Thank You for wanting to be My Friend.


Your Role as My Friend Should be:
1. Accept Me for Who I am, and Respect my Values, that means you donít Insult Me or Degrade me, or say disrespectful things about me. Thatís not Cool to me, it is Childish and Stupid.

2. My Definition of a Friend is someone who Supports me, Supports what I do, helps me Achieve my Goals, and Believes in what I am trying to Accomplish in the World. A friend does not Cheat me out of things, or Lie, or say bad things about me behind my back, or undermine things I am trying to do out of Jealousy, or hold Contemptuous attitudes about me for certain aspects of my personality.

3. Friendship is based on TRUST, and a Mutual understanding, and Respect for each otherís values. I Help You, You help me, thatís how it works.

4. Friendship is like a Networking Element for me, I believe that Friends help me make Connections, introduce me to people who are interesting, and may enhance my life in the right direction in one way or another. A Friend would not forget to invite me to the party, a Friend would plan the Party WITH me, or I would be the first one they Called to talk about going to it. A Friend might call me up to see if there was anything I wanted to contribute to the Party, not decide to not even invite me or not tell me about it because they donít want me to attend.

5. I feel like a Friend should have something in Common with me, some like interests or common goals, some kind of Foundation to build a lasting Friendship upon. Some Purpose for the Connection. Women who want to be friends with me, can use Sex as a Reason or Connection if they want to. Guys I want a little more substance in the Relationship. But I believe in having female Friends that have Sex with me whenever they want to. I like those kind of Friends, and I can understand that kind of relationship, as long as you are single, and not Married or have a steady boy friend living with you.

6. Internet Friends I expect to e-mail me once in a while, Chat with me often, but donít add me to your list, then act invisible to me. I want communication with you, otherwise I wouldnít bother in the first place requesting to be your friend. I donít like people who add me to their list then refuse to let me see when they are on-line, or never e-mail me or chat with me. What kind of sense does that make? It makes me feel like you were just looking for Money or you wanted me to bring you to the US, or save you from your Life, take you away from your parents or a half a dozen other things that have NOTHING to do with Friendship. If you want to be my Lover, not my Friend, then SAY SO. Donít say you want to be friends then get upset cause I donít marry you and bring you to the US. I am thinking about Moving to Thailand, Japan, Guam, or California, if you donít like that Idea, then donít request I be your Friend thinking I am going to Support You, or your Family or bring you to the US. I donít really like the US that much, so donít base our ďFriendshipĒ on the idea that I am going to bring you here. I would rather you base our Friendship on Teaching me your Language, or Helping me find a way to Move to Thailand or Japan, or where ever you are that might help me.

7. HELP-I donít mind Helping my Friends, but right now I have no Money, so my Help, can not be associated in any way with Money. If you get me a Job MAKING Money, then of Course I would be greatly indebted to you for it, and I would try to help you in any way I could. But most people donít even want to know me if I donít have any money, so it is no surprise why I doní t have too many friends right now. If there was such a thing as LOVE in this World, then Homeless people wouldnít exist, because everyone would be offering them Help. But love is rare, so is Pure Friendship without Greedy Self Centered Motivations.

8.Human Psychology- Yet Basic Human Needs Require Human interaction to maintain our Sanity, yet, most people spend most of their time trying to make up reasons why they should not associate with one person or the other. In relation to the Internet, the Republicans try to make everything on the internet seem Evil, and everyone is out to get you. So making friends on the internet is not easy when you listen to all the Republican BS about the Internet. They treat everyone with Hatred and Contempt, they CREATE images of Evil even when there are none. Their Lives are completely consumed with thoughts of Hatred and Contempt for one reason or another, and the Christians and the Police propagate the Rational of Hatred and Contempt of all others as something Justified, even when it really is only a figment of their own imagination. This Trend carries over into the common Rational for JUDGING someone in regards to Friendship. You begin to LOOK for the Evil in each person you associate with, you LOOK for reasons to Hate and Dis-associate with people. And your World becomes Cold and Distant, Isolated, and you are Alone. Or you are with people for all the wrong reasons, and your friends treat you as bad as some enemies, because you JUDGED others so much that now your Karma returns to you, and you are Surrounded by people who possess Spirits of Demons. Now you can CHOOSE to live like that, or you can CHOOSE to accept a guy like me for who I am, without Judging me, and see what happens. I Promise you I will not Hurt you unless you want me to, and I will do my best to make Sure you will not Regret my Friendship. In Friendship it is a lot of Give and Take, each person must Contribute SOMETHING to the Relationship. Women who wish to be My Friend, can offer me Their Companionship, Hugs, Kisses, even Sex if they feel they desire it with me.

What can I do for YOU?


(Now this doesn't mean I am an Expert in all these fields, it just means I know enough to do these things for Myself and a Few Close Friends.)

Computer Repair
Computer Applications
Basic Web Design HTML 4
Basic Network Installations
Basic Electronics
Radio Communications
Electrical Wiring
Basic Mechanics
Auto Mechanics
Automobile Design
Small Engines
Building Maintenance
Housing Repairs
Basic Construction Techniques
Health and Nutrition
Diet Therapy
Physical Fitness
Martial Arts- Arnis & Kali, Philosophy of Jeet Kun Doo
Image Manipulation
Audio and Sound Engineering
Acoustical Design
Basic Psychology
Sexual Psychology
Human Relations
Creative Thinking and Innovations
Western Astrology
Chinese Astrology
Japanese Blood Types
Basic Sociology
Religion & Philosophy
Domestic and International Law
Uniform Code of Military Justice
Basic US Government
US Politics
Asian Culture and Traditions
Thai Language
Japanese Language
Tagalog Language
Basic English
Business Management
Supervisor Safety
Sales and Marketing
International Relations
International Business
Retail Operations
Food Service Management
Northern, Southern American, Filipino, Chamoro, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, THAI, Cooking
Hotel Management
Front Desk Operations
Some Applied Chemistry
Applied Physics
General Math
Electric Guitar
Classical Guitar
Music Theory
Sound, Light, & Stage Equipment and handling
Graphic Arts
Basic Internal Medicine
First Aid
Emergency Medical Procedures (EMT)
Fashion Design
High Fashion Modeling
Fetish Modeling
Animal Care & Handling
Farming and Agriculture
And a LOT more I can't even Remember!

Okay well I guess you have learned enough about me to make your Decision, if you want to be my Friend, e-mail me:

E-Mail: the_webninja@yahoo.com

Thanks again for wanting to be my Friend, I'll make SURE, you will not regret it.