The Central Bankers, The International Banking Cartels and the World Banks, and Large Corporations have reached the point where they are on the very Brink of Complete and Total Monopoly of the World. What that means is, they have implemented a plan, to take over the World, completely irrespective of individual Governments and Laws, with no regard to Human Rights at all. Their God is Money Period. Their Ritual and Lifestyle is insatiable Greed, and the Sadistic Desire to enslave all others for their own selfish gains. These people are Terrorists worse than any the Earth has ever known, they kill THOUSANDS each day, and force Millions to Suffer a dozen different kinds of fates. The only reason they have been able to achieve this much, is because WE LET THEM. Now that we KNOW what they have done, We KNOW what they were Planning to do, We KNOW how many people they are responsible for Killing, Torturing, Enslaving, we can no longer allow these Terrorist Organizations to Continue. The Biggest Problem is now they OWN all the Governments in the World. The only way we can Stop them now is by doing the Following:

Action means: Doing Something
Activism means: Participating in doing something
Activist means: someone who DOES SOMETHING!

Just so we have that cleared up, you can't be an "Activist" if you don't DO ANYTHING.

The Goal is to Crash the Stock Markets World Wide in uniform pattern, so all the Countries in the World can Change to a Resource Based System all at the Same Time. This is necessary in order to Change the Current System to a Resource Based System the old System must Fail first in order for people to accept a New System. If you are unclear WHY the old System is Bad, or Why we need to Change to a Resource Based System then please Watch this Video all the Way through.


This is not a Directive, it is My Opinion of what one MIGHT DO to work towards a Common Goal that many of us now Share.

Charge those who are Responsible, Arrest them, Charge them, and Sentence them. Arrest the Central Bankers in every Country in the World, as well as the Major Share holders of the Largest Corporations such as Exxon, Wal-Mart, and any Corporation which is Worth More than any other Country in the World. There is no GOOD reason why ANY Corporation should have more Wealth than a Country. If they do, then they should be Arrested and Charged with Treason, Terrorism, Fraud, Racketeering, and Extortion, and Slavery, against the people in every Country in the World.

These are Serious Charges we are talking about, not Traffic Tickets. And there is MORE than enough Evidence to Prove these people are Guilty of these Crimes. There are MORE than enough people willing to Testify for a Trial. So there is no reason why they should not be arrested and Charged. Arrest and Charge anyone who has been found to benefit from the income of these Companies and Banking Cartels, as being part of a Terrorist Organization, to include All the Members of the Bilderberg Group, as well as all Associates afiliated with this group should be charged as Co-Conspirators of the Crimes, Rockefellers, The Waldon Family, President George W. Bush, (and his "Base"), Dick Cheney, and George Bush Senior, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and their Relatives and Family members who also Benefited from the income of these Terrorist Organizations. Throw the whole goddamned bunch of them in jail, or sentence them to Treason During War time.

Cease all Assets of these people and the Companies they are involved with, and use the Money to Pay off all the National Debts in every Country around the World, which these Terrorists Created in the first place for the primary purpose of enslaving the people in every Country in the World. Each individual Government of Each Country taking Action in their Own Court Systems working Together to resolve a Major International Terrorist Conspiracy of the International Banking Cartels, and World Corporations.END THE FED! Meaning; End the Federal Reserve Bank-PERIOD! Close it Down!

Let the paperwork of the Plans for the Euro, the Amero, and the Plans specifically related to connecting International ID Cards in each Country to the Financial System serve as Proof of the Intention to Enslave and Control the World which is a blatant violation of International as well as Domestic Law in most every Country in the World.

Failure to Prosecute these individuals in the Courts, may result in Citizens taking the Law into their Own Hands, and launching individual attacks on the people and companies responsible. Because it is no secret what they have done, what they intended to do to us, and how many people were killed and how many suffered do to their Acts of Terrorism against the people of the world. Now that we know what you did, all it would take is ONE person, who is unwilling to stand for it anymore. So I think the safest place for these Terrorists to be, would be in Prison. Of course that's just my opinion. I would be totally elated to see the attacks on TV instead of in the Courts, but the Civilized way is to use the Court System to Prosecute these Terrorists.

One thing you can be sure of, is that the PEOPLE are NOT STUPID, They know what you did, and they know Who you are, and where you live. That's usually enough. I sure am glad I am not Rockefeller or any of his Family. How would you like to have the whole WORLD Pissed off at you? I'm sure Bush kinda has the Feeling by now.

