The Essence of Enlightenment

The Essence of achieving COMPLETE Understanding:
The State of Enlightenment is said to be the ability to Understand all things. This is not to mean that one in the State of Enlightenment knows everything. It is more of a WAY of Thinking, rather than an assumption of a certain amount of Knowledge.

This is a Goal of many Buddhists and Hindus and it is also a Goal for the people who Practice The New Religion of Kali as well. Because once you set your mind towards TRYING to Understand all things, you set yourself on what is called "The path to Enlightenment". This is what is meant in all the Buddhist Scriptures when they speak of the "Path to Enlightenment". It starts with Humbling oneself enough to accept that Understanding and Compassion is one of the Greatest virtues in Life. It is an Attitude that you must accept first in order to set yourself on the Correct Path. Because without the Right Attitude, you could never understand the VALUE of Compassion and Understanding in the first place, and you would be Lost in the four Lower Worlds just like everyone else in the World.

But once you strive to Understand all things, you set yourself on the Path to Enlightenment just through the effort of TRYING to Understand, you eventually achieve deeper and deeper levels of Understanding, the more you strive to Understand. This is what leads you to a State of mind called Enlightenment.

The opposite of Compassion and Understanding is Hatred and Contempt. This is a negative state of mind which is nurtured by Religions such as Christians and Muslims, which leads them to Hate all others because their scriptures do not lead them on a path of Compassion for others, or Understanding of others, instead, Christianity for example uses terms such as "Sin" or refers to people as "sinners" or "evil" to refer to anyone who goes against the ideas set forth in their Scriptures, which leads them to Hatred and Contempt, not Compassion and Understanding. This in turn makes many people delusional thinking they are righteous to Hate others because their Scriptures say they should. This makes people hate others to the Point where they literally fall into the Lower states of existence, and they become filled with rage and contempt for others to the point of wanting to Kill others to satisfy their Rage of Hatred and Contempt.

Now when a Government adopts ideologies that foster Hatred and Contempt the Society will reflect this Hatred and Contempt upon the people, such as when more than 9 Million people were Killed by the Christians in the United States in the 1800s because they THOUGHT the people were practicing a Religion that was not Christian. Later in more Modern times around 2005 it was reported by one of the Leading US American Justice Television Programs that more than ONE THIRD of the ENTIRE WORLD POPULATION, was ALREADY IMPRISIONED IN US PRISIONS. This is an example of what happens when Society Adopts Philosophies of Hatred and Contempt. Muslim Scriptures are just as bad as Christian Scriptures, because both Religions propagate Hatred and Contempt for all others, instead of Seeking to Understand and use Compassion.

This is why the entire Middle East has been plagued with Violence and Death, their world is not Heavenly because of their Beliefs, it becomes a living hell for their entire Society, and they fight "Holy Wars" in the name of these False Gods they created of Hatred and Contempt. And every- where in the World that Christians and Muslims have traveled they leave a trail of Death behind them. Trying to Force their beliefs on everyone in their Path, using every negative tactic they can think of, Fear, Guilt, Violence, Oppression, Terrorism, and Coercion. All Negative things, used to Propagate negative beliefs of Hatred and Contempt. There is nothing "Good" about these Religions at all. I am telling you this here to illustrate the difference between Religions that use Hatred and Contempt such as Christianity, and Muslim Religions, and Religions that strive to attain Enlightenment by using Compassion and Understanding, instead of Hatred and Contempt.

This is why it is important for us to TRY to attain Enlightenment in the First place. If we act lazy like we do not care about Compassion and Understanding, then our World quickly becomes Chaos, and the people begin to act insane, and delusional with hatred in their Hearts, because they loose all hope, and fall into the Lower Worlds and suffer from rage and hatred.

But when one strives to attain Enlightenment, and values Compassion and Understanding, you feel better, you think better, soon your life becomes better in every way. This is Proof of a Correct Teaching. If a Religion makes the people act insane, killing others for no reason, hating and treating others with Contempt, then you can tell the Religion is a false Religion.

Okay, now that I have explained WHY it is important that you try to attain Enlightenment, and strive to use Compassion and Understanding instead of Hatred and Contempt, now I will explain to you what it means to actually attain Enlightenment.

The Essence of Enlightenment:

Enlightenment is a deep path of Understanding, using Compassion as much as Possible. Now that sounds pretty easy, but for most people they can only go so far into the idea of Compassion and Understanding, then they stop. This is why striving to attain Enlightenment is a Continuous Process. It is not something you do for a little while they you are done. It is more like something you really have to think about a lot, everyday in almost every situation. Because to Truly Understand and have Compassion for everyone, and all things, takes quite a bit of Thought. And most people do not want to accept ALL Levels of Compassion and Understanding. For example; it is easy to have compassion and understanding for the average person who is not doing anything controversial or adverse in anyway. But let me give you some examples of what TRUE Compassion and Understanding would be like, and you can see more clearly what I am talking about.

