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Why? You Ask? Because I'm Hoping that one of these Girls will see their Name on this List and Contact me, that's why.

If I could have ANY of them I would consider Myself extremely Lucky.


Names which appear With * Type are Girls who's Pictures I have Recently spent intimate moments with before I go to sleep. OR are Girls whom I feel a Very STRONG, very SERIOUS Emotion about, I mean, if Your Name is in BOLD and you call me, I'm ready to Pack my Bags and Move in with you- SERIOUSLY. This means I have already Checked out all your Info on the Web, I probably even know all your Bad habits already, I am just waiting for You to Call.

If you have * by your Name, it means I Think About you A LOT! I Mean A LOT!

And the More * you have next to your Name the stronger I feel about you or the more time I have spent with your Pics. Now the girls who usually get most of my attention, are the ones who have done some Fetish or BDSM style Pics. Cause that's what I dream about, and even if a girl only did ONE Fetish style pic, that one Pic could be good enough to keep you turning me on for YEARS! So all it takes is just a couple Fetish Pics to put you right to the Top of my list emotionally. But I also rate the Pics I see by the amount of Passion that the girl is putting into the Pic, or the amount of discomfort I see her going through for the pic also has value for me. Either way, the more you are putting into the Shot, the more I am getting out of it. This is how I rate the models. By the amount of emotion I measure they are giving me. So if you don't like the way I rated you here, all you have to do is do some Fetish Modeling and you can turn me on. If you need a Photographer to do the Shots for you call me up, I have Camera shit and will travel.

If you do not have your Name in Bold I would still be interested in being with you, but the question still remains on how compatible we may or may not be together. But if you name is on this List, I AM interested! Call me!

IF your Name is on this List, and you are Married, I put you on this list in case you Break up with your Man, or if you are in a Relationship which allows you to have Recreational Sex, then you can Call me.

These are Names of Models, Actresses, and Dominas from all over the World. I Only Mentioned the Ethnicity, or Nationality if the Name was only the First Name, Nick name, or could be confusing. Otherwise I just listed everyone as "Models" .

Okay so to recap the Key for this List;
If you are on this list at all, it means I Really Like you and I would consider a relationship with you. I only put women on this list that I am Seriously interested in. If I thought that if a girl called me and I would have to THINK about a relationship with her, I didn't put her on the List at all. I only put Girls on this List that I really really LIKE. I have started going down the list Name by Name and researching as much information as I can on every Girl I have on this List, and if I find out a Girl is not Compatible with me for some reason, I remove her from the list, because I want this list to be the Girls I would Seriously be Willing to Die for, not just a list of pretty girls I dream about. I want THIS List to be unlike any other Model List on the Web. THIS is is something very meaningful for me. So if you are not on this list, it doesn't mean you are not pretty, it doesn't mean you are not a good person, it just means I think you are not compatible with me for some reason, and if you are not on t his list, I would probably not have enough passion for you to become seriously involved with you, that's all it means. Or if you are not on this list it is possible that I don't know who you are.

If your name is just in Bold, it means I Like you a lot. If your Name has even ONE * next to it, it means I have spent some time with your Pic Dreaming about you. If your name has more than one * next to it, it shows how strong my emotions are for you. Any Girl who has lots of * next to her name, is a Girl I could Marry or Die for. That's how strongly I feel about you.

Things that inspire my Passion, are not just Looks, but if you did a Particular Photo Shoot, such as a Fetish Photo Shoot, that would score more Points in my Heart for you, because you fuel my Fantasies, and Dreams. The more I can see you are really into the Fetish Scene, the more Passion I would have for you. The more you show Passion in your Pics, the more passion I would feel for you. The more Photo Shoots you did, the better I could feel your Personality by the way you express yourself on Film. In this way I gauge how I would feel about a relationship with you. I am not like many other Guys, I don't get turned on by a girl just because she might have blond hair and big boobs. It doesn't work that way with me. I Like Women who's Passion shines through, I really don't care about the size of your Breasts, I actually prefer Women with smaller breasts. If you look closely at my List you will notice that. Things that really turn me on about a Women are not only how much Passion she shows in her Pics, but her Style, Her Look, the proportion of her Body, sometimes I can almost sense a certain Chemistry about her, that I really like, this will influence how I feel about her. It's as if I can believe in Love at First Sight with some of you Girls. As if I KNOW that if we were to Meet, it would work. These Girls have LOTS of Stars by their Names. The More Stars you have the more I Think about you, the more you really ARE the essence of HOPE in my Life. This page is my way of saying Thanks for that. This is MY way of letting you all know, how much you touch my Life, letting you all know, I CARE about you. No matter what might be going on in YOUR World, I want you to know, in MY Lonely little Hell, YOU are my Glimer of Hope that keeps me carrying on from day to day. Thank you.

******Abbie Ratay****** (Model)
*****Adele Silva***** (Model)
****Aida Yespica**** (Model)
**Adriana Fonseca** (Model)
*******Adriana Sage*******(Model)
******Adrianna Lima****** (Model)
Aebywka Mecrlia Ancca (Model)
Afef Jnifen (Model)
Agata Relota (Model)
***Aggie*** (Model from Asian4you.com)
****Agnes Bruckner**** (US Model/Actress)
******AIDA******(Thai Model from Asian4you.com)
********Ai Iijima******** (Model)
***Ai Kawasaki*** (Model)
*Ai Kurosawa*(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
*******Aika Miura******* (Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
Ai Nakayama (Model)
**Aiko Sakura** (Model)
****Aiko Sato**** (Model)
****Air Kwunnet**** (Thai Model)
****Air Pawisara Sutanont**** (Model)
******Akane Kanazawa****** (Model)
***Akiha*** (Model/Domina from Club mode et Baroque in Japan)
****Akiko Hinagata**** (Model)
****Aiko Tanaka**** (Model)
****Aki Kajiwara**** (Model)
*****Aki Kawamura***** (Model)
****Akiho Yoshikawa**** (Model)
******Akira Watase****** (Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
**Alain Benatar** (Actress/Model)
****Alba Molina**** (Model)
******Alessandra Ambrosio****** (Model)
***Aleka Kamila*** (Model)
*****Alena Seredova***** (Model)
***Alexia Davalos*** (Actress/Model)
********Alexis******** (Model from Show-mag.com Calendar 2008 June)
********Alex Lynn******** (Model)
***Ali Ciotto*** (Model)
**Ali Dupri** (Model)
**Alicia** (Asian Model MI.)
Alice Dodd (Model)
*Ali Landry* (Model)
***Alina Lockear*** (Model)
*******Aline Matos******* (Model)
******Alina Puscau****** (Model)
*****Aline Vacariu***** (Model)
*******Alisa Intusamit******* (Model)
******Allaya Lee****** (Model)
*******Alley Baggett******* (US Fetish Star/Model)
Alotta Fagilna (Model)
*******Almudena Fernandez******* (Model)
*Alyssa Milano* (Actress/Model)
*****Amanda Lee***** (Model/Surfer Girl)
*****Amanda Marcum***** (Model)
**Amanda Salvato** (Model)
*********AMANDA WILSON********* (U.S. MUSIC ARTIST)
Amara (Thai Model from Asian4you.com- I like you, but I don't like your Tattoo)
*Amber Easton* (Model)
******Amber Lee****** (Model)
******Ami Ayukawa****** (Japanese Fetish Model!)
*****Ami Mizuki***** (Model)
*******Ami Mizutani******* (Model)
America Oilvo (Music Artist)
*******Amerie******* (US Music Artist)(Fire Sony and BMG! Boycott "Enhanced" CDs!)
********Amm_Archara******** (Model)
****Amornratn**** (Thai Model)
***Amrita Arora*** (Model)
***Amrita Rao*** (Model)
**Amy Weber** (Model)
**Amy Nguyen** (Model)
****Amy Smart**** (Model/Actress)
********Ana Beatriz Barros******** (Model)
***Ana Claudia Michels*** (Model)
******Ana Paula Lemes****** (Model)
Ana Claudia Talancon (Model)
***Ana Ivanovic*** (Model)
**Ana Maria** (Model/Music Artist)
Ana Paula Arosio (Model)
Ana Sofia Henao (Model)
***Ana Barbara*** (Latina Model)
******Anaya Hayes****** (Model)
******Anetta Keys****** (Model)
Andrea Kremlova (Model)
*Andrea Lopez* (Model)
******Andrea Rose****** (Model)
********Angel Armogita********(Pilipina Model in UK)
********Angela********(Model of asian4you.com)
**Angel Dark** (of Sandyclub.com Model)
*******Angel Faith******* (Model)
Angela Cavagna (Model)
***Angela Pamintuan*** (Model)
Angel Veil (Model)
*****Angie Romasanta***** (Model)
******Angkana Timdee****** (Model)
***Angsana Vipawan*** (Model)
***Anggun*** (Model)
**Anjanet Abayari** (Philipina Movie Star)
An Jaspers (Model)
**Anja Palijcuk** (Model)
****Anna Paguin**** (Actress/Model)
****Ann**** (from the Pacific 2005 Calendar)
****Ann Chanagarn**** (Model)
****Ann Daraporn**** (Model)
Ann Marie Kortright (Model)
****An Nanba**** (Japanese Model)
****Ann Natcha**** (Model)
****Ann Nattika**** (Model)
****Ann Ornarun**** (Model)
*Anna Faris* (Actress/Model)
***Anna Fubuki*** (Model)
*****Anna Lulu***** (Model)
*****Annelene Terblanche*****(Model/Actress)