So the First Step is Prosecute the Assholes who tried to Enslave the World for their own Benefit, Cease all their Assets and use the money to pay off the National Debts in every Country in the World. If they are not put to Death for their Treasonous Acts of Terrorism, then they should at least suffer the Torments of their own Slave Labor Prisons they Created. THAT would be Compassionate compared to the number of people who DIED because of what they did.

If you are Unlcear of exactly what Crimes they Committed, you can Watch the Following Videos to Educate yourself on the matter:

The Original Zeitgeist Movie the 1st one.

911 Loose Change

Road to Tyranny


The Obama Deception(HQ Version for Broadband)

The Obama Deception(Google Video for Wireless and low speed Connections)

Who Killed the Electric Car

Wal-Mart/ HighCost/Low Prices

Fahrenheit 911

And there are Hundreds of more Videos that tell the FACTS on

Close down all Central and International Banks and Large Corporations. HOW? If you have an Account at Citi-Bank, Chase and JP Morgan, or Bank of America, pull all of your Money out of those Banks Immediately! Close all Accounts with those Banks! If you have a Loan with those Banks try to Transfer the Loan to another Bank. If you have a Mortgage with one of those Banks, Re-finance with another Bank. Do not have any Association with any of those banks. Doing so would condone their acts of Terrorism, and technically you could be arrested and Charged as an Accessory to the Crimes they committed. If you Work for one of those Banks QUIT.

This will cause a Stock Market Crash, as has already been seen. This is an inevitable consequence of Changing the System. It has to happen in order for things to get better. The System MUST Fail in order for people to accept a new System. So we must work together to STOP SUPPORTING THE TERRORIST BANKING CARTELS! If you have Stock with a major Company such as Exxon or one of the other Oil Companies SELL IT!

Don't Drive a Gas powered Vehicle unless you have to. If you can Ride a Bike, do it! If you can afford an Electric Car Buy one, if not Build one. Move closer to your Job so Transportation is not an issue. If your City has an Electric Rail System USE IT!

When you Buy Food, don't shop at a Large Chain Store, buy from Farmers, Swap Meets, or Local Mom and Pop Stores. Same goes for any other Supplies you might need. Check the Mom and Pop stores FIRST before you buy at a Large Chain Store.

Never Shop at Wal-Marts! They Support Slave Labor Camps in China. Try to work towards plans to Produce your Own Electric Power. A Motor is a Generator, all you have to do is Spin any Motor and it will create Electricity. Different Electric Motors create different amounts of Current, and different Types of Current. Go to an Electric Motor Store and talk to them about what kind you might need for your Project. Most Electric Motor Stores are listed in the Phone Books in every state and Country in the World. Go Talk to them.

How can you spin an Electric Motor and make a Generator to make Electricity? Buy and old Exercise Bike at a Yard Sale or Swap Meet or Auction Sale, hook the Front wheel up to the Motor, and you have a Cycle Generator. This idea is shown in the Movie Soyelent Green. A movie that illustrates what the Future might become if we DON'T take action against the Central Banking Cartels NOW!

Many Farmers use Windmills to Generate Electricity putting a Fan on a Motor to create a Generator. If there is a Stream or River that flows near your House you can use the Water to spin the Motor by putting half of a paddle fan in the Water. You can also use the Paddle Fan idea for all of your Rain Gutter Drains, as if rains each Rain Gutter Drain can create electricity which you can Store in a Battery pack. The Motors Charge up the Batteries then when you want to use the electric for Lights or a Lap Top, you connect it to the Batteries to use the Electric you saved from the Rain Generators, or other methods. When it is nice and Sunny you can rely on the Solar Panels to Generate electric for you. You can also use a Coil of wire with a Bobber on it, the Coil is wrapped around a Pipe that sticks Straight into the Water (if you live near the Ocean). As the Waves splash across the Pipe with the Coil of wire Wrapped around it, the Bobber is connected to another wire, and as that wire moves up and down across the Coil it will generate Electricity in the exact same way as those Flashlights you shake back and forth to generate electricity for the flashlight. There is also Thermal Electric ways of Generating Power, but in order to do that, you have to be able to have access to two different extreme temperature levels. The difference in Temperature will actually create an Electron Flow, essentially generating electricity. I have also been working with ideas for a Static Generator, and ideas to Trap the Charges of Lightening bolts using massive Resistors and Capacitors. But those Ideas are going to take some work to perfect.

