SUA, The Web Ninja for President

Hello everyone, My real name is Mark Evans, my Nick name is SUA, my Internet handle is The Webninja, What would I DO if I was President?

(Actually it's just too damn Cold in Washington, and I am actually Dreaming of Laying on the Beach with a Beautiful Thai Girl sippin on a nice Tropical Drink or something under the umbrella in Pattaya. Now THAT's my Idea of a Good Time, NOT being President of the US.)

So this is more of a Hypothetical Example of what I would do IF I was elected to President. The best part about this is I actually DO have some good Solutions to some very serious Problems with the US.

Someone has to take out the trash now and then, and if every other Politician is going to ignore things like the TRUTH behind the 911 attacks and just sit back and ACT like everything is going to be okay, then, I guess you need to get a guy like me in there once in a while to clean up all their messes. So FOR YOU, (not for my sake, cause I wanna go to Thailand and Live), but for YOU, I am willing to forsake MY GOALS, and MY DREAMS, to help a Country I don't even want to live in anymore.

Most of the young people in this Country like YO MTV Gangsta Rap that sings about Killing people for no Reason, and they get all pissed off if you try to play anything but Gangsta Rap at Parties. All of this really makes me Sick of this Country, you have Hatred and Contempt ruling this Country like it's some kind of a Epidemic Plague or something, from all the Republican BS right down to the Common High school student who is into YO MTV Gangsta Rap, I don't see very much that I am interested in here in the US anymore, BUT STILLI am willing to Majorly inconvenience MY LIFE, just to Fix many of the Problems of the US.

Now if you think I can't handle it, if you think I am crazy for even THINKING about it, GREAT! I'll go help a Country that appreciates me, and you people can continue to deal with Idiots like Bush, and all the problems they continue to create for you. But if you believe that I am not Bushitting around here, and if you have enough confidence in me to support me, then I will support you, and I would help this Country. I am not interested in people who want to nit pick around to see if I am even "Qualified" for the Job. If you think an Idiot like Bush is "Qualified" to be president, then I don't even acknowledge the evaluation process anymore, because if you can elect an idiot like Bush, you don't even need to WORRY about whether I'm qualified or not. Cause I put more thought into writing this one PAGE, than Bush put into an entire Term as President! And if you can't see the Difference between a Guy like ME, and a Guy like Him. Then just go on about your little moron lives, and leave me alone, and I'll go help the people of Thailand.

But if you ARE Smart enough to see the Difference, and you Appreciate what I can do for you, then Call me, and we can make some arrangements. MAYBE I will Run for President and I will SOLVE many of the Problems we have here in the US.
(Not likely, but maybe you can convince me.)

But I gotta tell you just the THOUGHT of spending another 6 years in this Country makes my Stomach Churn and I feel like I wanna Puke like someone with the wicked hangover. There are very little opportunities in the US anymore for doing ANYTHING really. The Opportunities are all in other countries now, not in the US. I feel like the Longer I stay here, the more I am just wasting my time. But I would consider Running for President even though I might have to Chug Pepto-bismol like it's water just to stomach this country for another year, I would suffer through the Agony to benefit the people of the US. IF you wanted me to. But if you don't, Don't worry about it, cause I will be much happier Dancing at a Disco in Thailand than I would being President of this Fuked up Country.

If anyone would like to Facilitate my Move to Thailand to help make MY DREAMS come true, I would be forever grateful to you! Please Contact me! Cause I would Drop this Country like a Hot Rock for an Opportunity in Thailand. But I figure as long as I am STUCK here in this Miserable Fuked up Place, I might as well try to do something to Fix it.

But I can't do it alone, I need your help. I am unemployed thanks to the Bush Administration, just like many of you are. And I do not have any Money for a Campaign at all. So what I am planning to do, is tell you about my Platform, to let you understand what you are going to GET if you elect ME for President, then if you like what I am about, you can contribute to my Campaign and I will use the Money to try to become your President. If you don't like what I am planning to do for this Country, then you don't have to support me, and if nobody supports me, then you have to live with what you get for President, just like you did with Bush.