In the World of Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism, there are some really good examples of how you can work to Understand everything. People who practice BDSM, are actually learning how to be more Compassionate with each other. What do I mean? The Masochist likes to teach the Domina how to Torture him, but he doesn't want to Domina to act too excited about it, at least not until she Chains him Down. The Domina on the other hand is most likely Sadistic, which many people think of as some form of "Evil" but the Masochist completely understands the VALUE of a Sadistic Woman. There is no doubt in the mind of the Masochist that Sadism is a Beautiful thing. This is because the Sexually Sadistic Woman has exactly what the Masochist needs to feel happy in life.

So the Masochist possesses UNDERSTANDING and COMPASSION for the Sadistic Domina. The Domina in turn might NEED the Sacrifice to fulfill her Sadistic Sexual desires as well, because without the Sacrifice, who would she be able to Whip and Torture? So the Sadistic Domina NEEDS the Masochistic Sacrifice, just as bad as the Sacrifice NEEDS the Domina. So in this Situation each has a certain level of Understanding and Compassion for how the other feels. Even though many people who do not Practice BDSM think of Sadistic people as "Evil" because they ENJOY hurting others, here in this example we can see how Sexual Sadism actually has a Positive Value for a BDSM Relationship. But only those who Strive to UNDERSTAND it, will understand the Value of it. Those who harbor hatred and contempt for those who practice BDSM will never attain any level of Understanding, and will most likely just discount the activities of BDSM people as "insane".

Which has been done by many Christian Psychologists in an effort to try to manipulate the minds of the people to follow what THEY believe is right, and deny everyone else their Right to Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Sexual Expression. This is what happens when people of Authority such as Doctors try to use Hatred and Contempt to control the information given to others in Books and Educational Materials they often interject their own Negative Hatred into the Reading Material for the Purpose of limiting everyone else's Freedoms by imposing their beliefs on everyone.

Another example of how deep Understanding can go is, to understand multiple partner Sexual Relations for example. Most people think of having Multiple Sexual Partners while you are together with a Mate, completely un-acceptable, and many relationships have broken up just for the THOUGHT of having Sex with another Mate. Yet if you were to Consider how the other Person feels, and strive to understand their needs, you might actually get to a point where you would even want to help them find another Sexual Partner just to give them a little happiness and excitement in their Lives, maybe as a reward for being so Loyal to you, as a Gift of your Understanding and Compassion for how THEY feel.

If you harbor beliefs based on Hatred and Contempt you would immediately use Jealousy and Hatred instead of trying to understand how the other person really feels, and you would in effect Destroy all Love within the Relationship because it violates your Beliefs of Hatred and Contempt, so you use Hatred and Contempt to judge the other person and Condemn them with loneliness, or in some cases some people have gotten so Jealous and Hateful they Killed or Injured their Lovers for thinking or acting like they want to have Sex with another Person. This is not using Compassion and Understanding, that's why they react with Rage and Hatred, because that is all they know.

I once had a Woman who Loved me so much, once she saw me Look at another Woman, and it happened to be one of her Friends, and a few days later, she Surprised me by bringing her home to me, and telling me that it was okay if I wanted to Make Love to this Girl I had been looking at a few days earlier. My Girlfriend made it completely clear to me, that she was not going to be upset, she just wanted to make me happy. I made Love to the Girl while my Girlfriend patiently waited in the Living room drinking coffee. When I finished making Love to the Girl she had brought home for me, I was filled with a feeling of AWE for my Girlfriend. I felt like I had the Greatest Girlfriend in the Whole World.

I felt so in Love with her that as soon as I came out of the Bedroom, we fell together Kissing and Hugging like we were teenage Lovers. Then we went out had a Very Romantic Dinner Together and came back home and I made Love to my Girlfriend all night long because I was so Thankful for what she did. Just the THOUGHT that she would do something That generous for me, was amazing to me! And at that time I agreed to return the favor whenever she wanted. This Taught me a Deeper Level of Compassion and Understanding than I had ever known before. This is a good example of just how deep Compassion and Understanding can go.

But there are lots of other elements of Life that are treated as some form of "Evil" by other Religions, yet if you take the time to really THINK about it, you can see how you can benefit by using Compassion and Understanding in every situation.

Pedophiles for example, are usually hated by many people in Society, but more than half of the people they call "Pedophiles" are actually interested in Teens rather than Children. And if you consider that most Girls begin Menstruation at or around age 12, this means that SOMEONE decided that Girls should begin reproducing at or around age 12. Someone with more intelligence than us decided this. So who are we to say they were Wrong? Christians and Muslims believe in trying to hide and prevent Sexual behavior from teens as if it is some form of "Evil", and what happens as a Result of Treating Sex with Hatred and Contempt, these Christians create young people who are completely ignorant about Sex, and wind up getting pregnant instead of understanding how to use Birth Control. Then if the teens want abortions the Christians jump up and down and treat THAT with Hatred and Contempt too, when if you think about it, if there was better educated young people who knew and understood exactly how to use Birth Control, a nd they ACCEPTED it, as a Righteous Practice, then there would be LESS need for abortions in the first place. But Christians are so stupid they can not even see how it is their own Hatred and Contempt that Breeds these Problems into being.