***Anneliese Lynd*** (Model)
***Anna Sheprova*** (Model)
********ANNA SONG******** (Thai Model)
****Anna Umemiya**** (Model)
***Anna Yumisaki*** (Model)
*Anne Flore* (Model)
*Anne-Gaelle Riccio* (Model)
*Anouck Lepere* (Model)
*****Ant Yosita Siriarcha***** (Model)
***Antonella Mosetti*** (Model)
***Anzai Mio*** (Model)
**Aor_Aoraphan** (Model)
***Aorawan*** (Thai Model)
******ARENA****** (ThaiModel for Asian4you.com)
****April Florio**** (Model)
***Arielle Kebbel*** (Model)
*****Arisaya Suksomboon***** (Model)
******Arisa Hazuki******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
*Arpaporn* (Thai Model)
*Arthitiya* (Thai Model)
***Asami Kanno*** (Model)
Asami Takiguchi (Model)
Asaowanee (Model)
********Ase Wang********(Model)
Asha Leo (Model)
***Ashanti*** (US Music Artist)
*****Asira Watase***** (Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
***Asuka Kyono*** (Model)
******Asuka Sakamki****** (Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
******Athena Lane****** (US Pilipina Model)
Atsuko Okamoto (Model)
******Aubreylyn****** (Model of Bullz-eye.com)
****Audie England**** (Model/Actress)
*******Aui Busara Benjawat******* (Model)
********Aum Phutcharapha******** (Model)
*******Aum Lukkana Wattanawonsiri******* (Model)
****Aura Avila**** (Model)
*******Aurora Robles******* (Model)
****Aya Andoh****(Model)
*Aya Kawai* (Model)
*****Aya Kawamura***** (Model)
Aya Kudo (Model)
*******Aya Otosaki******* (Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
Aya Yoshimura (Model)
********Ayaka Miura******** (Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
******Ayano Natsuki****** (Model)
***Ayo*** (Thai Model)
Ayumi Hamasaki (Model)
Ayumi Matsakawa (Model)
**Ayumi Nanase** (Model)
Ayu Okakura (Model)
*Ayumi Oki* (Model)
Ayumi Sakurai (Japanese Model)
Azumi Kawashima (Model)
******Azusa Kyohno******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
*Azusa Yamamoto* (Model)
Azzareya Souaza-Curtis (Model)
****Babi Le**** (Model)
******Bai Ling****** (International Model/Actress)
******BALI RODRIGUEZ****** (Model)
****Bar Rafaeli**** (Model)
*Barbara Carrera* (Model)
*Barbara Chiappini* (Model)
**Barbara Mori** (Model)
Beauarpinya (Model)
Beem Suthasinee (Model)
Belinda Vanbrackle (Model)
Benz Benjaporn (Model)
BENZ (From the Pacific 2005 Calendar)
'Bee' Benjawan (Model)
******Benz Pornchita ng Songhla****** (Model)
Bernice (Japanese Model)
Bettina Zimmerman (Model)
*******Betty Liu******* (TV Anchor for Bloomberg TV)
*Beverly Beaumont* (Model)
**Beyonce Knowles** (Model/Actress/ Singer)
*****Bianca***** (Pilipina/American Model)
Bianca Kajlich (Model)
Bibi (Thai Model)
**Billie Piper** (Domina/Model)
******Bipasha Basu****** (East India Goddess/Model)
Blanca Soto (Model/Actress)
*******Bow Pavita*******(Thai Model)
*Brandy Grace* (Model)
*Brandi Quinones* (Model)
Brandi Phillips (Model)
Brew Pavinee (Model)
***BRENDA*** (Miami Dolphins Cheerleader/Model)
*******Bree Turner******* (Model/Actress)
**Brigitta Callens** (Model)
Brigitta Cocktis (Model)
**Bridget Moynahan** (Model)
*****Bridgette Wilson***** (Actress/Model)
Brooke Burns (Model)
********Bongkot Kongmalai********(Thai Model/Actress)
*******Bunko Kanazawa*******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
****CC Costigan**** (Actress/Model)
******Cake****** (Thai Model)
*******Calinda******* (Of Teen Stars Magazine/Model)
*******Carena******* (Thai Model from Asian4you.com)
Carla Gutierrez (Model)
*****Carla***** (Thai Model from Asian4you.com)
*******Carla Maria******* (Model)
********Carolina Ardohain******** (Model)
******Camilla Belle****** (Actress/Model)
*****Carmella de Cesare*****(Model)
***Carolina Parsons*** (Model)
Carolee Bass (Model)
******Carolina Ventana****** (Model)
Caroline Ribeiro (Model)
******Carre Otis****** (Model)
******Cash Casia****** (Model)
******Catherine Bell****** (Actress/Model)
********Cathareeya (Katherine) English******** (Thai Music Artist/Model)
******Catherine McQueen****** (Model)
**Cecilia** (Asian/American Model)
********Celeste Trinh******** (Model)You Really Turn me on Babe!
***Celeste Sakamura*** (Model)
**Celeste Von** (Model)
****Celine**** (Model of asian4you.com)
Celine Vignard (Model)
******Champagne Inthanachak******(Thai Model) you probably are not Compatible with me, but I would still try. Peesing! :)
*****Chanel***** (US MUSIC ARTIST)
***Chanthima Suksomkorn*** (Model)
Charisma Carpenter (Model/Actress)
*Charlize Theron* (Model/Actress)
**Chena** (American Model)
Cheri - Ann Rogers (Model)
**Cherie** (American Model)
******Chermarn Boonyasak****** (Model)
*****Cherry Chen***** (Thai Model)
Cheryl Tweedy (Model)
*******Chihiro Inoue******* (Model)
*Chika Kaizu* (Model)
*China Chow* (Model)
*******Chiyuri Matsuda*******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
******Christiana Celeste****** (Actress,Casting Director, and Hollywood Secret Super Hero- But I know you! :)
********CHRISTIN******** (Japanese Model)
***Chloe Maxwell*** (Model)
***************Cho Hye Eun******** (Thai Model)
***Christine Mendoza*** (Model)
*Christine Nguyen* (Model)
******Christina L. Santiago****** (Model)
*****Christina Ricci***** (Actress/Model)
*Christina Storm* (Model)
****Christine Taylor**** (Model/Actress)
******Christy Chung******(INTERNATIONAL SENSATION! Model/Actress)
*****Chutima Loed***** (Thai Model)
*Cristy Thom* (Model)
*Ciara* (US Music Artist)
***Cindy Taylor*** (Model)
********Cinthia Moura******** (Model/Actress)
********CJ Gibson******** (Model)
****Clair Forlani**** (Actress/Model)
Clarrissa (Thai Model from Pacific 2005 Calendar)
***Claudia Albertario*** (Model)
Claudia Jakraphan (Model)
Claudia Jordan (Model)
******Claudette Ortiz****** (Model)
*****Claudia Verela***** (Model)
******Claudia Coco****** (Model)
**Coffey** (NTA Models, Palmero Models)
*Collien Fernandes* (Model)
*Colleen Kelly* (Model)
**Cookie Suchawadee** (Model)
***Cream Irada*** (Model)
*Cristina Canhos* (Model)
**Crystal Dollface** (Model)
*Crystal Knight* (Model)
*****Dada Palichat Sukamon***** (Model)
Dana Sivrentyeva (Model)
DAngeles Campos (Model)
*****Dania Ramirez***** (Model/Actress)
*****Daniela Cicarelli***** (Model)
*****Daniela Gomez Gonzalez***** (Model)
********Daniela Lopez******** (Model)
********Daniela Gil******** (Model)
Danielle Gamba (Model)
*****Dannii Minogue***** (UK Music Artist/Model)
**Daisy Fuentes** (Model)
****Dazza Del Rio**** (Model)
**Debbie Castaneda** (Model)
****Deborah Kara Unger**** (Model/Actress)
******Debra Ling****** (Model)
******Deeyah****** (Model/Music Artist)
Deja Chan (Model)
*Demet Ozen* (Model)
*Denise Cheng* (Model)
****Denise Richards**** (Actress/Model)
***Denise Virtuagirl.com*** (Model)
******Devon Aoki****** (Model/Actress)
******Dew Amornratn****** (Model)
**Diana** (Thai Model from Pacific Calendar 2005)
********Diana Dondoe******** (Model)
***Dina Meyers*** (Actress/Model)
Dol Pornphrome (Model)
*Dolores Barreiro* (Model)
******Dollaros Dechapratumwon***** (Model/Actress)

