Bird Flu or bird poop?

Strange and interesting information about the bird flu scare (more accurately, perhaps, the bird flu money-making scheme)

Now that CBS has scared the daylights out of us with their "Bird Flu Pandemic" two hour atrocity,

you might read the following...sent on to me by a friend. It was written by a Doctor...and presents a more sobering view of the "threat".

Do you know that 'bird flu' was discovered in Vietnam 9 years ago?

Do you know that barely 100 people have died from it throughout the whole world in all that time?

Do you know that it was the Americans who alerted us to the efficacy of the human anti virus TAMIFLU as a preventative?

Do you know that TAMIFLU barely alleviates some symptoms of the 'common' flu?

Do you know that its efficacy against the common flu is questioned by a very large part of the scientific community?

Do you know that against a SUPPOSED mutant virus such as H5N1, TAMIFLU barely alleviates the illness?

Do you know who markets TAMIFLU? ROCHE LABORATORIES

Do you know who sold the marketing rights for TAMIFLU to ROCHE LABORATORIES in 1996? GILEAD SCIENCES INC.

Do you know who was the then president of GILEAD SCIENCES INC. and remains a major shareholder? DONALD RUMSFELD, the present Secretary of Defense of the USA.

Do you know that the base of TAMIFLU is crushed aniseed?

Do you know who controls 90% of the world's production of this tree? ROCHE.

Do you know that sales of TAMIFLU topped $254 million in 2004 and made over $1000 million in 2005?

Do you know how many more millions ROCHE and GILEAD can earn in the coming months if this business of "Bird Flu" fear and panic continues?

So the summary of the story is as follows:

Bush's friends decide that the medicine TAMIFLU is the solution for a pandemic

that has not occurred and that has caused a hundred deaths worldwide in 9 years.

This medicine doesn't so much as cure the common flu.

In normal conditions the virus does not affect humans.

Rumsfeld sells the marketing rights for TAMIFLU to ROCHE for which they pay him a fortune.

Roche acquires 90% of the global production of crushed aniseed, the base for the anti virus.

The governments of the entire world are threatened by a "possible" pandemic and then buy industrial quantities of the product from Roche.

So we end up paying for a questionable medicine while Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush continue to spread pandemic fear in order to do their business...along with their other big one...oil.

How much more panic can this administration create before it is called to account?

NOTE:The information listed aboves was sent to me in an e-mail, I did not take the time to investigate these facts to verify if they are actually True or not, although, judging from the Evidence I HAVE seen of this Administrations Evil Deeds, I tend to believe that everything here is True.