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Anything you can do to help me get to Thailand and Legally Live and Work in Thailand Freely, and work towards becoming a Thai Citizen, let me know, because that is my Goal in Life right now.

I want to Marry a beautiful Thai Girl, and live in Thailand. But I am having a hard time finding a legal reason to stay in Thailand. I could stay if I marry a Thai Girl, or if a Company or School submits paperwork to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but other than that I can only go to Thailand on Vacation, and I want to LIVE there forever, and become a Thai Citizen. So if you can help me with that, that would be GREAT!

Presently I am Looking for a Warehouse to Rent in San Diego California, USA, to set up my Recording Studio, and Record my next CD/DVD, and do another Movie. I am looking for about 10,000 to 20,000 sq ft or more for around $500 dollars a month. Preferably Underground like a Basement or a Military Bunker or Fallout Shelter. This will insulate from the noise outside better.

Presently I work at a Hotel Front Desk, if you can Give me a Better Job, that might help, or if you know of a way I can make Lots of Money Legally without getting involved in some Multi-Level Marketing Scam, let me know.

I'm always open to suggestions.

I would really love to do some Fashion or Fetish Model Photo Shoots, if you know of a Model that needs some Pics done, I would do it really Cheap. I also have two Digital Video Cameras I can use for Special Events if anyone needs anything like that done. I am available for that kind of Stuff. If you really want to help me, get me doing the stuff I LOVE to do, instead of the Stuff I am doing just to pay the Bills. That would help.

Give me a Record Contract, for my Music.

Put me on as a Director for your Next Film, or at least as a Consultant.

Let me throw Ideas at your Writers, and give me a Cut. That would be fun.

Give me job on an Island some where in the Tropics, (Maybe Thailand:) that would make me Happy. :)

If you want to help me, that's a good start.

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