I have learned that True Happiness comes from understanding that each and every Moment in time we are faced with decisions, and how we choose to act or decide, affects our own personal happiness, and this in effect affects the happiness of those around us as well.

So if you want to be Happy, it is partly a matter of choice, to decide what it is that is really going to make you happy. The problem with most people is they end up making the Wrong Choices in life which ultimately leads them to feel unhappy. Life is a Learning experience, so even when you make the wrong choices in many cases after you realize that it was a poor Choice that lead you to be unhappy, in many cases there is still the Possibility of Changing your Circumstances just by changing your mind or the way you think, or prioritize the values which control your life.

Let me simplify things a little by giving you some examples. I recently watched a movie where in the Movie the World was facing an imminent disaster, and everyone was about to die. A man and his Girlfriend were holding each other preparing for the end, and in that moment just before they were killed the Guy reminded his Girlfriend of a really happy moment they shared at a Local Carnival, they described how it was such a beautiful sunny day, and the breeze was blowing gently and they both smiled and agreed that it was a really nice day. Then they were killed.

The point of this story is you just never know what tomorrow might bring. So often we take things for granted, and we just don't realize how precious each and every moment really is, until the comforts we take for granted are gone. If we choose to consciously pay attention to all the precious details in life, it can literally make you High with Euphoria. Some might call you delusional or detached from reality, yet, if you are focusing on the details of Reality how can they say you are detached from it?

For example yesterday I got up and I was so Thankful that I was healthy and not in Pain, I felt so fortunate, because I know someone who is dying of Cancer who is constantly in miserable pain, and I realized it could very easily be me, as it is him. I feel sorry for him, but at the same time his suffering puts more focus on MY Life, and makes me appreciate my Good Health more. So I went out and I bought a huge Ice Cream, and I thought to myself "No More am I going to choose to deprive myself of these things that make me feel happy, because there might come a day when as hard as I try it might be impossible to enjoy these things."

Later I bought an apple fritter, and as I took a bite I realized that I had been many places in the world, but this really was the BEST Apple Fritter I had ever tasted. It was moister and loaded with more apples that ever before. So I told the bakers who made it how I felt about it, and they were happy I liked their apple fritters. So the Happiness Chain Reacted. Then I thought "what if I move away from this place? I might never be able to taste an Apple Fritter this good again ever in my life!" This made me appreciate it even more.

The Sun was shining and I realized I was really glad it was not Cold and Rainy. Then I thought of how lucky I am to be happy walking down the Street eating my Apple Fritter, free from worry, free from pain, while at the exact moment there are so many people around the world who are suffering so much they can't hardly stand it. Some will even die while I am eating my Apple Fritter. There are those in Iraq who are probably getting Shot or Blown up and killed, maybe those in the Detention Facilities who might be getting their Testicles Crushed, or suffering some other horrible fate, there are those in Ethiopia who are starving to death without food, as I happily eat my Apple Fritter, there are those in China who are working like Slaves until they are exhausted, only to have their bosses harass and torment them another day, just so Wal-Marts can have cheap stuff to sell, there are innocent Children who are being tortured and abused by their Parents, some will even be killed, there are those who are dying in Car Accidents as I eat my Apple Fritter, so much suffering all around the World, at the same time I eat my Apple Fritter. There is someone getting butt fuked in Prisons around the world, there are others scheduled for beheadings today in the Middle east, there are those who simple run in fear of the US Government every single day just to stay alive, all while I eat my Apple Fritter. There are those in Mexico who are Kidnapped and Robbed maybe imprisoned and Tortured or even Killed by the Cartels while I walk down the streets free from worry eating my Apple Fritter.

The point is once you bring the world into perspective, you begin to realize just how lucky you are to have one moment in time where you can be happy. By counting your blessings, and paying attention to what is really important you begin to find so much happiness in your life, you cannot ignore it.

By Focusing on the Positive things in your life, you can change the way you feel and the way others feel around you. If you focus on the negative things in life all the time, it will only make you feel bad, and make everyone else feel bad as well.