The Point is, the Utility Companies are part of the Corporate Banking Cartels. So we need to stop using them any way we can. At least until the System changes to a Resource Based System. Once that happens then we will no longer have to PAY for Utilities, so the Corporations will no longer pose any Threat to us. Then the Utilities may resume service.

As the Markets around the World Crash, we need to explain to people what is happening, so that the people will not Panic. There is no reason to Fear the Market Crash, no more than you would fear your Car when you turned it off. Let the Markets Fall, it will mean Nothing, because our Job is to Remove the Value of Money Completely. As long as Money has Value, they can continue to enslave us. Once we remove all the Value from the Money, then the Banking Terrorist Organization Fails, and becomes powerless. All we have to do is say NO. By Refusing to use Money, by Refusing to take Loans, File Bankruptcy if you can, Default on Credit and Loans, anything you can to destroy their Power over us.

If you are a Farmer, it would be better to honor a Barter System until the Money System Crashes. If you accept Work in Exchange for Food that would be better than using Money. Exchange Services for Food instead of Money. Detach from the dependency of Money in everyway. Fish or Hunt or Farm your own Food instead of Buying it. Exchange things in Trade rather than using Money until the Markets Crash. Once the Markets Crash and we Adopt a Resource Based System, all of your Needs will be Fulfilled for Free. So we only need to do this for a Few years until the New System is up and Running. It is in essence an Economic World War. Yet we are trying to Save the World by doing this, so it is worth it. Reach out to your Fellow Humans, to do what you can for them. Uniting together is the Beauty of this New System. It is about CARING for each other. As the Markets Crash, the Compassion will grow. The Lower the Markets Crash the more you will begin to see Compassion taking over. This will be the Glory of the New System. The old ways of Hatred and Contempt will die off.

If you can, try to form Communes, or Groups of people keeping close contact with each other everyday, those with Technical Skills can Fix things, Build Generators, those with Medical Skills can help as Medics, Those who know how to Cook can Cook for everyone. Those who have Farms or Stores can provide the Food Free, Hunters might Hunt for the Group in the same way the Native Americans did long ago. Farm as a Group to farm enough food for everyone. When your Group obtains people with Manufacturing Plants, you can start Producing things for the Group free of Charge.

This will move us Closer to a Resource Based System. By Adopting Grass Roots Mentality and Commitment to the Plan, we can make Enormous Change World Wide. Because the Resource Based System is a BETTER Plan, More Righteous, we WILL Prevail in this Effort. We will NOT Fail. It is Guaranteed to work once everyone gets behind it. And the Faster everyone gets COMMITTED to it, the Faster the Changes can be made. It will spread like Wild fire once everyone understands it. So tell everyone you know about it.

GET THEM INVOLVED! This is the GREATEST THING IN HUMAN HISTORY! You should be PROUD to be a part of it!

Everyone needs to Start by making sure that everyone in the Group is taken Care of. Work with everyone in the Group to gather Food, Water, enough Clothing for everyone, and a Safe Comfortable place to sleep. Transportation if necessary. And try to make that Transportation Electric or Non-Gas operated. Do not accept Money as Legal Tender anymore. Do not engage in Loans or Create any kind of Debts. Because this is the System we are trying to Change. As soon as everything has converted over to a Resource Based System, all Manufacturing Companies will begin Producing things for people for Free. Because all the Resources they use to MAKE those things will be Free. Things will be Regulated based on NEEDS not Wants. People may obtain Wants after everyone else's Needs are met first. In this way the Entire World becomes ONE. And Grows at the same Pace. This pace will accelerate rapidly though, once everyone gets with the Program. Robots will be Mass Produced, and take over most Labor Jobs within the first couple years after the System has Changed over. Education will be Free, this will cause enormous growth in Technology, and the Arts. Within only a few years the World will look like a High Tech Wonderland. Nothing like the Oppression created by the Evil Republican Banking Cartels.

Even small Steps can help, instead of buying your Needs at Chain Stores, shop at Swap Meets, or Second hand Stores, or Farmers Markets. Instead of having your Car Serviced at one of those Chain Store Auto Service Rip-off Franchises, use the Money to Convert your Car to Electric, no more Oil Changes, No more Gas, No more Greasy stuff, No more Fuel System related Problems, No more Exhaust Emission Checks, or Muffler Problems. You will save yourself a WHOLE WORLD of Grief not to Mention your Contribution to saving the World from Global Warming. You can always Pay someone Else to Convert your Vehicle to Electric if you don't know how to do it yourself. But the BEST option is to move Closer to where you work so you won't even need your Car.

Also Check out what a Resource Based World might look like at: