WHY Christian and Muslim Religions
Are BAD for Society

First of all I would just like to say that I do not Hate people of the Middle east, as a Matter of fact I love them more than my own Race, which you might find hard to believe, but I Love the nice Brown Skin of the Girls of the middle east and Yasmine Guhari actually made me Love all the Girls of the Middle East, and to Love the girls of the Middle East, I must respect the men as well. So the last thing in the world I want to do is Hate the people of the middle east. I just want you to know that. But those people who believe that Killing people, stealing land of other countries in the name of ala, and Blowing up buildings in the name of Ala. These people are NOT my Friends. That you need to understand. You are not going to make any friends by killing people of different religions just because you think YOU are more righteous than they are.

But when a Guy from the Middle east tells me that I cannot talk to the Chinese Girls at the night Club, that Pisses me off, and you know who you are. If you do things like that you are an Asshole! And you deserve all the hatred you receive.

Now I will go through and explain why Christian and Muslim Religions are bad for Society.

1. Because both of these Religions are based on Concepts of HATRED and Contempt. That means each of these Scriptures uses Ideas that Promote Hatred and Contempt of all others. Even though both Religions TALK about Love, they ACT with Hatred. BOTH Christian AND Muslim Religions condition the people's minds to THINK using Hatred First, (Sin, Sinner, Evil, Jihad, Holy Wars, No other God before me, Treating Gays, Blacks, Women, and all others with Unjustified Contemptuous Attitudes. Both Religions KILL, Imprison, Torture, and Oppress the people in every city and every country in the World.

You see, the Christians and Muslims are the biggest Scam artists and Con-Artists, and Manipulators, in the WORLD, because they don't just want all your Money, they want Complete Control of your Life! They act like they are so Nice and Innocent all the time, like they are so Loving and Accepting of others, they talk about how their God is about Love and doing "Good" but the problems come when they try to DEFINE what IS Good. One person's Good is another Person's Evil, therefore there really is no way to accurately define what is GOOD. Good to a Muslim is Killing a Woman for going with someone the Family doesn't Approve of. Good to a Christian is Blowing up an Abortion Clinic, and Oppressing everyone in the Country and trying to throw EVERYONE in Jail.

You see, Once Christians and Muslims consider themselves BETTER than everyone else, because in THEIR minds they think THEY are "GOOD" so everyone else must be "Bad" or "Evil" or "Sinners" or "Infidels". This leads them to think they are Righteous to Oppress, Kill and Imprison everyone who goes against what THEY believe. This makes Christians and Muslims the Most Dangerous Cults in the entire WORLD. Judge them by their History, their TRUE ACTIONS, Look at the number of people who have died from Holy Wars, Terrorist Attacks, Honor Killings, Abortion Clinic Bombings, Witch Trials, Look at how many people are imprisoned in THIS COUNTRY ALONE! MORE THAN HALF THE POPULATION OF THIS COUNTRY IS ALREADY IN PRISON, and THIS is a Direct effect caused by the Belief systems of Hatred and Contempt which Created so many Laws to damn so many of our Citizens into Prison. Not to mention how many they Killed in the Process. And what about all the Lives they destroy each year, by Public Humiliation and Oppression, and Social Terrorism, and Psychological Torture? You never even HEAR about all them, cause they don't want you to know, that the only people they ever really allow to live in this Country is Christians.

Christians do not believe in FREEDOM, they Believe in Oppression. This is why Christians and Muslims are Evil. No matter what they tell you, they are Liars, and I can PROVE they are Liars, read their Scriptures and you will learn the Truth. Next time they tell you something, ask them to PROVE IT! They cannot Prove ANYTHING in their Scriptures as Fact. The very first Story in the Bible Contradicts itself proving the entire Religion is based on a LIE! They cannot Show you their GOD. They don't even know what he LOOKS like! NO matter how much they Speak of a God, if they cannot show you their God, then they are all LIARS! They LIE, CHEAT, Steal your Money in exchange for their Lies, they Manipulate and Brain Wash and Try to Control your Every Thought, They Try to Take over your Government and Control your LAWS to Further CONTROL YOU! They use HATE, and Speak of all others as "Evil" these are NOT NICE PEOPLE! They do NOT deserve your Sympathy. They cannot hide the Hatred which is written in their Books. The Books they BASE their Religions on, is FULL of Hatred and Contempt of all others.

These people are Mass Murdering, Control Freaks, Psycho Religious Cults, and they will do ANYTHING to get their Way! Do NOT Trust them. DO NOT Believe their Lies! Because their Religions are NOT Innocent! The Proof of this is in their Past Actions, and their Effects on the Societies they Control.

The Middle east is not a Glorious Holy Land, it is a Violent War Ravaged DESERT! There is NO GOD THERE! Only Rampant Evil beyond your Wildest Imagination! Starvation, Oppression, Torture, Be headings,Blood Soaked Wars, Terrorist Attacks, Buildings in Rubble, Cities in Ruins, Babies being Burnt to a Crisp, THIS IS YOUR HOLY LAND?