THINK POSITIVELY- That is the key to true happiness because you will feel however you THINK, so if you Think Positively then you will begin to FEEL more Positive. Sometimes it feels like a Chore just to think Positively. So in these cases just try to think about what you are Grateful for. If you are not in Pain, be Thankful for that. If you have food, clothing, and shelter, be thankful for THAT. Be Thankful for as many things as you can, and then that will give way to thinking more Positive.

The problem comes when people allow to many outside emotions and thoughts to clutter up their mind, and then you can sometimes lose focus on your Positive thinking. So the things below will help you to focus more on Thinking Positive. But always remember that you Can control how you think, and what you think about, so this means you also can control how you feel. Many times we feel bad because we think our life is out of Control, so the minute you start to DO Something or Plan and Think in ways to help you gain back control of your life, the faster you will begin to feel better.

Guard yourself against Thinking Negative, talking bad about other people, thinking bad about other people, instead whenever you find yourself thinking bad about someone try to feel sorry for them, try to Think with Forgiveness, Try to Think using Compassion and Understanding, instead of Hatred and Contempt, because hating someone is only going to make you feel worse not better. Don't Plot revenge against people who you think have Wronged you, instead think about how you can Help them to understand your Point of view. If they just will not listen to you, then just try to distance yourself from these Negative people, because surrounding yourself with Negative people will eventually make YOU think Negative too. And that is not going to make you feel happy. Many times when friends get together the first thing they start doing is talking bad about people. Don't do that. And if you try to stand up for the person they are talking bad about many times these same "Friends" might gang up on YOU and try to use Peer Pressure to make you submit to their Negative gossip gatherings. In these cases it might be best to find some new "Friends" because people who have nothing better to do but talk bad about other people, are not very constructive, and are rather thinking with Negative Destructive minds, not Constructive. It might be better for you to seek out people with common interests, people who get excited about the same things you do. Go to certain events that features these things and meet some new Friends.

Watching the News can also affect how you feel, you can't feel happy if you watch the news and see people being Murdered around your House, the Economy in ruins, people being arrested, maybe for doing the same things you might have been thinking about doing the day before, all of this kind of stuff isn't good for you if you want to be happy, so just turn it off, watch Cartoons or a Movie or do something else, but watching the News is not going to help you unless you watch the weather because you want to know what the day is going to be like, but if the Weather man tells you it's going to Rain, many times the Weather Man is wrong anyway, and hearing bad news about the weather isn't going to help you either.

Start Monitoring your own Thoughts, every time you think about something, ask yourself, "Is this something Positive and Beautiful? Is this going to Help me? Is this some how getting me closer to my Goals or pushing me further away from them?" By checking how you are thinking it helps you to Focus more on thinking Positive. Which WILL Help you in every way.

FOCUS ON YOUR GOALS- When you write down a list of your Goals, it helps you to think more positively, it instills a sense of Hope in your life because you are making plans for a better life than what you have now. One more thing you can do is instead of thinking of your Goals as something you want in the distant future, do something everyday to help you get closer to those Goals you make. For example if you want to be really good at something Practice or Study whatever it is you want to be good at, a little everyday, and it is better if you set aside time to do this BEFORE you go to work. It will make your whole day feel better.

EAT ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST! -Some people think Ice Cream is "Bad" for you, but I studied Nutrition and Diet Therapy most of my Life, and I can tell you that Ice Cream has things in it that makes your Body and Mind Relax and feel GOOD! That's why it is one of the most Enjoyed things in many people's lives. IT has Calcium, and Protein, and certain Fatty Acids mostly from Butter, that make your Brain feel Good, and I have even proven it can make some people actually THINK better. If you are in School, try eating Ice Cream before you study and see if I am right or not. The only thing that is "Bad" in Ice Cream is Sugar, and a little bit of Fat. But those are in many ordinary foods as well. In Fact there is Ten Times as much Fat in Pizza as there is in Ice Cream. And the kind of Ice Cream you eat Matters, don't eat that Diet or No Sugar Ice Cream eat REAL BUTTER Ice Cream or Custard Ice Cream not Sherbert. And I don't recommend Chocolate Ice Cream cause Chocolate can screw up your Immunity System in some people. This can make you feel worse than you felt before. Butter Pecan Ice Cream is the Best, but if you load up Vanilla with some Nuts you can get an extra Kick of Protein from the Nuts. That would be a lot better than some Sugar Cereal, or a Dough nut.

DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL-It will make you Depressed the Next day. Drinking Alcohol puts a lot of unnecessary Stress on your Body and Mind, it dehydrates your body as well as your Brain, and your Body NEEDS Fluids to circulate all the Brain Chemicals around good. So if you dry your System out with Alcohol, it's going to make you feel Tired and Stupid until you get your Electrolytes back up to normal so you can think good again. That's basic common sense. If you take away the things your body and brain need to function correctly you can't expect to feel GOOD about it the next day. While Alcohol is a Natural Substance in the Body, too much of it can throw the Body all out of wack, and the body may try to balance itself back out thinking that IT is creating too much Alcohol, and this may be what throws all the Chemicals in your Brain out of wack the next day so you wind up feeling Bitchy and Depressed because of it all.

DON'T DO DRUGS-Even many Anti-Depressants have been found to make a Person Crash really hard and make you even MORE Depressed than you were in the First place. Some people have even Committed Suicide because of the Crash from Anti-Depressants. Crack, Meth, and even Psudeophedrine Hydrochloride (A Cold Decongestant) has been proven to make you Crash really hard and make you More Depressed than you were in the First place.

EAT CARBOHYDRATES!-Many people are on this NO Carbs Diet, well if you have been on a No Carbs Diet, no wonder you are depressed! Your Brain NEEDS Carbs, Your Body NEEDS Carbs, that's why Carbohydrates are in almost everything we eat. Because we are SUPPOSE TO EAT Carbs. Carbohydrates act as a Happy Vitamin for your Brain. It gives you energy, and makes you feel good. Just count the Calories and make sure you exercise those Calories off, and you have nothing to fear from Carbs. If you don't believe me, go to your nearest Gym, and look for that Guy with the Big huge Muscles and ask him for a minute of his time to talk to you about Carbohydrates. Anyone who hangs out in the Gym knows about Carbs and what they do for the Body. The Guy who invented the NO Carb Diet DIED from Stress in the Brain. That ought to tell you something right there. If all you eat is Protein, this has been Linked to Brain Anorisms and Brain TUMORS! Not Good, either way you cut the pie. If you wanna be Happy Eat Carbs.

EAT MORE FATTY ACIDS-There is a lot of Research being done right now on Fatty Acids, but what they are finding out is that Fatty Acids can literally work Miracles on the Brain. There is one type of Disease that causes a person to become completely paralyzed, and lose all control of your bodily functions, and they have found that the ONLY way to Cure this Disease was with Olive Oil, and Fatty Acids from Cooking Oils. Also Fatty Acids from Fish Oils have also been proven to really help the Brain. So take a Spoon full of Olive Oil everyday, and see if it makes you feel better. It works for me.

TRY MEDITATION-There are several ways you can Meditate, the most Common way is to Focus your mind on a single point, it can be a Spot on the Wall or a Picture if you like, and many people Chant, some silently, some out loud. Some just close their eyes and focus on the Beauty of Complete Silence itself. And I have also used Walking as a Form of Meditation. But do not use a Stereo or anything when you walk. Because the idea is to help Clear your mind, and that is hard to do if your mind is full of noise. But a Relaxing walk at Sun Rise or Sun Set is absolutely AWESOME! Especially if you can do it near the Water like a Lake or River, or Ocean Beach, that would be perfect! Also laying out under the Stars at night, is a Great way to clear your mind as well. Try doing it for an Hour Everyday, and see if it helps you after a week or so. Usually you will notice a very dramatic difference within the first couple days. It will be like a WOW! Kind of experience in the way you think. It can almost feel Spiritual, because it awakens your mind to it's fullest, and a big chunk of your Mind IS Spiritual.