(THOUSANDS of people are DEAD because of the Bush Administration, he Staged the 911 Attacks which Killed Thousands of his OWN PEOPLE, just so he could go to War with Iraq and make a Deal for the Iraq Pipeline. THEN he turned around and Arranged for GAS Prices WORLD WIDE to Be Raised! Do you know how many BILLIONS of Dollars the Bush Family is making off this Presidency? Just the Amount they Stole from the World Trade Center is MILLIONS! Not to mention how much they made from Insider Trading days before the 911 Staged Attacks occurred. For all the Details about all of this Check out this Video!)

That's what you get when you Elect an Idiot to the Presidency!

I ask that you Judge me by my Platform, or judge me by what I plan to DO for you, rather than judge me by any past actions I may or may not have done. It is more important what a person has Learned from their experiences, that can HELP the people, how well can a President UNDERSTAND the People, and How well can a President DO THE JOB, they need to do. Where is their MIND at? Is it focused on trying to see how much Money they can make while they are President, such as like Bush is doing? OR is there Mind Focused on Values that are above MONEY? THAT is what I believe is more important than a Person's past actions or History. So I ask you to Judge me based on What I can DO for you, because THAT is what is most important.

What I will do as President
The First thing I would do is Restore and Protect the Words of the Constitution of the United States. I would Restore as many Freedoms and Civil Liberties as I possibly can, to make this Country Free again.

I would do things to Try to Reduce the Oppression of the People in this Country, and reduce the Terrorism of the People of this Country by the Law Enforcement Officials, by Purging the Law Enforcement Agencies of Untrustworthy individuals, and creating a warmer atmosphere of Law Enforcement working within each Community. I want Law Enforcement to be more friendly to the people, less Terrorizing, and Less Threatening. I want to see More Compassion and Understanding within the Law Enforcement community.

I would Propose that we Completely Dissolve the Central Banking Industry, and Cease all the Assets of the Bankers who intentionally plotted to destroy the Freedoms of the individuals in this Country and every other Country in the World.

EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE BILDERBERG GROUP SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND IMPRISONED! AND CHARGED WITH TREASON DURING WAR TIME, AND DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM, Theft, Racketeering, Embezzlement, Plotting to overthrow the Elected Governments of every country in the world, and More! The number of Human Rights Violations that these people are guilty of is Staggering to the mind!

The Acts of the Rockefeller type Bankers and owners and operators of the Central and International Banks are not only Acts of Treason against the US but every other Country in the World, as well as Acts of Terrorism on the innocent people of the World many of which were completely un-informed of their Scams to intentionally Control and manipulate their Freedoms and infringe on their Civil Liberties as well. For this, we should show NO MERCY on the Central Banking Industry at ALL! Their Assets should be immediately Ceased and Turned over to pay off the National Debts which each of those Banks Contributed to Creating in the First Place. Let the Financial Records, and Loan Records be offered into Evidence as intentional Acts of Terrorism and Treason by the Central Banking Industry. Each person who is responsible should be arrested and Charged with Treason and Terrorism.

I would return the Country to using a Gold Standard, where every Dollar is Backed by it's value in Gold. Or something else of Value, not creating Money from pieces of Paper and Lies.

I would preserve the Privacy of the Individual above that of the State, and allow individuals the RIGHT to maintain Privacy in relation to Employment Applications, Housing Applications, and all other areas of life. The Central Banking Industry has oppressed the people by tying together our Credit Rating with all other areas of life, in an effort to FORCE people to Conform to the Rules of the Credit Industry or they will Damn you to become Homeless and outcast from Society. This Constitutes an Act of Terrorism against the people of the US and the Rest of the World. We should NOT allow anyone to get away with this kind of Terrorism and Oppression. Therefore any person who tries to use the Credit Rating of an individual to pass judgment or approve or deny an application should be Charged with an Act of Terrorism.

I would Immediately Bring home all Troops as many as Possible and Leave Iraq and Iran, and North Korea alone until they prove they are really a Threat. I believe in opening up Trade with Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, to improve Relations with these Countries. I would send Peace Corps into these Countries and offer Aid Packages if possible. The idea here, is it is better to make friends than enemies. Good Communications is far more effective, than Brute Force WAR and trying to see how many people you can Kill like Bush does.