*Dominiki Kefalopoulou* (Model)
*******Dovile-Zubkovaite******* (Model)
'Dow' Woraneth (Model)
***Drink Dolaya*** (Model)
*Duangjai* (Thai Model)
*Edyta Gorniak* (Model)
Ehrinn Cummings (Model)
****Eiko Koike**** (Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
***Eiko Nakamura*** (Model)
Elan Carter (Model)
Elena Akhmalitdinova (Model)
***Elena Anaya*** (Model/Actress)
*Elena Skafida* (Model)
Elina Kantza (Model)
****Elisabetta Canalis**** (Model)
Eleonora Di Miele (Model)
Elida Braz (Model)
*Elisabetta Gregoraci* (Model)
Elisha Nicole (Model)
****Elita L√fblad**** (Model)
*Elizabeth Berkley* (Model/Actress)
Eliza Dushku (Model)
***Elizabeth Hurley*** (Actress/Model)
*Elizabeth Nottoli* (Model)
******Eliza****** (Thai Model from Asian4you.com)
*******Elize******* (UK Music Artist/Model)
********Ellen Juliet Kim******** (Model)
*****Elisha Cuthbert***** (Actress/Model)
***Elsa Pataky*** (Model)
*Ellen Petri* (Model)
*Ellen Rocche* (Model)
**Elsa Benitez** (Model)
*****Elyssa***** (Thai Model)
****Elsa Benitez**** (Model)
Elvira Davis (Model Pensacola, FL)
***Emery Yoshikawa*** (Model)
****Emily Marilyn**** (BDSM FETISH MODEL!)
Empress Katrina Khan (Domina)
Empress Samara (Domina)
***Empress Lucy*** (Domina Thailand)
******Emmanuelle Chriqui****** (Actress/Model)
Emmanuelle Vaugier (Model)
*****Emma Heming***** (Model)
******Eri Kimura******(Japanese Fetish Model)
**Eri Kitayama** (Model)
***Eri Kyokuyama*** (Model)
******Eri Moriyama****** (Model)
**Eri Ueno** (Model)
******Erika Lisa Valdez****** (Model)
****Erika Christensen**** (Actress/Model)
*Erika Eleniak* (Actress/Model)
*******Eriko Sato*******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model! Kimi ni Muchu Nanda! Aishitero Yo!)
**Eva Adam** (Model)
***Eva Mendes*** (Model/Actress)
*Eva Shine* (Model)
Eve Alisa Kantarakorn (Model)
*Evelina Papantoniou* (Model)
********Eve Komolchanok Waeroj********(Model) (Thai Model)
*Evelyn* (from Asiansexposed.com Model)
***Eydie Anne*** (Model)
Fabiana Tambosi (Model)
*Fabiola Campomanes* (Model)
Faivanida (Model)
****Famke Janssen****(Model)
********Fang Wanwalee********(Thai Model)
Farida (Thai Model from Pacific 2005 Calendar)
Fay Parida (Model)
Fay Theveerat (Model)
****Febby Lawrence**** (Model)
Federica Ricolfi (Model)
**Felicia Chong** (Model)
Felicia Tang (Thai Model From Pacific 2005 Calendar)
*******Fernanda Lessa******* (Model)
*******Fernanda Tavares******* (Model)
***Fiona Xie*** (Model)
First (Thai Model)
*****Fefe Dobson***** (Music Artist)YOU ROCK MY WORLD BABE! :)
Florentine Lahme (Model)
****Fon Kanyrat**** (Model)
****Fon Manaschanok****(Model)
****Francoise Yip**** (Model/Actress)
Francesca Rettondini (Model)
****Francine Dee**** (Model/Actress)
*****Frankie Rayder***** (Model)
**Frankee** (Model)
*Frederique van der Wal* (Model)
Fern Mayura (Model)
****Front Montgomery**** (Thai Model)
Froukje de Both (Model)
Fuern Farida (Model)
Fujiko of DC (Domina)
***Fumie Hosokawa*** (Model)
*Fumie Nakajima* (Model)
*******Fumika Suzuki*******(Model)
*****Fumina Hara***** (Model)
Gabriella (Model)
Gabrielle Dennis (Actress/Model)
Gabrielle Duluth (Model)
*******Gabrielle Richens*******(Model)
****Gabrielle Union**** (Model/Actress)
*******Gade Piyagarn******* (Thai Model)
Gail Kim (Model)
Gail Porter (Model)
Gamalaa Gamonwat (Model)
******Gatta Nera****** (US Model)
Gemma Sutton (Model)
***Genelle Frenoy*** (Model)
*****Genevieve Michelle***** (Model)
*******Georgina Verbaan******* (Model)
*******Georgina Surina******* (Model)
*****Gianna DiMarco***** (Model)
Gig Gunyah (Model)
Gigi Tiranee (Model)
*****Gin Fan*****(Model)
*****Gina Gershon***** (Actress/ Model)
Gina Clarke (Model)
Gina Hiraizumi (Model)
*****Gina Torres***** (Model/Actress)
Gina-Therese Pettersson (Model)
****Ginny**** (Thai Model from Asian4you.com)
***Giorgia Palmas*** (Model/Actress)
*****Giorgina Surina***** (Model)
**Giovanna Mezzogiorno** (Model)
Gisele Bundchen (Model)
Goddess Dianna Vesta (Domina NY)
Goddess Farah (Domina/ Actress/Model)
Goddess Sonya Chinniah (Domina NY)
Goddess Jezebell (Domina)
*****Gong Li***** (Actress/Model)
****Grace Dela Rosa**** (Model)
*****Grace Park***** (Model/Actress U.S.)
Greta Cavazzoni (Model)
*Guu Sunanta* (Model)
Gwen Rogers (Model)
*****Haley Bennett***** (Model/Actress)
***Hana*** (Thai Model)
***Hanai Kayama*** (Model)
****Haruka Igawa****(Model)
*******Haruka Nayuta******* (Japanese Fetish Model!)
**Haruki Mizuno** (Model)
***Hikaru Koto*** (Model)
Hayfa Wehbe (Model)
Hailey Meyers (Model)
Heather Knese (Model)
**DJ Heavy Grinder** (US Music Artist)
Heidi Nunez Gomez (Model)
***Hidemi*** (Japanese Model/Domina from Club-Maniac.com)
Hikari Fukuoka (Model)
******Hikari Kisugi****** (Model)
Hikaru Kawamura (Model)
***Hilary Duff*** (US Music Artist)
******Hiroko Suto******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
****Hiroko Anzai**** (Japanese Model)
*****Hiromi Anzai***** (Japanese Model)
********Hiromi Nagasaku********(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)Kimi Ni muchu NANDA! Aishiteru Yo!
*******Hiroko Sutoh*******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
***Hiroshi Oshima*** (Model)
******Hitomi Ikeno****** (Model)
*****Hitomi*****(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model from Eros1440)
Hitomi Yuki (Model)
*****Hoang Ti Ngoc***** (Model)
****Holly McGuire**** (Model)
******Holly Valance****** (Model)
*****Honey Cruz***** (US Asian Model)
*********Hsu Chi (Shu Qi)********* (Chinese Model/Actress)(My Sun Sister, I LOVE YOU!)
****Humaira**** (US Model)
*Hyo Ri Lee* (Model)
*Idalis Leon* (Singer for Seduction)
******Igawa Haruka****** (Model)
Ikewake Chizuru (Model)
************Ilary Blasi****** (Model)
Ildiko Fronte (Model)
Iman (Model)
*****Imogen Bailey***** (Model)
*India* (Black Model)
*Ines Sastre* (Model)
*****Ioanna Lili***** (Model)
Ira Barbieri (Model)
Irine (Thai Model)
Isabeli Fontana (Model)
*****Isabelle Funaro***** (Model)
Ivonne Montero (Model)
Ivory (Model)
Jah Pornnapas (Model)
***Jacki Chan*** (US Female Model)
****Jamie Leigh**** (US Model)
Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Model)
*Jemimah Goosen* (Model)
******Jane Janjira Sukmak******(Model)
*****Jane Seymour***** (Actress/Model)
Janna Bugaeva (Model)
Jang Manthana (Model)
****Janphen Palawat**** (Model)
***Jasmine Fox*** (Model)
Jasmyne (Model for Smooth Girl Mag. #1 pg 90)
Jay Issariya (Model)
******Jaye Vampira****** (Model)
Jayde Nicole Steele (Model)
Jeanette Biedermannn (Actress/Model)
***Jeanette Lee*** (Model/Actress)
Jeanne Tripplehorn (Actress)
******** Jija Yanin Vismitananda******** (Actress/Martial Artist)
*******JEET Saengthong******* (Thai Model/Actress)
Jen Xiang (Model)
******Jenaveve****** (Model at socalcoeds.com)
*Jenna Brooke* (Model)
**Jennifer de Jong** (Model)
****Jennifer Esposito**** (Model/Actress)
Jennifer Lamiraqui (Model)
*****Jennifer Love Hewitt***** (Model/Actress)
*Jennifer O Dell* (Model)
**Jennipher Rodriguez** (Model)
***Jenny Lin*** (Model)
*Jessica Alba* (Actress/Model)
*******Jessica Biel******* (Model/Actress)
Jessica Castellanos (Music Artist)
*****Jessica Fang*****(Model)
***Jewel Kilcher*** (US Music Artist/ Model)
*****Joanna Bacalso***** (Model)
******Jf Kaoru******(Japanese Model)
*****Jill Yu***** (Model)
*Joanna Krupa* (Model)
****Jolene Blalock**** (Model)
****JOOTY**** (US Model)
**Jordan** (Latina Teen Model)
****Jordan Madly**** (Model/Actress)
Jorinde Moll (Model)
*****Josie Maran*****(Model/Actress)
Joyce (Model for SSX Mag.)
***Jocelyn Caballero*** (Model)
**Jocelyn Enriquez** (Philipina Pop Music Artist)
Joy Bryant (Actress)
Joy Jariya Phagor (Model)
Joy Lalita (Model)
Joy Nisachol (Model)
******Joy Supawan****** (Model)
****Jubjang****(Thai Model)
****Julia Chernetsky**** (Model)
Julia Malova (Model)
**Julieanne Rose** (US Model)
Julianna Margulies (Model/Actress)
*****Juliana Martins*****(Model)
******Juliet****** (Model)
Juliya (Fuse TV Hostess/Model)
*****Jumpin Jaymee*****(Model/Actress)
****Jun Kusanagi**** (Model)
*****Junko Asanuma***** (Japanese Model)
**Jun Matsuda** (Model)
*****Jun Nada***** (Model)
Juri Okada (Model)
Juri Takahara (Model)
*******Jyuri Takahara******* (Model)
*K D Aubert* (Model)
****Kade Thiyada**** (Model)
****Kaila Yu**** (Model/Music Artist)
****Kairi Amano**** (Model)
******Kamu Nagase****** (Model)
****Kanako Fujimori**** (Model)
**Kanako Kuroha** (Model)
******Kanon Amamiya****** (Model)
******Kaori Hayami****** (Model)
Kanokrat (Thai Model)
**Kaori Houjoh** (Model)
**Kaori Fujimori** (Model)
****Kaori Mochida**** (Model)
***Kaoru Mochida*** (Model)
****Kaori Nakatani**** (Model)
******Kaori Ohara****** (Model)
******Kaori Shimamura******(Model)
****Kaori Shimizu**** (Model)
****Kaori Wakana**** (Japanese Model)
Karen Carreno (Model)
Kari Wuhrer (Model)
*Karina Jelinek* (Model)
****Kasia Smutniak**** (Model)
****Kat Oberle**** (Model)
*Kate* (of Katesplayground.com Model)
****Kate Beckinsale**** (Model)
****Kate Gaysinee****(Model)
****Kate Nuttanan****(Model)
****Kate Sasinutdha****(Model)
******Kathy Bates******(Actress/Model)
Kathy Liu (Model)
Katerine East (Domina NY)
******Katherine Heigl******(Model/Actress)
Kathryn Smith (Model)
**Kathleen Kinmont** (Actress/Model)
Katie Rosen (Model)
Katrina Kaif (Model)
*******Katreeya English******* (Model/Music Artist/Singer)
*********KATY PERRY********* (Model/Music Artist/Singer)
*Kay Cherrygirls.co.uk* (Model/Domina)
******Kaylani-Lei****** (Model)
**Kayko** (US Model)
Kayo Komine (Model)
*******Kay Silvilay*******(Model)
Kaylee Tanner (Model)
*****Kazue Fukiishi*****(Model)
Ke Xuan Shao (Model)
******Keahe Lindsey****** (Hawaiian Model)
**Keeley Hazell** (Model)
**********Kei Hoshiko**********(Model)Kimi ni Muchu Nanda! Aishiteru yo!
****Kei Mizutani****(Model)
****Keiko Akino****(Model)
******Kelly Brook****** (Model)
Kelly Carlson (Model)
*Kelly Monaco* (Model)
*Kelly Ngatai* (Model)
******Keri****** (Model Black Men Mag)
Kerri Kasem (Model)
*Kerry Mcgregor* (Model)
*Keri Russell* (Actress/Model)
*****Kersti***** (Model from Show-mag.com Calendar 2008 January)
******Kesarin Ektawatkul****** (Thai Model)

