbance Calls to the Police.

Here is a few examples: One time I asked a Leo Girl out she told me she had a Boyfriend, so I gave her a slip of paper with my Phone number on it and said "if you ever change your mind or if you are just curious about me, let me know" and I left it at that. She told her Boss that I was Harassing her!!!

Here's another example of a Leo Experience: I once had a Leo Hair Stylist that I used to drop ten dollar tips on her every couple of weeks. We used to talk about everything like we were best friends. After knowing her for about 3 months I fell in Love with her. I wrote her ONE SINGLE LOVE LETTER expressing my Love for her. She filed a Restraining order on me!!

A Leo girl is the Type of Girl who likes to create fights between guys just so she can bathe in the Glory of the scene that two guys are actually fighting over her. I don't play that shit. I'm used to hanging with Girls who are as Bad as I am, and THEY would offer to kick any guy's ass before they would let ME fight over them. That's the kind of Women I hang with. :) And lately Leo Girls haven't been making it for me.

So THIS is what Leo Girls are really like. They can be something really great, or something really terrible depending on their mood I guess. :)

So while I LIKE Leo Girls, at the same time I also understand they are pre-programmed to be a little Psycho-Dramatic at times. Still I have been seduced by Leo Women several times in my life, and I must say the experience was rather Blissful, and I might be willing to try it again if you are a Leo Domina, or a Leo Girl who is willing to be a Domina for me.

Thank you for reading through my Profile.

Do you want me?



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