Religion 101

Most of the Religions of the World are Total Bullshit. That's putting it plain an simple and saving you YEARS and YEARS of Study just to come to the same conclusion. Everything you have been Taught in your life, no matter which Religion your family pushed on you, it all has evolved through years and years of people simply copying ideas from other people who strived to attain some level of self importance by acting like they know everything.

Those who actually believe the ones who propagated the Bullshit, served as tools to carry the Bullshit to the Next Generation where they too interjected their Bullshit ideas into the Religion and then Propagated it on to the next Generation and so on.

So this world has been controlled and saturated by Pure Bullshit as far back as there is Written words or Cave Drawings to Propagate the Bullshit ideas which have existed.

So what should we Believe then?

There are a few things in this World we can say are real enough or Factual enough or there is enough evidence to conclude the Theory USABLE for our Daily Lives. One such example is Buddhism, which presents itself as a TEACHING not a Religion. The difference between a Teaching and a Religion is a Teaching you can pick out what is Usable and throw the rest away. A Religion implies that you surrender yourself to it completely without having any Doubts about it. Thus Subscribing to the Bullshit Wholeheartedly and allowing the Religion or it's people to gain Complete Control of your Mind and your Life.

Other things in this world that are Usable as a Belief System is things we can consider to be beneficial to our Growth and Development or Society as a Whole. Thinking Positive is one such example, Having Hope is another. "The Secret" Video is an example of something that expounds ideas somewhat like a Religion, it gives you something to Believe in, and it can help you feel better and produce positive results in your daily life. If you Believe what they tell you. Kind of the same way Love is a Belief. If you Believe in it, you can Experience it, but if you don't believe in it, your life becomes miserable.

Yet one with a Negative attitude could claim that everything in the "Secret" Video is pure Bullshit, and you would be hard pressed to prove them wrong. For example if everything in "The Secret" Video was true all a guy would have to do is Masturbate to his Favourite Movie Star a few times and Presto! She should appear! But that doesn't ever happen. In fact the guy would consider himself extremely lucky if he ever even MET that Movie Star or got an Autograph much less Win her heart. (Believe me I've Tried:)

Yet at the same time, the very people you attract into your Life will resemble the Movie Star you Love so much. So from this I feel there IS an Element of Attraction in the Universe. You might not attract that exact PERSON you want, but you will begin to attract many who look a whole lot like her. I have done this in a Single Day Experiment, I would wake up one day and say "Okay Today I really want to see some Mexican Girls with their Hair Dyed Blonde" (I use that as just an example because that is actually what I did) And ALL DAY LONG I would pass Mexican Girls on the Street with their Hair Dyed Blonde. But that was too easy so I wanted to try something a little harder, something a little more Unusual. So the Next Day I got really Perverted and I said "Okay today I want a Beautiful 12 year old Girl to Smile at me." It happened only an Hour after I hit the City Streets.

But then the next day I get all Cocky and say "Okay now I want a Nice 19 year old High School Girl to Fuck my Brains out today" And it never happens. Haven't quite figured out how to master this thing, but I'm working on it. :)

But I have played with it enough to know there is some Truth to the Law of Attraction Theory. I just haven't perfected it yet.

Now as far as most of the Religions of the World, they only preach Hate of all others, and use Fairy Tales to program your mind to become a Terrorist. Whether we are talking about Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Jewish, or the Ancient Egyptian Religions it all is just a compilation of ideas created by Men to Control as many people as they can. That is the primary function of a Religion- To Control the people by Controlling their Minds, telling them what is Right, what is Wrong, and what to believe, and what represents "Evil" and what Represent "Good".

Then you have these Fanatics, who think the world is being taken over by Snake People, and Symbolism is the Work of the Devil (A Fictional Mythical Fairy Tale Character Created by the Christians). Then there are the Psychologists who try to Control people with THEIR Religion, based on what THEY say is "Sane" and what is "Abnormal" or "Psychotic" or "Non-Psychotic" yet it is simply just another Religion propagated by people who Call themselves "Doctors" yet they only went to School to Read and Adopt other people's ideas from the Generations Before to propagate them to the Next Generation as has been done with every other Religion. Psychology uses the Guise of Science yet is Classified under a Category of "Not being an Exact Science" in effect just another Religion. Coning people to surrender to it by acting as an "Authority" and calling yourself a "Doctor" who would Question you? After all you went to "College". Just like that Tim Hayward guy the CEO of BP who never even learned how to make a Contingency Plan before sticking Pipes in the Water and wound up Pumping Millions of Gallons of Oil into the Ocean simply because he was one of those College Graduate Dumbasses. :)

There is a lot of Snake/Dragon stuff in the Religions of the Past to equate to represent that which they consider "Evil" but you have to look at the Logical Origins of such thinking. In the early years of Human Evolution, Snakes were one of the most Feared Creatures in the World. In the Philippines (Just as an Example) there are STILL- TODAY 12 different kinds of Deadly Poisonous Vipers that can kill you in a Matter of Seconds with one bite!

Before that there were prehistoric Creatures which most likely created the ideas about Dragons. And just like a Fairy Tale they were Propagated to Generation after Generation like the boogeyman. So now it is 2010 and all of a Sudden the Snake Myth is evolving into a kind of Snake Alien that is taking over the world and Demonizing the Planet? Sorry, I just don't buy it. :)

And now for a Word about Human Sacrifice :)

Some people think that the Re-surgence of interest in Willing Human Sacrifice is the Work of the "Devil" or some Evil Snake people who get off on Sacrificing Humans :)

Now I am going to Shock the hell out of you and tell you that I am a Willing Human Sacrifice. I Seriously PLAN to Leave this World by way of Human Sacrifice. That is my CHOICE, I want to Killed by an Extremely Beautiful Woman who Loves me. And that's the key, she has to LOVE me. So I am not Suicidal in my thinking. I am a Sacrifice. I enjoy offering Suffering to the Woman I Love in BDSM Rituals. Suffering has Value, this is a Fact proved by every person who plays Sports, by every body builder who has used the saying "No Pain, No Gain". Human Suffering is Precious, this is undeniable. Therefore it is not only Valuable, it is Priceless. Human Life is Priceless, to offer such things as a Symbol of Love and Devotion is the greatest Act of Love. And if you don't believe that, you had better call the Troops back home cause you are Sacrificing them by the Thousands under the Guise of "Love of Country". (Christianity, even though it is pure Bullshit uses a Symbol of Human Sacrifice as the very Foundation of it's practice). Human Sacrifice has been Practiced by every Culture in every Country in the World in one way or another. Many fanatics try to imply that Human Sacrifice died off and then somehow now it is re-gaining popularity which is the work of some evil force, so you better run back to Church before the Evil takes over the World! :) The Truth of the Matter is Human Sacrifice has been continually practiced and never has died off at any time since the beginning of human existence. One prime example is War, another is the Death Penalty in Prisons around the world. People justify their Reasons to conduct these Rituals of Human Sacrifice, and paint them up all pretty with their Justifications using the "Legal System" (which is another Religion) yet the FACT of the matter remains. Human Sacrifice has ALWAYS been Practiced since the Beginning of Human Existence. WHY? Because there are always those with Plain Sadistic Minds who think it's "Cool" to kill people for ANY Reason. And in some cases such as Mine, I WANT to be Killed in a Ritual Human Sacrifice because it makes me Horny as hell just THINKING about it! That's kind of a hard emotion to ignore even if I know we are talking about me DYING just to satisfy that particular urge. So let's get back to the FACTS regarding Human Sacrifice; What we actually have is an Instinctive practice that is divided into 4 categories- 1-The Plain Sadist who Kills for the sheer satisfaction of destroying life. (Most consider this "Evil" but if you look at it closely you will see that it is only the PERCEPTION of it which makes it appear Evil. For example if you were to take a Plain Sadistic Person who enjoys killing for fun, and assign them the task of Killing a Terminally ill person who WANTS to die, then all of a sudden the Mindset that the Plain Sadistic person has that was once considered "Evil" is now Useful, and may one day even be NEEDED by Society. Proving my point, that it is only the Perception which makes it Evil.

