Ladyboys, TS, TVs
Thank You for wanting to be My Friend.

WHAT I am interested in Ladyboys for:

I am not Gay, I am a Straight Hetrosexual Male with a Penis, I am primarily attracted to REAL Biological Women. In my younger years, I occassionally would bring home a Ladyboy believing I was bringing home a Real Biological Woman. Back in those days I even had Sexual Experiences with a Ladyboy not knowing she was actually a HE! And when I found out I spent days pondering "Am I gay?" until I realized that "Gay" is when you get horny thinking about Guys. I was still getting horny thinking about Women, not Guys, so I am not Gay. But where does that leave me with the Ladyboy Situation?

Well being that I had already stumbled into Experiences with a Ladyboy, I could not actually find myself HATING Ladyboys cause once you experience them, Ladyboys are not all that bad really. So I guess you could say that left me Open Minded about Ladyboys rather than taking a Hateful Rejective attitude about Ladyboys. After my Ladyboy Experiences I felt like I had to "make a Decison" about who I wanted to have Sex with, either Women or Ladyboys. But now I am 47 years old, and when I think of Ladyboys it kind of turns me on. I actually LIKE the idea of having Sex with a Ladyboy now. Before I was not completely into the Acceptance idea of it all. Now I feel like if I have a BDSM Ritual I would really LIKE a Ladyboy to be there. But I would want to know you first before the Ritual. I enjoy being Touched by a Ladyboy, and I would enjoy being Whipped by a Ladyboy. I would enjoy it if a Ladyboy made me Cum, and I would feel good about making a Ladyboy Cum too as long as I didn't have to give you Oral Sex. I don't think I could handle that just yet. :)

But when I stumble into a Club and I don't know there is a Ladyboy there, and one comes over to me and Grabs my Balls at the same time She is saying "hi" in the back of my Mind I want her to Drag me in the back room Chain me down and Whip the Hell out of me. :)

So I am not afraid of a Ladyboy experience anymore, I think it is just another exciting part of Life now. But I am still hoping to meet the Right Biological Woman and start a Life together with her. So I think of Ladyboys as Playtoys in a way. I don't mean to disrespect you, but I want to tell you how I feel so you won't expect I am going to fall in love with you and marry you or anything. But if you want to have Sex with me, Yeah, okay, if you want to Chain me down and Whip me, Cool, I would love it! But I am not going to marry you. My best friend in Hawaii was a Japanese Ladyboy, we hung out and went many places together every couple of days for YEARS, but we never had Sex together. So I would Love being Friends with Ladyboys or TS or TVs, so don't be shy about e-mailing me and inviting me to meet you someplace. I'll BE THERE, I'll Show up! I kid you not!

I like Ladyboys as friends better than Asshole Football Jocks. That's how I feel. Ladyboys are usually pretty cool to hang out with. I have no problem with Ladyboys. And if you turn me on, I will let you have your way with me. But keep in mind I am going to keep Chasing Biological Women until my dying day, when she Kills me. :)

So let me just clarify things here a little, I am NOT interested in Gay Guys, or Drag Queens, I have had friends who were Gay Guys many times in my life, but what I am talking about here is Sexual Relations, and I am NOT interested in Sexual Relations with Gay Guys or Drag Queens. I would be interested in having Relations with Transvestites, or Trans-Sexuals the Younger the better. :) I usually like age 18-30 any one over 30 really doesn't interest me all that much. But in Thailand, Philippines, and Mexico, I have seen some really beautiful Transvestites and Trans-Sexuals. And I am thinking I wouldn't mind getting to know them a little better. :)

So go to the bottom of this page and think of yourself as a Female from here on out and click on the links pertaining to Female to learn more about me. Thanks for taking the time.

Okay well I guess you have learned enough about me to make your Decision, if you want to be my Friend, e-mail me:


Thanks again for wanting to be my Friend, I'll make SURE, you will not regret it.

You can Call me at: 1-810-441-5837 (If I am in Mexico my Cell won't work good, just e-mail me, and I'll call YOU.)