EXERCISE REGULARLY- Many people will tell you to Exercise, but I am telling you to Exercise REGULARLY! Because THAT is the Key to getting the Fluids in your Brain to loosen up and move around a little bit. When you Exercise Regularly, this increases Blood Flow, not only in your Body, but also in your Brain, and when your Blood Flows really fast like when you are Exercising, it literally CLEANS out your Body in TWO ways. One through Sweat you Sweat out Toxins in your Body which can cause all kinds of Problems, and You Clean out your Veins and Arteries of little bits and pieces of Plaque which can cause certain areas of your Brain NOT to get Blood, and if Certain Cells in your Brain don't get Blood they Die off, and you can't feel really good if part of your Brain is Dying off everyday. But if you Exercise, you get your Blood Pumping around really good, it cleans everything up and your Brain gets Nourished from good Blood Flow, and it can literally make you feel "High" from it all. So Exercise Regularly, it is the one thing you can get Addicted to, that is actually GOOD for you. :)

WATCH A GOOD COMEDY MOVIE- I wasn't going to put this in here, but then I thought about how many people are hooked on the regular TV that is Littered with Commercials. Take some time and go see a Movie or Rent a Movie if you have not done so lately. The Reason I say this is some "Professional" Types, get so wound up in their "Professional" Lives, they ignore the simple opportunity to Relax once in a while. You can't possibly feel HAPPY in life if you constantly Torment yourself with Work, Work, Work all the time. How can you possibly feel good about a life with no Play time? A Good Movie will help you Relax because a Movie can actually function as a Mild Form of Hypnosis, where it allows you to completely forget about all the stresses in your life for about an hour and a half. And after that you will feel surprisingly Refreshed. Movies also Play with our Emotions, so if you Watch a Comedy Movie it will actually release "Happy" Chemicals in your Brain, which will make you FEEL Happy from the stimulus of just watching the Movie.

One other Movie you can watch that will make you feel good is the Movie
"The Secret" which explains in detail all the concepts I am talking about here. I learned all of these things by studying Buddhism, but in the movie the Secret they explain them in a way that many Christians can understand.

Another Movie that is really good to watch is the Movie "Bedazzled" it has some Christian talk in it, but just ignore all the Christian references, the movie does point out some important things to think about, and it is really funny.

LISTEN TO HAPPY MUSIC- When you listen to Music THINK about what you are listening to, because your subconscious will often emulate the emotions of the Music you are listening to. So if you listening to Sad Songs all the time, you are going to eventually feel Sad emotions. If you are listening to YO MTV Gangsta Music that talks about Killing people, you might begin to Think about Killing someone because what we THINK about directly influences what we FEEL and how we FEEL influences how we ACT. This is basic Psychology. The Mind Leads where the Body Follows. If you want to be Happy you have to Listen to HAPPY Music. I recommend High Energy Dance Music. It is more often up beat, happy, makes you want to Dance around which is a Happy thing, and makes you think happy thoughts, making you FEEL Happy. Try it.

One example of Happy Music would be the Song "Change Your Mind" by Sister Hazel. This song completely illustrates exactly the concept I am talking about. Listen to the Words of the Song.

DON'T MAKE YOUR HAPPINESS DEPEND ON SOMEONE ELSE- Many times we allow our Lives to revolve around someone we Love, we make our Happiness depend on THEM or their Opinion of us. This is WRONG to do this! You cannot allow your Happiness to depend on Someone else, because doing that implies that you have the Ability to CONTROL the other Person. And that is not True. So if you cannot Control the Other Person, and you allow your Happiness to Depend on THEM, then you allow your Happiness to be out of your Control. And that is not a Good Thing if you want to be happy. So the way to correct this is to accept responsibility for YOUR OWN Happiness, and let others do what they will, and be who they are, without judgment from you. Let them go essentially. If you love someone let them go, if they come back to you they are yours, if they don't then they never were. This is an old Saying that clarifies the idea of Letting go of Control of others, and ultimately defining True Love. Love without Control or Restraint is Real Love. If you have to Control someone in order to be happy, then there is no way you can be happy. Happiness must come from inside yourself, not from someone else. Once you take responsibility for your own happiness, then you can feel more Confident that YOU are in Control of your OWN life, rather than allowing someone else to be responsible for your Happiness, and in effect allowing others to CONTROL YOU.

Take Responsibility for your own Happiness, Realize that Your Happiness must come from inside YOU, not from someone else. YOU influence Your own thoughts and emotions, YOU decide what to Think about which Influences how you feel, YOU decide what everything Means in your Life, and whether it means something GOOD or Bad, so YOU have the power to Control your OWN Happiness. So realizing this, you must take control of your own life, and your own happiness. If you allow someone else to be responsible for your happiness it would be like Closing your Eyes and taking your hands off the Steering Wheel while expecting the Car to go Straight down the road. You know what Foods you like that make you Happy, so Eat those Foods, You know what Music you like that makes you happy so Listen to that Music, you know what places make you happy, so Go to those Places, forget about everyone else for a moment, and focus on what YOU Like, and what YOU want. This will make your Happiness depend only on YOU. You will control your Happiness.