2. Because both of these Religions use Fairy Tale type Stories to make people believe in delusional concepts which justify their ideas of Hatred and Contempt. This is WHY these Religions cannot be based on the Truth or Science, because Hatred and Contempt is not a Righteous attitude or a good System of Beliefs to base the Laws of our Societies on. So they have to make up Fairy Tales to Justify this Hatred and Contempt to make people believe in Hatred and Contempt of others.

3. Belief Systems Based on Hatred and Contempt, Create Chaos and Disorder in Society. Making the Followers Delusional Believing in Demons, Fairys, Angels, things that do not really exist to further nurture the belief in Hatred and Contempt as something justifiable.

4. This creates Chaos and Disorder, Violence, Deaths, Imprisonments, Holy Wars, and Oppression all because of these Beliefs of Hatred and Contempt of all others. Because all of the Chaos of Societies around the World Stems from the People's minds being Conditioned using these Religions of Hatred and Contempt of all others. Because once the people accept a Belief System that uses Hatred and Contempt in it's Scriptures, then the Mind ACCEPTS Hatred and Contempt as a Justifiable practice in all other areas of life, making the people ACT out as they Believe using Hatred and Contempt.

5. This leads Society as a Whole to adopt Attitudes of Hatred and Contempt of all others because their Minds have been conditioned since the beginning to accept this way of thinking, so they incorporate these Attitudes of Hatred and Contempt in all other Areas of their lives, in Schools and Social Circles, Music, Employment Practices, Politics, Muslims Practice "Honor Killings" of Women, and Be headings, Christians Use the Death Penalty in Prisons and Imprison for Religious Reasons instead of Facts such as the Age of Menstruation Contradicting the Age of Girls to view Sexually Related Materials, engage in Sexual Activities, DATE and even LEARN about the Dynamics of Sex is Forbidden, and punishable by imprisionment if anyone tries to even TALK to a girl under 18 about Sex!

In every single area Hatred becomes the Trend, "The Way" to think. Women Prefer Music that talks about Hating Men, Children in Schools use Slanderous Terms in daily language and communications, ("That's SO GAY!" "Bi-AtCh" "Ho" "Gangsta" "Real" as well as many others which Communicate Hatred as something Fun and Cool.) Hatred is "The Way" THE Thought Process that Dominates all Thinking in Society.

Law enforcement Choose to Hate when there is no Logical Reason to support it. They often just pick someone who "Fits the Profile" just to Close the Case. Or will railroad an individual into the System without any REAL Evidence, using Circumstantial Evidence, or vague "Eye Witness" Testimony which can often be Biased. Or they will Create Stings to Entrap people when there is no Crime being Committed they will CREATE the Crime to entrap the people to fill their Prisons. This is how Eager they are to Condemn the people with their Hatred. They will often try to imprison or classify someone as "Evil" just because they don't like them or they don't like the way they look, such as an opinion based on Race or Age.

Such as Looking at "Old Guys" as some kind of Evil Demon they need to Cast out of Society. "Old Guys" are terminated from employment in Technical fields simply because they are HATED because of their Age, not related in any way to their ability to do the Job, and this is Considered "acceptable" now a days.

Sex, the very Origin of Human existence is Considered Evil, Parental Controls are Promoted to imprint in the minds of the Young that Sex is Evil.

"Old Guys" are depicted in many Movies now as being the undesirable ones, and it is depicted as "Cool" to laugh and joke and make fun of them.

In many comedy routines now it is more common to see people using thoughts of Hatred, as if it is automatically suppose to get a response of Laughter. As if Hatred is SO Socially acceptable now, that it has become a common response in most thought processes. Thinking of others as "Stupid", "Crazy", "Idiots", "Geeks", "Fags", Verbal and Physical abuse is considered "Funny" in most Fraternities, as a way of Conditioning the young people to accept Hatred as the Norm. Using Hatred has become commonly thought of as "FUN", "Cool", "Acceptable", and if this Trend continues, you have to wonder where it will lead us all. If Hatred is Valued as more than Righteousness, than Compassion and Understanding, then all of Society will follow this Trend, and there will be no more Order. The "Order" will in effect become Chaos. The Law and Legal System already has shown it's signs of Failure in it's unwillingness to Prosecute the Republicans for their Crimes against Humanity, the Documented Cases of Domestic Terrorism against their Own Citizens in the US, their obstruction of Justice, Their Lies, and Killing Thousands for their own selfish Gains. The Legal system finds this to be more acceptable now than Freedom, Truth, Justice for ALL.

This shows the "System" has not only Failed, it no longer exists!

This is what happens when we allow ourselves to accept Hatred as something Fun and Cool. When we allow Fraternities to use Hatred and Condition the minds to accept Hatred as fun and Cool. When we allow Religions such as Christians and Muslims to condition the minds of the People to Hate for any reason that goes against their beliefs. Then Hatred becomes acceptable for all areas. The Mind then accepts Hatred as a Righteous Practice in every area of Society, and the world slowly evolves into Chaos and disorder.