I would increase Trade Agreements with Thailand, Japan, and The Philippines, and Mexico and Brazil to equal "Favored Nation Trade Status". And I would send Business educators to those Countries to help them Produce things we need.

I also would introduce a Nation Wide Small Business Administration, modeled after the one established in Hawaii. Only more enhanced with more grass roots education and tutoring on small businesses, with far less regulations, to make opening your own Business as simple as filling out a Job Application. I will try to Deregulate many needs for many Permits, for City and State, the idea here is we want to make things easier for people to Produce rather than making things complicated. Nobody likes all the BS with these Permits, so we need to do something to make life easier for those who are trying to do something.

Instead of Permits, maybe we will implement a Phone Call or E-mail report, just to let us know what you are planning to do. The only reason a person should have to apply for Permits is if they are going to NEGATIVELY Effect the Community. IF they Own the Land, or Building, and they doing something POSITIVE, then we need to leave these people alone to get the Job done. The Permit Process is costing a lot of people, and wasting a lot of time and money for something that no one wants anyway. We want to promote Peace and Harmony between the Government and the Community, and increase Productivity Nation Wide!

This would increase the economy and freedom in America across the Country, as more Jobs are created from this. I would have leaders in Innovations give seminars across the US, on how to THINK more creatively. Which I would hope would inspire more inventions in this Country. I would also help Sponsor TV programs that teach and encourage people to THINK Creatively. This would in turn help the economy as well. I would put more Funding into Public Libraries around the Country, and turn each Library into Community Learning Centers that are open 24 hours a day, with Coffee Shops, and Privately Owned Businesses Restaurants and Book Stores, surrounding the Libraries in Mall type settings. Libraries have been proven to have a direct effect on the economy of an area. With this in mind I will make sure that each Library can function to it's optimum capacity.

I will Stop all Agricultural Foreclosures, and Reward people for Production, not give money Not to Produce as has been done in the past. Special Rewards will go to Farmers who Produce things in high demand such as Soybeans, Coffee, Sugar, Alcohol, and Corn, These are High Value produce because Soybeans for example, can be used to Produce Fiberglass, Vegetarian Proteins, and many other things.

I will try to Make the Military Better Trained to make every Military member up to the Level of Special Forces. And I will Give them the RIGHT Equipment, the BEST Equipment we can develop. The idea here is, we only want to use the Military as a last Resort, but when we have to use the Military, we want them to be THE BEST, No Less than THE BEST. And every Military member who wants to get an Education GETS ONE, regardless of the needs of a Particular Supervisor, or work Schedule. Counselors will be implemented to every Section, so that if a Military Member wants and Education, these Counselors will make SURE they can GET ONE- No Ifs ands or Buts about it!

I will Grant Government Funding for the Peace Corps, and make the Peace Corps better Trained, and use the Peace Corps as our First Option to resolve problems with other Countries.

The idea here is, we use the Peace Corps to make friends and open Communications, and develop better relationships with people we might have misunderstandings with instead of thinking about Blowing them up. The idea here is no one really WANTS to go to War, War is not a Good Thing, it never was. So we will use the Peace Corps as an Alternative to going to War. Not Diplomats, but Teachers, to help Teach the other side, our point of view, and also Learn to Accept THEIR point of view, while at the same time, helping each Community they are involved in. The Peace Corps will be like and ACTION PLAN for Problem Solving. Solving Problems at the Source, instead of resorting to Violence. We teach Non-Violence in Schools, yet Practice Violence in our Presidency? It is a Contradiction in Philosophies.

If we truly believe in Compassion and Understanding as being Greater than Hatred and Contempt, then we need to Practice it in every facet of Government.

As for Crime, I will implement Criminal Psychologists from the FBI to Train and Teach members of Local Law Enforcement as to what kind of things they can do to have a Positive effect on each Community. The Fact is that Criminal Behavior occurs because of certain stimulus in a person's environment. People behave in certain ways for a reason. Certain things make people THINK about committing a Crime. We need to Focus on solving the Problems at the Source, instead of Constantly Building more and more Prisons we need to focus on doing what we can to Help the people THINK better, so they will not want to Commit Crimes in the first place. My idea here is to make Law Enforcement Officials more like Surrogate Parents, and Friends of the People. I want more Plain Clothes Officers, interacting with the Community, playing Basket Ball, or Base Ball, or Helping people and Talking to people. If they see or know someone who is going to Commit a Crime or is Prone to Criminal Behavior, I want these Plain Clothes Officers to sit down and Talk with these people, Often, and try to get them to understand the Correct way to think. Talk with people in the Community who you know have Anger Problems, or Psychological issues, provide them with a GOOD Choice, or a number of other Options instead of Thinking the way they normally do. Most people WANT Hope, they WANT a Good Choice. If you can provide them with that, you will drastically reduce Crime in your Local areas. Some people just need someone to talk to. The Police and Law enforcement can do that too. I want to bring back Law Enforcement to the way it was during the days of the Old West, when a Law Enforcement official was part of the Community, not Separate from it. This is my Plan to reduce Crime, and it is a "Hands On Approach". You don't have to Arrest people for a First offense, you gain people's trust and Confidence by NOT Arresting everyone you come in Contact with. Be their Friend, that's what they need.

And Speaking of the LAW, I would Change a Few as President to make the Police and Law Enforcement Jobs easier. The way I look at it, is if we want Law Enforcement to Focus on Protecting us from Possible Terrorists, we have to remove a lot of the Laws that are tying up much of the Law Enforcement Personnel's time, so they have the time to focus on things that are actually a Threat to Public Safety.

For example:
As President of the US, I would fight to Legalize many Drugs including Marijuana, Cocaine, Lsd, Codeine, And many others and allow generic production of these items. The only restriction I would put on these is they would have to be obtained by a Pharmacist, and a registration form would have to be filled out by the Consumer, advising them of the potential dangers of using these Drugs incorrectly. So Law Enforcement and the DEA could Focus on Arresting only people who were Threatening People's Lives in Association with Drugs, similar to the way the ATF investigates people who are getting Crazy with Guns.

I would fight to Legalize Prostitution Nation Wide, for Establishments, while making it a Civil infraction to engage in Prostitution in Public. And Each Establishment who deals in Prostitution must only hire WILLING Prostitutes, never by Force, and each person shall be given full Health Benefits, and Freedom to come and go as they Wish, without being forced to work any particular schedule. I believe in Prostitution which is more based on like a Dating Service style business where girls and guys are paid like Escorts, and they have the option to say yes or no to Sex with the Client rather than a Business which is based on just the act of Sex. I Prefer Prostitution which is based on a Daily Escort type rate rather than a Business that Charges only by the Hour because an Escort that Accompanies their Client is more likely to Sincerely CARE about the needs of the Client. A Prostitute which only offers themselves by the Hour is more Cold Hearted and Loveless. It is better to combine Love and Caring with the Act of Sex, even if the Caring is only Temporary such as the Care provided by the Physician.

I would step up efforts to investigate Slave Prostitution in the US, and in other Countries as well. This is one thing I absolutely will not Tolerate! No one should ever be forced to do ANYTHING against their will EVER!

I would ease Laws against the Art of Photography and production of Pornography, and the Film Industry, and repeal the "Decency" Laws, on the Grounds that Sex is not Evil, and therefore the Decency Laws are Unconstitutional. It is far worse to Terrorize people who are trying to create something beautiful, that will only bring happiness to others, than it would be to try to Oppress something as Beautiful as Sex. Again, I would step up efforts to investigate people who coerce or force others to get involved in Pornography, but anyone who Chooses to get involved of their own free will, should not be terrorized by Law Enforcement for creating something as Beautiful as what they do. And Pornography has been proven to provide people with a Positive value in their lives, it gives them Hope, and temporary happiness to carry on through another day. And this is only a good thing, not a bad thing.

I want to Restore the Rights to Privacy for everyone, including Liberties set aside for Acts of Sex, even in Public Areas such as Parks and Beaches after day light hours. It should be understood that Minors should be home after hours doing home work, or focusing on Goals, and if they are out in the Parks after dark, then they should not be worried about seeing a Sexual Act. This will allow people the Freedom to have Sex in Public Parks after Dark, if they so desire, without being Terrorized by Local Law Enforcement. Law Enforcement needs to focus on people who are trying to kill us, not people making Love. I will also implement a Sexual Liberties Act, that will provide for Protections for people who wish to Practice BDSM, in their Homes, or in Public Establishments without being Harassed by Local Law Enforcement. On the Grounds that SEX is not Evil.

I will Lift the Restrictions on Alcohol, so that Any one may Serve Alcohol to anyone over the age of 18 with possible one or two drink Limits for persons over the age of 16. And a License would not be required to Serve Alcohol provided who ever is Serving the Alcohol only Serves Alcohol that has been Inspected and Approved by the ATF. (Meaning most of the Popular Brands with Official Labels on them not Moonshine.) And Alcohol may be consumed in all State Parks and all Parks will remain open 24 hours a day. I will step up the Laws against Drunk Driving, but provide public Transportation 24 hours a day for people to call to get a ride home if they are drunk. I will also implement educational programs to teach people why Alcohol is not good for you to consume on a daily basis. The idea here is we want to give people the freedom to enjoy life if they are not hurting anyone, and teach people who are out of control, how to maintain control, without taking away the freedoms of those who are in control.

I have come to understand the Dangers of Alcohol, and how it impairs a person's judgment. Alcohol KILLS people in many various ways, not only in Car Accidents, but also in fights, arguments, and mistakes and accidents where people injure themselves accidentally due to Alcohol. So with increased freedom of Alcohol, I would also step up Education about Alcohol, and how it creates a Dependency, how it Ruins people's lives, and how it kills people. But I still believe that each individual should have the right to make the Choice to consume or not to Consume Alcohol, and be responsible for the actions that take place as a result.

I will pass Stricter Laws to maintain Freedom of the Press, so that if ANY Government or Law Enforcement Official tries to Coerce or Force a member of the Press to withhold or distort information, to misrepresent something to the Public, or reveal their sources, the Official responsible for such actions will face severe Jail Sentences that include Mandatory Labor, or Military Service. The American people deserve a FREE Press as part of our Constitutional Rights. To tamper with the Press in any way, would be completely dishonest. And that is not what the US Government should be about.

I will also implement Freedom of Speech Protections and Privacy Protections for the Internet. Being that I have been on the internet myself for a number of years, I understand the internet, and I understand why the rights of the people should be protected on the internet. Instead of going after writers, or people playing with Pictures, or bootlegging Music, I would step up funding to Bust Mafia involvement with the Web, and make Harsher Sentences for Hackers, and Virus makers, and I may implement Public Televised Canning as part of their Sentences to deter people from getting interested in these things and causing so many problems on the Web. People who Create problems for other Countries may be sent to those Countries to receive a Canning as well.

I will try to ease the Copyright Laws with the Internet, to allow more Freedom, and give the individual user the opportunity to express themselves on the Web, without being imprisoned for it. The Web was first developed as a Medium of exchange of ideas between EVERYONE. I don't see restrictions as a way to benefit this exchange. I see Freedom as a way for people to learn and grow. Some times it is necessary for people to use other people's work to practice with until they learn to create things themselves. This has always been part of the creative process, anyone who has Created anything knows, you have to practice and learn by copying what someone else has already done until you understand the process. I believe the Internet is a Forum for this kind of Learning and Development, and by easing the restrictions on the Web, I hope to inspire more Growth and Productivity in the Country.

US-MEXICO Relations,

I have Lived in Mexico for a long time. So I feel like I know Mexico well enough to make good decisions regarding this issue. I Like Mexico, I like Living in Mexico, but I also understand Border Security, and making sure that each Country is safe from Terrorists. Terrorism is a Problem now, it did not used to be such a big problem as it is today. Because of this, every country in the world must do what they need to do to secure the people of their Country. So although I Love Mexico, I also understand that Both Mexico and the US have to adopt Stricter Security for their Borders. Because Mexico doesn't want a bunch of Scrubs and Bad Guys and Drug addicts going down there from the US, and the US does not want the Muslim Terrorists sneaking up through the Mexican Border. Another Issue we are faced with is Refugees. We didn't have the Refugee problems like we do today. This is because the Democrats Destroyed half of the Planet, and now all those people are trying to get into the US. So we need to do whatever we can to Secure our Borders.