Keskeaw Treenaratip (Model)
Khadija (Model)
******Khem Rujira****** (Model)
Kichi Paterno (Model)
****Kitchie Lauraco**** (Model)
****Kimberly Driver**** (Model/Domina)
******Kim Loan****** (US/Asian Model of prestigiousmodels.com)
*****Kiko Wu***** (Model)
Kim Hyon Yong (Model)
Kim Hung (Domina)
***Kim Sharma*** (Model)
*Kim Smith* (Model)

*Kimberly Driver* (Model)
*******KIMBERLY KATO*******(Model)
******Kim Lan-Le******(Model)
***Kim Yoon Na***(Model)
****Kimi Aizawa****(Model)
Kimie Nagasaka (Model)
******KIRA DOLL****** (US Pilipina Model)
******Kitana Baker****** (Model)
*****Kittiya Klotchkov***** (Model)
******Kogul****** (Japanese Fetish Model)
*****Kona Carmack***** (Model)
****Ko So Young**** (Model)
******Kotoko Shiraishi****** (Model)
*******Korina Longin******* (Model- Make your hair Long and Black again, you look better that way.)
Korina Stergiadou (Model)
*****Krista Allen***** (Model)
****Kristanna Loken**** (Model/Actress)
*Kristin Davis* (Model/Actress)
Kristine Enrile (Model)
*****Kristin Kreuk***** (Model)
****Kumi Kotakeda****(Model)
*****Kung Kamolrat*****(Model)
*******Kurumi Morishita*******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
*******Kwanjai Rujisaiawan*******(Model)
Kyla Luciano (Wrestler)
*****Kyla Cole***** (Model)
*****Kylie Minogue***** (UK Music Artist/Model)
Kym Valentine (Model)
*****Kyoko Ayana***** (Japanese BDSM Fetish Model)
Kyshawn Kasandra Bowls (Model)
Lacey Chabert (Model)
Lady Mystique (Domina)
**********Lady Gaga- Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta **********

****Laetitia Casta**** (Model)
Laetitia Milot (Model)
******Laila******(Thai Model)
******Lakana Zee******(US Pilipina Model)
*******Lalita Ruttakon******* (Model)
Lana Fink (Model)
*Lara Dutta* (Model)
****Lauren Michelle Hill**** (Playboy Model)
Leah Darby (Model)
Leah Dizon (Model)
Leah Gianna (Model)
Leah Remini (Model)
Lee Jee Hyon (Model)
*******Lee Soo Chong*******(Model)
*****Leanna Scott***** (Model)
****Lek Dujlada Sri-thun**** (Model)
****Leigh Nguyen**** (Model)
**Leila** (Model of asiansexposed.com)
Leila Arcieri (Model Smooth Mag.)
**Laetitia Milot** (Model)
Leilani Dowding (Model)
*******Leelee Sobieski******* (Model/Actress)
*****Leonor Varela*****(Model)
***Lex Pennapa Penchan*** (Model)
*******Lexa Doig*******(Model/Actress)
Lianne Lin (Model)
Liberty Roos (Model)
***Lilister*** (US Model)
Lilly (Model/Domina in Japan, Club BO-TE)
Lilly Dee (Pilipina Model)
****Lily Thai**** (Actress/Model)
***Lilly Nguyen*** (US Asian Model)
**Linda** (US Asian import model- Pisces Girl :)
****Linda Batista**** (Model)
*****Linda Cardellini***** (Model/Actress)
*Linda Le Ngunyn* (Model)
*****Lin Mei Zeng*****(Model)
*Linda Mertens* (Model)
*******Linda O'Neil******* (Model)
Linda Park (Model)
****Lindsay Frimodt**** (Model)
******Linda Tran****** (Model)
****Lisa Gleave**** (Model)
Linlin (Thai Model)
Linn (Model for LOOKER Mag)
******LISA****** (Model from Pacific Calendar 2005)
****Lisa Fleming**** (US Model)
Lisa Guerrero (Model)
****Lisa Kaye****(Model)
*****Lisa Marie Scott***** (Model)
Lisa Snowden (Model)
**Lisa Scott Lee** (Model)
********Lisa Tombasova******** (Model)
******Lisa Wang******(Model)
***Lisa Wills*** (Model)
*Lisette Narvaez* (Model)
**Liya Kebede** (Model)
******LIZA****** (Model for Pacific Calendar 2005)
Liu Tararat (Model)
**Lizzy Jagger** (Model)
Ljupka Gojic (Model)
Lokelani McMichael (Model/ Runner)
***Lola Corwin*** (Model)
******Lonneke Engel****** (Model)
Lori (From Real World) (Model/ MTV Reality Show Star)
********Lorraine Van Wyk******** (Model)
***Lori Yin*** (US Model)
Lorena Bernal (Model)
******Luana Lani****** (Model)
Luana Piovani (Model)
*******Lucia Tovar******* (Model)
*******Aum Lukkana Wattanawonsiri******* (Model)
Luciana Curtis (Model)
Lucie Faubert (Model)
********Lucy Clarkson******** (Model)
***Lucy Thai*** (Model)
Luisa Corna (Model)
Lujan Fernandez (Model)
*****Lux Rampien***** (Model)
Macy Sky (Model)
Madame Sang (Domina)
**M Thitapa** (Model)
*******Madoka Ozawa*******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
Madoka (Model/Domina from Club-maniac.com)
**Magda Gomes** (Model)
***Maggie Grace*** (Actress/Model)
Maetinee (NOT Kingpayome) (Thai Model)
*Maele Ne* (US Model)
******Maho Aizawa******(Japanese Fetish Model)
***Maho Saki*** (Model)
***Maiko Kazano*** (Model)
**Mako Kinoshita** (Model)
**Mako Kimiya** (Model)
********Mai Goto******** (Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
Mai Hagiwara (Model)
******Mai Hoshino****** (Japanese Fetish Model)
*****Maiko Kazano***** (Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
Mai (Model/Domina from Club-Maniac.com)
******Maitahwinee Lauwahpong******(Model)
********Mai Siriwimol Charoenpura******** (Model)
*******Majandra Delfino******* (Model)
*****Maki Mayumi*****(Model)
***Malloy*** (US Model)
********Mamee********(My Girl, My Love, My Goddess)
*****Mami Katagiri*****(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
**Mamiko Aso** (Actress/Model)
**********Mameaw********** (Thai Dance Music Aritst)
**Mamorada**(Thai Model)
*******Manami Suzuki*******(Model)
**Mana Ueda** (Model)
****Mandy Moore**** (Model/Music Artist)
*******Manida Sasikarn*******(Model)
***Manita Phumrat***(Model)
**Manthana**(Thai Model)
*Manuela Arcuri* (Model)
******Mao Goto******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
*Mao Shiina* (Model)
*******Mara Carfagna******* (Model)
Marcelle Bittar (Model)
Marci Brickhouse (Model)
*Margery Sanramat* (Model)
Mari Morrow (Model)
*****Maria Bello***** (Model)
**Maria Caballero** (Model)
***Mariah Bruna*** (Model)
*****Maria DeMartino*****(Model)
*****Maria Dementsova***** (Model)
******Maria Grazia Cucinotta****** (Model)
*****Maria Luisa Gil***** (Model)
Maria Oktavia (Model)
Mariko Ii (Japanese Model)
****Mariann Baltavari**** (Model)
****Marianna Cohelo**** (Model)
******Marianna Petrovskaia****** (Model)
Marianela (Fuse TV Hostess/Model)
*Maria Partsafa* (Model)
*Maria Ryder* (Model)
**Maria Soccor** (Music Artist/Model)