REDUCE FEAR AND ANXIETY-Fear and Anxiety can affect how you feel, it makes it really hard to feel happy if you are really worried about something or even afraid. The only solution to this Problem is to do everything you can to separate yourself from what ever it is that is creating these emotions in you. If these Emotions are being Created because someone is threatening you or causing you Stress for some reason, you have to do what you can to get away from them or the Circumstances that create it. Sometimes it is Debt or Bills, some times it might be your Boss, or Lover, sometimes it might be a lack of money or Car Problems, or family problems. Whatever it is that is creating the Problems or Negative Emotions you have to get as far away from them as Possible. If it is Debt that is Creating the Problems for you, take it one step at a time and do what you have to do to solve the Problem. If the only way you can Solve the Problem is by Leaving the Country, then you have already found the Solution. As soon as you start TAKING ACTION to Solving the Problem, you will feel better about it. If you are being Beat up by a Lover, go to the Police and File a Complaint and a Restraining order. The minute you start to Take Action, you will feel Better. If it is a Boss causing you Problems You CAN File a Law Suit against an Employer if they Unnecessarily Harass you, you can Charge them with UN-DUE STRESS. Talk to a Lawyer about it. Employers Employ you, they do not OWN you. That point needs to be made Clear to some Employers. And Sometimes the only way they Get it, is to Sue them in Court. Or you can always Quit and Move someplace away from that Area and Start over. The Depression resulting from Fear and Anxiety is directly associated with your BELIEF that your Life is out of Control. As soon as you start doing something to TAKE BACK CONTROL, you will feel better. If you are in a Hostile Working Environment, YOU MUST LEAVE THAT JOB! There IS NO OTHER WAY. I know, because I have been there, and done that. You keep thinking things will get better and they never do. If you are Surrounded by people who Treat you badly then the Ultimate "Fuck YOU" to them, is to LEAVE THEM BEHIND! I Promise you, you will feel good about it after you do.

Also Consider the fact that there is also Subliminal Fear and Anxiety from watching too many Horror Movies, listening to Death Metal Rock, or Gangsta Rap that talks of Killing people. You might not think that these things affect you, but they affect you on a Subliminal Level, so many times we are not even aware of these effects on our lives. We become whatever we think about MOST. And if your Mind is always in the Gutter, thinking about Death, and Negative things, then your life will be surrounded by negative things. If you belong to a Church for example and all they do is talk bad about Gays, and Blacks, and how Women are suppose to Serve Men, and about all the Hate in the Bible, then your mind is getting filled with these ideas of Hate, which has a negative influence on your thinking. How can you feel happy with thoughts like that in your head? You can't. So you need to Distance yourself from Preachers and Teachers, and Teachings that influence you negatively as well as Music and Movies which might influence you negatively. At least until you gain more Control of how you think, and what you think about. If you allow others to Control you, THEY WILL.

REDUCE STRESS- Stress is created by several things, a busy work Schedule, the Work LOAD, the Deadlines, Problems in the Work Environment or Problems with the Work itself, Problems with other Co-workers or Your Boss or Bosses, or Customers. Even Problems getting to or From Work can cause you Stress. But another thing that is often overlooked that creates Stress is working yourself into a Daily Routine everyday, and doing the same things everyday, day after day after day. This can create Stress without you even realizing it. Your body and mind will start to feel bad, and many times you can't even understand WHY.

The Solution to this Problem is to Change your Schedule, do different things everyday, Drive different Routes, Eat Different Places, Meet with different people, Go different places at different times everyday. Try to make it so you never do the same thing each day at the same time. The more you can mix up your Schedule the better you will feel.

To Relieve Stress created by the other ways, try Exercising, Watching a Movie, Meditating, Watching a Sun Set, Or going Dancing or having fun somewhere. Something to get your Mind off of what it is that is Creating the Stress. Because you can't be HAPPY as long as you are ALLOWING Stress to Control your Thoughts and Emotions. YOU have to take Control of your Thoughts and Emotions and do something to make yourself FEEL Better.