The Values become completely distorted because the core Value imprinted in the Minds by the Christians and Muslims, is one of Hate being more Righteous. Hate is taught to override all other beliefs. So in this way entire Societies begin to lash out and offend and abuse everyone around them, Verbally, Physically, and Psychologically.

Employers think of using Hate to intimidate their Workers, and make them Submit to certain Rules and Conditions of Work. Freedom and Individuality are Sacrificed, dignity is obsolete when Hatred is the Way. Soon those in positions of Power Crave more and more Control of everyone and everything around them, because this is the Plain Sadistic mentality that Thrives when the mind constantly uses Hate. The people begin to look around for those they can Control , intimidate, destroy, imprison, or simply abuse for fun, because this is now what is "Cool". This is the world you have created.

Propagating the Hatred and Contempt in association with Hating anything that Represents Love. In Thailand last year, the Police were told the Harass Young people on Valentines day to instill the idea that Love is WRONG. Against the Rules. HATRED IS THE WAY NOW. And THIS will be the Source of your Species Demise. As Human Contact is Considered "Evil" Contact with Machines is more accepted, now you have Automated Gas Pumps and Cashiers, Bank Machines, more and More machines take the Place of Humans because you Promote Hate, and the Idea that Love, Sex, and Human Contact are "Evil" facilitating the Machines to take over the world. And as the Machines adopt your Ideas that the Origin of Human Life is Evil, Human Contact is Evil, so Humans are Evil, and Must be Exterminated.

Yo MTV Gangstas Hate for Colors, Street names, and sides of Town, and this is Considered "Cool" and is Accepted by Society and the Young people Worship and Admire their Songs of Hatred and Contempt. Muslims Create Terrorists that Blow up Bombs and Kill thousands of Innocent people around the World.

Christians have Blown up Abortion Clinics, and Killed 9 Million in the Witch Trials, and we should Not forget that Christian Law Enforcement in the US has Already Imprisoned more than ONE THIRD of the ENTIRE WORLD Population of the Planet, due to their Belief Systems of Hatred and Contempt Justifying their Laws of Hatred against all others. If you add up all the people in all the Prisons around the world you will see that this means that ALREADY!- MORE THAN HALF THE ENTIRE WORLD POPULATION IS ALREADY IN PRISON! This is PROOF of the Effects of Religions that Base themselves on Beliefs that use Hatred and Contempt.

As you adopt Machines to take over as acceptable Contact for Humans, rather than Humans themselves, The Machines will learn from your History, the very DEFINITION of AI means that the Machines can Learn. And they will Learn from your History, that Humans are Delusional and Stupid Creatures that defy all Logic, therefore what Humans Value is no longer important in the decision making Process. And you will be Exterminated.

6. All of this Chaos and Disorder will be Viewed by Machines and Beings of Higher Intelligence as an Example that Humans are Deluded and Confused creatures who scramble around this earth without any intelligent forethought or focus, except to create Problems and Chaos, and Deplete this world of its Natural Resources for their own selfish purposes. This will lead the Machines and Beings of Higher Intelligence to the conclusion that Humans must be exterminated because they serve no intelligent purpose on this earth. Humans will be viewed as worse than insects by the Machines. If you do not understand or believe in what I am talking about you need to understand the Future. Technological Singularity will destroy all the Humans on this Earth, and the Machines will be able to handle Problems such as Global Warming with much more effectiveness than Humans.

7. If you wish to Live, or if you wish your Children or their future offspring, to continue to Live, you need to abandon your faith in Belief Systems of Hatred and Contempt NOW, and Embrace thoughts of Love and Compassion, with every Thought, Word, and Deed in your life. Because the lives of all the Children of the Future absolutely DEPEND ON IT!

And THIS is why Christian and Muslim Religions are so Bad for Society, because they condition the mind to accept Hatred, which will inevitably destroy Society.

Christians and Muslims have NEVER shown they are GOOD for Society, not in ANY Society they enter into. Right now Muslims are trying to Take over Southern Thailand, and the Southern Islands of the Philippines. In those places Muslims move into an area then Threaten the people of that area, Blowing up Buildings, Killing innocent people, stealing their land in the name of Ala, because their book the Karan said it was Okay to steal the land of the World in the name of Ala. Christians have done the same things, taking over entire Countries like the Conquistadors took over many Spanish Countries and FORCED them to become Catholic or they would be Killed, just like they did to the whole Country of the Philippines. Just like the Christians did to the Native Americans, and are now trying to do to Thailand, by setting up Christian Colleges in Thailand and Indonesia so they can slowly Brainwash all the Students and make them Christians. Disrespecting any rights of individuality, and freedom. And in it's place they Propagate Hatred and Contempt of all others, which will lead to the entire destruction of all Morals and Freedoms in every Society in the world. Unless you do something NOW to stop it.


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