**Maria Smirnova** (Model)
Maria Takagi (Model)
Maria Vazquez (Model)
******Maria Yumeno****** (Model)
****Marie Gillain**** (Actress/Model)
******Marie Jinno******(Model)
***Mari Masato*** (Model)
Marie Meyer (Model)
****Marieh Delfino**** (Model)
Mariella Ahrends (Model)
******Marija Vujovic******(Model)
Mari Morrow (Model for Smooth Mag.)
Marina Sirtis (Model)
Marina_Volkova (Model)
******Marina Vo******(Model)
**Megumi** (Model)
****Mia Murano****(Japanese Model)
Miriana Trevisan (Model)
******Mariann Baltavari****** (Model)
******Maria Yumeno******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
*Martina Klein* (Model)
*******Maryjane Davey******* (Model)
******Mary Lou (inc)****** (US Pilipina Model)
****Mayaka Kamijyou**** (Japanese BDSM Fetish Model/Domina!)
*Maya Rubin* (Model)
Mayra Veronica (Model)
Mayrike (Model)
Mayu Misawaki (Model)
******Miyuki Kasuga****** (Japanese Model)
*******Mayumi Sawaki*******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
****Mayu Sendo****(Model)
********May Pantila******** (Thai Model/Actress)
********May Pictchanart Sakakorn******** (Thai Model/Actress)
*****Mealeva Tam***** (Model/Music Artist)
Meen Monsicha (Model)
*****Megan Ewing***** (Model)
Megan Gale (Model)
Megan Mckenzie (Model)
*****Megumi Osawa***** (Model)
****Megumi Yasu**** (Model)
*******Mei Na Wen*******(Chinese Model/Actress/Martial Artist)
*******Mie Baek******* (Model/Domina)
*****Mie Nanamori***** (Model)
Melayu (Model)
Melanie Blatt (Model)
Melanie Jayne (Video Girl)
********Melanie Sykes********(Actress/Model)
**Milena Toscano** (Model)
Melanie Tillbrook (Model)
*Melissa Puente* (Model)
****Melyssa Ford**** (Model)
**Melinda** (Asian Model of MoreyStudio.com)
Melinda Messenger (Model)
********Melissa Leslie******** (US Model)
***Mena Suvari*** (Model/Actress)
Meng Lau (Model)
*Mercedes Terrell* (Model)
Merche Romero (Model)
******Merina Vo****** (Model)
Merei Kioda (Model)
******Merrit Cabal****** (Model)
Mia (Thai Model)
Mia Guzman (Model)
Mia Kirshner (Model)
*****Mia Murano***** (Japanese Model)
****Michael Michele**** (Model/Actress)
****Michele**** (Model for Noble Scots with Veil)
**Michelle Betts** (Actress/Model)
********Michelle Diaz******** (Model)
*****Michelle Ferre*****(Actress/Model)
******Michelle Rodriguez****** (Model/Actress)
***Michelle Trachtenberg*** (Actress/Model)
******Michelle Wie****** (Golf Star/Model)
******Michelle Zen****** (Model)
******Mie Baek****** (Actress/Model/Domina)
Mihn (Model Brown Looks Philipina)
******Miho Ariga****** (Japanese Model)
****Miho Fukada****(Model)
***Miho Asakawa*** (Model)
*****Miho Kiuchi*****(Model)
**********MIHOKO SUNOUCHI**********(Model) (Kimi ni Muchu Nanda! Aishiteru yo!)
*****Miho Fukada***** (Model)
******Miho Nomoto****** (Model)
****Miho Yoshioka**** (Model)
******Mi Hiro****** (Japanese Model)
Mika Kano (Model)
******Mika Motosugi****** (Model)
Mika (Model/Domina from Club mode et Baroque in Japan)
****Mika Yabe**** (Model)
Mikami Yakawa (Model)
**Miki** (Model)
Miki Aoyama (Model)
****Miki Munemasa**** (Model)
Miko Yoshiki (Domina NY)
***Milk Montira*** (Model)
******Milla Jovovich****** (Actress/Model)
******Milli Jay****** (Model)
***Mina Lee*** (US Asian Model)
**Mind Sumonrat** (Model)
Mini Andén (Model)
Minki Van Der Westhuizen (Model)
*******Minako Hujimoto*******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
*******Ming Na Wen******* (Model)
Minnie Driver (Actress/Model/Music Artist)
**Mint Jeeranun** (Model)
Mintsavittri (Model)
**Mio Saegusa** (Model)
******Mirano Matsushita****** (Model)
****Mira Sorvino**** (Model)
******Miriana Trevisan****** (Model)
******Miu Kirhima****** (Model)
*Myriam* (of hegre-archives.com Model)
Misaki Ito (Model)
*****Missy Peregrym***** (Model/Actress)
******Mistress Angelina****** (Domina Philippines)
Mistress Alicia (Domina NY)
Mistress Andrea (Domina)
Mistress Alana (Domina NYC)
**Mistress April** (of westwardbound.com Personals)
Mistress Arneau (Domina PA)
Mistress Athena (Domina)
Mistress Cassandra (Domina)
Mistress Christy (Domina Thailand)
Mistress Coral (Domina OH)
Miss Daisa (Domina Brooklyn NY)
Mistress Daria (Domina)
Mistress Dominique (Domina NY)
Mistress Dorian Lee (Domina PA)
**Mistress Eden** (Domina NY)
******Mistress Ekko Katzen****** (Domina NY)
Mistress Jade (Domina Kim Hung)
Mistress Jade Steel (Domina)
****Mistress Jade Vixen****
Mistress Jewel (Domina NY)
****Mistress Jewel**** (Domina Caribbean Queen of NY)
Mistress Kang (Domina NY)
Mistress Kelly (Domina NY &HK)
*****Mistress Kyoko***** (Domina NY)
Mistress Leah (Domina MI)
Mistress Leda (Domina NY)
Mistress Leeds (Domina)
Mistress Madelyne (Domina LA)
Mistress Mina (Domina Las Vegas)
Mistress Matisse (Domina)
*Mistress Midori* (Domina Bangkok)
Mistress Nikita (Domina NY)
Mistress Nadia (Domina HI)
Mistress Persephone (Domina AZ)
Mistress Q- Dangerous (Domina)
*****Mistress Runa***** (Domina/Model)
*******Mistress Sasha******* (Domina-I Really like you!)
Sasha (Model/Escort Cherry Girls.CO.UK)
*Mistress Senju* (Domina NY)
Mistress Shakti (Domina NC)
Mistress Tanya Ryder (Domina)
Mistress Trina (Domina)
Mistress Trina (Domina NYC)
Miss Troy Orleans (Domina NYC)
*****Mistress Vali***** (Domina)
**Mistress Yin** (Domina)
*****Miu Kirishima***** (Model)
******Miwa Ohshiro****** (Model)
***Miya Matsuda*** (Model)
****Miyu Sugiura****(Model)
**Moe Yoshizawa** (Model)
******Mohana Devi Kanah****** (Model Indonesia)
****Moji Kajeerat Patravarin****(Model)
***Momo Hoshino*** (Model)
*****Momoka Hayakawa***** (Model)
****Monica Bellucci**** (Model)
***Monica Davidesu*** (Actress)
**Monika Hajikova** (Model)
Montanee (Thai Model)
Mook Treesukon (Model)
*******Moran Atias******* (Model)
Morena Corwin (Model)
*****Moo-Shee***** (US/Asian Model)
******Ms_Hermosa****** (US Model)
***mslyn*** (US/Asian Model)
****Mya Harrison****
(Model)Mya HEE Mya Haa :)
*Myleene Klass* (Model)
*****Myrna Star***** (Model)
*****Mz Karla***** (Model)
*********Na Arisara Sararat********* (Model)
Nadia Minitwanich (Model/ Actress)
Nadia Bengala (Model)
Nadia Bjorlin (Model)
**Nadine Velasquez** (Model)
Nailah Holiday (Model-Smooth Girl Mag. #1)
Nam (Thai Model)
*******Namfon Kanokwan Pholachan******* (Thai Model)
*Namfon Nantida* (Model)
********X-Namtip Tritip********(Model)
*Nana Horiguchi* (Model)
******NaNat****** (Canadian/Cambodian Model from Livedigital.com)
*Nan Chatchanok* (Model)
***Nanako Takeshita*** (Model)
**Nanami Nanase** (Model)
******Nanami Yusa******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
**Nan Rojana Arunroong** (Model)
Nancie Tyler Le (Model)
**Nancy Ho** (Model)
**Nancy Mendoza** (Model)
***Nancy Travis*** (Actress)
Nani Gaitan (Model)
Nany Sripinyo (Model)
*******Nao Hirosue*******(Japanese Fetish Model!)
******Nao Oikawa******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
**Naomi Campbell** (Model)
******Nao Yoshizaki******(Model)
**********Napakpapha Nakprasitte**********(Actress,Model, My #1 Forever!)
***Nardrudee*** (Thai Model)
Natale Eear (Model)
***Natalia Estrada*** (Model)
Natalie Martinez (Model)
*******Nat Myria******* (Model)
Natalia Oreiro (Model)
Natalia Paris (Model)
******Natalia Vodianova****** (Model)
*Natalie Beth* (Model)
***Natalie Blair*** (Model)
Natalie Imbruglia (Model)
Natalie Keen (Model)
******Natalie Portman****** (Actress)
*******Natalise******* (US Asian Model/Music Artist)
Natasha Henstridge (Actress/Model)
***Natasha Hill*** (Model)
**Natasha Majors** (Model)
*******Natassia Malthe******* (Model)
Natcha Mala (Model)
*Natasha Poly* (Model)
Natcha Saisantia (Model)
********Natasha Yi******** (US/Asian Model)
**Nat Gaysarin Chaichalermpol** (Model)
***Natsumi Kawahama*** (Model)
*****Natsume Sano***** (Model)
*****Natsuko Tohno***** (Model)
********Nattaya******** (Thai Model)
*****Natt Chanapa***** (Thai Model)
****Neena Natwadee Trithip****(Model)
*****Negar Khan***** (East India Model/Actress)
*****Nelly Furtado***** (Model/Music Artist)
*Nenga* (Japanese Model)
*****Nese Djouma***** (Model)
****Neve Campbell**** (Actress/Model)
*****Nicole Costa da Silva***** (Model)
*****Nici***** (Thai Model/Dancer in Austraila)
Nicole Kea (Model/Music Artist)
*Nicole Marie Lenz* (Model)
**Nicole Narain** (Model)
Nicole Oring (Model)
Nicole Ricca (Model)
Nicole Scherzinger (Model/Music Artist)
Nicoleta Luciu (Model)
Nida (Thai Model)
Nidnoi Anongratee (Model)
Nadiera Craig (Model)
****Nikki Cash**** (Philipina Model on Asia Divas.com)
****Nikki Chao**** (Model)
Nik Chelsea (Model)
Niki Gudex (Model)
***Nikki Kay*** (US/Asian Model)
******Nikki Park****** (Model)
Nikki Nova (Model)
Nikki Plessen (Model)
*Nikki Sanderson* (Model)
*****Nikki Zeno***** (Model)
*****Nina Moric***** (Model)
**Ning Montanee Rapeeslip** (Model)
**Ning Nutda** (Model)
****Nisa****(Thai Model)
*****Nissa***** (Model for DDI Mag Premiere World Edition #49 Cover )
*****Noemie Lenoir***** (Model)
**Nong Kunlaya** (Model)
**Nontalee Jirahyoot** (Model)
**Noon Nantana Pasuk** (Model)
****Norika Fujiwara****(Model)
*****Noriko Aota***** (Model)
***********Noriko Hamada***********(Model)
********Noriko Gambatte********(Model)
****Norkis Batista**** (Model)
****Nozomi Saito****(Model)
*****Nuchjaseekarn Komchai*****(Model)
Nueung Wanaprai (Model)
**Nui Kornkanok** (Model)
****Num Suwaree****(Model)
Nuna Pimpaka (Model)
**Nut Dolpornphroma** (Model)
****Nyomi Arman**** (Model/Porn Star)
******Odettte Jacomin****** (Thai Model)
*O Warunee* (Model)
****Olga Kobrina**** (Model)
********Olga Lucia Tovar******** (Model/Goddess)
Olga Vasilena (Model)
**Ole Jiraporn** (Model)
******Olesya Bondarenko****** (Model)
*Om Pimolporn Choetmanee* (Model)
***Omenaa Mensah*** (Model)
Omm (Domina in Bangkok Thailand)
Onnita (Thai Model)
******Oom Ratree****** (Model)
*Oompilin* (Model)
Opletanyalak (Model)
***Pacharapa Chaichuer*** (Model)
****Pae Wacharaporn**** (Model)
***Paginia*** (Asian Model)
Paige Butcher (Model)
Pamela Schneider (Model)
***Pan Krongkarn Prawalan*** (Model)
***Pan Panwad*** (Model)
****Panadda Vimsiri**** (Thai Model)
*****Pandaw Prangprawpan***** (Model)
*****Pang Pinruetai*****(Model)
*******Panumas*******(Thai Model)
****Paola Rey**** (Model)
*****Parita*****(Thai Model)
Pasha (Model for SSX -Dimondz & Pearlz Modeling)
*Pat Patra* (Thai Model)
**Patanongluk** (Thai Model)
Pat Supattra Kongjarune (Model)
*******Pataravarin Timkul******* (Model)
******Pathumrat Woramali****** (Model)
**Patricia Barros** (Model)
**Patricia Ford** (Model)
Patricia Kaa (Model)
Patricia Lorentzo (Model)
******Patricia Velasquez****** (Model/Actress)
*******Pattaratida Patcharaveerapon******* (Thai Model)
Paty Manterola (Model)
*******Paula Garcez******* (Actress/Model)
Paula Larocca (Model)
Paulina Flores (Model)
Paulina Porizkova (Model)
******Patsorn Boonyakiat******(Model)
*****Pawisara***** (Thai Model)
**Paz Vega** (Model)
******Pen Sasithorn******(Model)
******Penelope Cruz****** (Actress/Model)
**Pennelope Jimenez** (Model)
**Penny Lathai** (Model)
******Peonie Pratt****** (Model)
Petra Benovsky (Model)
*****Petra Nemcova***** (Model)
******Pe Watcharaporn******(Model)
Phillipa Letts (Model)
******Phoebe Cates****** (Actress/Model)
**Phon Kamonluk** (Model)
****Piano Jongrak**** (Model)
*Pim Lalinda* (Model)
******Pim Prapai******(Model)
*****PIRORIN***** (Japanese Fetish Model)
****Ple Pinmanee****(Model)
****Ploy Napassawan****(Model)
*Ploy Sarin Sittinet* (Model)
Poliana Simoes (Model)
*****Polliana***** (of Polliana.com Model)
***Poo Tangmo*** (Model)
*******Pookie Rujisaya*******(Model)
****Poo Tangmo**** (Model)
*******Pornnapa Farungruang******* (Model)
*******Pornchita na Songkhla(Benz)******* (Thai Model)
*Porta De Rossi* (Model)
Portia Surreal (Model)
****Pranudda Wongpudee****(Model)
****Primi Piani****(Model)
*Prirorin* (Thai Model)
Princess Dora (Domina LA)
**Priscila Sol** (Model)
*Primi Piani* (Model)
***Priyanka Chopra*** (Model)
****Prontip Sanganunt****(Model)
*****PU-PAE***** (Thai Model from Pacific Calendar 2005)
Punch Ruetairat (Model)
********Qiana********(Model for SSX Mag)
Quetta LaFleur (Model)
Rachael Hunter (Model)
Rachel Jean Marteen (Model)
*****Rachael Leigh Cook***** (Model/Actress)
Rachel Nichols (Actress/Model)
Rachel Perry (Model)
*Rachel Reynolds* (Model)
**Rachel Shane** (Actress)
********Rachel Stevens******** (Model/Actress/Music Artist/Goddess)
*****Rachel True***** (Music Artist/Model)
****Rachel Weisz**** (Model/Actress)
Rachel Williams (Model)
Rachael Leigh Cook (Model)
**Rahma Azhari** (Model)
*******Raica Oliveira******* (Model)
*******Rakhi Sawant******* (Model)
*****Ralitza Baleva***** (Model)
Ramona Badescu (Model)
*******Ramu Nagase******* (Model)
******Ran Enoki****** (Model)
******Ran Manbu****** (Model)
**Rannie Sparxx** (US Model)
Randy Ingerman (Model)
*******Raquel Gibson*******(Model)
Raquel Zimmermann (Model)
Rashel (Model for Maxim Mag)
**Rashel** (UK Music Artist/Model)
***Rashel*** (US/Asian Model)
Rashmi Nigam (Model)
***Raven Riley***(of RavenRiley.com Model)
***Reagan Preston-Gomez*** (Model)
Rebecca DeMornay (Actress/Model)
Rebecca DiPietro (Model for Hawaiian Tropic)
Rebecca Ferratti (Model)
Rebecca Romiin Stamos (Model)
Rebecca Romijn (Model)
*******Reece Witherspoon******* (Model/Actress)
****Rei Itoh**** (Model)
***Rei Yoshii*** (Model)
*******Reika******* (Japanese Fetish Model)
Reiko Azechi (Model)
*****Rei Rurui***** (Model/Domina from Club mode et Baroque)
Rei (Model from fetishjapan.com)
***Reka Ebergenyi*** (Model)
*****Reko Ogata***** (Model)
**Renata Maciel** (Model)
**Renee Victoria** (Model)
*****Reon Kadena***** (Model)
****Reona Sakyou****(Model)
****Reusita Singhachantr****(Model)
Rhea Durham (Model)
*Rhudee Wannawong* (Model)
****Rianne Ten Haken**** (Model)
*****RIBITH LEANG***** (Model)
*Rika Ikeda* (Model)
***Rika Mizu*** (Model)
****Rika Uesugi**** (Model)
*****Rika Uehara***** (Model)
******Rina Okada****** (Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
****Rina Sawaguchi**** (Model)
*****Rina Uchiyama*****(Model)
**Rina Tajima** (Model)
*Rio Nakazono* (Model)
****Rio Sannomiya****(Model)
*Risa Igarashi* (Model)
***Ri Sagoto*** (Model)
******Risa Pensiri****** (Model)
Rita Pereira (Model)
*****Ritsuko Inao***** (Model)
***Riya Sen*** (Model)
***Roberta Little*** (Model)
*Robin Givens* (Actress/Model)
Robine Vermeer (Model)
*****Rocio Guirao Diaz***** (Model)
Rocio Herrero (Model)
****Rockell**** (Music Artist)
***Rommanee*** (Thai Model)
**Rhonda Jordan** (Actress/Model)
*Rosalie Huang* (Model)
Rosamund Pike (Actress/Model)
**Rosario Dawson** (Actress/Model)
*Rose McGowan* (Model/Actress)
Rose Wetzel (Model)
***Roseleena Blair*** (Model)
******Roselyn Sanchez******(Model/Actress)
*****Rossella Brescia***** (Model)
******Roxanne Pallet****** (Model)
*Ruejira Prompattana* (Model)
***RUIZA ANNE*** (US Model)
*******Rujira Chuaykuae******* (Thai Model)
*Rumiko* (Fetish Model/Domina in Japan Club BO-TE)
**Rumi Mochizuki** (Model)
Runa (Fetish Model/Domina in Japan Club BO-TE)
******Ryoko Katoh****** (Japanese BDSM Fetish Model)
****Ryoko Mizusaki**** (Model)
******Ryouko Mitake******(Model)
Ryou(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model/Domina in Japan Club BO-TE !)
***Ryu Hoshino*** (Model)
***S-Junko*** (Japanese Model)
Sabrina Gerinckx (Model)
***Sabrina Mitch*** (Actress/Model)
**Sabrina Pipers** (Actress/Model)
***Sabrina Sato*** (Model)
*Sacha Kemp*(Model/Dancer)
***Sachi Asaoka*** (Model)
*Sofia Vergara* (Model)
*Saifone* (Model)
*****Saira Mohan*****(Model)
******SAI TAI TIGER****** (Model)
*****Saka Genji***** (Model)
*****Sakamaki Asuka***** (Japanese Model)
******Saki Kamishiro****** (Model)
Sakiko Mamiya (Model)
*******Sally Yoshino******* (Model)
******Salma Hayek****** (Actress/Model)
Samantha Carrie (Model)
*****Samantha De Grenet***** (Model)
Samantha Fox (Music Artist)
**Samantha Mumba** (Model)
******Samantha Torres****** (Model)
*******Sameera Reddy******* (East India Goddess & Model)
Samia Ghadie (Model)
******Sammi Nguyen****** (US Asian Model)
********Sana Yoshizaki******** (Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
*******Sanae Asoh******* (Model)
****Sandra Martinez**** (Model)
*****Sandra McCoy***** (Actress/Model)
***Sandrine Dulermo***(Model/Music Artist)
***San-San***(Thai Model)
***Sanfan Jitbanjong*** (Model)
******Santalina****** (US/Pilipina Model/Music Artist)
*Saotome Yuri* (Model)
*****Saori Kamiya***** (Model)
***Saori Ono*** (Model)
*****Saowalak Sria-ran*****(Model)
**Sara Brinsfield** (Model)
***Sarah Laine*** (Actress/Model)
******Sara Matsuzaka******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
***Sarah Michelle Gellar*** (Actress/Model)
***Sara Jin Chu*** (Model)
**Sara Spraker** (Model)
******Sarina Suzuki******(Model)
*******Sara Tainwisat******* (Thai Model)
***Sara Tommasi*** (Model)
Sarah Blake (Model)
******Sasha******(Domina/Model NY)
******Sasha Grey****** (Actress/Model)
****Satomi Yoshida**** (Model)
*Saubine* (of asiansexposed.com Model)
*****Sayaka Uchida***** (Japanese Model)
***Sayuri Anzu*** (Model)
*****Sayuri Honjoh***** (Model)
****Scarlett Johansson**** (Actress/Model)
******Serena Lee****** (Model)
Serria Tawan (Model)
**Shae Norris** (US Model)
******Shakara Ledard****** (Model)
****Shakira**** ( Music Artist/Model)
**Shalinee** (Thai Model)
Shana Prevette (Model)
*****Shana Zadrick***** (Model)
*Shanelle Steele* (Model)
******Shania Twain****** (Music Artist/Model)
Shanika (Model SSX Mag.)
*****Shannen Doherty***** (Actress/Model)
***Shannon Brown*** (Model/Actress)
*****Shannon Elizibeth***** (Model)
Shannon Hobbs (Model)
Shannon Shiang (Model Vegas)
*Shantel* (Model for Guess and Magazines)
Sharee English (Model/Dancer/Actress)
****Sharon Van Der Knaap**** (Model)
**Shayla** (Model of shaylamodel.com)
Shoshanna Lonstein (Model)
Sierra Huisman (Model)
Shillae Anderson (Model for Smooth Mag.)
******Shin Eun-Gyeong****** (Korean Model and Actress)
******Shinobu Kasagi****** (Model)
Shioria Kimoto (Model)
**Shiri Appleby** (Model)
Shirley Mallman (Actress/Model)
*****Shermann*****(Thai Model)
*******Sherry Ann Williams*******(Model)
*Shlomit Riger* (Model)
*Shoko* (Japanese Model)
******Shou Mituki******(Model)
Shinoe Miyagi(Model)
*****Shizuko Iwasaki*****(Model)
*******Shu Qi*******(Actress/Model)My Sun sister
*****Silke Van Exel***** (Model)
*Silvia Colloca* (Model/ Actress)
**Silvia Hackl** (Model)
*Silva Pantoja* (Model)
*Sincerely Ward*(Model)
*****Sinjai Plengpanich*****(Thai Model)
******Sirine Takama******(Thai Model)
Sissy Giannakopoulou (Model)
******Sissy Nagy****** (Model)
*******SIYANIMATION******* (US/Asian Model)
Sky Lopez (Model)
*Smanya* (Thai Model)
****Snow Mirantee****(Model)
Sobinda (Latina Model)
Sofia Ovezova (Model)
**Sofia Zamolo** (Model)
*Som Malisa* (Model)
***Somaya Reece*** (Model/Music Artist)
*****SONIA***** (Thai Model from Asians4you.com)
*Sonia Couling* (Model)
Sonia (Model of Agency Asian of London)
Sonia Ferrer (Model)
****Sonia Rolland****(Model)
*****Sonia Vera*****(Model)
*Sonja_Ugrik* (Model)
Sonya (Model of Whippedass.com)
******Sophea Akara****** (Model)
**Sophie Ellis-Bextor** (Actress/Model)
***Sophea Akara*** (Asian Model)
********SORA AOI********(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
******Sourvanit Youwvapan******(Model)
**Stacy Kamano**(Model/Actress)
***Stacy Keibler*** (Model)
Stacy Earl (Music Artist)
***Stella Azn***(Model)
**STEPHANIE LY** (US/Asian Model)
*Suchada* (Thai Model)
******Sugunyah Jittaseuah******(Model)
****Sujittra Yooprome****(Model)
*Suk Romanni Suksom* (Model)
*******Sue Lyn******* (Brazilian/US born Model)
******Suman Ranganathan******(East India Goddess & Model)
**Sung Hi Lee** (Model/Actress)
Sunisa Jett (Model)
******Sunisa****** (US/Asian Model)
******Sunn****** (Thai Model)
***Sunny Leone***(Model)
*Supathida Hickson* (Model)
Susam Eldridge (Model)
*Susan Holmes* (Model)
Susan Shepperd (Actress/Model)
***Susan St John*** (Model)
***Susan Ward*** (Model)
***Susan Soleimani*** (Model)
Susan Weiss (Model)
*Susie Lin* (Model)
***Suzie Wong*** (Model)
******Suttida Wonggarn******(Model)
******Suwajanee Chaimusik******(Model)
*****Syana Genji*****(Model)
**Sylvia Saint**(Model)
T Lopez (Music Artist)
*Taen Ratree* (Model)
*Tai Pornthip* (Model)
Talia Harvalik (Model)
****Takako Uehara****(Model)
Talisa Soto (Model)
Tammin Sursok (Actress/Model)
Tanga Moreau (Model)
*Tania Mavraki* (Model)
Tanja Dexters (Model)
Tanit Phoenix (Model/Actress)
****Tan Tika****(Model)
****Taoamita****(Thai Model)
******Tara****** (Model from LandofModels.com)
*****Tracy***** (Thai Model from Asian4you.com)
*Tasha Tilberg* (Model)
*****Tata Young*****(Model/Singer)
*****Tatyana Ali*****(Model)
Tawny Dahl (Model/Actress)
**Teanna** (US/Asian Model)
**Teri Hatcher**(Actress/Model)
Teri Weigel (Model)
Terineé Beier (Model)
*Teresa Lin* (Model)
*****Teresa Lourenco*****(Model)
*Teresa Tavares* (Model)
*****Terry Califf*****(Model)
*Tess Mattisson*(Model)
Thalia (Music Artist/Model)
**Thai Marie Cali** (Model)
****Thallia**** (Model of Thalliaforever.com)
***Thantima Siripakorn*** (Model)
***Thandie Newton*** (Actress/Model)
****Thee Souane****(Model)
*****Theadina Von Seyfried*****(Model & Myspace Friend)
***Thitima Virtuagirl.com*** (Model)
******Thiyada****** (Thai Model)
******Tianna Loxx****** (Model)
*******Thuy Li******* (US/Asian Model)
*****Tia Carrere*****(Model/Actress)
*Ticha* (Thai Model)
****Tiffany Bullz-eye.com**** (Model)
Tiffany Villarreal(Model for Smooth Mag./Singer/Actress)
Tiffany (Music Artist)
**Tiffany** (Model of Tiffanyteen.com)
***Tiger Lilly*** (Model/Actress)
*Tiiu Kuik* (Model)
Tik Kanika (Model)
*****Tina Arena***** (Asian Model)
**Tina Barret** (Actress/Model)
*****Tina Tran*****(Model)
*Tina Wallmann* (Model)
*****Tippavun*****(Thai Model)
**Tina Le** (Model)
*****Tirak Rakkarndee*****(Model)
***Tittie TOKYO*** (US/Asian Model)
Tomika Skanes (Model)
*****Tomomi Kuribayashi***** (Model)
**Tomomi Sugiura** (Model)
***Toni Braxton***(US Music Artist/ Model)
******Toni Leigh****** (US/Asian Model)
**Tonkla Boonprok** (Model)
**Touriya Haoud** (Model)
*****TOXIC LOVE TEARS*****(US Model Myspacefriend)
*****Traci Bingham*****(Model)
***Traci Lords*** (Model/Actress)
Tracey Elvik (Model)
*Trish Goff* (Model)
***TRiNiTy*** (Thai Model)
*****Trista***** (Thai Model from Asian4you.com)
Tukta Narinrat (Model)
****Tussinee**** (Thai Model)
***Tyra Banks*** (Model)
**Ulrica Bohn** (Model)
*****Tsu Chi (Shu Qi)***** (Chinese Model/Actress)(My Sun sister, I LOVE YOU!)
***Unno*** (Philipina Model)
Ursula Mayes (Model)
***Valencia*** (Model for SSX Mag.)
*Valeria Mazza* (Model)
*****Valeriya Motulevich***** ( Model)
**Valarie DeBooser** (Model)
***Valerie Bertinelli***(Actress/Model)
****Valentina Vaughn****(Model)
Vanna (Model for SSX Mag.)
********Vanessa Carlton******** (Music Artist/Model-I REALLY Like You! And not just for your Music.)
******Vanessa Demouy******(Model)
*Vanessa Ferlito* (Actress/Model)
*Vanessa Gleason* (Model)
Vanessa Gravina (Model)
******Vanessa Hudgens****** (US Music Artist/Model)
*****Vanessa Lengies***** (Actress/Model)
Vanessa Lorenzo (Model)
****Vanessa Marcil****(Model/Actress/Goddess)
Vanessa Minnillo (Music Artist/Model)
Vanessa Riberio (Model)
***Varanetrd Watcharakorn*** (Model)
*Vasa Vatcharayon*(Model)
*Veerin* (Model)
***Vera Jordanova***(Model)
Vera Viel(Model)
***Verona Feldbusch*** (Model)
Veronica Kay (Model)
**Veruzhka Ramirez** (Model)
*****Victoria Adams***** (Model/Music Artist/Singer)
Victoria Von Helkine (Domina)
Vicky Scott (Model)
**Vicky** asians4you.com (Model)
**View Wirachat Tanya** (Model)
**View Varintira** (Model)
*****Virginie Ledoyen***** (Actress/Model)
*Vittoria Belvedere* (Model)
*Vittoria Mari* (Model)
***Vivian Hsu***(Model)
Viviana Greco (Model)
***Vivica A. Fox***(Actress/Model)
Vivien Solari (Model)
***Waida Said***(Model)
*****Wanaprai***** (Thai Model)
**Wannasa Tongviseth** (Model/ Actress)
******Waraluk Wanichakul******(Model)
*****Weawta Nimrieng***** (Model)
**Wendy Delgado**(Model)
**Wendy Dubbeld** (Model)
*****Wen Yann Shih***** (Actress)
Wicked Queen (Model)
******Wilasinee Kammung****** (Model)
****Wine Wilaiporn****(Model)
****Wipawadee Montanon****(Model)
***Wong Sau Ling*** (Model)
*******'X' Namtip Tritip******* (Thai Model)
***Xannix*** (US/Asian Model)
Xiao Long Nu (Model)
*****Yamila Diaz*****(Model)
Yana Cova (Model)
Yancy Butler (Model/Actress)
*Yang Hailee* (Model)
*Yang Shu Hua* (Model)
**Yanitt** (Model)
**Yari** (US Model)
*******Yasmine Ghauri******* (Model)
*Yasmin Le Bon* (Model)
*****Yasmine Taylor*****(Model)
Yaya Koz (Model)
******Yayoi Harada****** (Model)
*Yin En Gjing* (Model)
***Lin Ling*** (Model)
*Ying Juliana* (Model)
*****Yitzi Gonzalez*****(Model)
******Yoandsa******(Thai Model)
**Yoko Kamon** (Model)
*****Yoko Kumada***** (Model)
*****Yoko Matsugane*****(Model)
***Yoko Mitsuya*** (Model)
***Yoko Yazawa***(Model)
**Yolanda Francolino**(Model)
***Youli Mpeveratou***(Model)
***Youki Matsuda*** (Model)
**Yoko Takano** (Model)
******Yoko Takashima****** (Model)
**Yoon Shi Hwa** (Model)
****Yothida Moolgarn****(Model)
****You Prisanah****(Model)
******You Kawai******(Japanese BDSM Fetish Model!)
*******YO YOSAWADEE******* (Thai Model)
******Yua Aida****** (Model)
*******Yui Ichikawa*******(Model)
*Yui Shinada* (Model)
*Yui Ueno* (Model)
***Yuina Mizuki*** (Model)
***Yuka Au***(Model)
*****Yukari Kanoh***** (Model)
***Yuki Tsukamoto*** (Model)
******Yuko Aoki****** (Model)
*******Yuko Hamano*******(Model)
******Yuko Ogura****** (Japanese Model)
*Yuka Tachihara* (Model)
*** Yukie Nakama***(Model)
*Yuko Kitamura* (Model)
*Yuko Sakaki* (Model)
******YULIYA****** (Fetish Model)
********Yumi Kurusu******** (Model)
******Yumi Sakai******(Model)
***Yumi Shindoh*** (Model)
***Yumika Sugimoto*** (Model)
****Yuri Saduki****(Model)
***Yuri Sawada*** (Model)
Yuuki Maiko (Model)
*** Yuumi Sakai***(Model)
**Yvette Lopez** (Model)
*****Yvonne Catterfeld*****(Model)
Zena (Model)
****Zeng Zi Ling****(Model)
*******Zhang Ziyi*******(Model)
*Zol* (Thai Model)
*******Zoya Konyieva******* (Model)
Zumiko Kudo (Model)
ANY of the Girls in the GroupSOLUNA