If they used Compassion and Understanding, and taught the Children all about Sex way before they started FEELING Sexual, then the Children and Teens would be fully educated and prepared to make adult decisions about their Sexuality, and this would decrease the number of unwanted Pregnancies in the first place. But when you use Hatred and Contempt, you use Censorship and try to hide the information away from the Children with "Parental Controls" then you breed ignorance and stupidity, and this only creates MORE Problems, that they continue to treat with MORE Hatred and Contempt, and the Cycle continues into Chaos.

Because this is the Path of Hatred and Contempt, it only leads you to Chaos and Disorder, Rage, and Death. This is why Christianity and Muslim Religions are the most Dangerous Religions on the planet. They make their followers Delusional, and they propagate hatred and contempt with every thought word and deed they make.

Another example of how deep you can follow Compassion and Understanding would be the Situation of a Prostitute for example. Christians call them "Evil" "Sinners" and they try to throw them in Jail with their Laws of Hatred and Contempt, because the work of a Prostitute is about Sex, and the Christians already treat Sex as some form of "Evil" so they treat Prostitutes as "Evil" as well. Think about the work of a Prostitute for a moment. A Prostitute cares for a lonely man who has no Love in his life. This is what she does. She Gives Love. Even though it might only be temporary, the act of Caring for another human being, and giving Love, is itself an act of Compassion and Understanding. But what do Christians try to do to these Compassionate Women? They try to arrest them, humiliate them, ridicule them, persecute them, and prosecute them with their Laws of Hatred and Contempt, until they can try to completely ruin these Women's lives.

That is the goal of the Christians to destroy others lives with their Hatred and Contempt. They are not "good" by any stretch of the imagination. Everything that Christians DO is based on Hatred and Contempt of all others. How can they possibly consider themselves to be "better" than everyone else?

So with just these few examples you can begin to see just how deep the Path to Enlightenment goes. It is not easy for many to accept such deep levels of Compassion and Understanding, especially those who have contact with Religions and Philosophies such as Christianity, and Muslim Religions, which are based on Hatred and Contempt. The more one listens to the preaching and messages of Hatred and Contempt from the Christians and Muslims, the more they can be Brain Washed into believing in their Lies, and Fairy Tales. But those who follow the Truth and stick to FACTS will soon begin to see the Lies and Deceptions of the Christians and the Muslims.

As long as you make it YOUR determination to seek out the State of Enlightenment as your own, as long as you strive to USE Compassion and Understanding, with every situation, and every decision you make in your Daily life, then you will set your self on a beautiful path, that gets better and better as each day passes. And in turn your life, and the lives of those around you will improve as well. Some times it takes a while to look around and realize just how far you have ascended above everyone else. But when you look back after about ten years of really striving to use Compassion and Understanding, you will notice great beautiful changes in your life. Everyone will have problems, so I am not saying your life will not have problems, but you will begin to notice the very circumstances that surround you, even in what you might consider to be the "Worst" of times, will still be better than most everyone else who is not striving to achieve a state of Enlightenment.

When I was first studying Buddhism long ago my teachers told me this very same thing, and I was so arrogant at that time I was thinking "Yeah, Yeah, right, sure" as if I really didn't believe what my teachers were telling me. But even though I really didn't believe what they said, I practiced exactly the way they told me to, I strived to THINK exactly the way they told me to, and eventually I began to understand what they were trying to teach me. Now I am trying to tell you the same things they told me long ago, and I know there will be many who think I have been smoking the incense or something, but I assure you that if you accept what I say, soon you will begin to understand what I say if you practice thinking with Compassion and Understanding, it WILL change your life! I Promise you!

Compassion and Understanding can help you even in simple ways as well as complex ways. For example, if you act Compassionate towards a Boss who acts like an Asshole, you might find he is Suffering either Emotionally or Physically which makes it hard for him to feel happy. Treating him with Kindness in the face of his Anger or Contempt of you, might make him change the way he feels about you, and in turn he might give you a raise or special treatment or maybe you might just find a way to get along, where if you Acted out of Hatred and Contempt, you might get fired from that Job instead of Changing the way he thinks about you.

The same can hold true for Personal Relationships as well. The more you use Compassion and Understanding with Friends and Family, the more Harmonious your Personal Relationships may become. So you can see that Compassion and Understanding is a very constructive way to think. Where as using Hatred and Contempt is a very DESTRUCTIVE way to think. This Proves that Compassion and Understanding IS the correct Path to Enlightenment.