The Next Category is Suicidal, this is a Person who WANTS TO DIE, whether they are a Terminally Ill person, or Mentally Ill Person, they WANT to die, which makes them WILLING. Sacrificing this person can hardly be considered an Evil Act if they Sincerely WANT to die. Just to make my point, I will ask you to consider the Guy who gets his Balls and Dick Blown off in a War and wants to have his Buddy Kill him because he doesn't want to live like that. Would you consider his Buddy "Evil" if he Killed him?

The 3rd Category is Sexual Sadistic Person, who enjoys Torturing and Killing someone they Love in a BDSM Ritual. Now let me explain this type of a Person from MY Perspective. I LOVE Sexually Sadistic Women, when I am being Tortured by them they are the most beautiful thing in the whole world. Nothing in this world has more Value to me, than a Sexually Sadistic Woman, and the things she does to hurt me. And when she says she wants to Kill me, it is the sweetest thing I can possibly hear. It feels like she is saying "I love you" a hundred times. So from this you can see that Sexually Sadistic people have Value to the people in the 4th Category such as myself which are the Willing Human Sacrifices. So you can't consider Sexually Sadistic people "Evil" if what they do equates to LOVE in another person's mind. Regardless of YOUR perspective. It is how the Person who is being Tortured and Killed feels about what is happening to them, that makes the Difference. Not the spectators opinion.

Which brings me to the 4th Category which is Willing Human Sacrifice. Most Religious Fanatics refuse to even admit that there even IS such a thing, yet you can FIND evidence of these type of people most often in Religious Circles. Because Human Suffering is commonly offered as a Symbol of Love and Devotion to Gods, Goddesses, Teachers, and Lovers as an instinctive Practice. Many a Church was Built with an Altar of Human Sacrifice in it or near it. And in modern days with the practice of BDSM it has become very common. Almost every Police Department in the World has encountered "Victims" of Human Sacrifice Related to BDSM practice. And I can tell you based on how I feel that many were most likely WILLING. Because if you Truly Love someone, you feel like you WANT to Die for them to show you how much you Love them. I have personally talked with more than 10 Women about killing me, and 4 agreed they would, they just never did it because the timing was never right, the planning was never right, they wanted to make sure they weren't going to get thrown in jail for it, and we never got around to making a Solid plan before each Relationship broke up. But the Fact is, they were not afraid of killing me, they were afraid of going to Jail for it. Meaning I found 10 Women who accepted the idea of Sacrificing me in a Ritual of Human Sacrifice about Love. And 4 Women who were seriously ready to do it. Which shows that Human Sacrifice is not as "Evil" as some make it out to be. I Even found 2 Women who were willing to Barbecue my Meat and Eat it after they killed me. :) (That's so HOT!:)

So in Summary regarding the issue of Human Sacrifice; it has always been around and it probably is gaining popularity because it may be Natures way of trying to balance the world out so Humans don't completely over-run the earth and deplete all it's natural resources. At some point you are going to have to stop trying to SAVE every single person in the planet, and just let people do as they will. That is FREEDOM. I don't think there are a bunch of evil snake people trying to kill everyone. That is ridiculous. Is the Government Trying to kill us? The Government is run by a bunch of College Graduate Morons like Tim Hayward, what do YOU think? :) It's possible, but more likely they are just doing things motivated by Greed or Stupidity.

If they really wanted to Kill everyone why not Legalize Human Sacrifice? Legalize Cannibalism so I can get my Woman to Barbecue my meat and eat me after she kills me. I'm gonna do it anyway, the only difference is I would be able to plan it a little better if it was Legal. :) And if there are so many Snake people wanting to Sacrifice Humans how come my Web Site has been Looking for my Angel of Death for more than 10 years? They want to Sacrifice everyone except ME for some reason? I don't think so. :) My Website PROVES that Humanity is not as Evil as the Christians make it out to be. If it was, I would not be around to type this now. :)