If your Name is on the List above AT ALL, this means I am Interested in you, I think about you, I have your Pics on my Computer, but I am not sure how Compatible we might be, but I would still be interested in meeting you to find out.

Names which appear with a * Type are Girls who's Pictures I have Recently spent intimate moments with before I go to sleep. OR are Girls whom I feel a Very STRONG, very SERIOUS Emotion about.

If your name has a * next to it, it means I think about you even when I'm Day dreaming! The More * you have next to your Name the Stronger my Emotions are about you. The More I would REALLY LOVE to Meet you. Lots of Stars next to your Name means I like the way you Look AND I like your Personality, I want to be with you! Please contact me!

If your Name is NOT on this list, either I don't know who you are, or if you are Famous and NOT on this List, it is because I think you are not Compatible with me for one reason or another, either you have the wrong Star Sign, or something that turns me off enough to not want to be with you.

Any Woman above who might be Rich or of High Status, you need not worry with me, I don't want your money, and I will sign any papers you want to secure your assets. I will maintain a low profile once we are together, and I will hang very much in the background. I'll be a good Puppy I promise.

If You are a Model, Actress, or Music Artist, and you are not listed here, e-mail me a Pic and we can Talk, maybe I'll be interested. Basically if you are Talented and Fine, you could be Mine. It's that simple.

WHY do I think you should WANT to know me? Because I know lots of things that can enhance your Life. If you get to know me you will understand what I mean. If you don't, then you will never know what you are missing. It really all boils down to VALUES. If you value someone who has Money, more than me, then any Rich Man could Buy and Sell you like a Toy. But if you Loved me because of who I am, a Team of Wild Horses couldn't tear us apart. If you think you have to be with someone who is a Star just to feel important, and you would not accept anyone who is not a Star as a Lover or Mate, then this says a lot about the Flaws in YOUR Personality. I have loved many people who were not Stars, and I do not Love people because they are Stars or Models, I Love Stars and Models because of what they have done to inspire me, and make me feel good, but I think about getting with a Star or Model only because I feel like they can understand me more than most. Many Stars and Models already know who I am, ask your Friends, they may have heard of me. Because I do not act like Stars are above me. They are just people who are successful in their Areas of interest, that's it. The one's who think they are better than everyone else, are usually the one's you really don't want to know anyway. I posted this list here just so that the Girls I Love, know that I am thinking about them. I have touched Death many times, and looked it straight in the face, and I can tell you that all we have is the way we treat each other while we are here. No matter how famous you think you are, you will be forgotten like a Warm Summer day that comes and Goes. It was really nice while you were here, but once you are gone, no one will remember you. And no matter how famous you are, most people won't even care. So I made this list to let you all know, that you mean something to me in my Life. That YOU MATTER in this lonely little hell I call my Life, you are a Glimer of Hope that helps me Carry on. If you choose to ignore me because you think I might be "Crazy" or "a Stalker" fine, that is the choice you make that Defines you. But it does not define ME. I am here telling you I Love you by making this. What you do after that is up to you.

If you want to know more about WHO I AM, before you Contact me, or Go to the Start Page Click Here

To Take my Virtual Dating Interview CLICK HERE!

I will ADD Names to this List as I become emotionally inspired.

If you Look as good as any of these Girls, you can contact me. I would do anything for a Woman like these Girls I listed above.

Thanks. You can e-mail me at the_webninja@yahoo.com