The Definition of "Crazy" or Insane Behavior or Thinking

Many people use the Terms "Crazy" or "Insane" as a derogatory comment towards others as a way of expressing irrational hatred and contempt for someone. Usually it is not a Professional diagnosis of a person's mental state or condition. Because even those in the field of Psychology and Psychiatric Care, rarely will use the Terms "Crazy" or "Insane" mostly because it reflects and unprofessional image, and a Professional most often prefers to refer to the Specific Conditions of a Disorder, or the Causes of such a Disorder, than to just call someone "Crazy".

So why do so many people use the idea of calling those who are different from them "Crazy"? Republicans and Christians often use this as a method of intimidation. Their goal is to use psychological torture on an individual in order to subdue them into their Control. Or to make them submit to their Beliefs or at the very least chase them away from that particular forum or make the other person fearful of them or their treatments.

Christian Republicans who study Psychology specifically to USE it to their Advantage to Terrorize and Control others, often will get involved in the field of Psychology and become Professors in the field for the sole Purpose of Propagating their beliefs in College Text Books about Psychology, by Authoring these Books, posing as a "Professional" in the field, then interjecting their Religious and Political beliefs into the Text, and discounting any other Belief that contradicts their own beliefs as "Insane" or "Abnormal" behavior. The fact that Psychology is not an exact Science allows them to get away with this. So it takes a very Trained Mind, to decipher the difference between what is actually "Crazy" or "Insane" and what is NOT.

Many people will discount someone as "Crazy" if they simply do not agree with what the other person thinks or believes in. This does not necessarily mean that the person they are thinking is "Crazy" actually IS crazy. In most cases, it is merely a difference in opinion.

To get a better understanding of what is, and what is not Insane or Abnormal behavior, you have to consider many different aspects of life. For example, what many Psychologists originally were taught was "abnormal behavior" was discovered to be quite Common once the Internet became popular and everyone could SEE how popular different things were. This forced many Psychologists to reconsider much of what they had learned in their Text books and more importantly to QUESTION the Authority of the information in the first place. Because when you blindly accept something as Fact, without Questioning the validity of the information being given to you, you can easily be mislead and brainwashed into believing something as a FACT, when in reality, you have only been made to believe that it was a Fact, because that's what the Author wanted you to think.

The biggest common lie propagated in Psychology is the acceptance of certain Moral Standards as "Normal Behavior" and everything that the Author Considers "Immoral" or Indecent, is written and taught as "Abnormal Behavior" because these Psychologists are already aware of human behavior and the Desire to be socially accepted. This leads everyone to automatically accept that which is defined as "Normal" behavior, and Reject anything the Author defines as "Abnormal Behavior" which imprints the Author's beliefs in the minds of the Students who accept his Text as Fact, when in Reality the Text is merely an Opinion of a Biased Teacher.

This is how both the Religions of Christianity and Muslim Religions have been propagated for centuries, using FEAR, GUILT, HATRED AND CONTEMPT, PEER PRESSURE, OPPRESSION and Threats of Outcasting the one's who go against Christian and Muslim Ways. These are all Negative Psychological Tools, used to Psychologically Torture and Manipulate the minds of the people to propagate their Religious and Political Agendas, and FORCE all the people to live in Accordance with what they believe.

It has always been said, if you fail to take control of your Life, there will always be someone who will take control of it for you. The only way to Free yourself from these Controlling hateful manipulative people is to take control of your Own Mind. Question Authority, Question the Source, Question the Motivations involved.

Now once you understand the misconceptions of the past and WHY these people made you believe that certain things were Crazy and certain things were not. How can you tell what really IS Crazy, and what isn't?

Insane or Abnormal behavior is usually defined as a person's ability to Think and Act Rationally. Meaning if the person has the ability to understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong, then that is considered "Rational Thinking". However if you take into consideration by who's standards of Beliefs are you defining what is "Right" and what is "Wrong"? In some Scriptures it is written "one man's good, is another man's evil" therefore making it difficult to accurately define what IS "Good" and what is "Evil" making the entire definition of what is "Crazy" or "Insane" a bit vague to say the least. In other words all someone has to do is re-define for you what is "Good" and what is "Evil" and they can literally re-program your Mind to do what ever they want with you. This is exactly how Muslim Terrorists are Created, and how Christians got people to blow up abortion Clinics, and Burn Witches and Kill and Imprison more than half the Population of the world already. By simply re-defining what is "Good" and what is "Bad" you can completely re-program the mind of any individual without any FACTS to support your Beliefs.

So the Kernel or Core Programming Code of the Human Mind is based on the simple definition of what is "Good" and what is "Bad", and the ability to think within those parameters is the definition of "Sane" or "Insane". Anyone who refuses to think within the parameters of "Right" and "Wrong" or "Good" and "Bad" is considered "Insane" or "Abnormal", or to make a clearer definition for you Un-programmable to the Psychologists who wish to Program your mind. You are in effect beyond their control. And once you are beyond their Control, they like to discount and discredit you by calling you "insane" or "abnormal". Those who are like blind Sheep, get the respect of being called "Normal". This is your reward for obeying and serving the Oppressors.

In Reality, there are equal amounts of Good and Bad in ALL THINGS. If you think hard enough you can find equal amounts of Good and Bad in Everything. Those who constantly choose to see the Glass Half Empty so to speak, are diagnosed as "Chronically Depressed".

Those who see the Glass as always half Full are Diagnosed as "Delusional", and out of touch with Reality.

But those who are Really "Insane" are actually people who have problems controlling their Thoughts, or the way they Think. Many of the Conditions that Psychiatrists, and Psychologists think of as "Insane" are actually created by outside influences, people or conditions that created stress or psychological torment, that made the individual in question unable or unwilling to understand or accept what was happening to them. This causes the Mind to enter states which defy rational Logic. A person's thoughts can begin to run over top of one another, like a record that has scratches in it. Then eventually these trains of thought become so intertwined and mixed up, that it becomes difficult for a Doctor or observer to understand what is happening. Most Psychiatrists administer drugs to calm the patient with these kinds of problems down, which reduces the thought trains, so they are not running over top of each other so much, and the person appears to be more "Normal". When in reality the Drugs just slowed the person down enough so they can think the way the observer can understand. The actual solution to many Mental Problems are not found in Drugs, they are found in Treating the Circumstances that Caused the Problems in the First place. If the Patient is Emotionally distressed because of being Institutionalized on Top of all the other problems they have had, not only may their Thoughts overlap each other, but then Violent Rages are expressed in the same incoherent format as the previous thoughts, making the Psychologist convinced of a "Condition" they feel needs to be treated with Drugs. Now THIS would be an example of "Insane" or "Abnormal Behavior". So now you can understand the Difference.

One who can construct a rational Thought, or Sentence, is not necessarily insane or "Crazy" even if the Christian Republicans say they are.

So what might make You think that I am "Crazy"?

Some girls think I am Crazy because I Like BDSM. Yet they can accept that a person into Sports is willing to inflict and endure many different kinds of beatings and pain, and even Death for the Fun of a Particular Sport, just as long as it is not related in any way to Sex, because the Christians have already brainwashed them to think that Sex, the very origin of Human existence is somehow suppose to be "Evil" therefore to inflict or enjoy pain in association with Sex, in THEIR minds is suppose to be Evil as well. To me THEY are the one's who are not able to Think Rationally and understand the Values of each individual determine what one is willing to Suffer for as a display of Devotion. A Mother Suffers to give Birth to a Child, Love and Pain are viewed as "Sane" in this situation. Yet they reject ME because I enjoy BDSM. Actually one who cannot accept my Lifestyle in BDSM only displays to me, their lack of ability to Understand Life, and all the complexities involved. One who rejects me and calls me "Crazy" because I am into BDSM, only displays how Brainwashed they have become by the Christians. But this is not a Negative Reflection on ME, only on your Judgment of me which is flawed.

Some Girls think of me as "Crazy" because I want to be Killed in a Religious Human Sacrifice. Yet these same people Pray to Jesus who was born the exact same day as me, (No not December 25th, His REAL Birthday is April 16th Look it up!)And Jesus was Sacrificed and the Christians are okay with his Sacrifice which stands as the Symbol and Focus of their entire Religion of Hatred and Contempt of all others. Yet if anyone else wants to be Sacrificed THAT would be Crazy right? Yet these same people will vote to go to War and Sacrifice THOUSANDS of Lives without batting an eye or thinking twice about it. But I am "Crazy" for wanting to die for what I believe in right? I am "Crazy" for standing up and telling the world how I want to Leave this World right? I should live like a Coward and do everything that I can to run and hide in fear of Death instead of leaving this world the way I want to, right?

Is it the fact that you can't understand me, do you fear that which you cannot understand, or is it that You CAN understand me, and what I say scares the SHIT out of you, because you can begin to see the world for what it really is? Does telling you the TRUTH make me "Crazy" to you? Is that it?

You have no need to fear me, I will not hurt you, unless you want me to. On the contrary I will do everything I can to help those who are my friends.

I have never been Arrested and Charged with any Crimes, I served 7 years in the US military Honorably, which is more than most Christian Republicans have done.

Christian Republicans often will try to call people "Insane" or "Crazy" just to try to discredit the individual or shake their confidence, to try to assume control of the individual, because Christian Republicans are all about using Fear, Guilt, Hatred, and Contempt, and Negative Peer Pressure to get their way, to try to Control the way YOU THINK. In the same way they used to use the Term "Witch" long ago for many Thousands of innocent people who were not Witches at all. Now in modern days they try to use another Term "Crazy" or "insane" because they hope that this will make people fearful of them, and they will submit or hide and be quiet so the Christian Republicans can rule, and Oppress and Kill and Imprison as many people as they can, to make money for themselves, fill their Greedy little pockets, and enslave and imprison, and kill whoever they want, and force the rest to live in accordance with what THEY believe is "Right" and "Wrong".

They call others who go against what they believe "Crazy" in hopes that everyone will ignore them, and isolate them, and outcast them from society, in the same way they did during the Witch Trials of long ago where the Christians Killed more than 9 million people in the US alone! The descendants of these evil people who did this, still exist, their genes still plague this earth with their Oppression. They now have a name, it is called "The Republican Party." So now you know who is doing all the damage. The next move is up to YOU.