REDUCE THE FAT- There are many people in this World who live out their Lives Fat. And Some will try to Convince you that it is "Okay" to be Fat. To be HAPPY being Fat. If you can do that, that's great, but the TRUTH is, anyone who has been Fat, knows they don't like being Fat. So in this Case if you know that you don't like being Fat, then you have already identified the Source of your Unhappiness. So it is up to YOU to take Control, Take Responsibility and DO SOMETHING to Correct this Problem. DO ANYTHING to get one step Further to NOT being Fat. Because you have already identified that FAT=Unhappiness and SLIM=Happiness So do everything you can to try to Achieve that Goal of Getting Slim. Fight like your life depends on it, because literally it might. Being overweight causes Heart Disease, as well as many Mental Problems resulting from living your life in a state of Fatness. Walk to Work or School if you can, Park your Car as far away from the Front Door every-time you drive somewhere. Ride a Bike instead of Driving a Car, it will not only work towards your Goal, it will save you money as well, so you have TWO reasons to do this. Cut Wood for winter Fires, it will save money, help you Exercise, and keep you warm. When you are Sitting in a Chair lift your Knees as high as you can 30 times or more. Twist your Body around, make Circles with your Arms until they hurt. Bend down and touch your face against your Knees 30 times, Walk down the Beach for Exercise, Swim, Surfing works out your Arms and Chest Muscles really good, then watch your Diet, because if you eat more than you burn off, all the Exercise in the World won't do any good.

Pizza is great Food, it is good for you, but it is about 1000 calories per slice!! And there is more fat and Cholesterol in one slice of pizza than you should be eating in a Week! A good plate of Steamed or Stir Fried Vegatables with an egg or a hand full of Peanuts would be better. For Breakfast you could eat a Scoop of Ice Cream with some Fruit and nuts. Or Yogurt if you prefer. Carbohydrates are good for you, but if you are Fat, one of the Reasons you might be Fat is because you are eating TOO MUCH Carbohydrates. Common Causes of Over Weight people is eating too much Rice, Eating Too much Doughnuts, Eating too much Noodles, Eating too much Breads, all of these are Carbohydrates, and if you are going to eat them you need to count the Calories. Running for one whole hour only burns off about 200 Calories. One Package of Saimin Noodles is about 600 to 900 Calories, even MORE with Egg and Vegetables. One Doughnut can be around 600 Calories. If you eat 6 Doughnuts in one meal, you are eating WAY TOO MUCH! If you are always going to the Fast Food places and ordering the SUPER SIZE, you are eating WAY TOO MUCH! If you always think you have to have Desert with each meal, You are eating WAY TOO MUCH!

So in this way, you can begin to see that being Fat is actually more of a State of MIND rather than a State of the Body. The way you THINK directly affects the way you are. So if you constantly THINK "I want to be Slim" you will begin to act in accordance with how you think. Every time you feel like you really have to have a little more, think to yourself "Which is more important that, or my Goal to be Slim?...Which is really going to get me closer to my goals of being Happy. If I eat that I am going to be happy for a Little while but sad later because I am fat. So which is more important for Long Term Happiness?" In this way you can constantly check yourself to make sure you are working closer to your Goals everyday. And when you are constantly TRYING doing something Positive for your Life, just that alone will begin to make you feel GOOD everyday.

TAKE A VACATION WITHOUT LEAVING HOME-If you can't actually afford to GO someplace to take a Vacation, I did a little experiment once where I Watched Movies from another Country for a Week Straight, I Ate food from that Same Country everyday for a Week, I went to Cultural Events Related to that Culture in my Area for a Week Straight. And after one week of this, I felt really Refreshed as if I had actually Traveled to that place, but I never left the City I was living in at the time. :) Try it and see if it works for you. In my little Experiment, I watched Chinese movies for One Week Straight, ONLY Chinese Movies, and Nothing Else. Then I Listened to ONLY Chinese Music, nothing else, I explored the Different Styles of Chinese Music, not just the Traditional Styles but also the Dance Music, and Love Songs, Then I Ate at ONLY Chinese Restaurants, I Ate at China Town everyday, I went to a Different Restaurant for each Meal, I ate the Traditional Chinese Snacks for Breakfast, I ate other Restaurants for Lunch. I Did this Little experiment on Chinese New Years, so I was able to go watch the Dragon Dances and Fireworks as well. I spent all my time with My Friends who were Chinese, and went places with them when they had time. I spent time Learning how to Speak a Few things in Chinese that week. I learned the names of different Chinese Foods, and I studied the Chinese Religions as well. After one week of doing this everyday, I felt GREAT! Completely Relaxed and Refreshed as if I had been away on Vacation but I never Left Honolulu Hawaii. :) A Few weeks later I did the Same thing with Korean Culture, I went to Korean BBQ, and other Korean Restaurants, I went to Korean Massage Parlors, and Watched Korean Movies and Learned about Korean Music, and Studied a few Lines of Korean Language. And it had the exact same affect. So Try it, if you can't afford to travel to another country, you can still search out the Culture right in your own Town! It will feel GREAT believe me.

WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS-Sometimes we get depressed if we begin to feel Lost in life. If we start to feel like nothing matters, or no one Cares, or our lives start to feel pointless or meaningless. This can make anyone feel depressed and most people go through this at some point in their lives no matter how Successful they are. The Trick to turning it all around is to develop a PLAN. Once you start to make a PLAN and set some Goals, this very action is a Positive or Pro-active form of Thinking. You are beginning to DO SOMETHING about your Situation when you begin to write down your Goals. You might feel bad when you first start writing down your Goals, but once you develop some kind of Step by Step PLAN on how you Plan to reach these goals you will begin to feel a whole lot better. It can even lead you to feel "High" from the excitement of it all, once you realize your life is not as hopeless as you first thought.

-Sometimes the cause of our Unhappiness actually lies in the fact that we haven't done anything to create any Long Term Happiness, which causes us to feel like we haven't really accomplished anything with our Lives. To Change this you have to understand the difference between Long Term Happiness, and Short Term Happiness.

Someone who only Focuses on Short Term Happiness is someone who might work Paycheck to Paycheck and then every Payday they Blow all of their Money Partying at the Bar or Casino or Chasing Women or Buying Pizza and Beer, and Gas to drive around and drinks and Food, and then they are Broke again until Next Payday. That is an Example of someone who constantly Chases Short Term Happiness.

An Example of Long Term Happiness is someone who might Write Down their Goals and figure out what they actually want to DO with their Life, then maybe they Go to College or Learn a Trade or they Buy Tools or Equipment that they can use to Work a Particular Job they really want to work. This is an example of Long Term Happiness, because their Focus is not only on the Here and Now, but also on their Life ahead, and they are focusing on things that are going to bring them Closer To their Goals. If you constantly focus on your Long Term Goals, especially related to how you spend your Money and Time, it will make you feel Happier because you will constantly be doing something which will bring you closer to your Long Term Goals. This will make you feel like you have a Solid Foundation for your Life, that you have some sense of Direction. This will make you feel happy.

HAVE LOTS OF SEX!!-Many people especially Religious Fanatics try to suppress the Need for Sex. But I have studied the Subject intensely throughout my life and I can tell you without a Doubt that Sex is a Physical and Psychological NEED in order for us to be happy in Life. If you have not had Sex with another Person lately no wonder you are not happy. If at all Possible find someone to have Sex with, even if it is only for one night, the minute you are finished there will not be a Doubt in your mind that what I am telling you is Right. It is important that you Respect the other Person and do not force anyone to do anything against their will. Cause if you do, the Guilt might make you feel worse than you felt before. But there is nothing Wrong with Sex as long as it is performed by Consenting Individuals. No matter what anyone else tells you, I am telling you Sex is a NEED that MUST be Fulfilled if you want to feel happy in life. It doesn't matter if you pay for it or not, or if you do it with someone you know or a Stranger from a Bar, but Human Beings are designed to be COMPELLED to Desire Sex until it makes you CRAZY in the Head! Because this is what keeps the Species going. If things weren't this way the Human Race might Cease to Exist. So Go have some Guilt Free Sex, and Enjoy it! You can thank me later. :)