Insourcing Can Affect All Americans

by Carolyn Kay

If you thought outsourcing was bad for the American middle class, then you'll like insourcing even less. Insourcing is bringing foreigners to work in this country for lower pay than Americans. Insourcing became a problem in my business, information technology, long before anyone thought of sending the work itself overseas. Now, more and more occupations are being affected.

Bob Kuttner's recent column in the Boston Globe informed us that there's a nursing shortage in the U.S. The main cause of the shortage, Kuttner says, is that there aren't enough nursing schools or enough teachers of nursing, many of whom are lured into higher paying jobs in the for-profit health care industry. To solve the problem, our government could invest in Americans and in America's future by funding more schools and better pay for the teachers.

Instead, Republican Senator Sam Brownback wants to raise the ceiling on the importation of trained nurses from foreign countries, who will work for less, thereby undercutting American salaries. You could call it a dis-investment in America, though of course it will make CEOs of big health care conglomerates very, very happy. And it will keep their donation dollars rolling in to the Republican Party.

Just as outsourcing has reached levels never imagined even ten years ago, insourcing is a growing phenomenon. If you don't think your job is at risk, I suggest you take a look at a new website, Bright Future,(I was unable to Locate this Website.) dedicated to publicizing information about the H1B program, which was originally supposed to be used to hire foreigners only if Americans can't fill the position. Instead, jobs are being reserved for foreigners (at lower pay than for Americans, of course), and Americans need not apply.

And Matt Yglesias, writing on The American Prospect's blog TAPPED, wonders if college professors who so selflessly give away other people's jobs by applauding outsourcing will change their minds as the education slice in the above pie chart increases. Can't an economics professor from India teach as well as an American professor? And for less money?

Oh, and if you're in the media don't think this problem won't affect you. Writing and editorial jobs are being outsourced even as we speak. How long will it be before those jobs are insourced, as well?

This program will affect every single American. Bookmark Bright Future, join the discussions there, and stay informed.(I was unable to Locate this Website due to the fact that the Writer did not specify the exact URL.)

Your economic future is at stake.

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The above story was e-mailed to me, the info is very vague, could not verify the Websites she referenced due to inaccurate URL descriptions. I believe that the information in this story is True but the Author did a terrible job of stating her sources, because she did not give specific URL References, and relied on HTML Links that got lost when they were copied and pasted from one e-mail to the next. Had she specifically stated the URLs for these sites instead of relying on HTML links, this never would have happened. I tried looking up some of the Sites she made reference to, but I was unable to find them.