I am looking for work with either individuals or companies who can see the type of person I am, and Respect what I have to offer. I am NOT interested in working for individuals or companies who think that disrespect is a method of management and conformity to certain standards of practice. I am the Value Creator, and for that reason, I feel I deserve to be respected for that.

The Price for my Services is not only paid in Monetary value, but also through Respect and Appreciation for what I do. I DO NOT Work for people who do not appreciate me. Those are my Terms.


The List Below are the things I am interested in Doing:

Idea Man or Consultant (Especially for the Film Industry)

Film Director



Screen Writer

Photographer or Camera man

Digital Audio or Video Editing Specialist

Dj, Announcer, Speaker, MC, or Voice Narrator

Buyer for Import/Export Business

Business Manager (Provided I Like the Business)

Hotel Front Desk

Cook or Services Person on Yacht or Ship in Tropical Pacific (For Very Small Crew)

Custom Built PCs

Computer Consulting

Running an Internet Cafe

Writer for Newspaper or Magazine or Special Assignments


Above I mentioned WHAT I am interested in Doing, now I will specify WHERE I want to do it.

Presently I am in San Diego California, My Goal is to Move to Pattaya Thailand, or Ko Samui Thailand or Puket Thailand. Pattaya being my First Choice, because of Pattaya's Commitment to the Music Industry of Thailand, I hope to help cultivate the Music Festival in Pattaya, and try to turn it into an International Event, where all the Major Music Stars from all over the world will attend each year, and help support the Thai Music Industry each year. It would evolve into an International Music Extravaganza, with Concerts all over Pattaya featuring different Music Genres of all kinds, stars would literally walk the Streets of Pattaya interacting with fans, and Thai Music Artists, forming friendships with Thai Music Artists and Thai people. Music Distributors would line the Streets promoting CDs and DVDs of Music Stars with Autographed Signatures, and Posters, and T-Shirts. This is just a taste of what I plan to do once I am in Pattaya. I think of Pattaya like my Home, so I want to make it something Special. I think enhancing the Music Festival is just one way of doing this.

So, if you can Help me Move to Thailand, and give the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a document explaining why you need me in Thailand so they will grant me a long term Work Visa, and get me Closer to applying to be a Citizen of Thailand, I would be deeply indebted to you.

I am Honest, Trustworthy, Hardworking, and Responsible. What more could you want? I will be there when you want me, and I will do my best everyday, I will perform BETTER than most, because I put Passion and Focus into whatever I do. If you can understand the value of that, then I think we have an understanding of how I can help you.

Those who are interested in Hiring me, can Feel Free to Contact me any time, I am not going to bite.

Well,...at least not until I get to know you a little better first. :)

e-mail: the_webninja@yahoo.com


If you are a Female wanting to get to know me, please do not send me a link to your Web page, cause I will never go there. The way to my heart is Paved with Sincerity. You want me? SAY SO. CALL ME, and TELL ME, Find out where I am working now and Come there, and talk to me. But too many people design Websites with Driveby Download Scripts that load Viruses and Malware into a Computer, and thousands more just want me to Subscribe to some "Pimps" site so they can make Money off me. That's not my Style. I don't go for Bullshit, I am as Real as it gets. If you really want me, all you have to do is Say so. It's pretty simple I think. Can't get much simpler than that.